Jul 1, 2013

Monday, July 1, 2013 Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: This One is for Beetle Bailey - Key letters from the reveal begin the theme entry words.

53A. Military mess assignment, and this puzzle's title : KP DUTY

6D. Tot's wading spot : KIDDIE POOL

10D. Deli sandwich freebies : KOSHER PICKLES

18D. Decisive end to a boxing match : KNOCKOUT PUNCH

30D. Rustic paneling wood : KNOTTY PINE

Argyle here. Rabbit, rabbit. Bit confusing for a Monday. Four columns for the main entries and an across for the reveal. Until I replaced TATER with TUBER, my SE corner would not fill. A challenging Monday.


1. Toast go-with : JAM

4. Its pH is more than 7 : ALKALI. Less than 7 is acidic.

10. Queen's spouse : KING. Too easy, didn't trust it.

14. "__ live and breathe!" : AS I

15. Spoil, as a barbecue : RAIN ON. Let's hope it won't rain on your parade Thursday.

16. Most eligible to be drafted : ONE A

17. Conceded the point : BACKED DOWN

19. Sean Connery, by birth : SCOT

20. Connected the opposite shores of, as a river : SPANNED

21. Flammable gas : ETHANE

23. Caravan's watering hole : OASIS

25. Feel remorse over : RUE

26. Like-minded groups : BLOCS

29. Yosemite grazer : ELK. I'm not sure of the location but it's pretty.
Update: Yosemite no longer has grazing elk. This elk is in Great Sand Dunes National Park and Preserve, CO.
31. Cattle marking : BRAND

35. Geologist's collectible : ROCK

36. Backbone : SPINE

38. Fishing spot : PIER

39. Turnpike traveler : AUTO

40. With 69-Across, Dr. Seuss classic : HOP ON. 69A. See 40-Across : POP

41. State where Interstates 35 and 80 cross : IOWA

42. Prie-__: kneeler : DIEU. Has this become a Monday word?

43. Receives guests : HOSTS

44. Symbol before the sharps and flats : CLEF

45. Dust-up : SET TO

47. Way past tipsy : LIT

48. Dress bottom : SKIRT

49. Influential D.C. group : PAC

51. Medication for insomniacs : NYTOL. Brand name.
56. Developmental stage : PUBERTY

60. Sentence subject, as a rule : NOUN

61. "Is that a guarantee?" : "CAN I BE SURE?". Hah!

64. Oil cartel acronym : OPEC

65. Repair shop courtesy : LOANER
66. Wire thickness unit : MIL

67. Second-youngest March sister, in literature : BETH. "Little Women"

68. __ Glue-All : ELMER'S. Another brand name. 


1. They set up the 18-Down : JABS 18D. Decisive end to a boxing match : KNOCKOUT PUNCH. (in case you forgot)

2. Quickly, in memos : ASAP

3. Flaky mineral : MICA

4. Sports venues : ARENAs

5. Puts on cargo : LADES

7. 12 months in Madrid : AÑOUpdate: Tilde added thanks to PaulG's comment. Perhaps I've learned my lesson.

8. Close to the ground : LOW

9. Word before circle or peace : INNER

11. Ancient Peruvian : INCA

12. Eye-catching sign : NEON

13. Airport boarding area : GATE

22. Bathroom fixture : TUB

24. Enters stealthily : SLIPS IN

26. Thin nails : BRADS

27. Huey and Dewey's brother : LOUIE. Donald's nephews.

28. Four pairs : OCTET

32. Garlicky sauce : AIOLI. Mayo with attitude.

33. More modern : NEWER

34. Preliminary version : DRAFT

36. Librarian's admonition : [SHH!]

37. Nav. officer : ENS.

46. Bit in a horse's mouth? : OAT. A bit is part of the bridle that goes in the horse's mouth.

48. Recovers from a bender, with "up" : SOBERS

50. Washer phase : CYCLE

52. Yam, for one : TUBER

53. Handle near a keyhole : KNOB

54. Francis or John Paul II, e.g. : POPE

55. Song for two : DUET. 58D. Song for three : TRIO

57. Beef cut : RUMP

59. Shrill cry : YELP. This got me; I had YELL.

62. Internet giant that owns MapQuest : AOL

63. '60s combat venue, briefly : NAM



Argyle said...

What a morning! Cruciverb is down again. I had trouble accessing the blog. For a while, C.C. and I were both writing a blog. Just heard storm warnings and flash flood alerts for the Catskills/mid-Hudson area.

Lemonade714 said...

Rabbit, red white.and blue rabbit all and happy July.

Mr.W. is popping up often and had me with HOP ON POP. Mostly a Monday but it took a bit to find the theme was vertical.

I was worried about someone SLIPPING IN THE TUB in 23 24 down, but the rest was safe.

Lemonade714 said...

Argyle you are awesome with all you do. Thank you

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Hope you had a great birthday yesterday, C.C.!

I found day's puzzle to be a bit on the thorny side. Went with TEA and toast at 1A, which kinda set the tone for the whole thing and took awhile to fix.

Never heard of NYTOL before, and couldn't even guess it until I realized I had misspelled PICKLES as PICKELS at 10D for no apparent reason.

On the bright side, I was finally able to get DIEU with no perps, although I was still surprised to see it in a Monday puzzle...


River Doc said...

Happy Monday everybody!

Belated birthday greetings to Barry and C.C.!

Thankfully a no-issue Monday puzzle, unlike the KNOCKOUT PUNCH that was Saturday’s brain bender….my only do-over was TEA for JAM….

Learning moment – AIOLI (can I buy a consonant?)

In the veritable OASIS that is Doha, Hamad International Airport (built by OPEC earnings) will have forty-one GATES whenever they decide to finally open it – here are some pics….

Trivia Time! What does the tattoo on Sean Connery’s right forearm say? Hint – see 19A….

thehondohurricane said...

Hello all,

Finally, a real Monday puzzle..... quick & easy. Liked the K P theme and the fills were clever. 28D, Four pairs/OCTET gave me a chuckle.

Minor hold up with 38A, Started with Pond before PIER.

New avatar today. We are now into what seems like a month of hazy and humid days with no end in sight. The pix of Riley was taken about three to four hours after the Feb blizzard left roughly 38" of snow. Mentally, it's a relaxing offset to the present.

If I ever caption the photo it will be..."Okay, where do I go when I have to go?" It was taken care of.

Barry, a belated Happy Birthday. Hope you had a lot of fun.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This should be a short week for some of you -- the younger ones. Personally, I'm hoping it does rain on our parade. We're already 10 inches behind in rainfall. I hope this doesn't become a 2011 deja vu all over again.

Nope, that's not Yosemite, Argyle.

I have never seen trio refer to the song, only to the group that sings/plays it.

Time to turn into the walkin' dude.

Dennis said...

Good morning, gang - it's been a while, but today's puzzle turned into a flat-out speed run, right about four minutes. Perps got me HOP ON POP and took care of the PIER/POND question. Nicely done theme, and a nice change of pace going vertical. Going vertical is always a good thing...

Agree with desper-otto regarding TRIO.

Argyle, as always, you are a master at our old organization's (USMC) mandate: "Improvise, Adapt, Overcome". Great work.

Mari said...

Good Morning Everybody! Happy New Month.

Great puzzle - Not a Ker-Plunk for me. Except I had Tea and Toast with Barry this morning.

Happy belated birthday to CC and Barry. I hope you did something nice.

Now that Blackhawk Mania is over things should go back to normal in Chicago.

My 16 year old niece came into the City with me on Friday to attend the Blackhawk pararde and rally. Her mom gave her permission to attend (of course), but when she saw the crowd of over 2 million attendees on TV she freaked out. All ended well. Other than a little sun burn my niece was fine and she had a great time.

Now, back to work.

Mari said...

Hondo, Riley is a cutie!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Took a minute after the reveal of the theme to see that Jeffrey SLIPS IN the DOWNers. Great fun puzzle, Jeffrey.

Ever faithful, Argyle! Thanks!

You notice we have a DRAFT up (from) our SKIRT?

Lots of groups in this: DUET, TRIO, OCTET, BLOCs, PACS & OPEC.

DO, there is music specially arranged for TRIO harmony with a staff for each part. There are other arrangements for four part harmony or more parts.
I think the Eagles sang 5-part harmony. Big choirs, & of course, orchestras may have many parts.

Phooey, I thought Sean Connery was Welsh. Wouldn't fit.

Doha Doc: Your pictures are fascinating. I think my AF son is soon headed to a "scenic" area near you.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jeffrey Wechsler, for an excellent puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the great review.

Now that I have Jeffrey's last name spelling firm in my head, off we go.

I did not know it was also C.C.'s birthday? If so, HBD, and many more!

As I was drinking my Earl Grey tea, I confidently wrote in JAM for 1A, and lo and behold, I was correct. Wonders never cease.

Zipped through this puzzle quite easily.

Did not know AIOLI. Perps got it. Maybe because I do not intentionally eat mayo.

Liked BRADS for 26D. Crosswordese and a favorite of mine.

Almost wrote in LOIN for 57D, but held off. RUMP appeared.

Liked the theme. A little different orientation. That's good.

Doha Doc. Liked your photos. Impressive. Good to see our gasoline money is put to good use.

I also could not get into cruciverb. So, I walked out and got the paper.

What is written on Sean's arm?

See you tomorrow.



Yellowrocks said...

I liked the vertical theme answers. Quick and fun. I had two write overs. I had Tea before JAM, soon corrected. And i had chop before RUMP. I was reading YARN instead of YAM.
Clever title, Beetle Bailey.
I couldn't access the Chicago Trib today and had to wait for the paper.
TRIO is a common name for a musical composition for three performers.
TRIO of 3: a group or set of three of 3 musicians: a group of three musicians who perform together for 3 musicians: a piece of music composed for a group of three musicians
Riley is adorable.

CanadianEh! said...

A little harder than the usual Monday but I finished. Loved the musical theme also with duet, trio and octet.
Canada Day holiday here. Fireworks tonight.

P.K. from yesterday - 32 years!

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

You are a trooper and stalwart blogger, Argyle! Thanks for all that you do for us.

Like hondo, I had Pond instead of PIER for my fishing spot. Took me a while to find my mistake at the end, but still made it through in typical Monday time. BTW hondo, I don't know if you have ever heard this bit, but Riley looks like he should post an entry into the diary, too!

Happy July to all!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Had to look up HOP ON POP, (I was Seuss deprived as a youngster) in my cw dictionary, but everything else fell in nicely. Liked the KP theme. In the Navy the mess cook who peels the potatoes is called the spud cox's'n.
Liked all the KP fill - easy but fun.

Today is Canada's National Day, so Happy Canada Day to Canadian Eh, and all our friends to the North.

Mari said...

Doha: I'm going to guess Sean's arm says "Great Scot!"

Vidwan827 said...

Happy Birthday C.C. and Barry G. - two of our most important people on the blog.

Hope you both did something nice and memorable. All-you-can-eat Chinese buffet, maybe ?

Thank you Argyle, and C.C. for working so hard to keep the blog going through snow and rain and hail and gloom of night ..... Loved your blog, Argyle. On Saturday, I met 3 people who do the LAX puzzles, and recommended 'our' blog .....

I enjoyed the puzzle, despite 2 misleads, and completed it. I thought Sean (Connery) had a different birth name, a common guise among singers and actors/actresses. But it was all good.

Why are / when are, pickles considered 'Kosher' ? Because they are raw/ uncooked ?

You think Aioli has 'attitude' ? Wait till the Mayo-Wasabi hits you.

Have a nice day, a nice week, and a nice month, all you all.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

A fast, fun, Monday puzzle - thanks, Jeffrey Wechsler. Everything was pretty straight-forward. In fact, that is what sometimes trips me up. At 39A - Turnpike traveler, I didn't consider AUTO because it was too obvious - much like Argyle with 'Queen's spouse' / KING. I like having to sometimes change my thinking to the "simpler version" on early week puzzles.

Thanks for your write-up under trying circumstances, Argyle. You always come through for us. I liked your comment on AIOLI - "Mayo with attitude." :-)

Hondo ~ love the pic of Riley. I'll think of his surroundings during this predicted hot, HUMID, week!

Happy July, everyone - especially those with vacations!

River Doc said...

Mari - I like it! Unfortunately, no. It says Scotland Forever. If you look closely at the earlier Bond flicks, you can see the tattoo covered up by make-up. Now that we have Hi-Def TVs, etc., it's a little more visible....

lois said...

Good morning Santa Baby, CC, et al., Military Monday puzzle and excellent write up, Santa darlin’. Love your tenacity and admire your perseverance. I’ll test your mettle in about 6 months…which reminds me, dear Santa…metal as in gold would be nice this year, assuming I make the 'good' list. Just a heads up. You ROCK!

Thank you, Mr. Wechsler, for the fun puzzle. Hmm, wonder if you’re any kin to the David Wechsler IQ test-maker. What are the chances?

The puzzle theme is most appropriate today b/c it’s ‘R’ day at West Point. My nephew is one among ‘em. In his mind, he’s going camping and will love it.

CC: Happy belated Birthday. I hope your day yesterday was super special and you did something memorable. I wish you many, many more happy happy birthdays.

PK: great catch w/DRAFT up our SKIRT…a little Marilyn on the vent or possibly the answer to the old SCOT’s kilt question. What a LOW blow in either case!

Reminds me of Dennis and his weather vane. Good to see you, Dennis.

Loved the musical subtheme too. JAM, KING, ROCK, POP, CLEF, DUET, TRIO, OCTET, OASIS and LOUIE, LOUIE as it SPANNED the gamut from KNOB to RUMP. Really enjoyed this puzzle.

Enjoy your day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Major Wees today,

jam, not tea?

Argyle, 10A Queens spouse,,, I didn't trust it either... Also, can you help me with 16A? I always have trouble deciding if it is OneA, or AOne. If in puzzledom it is always OneA, I will make a mental note that A1 is a steak sauce...

61A How can I be sure...

Pond/Pier was a toughie! Since Sandy, I cannot find a pier to fish from...

Also, I never saw the K & P theme reference until the Blog! Nuts! that would have helped a lot!

Lucina said...

Happy first of July! It's hard to believe that half of 2013 is over.

Argyle, thank you for your stalwart dedication! Yes, you are a trooper.

I must be in the minority to find this puzzle very easy to solve, under ten minutes and only a half cup of coffee.

My toast is always with JAM so that got me started; the rest was a quick sashay.

Argyle, that photo could be Yellowstone Park but I agree, it's not Yosemite. How CAN I BE SURE? I've seen both.

You all have a marvelous Monday! I have a vision test this morning.

Spitzboov said...

Lucina - the web address for Argyle's photo is :

Colorado Sand Dunes maybe?

Argyle said...

We have a winner! A larger pic with the dunes quite visible. LINK

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I, too, thought this was a tad chewier than a typical Monday. I didn't get the TADA because I had yell instead of yelp, not being familiar with Dr. Seuss' Hop On Pop.

Cute theme, though, so kudos to Jeffrey W. and bravo to our dedicated Argyle for his perseverance and tenacity.

Happy July 1st.

Misty said...

I can't believe I missed your birthday, C.C.! Since the LA Times has a different puzzle on Sundays, I don't clock in that day. But, dear C.C.--who celebrates all our birthdays--I hope you had the most wonderful day ever!

I'm not sure why, but I actually found this puzzle a speed run this morning. So, many thanks, Jeffrey. And Argyle (or should I say 'Santa Baby'), I loved the Beetle Bailey title. Miss him and his company and that silly dog, Otto, was it?

Exciting to hear it's Canada Day! We'll have to see if Alex Trebek gives it a shout out on 'Jeopardy' tonight.

Have a wonderful Monday, and a wonderful July, everybody!

thehondohurricane said...


Loved the link you left. Riley could probably add a comment or two, like the Xmas morning when he "ate" my recliner. Fortunately, we were able to get it reupholstered.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi Gang -

HBD to CC and Barry, however late.

Argyle - You are a pillar of strength.

Cruciverb is up now.

Crunchy Monday, I thought. Really well done puzzle.

Here is a TRIO. There are many, many more.

Last Thus our Park Concert didn't get RAINED ON - it got rained out. This week we hit right on the 4th - weather permitting, of course.

Cool regards!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Now that Cruciverb is working, I was able to experience today's straightforward puzzle. Nary a speed bump in sight, but I did pause to wonder whether there were elk in Yosemite. I see that's been proven.

Happy Canada Day to those in America's Attic! :-)

Netflix furnished us with The Late Quartet, a touching film about a string quartet whose aging cellist has to step down. We loved it. Anybody else seen it?

desper-otto said...

According to the National Park Service there once were elk in Yosemite. But no more.

I see that Grumpy1 dropped in yesterday. Sorry I missed it. Grumpy, why don't you visit more often?

On the TRIO theme, a three-note chord is called a triad. And according to Emmylou Harris, a four-note chord is a crawdad.

Irish Miss said...

Dudley @ 12:07 - I mentioned last week that I received The Late Quartet from Netflix but that I really meant to order plain, old Quartet, starring Maggie Smith. In any case, I decided to watch TLQ, as long as I had it. I really enjoyed it and thought the acting was superb, as was the music.

Hondo, Riley is a handsome fella, your recliner notwithstanding!

Anonymous said...

Afternoon all:

I didn't fall for Tea v. Jam because I jumped ahead to 18 down and got TotalKnockOut, hence Jabs, then Jam.. 18d is a mess of ink now :-(

Kid's loved Hop on Pop, but thought it was an instructional book. YELP.

Lois, loved the musical break down. Trio is also a German band, they did that Da-Da-Da song Volkswagon used in their ads in the 90s.

Have a great day all.


Husker Gary said...

-Fun, breezy Monday and I even got the theme!
-My neighbor remodeled his house and retained a hot water line so he now has a hot water spigot for outside. That is used to wash their dog outside and also fill the KIDDIE POOL to ideal temps.
-Toast and JAM ear worm
-Queen’s spouse = KING? Is Rich okay?
-ONE A was dreaded in the 60’s
-Mike Tyson’s KNOCKOUT PUNCH made a lotta fighters wish they had been dry wallers
-PAC’s make for retail politics
-Volvo dealer was not going to give my daughter a LOANER. They didn’t know her very well and suffice it to say she got one!
-Fabulous song about where the NEON lights are bright!
-They always held the plane at the next GATE when I was traveling with 110 kids
-I ain’t big on POPES, but this Francis guy is cool
-Happy Canada Day to all Canucks who have a way cooler national anthem than we do.
-Remakes – To me Sean will always be 007, Peter will always be Clouseau, Robert will always be Professor Hill. Others?

Lucina said...

Ooh, yum! I just had some toast with Chickie's Pepper JAM on it!! Thank you so much, Chickie for generously sharing the fruits of your labor with us.

Spitzboov and Argyle:
Thank you for clarifying the pic location. Looking at it and studying it I see it is the Rockies in the background. The Tetons have a different configuration, hence their name.

C.C. Burnikel said...

I had Tinbeni's promise that he will not make any personal attack, subtle or otherwise.

He is back.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, Thanks Argyle for revealing the K's and P's in the answers. I didn't "get" them until I read your write up. Thanks, also, for getting the write up done regardless of the problems that crop up.

I put in Clubs before Blocs, and Eight before Octet, so that Mid-west section had erasures galore before I got it right. I can never remember if Dieu is I before E or E then I. Here's another one of those vowel rich words we see rather often. Usually not on a Monday, though.

Dr. Seuss wasn't during my childhood, but I read his books starting in college Children's Lit class and read them soooo many times to grandchildren and to my primary classes.

A belated Happy Birthday to C.C. and Barry. I hope you both had a wonderful day.

Lucina, you are very welcome.

Have a great rest of the day, everyone.

Chickie said...

I'm waiting for the plumber to finish a job and get our water turned back on. We had a leak in the main valve to the house--so filled everything we could with water last night and had to turn off the water.

No showers this morning, but I prepared the coffee pot last night, so I had my cup of coffee this morning!!

But, I can't do the wash, make blueberry jam, or water our pots outside!

I feel like I'm camping in my own home.

Argyle said...

Easy-peasy staycation.

Pookie said...

Hi C.C. and all. I missed A LOT this weekend!
C.C., Happy birthday to you
I wish you happiness
I wish you health
I wish you a bright future
Happy birthday to you.
I hope this is the correct language. I'm taking a cue from Spitz (yesterday)and saying
Shēngrì kuàilè

Belated Happy birthday, Barry.

Can't remember Sat., but what's not to like about (Sunday) PIANO BENCH and TUTTI (finally)?
And what's not to like about KOSHER PICKLES? ( I have to make my own, none around my neck of the woods)

I hope you had a wonderful day, C.C. and like all of us, I thank you for your dedication, hard work and constructing. Most of all thank you for the friendship here at the corner.

Pookie said...


Yellowrocks said...

Here is an explanation of Kosher Pickles, Skip down to Kosher Dill (U.S.) section. These New York deli Kosher pickles are very common here. For a few years my mom made Brined Pickles in a crcck, rock and all. She always made bread and butter pickles, my favorite. She also made some kind of dill pickle, most likely Polish, not Kosher. We raised our own cucumbers.
Link text

CrossEyedDave said...

I forgot to include this Singing Duet earlier.

HG, my fav song is where the neon signs are pretty...

Wow, I never saw a Birthday Bun before, & tried to find out more. Wiki was no help at all, & when I dropped "wiki" from the search parameters, this recipe popped up!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy July, everyone!

Thank you, Argyle. Your reading conferred dignity on an otherwise lightweight Monday. I appreciated that dose of dignity; it turned into a DNF for me, and I would hate to have been beaten by a tawdry effort.

It were Seuss what did me in. For some reason I could not think of POP. I just blanked. I didn't know of HOP ON POP to begin with, but it should have been easy to stumble onto. But I... blanked. To make it doubly embarrassing, the perp RUMP didn't occur to me either. Oh, I guess they would've come clear if I had given them more time. But in my impatience I Googled Seuss, and before I could UNsee the answer I had to take the DNF. Rats!

Elsewhere, I thought it a pretty competent job. I enjoyed the several K and KN words. But I question the clue for 24D. "Enters stealthily" suggests some sort of sneaking or silent movement. SLIPS IN suggests a sliding motion but is not necessarily private or quiet. "Eases in" might have been more accurate.

So sayeth the pedant.

Pookie said...

Cute duet, CED. Love "Downtown" too.
Now, how to make red bean paste. LOL
Maybe Ranch 99 has it.
YR, send me some PICKLES!


Husker Gary said...

-Dave – ya can’t go wrong with Pet Clark or George and Jerry!
-80°F with a lovely north breeze here. I know the heat’s coming but it’s not in the two week forecast yet.
-I had to wear a jacket on the front nine.
-The AZ tragedy is horrible.
-First sweet corn was for sale today.

Misty said...

Irish Miss and Dudley, thanks for drawing my attention to the "The Late Quartet." We finally watched "Quartet" with Maggie Smith last night (after waiting for months in the Netflix queue) and enjoyed it a bit less than "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel." Liked the music, though. So I've now added "The Late Quartet" and very much look forward to seeing it on your recommendations!

PaulG said...

Man, I wish someone would inform crossword creators that "ano" and "año" are two very different words in Spanish...or maybe they know and its some sort of running joke?

Irish Miss said...

Does anyone else get annoyed by AARP's billing tactics? Today is July 1 st and I received a statement for membership renewal. My current membership doesn't expire until November. This happens every year and I will receive 3-4 more notices. Talk about a waste of paper and money. End of rant. (-:

Anonymous said...

hmmmm. Pass the cat's 3:19 post seems like a personal attack. Maybe not. But I'm sure Tinman has thicker skin.

Spitzboov said...

Irish Miss - Re AARP. We don't have that problem. We fired them. Disagreed with their position a few years back on health legislation. They are mainly a vehicle for advertising, ie insurance, etc. Their motel discounts can be gotten by simply asking for a Seniors discount. JMHO.

Pookie said...

That was the shortest clip I could find for "He's back"
I was worried when Tin didn't check in for a few weeks some months ago.
If C.C. is kind enough to let him return, I'm sure we will enjoy his comments from Villa Incognito.
No offense meant.

Tinbeni said...

Pinch, Pinch ...

Argyle: Thank you (again & again!) for another OUTSTANDING write-up & links.

My fave today was (of course!) 47-a, Way past tipsy, LIT ...

Going Home (6:41)
This was on ESPN Sport Center last night.

Kind of how I'm feeling right now, here at Villa Incognito.

A "toast" to ALL at Sunset.
Cheers !!!

Bill G. said...

It's still really hot here today. My parents favorite restaurant was Red Lobster. So with their memory in mind, we took Jordan in tow and headed out. I love their cheese biscuits. Our poor waitress said she was awesome but I think she was exaggerating. She got more things wrong about our order than right. Oh well, I wasn't expecting a gourmet experience.

fermatprime said...


Almost a speed run for me. Did not get stuck in the JAM vs. tea spot. Many thanks, Jeffrey and Argyle!

Hondo--noticed the new avatar yesterday! Great looking pooch! But do all collies eat furniture?

I heard from my swimming friend that a member of the Cirque du Soleil cast has died in a live performance in Las Vegas from a terrible fall. Never have seen them and don't expect that I ever will.

Happy July!

Anonymous said...

Bill G., your crossword comments are always comprehensive and to the point.

thehondohurricane said...

Hey Tin,

Welcome back. Happy things got worked out. After you get settled in a bit, we can discuss the Yankees.(ugh) In the meantime, CC's Twins will probably be kicking their butts, starting in about 20 minutes.

Fermatprime, No to your question. He was only 12 weeks old when it happened. Now he spends the day on the furniture that's closest to the AC. He & I share the same feeling towards the three H's.

Irish Miss said...

Spitz - I agree with you and the only reason I didn't give up my membership is because I have my car and homeowner's insurance through them, at very reasonable rates. But I am going to check with some other carriers about their rates. I don't think I've ever asked for an AARP discount.

Good to "see" you, Tinbeni, and thanks for sharing that video, even though it caused major "waterworks."

Dudley said...

Irish Miss 12:24 - I must have missed that day's posts, something which has been happening more whilst I'm so busy with the project. We have Quartet with Maggie Smith in the queue for later.

Late Quartet really was enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

For Dennis; Looked at your wedding photos. How did an old , decrepit Marine like you land a classy broad like that?

Anonymous said...

The Queen`s husband isn`t always a King.

chefwen said...

Yea, Tinbeni is back! I've missed you and your always witty comments.

A toast to YOU @Sunset!

Argyle said...

True, anon. We need look no further than Queen Elizabeth's husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Argyle said...

The fault for the lack of a tilde, PaulG, lies not with the constructor but with the solver. I shall correct it forthwith.

CrossEyedDave said...

Pas de chat, that trio was adorable!

HG, Nice return! now if only I can keep the volley going! But the only Neon I can think of is but my eyes were stabbed, by the flash of a neon light, that split the night...

JD said...

Good evening Argyle, C.C. et al,

Argyle, you are just like the postman, "Neither rain, nor sleet..."Thx for always being there. Fun title today. Gorgeous elk picture..only a few months til rutting season in Estes Park.

For some reason I zipped through today's fun puzzle, pausing at "Can I be sure" and changing pond to pier.Also, Jeff there are many meat slabs with 4 letters!

Hondo, Riley is a beauty. Weren't we all enamored by Lassie as kids? Don't see many collies now-a-days. All lovely creatures.

愿你一年充满幸福、 健康。

TTP said...


Think of Brooks and Dunn Neon Moon

Anon @ 7:38 What the hell kind of left handed compliment was that ? Man up. Hooah !

HUTCH said...

Snowdon should have picked Hamad International airport. Now that would have shown genius and planning! But Russian Moscow? Meh!

Stolen identity said...

I'm glad C.C. came to her senses. The tinman's comments were devilishly funny. No attack here but if I had to pick a side...

p.s. Eric S., try harder to be more original.

windhover said...

Answer for anon @ 7:38:
I'm not nor ever have been a Marine, but I'm related to several, and they tell me they're taught the difference between their weapon and their gun. Size matters.

And while I'm here,
Hello Andy, and
Hey, Joe.

Anonymous said...

Oh Lord, now he's back too...

Bill G. said...

Anon (6:50), I originally made a couple of somewhat interesting comments about the puzzle but they disappeared after I left the computer for a while and I didn't feel like trying to reconstruct them. I don't know why anyone would care about anybody's further puzzle impressions at or after dinner time. Still, if you care, send me your e-mail address and I'll let you know what I thought. Otherwise, I guess you're just another snark we can all easily ignore.

Dennis said...

anon@7:38, simple answer: She's smart.

Lois, Windhover, great to see you both again.

Anonymous said...

I've noticed several reugulars ceased their participation and the number of comments were down in general, especially on Fridays.

Was this why Tinbeni was reinstated?

I'm good with that.

Dennis said...

anon@9:51, how 'bout because it's summer and people are doing more outdoors? Happens every year.

Claude said...

I think its great that people are doing it more outdoors.

Lucina said...

Dennis, I must have missed your anniversary while I was gone. I hope it was a very special one.

anon@951p said...


nope, not buying it...

C.C. Burnikel said...

Again, I'm asking regulars to refrain from engaging "Personal Attack" anonymous posters. Your explanations won't work and only give them the attention they crave. Ignore. Ignore.

ARBAON said...

Argyle: Thanks for your super puzzle blogs and the "shout out."