Jul 2, 2013

Tuesday, July 2, 2013 Amy Johnson

Theme: Might is Mite - Common phrases take on new meanings when the last word is replaced with a homophone.

20A. Bad web designer's product? : NOT A PRETTY SITE. SIGHT > SITE

37A. Start the service ceremonially? : LEAD WITH A RITE. RIGHT > RITE

56A. Dieter's hope when entering the brewpub? : LET THERE BE LITE™. LIGHT > LITE™

Argyle here. Quite a range of entries; programing, pugilism, and pubs. The resulting homophones, (a word that is that is pronounced the same as another word but differs in meaning) change the original meaning. The only nit might be whether LITE is a legitimate word. Mad Men would say yes.


1. Mama who sang with the Papas : CASS. Elliot

5. Mercury and Saturn : ORBs. Clecho: 14A. Mercury or Saturn : AUTO

9. "What a tragedy" : "SO SAD"

15. Picnic spot : PARK

16. Revise, as text : EMEND

17. Mine car : TRAM

18. Pincushion alternative : ETUI. Strange, I never really looked at ETUIs before. They aren't pincushions but may contain one.

19. Maternally related : ENATE

23. Extreme anger : IRE

24. Boy : LAD

25. Hanoi holiday : TET. Clued this way should keep someone happy.

26. Sandwich shop letters : BLT

28. Cut companion : PASTE. My friends.

30. Heavy herbivore : RHINO. Cute alliteration.

32. Greek goddess of the dawn : EOS. Near clecho: 2D. Roman goddess of the dawn : AURORA

33. Coll. dorm mentors : RAs. (Resident assistants)

35. Essen-to-Leipzig direction : OST. Headed east in Germany.

36. Food for Fido : ALPO

41. "Roger that" : "COPY". Radio talk.

42. Keats wrote one to a nightingale : ODE

43. Funnyman Caesar : SID. With Imogene Coca.

44. Prefix with duct : OVI

45. Melbourne marsupial : KOALA

47. Discourage : DETER

51. Get hitched : WED

52. Shimon Peres's land: Abbr. : ISR. He is the current President of Israel.

53. Cosmo, e.g. : MAG. Cosmopolitan/Magazine

55. Delighted utterance : "AAH!". and "OOH!" Get ready for the fireworks.

60. Shoot for : AIM AT

61. Like some support : SOLE

62. Crack pilots : ACES

63. Flambé : AFIRE

64. Laos location : ASIA

65. Unlike a dead end, briefly : THRU. (through)

66. Spy mission, in brief : RECON. (reconnaissance)

67. Cornerstone datum : YEAR

68. Boo relative : HISS. Did you see that some military bases are cutting out fireworks this year?


1. It makes a feline frisky : CATNIP

3. Declares : STATES

4. Dream-inducing "Brave New World" drug : SOMA. "take a trip and never leave the farm"

5. Puccini work : OPERA

6. Like slasher films, typically : RATED R

7. Champagne designation : BRUT

8. Very jumpy : SKITTISH

9. Deals with : SEES TO

10. Present opening? : OMNI. Omnipresent.

11. "Click It or Ticket" device : SEAT BELT

12. Range playmate of song : ANTELOPE. Range companion of deer.

13. JFK's predecessor : DDE

21. Profess one's innocence, perhaps : PLEAD

22. Grapevine starters? : YENTAs. Word Origin & History. "yenta" : "gossip, busybody," 1923, from Yente Telebende, comic strip gossip in 1920s-30s writing of Yiddish newspaper humorist B. Kovner (pen-name of Jacob Adler) in the "Jewish Daily Forward." It was a common Yiddish fem. proper name, alt. from Yentl and said to be ult. from It. gentile "kind, gentle," earlier "noble, high-born".

27. Chinese menu surname : TSO. (General)

29. Cafeteria convenience : TRAY

31. Monopoly miniature : HOTEL. You need four houses on each of your color group before you can get a hotel.

34. "Just Do It" logo : SWOOSH

36. Guy or gal Friday : AIDE

37. Topic for advice columnists : LOVE LIFE. And for yentas.

38. Serious flu outbreak, e.g. : EPIDEMIC

39. Start of a speculation : "I DARE SAY ..."

40. Blue __ Mountains : RIDGE

41. Chick-fil-A spokescritter : COW

45. "Awww"-inducing pet shop resident : KITTEN

46. Earhart in the air : AMELIA

48. Chinese martial art : TAI CHI

49. Diner patrons : EATERS

50. Monkey used in research : RHESUS

54. "Fuzzy Wuzzy was __" : A BEAR. "Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear, fuzzy wuzzy had no hair, fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy was he?"

57. Luau staple : TARO. Must be cooked thoroughly to leach out the calcium oxalate.

58. Fragrant flower : ROSE. Shout out to ARBAON.

59. Strip of latticework : LATH

60. Swiss river : AAR

Smooth sailing today.


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to Eric Wells, who reads but has never posted on our blog. Eric told me "The coolest part about my birth date is that it's also my mother's birth date. I was her (best?) gift on her 29th birthday (many years ago!)" Happy 83rd Birthday to Eric' mom as well!


Middletown Bomber said...

Not that hard for a Tuesday. Did not like the clue for 35A I would have liked to see at least something in German besides the English spellings for the German cities to clue me in that the answer was the German word for west. Otherwise my internet is having issues so the computer was not responding as it should so my time was slow.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun puzzle overall, but I struggled a bit (partially due to the puzzle itself and partially due to a minor brain malfunction).

Went with CARS at 5A and then got confused when I saw the clue for 14A and realized there probably wouldn't be CARS and AUTO in the same puzzle for the same clue. Finally got ORBS instead with a little perp help.

Down south, I confidently put in OKAY instead of COPY, and that messed me up for an even longer time. It fit so well with PANDEMIC at 38D that I didn't question it until I finally just forced myself to take it out when I realized 41D just had to be COW.

As for the brain malfunction, I originally had YENTA for 22D, but when I saw that would give me LEAD WITH THA RIGHT at 37A, I changed it to YENTE to get the correct LEAD WITH THE RIGHT. And that's the way things stayed for a full 5 minutes after I finished the puzzle and desperately tried to figure out why I didn't get the *TADA*. After checking and rechecking and realizing that YENTE was the only entry I was at all uncomfortable with, I changed it to YENTA and got the *TADA*. And then I was about to storm over hear in righteous indignation to point out the mistake in the puzzle when I finally, FINALLY, realized what the answer actually was.

Oh -- and happy birthday Eric, wherever (whoever) you are!


windhover said...

Happy 54th, Eric.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Like Barry G, I struggled with this puzzle. It seemed a tad harder than a Tuesday level.

I, too, tried Cars for 5-Across, but when I got AUTO for 14-Across, I made the correction.

I also tried Pandemic instead of EPIDEMIC.

It was appropriate to see AMELIA Earhart today since this is the 76th anniversary of her disappearance.

QOD: When you’re not concerned with succeeding, you can work with complete freedom. ~ Larry David (July 2, 1947)


River Doc said...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

WBS about OKAY => COPY. Also had GODS before ORBS. Brow furrowed at OST until the Germanic misdirection became clear….

Always enjoyed the mental image of someone LEADING WITH THEIR CHIN….

Can’t think of anything but Giants’ rivals when I see LAD….

My feline friends preferred chasing laser lights to CATNIP….

Animal Farm at the Corner today – RHINO, KOALA, KITTEN, COW, ANTELOPE, RHESUS, BEAR….

Would a dirty Pirate movie be RATED AAR...? For those with the intestinal fortitude to swallow that feeble (SO SAD) attempt at humor, I humbly offer this link….

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I struggled with this a bit too, partly because I'm still groggy and partly because not much was my first thought. Fun once I got going. Thanks, Amy.

We don't have Chik-fila around here so tried hen before I remembered the illiterate COW.

I wanted "aqua" duct which fit fine without the "q". Duh!

My fingers were still asleep so I was getting some really strange red words with typos.

Time to go change the water on my grass. Water pressure & wind patterns are better at dawn so I salute the Goddesses AURORA & EOS.

Also a big salute to our mainstay, Argyle! Thanks!

HBD to Eric & his mom. Join us sometime.

Argyle said...

What is the problem with 35-Across? I'm confused.

TTP said...

Hand up for pandemic. Other hiccups were aMEND and eS_ instead of German east OST. German west is westen.

thehondohurricane said...


From DUMMYVILLE, a Tuesday DNF. 37A & 37D were my downfalls, Had Head with a rite for the across & Home life for the down. I knew it was likely wrong, but the L never entered my mind. Clue too vague for this old timer.

Had a bunch of misdirections today.
6D Rrated/RATEDR
16A Amend/EMEND
31D House/HOTEL
41A Okay/COPY
35A Ose/OST

And of course the aforementioned 37A & D. Omi Duct/OVI Duct..... whatever.

I'm not happy at all with my results, but I did enjoy the challenge. I'm no fan of speed runs.

CC, express my appreciation to Mr Gardenhire & the Twins players for letting us back into the game last night. It was a much needed win.

Riley appreciates the kind compliments he received. He is Collie number eight and probably my last one.


Argyle said...

Lead with a right : LINK(1:36)

Husker Gary said...

Not typical Tuesday fare for this solver but very nice.

-Why can’t I spell OPREA, er, OPERA?
-Son’s note, “No mon, no fun, your son”. Dad’s reply, “Too bad, SO SAD, your dad.”
-ENATE is another one of those words I only see here
-The T for our BLT’s are just now setting on
-…and DRIED? Nope, …and PASTE
-ROGER, Roger!
-The military will have to give up some things so the IRS can have line dancing lessons
-You mean BRUT isn’t just cheap cologne
-LOVE LIFE makes more sense than LOVE LORN
-I managed to get Joann past some free KITTENS at a garage sale last week. Like Hondo, we’ve had a lot of pets but we are so independent now it wouldn’t be fair to the animal. Plus they tend to get you up very early in the morning.
-AMELIA’s last haircut
-Wendy, do you like your TARO al dente ;-)?
-ODE to the TINMAN

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was just right for a Tuesday. I already had LEAD WITH A RITE, so there was no confusion with OKAY or PANDEMIC. Zip, zip, done.

Do they still make ALPO? I haven't seen (or heard) an ad for it in years. TARO is not something I would root for.

In honor of 1A, I think we need to hear something from the late, great Mama Cass 2:12

Welcome back, Tinman.

Yellowrocks said...

I finished without help but it was a little crunchy because I was not on Amy's wave length. It was an unexpected, but fun challenge for a Tuesday. Great theme.
Barry. I wanted LEAD WITH THE RITE, also, but it had to be A for YENTA. Then I realized there was only room for one TH, not wiTH THe.
Doha DOC, It sure is fun to watch a kitten play with a laser light.
I think the dieter was looking for Miller LITE.
Some are saying that they have evidence that Amelia survived the crash and lived out her life as a castaway

Mari said...

Good Morning Everybody.


*What Barry and Doha Said

Hondo: Pets give us so much happiness. They are so loyal and give us unconditional love. I'm sorry that Riley may be your last one. Hopefully your companion lives a nice long time.

Happy birthday to elusive Eric.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Amy Johnson, for an excellent puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

Argyle, LITE is the brand name of a beer. Miller LITE. So it is a proper name. Even though the beer is not very good.

Got CASS easily. Wanted CARS for 5A, but held off. Then I saw 14A, of which AUTO fit. So ORBS became the word for 5A. I think Barry did the same thing.

The themes came easily.

Spelled RHESUS wrong two times. First with an I then with an E. THRU fixed that.

Thank you, Hahtoolah for the AMELIA Earhart link. I wonder if Amy Johnson knew the date, or if this was a coincidence?

Did not know COW for 41D. Got the C and W, so I wagged the O.

BLT again. One of my favorite sandwiches, without mayo.

HBD Eric Wells, and your mother as well. Why not stop in to the blog sometime and give us your two cents.

See you tomorrow.



Yellowrocks said...

Link Amelia the castaway

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Fun write-up and links - ya gotta love Sid Caesar and Imogene Coca. Classic!!

I didn't have any of the problems others mentioned, but it still took me longer than usual for a Tuesday. I guess my mind is already on holiday today. I liked the theme, and laughed out loud at LET THERE BE LITE. So it's all good.

Happy birthday to Eric. Maybe we will "see" you here on the corner some day!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed through, but like others, I paused at Ost because there was no obvious German in the clue (since those two cities are spelled the same in either language). Perps soon fixed it.

"Roger" is used a lot in aviation radio communications, but it has no FAA definition. It's mostly used as an acknowledgement, but it's still up to the parties involved to suss the meaning. "Copy" is much clearer, and it does have a standardized definition. It's often used as a courtesy, to acknowledge quickly the receipt of a radio instruction during busy times.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday, Eric.

Cool theme today. Argyle described it well but I still don't know how to title it other than the homophone thing. The three substituted words also have German [ch] equivalents for the [gh] albeit with a vowel change:

light = Licht
right = Recht
sight = Sicht

In German the ch is voiced like in Ich; the English gh not so much.
I liked the varied fill such as SEAT BELT and LOVE LIFE. No searches were needed; no nits today. Good job, Amy.

Another 1.4" of rain overnight.

Have a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Slow start, but progressed nicely once i had a few perps. unlike a dead end (ending in U?) had me confused, & was last to fall.

HBD Eric (& MOM)
if you post I will link an HBD Cake!

CanadianEh! said...

Had a few slow-downs today. Couldn't figure out how I got the TADA with LET THE REBE LITE until I came to the blog and realized I had it but was reading it incorrectly. DUH!
Agree with Middletown Bomber about OST. I was trying to put ESE because I was guessing at the direction.
Saw YENTA in Fiddler on the Roof last week.
Saw AAR in Switzerland.
Saw RHINOS and ANTELOPE in Africa but haven't been to Australia to see KOALAs yet.
We don't have Chik-Fila in Canada so I had to wait for perps to get COW.
Love BLTs and can't wait for the tomatoes in my garden to mature.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A little more crunch than usual but doable. Good job, Amy, and nice expo, Argyle.

Fuzzy Wuzzy was my favorite Teddy bear's name; one of my brothers would "bear-nap" Fuzzy and hide him in the refrigerator. This is the same brother who nonchalantly cut off the tip of my finger in a meat grinder.

Happy Tuesday. My captcha is tripsup!

PK said...

My son-in-law told me he'd been to Atchison last weekend. I told him I wished I'd known he was going, because my BFF from high school lives there. Then he told me he'd been participating in a 100 mile bike ride for a charity named for Amelia Earhardt. She is still a big thing in her home town. I'd have looked cute riding on SIL's handlebars.

JD said...

Good morning all,

Crunchy for a Tuesday, but fun.Had Barry's problems with filling in okay for copy and pandemic. I also filled bloody for ratedR and it took all perps to escape. Yenta didn't come to mind either.That O threw me for a direction, and etui surprised me. Let there be lite made me laugh.

HBTY and your mom, Eric. If you are in the west, hope you have AC.This little heat wave is longer than usual.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Montana said...

Good morning, Argyle, CC and thanks, Amy, for a neat puzzle. Happy Birthday, Eric and mom. I 'read' the Corner for over a year before I 'joined' in to add my 2-cents worth.

I went to bed early, but woke up and watched some incredible Northern Lights. They have really been lighting up our sky over the weekend and continue each night. Last night they were so bright it seemed like twilight, but it was 11 pm. Anyway, since crossword would be ready on Cruciverb, I looked at the puzzle.

I worked across and down at the same time and was able to almost go right through the puzzle. I slowed down for perps in a couple places, but a smooth solve.

PK, I have a son who did 100 mile bicycle rides in CA. He has some pretty neat ‘century shirts’ to remember them by. I am off to Denver tomorrow to visit him and spouse and await the birth of a granddaughter.

Have a good week, everybody,

lois said...

Good morning, Santa Baby, CC, et al., Cute puzzle! Fun run! Thank you, Santa Darlin'. You're a 'gem'. And for silent Eric.. HBD to you & many more and to your dear mama.

A Not RATED R LOVE Story...

It’s the LOVE LIFE in the PARK! KOALA’s and RHESUS’s hearts were AFIRE for KITTEN. She was SKITTISH so RHESUS, being clever, and usually high not only in trees but also on SOMA, figured out that his wooing and PLEADing were not working. So he slipped her a monkey mickey..AKA CATNIP and lured her to his HOTEL room. KOALA came to her AID(e),LEAD W/A RITE, and knocked that monkey right off the bRIDGE, shattering the poor misguided goon. This gave a whole new meaning to RHESUS pieces. KOALA and KITTEN were WED. RHESUS pulled himself together, met SOLE, fell in love and they eloped. RHINO and ANTELOPE were too udderly horny for COW so she ‘mooved’ up to shining ORBS & chased heavenly bodies. Which all makes up this:

Hey Diddle Diddle,
The Kitten was in the middle,
The COW jumped OVIr the moon,
ANTELOP laughed
To see such a the SITE,
And the Fish ran away w/the goon.

RHINO was too busy playing with his horn to care.

I’m delirious. I’m practicing to be a first time grandmother. Yippee!!! Kentucky! Hey, Windover!

Enjoy your day!

CanadianEh! said...

Lois @10:40
LOL!!! You have a gift for comedy.
You will love being a grandmother. I have a 2nd grandchild coming next month!!

Misty said...

Aaarghh. A rare Tuesday DNF for me (well, I finished but got two items wrong). Not your fault, Amy--this should probably have been a Thursday puzzle rather than a Tuesday. But I did like the theme and all those critters Doha Doc listed.

Argyle, what's a CLECHO again? Some sort of echo?

Husker--loved the son/father texting.

Happy birthday, dear Eric!

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Argyle said...

Clue echo > clecho

5-&14-Across were exact echo's.
32-Across and 2-Down were almost exact.

Lucina said...

Hello, Argyle, and all puzzlers.

Happy birthday, Eric and Mom, wherever you are!

I was on Amy's wave length right away and loved the theme answers! Since I fill up and down together it went very fast. It's nice to see my middle name, AURORA, which was also my paternal grandmother's name.

Write overs were AMEND/EMEND, OKAY/COPY, YENTE/ YENTA and like Yellowrocks, I debated WITH/THE until it dawned on me, LEAD WITH A RITE!

Otherwise,it was ACES all the way.

Lois, you really are comical!! I so enjoy your posts.

Have a great Tuesday, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

Thanks Amy, Argyle and Lois for the entertainment.

Jessica Simpson named her child ACE, which \I guess is better than North West.

The FILL for 35A is a German word, and the complaint: the clue is the English names for the towns, but in this case, ESSEN and LEIPZIG are the same, unlike cities like Köln (Cologne)and München (Munich)

Spitzboov said...

A man walks into a restaurant with a full-grown ostrich ………

Vidwan827 said...

So sorry to be so late in the game. Still horrendous computer problems.

Enjoyed the puzzle although I made some of the same mistakes some of you others did . - There's a consolation !

I too had OKAY and PANDEMIC .... and HIPPO before Rhino. I had ESE before 'Ost'.

Aldous Huxley coined the word SOMA from the translations of some ancient Hindu scriptures, in his book, 'Brave New world'. As to whether the ancient Soma, being referred to in the scriptures, was Indian Hemp, (cannabis) or potable alcohol is not entirely clear .....

More to the point, the SOMA CUBE was a great little puzzle, in the US, in the 50's and 60's, with lots of possibilities. I would have been glad to link it, but for my computer acting up. If you are into hand made puzzles for kids, you can make one or two of them, yourself, very easily. Just google 'SOMA CUBE'.

Argyle, thank you for your delightful blog.

Finally, Lois, it took me 6 months to get used to you, but now, I actually look forward to your take on things ..... Thanks.

Have good day, you all.

Pookie said...

Hi C.C. and Argyle.
Fun puzzle, had me worried for awhile. Long time to get the theme answers. Ultimate DNF for aMEND.

Why are the cows encouraging people to "Eat more chikin" DAIRY cows?

Spitz, funny joke!

Ol' Man Keith said...

OST ist Deutsch für East, as has been pointed out. But I DARE SAY seems curiously British for an American crossword, nicht wahr?

I enjoyed this Tuesday. This is one of the few times that I found the theme helped me in finishing. I was stuck in the SE corner until I realized I could insert ITE at the end of 56A and break the logjam. The punny homophones were fun in themselves.

YENTAS came easily enough, but I resisted for a while. The only use I'm familiar with for "grapevine" is that weather-sensitive rising stretch of I-5 north of L.A. I couldn't for the life of me think of how Jewish aunties would be starting us over the mountains. Only then did I remember the other meaning for "grapevine."

Pookie said...

Grapevine starters?
Cue Gladys and the Pips

Avg Joe said...

A Guy walks into a bar...

(Welcome back Tin)

JD said...

Aces, Lois! I taro your rhyme. As usual, you are afire, and bring us joy.

Anonymous said...

If you go to the following link: there is a photo of a relief sculpture found in the Greek/Roman ruins of Ephesus, Turkey. If you look at the dress under the right arm of the goddess, you'll see a familiar shape. The relief is of the Greek goddess, Nike, and this is where the swoosh in 34D came from.

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. It seemed a little harder than the usual Tuesday puzzle. Like Hondo, I'm no fan of speed runs either. Has anybody had Poi, made with fermented Taro root I think?

The heat wave seems to have started to taper off a little today. Here's hoping...

I never got an e-mail from Mr. Snarky Anon yesterday. I guess he wasn't really interested.

Vidwan, Yes, I've got a Soma cube sitting just a few feet away. It's a great puzzle, sort of the Rubik's cube of it's day. I wonder if I can still solve it?

HBD Eric! How does CC come to know you if you've never posted?

Spitz, I enjoyed the joke. Avg Joe, ditto!

Gary, that Roger link is a classic!

Has anybody posted about BRF? If so, sorry. If not, you might really enjoy this. Bitchy Resting Face.

Lucina said...

Thanks. Now I'm stuck reading all those jokes!!

CrossEyedDave said...

I googled some bar jokes, & they were all the same old, same old,,, but then I saw this. I am up to episode eleven...

Soma Cube

CrossEyedDave said...

Re: A guy walks into a bar...

It turns out there are 13 episodes.

Here is episode one.

lois said...

Thank you all for the kind comments.

Vidwan: @ 12:45 LOL….YOU are a quick study! 6 mos? Man, it took my DH 5 YEARS! And even then I had to chase him until he caught me. Thank you for the comment. Funny.

Love all these jokes!!! So good!

Bill G: the BRF was on the Today show this AM. I think it’s hilarious!

Piano time…whoo hoo!!! Actually I forgot.

Enjoy your day.

Anonymous said...

Hi all... Puzzle today nice and simple. Misdierection didn't fool me as I work blocks at a time (and never against the clock, I enjoy x-words too much to rush)...

Ok, at the risk of being out-of line...

A grasshopper walks into a bar,
Bar keep says, "Hey, we gotta drink named after you..."
Grasshoppers says, "You have a drink named Bob?"

Vidwan827: what seems to be the issue with your computer? Slow, pop-ups, Java not-nice? I don't want to fully engage in tech-support (even at home!), but I can point you in a direction...



Dennis said...

Good afternoon, gang - as others have pointed out, this was a very clever theme, and a well-done puzzle.

Mostly a straightforward solve, although I read 28A as 'Cut comparison which slowed things down a bit. Then, because I tend to have mini-strokes when doing these things, I put I DARE YOU for 39D for no apparent reason, and that took a while to straighten out. Fun solve.

Lucina, from last night, thanks and yes, it was great.

Lois, the piano?? I had you figured for the organ. And I'm having a hard time envisioning you as a grannie - just doesn't compute.

Here's a pretty good video of dogs and cats fighting Mr. Sandman.

Dana Lyons said...

Have you all heard that mounting dash cams in your car is all the rage in Russia?

Well, here is video of a almost RATED R LOVE LIFE of a COW in Russia. Coitus interruptus is always SO SAD. Hope that driver was wearing a SEAT BELT. I DARE SAY...that approaching AUTO was NOT A PRETTY SITE to ol' Elsie.

p.s. the future in Russia looks pretty much the same as modern day Russia.

Pat said...

A guy walks into a bar and sees a sign that says cheeseburgers $5.00

Hand job $2.00

He asks the young woman behind the bar "Are you the one who gives the hand jobs?"

"yes" she says smiling

"Well wash your hands and fix me a burger"

Dennis said...

Well, another mini-stroke; let's try this again: Link

Anonymous said...

Nice to see you Dana Lyons.

Did you know your song is possibly linked here at the corner as much as the diner scene from 'When Harry Met Sally'?(But still waaaaay behind the areola pic.)

Every time I see a Chic-fil-A add I sing to myself 'cows with guns...'. Thanks MelissaB

Dudley said...

Bill G - That Bitchy Resting Face is a hoot!

Bill G. said...

Definitely cooler today.

Dudley and Lois, I'm glad you liked the BRF video. It's funny but there's some reality behind it also.

I just got back from my haircut at the haircutter's (stylist?) house. My wife goes first, gets dye applied and while she's waiting for it to work, I get my haircut. It's a good deal for the haircutter 'cause she can earn some more money during what would be a downtime. Her German shepherd has always greeted me effusively when I come through the gate. Today, she just lay there. She's having hip problems and is sick besides. Sad...

I've seen that last segment in the sleepy dogs/cats video several times before and it cracks me up every time!

CC, sorry about occasionally talking back at the snarky anons. [From CC last night: "Your explanations won't work and only give them the attention they crave. Ignore. Ignore."] I'll try to do better. In addition, I think it would also be helpful to have you or the other daily editors remove their posts as soon as possible. The quicker their posts disappear, the fewer hurt feelings and the less attention they will be getting.

PK said...

That illustrator for cows with guns needs to have a lesson in anatomy. That ain't a HE animal!

Lois, you will be the epitome of FOXY grandma, I've always heard about. What you drinkin' today, girl?

AvgJoe, I've really missed you.

Grey said...

Maybe those are four pianists! He did use one to 'piss in their eye'.

desper-otto said...

Loved the bar jokes. AvgJoe, it's great to see you back here.

The SOMA cube was interesting because it came with lots of drawings of configurations other than a cube. It's really amazing how many variations can be made with the seven dissimilar pieces. As I recall, the Gordian Knot was the most difficult.

Hahtoolah said...

SOMA is more than just Brave New World drug.

lois said...

PK: awww thank you. I'll teach 'em how to drink, smoke, and cuss with the best of 'em. They gotta have 'trades'!!!And they'll never call me 'grandma' in Shirley MacClaine in the film w/Jen Anniston. sooo funny. adorable Shirley!

Jack & Ginger right now...cran & vodka later?

Dennis:Dennis 3:48: I love it when you talk like that…LOL. It’s all good. I’m not a 12” pianist but I do have long strong yet sensitive finger skills. And you are so insightful. I play the organ too..mouth organ, in particular. I’ve always been told those are the easiest instruments to learn to play. I disagree. It takes a lot of practice. I believe in a lot of practice on all my instruments. Perfect practice makes perfect performance.

Cheers, my friends!

CrossEyedDave said...

I just noticed...

TBS tonite

8 to 11

The Big Bang Theory pilot thru season one episode 6.

windhover said...

Back atcha, Lois,
You remind me of what Jimmy Buffet sang about my favorite girl singer:

I got a head full of feelin' higher
And an ear full of patsy cline
There is just no one who can touch her
Hell, I'll hang on every line

fermatprime said...


Will read blog later. Had a good swim and am falling asleep fast.

Puzzle way too chewy for me for a Tuesday. Fortunately was able to slog through w/o cheats.


Lemonade714 said...

Dennis always good to see your take and the video was awesome. Some pretty funny stuff, thanks all and Lois as always; WH good to see you also.

chefwen said...

Husker Gary - The only way I will eat TARO is when it is baked into those cute, little, purple Hawaiian (semi) sweet rolls. Those are delicious!

ARBAON said...

Argyle:Thank you for your super blogs and the "shout out."

Anonymous said...

Hahtoolah: thanks for coming.

Anonymous said...

Love hearing everyone's comments. Working on getting retired. Didn't have to work this hard to get the University job 31 years ago. Even when retired, don't believe I'll be posting before 10am! That's why I'm retiring!!