Jul 4, 2013

Thursday, July 4, 2013 David Steinberg

Theme: At the Laundrette. 0:52 (I wonder if he tumble dried those jeans?)

17-Across. Fate of one with a cause, perhaps : MARTYRDOM.

9-Down. Monster product : ENERGY DRINK.

11-Down. 33-year "60 Minutes" regular : ANDY ROONEY.

25-Down. Pie preparation : PASTRY DOUGH.

30-Down. James Brown nickname : MR DYNAMITE.

And the unifier gives us the raison d'être for the theme entries:
64-Across. Not leave hanging? (or a hint to the circled letters) : TUMBLE DRY. Great double meaning in the clue. So we mix it up a little, with five anagrams of the word "dry" tumbling all around the grid.  How fun is that?


1. It's usually a left : JAB. In boxing, it's usually a right hook or a left jab.

4. Mideast leadership family name : ASSAD. "Al Assad" means "The Lion" in Arabic.

9. Send to cloud nine : ELATE.

14. Multi-platinum Steely Dan album : AJA. Nice photo montage for the 1977 album. 7:55.

15. Later, to Luis : LUEGO. "Hasta luego!" is the phrase that helped me think of this answer. ("See you later!") UPDATE FROM LUCINA: (And I trust her completely in these matters.) The literal translation is "Until then."

16. Aviator's number : NINER. "Synonym for nine, five letters, starts with "n"..." 0:30

19. Respected figure : ELDER.

20. Cook up : BREW.

21. External layer : VENEER.

23. Distance units: Abbr : YDS. Yards.

24. Mimic's shtick : APERY.

26. Classic doctor's aide : IGOR.

28. Hot-tempered chef Gordon : RAMSAY. Ugh, spelled it RAMSeY at first.

31. Slangy transition word : ANYHOO.

33. Claustrophobe's cry : AIR. "Gimme AIR!!!"

34. Golden St. region : SO. CALSouthern California.

37. Exmoor heroine : DOONE. From the book "Lorna Doone: A Romance of Exmoor," by Robert Doddridge Blackmore.  I like the cookies better than the book.

39. Detachable craft : POD. Hal?

40. "Jerry Maguire" distributor : TRISTAR. Pictures.

42. Video game initials : NESNintendo Entertainment System.

43. More wily : SLYER.

45. Actress Watts : NAOMI. I vaguely remember her from "Mulholland Drive."

46. Take a course or two? : EAT. Nice misdirection!

47. Together : IN SYNC. Not to be confused with the boy band "'N Sync."

49. Biological food processor : ENZYME.

51. Fashion's Gucci : ALDO. I have a pair of these.

52. Drink it "and sleep!" beverage : SANKA. "Unleaded" coffee.

54. Jim's wife on "The Office" : PAM.

56. 1998 Masters champion : O'MEARA. Amazing birdie on the 18th hole to win it. Only four golfers have won that way. 0:51

58. "Adeste Fideles," e.g. : NOEL.

62. Yale founder Yale : ELIHU.

66. Mark with a new price : RETAG.

67. "Someone Like You" singer : ADELE. Oh, boy. I get to link one of my favorite singers. 5:10

68. Racket : DIN.

69. Impression makers : TEETH.

70. Better song, usually : SIDE A.

71. Application datum : SEX.


1. Window segment : JAMB. Hmmm..."segment" steered my mind towards "pane."

2. Open slightly : AJAR.

3. Empty : BARE. Like Old Mother Hubbard's cupboard. (Believe, me, I was looking for something to link, but "naked yoga" might not pass the breakfast test...)

4. Prince ___ Khan : ALY. Third husband of the actress Rita Hayworth.

5. Construction job worker : SURVEYOR.

6. Ritual including bitter herbs : SEDER.

7. Anguish : AGONY.

8. Cathedral cap : DOME. Was thinking of a bishop's "mitre" hat at first.

10. Short, shortened : L'IL.

12. Slightly elevated : TEED. Up, not off. (Think golf.)

13. Hits Reply All instead of Reply, say : ERRS. Oops!!

18. Quaint contraction : 'TWAS...the night before Christmas...

22. Freudian article : EIN. German "one" or "a."

27. "So that's your game!" : OHO.

28. Sings like Snoop Lion : RAPS.

29. Pungent mayo : AIOLI. Didn't we just have this one?

31. Chorus voice : ALTO.

32. Wee hr. : ONE AM.

35. Obama's mil. title : C IN CCommander in Chief.

36. Sharp-tack center : AS A.

38. 90 degrees from norte : ESTE. Spanish for north in the clue and east in the answer.

41. Willing to please : AMENABLE.

44. Night class subj. : ESLEnglish as a second language.

48. Manet or Monet, e.g. : NOM. French artists, hinting at the French word for "name."

50. "Titanic" actor Billy : ZANE. He played Kate Winslet's fiancé,  Caledon Hockley.

52. Mecca native : SAUDI.

53. Hardly defenseless : ARMED.

54. Brash : PERT. Not my first thought for "brash."

55. Tar's direction : ALEE.

57. SFO postings : ETAsEstimated Time of Arrival (s).

59. Racing form info : ODDS.

60. Scary-sounding lake : ERIE. Eerie!

61. Northern forest cat : LYNX.

63. Derby, for one : HAT.

65. Grassy expanse : LEA. As we hike off into the sunset...

See you next week!


TTP said...

Great puzzle David.

No Cicles at the Mensa Site

Slightly Elevated = TEED
Manet or Monet = NOM (doh!)

My GSD is not so 41D at times.

Didn't care for: APERY, which contributed to the north being the last to fill. Had ALY and MARTYRDOM. Finally took a shot with SEDER and then guessed ASSAD as well. My thoughts were more generic and 'family name' should have corrected that. That whole area of ASSAD, LUEGO and SEDER was tough for me.

A temporary error was spelling Chef RAMSAY as RAMSeY, so I cursed at myself like he curses at hapless restaurateurs on Kitchen Nightmares and aspiring chefs on Hell's Kitchen.

Oh yeah, I also threw in nytol in lieu of SANKA until perp Billy ZANE corrected it.

Thank you Marty. Great stuff. Also, same RAMSeY error and same mitre thoughts.

All, Enjoy your INDEPENDENCE DAY !

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Cute theme, although I didn't have the circles in my puzzle so I sorta missed out on the glory of it while solving.

I was pretty proud of myself for getting JAB after only a moment's thought, and things went pretty smooth after that. Except for the entire SE region, of course, which was almost a complete disaster....

I know who James Brown is, of course, but never heard him referred to as MR DYNAMITE. Misspelled AIOLI as AEOLI (I got it right the other day, but it must have been a fluke). Couldn't decide if it was SLYER or SLIER (spell check likes the latter, btw). Didn't know/remember ALDO. Don't watch "The Office" so thought 554A might be PEG. OMEARA? Nope.

I struggled through all of that and finally got everything filled in, but I just couldn't figure out how AER could be anybody's cry, let alone a claustrophobe's. But RAP was solid, a was AEOLI (or so I thought). Maybe MR DYNAMITE was actually MO DYNAMITE or something? Fortunately, my brain finally re-engaged and I figured out AIR.

Happy Fourth of July! Got a lot of barbecuing to get ready for...


desper-otto said...


Back home from Natchez and able to write this on a keyboard. Much better. Factoid: Prior to the Civil War, more millionaires lived in Natchez than in any other city in America.

I thought this puzzle was a little tough, but heck, it's Thursday. There were plenty of solid perps to keep me from going too far astray. Is Mr. Dynamite the "I Feel Good!" James Brown, or some other one?

Have to go read yesterday's blog now. Don't know if anyone mentioned it, but the truck is no longer called "Dodge Ram", just "Ram". I think that's so any Chrysler-brand dealer can sell 'em.

Looking forward to a great fireworks display tonight. Our little town puts on quite a show.

The Puzzler said...

When is a door not a door? When it's AJAR!!!

thehondohurricane said...

Howdy everyone,

Three H's continuing in dank CT. Hope you folks out west are getting some relief.

Got through today's puzzle error free, but the central was a slog. North & South were not too bad.

Hand up for RAMSeY. That got corrected when I decided Pan Fry Dough was the fill for 25D. I never heard of a word or acronym called Fristar, so I reluctantly entered PASTRY DOUGH fully expecting it to be incorrect. The clue had me thinking verb, not noun.

Not a James Brown fan so MR DYNAMITE was taken on faith. I don't remember Exmoor as her home, but I do remember Lorna.

Like TTP. TEED was my favorite today.

Enjoy your 4th.


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Up at dawn again to water. My personal DOME is not so bright so I struggled a bit. But some interesting stuff here. Thanks, David Steinberg.

Great as always, Marti! I'll go back and link the music now. I always get sidetracked on tunes.

OHO, AJA didn't defeat me this time. However, sharp AS A tack didn't register because I wasn't.

The last old coot I dated said "ANYHOO" umpteen times a day. Drove me nuts. But it wasn't why we parted.

My SIL is a chef but he is a very stoic, quiet guy who doesn't make waves. Probably why he doesn't get tapped for TV. He's much better looking than Chef RAMSAY. Definitely easier to work with.

WAGd SEDER and was right. Is SANKA still on the market? Hadn't heard of it in years.

I didn't see Titanic and had never heard of Billy ZANE.

As a claustrophobic at times, I grasped AIR at once.

Husker Gary said...

A firecracker puzzle by our wunderkind this morning with challenges everywhere and a helpful theme but finally I just ran out of empty cells. Wow! Marti’s sharp AS A tack write-up is a great bonus.

-No more ENERGY DRINKS for grandson after this FDA REPORT
-Me too on hasta LUEGO, Marti and I do think golf ;-)
-Some of those millions in Tahrir Square yelling “Give me freedom” might want some AIR too
-Hmmm… Buy the sweater for $20, tag it for $80 and RETAG it for $40 in half off sale
-SURVEYORS that won the west
-No road rage for me. Too many people are ARMED
-MR DYNAMITE? Never heard of it. James Brown was always billed as “The hardest working man in show business”
-Name the movie and character with this line, “TWAS beauty killed the beast”
-Name the movie and character with this line as a man throws his rude son into the mud, “Well, son; since you don't have any respect for your ELDERs, it's time somebody taught you some respect for your betters!”

Husker Gary said...

Fireworks addendum
-Our small town of 27,000 had a nice display last night that didn’t start until 10 pm due to hated DST and it was pretty much the same as usual. However as a new element, the finale was spread over a quarter mile each way from the launch area and completely filled our field of vision as we sat a mile away. Wow!

desper-otto said...

Husker, pretty sure the first movie was King Kong, but I have no idea who said it. I'm pretty sure the second quote was from John Wayne, but I have no idea of the movie. From yesterday, I, too, sometimes shoot 27, but usually don't do that well on the second hole.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. Good write-up, Marti; thank you.

I was IN SYNC with most of this puzzle. Circles were helpful to the solve even tho I don't like them. Some nice meaty fill: TUMBLE DRY, PASTRY DOUGH, ENZYME and VENEER. Didn't know several of the names, but perps were helpful. The big trick for me today was not to over think it.

Happy Fourth everyone!

Husker Gary said...

-Robert Armstrong playing unscrupulous promoter (redundant?) character Carl Denham did say, “TWAS beauty killed the beast” after title character King Kong tumbled from the Empire State Building in 1933.
-John Wayne playing title role of Big Jake McCandles did tell his rude movie son, played by his actual son Patrick Wayne, to respect his betters if he couldn’t respect his ELDERs as he threw him in the mud in 1971.

Anonymous said...

"James Brown nickname : MR DYNAMITE."

He's also known as the godfather of soul.

However, the clue needs to indicate that the answer contains an abbreviation. Otherwise, it's poor construction.

Good puzzle overall, though.

kazie said...

This has been the hardest solve for me since I stopped stopping in here to spend time with the kids visiting. Today I had time because they spent the night with friends and I have no guilty feelings about being online too long. Also, it was the first time I had to come here for an answer--in the SW corner. I didn't know ELIHU, PAM or MR DYNAMITE, and having ASEA/ALEE didn't help. Since I don't normally spend the time on weekend puzzles, I haven't been attempting them now either.

Have a happy 4th, everyone!

Anonymous said...

I seem to remember a conversation here awhile back about anagrams. And these tumbled DRYs are not anagrams. Am I wrong?

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Sadly a DNF. I see PERT and brash as non-equivalent. One is cute and endearing, the other overbearing.

However, RAMSAY Gordon and RAMSAY Bolton seem to be kindred spirits.

Got PASTRY but not DOUGH, nor TEETH.

Happy 4th everyone. Enjoy your independence.

Cool regards!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Yesterday was so busy I couldn't get to the Corner, but I'd like to send belated thanks to C.C. for both creating and commenting on a fun puzzle.

Today's was straightforward enough. Needed a few perps to get to Assad and Ramsay, along with Mr. Dynamite, a nickname I don't recall hearing.

"Niner" is still used in aviation radio communications, to make a clear distinction from Five. It's less important with modern, clear-sounding radios, but still useful. There are also old FAA-defined pronunciations "tree" and "fife" for three and five, but pilots generally don't need or use them.

I met James Brown and his crew one night after a local performance. His jet had come to our facility, which offers more privacy than the main parking area. He seemed pleasant enough.

Happy Fourth!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, David, for a great puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for the great review.

My puzzle from cruciverb did not have circles, either. I never got the theme, of course, until I read this blog.

Got all the south pretty easily. ELIHU was easy. We have had him before. SIDE A was also easy. I messed that up the last time we had that. A SIDE or SIDE A

Tried HAW for 1A. Thinking of GEE and HAW. After a long time I decided that it should be JAB. That whole NW corner was open. JAMB came slowly for 1D. I think of a JAMB as in a door JAMB.

My toughest part was the north central. I tried ASSAD first, but then wanted COVEN for 6D. That erased ASSAD. Did not know LUEGO. BREW came slowly. SURVEYOR was tough for me. Was trying to figure out RIVITOR. Anyhow it came together. Trial and error.

RAMSAY was not easy either for me. I do not watch much TV.

See you tomorrow.



Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I must be a little grumpy today because I didn't care for this puzzle. Some of the clues and fill seemed "forced." Other than that, what Thumper says.

As always, thank you to David for his craftmanship and thank you to Marti for her always informative expos.

Happy Fourth to all. Stay cool and safe!

Misty said...

Happy Fourth, Everybody!

Thank goodness, I got this Thursday puzzle, but my word, what a toughie! Took me ages to work it through, one little item at a time, even though I got the reveal and the theme pretty early on. But still, a lot of fun, so many thanks, David, and you too, Marti, for the always delightful expo.

My dumbest moment was the struggle over the California region. I kept thinking NAPA or SONOMA or something in the northern part of the state, none of which fit. Never occurred to me until the end that it could be my very own area, SO CAL.

Cute clue for ERIE.

Marti, so glad you explained CINC to us. I got it, but it left me totally stumped.

Enjoy a great holiday, everybody. We're taking a friend who has a birthday today out to lunch at a fancy restaurant.

Argyle said...

Parade is over for another year. LINK

Lucina said...

HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY, everyone! Thanks, Marti, for a super blog. I believe, however, that you left off an E in LAUNDERETTE.

Ah, the Whiz Kid strikes again! Good job, David Steinberg.

Gordon RAMSAY would have been a complete stranger to me but for the recent scandal in Scottsdale at the ABC Company Restaurant in which he lambasted the owners.

I also immediately filled SAUDI at 4A but ALY Khan (spelled ALI first)redirected me. And, FYI, the phrase "hasta LUEGO" literally means, "until then."

In sashaying around I managed to fill TUMBLE DRY and that gave me the theme which definitely helped with the long answers. Like others had not heard MR. DYNAMITE only the Godfather of Soul.

Also, I wasn't aware of a window JAMB only a door JAMB but JAB seemed solid and the NW corner filled quickly.

Billy ZANE played such a snobbish scumbag in Titanic, it's hard to forget him.

You all have a wonderful time, today! I'm off to a BBQ at my Sis's home.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

I struggled in a few places with today's puzzle, but all in all I enjoyed it. Nice work, David Steinberg! My biggest hang-up was in the crossing of ALDO, PASTRY DOUGH and MR DYNAMITE. Once again, the slier/SLYER thing gave me problems in that area also.

~ At 35D I could only think of 'CIC' for Commander-in-chief so the CINC took a while.

~ I had 'Anywho' before ANYHOO. Duh.

~ I was really fooled on 69A - Impression makers - wanting an S ending. I had TE _ Ts and could only think of Dennis. Finally, after getting - DOUGH, I got TEETH. Clever!

~ I think Argyle's clue for AIOLI is the best -"Mayo with attitude."

~ Thanks for a nice write-up, Marti. I, too, like ADELE's music.

Happy 4th, everyone!

Spitzboov said...

Some of you may have wondered how a cat plans its day. cat planner.

Misty said...

Weird. I posted a comment earlier and it disappeared. Hope this isn't a browser or some other problem. I'd like a happy untroubled holiday today.

Tinbeni said...

Marti, I enjoyed your write-up & links more than this July 4th puzzle.

I would have preferred some kind of Patriotic Theme over this lame "TUMBLE (the letters) DRY" theme.
(I guess it's difficult to anticipate that today, July 4th, is a Patriotic Holiday every year).
Anon @9:45, I agree. They are not anagrams, just jumbles.

Husker: I also wanted “The hardest working man in show business” ... but it wouldn't fit.

And you all know that at 52-A, Drink it "and sleep" beverage, I put in PINCH at first.

Oh, well "It's Five O'clock Somewhere!"

windhover said...

Hope you're all feeling quite independent today. My born on the 4th of July son is 48 today, so I'm feeling (in addition to the Irish) old. Of course it's true as they say that you're only as the woman you feel, I'm actually younger than my son.
Have a great day, everyone.

windhover said...

Make that "if it's true".

Ol' Man Keith said...

Marti asks, "How fun is that?"

To which my admittedly churlish reply is "Not very." I swear, even with Marti's helpful interpretation, a series of five anagrams of "DRY" seems hardly worth the effort. In fact, I finished this one easily (for a Thursday) without even noticing there was a theme. When I saw the explanation, a tiny balloon of expectation popped-- no, just fizzled & went flat in me.

Otherwise, this kept me occupied nicely. ANYHOO was a hoot. (Hard to imagine anyone really saying thst.) Good to see AIOLI again so soon. "Short, shortened" was cute. TEED seemed a bit of a stretch, but I guess it is true that something TEED is "Slightly elevated." Or couldn't it just be stabilized?

David Steinberg said...

Thanks for the great write-up, Marti! And thanks, everyone, for all the nice comments—I hope you all have a happy Fourth! (I'll be watching the fireworks in SOCAL!)

Anonymous said...

Happy 4th all! Thanks for all the 'splainin' on this. I have 6 checkmarks (where I reach for Google) due to DNFs all over the place... I did figure out TUMBLE DRY early on and that did help (Hou-Chron had circles).

1a I had TAB at first - to much time in MS Word lately, I guess. Hands up on Nytol, but waited.

I recall reading years ago it was bad form to have a word in a clue show up in an answer and spent forever before writing ENERGYDRINK (9d) with drink in 52a's clue.

Can someone explain 55a. What is a Tar?

ANYHOO, thanks all for your daily dose of insight and puzzle fun!


Anonymous said...

oops 59d -T

CanadianEh! said...

Happy Fourth of July to all my American friends.
WEES. Some difficulty today -did the puzzle on the Mensa Site and got the theme but there were no circles to help with the other clues.
Anonymous @1:29
(from Naval History & Heritage Command)
Tar, Jack Tar
Tar, a slang term for a Sailor, has been in use since at least 1676. The term "Jack tar" was used by the 1780s. Early Sailors wore overalls and broad-brimmed hats made of tar-impregnated fabric called tarpaulin cloth. The hats, and the Sailors who wore them, were called tarpaulins, which may have been shortened to tars.

Abejo said...

Anonymous: A Tar is a sailor. ALEE is to the left or it can mean hidden from the wind (safe).



Anonymous said...

CanadianEh! & Abejo, Thanks! My brain never went there. I was thinking Tar-heel? Road tar goes North/South. ALEE should have clued me, but I guess my mind is thinking about today's BBQ! Cheers, -T

PK said...

Windhover, my eldest (daughter) turned 48 a month ago and has stubbornly resisted a celebration or acknowledgement of becoming that old. She has always had trouble adjusting to reality, preferring the fogginess of fantasy. I wish I could do that.

Ol' Man Keith said...

For Anonymous T,

Your question about 55A seems off, as the answer there is PAM. The only TAR I see occurs in 40A, and it is not TAR but STAR, part of the American film studio TriStar. Hope that helps....

WHOOPS! I see you corrected 55A to 55D, and that others have helped you with that. Yep, "Tar" originated as a metonymic name for a British sailor, as seamen used to tar their clothing and even their hair to waterproof themselves against high seas. The Brit name caught on for American sailors too.

windhover said...

I've never understood that particular mentality. I was visiting in the home of one of my best friends recently. He's 36 and a neighbor and fellow farmer. His wife was literally teary over the prospect of turning 30. It turns out that her approaching birthday is her 29th; she'll be 30 NEXT year!!
Needless To say, little sympathy from me. For myself, the best year of my life (other than this one), and the year I'd choose for my personal "Groundhog Year", was 50.
And given my predilection for motorcycles (I still ride) and speed (I still "need" it), and my profession, I'm damned lucky to be here. Every day on this side of the grass is a good one.
Youth is wasted on the young. :-)

Lemonade714 said...

Happy 4th to all, special thanks to miss m for a holiday write up.

Jumble is one of my morning rituals, but it is a beautiful day here in SoFla so I am just in from the sun to get a shower.

Hope you all have all the fireworks you want

fermatprime said...

Happy fourth of July!

It was my paternal grandfather's birthday. My dad liked to celebrate, even if it was just with snakes and sparklers in his later years.

I do not care if I never see another show of fireworks. Of course they are illegal here but some neighbors seem to be above the law. Dog will try to hide somewhere in my room. (One year my wonderful miniature poodle was left out when the family went out by careless husband and died of a heart attack. Another, my all time favorite cat was locked out and drowned in the pool. (Pre-pool house.)

Challenging puzzle, David. Thanks to you and Marti (but I missed classical music links.) No cheats, but a slog. Still puzzled a bit about TEED.

Worked puzzle at Puzzle Society site as per usual and then repeated it at cruciverb so I could see the circles. There are 3! = 6 permutations of the three letters D, R, Y. It is unlikely that we will see 4! = 24 permutations on four distinct letters!

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone,
The fireworks and firecrackakers started at dusk last night. Lasted until 2:30 a.m. I'm tired today!! Tonight will be much the same, I'm sure.

I had a DNF today. Some of the harder clues like a "Take a course or two" I was able to fill easily. The ones that gave me trouble were the easier ones or those that had more than one answer. For example Kms for yds. and I misspelled Assad (Asaad). Yuk! because these really led me astray. Hands up for also putting in an e in Ramsay. Frustrating for me today. I blame it on lack of sleep and I'm sticking to that excuse.

Thanks, Marti for your eye-opening write up.

Our parade is over and the marchers were in 92 degree heat by 11:00 a.m. I felt sorry for those who were walking on that hot black street!

Have a happy 4th everyone.

Java Mama said...

A Happy Fourth of July to one and all! An all-day rain here is making fireworks look iffy – maybe we’ll get a break. Thanks for a fun puzzle, Dave; and I always enjoy your sparkly write-ups, Marti. Adele is one of my favorite singers, too, so thanks for the video.

Just about the right amount of difficulty for a Thursday, with no look-ups needed to finish. My construction worker was going to be SURE-footed, but since that didn’t fit I waited for the perps to reveal SURVEYOR. Chef RAMSAY is too abrasive for me, but DH gets a kick out of watching Kitchen Nightmares (where it seems they have to “bleep” every other word). My Mom used to take a thermos full of SANKA to work every day.

Getting caught up on the last few days of the blog. Good to see you again, Tinman. Really enjoyed C.C.’s double-header yesterday. Congrats to all who mentioned new grandbabies arriving – there’s been a bumper crop here lately.

Have a fun (and safe) Independence Day celebration, everyone!

Chickie said...

Windhover, Feel young with a son only 48!! My grandson his 33 today. He's always thought that the holiday was in his honor. Does your son feel the same?

HeartRx said...

Just back from a cookout/birthday party at a friend’s house. Her son is 20 today. So much to look forward to!! He is going to Europe at the end of the month, with a couple thousand dollars. He will hike around, do some alpine climbing (with mountain harness donated by moi for his birthday present) and come home when his money runs out, or he can’t find another job to sustain his trip. Oh, to be 20 again!!

Anon @ 9:45, oops, you got me! You are right, of course. Anagrams are actual words that can be made from other words. So, these would just be “scrambles” I guess?

Lucina, @ 11:25, I thought you got me! But look at the link and it is definitely spelled Laundrette, without the extra “e.” (Whew! Two times in one blog would be just too embarrassing!!) But thanks for the literal translation of “hasta luego!!”

David, thanks for stopping by! It was so fun meeting you in Brooklyn in March, and made this puzzle even more personal to me.

Windhover @ 2:58, AMEN TO THAT!!

Lemonade714 said...

When a golfer puts the golf ball on a TEE (the little usually wooden peg) it is elevated slightly off the ground to allow a smooth strike by the gold club. With the new big drivers, the ball will be as much as 2-3 inches above the ground. Therefore the ball is elevated off the turf.

Pookie said...

DNF today, darn! The Godfather of Soul did me in.Thanks., Marti.
Here is a link to find anagrams for your name
Sadly, mine produces zero. (sigh)
Have fun with this.


Pookie said...

I just typed in Conan Doyle and 2 of them were DANCE LOONY and ANYONE COLD?

Dennis said...

Good evening, gang - just back from watching the fireworks up and down the coast from an oceanfront restaurant. This restaurant had TVs going as well, with both network July 4th shows on. Was anyone else surprised by the lack of patriotic music vis-a-vis current rock, (c)rap, etc.? I think they both played God Bless America, but there wasn't a whole lot more. I'm a fan of most current music, but jeez, even the fireworks were themed/timed to contemporary stuff. Maybe it's just me, but I'm curious what you all thought.

Oh, and at the same time, one of the ESPN channels was running a great show about returning servicemen/women surprising their families. Good stuff, and heartwarming to watch if you can catch it.

CrossEyedDave said...

Too late to comment on the puzzle today....

JD said...

DONE...TA DA! after sitting down for 10 minutes each time between "events" of the day. Hope you all had a good 4th.I have a good view of the fireworks in our court right here.
Hope all your dogs and cats are OK.

Bill G. said...

Many of the local communities are having fireworks shows so there's been a constant clatter and booming for the past hour. Our poor dog used to be really upset by the noise. Then, she had an infection and the vet put some ointment in her ears. She went deaf and only good thing was that she wasn't bothered by the fireworks anymore.

Dennis, I like it when the fireworks shows are accompanied by Sousa marches. I'm watching a Dodger game and I recorded the PBS fireworks show. When the game is over we'll see about the music...

Lucina said...

I am always happy to learn something new and today it is that both spellings, launderette and laundrette are correct! I was unaware of an alternate spelling. It's good to know.

I hope all had a safe and joyous 4th of July. My family, which abounds with toddlers, is always fun. And I lost in Scrabble. I'm not happy about that.

Blue Iris said...

Going to Physical Therapy twice weekly and usually so totally worn out that I haven't been commenting.

Dennis, I noticed your comment about fireworks and the music. I was disappointed in the music choice. I love the patriotic music that has been used in the past. It causes my emotions to swell with pride and brings a tear to my eye. I am so thankful to have been born in America!
Again, thank you for sacrificing for our freedom!