Jul 17, 2013

Wednesday, July 17, 2013 Don Gagliardo & C.C. Burnikel

theme: ring my bell - the last part of each theme entry can precede "BELL".  Theme entries are placed vertically for the "BOTTOMS" visual.

3d. "Ally McBeal" genre : COMEDY-DRAMA BELL. great entry. comedy-drama is also called a dramedy. "ma bell" refers to the bell telephone company.

9d. Skunk, literally and figuratively : REAL STINKER BELL. funny.

23d. Harbor hauler : GARBAGE SCOW BELL. i coulda used a little more cow bell.

33d. Pachyderm friend of Zephir the monkey : BABAR BELL.

27. Popular '60s-'70s pants, and what can be found in 3-, 9-, 23- and 33-Down? : BELL BOTTOMS

melissa here. what a treat, another joint effort by don hard-g and our own cc. some of these clues required some serious head-scratching. also makes me wonder if cc ever wore bell bottoms. (From C.C.: Nope, Melissa, never wore those. Don might have. He came up with this theme.)


1. Pearl Harbor mo. : DEC. 12/7/1941.

4. Pearl Harbor presence : NAVY

8. Cuts into : ERODES. tricky.

14. Singles out : ISOLATES

16. League of Nations home : GENEVA. headquarters.

17. "Right back atcha!" : SAME HERE

18. Came down and delayed the game : RAINED. (cc and/or don, is this original clue?) (From C.C.: Our original clue is "Caused Tin Man to rust".)

19. Capital on the Dnieper : KIEV. needed perps.

20. Bay window : ORIEL

22. Prepare for an attack : DIG IN. had trouble with this.

25. Words on some blue balloons : IT'S A BOY. nailed it.

30. Ruler in un palacio : REY. rey is spanish for king.

32. Story including a time and place : ALIBI. love this clue.

34. "Finished!" : THERE

35. Bring down the curtain on : END

36. Almond __: candy : ROCA. 

37. Quran religion : ISLAM

38. Antilles native : CARIB. had no idea.

40. Penny prez : ABE. 16th president.

42. "Affliction" Oscar nominee : NOLTE. nick.

43. Name on a range : AMANA. radarange. seems ancient now.

44. Berserk : AMOK. love both of those words.

46. __ vivant : BON. "a person having cultivated, refined, and sociable tastes especially with respect to food and drink ."

47. Chinese menu promise : NO MSG

48. Hag : CRONE

49. "Wish you were here—__ were there" : OR I

50. Cirque du Soleil staple : TRAPEZE. was thinking acrobat.

52. Medium's medium : TAROT. fortune teller's cards.

54. Longtime Chicago Symphony conductor : SOLTI. Sir Georg Solti.

56. Organ knob : STOP. okay ...

59. Seattle ballpark, familiarly : SAFECO

63. Forgo accomplices : ACT ALONE. filled in slowly.

66. Sinuous course : SLALOM. "having many curves, bends, or turns. winding."

67. It bodes well : GOOD OMEN

68. Table no-nos : ELBOWS. punishable by a fork in the forearm. or was that just me?

69. Bygone blade : SNEE

70. Watched kids : SAT. babysat.


1. Frisbee, e.g. : DISK

2. Hollywood's Morales : ESAI. rawr.

4. "Forget it!" : NAH

5. Took the cake? : ATE

6. Riverdale High brunette of comics : VERONICA

7. North Sea feeder : YSER. nailed it.

8. Wetlands nester : EGRET

10. Secretive maritime org. : ONI. office of naval intelligence.

11. Cozy retreat : DEN

12. Anticipatory time : EVE

13. In a funk : SAD

15. Strauss of denim : LEVI

21. Sundial number : III

24. U.N. anti-child-labor agcy. : ILO. international labor organization.

26. Nodding words : AH SO. interesting.

28. Henry Clay, for one : ORATOR. here.

29. Sana'a citizen : YEMENI. sana'a is the capital of yemen.

30. Eat one's words : RECANT

31. Fill with love : ENAMOR

39. Javert's rank: Abbr. : INSP. character in les miserables.

41. :-( is one : EMOTICON. here are some others:

45. "Not __ bet!" : ON A

48. Animation still : CEL

51. Speeds : ZOOMS

53. Capital formerly named Christiania : OSLO. norway.

55. Puts (out) : TAGS. i'm envisioning a yard sale. (note: the clue refers to baseball)

57. __ Day vitamins : ONE-A

58. Cooped (up) : PENT

59. Leeds-to-London dir. : SSE

60. Without exception : ALL

61. "Groovy!" : FAB

62. "Out of the Blue" rock gp. : ELO

64. Pump part : TOE

65. Lime ending : ADE



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Made it through the entire puzzle and still couldn't figure out what the theme was all about. I kept looking at 3D and tried to figure out whether DRAMA bell was something I was supposed to know. It just never occurred to me that the theme would involve just the last two letters of a theme answer...

The rest of the puzzle came slowly, but surely. Could not get NOLTE without lots of perp help because (a) I've never seen the movie and (b) I got it confused with "Doubt" for no apparent reason. Also needed lots of perp help to get SAFECO because, well, just because. Having ENDEAR instead of ENAMOR at 31 also slowed me down for awhile. And the clue for RAINED really threw me for a loop for the longest time.

On the other hand, I threw down NAVY at 4D, figuring it was probably wrong, and was delighted to discover I had it right...


River Doc said...

Happy Wednesday everybody!

Took longer to grok the theme in today’s puzzle than it took to solve it. Lots longer. So much for that Mensa application….

What, no OLIVA a day after the All-Star Game…? BTW, isn’t that how Lisa Douglas used to refer to her husband on Green Acres…?

One of these days we’re going to get consecutive clues to reveal BON and AMI…. French scourer…?

I didn’t think it was PC to say 26D nowadays…?

Followers of ISLAM are fasting during daylight hours now that the holy month of Ramadan is upon us….

Betty or VERONICA, Ginger or Mary Ann, C.C. or Marti, Yellowrocks or Misty – who can choose…?

Finally, here’s a different kind of DIG IN, this one courtesy of Lenny Kravitz…. (note the BELL BOTTOMS….)

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Don G. and C.C., for an excellent puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for the swell review.

Got started easily with DEC and NAVY. Then thing slowed down.

Hunted and pecked, got a word here and there, and soon it was finished.

Did not figure out the theme until I was done. Pretty clever. All vertical.

Now I know what an EMOTICON is.

Had GARBAGE SKOW first. SAFECO fixed that to SCOW.

Lucked out with AMANA. Guessed it right off the bat.

ORIEL again. We went without it for a long time and then twice in about a week. That's OK.

See you tomorrow.



TTP said...

Thank you Don and CC !

West side was tough for me. At 30D I first had REPENT, then REDACT and at 31D I first had ENDEAR. Finally sussed the other half of Ally McBeal's genre as DRAMA (thank you theme!), so that ruled out ENDEAR. ENAMOR became obvious with AMANA and REDACT evolved to RECANT.

Loved NO MSG but didn't care for CARIB. Nailed ORIEL. No idea on SOLTI. That cup of tea is not my genre.

Wasn't as easy earning the TADA today.

Here's Derek and the Dominos Bell Bottom Blues song of unrequited love. Eric clapton was given the nickname Slowhand. Do you know why ?

Great stuff Melissa. Thank you !

Doha, no. That was Ollievahr. :>)

HeartRx said...

Good morning melissa, C.C. et al.

Fun puzzle with just enough challenge to make it a super hump day hurdle! Loved the theme - having the entries going down instead of across added elegance to the bell "bottom" twist. I used to wear those all the time - and probably still have a pair or two in the attic!

TTP, I couldn't open your link. Is this the one you tried?

Sad story about that group. "Layla" was the best thing they ever did.

Have a great day everyone, and stay cool!

thehondohurricane said...

`Good morning,

Like a lot of others, a slow go today. Had no clue what the theme was, but in the end it mattered not!

Most of my issues were in the South. SAFECO was the only gimme. Being a baseball type, I'm embarrassed to admit 55A Puts(out)/TAGS was a difficult fill. I was thinking of another meaning (and it wasn't baseball).

Liked Pump parts/TOES a lot.

Running late for a date with my Chiropractor, so see you tomorrow.

Oh yeah, Montana, you have a beautiful family.


TTP said...

Marti, thank you. Yes, that it is exactly what I was trying to post. Maybe I should start having morning coffee again. It's been 14 weeks.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, MelissaBee and friends. A bit of a tricky theme, but other than that it was pretty smooth sailing.

Mabel, Mabel, fine and able / Get your ELBOWS off the table.

ORIEL used to be a crossword staple.

QOD: A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. ~ Phyllis Diller (July 17, 1917 ~ Aug. 20, 2012)


fermatprime said...


Can't seem to fall asleep. Swell puzzle, dynamic duo and fine exo, mb. Thanks, all!


Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone. MB - Thanks for explaining the theme. As usual I blew thru the theme entries without reflecting on what the connection was.

@8d, considered stork and heron before going with EGRET due to GENEVA, a firm anchor. Liked the 11 letter downs. Somehow remembered SOLTI and EMOTICON. Overall, easy enough for a Wednesday; no searches needed.

Have a good day.

kazie said...

Phew! I made it unassisted though, thanks to quite a few helpful perps. This was quite a workout for me considering it's only Wednesday, but then the dynamic duo is often that way.

I thought AMANA was pretty clever, and I never would have guessed SAFECO without perps. The theme came to me after I had a few of them out and then read the unifier clue. But I had to pause to realize it was mostly only part of the second word in each.

Thanks to all contributors in today's offering!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

We had to walk early to take advantage of a lull in the showers. Harold joined us, and he ambles, so it was a s-l-o-w three miles.

Hondo, I was right there with ya at 55D. If Lois shows up today, I bet she'll make good use of it.

Organ STOP came easily. We've got an antique pump organ in our foyer as a curiosity. Still works.

1A could have been SEP, per GWH Bush. D'oh!

I find it odd (perhaps sinister) that our tax-funded county improvement district would schedule its public meeting at noon on a Wednesday? I'll bet not much of the public will be there. I plan to go, because the future of our neighborhood fire station is on the line.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle! Great write-up! Didn't figure out the theme without Melissa's help. Cute one. Not easy but doable.

New to me: Almond ROCA, SOLTI, SAFECO. All perps.

I knew the CARIB Indians from reading Randy Wayne White. An extinct people who built shell mounds in the Caribbean Islands and for whom the Sea was named.

With mother & sister both organists, I knew STOP. (Also what the family would have liked when they practiced incessantly.)

I EGRET I wanted that started with an "R" instead of RECANT. I also wanted "rued it" and "repent" before the right one. I was sure "put out" about that.

Sa'ani & ESAI didn't defeat me today. Yippee!

Montana said...

I love it when a puzzle is a little difficult and I finish it! Thanks CC and Don. Great write-up, Melissa. You explained a few clues I didn't understand. Perps filled in the answers.
I forgot to look for a theme--and it was a neat one.

My grandkids attended Pearl Harbor Elementary but have now been transferred to Admiral Nimitz Elementary. Military kids sure change schools a lot, even when they live in the same house.

Have a good Wednesday, everyone,

How about this captcha? ZingDay

Anonymous said...

"Cuts into : ERODES"


B Donohue said...

"Puts (out)" and TAGS would seem to be more accurately referring to a baseball play and not a yard sale.

While people may "tag" and "put out" items, they do not "tag out" items, as (I believe) a strict/pure interpretation of the clue would imply.

This first time commentator is an occasional reader who is always grateful for this blog.


Anonymous said...

Flood water cuts into the banks of the stream.
Flood water ERODES the banks of the stream.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you Don. G and C.C. For a very challenging puzzle - took some time, but I was able to complete it - and enjoy it. Thank you melissa b. for a very nice and interesting blog.

I had disc before Disk ..... When is a disc a disk ? (Lol).

I thought Henry Clay was a senator .... Before I found out he also 'orated'. Thank you Melissa b. for the link - I read the whole article and lots of side articles, as well. I learnt a lot.

Did not know, SAFECO. Or garbage scow .... But I wagged them.

Did not know Geneva was the HQ of the League of Nations .... a fat lot of good it did anyway.

Have a nice week, you all

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another gem from our Dynamic Duo! Very clever theme and some nice, fresh fill made for a fun solve. Thanks, CC and Don, and thanks, Melissa, for a super expo.

I hope everyone is staying cool.

Happy Wednesday.

Lucina said...

Hello, Melissa, and all.

This puzzle evoked some nostalgic moments as I wore BELL BOTTOMS in the 70s.

Thank you, C.C./D.G, for 15 minutes of fun! The west center held me up because like some of you REGRET/REPENT came before RECANT. Once that was in place AMANA/CARIB/NO MSG emerged. Very nice, Dynamic Duo.

I wonder how many remember VERONICA, Archie, Betty, Jughead, etc.?

I scanned for the theme but failed to realize it consisted of only the last part of the word. Clever! And thank you again, MB.

Last night it finally RAINED here! The storm had swirled all around our area and finally arrived with more promised today. Yay! Yay!

I hope you are all having a really great Wednesday!

Qli said...

Thanks, Don and C.C.; delightful puzzle! even though the theme escaped me until melissa pointed it out.

Fun to see ORIEL so soon after I learned what it was. Maybe it will stick in this brain.

Hondo, I just got back from the miracle-worker's, ahem, chiropractor's. So grateful for them.

Veronica was always my favorite! probably because she had dark hair, like me. Never had that figure, though!

Misty said...

I love Dynamic Duo puzzles, and this was a particularly fun one. So, many thanks C.C. and Don. Would not have gotten some of the themes without Melissa's help, though. But a delightful morning adventure.

I too had DISC instead of DISK at first. But I got VERONICA right away. My youthful love of "Archie" comics paid off!


A niece announced that her expected baby would be a boy by opening a box marked "It's a . . ." and out came blue balloons. Gotta love Facebook.

Really enjoyed all your postings this morning, thank you everybody!

Have a great Wednesday!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Happy Hump Day!

An excellent puzzle.

BUT today's Xword provides a perfect argument for the LA Times to print theme titles. I don't know why they don't do this. Today, I submit, there is practically no way a solver can see the very clever theme without the title as a clue--or without accessing this blog.

I guess the Times feels that space is too tight to cater to Xworders. Was it Monday or last Saturday that they lopped off the last two clues? And not for the first time. They may worry that there won't be room just above for today's "lucky numbers."

CrossEyedDave said...

WBS, I never did figure out the theme, but now that i see it, it is quite clever.

Lots of learning today, but like Vidwan, I am fuzzy (fusty?) on the the usage of disc versus disk.

Anyway, now that I see the answers, I am mad at myself. I WAGed my way thru so many unknowns only to be stopped dead at ILO/ROCA. (I knew it had to be a vowel, but which one???) I may have finally WAGed the O, but 54A Solti was an unknown ( but I was going to guess "T" ) & just wanted to confirm it with 55D being "Tags."

55D Clue = Cooped (up)

Tags = cooped up? Nah, can't be right!

25 letters later, I was still confused. I must have looked at that 55D Cooped (up) clue at least 20 times. It was not until I read (the wonderful) write up that I realized my mistake. (Rats! I think I need new glasses...)

Lots of funny bell related stuff out there, but unfortunately much of it is Taco Bell bathroom humor.

Some examples:

Bell #1

Bell #2

Bell #3


(& so on...)

PK said...

Having read Archie comics as a teenager, I thought they were no longer published. However, I found them still in action with the on-line comics site I read most days.

Charles Ramsey said...

Speak for yourself Keith. Did you read the clue for 27d? Dead giveaway. Dead giveaway.

John V said...

Great puzzle, esp hanging the bells off the bottom of down answered. Bravo!

Tinbeni said...

Don G. & C.C. Thank you for a FUN Wednesday (though, at times, I thought it was Thursday. lol).

Still hurting from the "V-8 can Head smack" when I got the theme at COW-BELL. Great themes!

I think it has RAINED here in Tampa Bay, everyday for the last 2 weeks.
And this Tin Man has yet to start rusting.

No booze in the grid, but there is plenty here at Villa Incognito.

Lemonade714 said...

I adored the puzzle, and the presentation of the BELLS as the bottom of the down answers.

Welcome to the sunshine B. Donahue, how is Phil doing these days?

As for the TAG, the problem is there are many reasons to nit about the baseball clue as well as a put out does not require a TAG anymore than a yard sale does. This is not science. Also bear in mind before getting too excited about your nits and your comments, Rich often redoes a large percentage of the cluing

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

At first I thought this was a really tough Wed.

Then it gradually dawned on me how slow witted i am today.

Then I see that lots of you had trouble.

So maybe I do have an ALIBI.

Though I totally missed the theme and didn't suss tag = put out. DO'H!

Anyway, well done CC and Don.
Good write up MB.

The REAL STINKER - GARBAGE SCOW symmetry is quote apt.

Keith -
The blogger of the day assigns the theme title to the puzzle. Some Sunday puzzled have given theme titles, but the LAT week day puzzle never does.

Cool Regards!

Bill G. said...

Cute theme. Fun puzzle. Excellent writeup. Thanks all around. I had some bell-bottomish trousers back in the day. Wider ties too. Longer sideburns.

The MLB All Star game or Mid-Summer Classic wasn't that exciting but it was a classy exhibition. I think MLB does their All Star game better than any other professional sport. Even the opposing playing gave Mariano Rivera a nice hand.

Pookie said...

DISC!!! I spelled it DISC!
Forgot ORIEL from the other day.
I'm going to imagine an Oriole coming to the feeder on my ORIEL.
And sundial number was VII. Rats!
Got CAReB wrong.
Sir Georg SOLTI
Pull out all the STOPs means to play the pipe organ at full volume and depth of sound.
Thanks C.C. and Don. Fun puzzle.
Thanks melissa!

Husker Gary said...

It took a delightfully long time to see MA at the end of DRAMA. What fun!

-I not only had BELL BOTTOMS, one pair were purple double knits! Unlike Marti, I could never fit into mine today.
-Standing atop the USS Arizona is very sobering
-You can see the Cowboys literally DIG IN before this famous NFL Icebowl TD
-How did we cook before AMANA Radarange microwaves?
-The death of a Cirque de Soliel performer in Vegas this month underscores how dangerous this fabulous show is
-There is a cottage industry in Dealey Plaza trying to sell you proof that Lee Harvey Oswald did not ACT ALONE
-I agree Doc, AH SO seems somewhat racist to me from movie use
-RECANT - “Make all your words as sweet as possible, because you may have to eat them”
-You’d better have computer skills to animate today
-You gotta TAG ‘em out if it’s not a force play
-From yesterday - UNO game of my ute because we couldn’t afford an UNO deck. Anyone else?

Lucina said...

I loved your links but #3 opens to black; there is no picture.

desper-otto said...

In honor of today's theme, Bell Bottom Trousers 2:33. Those uniforms actually came with straight legs, they flared out only if you had 'em tailored.

Good news on the fire station front. The improvement district board came through.

CED, loved your redneck doorbell. I've gotta get one of those...

John Wolfenden said...

Whether a frisbee golfer or an ultimate player, no true DISCer would spell it with a K. In contemporary parlance DISK refers to a computer disk IMO.

desper-otto said...

Husker, you must be a lot younger than I thought. Uno wasn't invented until 1971, and that certainly wasn't in my ute. We did play Crazy 8's way back when, also a lot of cribbage.

Pookie said...

C.C. thanks for the heads-up on JazzB's granddaughter dancing in the Nutcracker. I went to JazzB's blog and found the video.
JazzB, very nice!
Amanda is a very good dancer.
She and her partner dance well together. Nice lifts.
Tell her:
Very good piqué turns, bourré, and pirouettes!!!
I really enjoyed her performance.

Husker Gary said...

-Otto, oops, I’m 66 (and 5/6) and thought UNO cards had been around for a long, long time. We played Crazy 8’s because there was always a deck of cards around the house and we always made our own fun.
-Pitch was the standard game for all the adults around here and I was playing pitch when a girl tapped me on the shoulder to tell me JFK had been shot in Dallas.
-Addendum, in the horrible fashions of the 70’s, “a certain group of our” middle school kids wore extra long BELL BOTTOMS, frayed the hems and let them drag in the dirt and mud.

CrossEyedDave said...

Lucina, (re:bell#3) I should have noticed it was from website. They have some restrictions on what format can view them. Here is the same pic from another source.

Desper-otto, your link opened my eyes. I never made the connection that BellBottoms of 60's fashion originated from sailors uniforms! Digging around I found out that deckhands wore bellbottoms because they were easy to pull up while swabbing the deck. Then this site (paragraph 5)says: "Although most eighteenth-century sailors couldn’t swim, they were taught to pull up and tie the bells of their pants, creating air-filled life preservers if they fell overboard." (wouldn't they then float upside down & drown???)

Anyway, I have been in a slump trying to find current puzzle related links lately. Likethese falling dominos. (You would think in 10 minutes of falling dominos, at least one would ring a bell! Nothing!)

Lucina said...

Thank you. I think! Sometimes I think my life is too sheltered. LOL.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks, Charles & JzB, for the responses.

I hadn't realized the blogger assigned the puzzle name. So if it isn't the LA Times' fault for withholding the theme title, I certainly apologize.
As for 27D providing the theme, yes, it certainly did. It's what we might call a "dead giveaway" after the fact....

Again, a neat puzzle, all in all.

melissa bee said...

55d, baseball, of course, that makes more sense. i've added a comment to the blog post, thx to hondo and b donohue for turning on the light.

thehondohurricane said...

Bill G, thanks for reminding me..... Mariano deserved every bit of adulation he received last night. Every darn bit.hi

I'm one who cares less if I know a puzzles theme I'm either going to solve it or take a DNF. MAYBE knowing the theme occasionally might help.... .but I'll never use it as an excuse for not finishing.

Anonymous said...

I still use that Amana range pictured.

Anonymous said...

Afternoon All!

Fantastic Don hard-G and C.C.; Melissa, thanks for cluing me into the theme. What Berry Said.

John W. is right, disk is technology, disc is older technology and anything else that is round. The two are converging according to Google FRISBEE DISK and it gives you the "I searched disk for you" message.

CED: In Boy Scouts, we were taught to take off our LEVIs 1st, tie the legs, throw over our head to fill with air and hold on tightly. Keep air pockets in the legs damp.

Cheers to all!


Yellowrocks said...

Congrats, Dynamic Duo on a great puzzle. Even after getting BELL BOTTOMS I had to complete the puzzle before finding the theme in each indicated clue. Melissa, great expo.
I remember BELL BOTTOMS. I knew they originated with sailor’s trousers. I loved them. They were sexy on slim young women. Now being neither slim nor young, I am glad they are no longer in style. Thanks for the Guy Lombardo treat.
MB, I liked your link for AH SO. Having studied Japanese for quite a few years, I would advise foreigners not to use AH SO. It has achieved bad connotations, although it may sound similar to slang which the native born may use. Similarly, Polack in English is a slur although it sounds similar to a neutral word in Polish for a Polish male. Sou desu ka means. “That is so.” “I see,” or “So that’s it?” Ka is the indicator of a question and is often used to show deference or humility, asking instead of asserting, even though one is certain. Sou desu without the Ka may be used in informal situations.

Yellowrocks said...

I appreciated Montana’s comments about growing gladiolas yesterday. If you don’t tend then they can appear as “volunteer” plants in the coming years. Serious gardeners, dig them up in the fall, store them, and replant them in the spring, so no “volunteers.” My grandfather was into growing beautiful gladiolas.
TAGS and SOLTI were gimmies. I admire Solti and his music.
For me this was a typical Wednesday, maybe leaning just a tad toward a Thursday.

Anonymous said...

In the words of our governor, "Ooops" Google says it searched Disc, not DISK for me... -T

Bill G. said...

CED, great dominoes video even without a bell. Imagine the time involved. What happens when one of the setter-uppers has a little nervous twitch? Sneeze?

The weather here is really nice; much cooler than a few miles inland. Being summertime, the bike path is more crowded. Lots of young women running around in skimpy attire. It makes for a dangerous situation. So I am ever vigilant. But it's a big job. I'll bet CED and Manac and ??? would be a big help with the patrolling. It's tough volunteer work but somebody needs to be keeping a careful eye out for danger. (Say, where is Manac anyway?)

thehondohurricane said...


The female garb ain't too bad around here this time of year either.

Bill G. said...

So HH, where are you situated in Connecticut so that you regularly happen upon females with minimal protection against the elements?

This is really good! It's a video from NBC about movies in movies. I remember a lot of them. Movies in movies.

Awol said...

Fun puzzle. I over thunk and thus missed the theme, which was quite clever.
Veronica came embarrassingly easy.
Esai was unfamiliar, but he is some serious eye candy.

As I have not checked in for a while, I offer Catapulting Critters to say have a great day.

TTP said...

Hondo, good point about Mariano Rivera. Have to give him a tip of the hat, despite the number of times I was rooting against him. In retrospect, a class act, and well respected by his peers.

Missed your comments about puts out earlier. Funny. Puts out is singular, while put outs is plural. One of my all time faves, Tris Speaker, has the AL record for center fielder put outs. Well, according to some. What say you Elias ?

As far as puts out, Violet gives willingly, according to an aid we used to memorize resistor values. That full acronym aid isn't very PC either.

JD said...

Good evening Melissa, C.C. et al,

Fun! Fun! Fun! Thanks to all, and loved all the "extras", especially yours AWOL. Who doesn't love giraffes?

As usual, the D.Duo makes us think,slap our heads and snicker. Thx Melissa for explaining the theme. Where is Lois when "Puts out" could be the theme of her blog today?

Vidwan, aren't ALL senators orators... with all their hot air? I think YES.

Gary, am a big fan of Crazy 8's.. should teach that one to Truman.

Yellowrocks, in CA we do not dig up our Glads because our ground doesn't freeze. It is pretty easy to pull up the little guys.. I just don't have enough stakes for all of them. I refuse to toss them out, so I find other places to plant them. I do however dig up my Cyclamens before the heat arrives and put them in containers under the orange trees where some decide to keep blooming.

Tomorrow you will hear "It's a boy!!!"...until then..

Lucina said...

Did you see Sandra Vergara on CSI tonight? She is the cousin and adopted sister of Sofia and equally beautiful.

Bill G. said...

Lucina, no, I don't usually watch CSI. Due to time zones, maybe I haven't missed it yet. I'll check. Thanks.

creature said...

Just want to say that I love the dimensions of the duo, that can't be duplicated.

Thanks to MB's unique coverage.

Anonymous said...

hated hated hated hated this POS puzzle.