Aug 24, 2013

Saturday, Aug 24th, 2013, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie

Words: 72 (missing -; a Pangram~!)

Blocks: 30

  "Sans" Cruciverb, but we prevailed ~!  I have never done this pen and paper, but due to the downed website, it was print and solve, old-fashioned~! ( actually, I play a little game when I do the puzzle in the paper - I only allow myself the ability to solve a clue IF I have a letter from a crossing fill in place first ).  Anyway, we had two 11-letter climbers:

11D. Fajitas server : SIZZLE PLATE - always looks, smells and sounds good when one of these goes by in a restaurant

22D. One who doesn’t follow the crowd : FREE THINKER - I like to consider myself such a person....

Lots of clechos, lots of misdirection, especially in the 'plurals' department - I marked them with "*".   I have to admit, I had two squares wrong - proper names crossing - what can you do?....



1. Pet’s plaything : SQUEAK TOY - let the YouTubers begin~!

10. Syrian Ba’ath Party leader : ASSAD - Total WAG

15. Fools : OUTSMARTS; clecho #1 - 16A. Fool : LIE TO; #2 - 23A. Foolish : WITLESS, and #3 - 14D. Fools : DOLTS

17. Semi lubricant : DIESEL OIL

18. Longtime Cleveland Orchestra conductor : SZELL - the "S" got me; I figured it had to be a vowel....George - more here

19. Galaxy download : APPlication - the Samsung Galaxy line of phones and tablets

20. Baby bugs : NITS (Sorry for the error earlier).

21. Freight not permitted in some tunnels, familiarly : HAZ-MAT - Hazardous Materials

22. Edsel feature : FINS - no, sorry, I don't see fins on an Edsel - I see fins HERE

24. Two-player whistlike game : ECARTE - Dah~! I had "A" at the end, because I didn't know my Detroit Tigers great

27. __ and Jack: kids’ clothing shop chain : JANIE - never heard of it, but there are two stores here on LI

28. 2012 N.L. Manager of the Year Johnson : DAVEY - now this baseball guy I know - he was the Nationals manager in 2012, and won MotY in 1997 with the Orioles - but I knew him as the Mets manager 1984-90, including their '86 World Series win (how's that~!!)

29. Prepare to compare : JUXTAPOSE - love that word~!

33. Eczema soother : ALOE

34. Pool components : GENES - so who's been peeing in THIS pool~?

35. Wash unit : LOAD

36. Numismatist’s concerns : MINT MARKS - the big word for coin collector