Aug 6, 2013

Tuesday, August 6, 2013 Victor Barocas

Theme: Pop Art - Three series of paintings by a leading figure in the visual art movement.

17A. "A revolution is not a dinner party" leader : MAO TSE TUNG. A series of prints based on a photograph. He used the same technique for Marilyn.

28A. It's "M'm! M'm! Good!" : CAMPBELL'S SOUP

46A. Actress born Norma Jeane Mortenson : MARILYN MONROE

60A. Artist born 8/6/1928 who painted 17-, 28- and 46-Across : ANDY WARHOL

Argyle here. Rather straightforward puzzle for this eccentric artist. There were a few unexpected nuggets, however.


1. Snack in a shell : TACO

5. Walked the floor : PACED

10. "Survivor" host Probst : JEFF

14. Attending a Lakers home game, briefly : IN LA

15. Indian coin : RUPEE

16. __-friendly : USER

19. Mama's guy, to baby : "DADA"

20. Bird Down Under : EMU

21. Philosopher __-tzu : LAO

22. Month named for an emperor : AUGUST. Sheesh, I keep reading it as Moth.

24. Word in "The Shining" with two mirror-image letters : [REDRUM]. Scary movie.

26. Get the whole family together : REUNE. Back formation from reunion I supose. Found chiefly in NYT puzzles.

33. Out of control : AMOK

35. Granny Smith, e.g. : APPLE

36. Sch. founded by Jefferson : UVA. The University of Virginia in Charlottesville, VA.

37. Strips (of), as property : DIVESTS

40. Made bubbly : AERATED

42. Big diamond : ACE

43. Spring Zodiac sign : ARIES

45. "__ the night ..." : 'TWAS

50. Sunday dinner entrée : ROAST

51. Leaking slowly : OOZING

54. Football field shape : OBLONG. Stretched out square... or circle. I was thinking it may have meant the football itself.

57. Last year's jrs. : SRs

58. Icky stuff : GOO

59. Educator with an elite list : DEAN

64. "Whip It" rockers : DEVO. If you need a reminder. LINK(2:39)

65. Youngest of Chekhov's "Three Sisters" : IRINA. (not on my reading list)

66. Road curve : BEND

67. Hand measurement : SPAN

68. Skater Kerrigan : NANCY. She was the one clubbed on her knee in January 1994.

69. Hunch, say : IDEA


1. Hourglass or stopwatch : TIMER

2. Make __ for oneself : A NAME

3. Sun blocker : CLOUD COVER. The SPF varies.

4. Feed bag morsel : OAT

5. Stereo system signal booster : PREAMP

6. "Car Talk" topic : AUTO. AUDI would have worked, too.

7. PC brain : CPU. (central processing unit)

8. Twilight, to a bard : E'EN. A contraction of even which is a contraction of evening. Those crazy poets!

9. General for whom a Paris airport is named : DE GAULLE

10. Bench warmers? : JUDGES

11. Jacob's twin : ESAU

12. T-men and G-men : FEDS

13. Toga party setting : FRAT. (fraternity house)

18. Skid row area : SLUM

23. Racing family name : UNSER

25. Leaf-gathering tool : RAKE

26. Sales staff member : REP

27. Texas border city : EL PASO

29. Sinks : BASINS

30. Was more important than : OUTWEIGHED

31. Eye part containing the iris : UVEA

32. Goalie equipment : PADS

33. Sandler of "Spanglish" : ADAM

34. Isinglass : MICA. Translucent mineral.

38. Place to get a perm : SALON

39. "Give it another shot" : "TRY AGAIN"

41. Encyclopedia range : A TO Z

44. CPR expert : EMT

47. Like some decals : IRON-ON

48. Ibsen's country : NORWAY. Henrik Johan Ibsen was a major 19th-century Norwegian playwright, theatre director, and poet. Wikipedia

49. Alabama-born activist Parks : ROSA

52. Dismal turnout for a party : NO ONE. Shoulda had a toga party.

53. Israel's Meir : GOLDA

54. Bookie's offering : ODDS

55. Answering machine alert : BEEP

56. Eruption output, perhaps : LAVA

57. Together, after "in" : SYNC

61. Second Amendment org. : NRA. (National Rifle Association)

62. Clamor : DIN

63. Sac fly result : RBI. Sac, short for sacrifice, because even though the batter is out, a run scores.



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Yeah, pretty straightforward today. Did not know that Mr. WARHOL painted Chairman MAO, but didn't need to know that to solve.

Hesitated briefly on OBLONG and ACE due to the clues and tried PAPA before DADA, but that was about it.


Doha Doc said...

Happy Tuesday everybody!

Wow, that’s a first for Da Doc, NOt ONE write-over today! After the initial across and down passes, there were only four squares left to fill….

Favorite answer = RED RUM! Here’s Johnny!

Weakest answer = REUNE….

Argyle, thanks for the Big Diamond explanation. Had no IDEA…. Diamond Head…?

Remember when Tom Cruise as Joel “Goodson” cranked the settings on his Dad’s stereo PRE AMP (at 0.36) before he did the ”underwear dance” in Risky Business…?

I seem to recall having a TOGA party at our house in college. Kind of, sort of….

Finally, my favorite DEVO song – their version of Secret Agent Man…. (with accompanying video from a not-so-secret agent man….)

Lemonade714 said...

Wow an all Minnesota week, with Victor following up C.C. marvelous Monday.

OBLONG and REUNE slowed me down, but puzzling had made me remember OLGA, MASHA and IRINA.

Loved seeing REDRUM and hard to believe it is almost 20 years since the Tonya Harding, Nancy Kerrigan scandal.

Thanks VB and Argyle.

fermatprime said...


Pretty fast puzzle! Thanks so much, Victor and Argyle.

Did anyone watch Major Crimes tonight? Lots of fun with special mature guest stars!

Have a good Tuesday!

Middletown Bomber said...

about the same as Barry today. Campbell soup cans and painting gave me Warhol as the answer and tried PAPA before DADA.


Argyle said...

Fermat, I watched it. The special guests looked like they had a ball.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Very easy Tuesday puzzle. I got everything on the first pass. The few clues I didn't know were filled in by the perps.

My favorite clue was Strips (of) property = DIVESTS.

I had a bad experience this weekend with the Sales REP at national clothing store chain. I was told by the Rep that the store no longer carried petite clothing because those sizes were "taking over the store" and they needed the room for "regular sized" customers. The REP making this statement was petite and clearly not wearing the company's clothing.

The Shining was a fun, but scary movie. I was in a hotel in the Middle East once that was quite empty. We were in a wing with few, if any, other guests. The wing reminded me of the hotel in The Shining.

Apropos of today's theme, here is today's QOD: An artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have. ~ Andy Warhol (Aug. 6, 1928 ~ Feb. 22, 1987)


Martin said...

Couldn't get REUNE so I was relieved to discover it wasn't a real word. :)

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

I was trying to figure out what MAO, CAMPBELL'S and MARILYN had in common as I was solving...AHA! WARHOL. Thanks for the erudite and entertaining writeup, Argyle! I chuckled at your comment on 52-Down, "Shoulda had a toga party..."

Nothing too tricky today, so it was pretty much a speed run all the way through. I did like the clue for JUDGES: "Bench warmers?"

"Made bubbly" for AERATED gave me pause, though. I was thinking of carbonation, rather than aeration for bubbly drinks. To me, aeration would apply more to lawns or golf greens. But I guess it could apply to drinks as well. So no nit there.

Have a lovely day, everyone!

TTP said...

Smooth and steady solve of this offering from Professor Barocas.

Thank you Argyle. You are a rock. Loved your writeup.

Hand up for reading moth before month. Also read "Make ____ OF oneself, so had wrong fill there for a moment. No idea on the L in Philosopher LAO, but SLUM. Big Diamond = ACE was clever. So was Bench warmers ? = JUDGES. REUNE was new, but a must be.

Think you know baseball ? Take a shot at this one. Starting the season late in the year, AROD went 1 for 4 in his first game. Suppose that during the next game, he has 3 sac flies and and another single in 4 plate appearances. What is his batting average after game 2 ? This is not an open book test. No searching (googling).

Today is DW's Happy Birthday. She's sleeping in and we are going out for breakfast later.

Have a great day.

Hahtoolah said...

Happy Birthday to Mrs. TTP!

Anonymous said...

Aeration also applies to fish aquariums and ponds. They are made bubbly to introduce oxygen into the water.

Teddy Ballgame said...


thehondohurricane said...


After game 2 his average would be .400. He'd have 2 hits in 4 official at bats.

Personally, as a long time Yankee fan, I wish his average was .OOO. IE; He wasn't allowed into the ball park.

thehondohurricane said...


Make that two hits in 5 official at bats.

Mari said...

Good morning everybody. This felt to me like Monday's and Tuesday's puzzles flip-flopped - as this one was a quick breeze.


WEES on REUNE. I wanted ICE for Big Diamond, but ACE works too.

I liked seeing AERATED and OBLONG. Those aren't words we see every day.

I watched the final episode of The Killing last night. Irish Miss: Have you seen it yet?

Ferm: How is Charlie today?

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Piece of cake today. A few downs like AUTO and EL PASO were not noticed during the solve. I did have to white gunk out two squares because I hastily entered 'run' before RBI.
EEN means 'one' or serves as the indefinate article in Dutch and Low German.
UNSER means 'our' in German.
The unifier was easily gotten with the CAMPBELLS SOUP hint.
Good job, Victor. Thank you.

Have a good day.

kazie said...

Way too many names for my liking, but I got them all and only four were unknowns, and they all perped easily: LAO, UNSER (remembered seeing this in other puzzles, after it appeared), DEVO, IRINA.

I wasn't seeing the theme until I was here, since ANDY WARHOL was so obvious before I had all the letters, I hardly looked at the clue, so didn't read the last part of it.

Thanks for the pic of ACE, since I really wasn't getting that either.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Victor Barocas for a swell puzzle. Thank you, Argyle for the very good review.

I am writing this from my phone today. No wifi for my IPad.

TTP: I say .250

Puzzle was pretty straight forward. No major problem areas. Got the theme pretty easily. Had them all before ANDY WARHOL. I remember him, but was not an afficionado.

Was not familiar with REDRUM. Never saw the movie. Perps to the rescue.

General DEGAULLE spent the whole war in England, I believe.

REUNE seemed obvious for 26A. I might look it up later.

BASINS reminded me of a sink basin near the front door of the Bullfrog Hotel I used to stay at in Jamestown, NY. You walked in an could immediately wash your hands if you felt like it. I liked that place.

HOURGLASS for the 1D clue reminds me "as you behold its slowly falling sands, learn that so surely are the wasting sands of your mortal life running out to death"

See you tomorrow.


Mari said...

Bill G @ last night:

"The kids in the US are behind many other nations in math, science, etc. but test off the charts in self esteem."

Very interesting story about the Jeopardy boy and interesting quote above. The recent college grads hired where I work are half my age and I can see a big difference between them and older generations. They get hired for a junior role and think they ready for the corner office.

My boss said it best when he said, "They need to know their roll and be put in their place."

Happy Birthday Mrs. TTP. Sleeping in and going to breakfast sounds like a great way to start your day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning, a bit late.

WKZ -- what Kazie said. That was my experience exactly. But I did finish three minutes faster than yesterday.

Abejo, you're creepin' me out with that quote.

You know, for years I thought they were saying "Secret Asian Man."

Husker Gary said...

A very easy puzzle where this art philistine wasted time looking for a theme in the words themselves. Yesterday’s very soupy air just dumped 2” of rain this morning.
-Variation on Mao’s quote - John Adams (after much congressional dithering) in the play 1776, “This is a revolution dammit; we’re going to have to offend somebody.”
-The Twins manager PACED the dugout last night as the Royals SHELLED them
-I wonder if Mama’s DADA likes avant-garde art.
-It rains birthdays here in AUGUST
-Does anyone else pronounce AMOK as AMUCK?
-This looks like a lotta trouble for AERATION
-A good Nebraska beef ROAST and Joann’s cooking? YUM!
-Don’t these pictures give you a HUNCH Barry Bonds was on something? What are the ODDS?
-We’re getting a bid on granite countertops and new BASINS this morning
-A Rod booed unmercifully last night in Chicago
-What vehicle had “Isinglass curtains you could roll right down in case there was a change in the weather”?

Husker Gary said...

-Off the course as flooding has now hit our very flat town
-HOURGLASS theme but much preferred HOURGLASS
-Of course A Rod would be batting 2 for 5 or .400 since sac flies are not charged at bats but can anyone imagine him sacrificing for anyone?
-In what very famous American movie did Charles DeGaulle’s signature play a big role?

desper-otto said...

Husker, hand up for pronouncing it AMUCK. And that vehicle was the furry with the syringe on top.

From last night's posts -- I watched that Jeopardy! episode when the kid misspelled "emancipation." I mentioned to DW at the time that I thought his answer should have been allowed. But, if you misspeak the word, it's wrong, so I guess the same should apply to misspelling. Aw hell, it's only a game.

Spitzboov said...

HG @ 0841 - I couldn't get the A-Rod link to load.

Meriam approves amuck as a variant of AMOK which is a transliteration from Malay via the Dutch; hence the 'ok'

Anonymous said...


TTP said...

Wow ! She really took that "sleeping in" business seriously ! I shall wish her Happy Birthday from all of the Corner denizens. Although it's looking like brunch time now.

Hmm, I should have made my poser a little bit tougher. Should have stated, "...that during the next game, he has 3 sac flies, a sac bunt, and another single in his 4 plate appearances."

Of course it doesn't change his batting average, nor does it change his OBA or OBP, which is the average that Abejo's answer provided.

We see the most common baseball stats at the Corner, and the GMs and scouts at the major league level are looking at stats that many fans would never have heard of. I've used some of the more common stats to compare players of different generations. Hard to do now. Where have you gone Joe Dimaggio ?

Doha Doc said...

D-O, here’s a link to a variation of the song, called Seasick Asian Man, by “Bob” Rivers….

HG, never did like Bonds, especially after I saw him flat-out lying to fans at Spring Training in order to avoid having to sign autographs. They say his baseball cap size actually grew during his “wonder years….”

Hands up for A-Muck, as opposed to A-Roid….

Dudley said...

Husker 8:41 - that would be the surrey with the fringe on top. I once read that it was the most famous prop in theater history (don't know how you'd measure that...)

desper-otto said...

TTP, maybe she's faking it and is just waiting for you to come and wake her up... Tell her HBD, at any rate.

Doha, loved the send up. That pumpkin blowing chunks at the end is too funny!

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

WBS. Felt more like a Monday puzz.

I'm neither artist nor art critic, but I never could see what was so spectacular about Andy Warhol paintings. I did like the look of old Cambell's soup labels, along with the Budweiser cans from the same era (60's I guess).

CrossEyedDave said...


HBD to TTPs' DW...

What bears do in the woods. (I thought it was something else...)

P.S.A. - Biggest meteor shower of the year Monday night 8/12 after midnite. (I guess that is really Tues. AM 8/13...)

Abejo said...

All: My cell phone Webster did not show REUNE as a word. Maybe if I had an OED it would be in there. I checked that out once and was big bucks.

TTP: Tell your wife Happy Birthday! I might as well jpin the chorus.


Dr. Ruth said...

Well, it looks like I need to change my morning routine. Or at least add to it! Crossword article

windhover said...

I had a rather interesting weekend, as in, "may you live in interesting times", so today is my first check on the blog since last week. Glutton for punishment that I am, I've just finished reading 5 days worth of comments. I'm posting to preemptively award the "Comment of the Month" award to PK for 3:32 AM Saturday. She locked up the honor by following that zinger up at 9:09 AM Sunday. Freudian as it may have been, it was a classic, and the rest of you will just have to wait until September, when the competition resumes.
Congratulations. Farm life had it advantages, no? :-)

Bill G. said...

That was an enjoyable puzzle. Thanks Victor and Argyle. I started it last night and finished it this morning. I never heard of REUNE. I didn't get the theme until the reveal.

Doha Doc reminded me that I need to rewatch Risky Business when it shows up again on cable. Tom Cruise's dance is memorable but I absolutely love that song "Old Time Rock and Roll." I remember thinking Rebecca De Mornay was very sexy.

I agree that Alex Trebek has always seemed smug to me. Maybe it's partly because he knows all the right answers from the paper right in front of him.

windhover said...

And while I'm sure I don't need to point it out to our sharper solvers, the title of the Sunday puzzle added a certain degree of èlan to the combined comments.

windhover said...

Or maybe he's just Canadian. :)

JD said...

Good Morning Argyle, C.C.and all,

Victor, lots of fun fills, especially big diamond= ace. Andy Warhol was my art students 2nd favorite artist(after Van Gogh). Kids can be very creative.

Would not have filled redrum without rake.Never saw The Shining, but was told that the Stanley Hotel was in the movie. Later I found out that it was filmed on a movie set, not in Estes Park.Hollywood is good at disguising locations.

Does anyone still watch Survivor? People were so nasty on it. I was drawn to it the 1st couple of seasons due to their beautiful locations.

Thanks Victor and Argyle... made for a nice Tuesday.

Lucina said...

Hello, super solvers.

Thank you, Victor Barocas for today's fun which started with a TACO and ended with an IDEA as I PACED along my way.

Sac fly result?? I thought egg or maggot which, of course, didn't fit. I had not heard that expression. It perped itself.

I once saw ANDY WARHOL's paintings at the Guggenheim Museum in NY and wondered why they were so special. Now, Pollack's art, that is something to see.

REDRUM is another one that just emerged as I never saw that movie.

I saw Major Crimes and thought it was great fun with all those veteran actors in it. It took me a long while to recognize Marion Ross but the others I knew. The funny glasses were a hoot!

You all have a superb Tuesday! It rained here last night.

Lucina said...

Windhover, how nice to see you! You have been missed, amigo.

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Thank you for the exceptional write-up & links.

Victor: I really enjoyed solving your Tuesday offering.
Theme was easy, but I needed every-single-perp to get IRINA.

Husker: Hand up for pronouncing AMOK as AMUCK.

BTW, if that guy NOONE shows up at your party ... he will probably be wearing a Toga.
(Plus he'll probably bring his buddy ATOZ who is a Cliff Clavin 'know-it-all'). geeze ...


Anonymous said...

Ladies and gentlemen, windy has spoken. Let it be known.

Dennis said...

anon@12:15, you really should try to grow a pair, whether they be testicles or ovaries, and come out and play with the rest of us blues.

Wait.....can I say testicles?

Windy, good to see you; staying busy?

Anonymous said...

It looks like Alex Trebek operates a bowling center in Houston. Video

Anonymous said...

Thank you Dennis. I was trolling for a sophmoric response from windy, but yours will do. My day is complete now.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun puzzle, Victor! Great expo, Argyle! Easier than yesterday. Zipped through this and didn't even see some clues such as RBI & AUTO until I came here.

HG, I've had "Surrey With the Fringe on TOP" running through my head ever since the isinglass clue. Ooooklahoma!

CED: Aha, bears are the original tree huggers, according to your clip.

Windhover, Such an honor! I feel so unworthy. Years on the farm did ground me in realities and what is valuable in life. My daughters just think I'm terminally inappropriate.

Dr. Ruth @11:19 clip: Aha! Just as I suspected. Alzheimer's is caused by that dreaded Hawaiian disease, lackanookie. I once told my daughter sex was a better cure for depression than the expensive pill she'd been prescribed. She was so offended.

Qli said...

Enjoyed the puzzle; liked that GOO and OOZING were so close together.

Haven't been here for awhile, so a lot of the comments went right over my head, but you guys are still so fun to read about!

Hand up for AMUCK.

Qli said...

PS in my lingo, "you guys" means both guys and gals...

Dennis said...

anon, we like to alternate. Can't hog all the fun.

Lucina said...

Did anyone see last night's Jeopardy? It was a rerun of the teachers' tournament and one of them was disqualified because she lacked the final "g" in "waiting" though she had the answer, Waiting for Godot, otherwise correct. The other two had spelled it all correctly.

Now to see the various links.

Montana said...

Two days in a row, I deduced the theme. Wow! Even though they were Monday and Tuesday puzzles, I feel good about it.

I started the puzzle last night but fell asleep. This afternoon I started it again and couldn't figure out why I left white spaces in clues that were very easy. Finished the puzzle in a minute or two.

I just bought a new vehicle. First time by myself--husband was still alive for previous ones. And when I was younger, I had father and uncle help. Maybe I am growing up!!

Have a good afternoon and evening.


PS Happy Birthday to Mrs. TTP.

Lemonade714 said...

TTP, I think Dr. Ruth and your wife are trying to tell you something. A Happy, very Happy Birthday to her.

Carbonation is merely a more specific form of Aeration, putting a gas into a liquid.

When my children were very young I became friendly with Arod's uncle, who gave me two rookie cards of A-Rod, one for each boy. I was pretty excited during the Seattle years and thought I had a great long term gift for them; now not so much.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank you prof Barocas, ( I remember your resume' , Ph.D. - Chem. Engg. . ;-). . ). for a relatively easier puzzle, and to Argyle for his interesting commentary.

I am still working on trying to solve the puzzle online, and, for me, at least, it's a trial and not so much fun. My 2B mechanical pencil is in a depression.

I've been reading, in the above posts, about the brou- ha- ha, much ado, in the Jeopardy show last night. (I don't watch much tv, myself - ). It has been commented on so much already that I feel it would be pointless to add my own. I wish Alex had shown a little bit more sympathy while still following the rules. I hope the young contestant has enough self esteem, inherent within him, so this will be only a minor setback in his life.

Mari's comment on the test that American kids apparently have a lot of self esteem is very pertinent in this regard. There was a study, run by a social scientist, at the Case Western Reseve university. He was trying to test as to whether juvenile delinquents had a very low self esteem.... In fact, he found that jd's had very high self esteem - it was just misdirected into illegal activities. So, high or adequate self esteem does not automatically translate into success or achievement. Ambition and a strong conscience and perseverance are also important factors, for proper direction in life. TMI ?

Have a nice day, you all.

Happy birthday. to Mrs. TTP. Nice to see you, Windhover and Dennis.

HeartRx said...

TTP, happy birthday to your DW! Is she up yet? Are you?

Anonymous said...

TTP , maybe she's hinting something. Think, man, think. Wow, this is the most exciting thing to happen in this corner ( ) since
Keep us informed. We're on pins and needles.

Anonymous T said...

G'Afternoon all,

Easy Tuesday. Thanks to Victor for making me feel smart again and Agyle for the writeup / 42a ACE 'splainin' (and for telling me it was a hard "c" in CAVIL; YR - I will try to remember that rule - thanks).

Fave was DEVO - a Detroit man-as-machine band (I wouldn't call them rockers, but nit...).

Theme came right away with Marilyn & Campbell's. I seem to recall Mao, but don't think I've seen it in "real-life."

24a - I couldn't figure out if the clue was headed to MURDER or REDRUM. That movie was creapy as sh** when I was 12.

No ROAST tonight... Some pork-chops seasoned with garden herbs, wild rice and side salad should do...

I'll show loving wife anon Dr. Ruth's linked article - for my mental health, honey!

Lucina - many of us saw the Jepordy kerfuffle (sp?) and discussed late last night. Bill G. squared us away.

TTP - Happy B-Day to DW!

Oh, and C.C. thanks for the behind the scenes look last night...



Marge said...

Hi all,
This puzzle was lots of fun. Thanks Mr. Borocas.

Mao and Lao-very interesting. Never heard of Redrum or reune. I suppose reune is an actual word as there was no indication it was an abbreviation. Interesting we had oat two days in a row.

My DH had a fender bender yesterday in the Post Office parking lot and he just had a call from the insurrance company. I almost hung up on them because I thought it was a call from a telemarketer. We are supposedly on the no call list but it doesn't seem to stop them.

Have a good day all.

Bill G. said...

Marge, we get a lot of those calls too.

TTP, wish her HBD from me also.

A joke from my son: A woman awakens during the night to find that her husband was not in their bed. She puts on her robe and goes downstairs to look for him. He was drinking coffee and crying gently. "What's the matter, dear?, she says. "Why are you down here at this time of night?"

The husband looks up, "Do you remember 20 years ago when we were dating, and you were only 17?" he asks solemnly. The wife is touched thinking her husband is so caring and sensitive. "Yes, I do," she replies.

"Do you remember when your father caught us in the back seat of my car?"

"Yes, I remember," says the wife, lowering herself into a chair beside him. The husband continues..."Do you remember when he shoved a shotgun in my face and said, "Either you marry my daughter, or I will send you to jail for 20 years"? With tears swelling in her eyes, "I remember that too" she softly replies.

He wipes another tear from his cheek and says... "If I had gone to jail, today is the day I would have gotten out!"

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Late to the dance again as I had to attend a funeral this morning, then had an extended lunch with my sister, Eileen, and then had to read Argyle's neat expo and read all the comments. So, better late than never.

I did the puzzle last night and had no problems. Thanks, Victor B, for a breezy Tuesday solve.

Happy Birthday to Mrs TTP.

Mari, I DVRed The Killing but haven't watched it yet. Will be in touch when I do.

As another long-time Yankees fan, I share Hondo's feelings about Arod. He was never a Yankee to my mind, nor was Roger Clemens. Birds of a feather who
should be tarred!
Windy and Dennis - you shouldn't be such strangers. (-:

Enjoy the rest of the day.

Anonymous T said...

Bill G. - I saw it coming, but it was still damn funny.

I've been with my LW for 25 years now (not a forced thing), when the kids are at camp, we still act like 18yr-olds. Makes life worth it all...



Anonymous T said...

Irish Miss:

Never liked the Yanks . 1. AL; 2. always paid for the gold. Of course, now I have to root for the Cubs as the 'Stros are AL /sigh.

The Rocket played for the 'Stros and we got the pennant and then found out the 'roid issue later. Poor ANDY Pettit - the Barney Rubble to Fred?

The only player I'm sure never juiced and belongs in the Hall is Biggio. I could be wrong, but his head never grew by 3 sizes... Biggio got the short-end on the last ballot with all the 'roid users up for admittance.

A-'Roid will be the new meme...



thehondohurricane said...

TTP @9:12 AM

3 SF's, 1 Sac Bunt. & ANOTHER single equals 5 Plate appearances. The GM's & scouts would take 3 RBI's and moving a base runner up one base any day in the week.

Add in a single in the 5th AB & it makes for a Helluva day & a .400 BA. You want to say he had 3SF;s & 1 Sac in FOUR plate appearances, the BA would remain at ;250.

Dennis, Testicles fine by me. For this post I've decided balls is more appropriate.

Jayce said...

REUNE, ugh! If you EXPECT better; you have great EXPECTATIONS -- that can't be "backed up" to EXPECTATE. Just because you can do it doesn't mean you should do it.

JD, we watched the first season of Survivor, half of the second season, then stopped watching it altogether.

Wow, rain in Phoenix!

Lucina said...

Happy birthday to your Mrs.!

Thanks for the alert about last night's discussion. Usually I read the last posts before going to bed, but failed to last night for some reason and didn't think about it today.

I believe Alex Trebek is consistent about the spelling rule. I'll add my two cents about the young boy; anyone who makes it to Jeopardy should have advance counseling about the stringent rules as well as advise on accepting loss. Yes, he's young but he's competing with other ace students.

Lucina said...

Drat! I have to use my last post to correct myself. It should be "advice" not advise.

Anonymous said...

@ Lucina

Just post as Anonymous. Everyone else does ....

Bill G. said...

Not everyone.

I've come across some interesting old movies on TCM. I recorded "Ruggles of Red Gap." I have no idea if I will like it but I know it was one of my father's favorites. I caught the last half-hour of "Gunga Din." I've watched it several times before and it's a favorite for sure. I see where Hitchcock's "Rebecca" is on later. I don't know if I will like it or not. I'll see. I just finished watching "Foreign Correspondent" also by Hitchcock. I enjoyed it, especially the windmill scenes.

TTP said...

Birthday girl and I just read all of the HBD wishes. We read each and every one. So much fun. Thank you all so very much !

We eventually did have "breakfast" at the Savoury, a restaurant very near where Abejo lives. It's our favorite breakfast spot.

Hondo, not you ! I thought I might catch some other aficionado on that one. 3 sac flies, a sac bunt and a single only equals 4 plate appearances. A sac bunt doesn't count as a plate appearance, while a sac fly does.

It can't be a sac fly unless a run scores. Yet a sac bunt is often used to move a runner into scoring position (see small ball), and that play is called from the dugout more often than not. Ergo, it's really not a good gauge on whether or not the batter is skilled or not and shouldn't affect his stats.

So there's a nuance that can be used however you wish. Maybe win a bar bet ? A sac fly counts a plate appearance and figures into a hitters OBP, while a sac bunt never does.

Did any one else catch the rarity the other day where a hitter was called as striking out with just one pitch ?

DW beckons. Not sure what's up. See you all later !

Captain Obvious said...

Anyone in Times Square today for National Underwear Day?

Bill G. said...

A store called THE CHILDREN'S PLACE pulled a girl's tee shirt from their shelves after a lot of criticism. The shirt had four check boxes on the front for I AM GOOD AT:

1) Shopping
2) Music
3) Dancing
4) Math

All the boxes were checked except Math.

TTP, I hadn't heard of that but I found it online with some help from Mr. G. One pitch strikeout.

Manac said...

Evening late niters,

Finally some time to relax

Bill, I can relate to that tee shirt story. Both my daughters had earned college credits for math (calculus that is) while in High school. They knew who NOT to ask for help :)

thehondohurricane said...



Manac said...

Well staying with today's topic and
keeping it clean. One morning in elementary school, the students were going to a geography class. The teacher wanted to show the students where cities and states are.
The teacher asks the class, "Does anyone know where Pittsburgh is?" Billy raises up his hand and says, "Yeah, Pennsylvania!". The teacher replies, "Very good, Billy!, now can anyone tell me were Detroit is?"

Suzy raises her hand and says, "That's in Michigan!" The teacher again says, "Very good."

Trying to confuse the children, she now asks, "Where's Kansas City?" Tommy raises his hand and says, "Oh Oh Pick me!!!, I know?" The teacher says, "OK, Tommy where is Kansas City? "Last place."
And one for Bill,
I love autumn. It gives me a chance to sit at home and watch the world series.

Kinda like the Dodgers.

Anonymous T said...

Manac - Tommy got that wrong. Houston is in last place again... (sigh)

Bill G.

Re: 1-pitch strike-out. Never argue with the ump. Did you hear the "no crying in baseball" in the background?

Re: Tee shirt: My girls can check #4. Daughter #1 skips #3, daughter #2 skips #1 and lovely wife skips #2. Me, I only check #4.



Captain Obvious said...

I can't believe the baseball incompetence exhibited here tonight.

TTP said...


Yes, the initial question asked for his Batting Average. His Batting Average was .400, based on 2 hits in 5 At Bats.

I brought up On Base Percentage (OBP) at 9:12 AM after Abejo came up with .250 as the answer to his Batting Average. .250 would have been correct for OBP.

True that sac flies or sac bunts are both discarded when computing Batting Average, but of the two, only sac bunts are discarded when computing OBP.

I made the incorrect statement in my 7:42 "A sac bunt doesn't count as a plate appearance..."

And it should have been, "A sac fly and a sac bunt both count as plate appearances, but a sac bunt is not used in determining OBP."

Also, should not have been, "Did any one else..." Anyone, Any one. Anybody, Any body. Nobody, No body.

Bill G,
Thanks for posting the One Pitch Strikeout video. I hadn't seen it. Read about it, but the video made it better. Especially, as Anonymous T points out, when you hear "There's no crying in baseball."