Aug 3, 2013

Saturday, Aug 3rd, 2013, Barry C. Silk

Theme: Saturday Silkie

Words: 70 (missing F, J, Q, X)

Blocks: 28

    I figured we were headed for a Silkie, and this was no disappointment - in fact, I feel like it was made just for me - 36A and associated clechos.  9's and 7's intersecting in the NW & SE corners, and nothing longer than that.  Lots of Periodic Table references, too, so I better add a link for your viewing pleasure and edification~!

36A. Game with checks : ICE HOCKEY - I have been working on a board game that centers around the way chess men move, and so I was stuck in that kind of "check"; then I got to -

48A. 36-Across great : ORR - and thought "hmmm, OTT and baseball~?" - and ducked, right before the V-8 can hit me; and it doesn't end there -

12. Dramatic 36-Across final-minute situation : OPEN NET -  in the last 90 seconds or so of the third period in a one-goal game, an NHL coach might pull his goalie for an extra skater, giving the team's offense a chance to score as if they were on a power play; the down side is that the defensive team can just shoot for the empty net - although that might lead to 'icing', and now it's getting complicated....I am never 'pulled' from goal when I play - we suffer the ignominious defeat


62A. Line on New York's state quarter : ERIE CANAL

\ 'ȯn- wərd, 'än- \ ~!


 1. In an innovative and memorable way : SEMINALLY

10. There's a point to it : SWORD - I went with SPIRE first

15. Dangerous element : PLUTONIUM - Uranium was too short; Pu worked (q.v.#94)- why did they not go with Pl for the symbol?

16. Get to the point? : TAPER - like a candle

17. Site of 1890s gold rushes : AUSTRALIA

18. "Your wish is my command" : "USE ME"

19. Fort Laramie hrs. : MST - I threw in PST, just to see - I was off by three letters (M-N-O-P) & one time zone

20. Kirshner of "The L Word" : MIA

21. Audited : SAT IN ON - like a class, not your tax return

23. __ en scène : MISE - Mise en scène, Frawnch "placing on stage", the use of all the tools in filmmaking to produce a more dramatic effect; I found a pretty good site here

25. Cartoonist awarded a Congressional Gold Medal in 2000 : SCHULZ - Charles,  for 'Peanuts'

27. AEC successor : NRC - The Nuclear Regulatory Commission - keeping their eyes on 15A

28. Poetry slam, e.g. : EVENT

30. "__ for me" : SAME - I tried "DO IT..."

31. Coordinate nicely : MESH - MESH, MELD, went with the wrong one first

32. Almost went down : REELED - like in boxing

34. Make milk : LACTATE

38. Brand of attachable rotary mower : BUSH HOG - I had not heard of this company, but I am sure there are plenty on the blog who have

40. Job seeker-to-be, often : SENIOR - from college; I was already working at Grossman's when I was 16, and a sophomore in high school

44. Shut (up) : PENT

45. First to be called up : ONE A - Draft status;  Saturday cluing

47. Israeli statesman Dayan : MOSHE

49. Rhoda's sister : BRENDA - a WAG, with some perps in place

51. Brae toppers : TAMS - hills and hats in Scotland

52. Issue : PROGENY - I have always heard this meaning 'offspring' or children, but the dictionary says it applies to products, too

54. Pro-__ : AMs - Like poetry slams for professionals and amateurs

56. Well-connected co.? : ISP - Internet Service Provider

57. Israel's southernmost city : EILAT - map

58. First stroke for many : DOG PADDLE - I was thinking golf at first - DRIVE, TEE SHOT, etc

61. Whoops : YELLS

63. Christopher Hitchens work : ESSAY

64. "Lend a Hand - Care for the Land!" spokescritter : WOODSY OWL