Aug 12, 2013

Monday, August 12, 2013 Gareth Bain

Theme: It's a Scream - Titles of horror movies begin our entries today.

17A. *Auto wreck extraction tool : JAWS OF LIFE

23A. *Princess Leia portrayer : CARRIE FISHER

35A. *Was on the same page as : SAW EYE TO EYE WITH

47A. *Inappropriately used therapeutic jargon : PSYCHOBABBLE

57A. Scary showing, and the first word of each answer to a starred clue : HORROR FILM

Argyle here. I'll leave it to you to supply your favorite clips. Some Tuesday words but a good start to the week. Thank you, Gareth. (interview)


1. "Amazing" magician : RANDI

6. Attire : GARB

10. Blacken on the grill : CHAR

14. Locales : AREAs

15. On the calm side, at sea : ALEE

16. Hawaiian dance : HULA

19. Children's book author Blyton : ENID

            Learn more LINK.

20. NYC dance troupe : ABT. (American Ballet Theatre)

21. Palindromic fool : BOOB. Don't even go there.

22. Hajji's destination : MECCA

26. Dueler's cry : "EN GARDE!"

29. Totally unlike a muscleman : PUNY

30. Author Uris : LEON. He wrote "Exodus".

31. Soldier of fortune, briefly : MERC. (mercenary)

32. Swanky parties : DOs. "DO" has a lot of meanings.

40. Directional ending : ERN

41. Makes a boo-boo : ERRs

42. Converse of "divided by" : INTO. Six divided by two is three. Two goes into six three times.

43. Nativity scene trio : MAGI. (The Wise Men)

44. Shore restaurant specialty : SEAFOOD

51. German autos : OPELs

52. Trim, as expenses : PARE

53. Monopolize : HOG

56. Trigonometry ratio : SINE

60. Words with date or precedent : SET A

61. __ and done with : OVER

62. Pacific kingdom called the Friendly Islands : TONGA

 63. Flair : ELAN

64. Texas's El __ : PASO

65. Family car : SEDAN


1. Indian monarch : RAJA

2. Spirited horse : ARAB

3. "Eye of __ ...": "Macbeth" : NEWT. Act IV, Scene I (There are some horrible videos of this. I couldn't find one I would link.)

4. Court prosecutors, briefly : DAs. (district attorneys)

5. Line on a weather map : ISOBAR

6. In large amounts : GALORE

7. Suspect's "I was home asleep," e.g. : ALIBI

8. Whistle-blower in a striped shirt : REF

9. Spelling event : BEE

10. Like some pizza : CHEESY. Wood fired in the woods.

11. Cop's conjecture : HUNCH

12. Rocker Cooper : ALICE. Video(3:09)

13. "M*A*S*H" character who hears choppers before anyone else : RADAR

18. Shallow crossing : FORD

22. Cut into tiny pieces : MINCE

23. Walking stick : CANE

24. Blunt-tipped weapon : EPEE

25. Violent rage : FURY

26. If-then-__: programmer's sequence : ELSE. If-then-help?

27. At hand : NEAR

28. Dress at a ball : GOWN

31. Jan. and Feb. : MOs

32. Fred and Wilma's pet : DINO

33. Germany's __ von Bismarck : OTTO

34. Did a farrier's job : SHOD. A farrier shoes horses, ergo, past tense, shod.

36. Casual assents : YEAHs

37. Therefore : ERGO

38. Chicago paper, briefly : TRIB

39. Wilma, to Fred : WIFE

43. "Vincent" singer/songwriter Don : McLEAN. A counter to Alice Cooper? Video(4:13)

44. Pizza chain : SBARRO

45. Spanish river : EBRO. Wikipedia.

46. Gives a heads-up : ALERTS

47. Deputized group on horseback : POSSE. "Cut 'em off at the pass!"

48. Sales pitch : SPIEL

49. Gossip spreader : YENTA

50. __-ski : APRÈS

53. __ legs: rear pair : HIND

54. Gymnast Korbut : OLGA

55. Fed : G-MAN

57. '50s high school dance : HOP

58. Fertility clinic cells : OVA

59. Enemy : FOE



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Fun puzzle today, but definitely a bit on a Tuesday/Wednesday wavelength as far as I was concerned. Of course, that may just be because I was up late last night in a failed attempt to catch some of the Perseid meteor shower...

I'm a huge fan of the Amazing Randi (he's basically the patron saint of the skeptics movement), but I wonder how well known he is outside of those circles?

Needed every cross to get GALORE. Just couldn't see it for some reason.

I know the verb FORD, but didn't know it was also a noun in that context. Strange clue for a Monday.

I believe that Don MCLEAN is famous for exactly one song, and it isn't "Vincent". Maybe Rich just doesn't like "American Pie" (or perhaps "Vincent" is a lot more famous than I give it credit).


HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.
Wonderful puzzle today. As soon as I filled in JAWS OF LIFE, I briefly thought about the film JAWS, but then got distracted by filling in the puzzle. Nice tight theme, with four well-known HORROR FILMS.

Barry G., maybe you would recognize the song “Vincent” by it’s other name:”Starry, Starry Night.” Just as famous as his “American Pie”, I would think.

Anonymous T from last night, email Husker and have him send you a copy of the blog map – it has many of the regular posters on it. You also might want him to add you to it.

Lemonade714 said...

I recently read that they are releasing a remake of Carrie this fall so this Monday seems very timely. Always enjoy Gareth and the cultural blips that add a level of challenge to each effort.

Loved the Flinstone Velcro and had too struggle forEnsic and Vincent. Argyle, it also was great to seethe old puny ad.

Thanks to our own 55D (G-man) was GARB also an inside joke?

Lemonade714 said...

I hate auto correct! I typed Flinstone clecho.

Barry, Randi has had lots of national exposure in mainstream media.

thehondohurricane said...

Happy Monday,

Someday someone is going to have to explain to me the difference between a Monday and a Tuesday puzzle. My intuition tells me there is no difference.

That said, I got through today without serious holdups.

I'll go there Argyle....... pretty week clue for 21A ,BOOB, with so many other possibilities available, especially those that led to memorable pleasures.

Ditto for 6D, GALORE too. Don't remember if Pussy was a "friend", a foe, or both of James Bond, but she was well equipped.

I believe that I have read every novel written by Leon Uris. Trinity my favorite . Just call me another dumb ass Irishman. I've heard worse.

I looked at PSYCHOBABBLE for a while before deciding it was a word. Didn't bother going to WIKI or pulling out my dictionary for verification.

Enjoy the day.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Nice Monday puzzle, but this could have been a Tuesday level puzzle.

I am not a fan of HORROR FILMS, but I had heard of each of these SAW EYE TO EYE WITH, was the last theme answer to fall because the SAW movie isn't on my RADAR.

Speaking of RADAR, I never knew how he got his name before reading today's clue.

I misread Doing a Farrier's Job, as doing a FARMER's Job, so SHOD wasn't coming to me.

It was almost exactly 12 years ago that the SBARRO restaurant in Jerusalem was bombed. I had been walking along that street just hours before.

Hondo: I, too, have read a lot of Leon Uris's books. The most vivid image I retained from Trinity was the brutal treatment of Sheila. Of course, many of Uris's novels are about periods of history where there is a lot of brutality. I couldn't finish Topaz, though because the violence was too much.

QOD: People who think dying is the worst thing don’t know a thing about life. ~ Sue Monk Kidd (Aug. 12, 1948)


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Speed run is the best description of this one. I only paused briefly at SBARRO, thinking, "Oh yeah, that's the pizza chain I can never remember. What is it again?" Is it pronounced like sparrow?

At the very end, I had a double-overwrite with SHOW / FLIC / FILM. I thought it was a good Monday-level puzzle.

I agree that Vincent is a well-recognized Don McLean song.

Montana said...

Good morning, everyone. I found this puzzle to be a little difficult. However, it is probably just because of my background. I got the theme but have never heard of SAW.

I’d never heard of RANDI, ABT, I spelled OPEL as Opal, didn’t know Chicago paper but WAGed it, SBARRO (Looked it up. On a map of locations, I can see why I have never heard of it), sort of remembered EBRO. The perps filled in and I completed this Monday puzzle. PSYCHOBABBLE saved me from a DNF. I hope the whole week isn’t like this.

I am going to visit New Canaan, CT during the last two weeks in September. Do any of our Corner people live anywhere near there?


Anonymous said...

Was I the only one who tried Spanky for thepizza place? Enjoyed puzzle, interesting write up as always, Argyle?

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Gareth,Bain, for a swell puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the swell review.

This was a speed run for me. Perps helped a lot.

LEON Uris is a favorite author of mine, also. I am currently reading Milo 18, written 60 some years ago. Invasion of Poland.

Got the theme, but not aware of CARRIE or SAW. Never saw Psycho, but heard of it. I did see JAWS, a couple times. However, I feel a scary movie with real-life natural animal/fish creating mayhem is a little easier to watch than human beings acting like monsters and doing unheard of terrible acts. JAWS I enjoyed, but the others I would not. My two cents.

Never heard of RANDI, but all the downs fixed that.

TRIB was easy. That is where I get the puzzle.

Had a slice of SBARRO pizza once, at a rest stop somewhere. Did not care for it. Have not had one since.

Might get some rain today. Hope so.

See you tomorrow.



Mari said...

Good morning everybody, welcome to another week!

Today's puzzle is right in DH's wheelhouse. He loves horror, not so much.

Unusual words I enjoyed today: ISOBAR and GALORE.

In Chicago SBARRO is just a junky food court pizza chain, but there is a nice one in Times Square (NY) that is much different.

Barry G: Does RANDI reveal magician's tricks? Or what does he try to disprove, etc. for skeptics?

Have a good week everybody.

Yellowrocks said...

Interesting puzzle. Usually Monday requires no thought. Just slap down the first word that comes to mind. This was not difficult, but did require some crosses.
I am a great fan of novels about the settling of the west and western outlaw stories. The wagon trains were always coming to a ford.
BTW I read almost all of Louis L'Amour's books. I am also a Leon Uris fan.
Lemonade, Kindle is even worse with the auto correct.Frustrating!
Jayce, from last night. What a bad experience with your mean boss! If you do decide to retire, it's great as long as you are financially able to do it. My life is so full now, I wonder how I ever had time to go to work. And, best of all, I am my own boss.

River Doc said...

Happy Monday everybody!

Very Monday-like to me. Then again, I’ve seen all the movies, so….

Minimal write-overs, including SEAR for CHAR and AUDI for OPEL (the proverbial coin toss….)

EN GARDE almost crossed with EPEE, but not quite….

I think I’ve only seen SBARRO in airports. Just kept on walking….

Hondo, Pussy GALORE (from Goldfinger) started out as a FOE but ended up as a friend….

ALICE Cooper has a sports-based restaurant near Chase Field in downtown Phoenix called Cooperstown. Here’s the menu…. They must have changed since the last time I was there – I didn’t see my favorite, Megadeath Meatloaf….

Finally, here’s the Alan Parsons Project performing PSYCHOBABBLE….

Qli said...

I'm with you, Abejo and Mari, not a fan of horror movies. This puzzle was fun, though!

ISOBARS are a big deal to our local meteorologists-we see lots of them on the maps, since it is so windy here.

Read "farrier" as "farmer" at first, so SHOD didn't make any sense. Then I put my glasses on; oh YEAH.

kazie said...

I also don't like the horror genre. The names in this didn't trip me up though, since all except RANDI were at least vaguely known.

I love the Vincent song, maybe because I always thought Van Gogh got a pretty raw deal in life.

Like Hahtoolah, I at first saw farmer for farrier, but when I went back to it it was clearer. Put that down to first thing in the morning fuzzy vision.

Altogether a good start to the week.

thehondohurricane said...

touteISDoha Doc

LMAO when I accessed the video. What a great scene.

Yellowrocks said...

Cavalry Crossing a Ford By Walt Whitman 1819-1892

A line in long array where they wind betwixt green islands,
They take a serpentine course, their arms flash in the sun--hark to
the musical clank,
Behold the silvery river, in it the splashing horses loitering stop
to drink,
Behold the brown-faced men, each group, each person a picture, the
negligent rest on the saddles,
Some emerge on the opposite bank, others are just entering the ford--while,
Scarlet and blue and snowy white,
The guidon flags flutter gayly in the wind.

I intended to include this link about Milkweed in my post yesterday, but somehow didn’t.
Link Milkweed

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Nice tight theme, which totally escaped me until I got to the unifier.

Gareth always gives us a good puzzle.

Is there a wild west movie that had POSSE GALORE? Somehow, my dreams are never quite as good as Mr. Bond's.

Just watched The Empire Strikes Back with some of the grands the other day. Wildly over-rated, IMHO. CARRIE looked good, though.

We have a random number [>=2] of grand kiddies on Mon and Thus. Three today, all busy with Legos at the moment.

Cool regards,
JzB the occasionally CHEESY trombonist

Anonymous said...

Good morning everyone.

I DNF this one, and on a Monday! I did get most of it, but I do have a nit to pick.
My paper for 55F had only Fed no indication that it didn't mean give food to or some such. So I had a blank: GM N. (Didn't know TONGA either, even though I had TONG, but an A didn't make sense for Fed

Am doing fine with chemo. Hope it works!


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A nice start to the week, even though horror pictures are not my cup of tea. I, too, didn't get the theme until the unifier. Thanks, Gareth, and thanks, Argyle, for your expo.

If the weatherman is correct, we are in for a long stretch of beautiful weather, marred only be some rain on Tuesday.

Ferm, how is Charlie doing, and also, Harvey?

Jace, hope you are feeling less stressed.

Happy Monday

Vidwan827 said...

Very nice and easy puzzle by Gareth Bain. Very nice (old) interview, by C.C., Thank you both.

Also thanks to Argyle, the song, starry, starry nights. - made me cry..... The youtube video, itself, is also a masterpiece ----- So appropriate. Now, I must listen to his other song. Maclean was the only unknown for me, in the puzzle.

I have heard of the Amazing Randi since the 1970's, and have great admiration of him. I have a classmate in Houston, who is now a professional astroLoger and fortune teller (?). He had a long running online conversation with the Amazing Randi. He wànted to take up the money challenge, but they couldn't come to terms . Personally, I am (a) with Randi, on his anti- paranormal / fortune telling protocol and (b) glad that my friend lives pretty far away from me.

Nice google doodle today on Schroedinger's cat. Have a good day, you all.

Ol' Man Keith said...

A well-conceived and nicely balanced puzzle to start our week. The theme was enjoyable and the clues apt.

My only do-over was to turn CHEESE into CHEESY. I'd heard of the Friendly Islands but didn't know they were TONGA, so appreciate the factoid.

Thanks, Argyle, for the colorful illustrations.

JD said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C.,and all,

Also not into horror films; recognized all but Saw. Did see Jaws; didn't everyone? I should not have taken my girls.

This was a great start to the week..just had a few write overs: bony to puny, and putting in fish(instead of food) only because I had the f..which kept me from humming along.Last to fall spiel/set a.

Yellowrocks, enjoyed both the poem and the article on Milkweed.I only knew it as the food for the Monarchs.

Great write up Argyle.

ARBAON said...

Pet peeve: people who pronounce "cavalry" like "calvary."
Hello to Argyle...nice job.
I actually got most of the Sunday puzzle yesterday...a first for me. After that, today`s offering was a breeze. (which, by the way, we could use!)
When I was very young, my parents (who were also very young) took me to see "Abbot and Costello meet Frankenstein and the were wolf." I don`t remember much about the movie but I DO remember a long, terrifying night in which I was too afraid to even straighten my legs out for fear they`d get too close to the edge and a monster would get me. Please don`t do that to your children/grandchildren. I`m still easily spooked in the house alone after dark!
Have only heard of "Chain Saw" movies...not just "Saw." I really believe exposure to all that blood and inhumanity hardens and desensitizes people to it. Then you get generations who think they`re invincible and have no regard for the safety of themselves or anyone else. Now I will climb down off my soapbox and do something worthwhile.
My regards to CC.

Misty said...

Perfect Monday speed run, Gareth--many thanks! Never heard of RANDI and lots of other items, but a great puzzle lets you get them anyway, and this one did. Loved the PUNY cartoon, Argyle.

I hate horror flicks but surprisingly have seen all but SAW, which was off my RADAR. I miss "M.A.S.H." My goodness, "Starry, Starry Night" was a lovely song, wasn't it?

And Yellowrocks, many thanks for the beautiful Whitman poem!

Have a great week, everybody!

Tinbeni said...

Gareth: Thank you for a FUN Monday offering.

Enjoyed the HORROR FILM themes.
Also the 'mini-vehicle-theme' FORD, MERC, OPELS, SEDAN with a HOG motorcycle.


Lucina said...

Greetings, Super Solvers.
Nice write up as always, Argyle,thank you.

WEES. Easy sashay for a Monday. Frankly, I don't detect much difference between Monday and Tuesday puzzles. Generally they are both straightforward and doable.

HORROR FILMs are never in my RADAR but I've certainly heard all the titles as I like to read the movie reviews every Friday. Lately not too many interest me, but I enjoyed Blue Jasmine and Red 2. One for serious life and the other for laughs.

Thank you, Gareth Bain for another really good puzzle.

As for Van Gogh, I believe there is a cult following for him and of course Starry, Starry Night is their anthem.

What a frightening experience that must have been for you. I'm certainly glad you remain unscathed.

I hope you are doing better with chemo.

Have a terrific Monday, everyone!

Amazing Randi Admirer said...

I wanted to answer MARi's question about The Amazing Randi, in great detail. About the story of a true hero.

But I think, this link shall suffice.


Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Nice Gareth Bain puzzle today. I like his work. I also read farrier as farmer, also due to morning-time fuzziness of vision. Not quite a plunk-in-the-answers effort, as YR said, but a nice Monday solve.

Also not a fan of horror films. "No, don't go up into the attic! No, don't go outside to see what is making that noise! Aw gee, you went down into the basement." One of the scariest movies I ever saw was Alien; I was actually weak in the knees as we left the theater.

Hearty thanks to all of you who wrote encouraging words yesterday and today. Although I am still fighting against the little green demon in my head/heart that keeps trying to tempt me into responding with vengeance, I am managing to resist the temptation, which heartens me. I've never smoked but I imagine trying to quit is a little bit (maybe only a teeny tiny little bit) like how I feel, namely to take it a day at a time, don't succumb, and hope that the evil urge eventually dissipates.

Best wishes to you all.

Pat said...

A magnificent Monday meander through marvelous clues and answers. Thank you, Gareth Bain. There were a few unknowns that perps filled in. I got the theme with Argyle's write-up. Thank you.

I haven't been interested in movies of any kind for about 20 years so titles and names don't come easily to me. Horror movies and books hold no interest for me at all.

I see that both my "home" teams are spending a few days in the Chicago area playing ball. Good luck to both the Reds and Tigers.

Jayce: sorry about your experience. One wonders how he got promoted if his people skills are so bad.

Have a great week. By Wednesday we should have wonderful weather.


Jazzbumpa said...

Re horror movies:

Saw this on Facebook just yesterday.


Anonymous T said...

G'Day all:

Gareth's offering had me hung up in a few places, but overall doable with out a Google. Argyle made me write over G-MeN with MAN, so a DNF.

At first JAWS had me going with shark week, but CARRIE stopped that line of thought. I don't bother with HORRORFILMS any longer. After having kids, you have real things to worry about instead of sharks, haunted cars, or weapon weilding "monsters."

Favorite C&A pair 42a. I had a math teacher in 6th grade that said "today we study Gozintas..." (goes into).

I'll ask Husker for that map, thanks HeartRX.

The Amazing Randi didn't show machician's secrets, but was more into bunking PSYCics claims. Here's a clip from PBS.

Berry G. - Sorry Perseid was a wash for you. I stepped out to the garage's back patio for a few minutes at 12:30 and SAW a meteor. Tuesday early AM is supposed to be the peak.

D-O - did you get rain up there? The promised storm never came to the SW side of town. My guage shows <0.1".

Have a great Monday all!


Husker Gary said...

What a wonderful Monday level treat with a fun theme, Gareth!

-Richard Dreyfuss almost walked out on Jaws as he thought this guy Spielberg had no damned idea what he was doing. Of course in Goodbye Girl his on-screen director was PSYCHO.
-Trailer for CARRIE FISHER’s hilarious HBO special Wishful Drinking
-PSYCHOBABBLE may explain behavior, but it doesn’t excuse it
-Memorable MECCA of my youth
-Can our gov’t ever PARE their crazy spending?
-Did you have ever have a job where on the first day someone told you to quit working so hard because you’d SET A precedent? Me too.
-I’ve never heard a horse called an ARAB
-Eye of NEWT is part of KFC’s secret recipe ;-)
-The sexiest Ass’t DA on Law and Order?
-The truth is easier to remember than an ALIBI
-I programmed, IFTHEN, GOTO…
-Jayce, displaying my FURY has never worked out for me, especially when it is toward people in charge of my keeping my job
-What great movie song urges you to “…FORD every stream”?

Husker Gary said...

-I am not a fan of current horror movies but loved the anticipation and dread that Alfred Hitchcock built up in PSYCHO. Another suspenseful, but not gory, movie of my ute that gave me nightmares was James Arness as The Thing

HeartRx said...

HG, that would be "Climb Every Mountain" from "The Sound of Music."

Speaking of horror films, my first exposure was as a two-year-old, when my uncle from out of town decided to take all of us kids to the movies, and give his sister a much-needed break. The movie? "The Blob." He spent the entire movie in the concession stand, holding me with my head buried in his shoulder so I wouldn't be scared. Didn't work - I still have nightmares about being consumed in muck.

Ol' Man Keith said...


Great attitude, man! I like your comparison of anger--of the smoldering rage variety--to an addiction. The next time I find myself similarly slighted, I hope I will practice, or at least TRY, your philosophy.

Yellowrocks said...

I remember seeing the Amazing Randi on TV many times. I also remember his controversy with Uri Geller. For a while I followed Randi's skeptical investigation of the paranormal.

An Arabian horse is also called an Arab. I have read many novels which include thrilling horse races. There the use of Arab is more common than Arabian.



desper-otto said...

Anonymous-T, nope, no rain up here either. We got clouds and thunder. Period. We're now 12 inches behind in rainfall.

Dagnabit, HeartRx beat me to it with the song title.

Jayce, if you can afford to retire financially, I heartily recommend it. I've been fully retired for three years and wouldn't even consider going back. My former boss was a hard-driving Type A individual, and it cost him. He was practicing for the MS-150 bike ride from Houston to Austin last year, suffered a massive heart attack and died at the side of the road. He was only 50.

Barry G. said...

Barry G: Does RANDI reveal magician's tricks? Or what does he try to disprove, etc. for skeptics?

He doesn't reveal "real" magician's tricks (meaning tricks by entertainers who bill themselves as magicians, illusionists, escape artists, etc.). But he does reveal the tricks of those who claim to actually have real magical or paranormal powers. That includes faith healers, psychics, clairvoyants, etc.

Anonymous T said...

Desper-otto - Maybe we'll get some rain this week as Eric B. says.

Sorry to hear about your former boss. I've done the MS150 six or seven times. I'm a type-a (small a) guy and want things lined up etc., but seldom stress about things. Loving Wife, however, always makes me get a physical before the MS150...

Jayce - take D-O's advice if you can, or at least try to move on; at the end we are dust. As far as anger == adiction. I smoked for 20 years and never could kick it until e-cigs replaced the nicotine w/o the tar, After 3 days of cold-turkey, someone's head was going to be eaten in a HORRORFILM sort-a way.


Bill G. said...

Very enjoyable Monday puzzle. Thanks Gareth and thanks for the insightful writeup Argyle.

I've seen Randi several times. I think it boils down to; Those who believe in paranormal stuff, psychics, ESP etc. are going to hate James Randi and find fault with him. Those (like me) who are skeptical, revel in his exposure of Uri Geller, James Hydrick (on Johnny Carson) as clever magicians and con artists. I love it when slight-of-hand magicians fool me but my wall-of-disbelief goes up when somebody claims to possess supernatural powers.

On a totally different topic, the CD player in my car is presently loaded with Patsy Cline hits. I love her. She had a great way of delivering a song and she (and her manager?) were very clever at choosing really good material to sing.

Anonymous T said...

I know I'm pushing my posts here, but I just noticed the Google Doodle today. It's Schrodinger's birthday! I recall solving the wave equations to determine the tunneling effect of electrons in p (or n?) doped substrate. I never, however, figured out where the damn cat went (dead or alive). It was all greek to me (/rim-shot).

Here's the idea in an xkdc comic (advanced appologies to those without a HUNCH of what xkdc is or what wave mechanics are).

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

explain xkcd?

Anonymous T said...

Oh, crud... Dyslexia strikes again... xkcd is a comic posted by a very talented thinker (no, I don't know the guy, just his work). The pannels illustrates Heisenberg's uncertainty principle derived from Schrodinger's wave equations. Basically, you can't determine position / velocity simultaneously because the act of observation changes both. Einstein solved the whole thing by dismissing it with "God does not play dice." Cheers, -T

Marge said...

Hi all,
A fun puzzle but DNF. But my DH finished it for me. I had most of it.

Never heard of SBarro pizza. Many of those kind of places are local in certain areas and not all of the states have them.

Never heard of Randi-I wanted to put Houdini but it didn't fit of course.

I am not a fan of horror films, either. Saw Jaws but didn't enjoy it. Also saw The Exortist because I had read the book. I didn't care for that either but was curious if the movies was like it. My son was about 14 when he read it and some people wondered why we let him read it. I just said he was already reading it and he should see the end so he would know how it ends. Today he is 52 years old and still likes those kind of movies.

Have a good evening all and don't have any bad dreams from all the horrors!

thehondohurricane said...


Alana de la Garza "weren't" bad, but Jill Hennessey was the ADA who I went gaga over. Great gams!

Anyone miss the series as much as I do? Never cared much for the spin-offs, but the original was very engaging.

TTP said...

Thank you Gareth and thank you Argyle.

Hand up for having never heard of RANDI. I usually tune out at the mention of magicians, clairvoyants, tarot card readers, time-share salespeople and never-needs-sharpening kitchen knife and snake oil salespeople at the flea markets, Et alia. But did enjoy watching the magician on NatGeo's Brain Games after D-O recommended it. I ditto his endorsement.

Anonymous T, I had to chuckle when you said, "today we study Gozintas..." I have a friend that calls coozies/koozies "Gozintas". No, the insulated holder is called a coozie, and the gozinta is the beer can or coke can that goes into it. After hearing that so often, I call coozies gozintas.

At 44D Pizza Chain, I wanted to enter "CROSS EYED DAVES." Can you imagine it ? There would be his avatar as the logo. And the catchphrase would be along the lines of, "It's a puzzle that this crust is so good. You can make it at home or at the campsite ! Cross Eyed Daves. Better crust ! Better Pizza!"

Bill G. said...

This is an amazing fortuitous video of a lightning strike. Lightning!

Crispy816 said...

Long time, no post, folks. I can only get here @ very late o'clock anymore but I do sneak a peak at the blog when I can.

Am I the only one that wanted the answer for "Amazing" magician to be RANDO? No other MST3K fans here?

Today was a typical early week puzzle for me, quick & easy, & over too soon.

I quit buying the NY Post when they laid off all of their horse racing writers & have been printing the puzzle from the Mensa site. I need to solve with pen & paper!

My son should be called RADAR for his amazing ability to know where a baler or combine is running without seeing it.


Yellowrocks said...

Yikes! My favorites bar disappeared from the top of my screen. I can access my favorites only with the drop down menu under the star. Very inconvenient.

Crispy816 said...

Oops I meant peek.

Dudley said...

HG and Hondo - Alana and Jill are lovely, yes, but Angie Harmon showed them how it's done.

Dudley said...

And Hondo - yes, I miss the original Law & Order. Even though the ADA's were all supermodel quality, the actresses were believably intelligent. It's a long, long way better than fluff like Charlie's Angels.

Abejo said...

Jayce: Hang in there. Don't let them win!


Yellowrocks said...

I restored my favorites bar when I Googled my question.
I continue to be amazed at how many questions Goggle answers.

We love broiled salmon with a miso/fresh ginger sauce. I place the broiled salmon on a bed of rice and the miso sauce flavors the rice as well. So yummy.
Tonight I thought I'd try a new recipe for broiled salmon with pineapple juice, brown sugar, soy sauce and sesame oil. Meh! Alan and I will stick to our old miso favorite.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Frustrating day for me as a puzzler. I usually do the puzzle at just after midnight. It was not on the Trib site. Tried several times during the wee sma' hours to no avail. Finally got it at 9:30 a.m. then read the Argyle's great coverage. Someone had posted a Don McLean song recently and I had sidetracked to hear "Vincent", so a gimmee. When I tried to listen to it again today, my computer froze with the little wheels turning (is it called buffering?). Did this all day. Could not move to anything else. Finally, about half an hour ago I sat down and started fooling around with the computer. As you can see: HOORAH! SUCCESS!
Now I have a HORROR of opening any other links.

Last night my TV started doing blips in the middle of the only show I really wanted to see. Had to shut it off. Okay this morning. Paranormal activity? RANDI, (who I never heard of) where are you? Probably bugs in the ISP gear.

61Rampy said...

Cool lightning video, Bill! Wonder if they could have had an even more impressive video had they raised their metal tripods even higher? I noticed that it didnt even hit the tree.

Anonymous T said...

HeartRx - HG set me the map... Folks all over the place, but now I can keep track. Thanks to the both of you.

Crispy816 - I forgot about RANDO on MST3K. Loved the program. The movie, not so much... Ever week a group of us nerds (and some of our wives) would go to one of our professor's house and watch TNG and MST3K. My favorite was the PSA for music class... "Bad Touch, Bad Touch..."

Lucina - I forgot to ask if you had your burrito this AM...

Keith - I don't know who the snark was, but glad Argyle made it dissapear....

YR - That recipie sounds delicious.

That's 5, so I'm out. Cheers. -T

Lucina said...

Actually I made an omelet with onions, Hatch chile, tomatoes and cheese. Delicioso!

I'm trying to cut down on flour products so no tortilla. But I'm glad you nudged me in that direction.