Aug 18, 2013

Sunday August 18, 2013 Amy Johnson

Theme: "Extra! Extra!" - The last word in each theme entry is a common name for a newspaper.

23A. Newspaper for visionaries? : DREAM JOURNAL. I don't keep one. But my recurring dream is not finishing an exam in time. Way too much pressure in my school days.

28A. Newspaper for convicts? : CRIMINAL RECORD

44A. Newspaper for settlers? : COLONIAL TIMES

69A. Newspaper for skiers? : SNOW GLOBE. The guy who owns Red Sox also owns the Boston Globe.

93A. Newspaper for hams? : RADIO DISPATCH

110A. Newspaper for demons? : DEVIL'S ADVOCATE

119A. Newspaper for wedding planners? : HITCHING POST. So why do you think Jeff Bezos bought the Washington Post? As a trophy?

35D. Newspaper for bumpkins? : COUNTRY STAR

40D. Newspaper for bakers? : COOKIE PRESS

Our local paper is Star Tribune. But unlike the above theme entries, there are no suitable * Tribune phrases. The key words have to be in a different context.


1. Gelatin garnish : ASPIC. Not garnish to me. It's delicious.

6. Engaged in battle : AT WAR

11. 99 on tags, often: Abbr. : CTs

14. __ and Buster Bunny: "Tiny Toons" stars : BABS. The one in pink.

18. Disco era star Summer : DONNA

19. Buzzed : DRONED

21. Scoot : HIE

22. Zeno's town : ELEA. Learned from doing Xwords.

25. Said over : ITERATED

27. Golfer Watson : BUBBA. 2012 Masters champ.

30. Shirt part : ARM

31. __ candy : EYE

32. Gp. with a Creative Cities Network project : UNESCO. Onager guess.

33. Attribute : ASCRIBE

37. What some lie in : WAIT. Lie in wait.

39. Open, as a vitamin bottle : UNCAP

43. Classic roadster : REO

50. Harem chamber : ODA. Doho Doc, do ladies wear Burqinis there?

51. Jack-in-the-pulpit family : ARUM

53. 1982 Grammy winner for Record of the Year : ROSANNA. By the rock band Toto.

54. "Cool!" : AWESOME! So, what "Cool!" words do your grandkids use, Husker Gary?

56. Kindle : IGNITE

58. 911 respondent : EMT

59. In again : RETRO. Saw lots of girls wear Corduroy skinny last winter.

62. Barely manages, with "out" : EKES

63. Chose not to pursue, as an issue : LET DIE

64. Morning deity : EOS

66. Oil filter accumulation : GUNK

67. Golfer's back : NINE

68. Dietary no. : RDA

72. "The Bells" poet : POE

73. Country poem : IDYL

75. Ready for business : OPEN. Did you ever see a Brow Studio in your local malls?

76. Tyke : TOT

77. Twisted : WARPED

80. Jazzman Allison : MOSE. Never heard of him. He looks cool.

81. Order to a boxer : SIC 'EM

83. Old PC monitor : CRT

85. Pied-__: temporary home : A-TERRE

86. Eccentric : NUTCASE

88. Museum offering : EXHIBIT

91. Blacken : SEAR

92. Baja bear : OSA

97. Complex bus. office : STE. Suite?

98. Not inclined to go on : TERSE

100. 1990s game console release, initially : SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System)

101. "No sweat" : THAT'S OK

103. Heckle : HOOT AT

106. "Have You Seen __": 1971 hit : HER

109. Old cosmonauts' destination : MIR

115. Greet the day : ARISE

118. Tiramisu flavoring, perhaps : AMARETTO. Italian for "a little bitter".

122. Scrabble piece : TILE

123. Canal site : EAR. Nailed it. We've seen this clue many times.

124. Dieter's statistic : INCHES

125. Extract with a solvent : ELUTE. Sounds like a fake word: e-Lute.

126. Belligerent Olympian : ARES. God of War.

127. Cape Town's country: Abbr. : RSA. Republic of South Africa.

128. Ring leader? : CHAMP. Boxing! I was thinking of the crime gang.

129. Painter Neiman : LEROY. He did lots of sports paintings.


1. Put in : ADD

2. Ending for ab or ad : SORB

3. Tire, in Toulouse : PNEU. A bit obscure.

4. Where many jokes are set : IN A BAR

5. Fabric used in lace : CAMBRIC. New word to me. Wiki said it's originally from the French commune Cambrai.

6. "Without further __ ..." : ADO

7. Start of a postwar period : TRUCE

8. Fret : WORRY

9. Potts of "Designing Women" : ANNIE

10. Paper unit : REAM

11. Italian red : CHIANTI

12. Best-seller list datum : TITLE

13. Tarot readers : SEERS

14. Major Boston street : BEACON. Must be in the Beacon Hill area.

15. Like some saxes : ALTO

16. Craft __ : BEER
17. DUI-fighting org. : SADD (Students Against Destructive Decisions). MADD too.

20. Sixth-century year : DLI. 551.

24. Big Scouts meeting : JAMBOREE

26. Dismiss, as a potential juror : RECUSE.  I always thought one (like a judge) recuses oneself in a case.

29. Jour's opposite : NUIT. "Bonne nuit!"

33. Thin as __ : A RAIL

34. Suit material : SERGE. I've yet to see SERGE clued with a Gainsbourg reference.

36. "Evil Woman" rockers, familiarly : ELO

37. Colorless : WAN

38. Banned fruit spray : ALAR

41. Jingle writers : AD MEN

42. Bel __: creamy cheese : PAESE

45. Suffix with lact- : OSE

46. "I bet you don't know any!" : NAME ONE. There are 4 big dynasties with capital in Xi'An. Name one.

47. Being pulled : IN TOW

48. River to the Seine : MARNE. So many French rivers with 5 letters.

49. Dweller on the forest moon of Endor : EWOK

52. Good note for beginners to start on : MIDDLE C

55. Three amigos, e.g. : SENORES. And 57. Aunt, to 55-Down : TIA. And 117. This, to 55-Down : ESTO

60. Voyage taken alone? : EGO TRIP. Fun clue.

61. Place for a soak : TUB

65. Pvt.'s boss : SGT

69. Saw : SPIED

70. Tokyo-based electronics giant : NEC. Three letters. What else could be it be?

71. Rannoch and Tummel : LOCHS. I thought those were just people's names.

72. Square in a breadbasket : PAT. Boomer put butter on his white rice last week.

73. "__ making this up" : I'M NOT

74. Put out : DOUSE

75. Greek mount : OSSA

77. Guard : WATCHMAN

78. Pindar's Muse : ERATO

79. Two-time Olivier Award winner Jacobi : DEREK. He's a Sir.

82. Ancient Persian : MEDE

84. "We really don't know yet," on a sched. : TBA

87. Ring of color : AREOLE. For D-Otto! She's in trouble for leaked bikini photos.
India is a curious nation.

89. Omicron preceders : XIs.

90. Addams family member : ITT

94. Dancing Duncan : ISADORA

95. Being broadcast : ON TV

96. Stylist's supply : HAIR GEL. For Marti's cool hair.

99. British counties : SHIRES

102. Hit that clears the bases : TRIPLE. One letter longer for HOMER. I echo Irish Miss's sentiments: Miss your comments, LaLaLinda.

104. Blender brand : OSTER

105. Casual good-byes : TA TAs

106. Come out of one's shell : HATCH. 

107. __ Sketch : ETCH A

108. Adjust the length of : RE-HEM

110. Much input : DATA

111. Kuwaiti ruler : EMIR

112. Depressed area : VALE. DALE too.

113. "__ just can't wait to be king": "The Lion King" lyric : OH I

114. Prez's title : CINC. Commander-in-Chief.  This & POTUS (President of the United States of America) just never comes to me easily.

116. Whiskey drink : SOUR

120. www access : ISP

121. Mystery writer Josephine : TEY



fermatprime said...


Cute puzzle, Amy! Enjoyed the theme a lot. Great write-up, CC!

Had real trouble with SNES and PNEU, but managed to get through it all anyway.

Living every night on lentils and zucchini. Harvey still laid up. Russian former colleague coming to stay on Tuesday, Can't wait!

Have a great Sunday!

Doha Doc said...

Happy Sunday everybody!

Well, 3 squares short of a Ta-Da today. Most unknowns were solved by perps, however. And all theme answers eventually revealed, so a symbolic victory on a Sunday. Do-overs include A REED for A RAIL, and OSO for OSA (gender pick ‘em….)

Learning moments: CAMBRIC, ELEA, ARUM, TEY, ODA, ELUTE, SNES, A-TERRE and PNEU (who pneu?)….

Lots of Espanol today, which can lead to the aforementioned gender ending coin toss….

Burquinis? I was just hoping I wouldn’t offend anyone by wearing short-sleeved shirts and shorts during the Ramadan month that just ended….

You know, Gomez and Morticia are going to get an inferiority complex – seems like Cousin ITT is the only Addams family member who ever gets any PRESS (at least in xwords)….

One small nit – I believe the name of the album was TOTO IV; ROSANNA was the name of the biggest single from the disc…. Does this category (album) even exist in the Grammys anymore? Shouldn’t the name have changed to CD of the year, or even Download of the year these days…?

Okay, My Bad (to use a tired catch phrase from yesterday). Turns out there are two categories – Album of the Year and Record of the Year. One goes to the artist, the other to the producer. I’ve always equated record and album, or even combined them into “record album”…. I sit corrected….

Southern Belle said...

Mornin' to all,

Do you EYE candy?

I always EAT candy!

Help, someone; what did I miss in this clue?

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Put me down for a DNF today. I think there were three Naticks in there, thus red letter help was needed to finish up. Morning, C.C. - sorry, off the top of my head I can't name a single dynasty.

Just finished reading yesterday's posts. Lots of good technical stuff! Spitz, it must have been fun to watch all that Navy shaft horsepower do its thing. I've only once been on a vessel under way that wasn't powered by diesel or gasoline, and that was the old Nantucket steam ferry Uncatena. Of course she wasn't turbine-driven. That trip was in the 1960's; quite by chance, I saw the ferry in derelict condition in 1985, tied up in Baltimore's inner harbor.

That silicon sphere in the video was quite an accomplishment. It reminds me of a discussion we had last year about the reflectivity of the moon. If the moon were as smooth and reflective as the sphere, it would look entirely different from the way it does now.

Dudley said...

Forgot to mention: yesterday's chemistry posts reminded me of my favorite quote, "Celibacy is soluble in alcohol". Clever!

Dennis said...

Southern Belle, "eye candy" is an expression used to describe something/someone that's extremely pleasant to look at. Such as your avatar.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Nice puzzle, Amy, but I almost shot myself in the foot...twice. I had MADD rather than SADD, so BABS/BEER was very slow to appear. And in Florida, my SOUR was SHOT and ESTO WAS ESTA. When I finally fixed it, I still had to WAG the EY in TEY.

C.C., thanks for the shoutout. And, yes, this time I could see the AREOLE. Nice to see TATAS nearby. About those dynasties...Ming? Han? Just guessin'.

Sunday church no-show said...

Zhou, Qin, Sui. and Tang.

( Thank you, Uncle G. )

Dennis, shame on you - although SB is eye candy - couldn't you have at least. posted one more link. ? You're showing your age.


Happy solving.

Hi Five, the Science guy said...

Dudley, that's a cute quote -

I thought, it was, 'Monogamy dissolves in alcohol'. ?

And, 'Polymers prevent ( the need for - ) polygamy'.

I really enjoy your posts.

Enjoy the weekend. Don't soar too high. Good luck on your new addition - house, that is.

Oh my, the science guy said...

To the formidable Bill. G.

There is no such thing as a Suction

Happy solving.

Dennis said...

Sunday church no-show, yeah, I could've, and in fact had a couple beauties queued up, but changed my mind. Different time.

And yes, I show my (mental) age frequently.

Dennis said...

Oh my, the science guy, I'm not buying that for a minute...

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Clever theme and fun solve, if a mite bitey for a Sunday. Almost had a Natick in the NE with Babs, SADD, Beer, but wags saved the day. I, too, had a reel before a rail; also had let lie before let die.

Nice job, Amy, and great write-up, CC.

Enjoy a lazy, hazy, crazy Summer Sunday all!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Medium difficulty for me. Even though I was familiar with newspaper 'names' I still needed heavy help from the perps to suss the theme words.
I agree with C.C. about 26d - RECUSE. I believe if a juror is let go, he is 'excused. Maybe Lemon or Hatoolah can weigh in?
PNEU - related to our 'pneumatic'? PNEU de réserve is a spare tire.
ARUM family includes our frequent visitor, 'taro'.
125a - ELUTE. In 3 years of college chemistry, I don't recall hearing the word. But a 'solute' is what goes into a solvent, so an 'ELUTE' comes out? E is a Latin prefix meaning 'out'. Alway learn something here.

Dudley - Yeah, 3000 tons doing 36 knots. Only in a calm sea.

Lucina said...

Good morning! Or should I say, "Bon Jour." Our puzzle world is heavy with French, oh yes, Spanish, too.

Thank you Amy and C.C. This was fun though a bit convoluted for me at times and had to LIE IN WAIT for the names of the various newspapers. When they appeared, I chuckled, especially at COOKIE PRESS and DEVIL'S ADVOCATE.

Had a Natick at ELUTE/TEY and simply guessed the E. I'm glad it was correct.

C.C., like you, I don't consider ASPIC a garnish but a dish and a yummy one at that.

Since we saw XI yesterday that helped with EXHIBIT.

I assume Tang is one of the dynasties; it's the name of a prominent family here.

Hand up for MADD before SADD.

IMHO eccentric people aren't necessarily NUT CASEs, just quirky. I know some and that is how I see them.

Have a splendid Sunday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

How can white or black or gray or red hens lay brown or white (and sometimes pastel) eggs which hatch yellow chicks?

Anonymous said...

Hey C.C., how about PLEBEIAN TRIBUNE. Clued as "Newspaper for a Roman official."

Alexscott said...

The clues for 10D, 38D, 69D, and 94D were missing from the puzzle in the Chicago Tribune. But the one that tripped me up was 125A ELUTE. New word for me.

By the way, Doha Doc, Record of the Year actually refers to the song, not the album. I assume that goes back to the days of singles, which came out on 45 records (before my time).

HeartRx said...

Hi, all!

Not the easiest Sunday for me in a while. Thank goodness the theme came early, and helped fill in some of the longer entries right away. But the crossing of TEY and LEROY almost did me in. Complete WAG to fill in the Y, but it worked. 'Yay me!"

I have changed my HAIR GEL to a brand called "Pravana." Nice fresh scent, and still holds my spiky hair in place all day. Hmmm...maybe my long haired cat could use some?

Have a fun day, everyone!

Miss Beckley said...

I get the LA Times every Sunday, and the puzzle is mostly always by Merl Reagle. It's certainly not the one you guys are doing. Why is that? This week's is A Mental Pepper Upper. Last week was Experimental Humor. Anyone have a clue why mine is different? I live in Woodland Hills, which is certainly part of LA. I'm flummoxed.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks, Amy, fun & challenging puzzle. Some tough spots in the NE corner and lower W middle. Lots of unknowns: ELUTE, BABS, Rannoch & Tummel, MEDE, SNES, Bel PAESE, NEC that all caused naticks.

I wanted LET lie. XIS two days running. I got both days.

C.C., great expo. I have a recurring dream that I think I'm finished remodeling my old house and I see a door in the wall I hadn't noticed before. I open the door and here is another whole wing of the house with falling down plaster ceilings, etc., that I'm going to have to work on. The feeling of despair always wakes me. Trauma from all the dirty, sweaty, body-maiming years of work.

My AF son walked into a church on a base half-way round the world and found a good childhood friend in the praise band. Our families have been involved with each other for four generations. Grandmas were best friends. We'd lost track of this one.

Spitzboov said...

M Beckley @ 1406: This is a frequent question on Sundays and has been answered many times. Here is one of the more succinct:

Argyle said...
On Sundays, we blog the LAT online crossword puzzle. The LAT Sunday paper runs a puzzle by Merl Reagle. We don't know why.
June 2, 2013 at 6:41 PM

Argyle said...

Map of today's lochs. (left of the red box)

fodel said...

Which la times do you mean? It's the wrong puzzle every damn week.

desper-otto said...

The LA Times syndicates a Sunday puzzle -- the one covered here. The LA Times, however, chooses not to print it. It's one of life's mysteries.

Dixie Darlin said...

I am surprised at the number of people who did not know ELUTE. I learned it in college chemistry and so did my husband.

From the Merriam-Webster dictionary:
Definition of ELUTE:
extract; specifically : to remove (adsorbed material) from an adsorbent by means of a solvent

Misty said...

Miss Beckley, I have to do the Merl Reagle in the LA Times on Sunday, too, I'm afraid.

Did you get 78D "Uncontrollable Desire, often for something harmful" by any chance? It was the only word I didn't know and the absurd answer I got, CACOETHES, can't possibly be right, can it?

C.C., apologies for discussing another puzzle on your blog. Won't do it again.

Husker Gary said...

Golf, church (priest DRONED with much ADO, he’s never TERSE or interesting) and landscaping and then finally got ‘er done. BABS, BEER, and ELEA toughest corner.

-My DREAM JOURNAL would contain forgetting lines or lyrics
-I have no idea why Bezos invested in dead tree journalism
-The KC STAR will report a second straight Royal loss
-My grandkids have very big vocabs and get “heckled” by papa for using tiresome AWESOME.
-Our back NINE is easier since water levels are down
-Some pit bulls don’t seem to need to hear SIC ‘EM and some of their owners don’t know SIC ‘EM
-A horse walks into A BAR. Bartender asks him…
-I once had a LOT of CHIANTI on an empty stomach. Whoa!!
-Does he look like a SEER to you?
-Why do I still remember the line, “Why so pale and WAN fond lover?” BTW, if you know the author of that line, you’re a better man than I Charlie Brown.
-Sorry, fearless leader, this is the only DYNASTY I know ;-)
-Doncha just hate a hard PAT of butter in a restaurant?
-Marti, is that a dorsal fin behind you?
-I loved the SCI links yesterday. Very addictive.
-There’s no such thing as gravity, the Earth sucks!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Pretty good puzzle today. I had the same difficulty in the LEROY,ELUTE,TEY area as many of you did. More tomorrow.

Anonymous T said...

G'Day all - just catching up with the gang as I didn't get to do much of the pzl today.

MIL started to get chest pains at church and my wife rushed her to the ER. I took the kids home, grabbed my copy of the puzzle and took it up to the ER for us to do. With all the in/out CAT, EKG, etc, we didn't get very far with it. At the end of a few hours, she told the Dr. "No, I am not staying for observation..." Then we had fried chicken fingers at Raisin' Cane (a Louisiana chain that just hit Houston). That should do the heart well...

H-Chron has the "real" LA Times. The only thing I don't like is that the answers are on the next page. I'm a cheater and will guess & flip. It's like the math books with the answers in the back... :-)

HG - FYI the Dynasty link doesn't work. I get a 404.

Have a great eve all!

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

Good afternoon! I'm late to the party today. We went out for brunch this morning for our daughter's birthday. I stuffed myself with a pretty good omelet.

Gary, when that horse walked into the bar, I believe he was asked, "Say, why the long face?"

I hate to complain about a puzzle so I won't. However, for me, this was a puzzle with lots of fun parts, many easy easy parts and some hard parts (that seemed almost unfair to me, probably because I didn't know 'em). Some of those complaints have already been covered such as jurors being excused rather than recused. In particular, I didn't like ATERRE, STE, PNEU, Rannoch and Tummel. and SNES.

By the way, Barbara and I saw Mose Allison in person in a little club in Washington D.C. Later on, we saw Charlie Byrd in that same club.


Jayce said...

The fact that the First Emperor's famous terra-cotta army was discovered in Xi'an leads me to believe that city was the Qin dynasty's capital city. I don't know for sure what others but I'll bet the Han dynasty, which followed the short-lived Qin, had their capital there too.

Lucina said...

I just saw the movie, Lee Daniel's The Butler and it's excellent! What a heavyweight cast especially for the lead and all the presidents, all performed outstandingly.

Husker Gary said...

-How’s this link for my DYNASTY knowledge?
-Of course you’re right Bill.

Manac said...

How does that joke go? How do porcupines make love??

Very carefully!!

Well, One of them is not doing it right because the racket outside my window right now from two of them doesn't sound too pleasant. Haven't seen one around here for some years. Hopefully they will go away before something has to be done.

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Amy Johnson, for a swell puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for the swell write-up.

I did not check in yesterday. Did the puzzle, but it got late.

This one went fine. Theme helped a lot. We had a hometown paper once named the Erie Dispatch.

PNEU came easily once I had the PN.

Liked SICEM.

A TERRE was not easy.

EGO TRIP was clever.

Fermatprime: Lentils and zucchini does not sound too bad to me. Of course a little variety is good too. Give my best to Harvey. Hope he gets better so you will have help. He is a good a Templar. That is what Templars do.

Miss Beckley. I had the same experience with the Sunday L A Times while I was in Long Beach last year. I walked about a mile to buy one. Took it back to the hotel. Discovered it was the Reagle. Went to the hotel desk and had them print one drom the Chicago Tribune site. When I got home I wrote a letter to Rich Norris on the high desert. He answered me and explained what you already read from the earlier comments. You can print it from a couple sites.

On my way to PA.

See you tomorrow.


C.C. Burnikel said...

The four dynasties are: Zhou, Qin, Han & Tang. The first 2 are easy to remember if you know my Mandarin name.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Look! I just met the best of the best.

TTP said...

Wow CC! Yes, Walter Ray is the best of the best ! Nice pic. Did you get his autograph ?

C.C. Burnikel said...

Yes! Both he and Pete Weber signed a pin we brought. Boomer bowled the last game(and beat) Weber, who is actually very friendly in person.

Boomer and others amateurs bowled in the same lane, but the pros rotated.

You should try it someday. Quite fun.