Mar 22, 2015

Sunday March 22, 2015 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: "Course Catalog" - Golf terms are re-interpreted as non-golf related.

23A. TEE : CASUAL SHIRT. Tees are needed on long holes.

25A. PITCH : SALES TALK. With pitching wedges.

39A. SLICE : PIECE OF PIE. Ball curves to the right. Most men are good at slicing.

71A. EAGLE : SCOUT RANK. Two under par. Never had one.

100A. HOOK : COAT HANGER. The opposite of "slice".

116A. LIE : FISH STORY. Just play where it lies.

119A. GREEN : ECO-FRIENDLY. Where the hole is.

38D. CHIP : DIAMOND FLAW. Chip and putt. Up and down.

43D. ROUGH : ILL-MANNERED. US Open roughs are punishing.

C.C. here.

I originally also had DRAW as a proposed entry. Rich, who has a low handicap (5, I think), was worried that it might be unfamiliar to non-golfers.

I also used question marks in my theme entry clue [Hook?], [Green?], etc. Rich changed them to all caps. But the clue words remain unchanged. A first for me. Amazing :-)


1. Extra care : PAINS

6. Sits in a cellar, say : AGES

10. Carpentry groove : DADO. Looks like those Mortise & Tenon joints.

14. Creme-filled cake : HO HO. And 51. Creme-filled snacks : OREOS

18. "Over the Rainbow" composer : ARLEN (Harold)

19. Egyptian sky god : HORUS.  His right eye was associated with the sun. Left eye the moon.

21. "Excuse me ..." : AHEM

22. Sharqiya Sands country : OMAN. I used the old "Wahiba Sands". Check the fact, C.C.

27. Kosher deli offering : LATKE

28. Millennium opener : ONE AD

30. Asian soup type : EGG DROP. I mentioned before: Cantonese have slow-cooked soup infused with various healing herbs every day. No egg drop. Too simple. Cantonese girls are very loving and loyal. Cantonese men are different.

31. Territory : REALM

33. Tourney passes : BYES

35. "See you later!" : TA TA!

36. organization : USDA

42. R.E.M. vocalist Michael : STIPE

46. Court attendant : BAILIFF

48. When a classic film gunfight started : AT NOON. "High Noon".

49. Outdated messager : TELEX

50. Weather-sensitive expectation, briefly : ETA

53. Catchall phrase : ET ALIA. The last letter could also be I, but  SGT STAR (26. virtual guide) makes more sense than Sgt Stir, right?

56. Descartes' law : LOI

57. Italian cheese : ROMANO

59. Muckraker Jacob : RIIS. I had RIAS for this spot. Rich also changed my original A DUB into I DUB (60D. "So __ thee unforgiven": Metallica lyric).

62. Merging places : ON RAMPS

64. Source of a cc : ORIG. Rich's clue makes me smile. I had "HP Envy insert".

65. Put to rest : ENDED

67. __ factor : ICK

68. Co-creator of Mickey : WALT

69. Grammy winner Ronstadt : LINDA

73. Candy shapes : CANES

74. Within: Pref. : ENDO

75. Type : ILK

76. __ cake : BUNDT. More food!

77. Forsaken : LORN

78. Served with a creamy cheese sauce : ALFREDO. Quite a few food items in this puzzle, Steve & D-Otto.

80. Go (over) carefully : PORE

81. "My parents are gonna kill me!" : I'M DEAD

84. Pickles on "Rugrats" : DIL

85. Mark to come back to : DOG-EAR

89. Hot : IRATE

91. Usher's "Looking 4 Myself" label : RCA

92. As a friend, to Hollande : EN AMI. The lady on the left is history. Hollande now has a new girlfriend (right).

94. Everest expert : SHERPA

97. Card message : GET WELL. Our message to Gary! So are they really going to inject cement into your knee, Dave? Or was it just a joke?

99. Not accustomed to : NEW AT

102. Together, in scores : A DUE

103. Neighbor of Ghana : TOGO

105. __ Mawr College : BRYN

106. Range of power : REACH

108. "Beat it!" : AMSCRAY

111. CenturyLink Center city : OMAHA. CenturyLink (Qwest) is our DSL provider.

113. Rubbish : TRIPE

122. Light color : ECRU

123. Bluesy James : ETTA

124. Handle : SEE TO

125. Taunt : TEASE

126. Mud dauber, e.g. : WASP

127. Way to go on the gridiron? : DEEP. Rich's clue as well.

128. NBA part: Abbr. : ASSN

129. City on Germany's A40 : ESSEN. Autobahn A40.


1. EMILY's List, for one : PAC

2. Polluted Asian sea : ARAL

3. She left Casablanca with Victor : ILSA.  Wouldn't be a beautiful story had she left with Rick.

4. Unaligned : NEUTRAL

5. Untrustworthy sort : SNAKE

6. Contented sounds : AHS

7. "Scram, kid!" : GO HOME

8. Joyce's home : ERIN

9. Shell game, to a con man : SURE BET

10. Hearing VIPs : DAs

11. "Caught ya!" : AHA

12. Remove, in a way : DELETE

13. Movado competitor : OMEGA. Oh, Hello! You look like my next mistake.

14. Much-anticipated appointment : HOT DATE

15. Co-star of Julie in "Doctor Zhivago" : OMAR

16. Ring of light : HALO

17. Like some GIs in a mess : ON KP

20. Extend a visit : STAY ON

24. Spring game? : LEAPFROG

29. Friday's creator : DEFOE

32. Long sentence : LIFE. Prison sentence.

34. __ check : SPOT

36. Super, slangily : UBER

37. 1974 Peace Nobelist : SATO. The most common Japanese surname.

40. Treasure Island, e.g. : CASINO. I passed by but did not visit the one in Vegas. The Treasure Island here in MN hosts the annual tournament that Walter Ray Williams & Pete Weber attend.

41. __ nutshell : IN A

44. "Sexiest Man Alive" magazine : PEOPLE

45. Lives : EXISTS

47. Pythagoras' homeland : IONIA

52. Maker of the SurfaceScrub floor cleaner : ORECK

54. Security item : LOCK

55. Publicity : INK

58. Fervor : ARDOR

61. Scam : SET-UP. And 93. Contest : MATCH UP. Slight UP dupe.

63. Prize : AWARD

66. Film villain with prosthetic hands : DR NO

67. Between: Pref. : INTER

69. Dull gray, as winter skies : LEADEN

70. __ skating : INLINE

71. Tough walk : SLOG

72. 2012 NFL MVP Peterson : ADRIAN. His personal life is a mess.

73. Reindeer name : COMET

75. Hearing promise : I DO

77. Intelligentsia : LITERATI

79. They may reduce sentences : EDITORS. Real sentences here. Nice clue. But it's Rich's also.
82. Scopes Trial gp. : ACLU

83. Buttermilk lover Evans : DALE

86. Paul Anka's "__ Beso" : ESO

87. Starbuck's boss : AHAB. Not Howard Schultz.

88. Back in : RETRO

90. First Met to win a Gold Glove : AGEE (Tommie)

95. Poetic works : RHYMES

96. Cure-all : PANACEA

98. Some surfers : WAHINES

100. South Dakota's state animal : COYOTE

101. Surgical procedures : GRAFTS

104. Like some estates : GATED

107. Center of the Minoan civilization : CRETE

108. Not many : A FEW

109. Glittery mineral : MICA

110. Lith. and Ukr., once : SSRS. Feeling sheepish filling this in.

112. Soil-scraping tools : HOES

114. Smartphone ancestors : PDAs

115. Otherwise : ELSE

117. Way to go: Abbr. : RTE

118. Talk foolishly : YAP

120. Pal of Harry : RON. Harry Potter.

121. Japanese cabbage? : YEN. The ? indicates money. By the way, how do you normally prepare coleslaw? Just kitchen knife or do you use a mandoline?



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Well, what can I say? Not being a golfer or even remotely interested in golf, the theme completely eluded me on this one. Fortunately, the clues were straightforward and didn't actually require any golfing knowledge, so that was OK. Still, I kept waiting to see the theme reveal and was disappointed when it never appeared.

I managed to get through most of the puzzle in one piece, despite stuff like SATO and SGT STAR who I just didn't know. I also had no idea that Treasure Island was a CASINO, so that took every last perp to reveal itself.

In the end, a combination of forgetfulness and ignorance did me in. Went with POUR instead of PORE at 80, just because I forgot how to spell the correct term. Also went with INTRA instead of INTER, once again because I forgot the correct term. But sadly those two mistakes were right near ADRIAN and AGEE, neither of whom were familiar to me. As a result, I was left looking at _A_TE and trying to think of a synonym for "hot" that just wasn't going to come to me. Finally turned on the red-letter help to see my mistakes. So another COMPLETE AND UTTER FAILURE OMG!!! for me today (for those who apparently like to keep track of such things and get snarky if I don't constantly admit it when it happens).

Eddie Vedder said...

Mandolin slicer is awesome, huh husker? Especially for potato chips. Dusted with dry rub from local rib joint makes 'em spicy and tasty.

Still use the chef's knife for slaw though.

Best of both worlds, C.C..

p.s. Michael STIPE

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This one was tough. I got the theme, but since the theme answers had nothing to do with golf, it didn't help. Plenty of food, though, so I didn't get hungry during the solve. I didn't recognize SATO, but the S in USDA seemed logical.

I actually got "CenturyLink Center city" without a WAG, but only because I watched a couple NCAA games yesterday that were played there.

I was surprised to see "Scram" in a clue and "AMSCRAY" in an answer. I thought that was verboten.

C.C., a mortise is similar to a dado, but the mortise has closed ends. That makes 'em much more difficult to make.

desper-otto said...

Eddie, that Oxo mandoline is the slicer I use for the big jobs. The "pusher" keeps your fingers safely away from the knives.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of NCAA tournament action, do y'all remember ROMANO SATO? ok, its really Romain SATO but I've got the March Madness.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C., and friends. I have to agree with Barry with respect to the Golfing reference. I saw the theme and thought it might relate to college courses. Although i was able to answer the theme clues, i couldn't connect them to the theme.

I was thinking that the Source of a cc = ORIG. referred to the medical measure CC instead of a Carbon Copy and an ORIGINAL.

I was in our local Whole Foods about a year ago and saw the (non-kosher ) deli there was selling its "Special Passover LATKES." Some of you will catch the humor in that.

QOD: he nice thing about doing a crossword puzzle is, you know there is a solution. ~ Stephen Sondheim (b. Mar. 22, 1930)

Unknown said...

The Week in Review: M 4:17 T 5:17 W 8:01 T 13:32 F 17:08 S 28:12 S 27:30

Saturday: After the first pass I was ready to throw in the towel. Eventually, I filled the bottom half, then the upper-right. The NW was last to fall. Somehow, with only a couple of perps, POLAR VORTEX popped into my head. Considering this winter and last, it's certainly not an unfamiliar term. Then I got MEDICINE BOW and (prematurely) congratulated myself. Then ONE MORE TIME. So where was the "TaDa!"? I changed BOW to HAT, heard the music, and scratched my head for a few seconds before understanding how TEX was a "drive handle". Clever.

Sunday: Everything a Sunday puzzle should be: meaty but doable. And, once again, I'm impressed by C.C.'s mastery not only of idiomatic English but, now, Pig Latin too! Oodgay objay!

The first full day of Spring began here in the mid-Hudson valley with a fresh coat of snow on the ground but, by mid-afternoon, it was gone. There are still piles of the white stuff around but they're doomed. I can't wait to see something green pushing up through the brown ground.

See y'all next Sunday.

desper-otto said...

Spring has definitely sprung here in the southland. During the past couple of days the trees have sprouted leaves and we can no longer see the neighbor's house. Visible changes are occurring literally overnight.

Big Easy said...

I agree with Barry. I AM a golfer ( played Thursday and will be tomorrrow) but I never got the theme. Why? I had trouble answering anything on my first pass. Too busy trying to solve the shorter fills first. The complete unknowns- PAC, HORUS, SGTSTAR, RON, I DUB, EN AMI, OMAHA, DIL, SATO, OMAN were just too many to go along with the waffles. Publicity-AIR or INK; record label-MCA or RCA, EIRE or ERIN, security item- RISK, LEAK, or LOCK. To go along with the French, we had pig latin- AMSCRAY.

Source of a C.C.-DRUG or ORIG.

Cole Slaw- I use a bag that I buy at Wal-Mart and mix it with the dressing. No mess.

Big Easy said...

Oh and speaking of COYOTEs, they get shot on site down here. Killing too many cats and dogs. No the state animal in LA.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Whenever I see CC as the constructor, I know I'm in for a treat. I was surprised to see golf terms instead of baseball, but it was still a fun solve. A couple of unknowns, e.g., Horus and Sato, but, otherwise, pretty smooth sailing.

Nice bright sunshine but a high of only 26. Spring has not sprung here!

Have a great day.

Madame Defarge said...

Well, well, well. . . .I took the bait on "Course Catalog" and couldn't get past English 101! Hahtoolah's QOD was perfect! It explains why I hang around here. C.C., thanks for the puzzle and the explication. It's always fun for me to hear about the construction process. My favorite today: Starbuck's boss. AHAB was one of my few fills on the first pass. Have a relaxing day everyone.

maripro said...

Lovely puzzle, C.C. I love your comments, especially those referring to changes that Rich made.
I had difficulty with the NE corner, but what a feeling of accomplishment when I figured it out! I wanted "inter" for "put to rest" so when I needed it for 67d I was amazed that Rich allowed its use twice. Turns out he didn't!

Brian said...

I always thought the correct word was "amscram" not "amscray". Messed me up. Am I the only one believing that?

Porky said...

"Amscray" is Pig Latin for "scram".

Petunia said...

"Igpay Atlinlay" is Pig Latin for "Pig Latin".

Petunia said...


Should be "Igpay Atinlay".

Lucina said...

Hello, weekenders! C.C., what a wonderful puzzle you gave us though I did not initially think that. When I saw the golf terms my anticipation waned but once I got the first one, COAT HANGER, I realized what the trick was.

The bottom filled easily enough but TOGO made me laugh as we've seen TO GO many times. Nice, fresh cluing.

And so it progressed for me though three Naticks beat me and I had to search for SATO, ADRIAN, and DR. NO. I've never seen the entire film. Once those were in place, those around them fell in place. DIAMOND FLAW was my favorite.

Great misdirection, C.C. I love it!

Have a spectacular Sunday, everyone!

Jayce said...

Wow! Just, wow! I loved this puzzle. I kept going "Oh man" and "Oh jeez" and "Aha" and "Ha ha" and "Oh duh" while solving it. (Those are compliments). Man oh man.
We don't make coleslaw any more, but when we did we used a knife to cut the cabbage.
Don't do it, C.C. Don't make a mistake with that maybe guy!
Best wishes to you all this fine day.

Rainman said...

Very good, C.C. Thanks.
Nicely developed theme. The layout could not have been easy, but you did it. (I've been playing around with CrossFire for Mac quite a bit lately and am recalling how difficult it is for my pea-sized brain to arrange simple layouts in a sort of symmetry.)
Plenty of misdirections to make it interesting today.
Some learning moments: LEADEN skies, OMAHA has a CenturyLink Center? Good to know.
Golf is a sport I played all my life until I injured my wrist in '07 and foolishly tried to keep playing. Had a 12 handicap and a hole-in-one, but can't play thru the pain. Now I watch golf from my patio.
C.C., you left out taking a DIVOT, my biggest pain source. Hard to define, single-meaning word? I bet you considered it, if only briefly.
Nice clueing today, too. Golf is no PIECEOFPIE.

coneyro said...

"UNFAY UZZLEPA" (fun puzzle).

Saw the headline word, COURSE and then noticed all the capitalized words had to do with golf. AHA...GOLF COURSE! But since the clue answers had nothing to do with the subject, that was no help.

Wasn't particularly difficult. The only way off answer I had was FABRICATE instead of FISHSTORY. Makes just as much sense and it fit. The theme words were tricky as they are open to numerous definitions. With "PI" the first two letters of 39A, I was hoping SLICE had to do with PIZZA, but alas, no.

I usually jump around the puzzle to find answers I'm sure of, first. It's more interesting to me than going in order. Makes it last longer, as well.That's why I often have many down fills before across entries.

A beautiful, warm spring day in Florida. The weather is a bit higher than it should be. Not complaining, though.

Just reading the word LATKE makes my mouth salivate. LOVE potato pancakes with sour cream and applesauce. Real Jewish soul food; fattening and delicious. Food is MY area of expertise.

Well, everyone..Hope you are having an enjoyable Sunday, before the grindstone begins anew tomorrow. Peace.

coneyro said...

Oops, sorry..should be "UNFAY UZZLEPAY"

Husker Gary said...

A lovely golf-themed C.C. Sunday puzzle, which a healthier me would have loved to blog, an Omaha reference and a GET WELL wish. What a great pick-me-up!

-This “free” trip will require you to listen to a time-share SALES PITCH
-AHEM, I believe your ball was against that tree 10 sec ago
-In this tournament, four teams have first round BYES (don’t have to play)
-The world’s wealthiest BAILIFF and his boss
-Gary Cooper knew he had to face Frank Miller at HIGH NOON or sometime later in his life
-It’s very scary when someone won’t let you leave the ON RAMP
-Do you PORE over every detail of an internet agreement? Me either.
-No tickets for games at the Century Link Center today!
-I had some visitors last night and they did STAY ON about a half-hour too long
-Sanctimonious Nebraska has not one CASINO but all the problems from the ones across the river
- A little Starbucks hypocrisy?

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Interesting golf theme. Seemed about average for a Sunday.
85a Mark to come back to - Got DOG EAR ok but instinct wanted 'datum'. When we would acquire a sonar contact, "Mark Datum" would be intoned by the watch stander, and a big X would be plopped down on the DRT (dead reckoning tracer). This plot (among others) would be used to advise the conn to return to the target area if direct contact was lost.

Bluehen said...

Thank you for a very entertaining puzzle, CC. I like the fact that you did the reveal as well, and were able to give us some insight into how the cluing evolved. Puzzle was a bit crunchy for me with several unknowns, mostly WEES. Perps to the rescue, though. I got the "Tada" in a little better than my usual Sunday time.

CC, when I make cole slaw from scratch at home, I use the shredder attachment on my stand mixer. Same for sautéed cabbage.

HG, good to see you back. Get well soon.

YR, Sorry to hear about your setback, but with your grit and determination you will be back dancing in no time.

CED, what is this about concrete on your knee?

Been off the blog for a while cooking for our lodges wild game feast and Grand Master visitation. I enjoy doing it, but I'm getting a little long in the tooth for these marathon cooking sessions. Thank goodness it's over for another year.


inanehiker said...

Enjoyed your puzzle, CC - especially for Sunday, as that is when I remember watching the last day of major golf tournaments with my dad on Sunday afternoons growing up. Some great words like panacea and literati!

I got back last week from a medical mission in Africa and spent this past week slowly getting back up to speed. My husband saved all the crosswords from the paper while I was gone, but not sure when I will get to them. Maybe my next plane ride instead of a book!
I make my own dressing for cole slaw, but have resorted to buying the shredded cabbage in a bag-- too many scraped knuckles trying to finish shredding. Around here, big debate as to whether milky or vinegary cole slaw is best. I like both, but usually make an Asian vingegary type and break up the Ramen noodles on top.

CrossEyedDave said...

WBS, except I dogeared the grid answer page. So technically not a DNF, more of a FBC (Finished By Cheating...)

Liked the Theme, but I was just not on CCs wavelength today. I went in the wrong direction in so many places I got lost. Like Dr. No had prosthetic hands? I remember the black gloves, but was thinking Freddie from Nightmare on Elm Street.

CC: Re yr 97A comment,

No joke, for the past 6 months I was in ever increasing agony due to bone deterioration in my knee aggravated by sciatica. This is what my doctor wanted to do!

Also known as percutaneous osteoplasty.

I mentioned it on the Blog because I had never heard of it, & was looking for feedback. Luckily my knee is much improved due to Calcium + Vitamin D supplements combined with a calcium hormone nasal spray that promotes bone growth.

One thing I learned from the Specialist is NEVER TAKE PAIN RELIEVERS BASED ON NSAID because they interfere with bone growth. This means no Aleve or Advil, only Tylenol. (Who KNew?)

Anywho, in case I don't get back later with some funny links, here is a joke I am sure you have all heard before. (see:fishy stories/LIE)

2 Golfers were playing one day when the 1st sliced, & the 2nd hooked into the woods. Splitting up they each trudged through the brush to get to their balls. The 1st found his ball in a field of Buttercups. Taking a 9 iron he quickly thrashed the ball back onto the course taking out dozens of pretty Buttercups.

Much his his surprise, Mother Nature suddenly appeared & exclaimed "look what you have done to my beautiful Buttercups! Just for that, your lips will never touch butter again!

Well, shocked & dismayed, he yelled to his partner HEY ARNIE, WHERE ARE YOU? His partner replied IN THE PUSSY WILLOWS!


Lucina said...

That is funny! I had not heard it before.

CrossEyedDave said...

Tee/Casual Shirt

That must have been some sales pitch...

Slice/piece of pie Well what do you know?!?!

Eagle/Scout Rank This secret picture is of a secret Scout initiation rite. They want you to think it's how to build a fire, but it is really the teaching of a secret prayer to be done while setting up your tee for the best golf shot...

Hook/coat hanger Sorry CC, it's already been done...

Lie/fish story (see 1st post above...)

Green/Eco Friendly Well, it is Eco Friendly...

Tee/Diamond flaw you have got to be kidding!

Rough/ill mannered Golf is like a love affair, if you don't take it seriously, it's no fun. If you do take it seriously, it breaks your heart...

fermatprime said...


Thanks, CC and CC!!

Know less than Barry does about golf, probably, but managed to muddle through in the end w/o cheats. Never heard of STIPE, SGT STAR, SATO.

Around here, one uses the fat slicing blade of the Cuisinart food processor for coleslaw cabbage and peppers. Then the grating blade for the carrots, onions and garlic. Balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil with homegrown herbs for the dressing.


Abejo said...

OK. I am starting over. Had many entries in my blog and it all got erased.

Good afternon, folks. Thank you, C.C?, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for a fine review.

I am in Johnsonburg. Could not sleep last night, so I got up at 3:30 AM.

Worked on the puzzle for a couple was easy and tough.

Saw the golf references. Was not concerned with the theme.

Liked AT NOON. HIGH NOON was one of my favorite all time movies. Gary Cooper.

Never heard of Got USDA after having the A. Wagged the rest.

Liked EAGLE, SCOUT RANK. I did that as a youth. It was fun.

Nice to see ESSEN again. A favorite of crossworders.

The battery in my IPad is almost done, so I will log off.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Bill G. said...

I had many of the same reactions as Jayce. Lots of 'AHA' moments. Thanks CC.

CED, I enjoyed that!

The best cole slaw in a local fast food restaurant can be found at El Pollo Loco IMO.

I liked High Noon too though when I rewatched it recently, I was surprised how little really happened. There was almost no action of any sort.

I got a call from son's girlfriend. She wanted to know the distinction between 'nauseated' and 'nauseous.' It could have been a sickening conversation except that she is such a sweetie...

In looking up the above information to confirm my opinion, I discovered that people who make a distinction between nauseated/nauseous or less/fewer or reluctant/reticent ... are lovingly called language snoots. Count me in as a language snoot though I'm not a very good one I'm afraid.

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle, CC. STIPE,LOI, SGT STAR were unknowns but I eventually sussed them. I had YAK instead of YAP before I rushed off this AM. I saw that DEEK wouldn't cut it, but I forgot to rework it later. One error.
CE Dave, I never heard of cementing the knee joint. I will ask my ortho next week. I believe it wouldn't work for bone on bone like mine. I hope you find a good solution. I sympathize with your pain.
Blue Hen, thanks for your well wishes. Actually my repaired knee is more comfortable than my arthritic knee, though not 100% functional yet.
All this talk of coleslaw is making me hungry for my Caesar coleslaw recipe. I use the Cuisinart,too, Fermatprime.
CSO to my grandson who is just beginning his Eagle project. I am so proud that he is persevering with this in spite of being diagnosed with AD disorder.
Unlike Bill G., I am not a language snoot. My choice of words is similar to my choice between blue jeans and fashionable pressed slacks. I try to match it to the occasion.

Ergo said...

Thank you C.C.

Happy with my effort today. Got all of the theme answers and all but the most obscure fill.

NW corner was the last the fall. Funny how when you start a puzzle and your entire 1A 1D corner is empty. Makes one think that the whole grid is gonna be a bust.

"I DUB thee unforgiven" was a learning moment. Enjoyed SCOUTRANK.

Blue Iris said...

Thanks CC for doing double duty. I had to use red letter help in the end, but I was very entertained.

I've learned everything I know about any major sport from crossword puzzles, including golf. Crossword-learned knowledge also includes Roman, Greek, and Egyptian gods.

I had asiago cheese before ROMANO. Did I even spell asiago right??

Sounds like you are doing better with your surgical knee, Yellowrock!

CED, I'm hoping they perfect the cement to the knee thing before I absolutely need it. Are you going to undergo the procedure or still deciding?

Unaligned meaning NEUTRAL was interestingly different fill.
Liked super to UBER and it straightened out my cheese fill across.

Treasure Island CASINO was all perps since I've never been to Vegas.

My DH told me this summer after 38+ years that he never really liked my coleslaw. I changed lemon juice to apple cider vinegar and he likes it now I think.

I've caught up on crossword puzzles, reading material and some sewing since March Madness occurred. I don't mind giving over control of TV set. Also started on CPAP machine and hope it will help me not sleep around the clock. Still getting use to it.

Big Easy said...

Y.R.- My wife had her knee replacement Jan 26th. She was at 120 degrees Friday at P.T. I went through it 5 years ago and learned that the more you walk and do the therapy exercises the easier it will be in the long run. She only takes half a Hydrocodone pill one hour before therapy.

If you can push through the pain, it will pay off later in spades.

Yellowrocks said...

Big Easy, thanks for your concern. My original knee replacement on Jan. 26 was relatively easy. I was off the narcotic and using Ibuprofen PRN by Jan.30 and stopped needing the walker and cane indoors by Feb. 1. I could bend the knee 109 degrees ten days after the operation at my first PT session to which I drove myself. By 4 or 5 weeks I was going to be able to square dance.
With just 1 or 2 more weeks to go I was so disappointed on Feb. 18 when I slipped on the ice and tore open 6 inches of inside stitches, none on the outside. I was walking and driving again a few days later, but I needed an operation on March 2 to repair the stitches for full function. I was bending 90 degrees on my first PT visit 2 weeks later with no strain. But we must not push past there for 2 more weeks because the tendon was so compromised. We must go in easy stages. However, I am very active. I have been going up and down all the grocery aisles since early Feb. with the doctor's blessing. I'll surely get back to dancing.

spacecraft said...

Shame on me, I golf and still didn't get the connection of all those capitalized clues. Burnikel's a favorite, so I knew this wouldn't be the slog that many 21x21's are. And it wasn't.

But oh, that NW corner! The near-fatal error of muScleSHIRT made everything almost impossible to see. I knew ARLEN, of course, and ILSA, but the rest...this corner was a real tester. And then I don't even know what order they came in, but the words just rushed into place. That is satisfying.

I still can't believe I stared at those theme clues and never realized what connected them. Nice job.