Apr 24, 2015

Friday, April 24, 2015, Harald Hornung

Theme: FOR score and seven puzzles ago...

In our second offering from Mr. Hornung (not  Paul) we have FOR added to the first word of an in the language phrase, creating a new and amusingly clued phrase. The first three all are attached to words beginning with "G" - the last not. We remain in our current pattern of average word length of less than 5 letters on Friday. Some good intermediate fill like ANGELO, GLOBES, GOTCHA, HEAPED, ORWELL, PHOTOG,, DISSUADE, LOVE SEAT, LOOKING ON,  TAX REFUND. When you are adding three letters it limits the choices and I think these themes are all amusing.

20A. Advice to a shaken quarterback? : FORGET THE SACK (13). Being sacked (fired) is worse than being tackled behind the line.

27A. Eschew a potassium source? : FORGO BANANAS (12). From losing it to restricting your diet.

43A. Excuse that last jeer? : FORGIVE A HOOT (12).  This CAMPAIGN came to mind.

53A. Take a vow of silence? : FORSWEAR WORDS (13). My favorite fill and for many not using the f word would keep them silent.


1. Hogwarts co-founder Hufflepuff : HELGA. Not a devotee of Harry (Potter or Prince) but the alliteration seemed logical.

6. Claimed in court : PLED. I hope this debate has been put to bed, if not I will feel...

10. In a funk : GLUM.

14. Betelgeuse's constellation : ORION. If I were to go back to college now I would study Astronomy as this all is very fascinating. The STAR is not named after a Michael Keaton movie.

15. Pad opening : HELI. No go to this week.

16. Exude : OOZE.

17. Rue Morgue killer : ORANG.  Spoiler alert! The murderer in the very first 'officla' mystery from Mr. Poe. I do not understand why we need CHIMP, ORANG etc.  Are we HUMA?

18. Stout trees : OAKS. Last week staid elms, this week....

19. Considerable effort : TOIL. The syntax seems off, though I toiled and I put forth considerable effort and filled.

23. Prom attendees: Abbr. : SRS. Seniors.

24. Language of Southeast Asia : LAO. Similar in structure to Thai, which I am learning very slowly. LINK. More language in 36A. Where some natives speak Azeri or Luri : IRAN. I personally favor Persian, but if you want to know more. LINK 2.

25. Square : UNHIP. Be there or be square.

31. King's downfall : MATE. Really cute misleading visual clue.

34. Style : MODE.

35. Grissom on "CSI" : GIL. William Petersen is long gone and after starring on the number show on TV is now back on WGN original SERIES.

37. Feudal lord : LIEGE.

39. Singer commonly seen wearing sunglasses : BONO.

40. Site for aspiring idols : FOX. The network of the fading American Idol.

41. "Star Trek" race : BORG. They had Jean-Luc Picard for a while.

42. Throw in a chip : ANTE.

48. Big fight : MELEE.

49. Balancing aid : EAR.  If you want to LEARN.

50. Indian state known for its beaches: GOA.

57. Musical souvenir : STUB. Tricky; how may have used Stub Hub?

59. Russell's "Tombstone" role : EARP. Wyatt.

60. They're heavier than foils : EPEES.

61. You may look through one : PANE.

62. Luyendyk of auto racing : ARIE. There are two, a senior and junior. I could not find a picture of them together.

63. Discovered accidentally : LIT ON. A vague Friday; HIT ON appealed to me.

64. Puts in : ADDS.

65. Put up, in a way : TEED. Also tricky, on a small stick.

66. Isn't straight : LEANS. Pisa anyone?


1. Legs (it) : HOOFS. Archie Goodwin was always deciding to hoof it rather than getting the Heron from the garage.

2. Slip : ERROR.

3. Humbugs : LIARS. Humbug is a fun word.

4. Big ringer : GONG.  There are t-shirts which say, "I have a really big Gong."

5. San __, Texas : ANGELO.

6. SLR buff : PHOTOG.

7. Mother of Judah : LEAH.

8. Paul's "The Prize" co-star : ELKE. Newman and Somer. The movie is based on an Irving Wallace novel about certain prize winners; I read most of his at the time. It also included Peter Sellers' future wife Britt Ekland as a nudist in an uncredited part where Paul must undress. Interestingly, the following year Sellers had a similar scene in a nudist colony with Elke Somer.

9. Convince not to : DISSUADE

10. Prankster's cry : GOTCHA.

11. Gawking, perhaps : LOOKING ON.

12. Gun designer __ Gal : UZI.

13. Porky's longtime voice : MEL.

21. It's on the road: TAR.

22. Last Stuart queen : ANNE. She succeeded William and Mary, her sister. She managed to be survived by no children despite 17 pregnancies. She seemed a pleasant woman. LINK.

26. Coat material : PAINT. A little Friday trickery.

27. Swampy area : FEN. and the clecho 29A. Swampy area : BOG.

28. Horseshoe-shaped letter : OMEGA. Ω.

30. Liquor-flavoring fruit : SLOE. Used with gin.

31. Rile : MIFF.

32. Woolf's "__ of One's Own" : A ROOM.

33. Source of extra spending money : TAX REFUND. Where you get your own money back to spend; how wonderful.

37. Place where three's a crowd : LOVESEAT. I love this clue/fill.

38. Snit cause : IRE. I do not like the clue.

39. Cricket __ : BAT.

41. Oktoberfest quaff : BIER.

44. Geography aids : GLOBES. Another Nero Wolfe related clue (if you are me)

45. Supplied in abundance : HEAPED.

46. Boat propeller : OAR. Har, har.

47. Creator of the language Newspeak : ORWELL. How cool is it that this clue from Nineteen Eighty-four is next to...

50. "On the Record" host Van Susteren : GRETA.

51. Pope's "__ Solitude" : ODE ON.

52. Gps. with similar goals : ASSNS.

54. Kitchen attachment : WARE. Kitchenware generates about 31,300,000 results(0.42 seconds) on Google. 

55. City seen from Presque Isle State Park : ERIE. Wow has this become the go to CSO or what?

56. Old sitcom redhead : OPIE. Ron Howard, they will never forget!

57. Hotel amenity : SPA. Is it an amenity if you have to pay extra?

58. Little : TAD. What a perfect place to end if we add an "A."  TADA!

Well my time is done and now it is your turn.  Have at it. Lemonade out.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Got off to a rough start today due to unknowns in the NW corner HELGA and ANGELO. Fortunately, the rest of the puzzle was a lot more accessible.

I got the theme at FORGO BANANAS and that let me add FOR to the beginning of every other theme answer, which helped immensely. I hit a few small potholes along the way, such as wanting LOOKING AT before LOOKING ON and TAX REBATE before TAX REFUND, but nothing really serious. I did have a brief moment of panic down south until WARE/TEED/ARIE came together, but once again it wasn't any big holdup.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Got the theme early, and things were going quickly until I reached South Padre. LOVE NEST just wasn't working. One dab of Wite-Out and everything came together. Can't remember ever watching anything on FOX.
Briefly tried BIG BRO before ORWELL showed up.

On the rare occasions when I'm due a TAX REFUND, I just let it ride to reduce that first quarterly estimate. It's not like I'm missing out on lots of interest...

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Nice write-up explaining my GIANT Ink Blot, D N F.

Knew I was in trouble at 1-A, since I know nothin' about Hogwarts.

Faves today, of course, was 30-D, Liguor flavoring fruit, SLOE and 41-D, Oktoberfest quaff, BIER ... go figure. lol

d-otto, I'm with you ... I can never understand why people rave about their TAX REFUND ... it just indicates to me that they prepaid their taxes by way-too-much.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.

Anonymous said...

hmm ... are the Borg really a race? They are a collective, but not what I think of as a race.


HowardW said...

With the others, got the theme right off, which was very helpful. Only sticking point was wanting ICE at 57D ("hotel amenity") rather than SPA. Pretty smooth sailing for a Friday.

Last year, my state return had a zero balance. No TAX REFUND, no tax due. Never happened to me before. Startling.

Thanks for a great write up, Lemonade!

Lemonade714 said...

HowardW, if only you followed the Tinbeni credo- never put ICE in anything!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Only 5 comments?

This one was tough. Thought it would be a huge DNF, but wound up with only one Natick - The MATE / MIFF cross. OK - that's on me.

But I count no fewer than 20 proper names. That's problematic fill. You know it or you don't, there's no sussing unless perps fill it in.

Step son Tom began his Air Force Intelligence Career at Goodfellow, the base near San Angelo, so that one was a gimme.

Got the theme early on, but still had to grope for FORSWEAR.

Very bad sports day here yesterday.

Cool regards!

HeartRx said...

Well, I guess I'm in good company then. I couldn't remember the Hogwarts founder, and most certainly would not have come up with ANGELO without a few perps.

Fun links, Lemony. I loved the U2 clip - and I never knew that bono had glaucoma. So thanks for the learning moment.

Gotta run - I have to prepare for a business audit today. TGIF!!

Rainman said...

Everything almost came together early.
The lack of a "G" in the south theme entry threw me for quite a while. I was going through looking for LOVEGear, LOVEGxxx, LOVE-anything. Was certain ARIE was right, not so much on EARP (Russell's "Tombstone" role) because I was thinking Russell Crowe and should have realized it had to be his last name, not his first, so Kurt never came to mind until the end.
And Presque Isle State Park is in PA? Hmm, shoulda known that. Only after getting HEAPED did the rest of the south gel.
I really did not care for LITON (Discovered accidentally)... seriously? Looks like an edited clue?
Anyway, thanks, Harold, not bad for a Friday's offering. Thanks, Lemon.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I must be on a roll because I found this less crunchy than a typical Friday; ditto for yesterday's offering. Oh, it wasn't a walk in the park by any means, but perps and wags were spot on. The theme was clever and, as Lemony mentioned, the fill was Friday-worthy.

Thanks Mr. Hornung for a doable challenge and thanks to Lemony for the detailed write-up.

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got 'er done with only two white-outs. Had emit before OOZE, and Andy before ARIE. Enjoyed Harald's puzzle very much. Lots of thoughtful, misleading, or funny clues. Nice twist on phrases with FOR. Unknowns like BORG and ORANG were easily gotten from the perps. Kudos for contributing an interesting puzzle.

14a - ORION - Easy to spot constellation. Of the 58 normally used celestial navigation stars, 4 are in Orion: the shoulders, Betelgeuse and Bellatrix, the left knee, Rigel, and the center belt star, Alnilam. More are bright enough to use but more stars at essentally the same azimuth would not be helpful. 30º azimuth separation is optimal to obtain the best LOPs (line of position) intersection for a good fix.

18a - OAKS - From the British Navy march Chorus:

Heart of Oak are our ships,
Jolly Tars are our men,
We always are ready: Steady, boys, Steady!
We'll fight and we'll conquer again and again.

22d - Queen ANNE - Glad to know she was a pleasant woman. Must have been the lace.

Big Easy said...

Lemonade- Funny you should mention PAUL HornING. His backfield partnet, Jim Taylor, briefly belonged to our tennis club about 30 years ago ( before I belonged). No one argued his line calls.

I found this puzzle tough for a Friday even thought the theme came cout immediately with the second FOR. Slow start due to HELGA & ORANG. FORGET THE SACK filled after GONG and the top fell easily with the exception of PHOTOG. Is that an abbreviation or a real word? I've never seen it.

I had a little trouble in the east because is misspelled DISSUADE and for some stupid reason wrote GUS Grissom instead of GIL, an unknown as I have never watched CSI.

I did like the clue for Coat material. I was MIFFed at myself for trying to force SPARE FUND before I realized it was TAX REFUND.

For "Russells Tombstone role", I had no idea and wrote in EARL and looked at HEALED and just couldn't figure what that meant. But I forgot to change, so that made it a failure for today; didn't double-check my work.

Big Easy said...

D-O--- No FOX?- football anybody?

Tinbeni- most TAX REFUNDs go to people who receive an Earned Income Tax Credit, which is basically a form of welfare. $1000 in taxes taken out over a year but they get a FIVE THOUSAND DOLLAR TAX REFUND, on money that the didn't even pay in.

Fact Checker said...

Big Easy@10:39:

It's Paul Hornung, not "HornING".

"Taylor & Hornung were affectionately known as 'Thunder & Lightning' by Packer fans of the early 1960s"

Bill G. said...

That was a pleasant solve. I enjoyed the efforts of Harald and Lemon. Thanks.

I believe the movie actress in question is Elke Sommer, spelled with two ems in the middle.

I just watched the "Tombstone" movie on cable a couple of night ago. I liked it all over again but I'm a sucker for westerns.

Orion is a beautiful sight with the Orion Nebula just below the belt.

CanadianEh! said...

Where is everyone today? Not many comments on the blog yet.

Like others, I got the FOR theme early which helped. But abundance of proper names required some Google learning moments.

I had BEER before BIER, LUCY before OPIE which made me take out EPEES and then put it in again. Last to fall was MATE/MIFF (clever chess clue).

DH gets TAX REFUND this year but not me.

Rainman, sorry I misinterpreted your question last week. The Fraser Institute hasn't announced Tax Freedom Day for Canada for 2015 yet but it looks like it will be in mid-June.
Calculation for Ontario family of 2 (age 45,male head) with combined income of $98000 shows June 12!


Rainman said...

Thanks, no wonder I found nothing on-line about Tax Freedom Day in Canada this year.
You familiar with Nelson BC? I built a house there in 1998. Traveled up there every year; last visit in 2010. Love the place.
I also like your area in the warm seasons. Beautiful. Great wines, which make me wonder if Marti has been to Niagara Falls, ON.
Have traveled to the Yukon, also.
The Canadians take care of their own, as a rule. We, not so much, it seems.

Misty said...

A Friday toughie, although I was thankful I got the south and the middle, though not the north. Stupidly thought FORGO should be FOREGO and so didn't put it in--would have gotten the FOR prefix thing since I already had FORGIVE and FORSWEAR by then. But it was still fun to get what I got, so, thanks, Harold, and you, too, Lemonade, as always.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Amy Renaldoo said...

OMG Harald Hornung !!!

Do carefully read each of the comments.

You will be more than pleasantly pleased, with the comment by none other than the noted puzzle reviewer "Rainman." Allow me draw your attention to his 9:37 comment, "Anyway, thanks, Harold, not bad for a Friday's offering."

You may want to frame that review. A glowing critique of 'not bad" from Rainman, should fuel your fires.

You may not be aware, but Rainman, otherwise known as Ray Hedrick, is uniquely qualified, to rate your efforts.

He is the creator, with help, of exactly one published puzzle. It was a Monday level puzzle. You might want to attempt it. LA TIMES April 13, 2015, if you dare.

His comments today, should encourage you to try to do better next time.

You should be so proud !!!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Big Easy, you should try living like those who merit the EIC. Maybe then you won't sound so outraged.

Also I'd like to see the evidence that most who receive a refund do because of the EIC. I receive a refund every year and have never qualified for it and no one I know gets the refund because of it.

Politics of envy aside…

Otherwise a semi-tough puzzle, especially in the NW.

desper-otto said...

Big Easy -- I'm not a football fan, or any pro team sport, for that matter. It just seems to be an excuse for folks to claim that their mercenaries are better than the mercenaries from that other city. Senseless.

Anonymous said...

ANON @ 11:52 Right on!

Rainman said...

Harald, thanks again.

My earlier lame comment was just my way of saying I enjoyed your work today. Thank you. And thanks again, Lemony.

Another nice thing about this site is that you do not have to be a noted author, constructor or expert solver, we welcome and encourage almost everyone. And it is a relief to know where the missing testosterone pills disappeared to. It was a puzzle.

Thanks to everyone for their overwhelming support over the past four months or so.

coneyro said...

Head is not in it today. I will FORGO excuses. Just couldn't get much done.

Not into Potter, so started off at 1A blank. No unifying clue, so no help with long entries. Without perps 20A is impossible....sports... Too many unknowns. Got about half finished, but didn't try hard enough.

Coming to the blog, I realized I should have had no real trouble. For whatever reason, a big DNF.

Was a real "GOTCHA" for me today. Sorry.

Great weekend to all.

Husker Gary said...

A very satisfying Friday well summed up by Lemon’s paragraph. The SW corner bedeviled me: A chess King, FOX Network not show, Window PANE not lens, IRAN not ERIN.

-Great QB’s are supposed to have lousy memories. Forget their last ERROR.
-Audio and transcript of a man who should have FORSWORN SWEAR WORDS
-ORION is beautiful in the winter evening sky and the early morning summer sky
-Our Fremont Area Medical Facility now has a 15 Across
-My irons in the fairway need more TOIL by me to improve
-Oxymoronic UNHIP sentiment? (3:50)
-The KC Royals have been in 4 MELEES this year as teams are challenging the AL champs in every way they can. This one last night (3:52) was a carryover from one in KC earlier this year.
-Being the hunted is different from being the hunter.
-STUB HUB can get you into anything if your wallet is deep enough. They have 233 tickets left for the Mayweather/Pacquiao fight starting at $5,826.00
-I think of Humbugs more as cynics than LIARS
-I never want/get a TAX REFUND. I owed $148 this year and as I mentioned on April 15th, I mailed that check that afternoon. But as Tin mentioned, it is part of the price we pay for living in this country. If I didn’t like it, I would move.
-Newspeak – Taxes = Revenue Enhancements

SwampCat said...

Coneyro, I'm with you. I was just not on the wave length today. When I started counting the ones I got RIGHT instead of trying to solve the whole puzzle, I realized it was time to give up.

But there were some interesting and different clues so I enjoyed it even if I "lost".

And Lemonade, your explanation was a treat, as always! Made me wish I'd tried harder!

Bill said...

Couldn't parse "refund" out of "ta_refund" and unfortunately could not come up with "fox" as the cross. DNF for me.

Lemonade714 said...

It is always interesting to see how much chatter a puzzle generates and lately it is the puzzles which people do not like that get the most comments.

Rainman, being in the public eye also invariably brings reaction. Many are happy for you and many now see you as another target. for the newbies who do not know, when C.C. started constructing with Don Hard G, there many comments which made light of her contributions and suggested Don align with others, but C.C. did not waver and has proven we can do many things if we try.

BE, I understand it was pronounced HornING, but spelled the same as the constructor. He was a rare threat who could pass, catch, run, kick anything to score. Apparently it was also how he lived his personal life.

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle. Solving method similar to what many of you followed: having figured out the theme, immediately entered FOR at the beginning of all the theme answers.
Hand up for not knowing anything about Hogwarts, etc.
Familiar with Goodfellow AFB in San Angelo, TX, so that was easy.
Wanted LENS instead of PANE, LUCY instead of OPIE, and ETTE instead of WARE, making the entire bottom area harder to solve.
Best wishes to you all.

CanadianEh! said...

I have travelled in BC and been through Cranbrook, Revelstoke, Golden, Kelowna but missed Nelson and have never been to the Yukon. I must get out that way again - beautiful area! Maybe on the way to an Alaska cruise!

Yes, we are coming into our beautiful season. If it would ever warm up, we would have tulips, green leaves and blossoms on the fruit trees. But both the Shaw and Stratford Festivals have started their performances so let the tourists come! The wineries have something going on all year long with ice wine, galas and food trucks.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Got hung up because I didn't pay attention to the theme answers. I had NOT GIVE A HOOT for too long.
But it all came together in the end.
(I came around to BONO only because neither ROY nor ORBISON would fit.)

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

A Doubleplussgood puzzle today that was almost doable w/o a lookup.

But I had to look up 62a to re-work the south. I had to change FORafterWORDS (which didn't make sense, but neither did FOR GET THE SACK (never heard of it - I wanted hiT THE SACK or some such)) and the puzzle was done. DNF.

Thanks Mr Hornung for my Friday afternoon diversion. Thanks Lem for the writeup and the BONO clip.

Favs - ORWELL and BORG; somehow they just go together with - oops, no politics.

Looks like you have a Friday Fan too Rainman!

Gotta get a nap. We have two birthday parties this weekend (SIL and eldest) and no ice-cream :-( I'll just have to have BIER.

D-O did you see Mattress Mac's full-pager "God Bless Blue Bell" yesterday? Took our little creamery a few days, but now they're on it.

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Hello! Hello! Hello! It's good to be home and enjoy a LAT puzzle. The San Bernardino Sun changed to a really lame puzzle.

We visited my sister and her family; my niece was in better spirits this time than two months ago, very talkative and lucid with only a few problems tracking but of course, still very ill from the cancer.

Lemonade, thank you, FOR the wonderful review and Harald Hornung for the challenging and clever puzzle.

I flew through the top even with the unknown HELGA which was thankfully perped.

Got the FOR at the beginning of each theme but then FORSWEARWORDS took a long while to surface. Didn't know ORWELL nor recalled ARIE so finally looked them up. LUCY preceded OPIE but finally I limped to the end. Must be out of practice. Anyway looking forward to whatever Saturday brings but since I'll be gone all morning, I'll be here late.

I truly hope you've all had a beautiful week and are enjoying this lovely Friday. It rained here!!

CrossEyedDave said...

Wees, DNF.

However, in reverse order...



Forgo bananas?

& finally, forget. If you remember the 60's, you weren't really there...

Tinbeni said...

I don't Remember that song.

Though it did seem an appropriate tune to listen to today. LOL!

My "first toast" tonight is to you ... if I can remember when Sunset occurs ...

desper-otto said...

Anon-T -- yes, I saw the Matress Mac GBBB add. Very classy, I thought. I've still got a couple half gallons in the freezer, but hope they're back soon. Just learned that Art Rascon (local news guy) also has some Blue Bell in his freezer. I'm more concerned about what his wife may have in the oven. Art is rather prolific. He used to be a CBS correspondent, and now one of his sons is following suit.

fermatprime said...


Managed to plow through this one w/o cheats! Thanks, Harald and Lemonade!

Theme immediate. Cute.

Lots of perps and WAGs used.


I, too, mistakenly put in Gus before GIL.

They promised us rain this week. Just overcast and gloomy instead.


HeartRx said...

Rainman @ 11:29, I have been to Niagara Falls, but not on a wine tour. Most recently, we did do a wine tour in the NY Finger Lakes (around Seneca Lake) a couple years ago. I was not impressed with the thin tasting wines I had there. Maybe I just went to the wrong wineries?

Rainman said...

I think I'm over my posting limits today, Marti, but I share the general opinion that ALL the dry reds or ALL the dry whites within a region are often similar. Maybe others know whether this is true.

Decades ago, I had this bias against California Central Coast wines but over the years they definitely improved, not just one but all. Not sure why. Winemaking techniques? Weather? The vines' ages? Now, some dry reds are almost on a par with Sonoma and Napa products.

I'd love to spend some time in the Finger Lakes area. Um, should I bring my own wine?

I like New Zealand rieslings and have noticed substantial differences between them, so what I said cannot be a strict rule of thumb.

In vino veritas!

Avg Joe said...

AWOL today due to a mandatory continuing ed writing course, so I'm just catching up. When I checked in, there were no comments. Nothing to add to the comments that hasn't been said. Liked the theme as well as the overall fill. Found it quite challenging, but got it in the end.

Looks like the limits were pushed on blog prohibitions today.

HeartRx said...

Rainman, my latest cravings tend toward the Chilean carménère grape. One of my favorites is "Cono Sur." (Get it? LOL!)

Bill G. said...

This is a really funny video about dogs who are not very good about doing dog stuff. Doggie fails

Anonymous T said...

Back from Bday party 1 sans ala MODE.

Cute pups Bill G.

Just me or...
In HS I read HGTTG, Omni, Sky & Telescope, etc. One night I pointed out "Beldtwa Gueise" in ORION to my dad. He nodded knowingly.

Later in life a friend kindly pointed out "It's pronounced Beatle Juice dip-sh**." That's a true friend. He also corrected me saying depreciate (like for getting TAX REFUNDS) instead of deprecate. Like I said, good friend.

Any words you only read and never knew how they were pronounced until you told the world you're the fool?*

Cheers, -T
*that's the 3rd worst part of dyslexia

Bill G. said...

AnonT, as a kid growing up back east, I read Loony Tunes comics and pronounced Yosemite Sam as yo-sum-ite. It was funny when I heard Jordan saying it the same way a few years back.

I said/say 'card shark' instead of 'card sharp.'

I used to say 'expresso' instead of 'espresso.'

I have a teacher friend who says 'laxadaisical.' Lots of people say 'heighth.'

I used to say 'Klu Klux Klan' though I would rather never have said it at all, right or wrong.

I still say 'a whole nother thing,' why I don't know.

I know I've said 'perscription' from time to time.

I used to say 'sherbert' growing up.

I know I've said 'tenderhooks' instead of 'tenterhooks.'

Probably more than you wanted to know. Fun topic though...

Anonymous T said...

Wait - It's not sher-bert? :-)

In the mid-west, I always heard that growing up. I saw the word sorbert on a banner at the fair and thought "What's that?" I got some and thought - hell, this is just sher-bert. Yet another V-8 moment. C, -T

Lucina said...

One of my pet peeves is pronouncing it "sher-bert". I just can't stand it and want to scream when I hear it.

Bill G. said...

AnonnT, sherbet and sorbet are similar but different as I discovered late in life. Sherbet has some milk fat or dairy in it though not as much as ice cream. Sorbet is just fruit based; no milk or cream.