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Jul 15, 2015

Wednesday, July 15th 2015 Jeff Stillman

Theme: Smells Like Teen Spirit

16A. Very best 64-Across? : TOP SECRET

23A. 64-Across that lasts forever? : LIFETIME BAN

37A. Receive one's 64-Across shipment? : GET THE AXE

56A. Last of a trio of 64-Across units? : THIRD DEGREE

64A. Theme of this puzzle : DEODORANT and a great excuse to kick the day off with some Nirvana.

Morning all! A fresh-scented foursome from Jeff today - a straightforward theme that I don't think needs any more explanation from me, so let's get straight into the rest of it.


1. Resort near Arapaho National Forest : VAIL. Not exactly a fill-in for the first entry, I had to wait for one cross - the "V" gave it away when I looked downwards.

5. __ cracker : SODA. RICE went in, RICE came out.

9. Feature of some hammers : CLAW. PEEN went in, PEEN came out. I started out with the crossword equivalent of the Hokey-Pokey.

13. Gun shop buy : AMMO

14. Valuable rocks : ORES

15. Appreciative cry : BRAVO

18. Like some casks : OAKEN. What's the difference between an oak cask and an oaken one? The latter sounds more archaic to me.

19. All worked up : IRATE

20. Go later than planned : RUN OVER. When meetings I'm in do this and I've got a plane to catch I get antsy. Today's meeting in Miami would have to seriously run late, I don't fly back to LA until Friday.

22. Trig. function : COS. We had a book of tables for stuff like this back in the good old days when I was at school. The book was handy for writing cheat notes in the back.

27. Sancho's "steed" : ASS. Don Quixote's sidekick. I dug around a little, but didn't find a name for Panza's ride. Any ideas anyone?

28. Weekly NBC offering : SNL

29. Recede : EBB

30. Movie director's challenge : EGO. I have a friend who is a movie director and he never has anything but good things to say about his stars. He's very modest, maybe his lack of ego rubs off on the cast.

31. Winter air : NOEL. A Christmas Carol. My sister was named "Carol" as she was born close to Christmas. She hated the name and changed it at the first opportunity she had.

33. Try a little of : SIP

35. Words to a waiter : ORDER

41. Reward for bravery : MEDAL

44. Devil : IMP

45. Battery unit : VOLT. I don't understand electricity. Friends think I'm joking when I plead complete ignorance about the whole process, but I've honestly never "got" it. Watts, Amps, Volts - no clue.

49. GI's break : R'N'R. Rest and Recuperation.

50. It has a small charge : ION. More of that electrical magic trickery.

53. Doctrine : ISM. Webster's Dictionary defines this as a word in its own right, not simply a suffix.

55. Seating designation : ROW. Window Seat A, Row 7 for me on the flight  out. Same seat on the way home.

59. Lyrical before : ERE

60. One using a bypass, maybe : AVOIDER

61. Bobby who "thumbed a diesel down," in a 1971 #1 hit : MCGEE

63. Result of a leadoff walk : ONE ON. Baseball reference. I'm now educated enough about the game that I can understand that there can be no other result from walking the leadoff batter.

67. Sailing through : ACING

68. Croquet surface : LAWN

69. Cinq et six : ONZEMathématiques en français.

70. Jeweler Lalique : RENE. The James Oviatt building in downtown Los Angeles built in 1928 features a lobby with glass panels, glass elevator doors and a clock made by Lalique. Quite stunning

71. Peak near Messina : ETNA.

72. Knocker's target? : WOOD


1. Swiss Guard's station, with "the" : VATICAN. The Pope's ceremonial bodyguard.

2. Lovingly, in music : AMOROSO. I'm not sure how you'd interpret this musical direction. Swooningly? Bawling your eyes out because you've been dumped by your paramour? Tongue-tied like a teenager?

3. Standoff : IMPASSE

4. Didn't finish on top : LOST.

5. Humanities maj. : SOC. Sociology, I'm guessing.

6. Defenseman Bobby with many trophies : ORR. I can now confidently type "Boston Bruin Hockey Legend" without fact-checking due to encountering this gentleman in many crossword puzzles.

7. Mower maker : DEERE. I never think of this name without the preceding "John".

8. Not easily misled : ASTUTE

9. Have a jones for : CRAVE

10. Wet floor? : LAKE BED. Quite a few of the lake beds in California are dry floors now as a result of the drought.

11. Typical : AVERAGE

12. Finished on top : WON. Partner of 4D. It's not a clecho - it's more a clopposite.

15. Shouldered music source : BOOM BOX. It's been a while since I've seen or heard one of these things, thank heavens.

17. Sushi fish : EELS. All the fish I can think of off the top of my head aren't pluralized with an "S". Salmon, trout, pike, tuna ....

21. Highlighter tip : NIB

24. Research ctr. : INST. Here's the august Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

25. Move like a monarch : FLIT. Butterfly-like motion.

26. Hide-hair link : NOR

32. Airport on Flushing Bay, in itineraries : LGA. La Guardia in New York City. I think the United terminal has the worst food and refreshment choices of any airport I've ever been to.

34. Letter after upsilon : PHI. Learning the Greek alphabet is on my list of things to do. It's not very far up the list I confess, but I'll get to it sometime.

36. Sun. speaker : REV. Hopefully the sermon doesn't go on too long.

38. Saying "somethin'," say : ELIDING. Nice clue.

39. Kuwaiti ruler : EMIR

40. Church area : APSE

41. "I pity the fool" speaker : MR T. Originally his character Clubby Lang referring to Rocky Balboa in the movie "Rocky 3", later the title of his own reality show.

42. Upgrade : ENHANCE

43. Classic A&W restaurant : DRIVE-IN. Dating from 1920's California.

46. Marjoram kin : OREGANO. Marjoram is a little sweeter with a milder flavor.

47. Actor Lamas-Craig : LORENZO. Thank you, crosses. A famous daytime soap actor, apparently.

48. Contacted one's followers, nowadays : TWEETED. I have a Twitter account, but I've no idea why, I've never sent a single tweet.

51. Kooky : ODD

52. Speedometer part : NEEDLE. Fast enough for ya?

54. Staff note : MEMO

57. TV exec Arledge : ROONE. Thank you, crosses. ABC Sports and ABC News head who created "Monday Night Football", amongst other programming.

58. Extraordinary : GREAT

62. Brag : CROW

63. Dinghy propeller : OAR

65. Possess : OWN

66. Some trial evidence : DNA

That about wraps it up for today, so here's the grid!



Lemonade714 said...

A very straightforward Wednesday.



Thanks guys

Lemonade714 said...

Where did OREGANO GO?

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Got the theme early on today, which helped. In general, I know my deodorants, but I didn't realize that AXE made anything other than a body spray. Live and learn....

A few rough spots today, including RENE, RNR, ETNA and EELS (as Steve mentioned, I don't understand the final S). Nothing too bad, though.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Steve and friends. Well, today's puzzle was not a Stinker!!!

We can't have a puzzle with Bobby McGEE without a little Janis. (Lyrics by Kris Kristofferson).

My first thought for the Sushi Fish was Ahi(s).

Remember the A&W lyrics?

QOD: Between saying and doing, many a pair of shoes is worn out. ~ Iris Murdoch (July 15, 1919 ~ Feb. 8, 1999)

Hungry Mother said...

I spent 30 years in academia in Mathematics and Computer Science (and Mathematics and Computer Science) departments. I never considered Sociology as a Humanity or as a Science, so "SOC" was a tough answer for me.

A Child of the Sixties said...

Happy Birthday Linda Ronstadt!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Once again the fruit-based machine is acting slow. I had time to do the crossword, jumble, sudoku and even the word sleuth (which I normally never do) before Quicken finished its upload. Quicken has turned into an oxymoron.

My cracker was a Ritz before SOC showed up. That one was a gimme; DW has taught SOC for about 30 years. Steve, I'm surprised you don't think of Lou when you see "Deere." ;>) My biggest stumble was thinking the "Shouldered music source" was a BAGPIPE. Didn't slow me down much.

The theme fell flat for me. I'm not familiar with AXE or DEGREE deodorants. It used to be the battles of the deodorants, razor blades, laundry soaps and colas in TV ads -- now it's Viagra and Cialis and other drugs which require 15-second disclaimers about side effects, including death, while soft, happy music plays in the background and the screen shows smiling, happy people. What an improvement!

Argyle said...

You might want to catch this. Across and Down

Avg Joe said...

Pretty much what you said Steve. Also tried Ritz ala Otto. It all worked out.

I don't think we've had a theme similar to this where you really had to have the perps to get the theme fill. And you then needed the theme fill to get the reveal. I enjoyed it, but it was challenging in an unfamiliar way.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

CSO to AvgJoe!

This was a semi challenging effort. I also had to wait for VATICAN to get VAIL and my cracker was first FIRE cracker. And as I've mentioned before, my lasting knowledge of trig is the vocabulary.

Guessed at ONZE since it sounds much like Spanish, once, pronounced ohn-zay.

The OREGANO in my herb bed is spreading outward and might soon take over the patio.

I liked the misdirection of "move like a monarch" FLIT.

Have a GREAT day, everyone!

Boo LuQuette AKA Boudreaux in Eunice, La. said...

I got deodorant early on so the upper fills fell in place. I like degree over axe. Axe doesn't hold up well in the heat we get down here.

Lorenzo is a well known actor and I liked him in Renegade years ago.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day,

I thought today's offering was a slog, but eventually I got it worked out. A mis-step or two that slowed me down. RUN late/RUN OVER, man ON/ ONE ON, cool/NOEL. Favorite was 10D wet floor/LAKE BED. Didn't know if AMOROSO was correct until I read Steve's write up. Same for ONZE.

Tinbeni said...

WHHS ... word-for-word!
Geez, I "got'er done" but it was a total slog.
Can't say I was impressed with the theme ... the reveal enabled me to go back and get the first three ... though I did like THIRD DEGREE.

Fave today, of course, was SIP my favorite way to enjoy a libation.
And the closest answer to "How I Judge ALL Crossword Puzzles!"


VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks Jeff for a nice Wednesday puzzle.

I actually got the theme first then used it to fill in the last letters of the other theme answers.

I looked up oaken in my Kindle dictionary and next to it in the search list was oaked. This is an adjective applied to wine aged in oaken casks or containers.

"Sport the oak" in Brit speak means to shut the outer door as a sign out to not be disturbed in your dorm room. This is because the doors used to be oak. Not the necktie or sock on the door knob? So does this mean they have an inner door in their rooms?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I didn't get much pleasure in solving this, probably due to the lackluster theme. In any case, thanks to Jeff for his efforts and thanks to Steve for keeping us amused. (I had fire before soda, also.)

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Congrats to HG on ACING the hole. BZ

Had to wait for the V in VATICAN to enter VAIL as Steve did. Had to jump around to establish starting nuclei, but it gradually filled in. I don't call it the NEEDLE, but finally figured out what was meant. Learned that OREGANO and marjoram are related.
I've always pluralized EELS. Feels right..
We have OAKEN frequently so, had no trouble with that. 'EN' is added to quite a few nouns to make an adjective - like oaten, earthen, flaxen, etc.

The Old Oaken Bucket
Samuel Woodworth (1784–1842)

HOW dear to this heart are the scenes of my childhood,
When fond recollection presents them to view!
The orchard, the meadow, the deep-tangled wildwood,
And every loved spot which my infancy knew;
The wide-spreading pond and the mill which stood by it, 5
The bridge, and the rock where the cataract fell;
The cot of my father, the dairy-house nigh it,
And e’en the rude bucket which hung in the well,—
The old oaken bucket, the iron-bound bucket,
The moss-covered bucket which hung in the well.

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

" ROW. Window Seat A, Row 7 for me on the flight out. Same seat on the way home." That's first class; I'm usually row 59, seat F in steerage using my Southwest mile (but it's free). 'Bobby MCGEE', by Kris Kristofferson, sung by Janis Joplin; I once was 'busted flat in Baton Rouge', flying Delta from New Orleans at the last second and got bumped at the Baton Rouge Airport back in 1972. Wasn't a good Friday night but luckily another flight came through about midnight. Bar was closed and there was a Coke machine and a candy bar machine for nourishment. LGA- the Delta terminal (5 years ago) was pretty pathetic also.

For some reason I had trouble in the NW, even though I have skied at VAIL and know VATICAN. the NOEL was all perps, guessing that AMOROSO would end in a vowel and probably 'O'. The SOC for sociology had me stalled for a while. I would have never solved OREGANO or LORENZO without the crosses and have never TWEETED ( and have no intention of starting or following anybody's drivel).

My only writeoevers were OWN for HAS, ETNA for OSSA (wrong deadbeat country),and RUN OVER for RUN LATE. So Jeff had someone DRIVE IN the winning run with ONE ON as his pitcher was ACING the opposing team, all in the SW.

Great write up Steve but was expecting pictures of DEODORANT users 'raising their arms' but they weren't SURE.

Husker Gary said...

What a clever theme! I came, I solved, I enjoyed (veni, soluta, i fruebatur)!

-His LIFETIME BAN was a big issue this week during the Cincinnati All Star game
-4 p.m. pointless faculty meetings that RUN OVER make for angry teachers
-I’ll bet it was this COS book Steve
-Restraunteurs hate it when your ORDER only includes water to drink
-We are going to see this play at the Omaha Playhouse and Joann wanted seats in the back ROW because she heard you get picked on if you sit close
-George Patton’s had a mission to beat Bernard Montgomery to MESSINA in 1943. He WON.
-All equipment on my neighbor’s farm is DEERE green
-Rogers Dry LAKE BED at Edwards AFB provided a perfect landing strip for NASA, including this vehicle
-Our A & W had Baby, Momma, Papa and Teen burgers you could ORDER
-I didn’t really CROW about my Hole-In-One yesterday. I just bought everyone a beverage
-My daughter suddenly became interested in baseball when she had DNA in the game

Husker Gary said...

Personal Musing (CROW? EGO?) ;-)
-These are pictures of my hole-in-one yesterday. As you can see, I hit the ball sky high and it landed 3” from the hole and plopped in.

Avg Joe said...

Gary I'm surprised that yellow ball isn't charred from the heat of reentry. And it must have taken 5 minutes to repair the divot. :-)

Again, congrats. Good thing it wasn't on a Saturday.

Jazzbumpa said...

HI gang -

Generally a well-executed puzzle.

But something is seriously amiss when you have 4 theme entries plus a reveal supported by zero meaningful clues.

ONZE is very hard to forgive.

The long down fill is good.

Congrats on your ace, Gary.

I thought everyone know that Sancho Panza's steed was Donkey Xote.

I'll just show myself out.

Cool regards!

desper-otto said...

Jzb, "Donkey Xote" -- very cute.

Husker, congrats. You mentioned that you had yellow balls so that other folks wouldn't play with 'em. Now I see what you meant.

C6D6 Peg said...

Not a tough solve today. Once SECRET, BAN, AXE and part of DEODORANT showed up, it was a on to the finish.

Thanks, Steve..... Loved your Clopposite!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

The Old Oaken Bucket to which Spitzboov referred @ 9:54 is also a traveling football "trophy", contested between Purdue and Indiana University since 1891. The UC Bearcats and Louisville Cardinals played for the Keg of Nails, but there may be a lull in this series now that the teams reside in different conferences, and no longer play each other each year.

I see but one ink blot in the puzzle today, and that was due to not recognizing the correct "tense" for 20a - had RAN OVER which made ASTATE for 8d; other than that, WEES with regard to the odd cluing for a covert theme. Just let the PERPS take care of filling in the spaces. About AVERAGE for a Wednesday, but nothing to write home about, so I will post here instead!! ;^)

Nice write-up, Steve - regarding "learning the Greek Alphabet", when I was pledging a fraternity, many moons ago, one of our "tasks" during the initiation/hazing period was to recite (correctly) the Greek Alphabet 5 times while holding onto a lit match. It worked. Alpha, beta, gamma, delta, epsilon, zeta, eta, theta, iota, kappa, lambda, mu, nu, xi, omicron, pi, rho, sigma, tau, upsilon, phi, chi, psi, omega (did not look it up; feel free to check me!)

HG - again, congrat's on the ace; don't know if you saw some replies I made to you over the past week (one being, not to be embarrassed about using a yellow golf ball, and the other asking if this was your first Hole-in-One). FWIW, I used a yellow TOP FLITE XL (in 1982) to shoot my first sub-par round. The ball is still displayed proudly on the bookcase in my den!

Reminded of the phrase: "Do you want a MEDAL or a chest to pin it on" when I saw 41a - seems Mitterand really enjoyed his role in this ceremony!!

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. I had some problems with this Wednesday puzzle; VAIL or some other resort, COS or Sin or Tan or ???, CLAW or peen, etc. but I got it all done. Thanks Jeff and Steve.

I enjoyed the All Star game, especially the old timers. Kofax, Bench, Aaron and Mays. What a quartet!

No matter his statistics, I've never been a Pete Rose fan. In addition to his betting on baseball and lying, he just seems like an arrogant jerk to me. When class was handed out, he didn't get his share.

Gary, you and Joann are going to love that play. Very clever and witty.

Steve, re. your troubles with understanding electricity. Think about something else in your every day life to compare it to, like water pressure and flow. Voltage is like water pressure. With a little bit of pressure, the water just dribbles out of a hose. Lots of pressure will shoot a stream of water across the room. Electrical current is like water flow (the flow of electrons vs. the flow of water molecules). Resistance (ohms) is like friction in the pipes or hose. Wattage is electrical work like turning a motor. It's comparable to taking the water pressure and flow and using it to do work like turning a water wheel. Does that help any? Questions?

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts - 2"

A limerick for Steve, since he said he didn't understand electricity. Well, sir, I'm somewhat agape by it, too! Here goes:

Not too sure that I'm ready to bolt
From my Mustang, would be quite a jolt.
As I like cars that roar
When the pedal hits floor;
Not too thrilled from the sound of a VOLT.

HowardW said...

Excellent job, Chairman Moe...Had I pledged your fraternity, I wouldn't have put PSI where PHI should be. That was one of several mistakes (PEEN for CLAW, RUN LATE for RUN OVER) which made this a slower-than-usual solve for me.

Jazz - nice one about "Donkey Xote"!

Steve - pretty picture of the MIT courtyard. It may be august, but it looks more like November to me.

HG, congratulations on the hole-in-one.

Misty - good wishes to you and Rowland. I'm sure that your friends will help you cope; don't be shy about asking.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Straightforward solve today, even though I didn't suss the theme until the very end.

Well, since we have Onze in today's puzzle, maybe I can squeeze in a little aerodynamic theory. A lot of early aeronautical design work was done in France, back in the days when a lot still needed figuring out. One thing being worked on was the ideal aspect ratio for a wing design; that's the ratio of wing span to wing chord (width). A number of French engineers believed that a ratio of 11:1 was the best compromise. Since Onze is the French word for "eleven", those engineers became known as the "Onze-istes". I can't tell whether they spelled it that way.

Now to return to our regular programming...

Big Easy said...

H.G. & Moe- The only time I am sub-par is when I am sick. Never broke 80, but hit it twice, but two weeks ago I shot an 85 on a tough course and felt like I won the US Open. One of our group ( out of over 100), who I happened to be paired with QUIT after 6 holes with 8 balls in the water. Our group started on hole 4 and on 10 he hit his second shot in the water and said that he'd had enough. He was too embarrassed to admit that he was out of balls, being a 12 handicapper. Oak Harbor has water on most holes.,-89.7740033,15.25z?hl=en

Slices, hooks, blades, shanks, bad bounced,victory laps around the cup: that's golf.

Chairman Moe said...

Big Easy @ 12:16

I was fortunate to have had a father who was a golfer, and who introduced me to the game when I was 10 yrs old. I grew up on a "muni", caddied a bit, and had a few buddies who also liked to play. I played/lettered for my high school team, so my skills at this frustrating sport were honed at an early age.

The beauty of golf for me, compared to other sports, is that it allows players of all handicaps/ability/skill to play together, as you are playing "against the course", not against each other. I enjoy playing golf with people who enjoy playing golf!

BTW, I've played a few courses down your way, including: Belle Terre in Laplace, the Bluffs in St Francisville, Copper Mill in Zachary, Island CC in Plaquemine, and the LSU Golf Course in Baton Rouge. Never stopped in Slidell to play golf, but Oak Harbor looks pretty challenging.

Lucina said...

I also enjoyed your Donkey Xote!

CrossEyedDave said...

Top Secret?

Lifetime Ban?

Why you should get the Axe...

What is with Degree & threes?


Jayce said...

At 1A, TAOS went in, TAOS came out. At 2A, FIRE went in, FIRE came out. At 3A, CLAW went in and stayed in.
I didn't know LORENZO Lamas had added Craig to his surname, but having read up on him I now know why.
Not familiar with DEGREE and AXE as deodorant brands; now I am.
If you don't know French, I dare say you wouldn't get ONZE without perps; do you what eleven is in Spanish, Italian, or German?
I liked the "Knocker's target" clue for WOOD; I suppose in the UK it would be clued "Toucher's target".
When I was in school we called it "Sosh" not SOC.
My wife FLITs. She has 2 speeds: full blast and asleep. She knows it and we sometimes laugh together about it.
I just spent 3 hours updating Flash Player, Java, and Acrobat Reader. Not a fun way to spend the morning.

Spitzboov said...

Jayce - Re: ONZE. German: Elf; Dutch: elf. You get a twofer here.

AnonymousPVX said...

Pretty easy even for a Wednesday, lots of short fill.

Nice to get a break every so often.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jeff and Steve!

Also put in things that were taken out as mentioned above. Never heard of AXE deodorant. Had a tough time getting BOOM BOX, though it should have been obvious.

Have watched Stitchers for the last time. A show for the young-obsessed.


Beach Bum said...

I believe Mr. T's character in Rocky III was named Clubber, not Clubby.

Anyone else here think the clue for 13A should have had something indicating the answer was an abbreviation?

Jerome said...

Bill G- My oldest brother Jay is a retired carpenter like myself. When I helped him build his house about 20 years ago I was a little astonished that he was going to do all the electrical work as well as the plumbing, tile, cabinets, gas lines, roofing, etc. Like a lot of carpenters, over the years you learn to do a bit of everything, but I thought him doing all the electrical work was a tad chancy and told him so. He said it was not unlike doing the plumbing, but instead of water you're bringing electricity to and from one place to another in a wire instead of a copper tube. You and I know it's not quite that simple, but it is an excellent way to explain to someone, in a very easy to understand way, the basics. You're explanation of voltage was perfect and reminded me of my brother's analogy.

Anonymous T said...

HI all!

I'm getting IRATE and my EGO is bruised... This is 3 days in a row w/a FIW w/ one 1 bad square. Today's lack of ACING is the Z in 47d xing 69a. I guessed I. At least I knew it was a WAG.

Thanks Jeff for the puzzle. The x-ref to 64a made it a real chore (but I enjoyed it!) until I finally cracked the theme w/ only AXE & BAN. Thanks Steve for the entertaining writeup - clopposite, ha... Bill G. beat me to VOLTS, expo.

VATICAN would have never fallen w/o TOP SECRET. I wanted VAIL, but wasn't sure about AM_R_(TAN, SIN, COS?)S_ and kept trying to thing of a guard chateaux or something. VAT_CA_ - V8 moment.

W/O - It RAN late b/f it went OVER. My new boss does not like meetings that run over, our weekly staff was scheduled for .5 hrs; now it's 1.5 hours and we don't RUN OVER.

JzB - Donkey Xote - funny. HG & C. Moe - My golf game.

Favs - Too hard to pick ONE ON a puzzle like today...
GREAT WOOD Knocker's?

early BOOM BOX?

Or, on today, Twitter's 9th b-day, seeing 48d. If RENE Descartes were alive today, would he have TWEETED: "I Tweet, therefore I am. #IAM"?

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

HG - I have 29th Ed. CRC right here...

Did y'all see NASA's PRESS conference today... Stunning GREAT images of Pluto. C, -T

Wayne said...

Re: Sancho Panza's ride ... The donket is called "el rucio" which is not really a name, but a description - it means something like dust-coloured.

Pluto-nian ET said...

Those who think that spending 7.6 Billion dollars, over a 10 year period, with recurring costs of 182 million dollars annual wage bills is worth a bunch of pictures of a skeleton planet (?) from 4 billion miles away ..... please raise your hands.

Now you can also jump up and down, for the next 5 minutes ....

That money could have fed the whole country of Greece for the next 30 days; pensions and all.

Anonymous T said...

I'm going to hate myself...

Pluto-nian - Enthusiastic hand-up! This dwarf-planet may endup w/ our DNA affter Sol goes Red-Dwarf - our last hope as a species. What we learn puts us very high on the food-chain and may save our tiny ASSes.

I gotta ask, would you bitch & moan then that Isabella gave some treasure to Columbus?

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

IGTHM too.

But C'mon! Should we, as a society, not spend money on the advancement of our race? Bullshit! If we never get off this planet, then we are doomed along with it. Global warming is not a problem but a random asteroid may be the culprit. I think human DNA is the most amazing thing on Earth and we must propagate that.

Anonymous said...

Kids say the darnedest things.

Anonymous said...

Is anyone else out there besides me tired of all this PC bull#&$@? "Eskimo"is not, IMHO,racist. All these made-up labels we are creating,like native, agro, Mexican, etc Americans is sickening. Soon,it will be racist if you describe yourself as being white.
PC has helped make our country a lot worse place to live. I just wish it would go away.
I am grateful that I grew up in the '40s and 50's. I know I liked it a lot better.
End of rant.
Enjoyed the puzzle.