Jul 9, 2015

Thursday, July 9, 2015 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: Somersaults.

We have an acrobatic theme, and are given the reveal immediately at 1-Down:

1-Down. With 57-Down, reverse ... and a hint to hidden letters in 6-, 9-, 15- and 21-Down : FLIP.
57-Down. See 1-Down : SIDE.

So it was no secret that we would be looking for the word "SIDE" appearing from the bottom-up. We are even given the theme locations right away.  That took away from the fun of figuring it out on my own, but others may appreciate the leg up. Simple theme entries:

6-Down. Subject of debate : CONTESTED ISSUE.

9-Down. Retail promotion : STORE DISPLAY.

15-Down. Shipwreck movie staple : DESERTED ISLAND.

21-Down. General Electric co-founder : THOMAS EDISON.

Now, let's look at the rest.


1. NFL threes : FGS. Field goals.

4. S&L offering : ACCT. 2 Abbr. to start...

8. Daisylike flower : ASTER.

13. Waikiki wreath : LEI.

14. Overwhelm in abundance : FLOOD.

16. Shoulder accessory : STOLE. At first, all I could think of was shoulder pads. Remember those from the '80s?

17. Place for the night : INN.

18. "Blue Sky" Oscar winner : LANGE. Jessica also won many other awards for her role.

19. Reliable : SOLID.

20. Wear a long face : POUT.

22. "Take __ a sign" : IT AS.

23. Geometric products : AREAS.

24. Having left the water : ASHORE.

26. '70s "Laugh-In" regular Ann : ELDER. I don't remember her.

28. Fat substitute : OLESTRA. It lost favor due to the side effects.

30. Panel with gauges : DASH.

33. Love interest : FLAME.

36. "Rosanna" band : TOTO. The video. 5:28

37. Empire founded by Manco Cápac, in legend : INCA. He was believed to be a fire and sun god.

38. Baltic capital : RIGAMap.

39. Feints : DEKES.

40. Leave a lasting mark on : SCAR.

41. Energy measures : ERGS.

42. Picked out of a lineup : ID'ed.

43. Used : SPENT.

44. Throw down the gauntlet : DARE.

45. Barely enough : MINIMAL.
Followed by a semi-clecho:
47. Barely bests : EDGES.

49. Staid : SEDATE.

52. Bacall's love, informally : BOGIE. Listen here.

54. Ward of "Sisters" : SELA. I don't think I ever watched that show. She's the one at the upper left.

56. Some raised hands : YEAS.

58. Clear in class : ERASE.

59. __ about: recuperating : UP AND.

61. Pent- minus two : TRI-.

62. You might pass one in a race : BATON.

63. Choosing word : EENIE. meenie, miney, mo...

64. Like too many jokes : OLD.

65. Colleague of Ruth and Sonia : ELENA. Supreme Court Justices Bader Ginsburg, Sotomayor and Kagan.

66. Blissful place : EDEN.

67. Emmy-winning scientist : NYE. Bill Nye, the Science Guy.


2. Italian port : GENOA.

3. Paranasal space : SINUS.

4. Gp. in a historic 1970 sports merger : AFL. The American Football League merged with the National Football League.

5. Actress Danes : CLAIRE.

7. Roman robe : TOGA.

8. Big name in Syrian politics : ASSAD. Bashar Al-Assad is the Syrian president.

10. Permissible variation : TOLERANCE.

11. Charles Lamb pen name : ELIA. "Essays of Elia."

12. Great American Ball Park team : REDS. The Cincinnati Reds, that is.

25. Bullfight cheer : OLE.

27. Thailand neighbor : LAOS.

29. Evidence of esteem? : TOKEN.

31. Do a cashier's job : SCAN. At our local supermarket, you can grab a wand on your way in and scan and bag your groceries as you go through the aisles.  Thus totally eliminating the need for cashiers.

32. Roxie __, Zellweger's "Chicago" role : HART. The name on everyone's lips.

33. Barney's friend : FRED. The Flintstones.  I was torn between Barney Rubble and Barney Fife, because "Andy" also fit.

34. Capital of Turkey : LIRA. The money type of capital, not the principle city.

35. Combined : AGGREGATE.

39. Old phone booth user's need : DIME. Good lord, I feel old!

43. __ sack : SAD.

46. Nasty sort : MEANIE.

48. Davis of "A League of Their Own" : GEENA. I loved her in that movie.

50. Wyoming's __ Range : TETONBreathtaking.

51. Ahead of time : EARLY.

52. Tiny tot, in Toledo : BEBE. Good thing this was already filled by perps. My mind would have been on Tater Tots and Toledo, Ohio, I'm sure.

53. __ exam : ORAL.

55. Parrier's tool : EPEE.

60. Place to solve a puzzle : DEN. My go to places are the deck in summer, or the solarium in winter.

See you on the FLIP SIDE!



OwenKL said...

Took a few passes, but finally finished the puzzle without errors. The gimmick was a tough one though. Even with the reveal, it was hard to see, but once I did I admired the ingenuity. A shame there was no theme entry with the break after the third letter, but the only word ending in *EDI is the unit a currency in Ghana, not a word found in many English phrases.

When running a race with parkour
One should wear some fitting couture.
Try to do a SIDE FLIP
In a dress with side slit
The result just might not be demure!

The mobius strip is known far and wide
For being a surface with only one SIDE.
Follow one for a trip
And there's no need to FLIP
To tour the whole road on your ride!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Got through this one in decent-enough time for a Thursday. Didn't need to know the theme to solve it, but at least I was able to understand it and find the "hidden" letters when I was done.

Thought some of the cluing was awkward, but I guess that was just to make it more difficult for a Thursday. I always thought you were UP AND ABOUT after you were done recuperating, for example, not while you were recuperating.

Only real speed bump was in the NE corner. Tried RAYS before REDS and had no idea about ELDER. Finally took out RAYS and things fell into place pretty quickly after that.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I got the theme easily.....once the puzzle was finished. SIDE was my last entry. BEBE was not my first choice; I was waiting to decide if it was NINO or NINA. I tried to cram EPAULET into that 5-letter "Shoulder accessory" slot. My shipwreck started out as a DISASTER -- turns out that it was. And that S&L was offering me a LOAN. Still with determination, and plenty of Wite-Out, it all came together in normal Thursday time. Nicely done, JE and MDC. (Marti, have you ever used that Roman year in one of your puzzles?)

HowardW said...

WBS about UP AND ABOUT. ELDER, too. Oddly, finished this a little faster than yesterday's, despite a few false starts such as ALLOWANCE for TOLERANCE, SERENE for SEDATE, MINIMUM for MINIMAL, FAKES for DEKES.

OwenKL, one could split a theme entry after three letters with something like "JEDI SAYING". ["There is no try", for example?]

Thanks Marti & Jerry!

thehondohurricane said...


Well, finally got one done correctly with all squares accounted for. Never picked up on the news there.. CLAIRE, OLESTRA,BEBE, ELDER & TOTO were somy ??????? for today. I don't follow the clues from puzzle to puzzle closely, but it seems like whenever INCA appears there's a new founder for the Empire. It's not a big enough deal for me to research it though.

Knew the '70's merger was AFL/NFL, but it sure took time to know if the A or an N was the correct fill.

Marti's right on...GEENA Davis was great in a League Of Their Own. One of the few sports movies I liked.

Lemonade714 said...

It is fun to see how sophisticated we have become that we look for the perfect progression in theme splits. When I started reading the Corner back in the day I never looked for themes.

I am not sure how one goes about devising such a puzzle but it was well done, not easy
Not hard.

Ann Elder who took over as the ditzy blonde when Goldie Hawn left never became a household name but she has had a successful career as a comedy writer often teaming up with Larry Hovis. Remember him HG?

I also did not know the movie BLUE SKY so that slowed me down. Thanks Jerry and marti

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Thanks, Jerry. A little slow for me today as I didn't have a chance to get to Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. No prep work. No wonder I've been fussy. No daily crossword or visit to the corner for enlightenment or a smile.

Thanks, Marti. I needed your wisdom today. A DNF here!

Have a good day.

HeartRx said...

Fun poems today, OwenKL!

d-otto @ 6:40, I try my hardest not to use Roman numerals, ever. But then again, MDC might not be all that bad… ;-)

Avg Joe said...

It's been one of those weeks where everything is a bit tough for the day. Saturday does not bode well. This was a challenge, but quite enjoyable. The theme itself just sort of lays there, but the fill more than makes up for it.

Marti, if you feel old thinking about that dime phone call, this might lift your spirits: Loan Me a Dime

And as for League of Their Own, when the US Open (golf) was on recently, all the carping about the course caused me to send this message out to golfing friends: " 'Crying? Crying? There's no crying in baseball!' That may be so, but evidently there is in golf."

Tinbeni said...

Marti: Wonderful write-up and links.

Jerry: Thank You for a FUN Thursday puzzle with a clever theme.

OK ... am I the only one who thought after getting 1-d, FLIP, that 57-d would be flop ... since a "reversal" is generally called a "flip-flop" ???
Glad I waited for Bill NYE, The Science-Guy, to get me the 'E' for SIDE to emerge.

At one point when solving I noticed I had everything "8-westward" filled in ... and not a correct letter in the eastern third correct. (I had MINIMUum before that SAD Sack got me MINIMAL).

Only needed ESP to get ELDER & HART (never saw the movie Chicago).

All-In-All this was the most enjoyable solving experience in quite a while.
And I say that even though, once-again, there was NO BOOZE in the grid ... lol

A "Toast-To-ALL" at Sunset.

kazie said...

To my way of thinking, and sport and name ignorance, both today and yesterday were beasts. having never heard of TOTO, DEKES, HART, Capac or OLESTRA didn't help, so I never got CONTESTED ISSUE out completely.

Yesterday I was on the road and at a funeral most of the day, or I might have done better, so though CBER was clever and cute, I thought it was a bit much for a Wednesday level CW.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Fun and clever offering with just the right amount of bite for a Thursday. Loan before acct. Brno before Riga, and ducks before dekes, all easily and quickly corrected by perps. However, I read farrier's tool instead of parrier's for the longest time until, finally, I saw my error.

Sunshine right now but rain coming later in the day. Then, a few hot, dry days in the forecast. Typical July weather, I guess.

Lemony, that is a darling picture of Charlotte. My, she is growing quickly, isn't she? (As they all do!)

Tin, due to the dearth of your favorite liquids in the recent puzzles, this one's for you, kid! 🍷

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, AGAIN! Thanks to Jerry and Marti for a terrific Thursday trip! 😎

unclefred said...

Fun puzzle, thanks, Jerry! Great write-up, thanks Marti! I put MINIMUM instead of MINIMAL and FLOP where SIDE belongs, so those two mistakes slowed me down, but eventually I got 'er done. Oh, and thanks for the limerick, Owen!

Lemonade714 said...

I also thought Owen had a very good day. Thanks

Yellowrocks said...

Fun puzzle and expo. I thought it was a little easy for a Thursday. Only TOTO and ELDER were unknown, but easily perped.
I loved the movie Chicago with Renee Roxie HART.
In my mind, DEKE has become crosswordese.
I am recuperating and still going to PT, but, fortunately have been UP AND ABOUT for weeks. BTW, I square danced 4 sets on Tuesday and 3 sets on Wednesday. When I am fully recovered I wouldn't use that phrase to describe it. Alan was UP AND ABOUT the entire 4 weeks he was recuperating at rehab. Thanks for asking, Irish Miss, he is now home and is doing fine.
Well, the rain has stopped temporarily and so I am off top do the weekly grocery shopping.

VirginiaSycamore said...

I had never heard of Ann Elder. Then I looked up the Wikipedia on Laugh-In and she was on the show in the later years when I was in college and too busy to watch the show.

This was a challenging puzzle. I never got the theme. I had to use red letters and alphabet runs to finish.

It is raining here AGAIN in Cleveland. Pretty soon, I am going to start building an ark!

GrannyAnny said...

Always look forward to Thursday puzzles and this one was "just right". Even understood the theme and admired the skill it took to fit those "flipped SIDES" into an enjoyable puzzle.

Marti... I can't imagine that scanning and bagging one's groceries while walking through the store can last very long. I must have become very cynical in my Golden Years, but that just seems to me to open up too many opportunities for cheating. Why couldn't one scan the cheapest prices and then take more expensive items? Or scan one box of cereal and bag two or three? Am I missing a joke here?

C6D6 Peg said...

Very nicely done, Jerry, and not too easy or too difficult to solve.

Marti - very nice write-up. The Teton's are indeed breathtaking, even more so when seen in person!

Bill G. said...

I liked the puzzle and the theme once I sussed it out. Count me in as one who didn't know Ann Elder. Thanks Jerry and Marti. Also, I especially enjoyed your Mobius strip limerick Owen. Clever!

No bagging of my own groceries for me. I'll leave it to the experts. In one of our local supermarkets, they have a few signs around asking you not to bag your own while you are shopping. I do bring my own bags though.

coneyro said...

Today I actually worried for nothing.

When I saw the really long fills I thought "oh, no", but suprisingly, even before getting the theme, the answers came to me with perp assistance.

The only way I have ever heard FLIP SIDE used was in reference to the B side of a record. I knew the word SIDE was part of the theme, but until the blog did not get the FLIP meaning.

I remember eating potato chips with OLESTRA as the fat substitute. First and last time! I got gastrointestinal pains, bloating and just felt rotten. Market research before actually bringing the product to market brought out this problem, but I guess profits are more important than he health of the consumer.

I loved the show "Sisters" that Sela Ward was on. It showed the family dynamic in a very realistic way. A wonderful drama on sibling interaction.

I watched every episode of "Laugh-In" but do not recall Ann ELDER. Will google her. This show is on my "top ten" list of the best of the best in TV history.

When all is said and done, today was an interesting solve. Not too easy, but doable and enjoyable.

Gearing up for the usual three day crossword hair pulling event. I know that if this week is any indication, this weekend's offerings will be doozies.
Bring it on!

Mr. Google said...

DEKE has appeared as recently as Saturday, May 30, and Monday, June 1.

Bluehen said...

A very enjoyable puzzle. Not too difficult and not too easy, with a clever theme and a learning moment or two. Thanks, Jerry. As always, a bright entertaining expo, Mart. Thank you. (although I cannot link the SELA photo, darn it. She's been a favorite since "China Beach".) On another note, OK, I'll admit I'm dense. What is the significance of the Roman numeral MDC?

AJ, thank you for your link. Awesome!

GA, I second your concern about cheating in a "scan and bag as you go" system for a grocery store. Perhaps it's a way to cut labor costs, but if so, it's worse even than "self checkout". I never use it. To me, it's just a ploy to put people out of work.

I do like to use our favorite store's on-line ordering feature when DW and I aren't feeling too mobile. The entire store's inventory is accessible on-line. Place an order 24 hrs. in advance, and when you arrive at the appointed time, your groceries have already been gathered for you and rung up. An attendant will come to your car to take your payment, and then come back out and load your groceries in the trunk for you. Neat.

Mr. Google said...

GrannyAnny: Stop and Shop supermarkets use the SCAN IT! system. You can use either the portable scanners provided in the store or your smartphone. I think any losses ("shrinkage" in retail-speak) are thought to be offset by reduced labor costs.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

Nice intro, Marti.

Got the left side early and then the right side including FLIP SIDE. I then clawed my way into the center which seemed more daunting. But letter by letter, it became filled. The long downs tended to solve themselves once a few letters were sussed.
Had tach before DASH, and sales before STORE.
Favorite clue/fill was TOKEN of esteem.

Have a great day.

GrannyAnny said...

Well "whaddayaknow!" Mr.Google.
I visit the local Stop and Shop every week or two and hadn't noticed anyone scanning as they went. I'll watch for it next time. I also avoid the self checkout line because it's embarrassing to do things wrong while impatient young folks are waiting behind me.

Jayce said...

Cool puzzle. For too long I thought the theme was SIDE SLIP, so that S in the upper left corner remained for quite a while. And heck, SGS made as much sense to me as FGS. Once I got DESERTED ISLAND instead of the LOST TREASURE CHEST I was trying to squeeze into that space, the first letter of Ann Elder's surname filled.
My dad often would say UP AND at'em to mean get up in the morning. Probably a holdover from his Army days.
LW and I plan to go see the Tetons and Yellowstone within the next year. I'd like to go in May, before the tourist season and (hopefully) after the worst of winter is over. On the FLIP SIDE of our road trip, we might come south through Denver and Colorado Springs, go up Pike's Peak, and maybe even come through Taos and Santa Fe before heading west and back home through Albuquerque. As LW often says, "We'll see."
Best wishes to you all.

Husker Gary said...

-Best and most realistic DESERTED ISLAND movie ever
-JESSICA, Jane and Sissy testifying before an congressional committee because they were in a farm movie???
-Wanna feel better about the human race? Watch this video of a SPENT runner being carried across the finish line by a rival (:46)
-19-year-old Bacall captivated 45-year-old BOGIE during the filming of To Have And Have Not in 1944
-Some relay teams carry a BATON in the school halls and practice passing it
-Bill NYE is a big advocate of science and now atheism
-Our Wal-Mart has that -”SCAN and Go” app too
-AGGREGATE scoring in golf adds up all your scores in all the rounds you play in a tournament
-My dad’s “Being EARLY” gene seems to have appeared in me. Do you have a high TOLERANCE for people who are habitually late?
-I remember the complicated procedure Matthew Broderick used in a phone booth in War Games because he didn’t have a DIME
-I did not know that about ANNE ELDER, Lemon but it made for interesting research
-I hope this month finds us all “UP AND ABOUT”
-Who had a 1961 hit with the song about a fickle girl friend called , (Marie’s The Name Of) His Latest FLAME”? (B-side - Little Sister

Irish Miss said...

Bluehen @ 12:06 - I, also, order online but my order is delivered right to my kitchen counters! If your order is over &150.00, delivery is free; otherwise, there is a $6.95 charge. There is also a $5.00 fee for assembling the order. This service was a God-send this winter, between the snow and the cold weather. It certainly saves me from a lot of lifting and lugging the inordinate amount of groceries this one, small person buys. 😇 👿

HeartRx said...

GrannyAnny, Periodically, i see "Cashier Assistance" when I scan an item. This is a random notice, requiring a checker to come and enter their code to show they have reviewed your cart. So it does tend to keep people honest. But the system just appeals to me. I am always looking for the most efficient way to do things. So if you are going to be loading items into your cart to take home, it makes no sense to have to unload them at a cashier for scanning, then bagged by another person, only to be put right back into your cart to take to the car.

I know people decry the loss of jobs, but employment opportunities arise in new sectors all the time.

Bluehen @12:06, MDC = "Marti DuGuay-Carpenter"

Big Easy said...

For the umpteenth time I had to rely on perps to solve for roles, actors and actresses in movies and on tv shows that I have never heard of: Blue Sky, Sisters, Chicago- just to get the correct answer. Roxie HART, An ELDER, SELA Ward, CLAIRE Danes, but that's why it's a crossword puzzle; don't know it one way but the crosses let you make an educated guess. Parrier was also an unfamiliar term but EPEE fit niceley crossing E-DEN which crosses DEN.

I always love the English translation of the Frawnch "Grand Tetons". I started this one wrong with a brain fart, thinking ( but not writing) three running backs in the old T-formation instead of field goals. FLIP was my last fill. I never got the reveal until I filled FLIP but really didn't need it; to guess the easily solvable long fills.

Marti- I scan my own stuff when I shop at Sam's or Wal-mart, but the potential for theft is so great that I feel that it may turn some honest people into dishonest ones by scanning the cheaper items twice and not scanning the more expensive items. The thieves are always the first to jump on any new technology because it is usually easy pickings for them. Locks are used to keep honest people honest; they don't bother crooks.

Kazie- I'm with you on DEKE. I have never seen that term except in a crossword puzzle but it shows up all the time, but as FRED Flintstone once said: Yabbadabbado!!!

Chickie said...

Hello Everybody, A DNF for me today, as I had to Google too many clues. Dekes, Elder, Hart, and Toto were just a few answers that I had to look up. I had a glitch with Staid for Solid, but then staid came up in the clue for 49 Across. I redid my first thought for Solid and that whole corner fell into place after that.

I remember when telephone calls were a nickel, so I wanted coin for dime, but Ided took care of that.

I loved the episode of "The Big Bang Theory" where Bob Newhart played Professor Proton. Professor Proton was, of course, Bill Nye. What fun!

Have a great day, everyone.

desper-otto said...

Husker that'd be ole Extended Play, hisseff. And, no, I am not tolerant of people who are habitually late. I think it probably results from my years in radio when things had to be timed to the second. Commandment #1: Thou shalt not have any dead air.

Bluehen, Marti, as you know, is a crossword creator. Her full name is Marti Duguay-Carpenter -- thus the MDC.

Jayce, sounds like a great trip. I've been to all of those places and would love to go again. Not a loser in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

Big Easy (and others): Please stop referring to French as "Frawnch". It's not clever and it's not funny. It's rude, disrespectful, and ignorant.

Mario said...

A Italian was asked what is the g-force on a resting object in GENOA, Luigi replied A ONE G.

Tinbeni said...

Big Easy
Keep referring to French as "Frawnch" ...
It makes me Laugh-Out-Loud every time you point out we are solving an "American Newspaper's Crossword Puzzle" and you would think all the answers would be in English (with a few Spanish and Latin words being OK).

I think it is "disrespectful" whenever someone thinks it is OK to admonish someone else while being a gutless "Anonymous" ...

Anonymous said...

Ah, so "Tinbeni" is a real name? My apologies.

And a few Spanish and Latin words are OK but nothing in "Frawnch"?

Yes, Big Easy, keep referring to French as "Frawnch". You make Tinbeni laugh out loud.


Bluehen said...

Marti and DO, DOH! Of course. Sorry I'm so slow.

Today's quick groaner. A mushroom asks his barmaid for a date. She looks down her nose at him and says "I don't date your kind." To which he replies "Oh yeah. Well, you should. I'm a fungi."

Yellowrocks said...

The reason "you guys" have not heard or seen the word DEKE is because you do not follow or read about ice hockey. It is a common term among sportscasters, fans and players. I used to follow ice hockey years ago. I still am partial to the Devils.
From the Ice Hockey Glossary: Deke - When a player handles the puck or himself in such a manner to fool the opponent into moving out of position, allowing the player to get past. Originated from the word decoy.

FRAWNCH may have seemed cute at first, but now it grates on my nerves, too. Some jokes grow tedious very quickly.

Anonymous said...

Ya know the oldest, stalest joke here on this dying blog? Tinbeni and his pinch, ice and no booze "jokes". I haven't lol-ed at those in....well...ever.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jerry, Marti!

Nice Thursday offering. Had no idea about ELDER. But perps filled in everything. Saw theme entries eventually.


CrossEyedDave said...

Very enjoyable puzzle, It took me three breaks to finally finish...

Flip came easily, side I had to work at...

Actually, I had to work at the whole puzzle, but it was the NE corner
that was hardest for me. 16A shoulder accessory, I put "purse." & no matter how lightly
you ink that in, it gets stuck in your mind, so it is hard to change. (plus it fit with "reds.") It took the reveal of side flipped to give me display which finally made me change that corner.

I think it was after the third break, not knowing elder, that I began to wonder why I had inked the second "e" so confidently. (I had El-E-, where did the second "e" come from?) It was not until I read the write up that the 7-up can you so often speak of hit me in the head....

Anywho... The flip side...

P.S. - I could hear "Frawnch" at least another 50 times before it would get old for me. Plus in looking for a funny retort, the answer to one of last weeks puzzle revealed itself to me! It was a French cat!

&, of course, I cannot leave without a reference to Bill Nye...

Lemonade714 said...

HG I was testing your tv trivia with the name Larry Hovis....

Thank you Irish Miss, she is even sweeter than she is cute. It is great to be a grandpa.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anon @ 2:56 really irked me,
It's like these Anons can't see the flip side...

AnonymousPVX said...

Only write over was minimum to minimal thanks to crosses.

I don't like humor that makes fun of others. I think it shows a mean streak. Plus I really don't get the joke. You misspell French and it's funny? Like in first grade?

Bluehen said...

Wasn't Larry Hovis one of the minor stars of "Hogan's Heroes"? Dreadful program. A waste of videotape.

Lemonade714 said...

Yes Bluehen, it was he who played Sgt. Carter

OwenKL said...

Haven't seen that in-aisle scanner where I shop, but the Smith's has had self-check-out for years. Like Bluehen, after a couple disastrous attempts, I decided they weren't for the likes of me. AIUI, you scan things, then put them in a bag on a scale, that verifies the weight of the item. On-line grocery shopping isn't here yet. I've ordered things from both K-Mart and Wal-Mart online for store pickup. Both stores had no drive-up pickup, and the pickup location in the store was at the extreme far side from the entrance! I'm sure that will change as the system evolves, but for now, it's a pain!

Français? It bugs me a li'l bit, though not as much as that abomination of youth. Still, I won't say anything unless I can say it in an interesting way, like a joke or comment on someone else's discussion. I like Tin's blogline persona, as well as all the distinctive personalities here -- PK and -T using puzzle word heavily in their comments, Husker Gary and Cross-Eyed Dave with picture links, C.Moe with limericks, Yellowrock for classic poetry references, and more subtle traits from others.

There once was a man of the French
Who wanted to borrow a wrench
He applied to his neighbor
For his, por favor,
Who loaned him his wife for a wench!

Prof. Proton wasn't a Bill Nye stalking horse, he was Mr.Wizard!

Anonymous T said...

Hi Puzzle Pals!

Aha, a perfect Wednesday-Goldilocks puzzle! I wish yesterday's was today's; I'm used to a Thursday DNF. Not on DISPLAY today... Thanks Jerry!

Thanks to to Marti for confirming my WAGs (oh, and the writeup! Great pics). I couldn't recall if it was an A or an E and ASTER. Too, AFc or AFL LANGE seemed more "right" (and it was!).

From 1d, I wrote flop in @57d (theme idea constructors), but Bill NYE fixed me up-right (hey another theme idea :-)).

Fav - can't pick one. The long fills and fun words (35d & 10d) made this just plain fun. Hours of fun (I'm not a fast solver).

W/o - purse b/f STOLE and had SaLes before (DI)SPLAY. Theme helped there as I couldn't think of any ___REDI SaLes...

Speaking of sales... How many FLIP their lid when DW/DH tells you how much they saved on stuff on sale. "You didn't save anything, you blew $380!!" Just me?

OKL - Your muse has been good by you. Loved the last few days.

Well, it's been 45 times around the sun, DW want's to take me out.

See ya' on the FILP SIDE -T

Occasional Lurker said...

Re: Frawnch .... altho' I don't do Saturdays, I know Splynter uses 'Frawnch' quite often. What are you going to do ... kick out the Blogmeister, huh ?

As has been said above, each of us has a personality, HG's musings, Tinbeni's no ice, and liquor jokes etc. and ..... that what makes us tick, and thats why we bother to type and contribute our feelings to a blog. It tales a lot of effort.

If it were not for those motivational factors to blog, we probably would just fill -out-the=blanks in a form letter, and trust me, nobody would even bother to come to this site.
So, let us be tolerant and forgiving of our fellow bloggers. Live and let live.

The worst thing that could happen to this blog, and others, is some type of unnecesssary censorship .... that some Anon comes around complaining and ranting and scares off what could otherwise be a really smart comment on this blog. Because we are afraid of some PC issues or offending someone "out there". And that would be a disaster for the blog. Like most of you, I have some pet peeves too, but they are irrelevant - I just skip over what I don't like .... I'm sure that there are 'some others' who may find it interesting.

Keep a light heart and pleasant thoughts. Life is short.

SwampCat said...

O'm'goodness" Cant we get rid of these Anon spoilsports? Frawnch....Tin's ICE,.... all part of why we come here. Who cares?

Good CW today. Enjoyable write up. And interesting......for the most part......comments. What more can we want?

Argyle said...

One more wizard to be heard from. Mr. Wizard(0.33)

Avg Joe said...

One more: Wizard (4:23)

Disclaimer: Not a metal fan. But hey....

CrossEyedDave said...

Late nite with CED:

I thought I would share some of the stuff I found while searching for some flipping pics, but honestly, it is just too much to appreciate in one post.

There was the crow who flew on an Eagle.

An air pollution video from NASA>

100 colorful pics from the Weather Channel. (Pls don't look at them all unless you need a new Desktop Photo...)

Besides, if you have the time, you must see this video about One Minute Time Travel!

Bill G. said...

I seldom am tempted to give props to an Anon but I thought Occasional Lurker's comments at 7:55 were super-perceptive. It's hard to find anything worth adding after that but here goes anyway...

I too get a little tired of the same 'jokes' after a while but then I'm sure people get tired of my discussing bike rides and lunch. So...

I loved Mr. Wizard growing up. I don't know if my love of science was because of him or if I enjoyed him so much because of my love of science.

AnonT, if I understood you correctly, Happy Birthday! If not, oh well...

CED, I LOVED your time travel video. Brilliant stuff!

I have tried checking out my own groceries a couple of times but I'm not very good at it and it takes me longer. Plus I enjoy bantering with the checkers. I'm sure I could learn to do a better job of it but I really don't want to make the effort.

Anonymous T said...

Anons - don't POUT. Just skip/SCAN AREAS that annoy / SEDATE you. That's what the mouse is for; it takes less than an ERG of effort.

OKL - I didn't see your post (I was writing mine) before mine. But, yeah, each persona adds flavour and something I didn't know.

Need to ask - how many friends of Barney (the dinosaur [none fit]) or the cop (Miller [Fish]) did you go through before realizing FRED Flintstone?

On SCANning at the store. I don't mind, especially when I'm behind a guy with enough lumber to frame a house and I have a toilet flange.

Speaking of adding flavor!

CED - You STOLE that video from where? I gotta visit that site. FWIW - a 1 min. time box would ERASE so many bad EENIE-MEANIE-minee-moe things I chose to say that I'd be in EDEN instead of (DARE I say it?)...

Unposted EARLier... I liked how ASHORE was close to both DESERT ISLAND and the INN, obviously, not there. Did Wilson bring a FLAME?

Obligatory - TOGA party. SAD, my misSPENT ute.

Cheers, -T
//DW & I had a great time discussing CONTESTED ISSUEs re: work at the cantina.

Anonymous T said...

Oh, I need to drop a DIME on this...

On ACCT of the new 0-days for Adobe Flash released by the hacker (PhineasFisher) who hacked the Hacking Team... A PSA

Please turn off, disable and/or update Adobe Flash ASAP.

I've seen innocuous sites that have been exploited. They look fine, but in the background it exploits your version of Flash. Then it downloads a CryptoLocker variant that encrypts all of your data (pictures, documents & spreadsheets) b/f asking you for $$ to decrypt it. We've had an instance or two, but we have good backups (The MEANIEs can go UP AND [redacted] themselves).

Please (esp. you CED) be careful. This should blow over in a few weeks, but in the meantime the MEANIEs will make $MMs like they did the last time w/ CL.

No Cheer Here, -T

Anonymous T said...

I just re-read my post... so panic doesn't ensue: Google based sites (this one, YouTube, etc), NetFlix, Amazon, et. al. big boys are fine. C, -T

Anonymous said...

Yeah, this site is fine. Feel real comfortable.

Abejo said...

Good Friday morning, folks. Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Marti, for a fine review.

Was on a Golf outing all day yesterday with a Filipino Commandery from Chicago. Had a great time! Never started the Crossword until I got home that evening. Did not finish. So, I finished it this morning and , here I am!

Great puzzle. Theme appeared slowly, but after I got it, it helped with a couple theme answers.

Tried STAID for 19A. That corner would not finish at all. Tried SOLID after a while and that did it.

Tried SELL for 31D. That area would not finish, either. Tried INXA for 37A and then SCAN for 31D. Aha!

Several unknowns that I perped and wagged. CLAIRE, HART, GEENA, OLESTRA, ELDER.

See you later or tomorrow.


( )