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Jul 12, 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015 Donna S. Levin & Bruce Venzke

Theme:  "Th-, Th-, That's All, Folks - TH sound is added to the end of each theme entry, adjusting spellings as needed.

23A. Unflattering nickname for a boastful corporate bigwig? : CHAIRMAN MOUTH. Chairman Mao.

46A. Belief at the heart of “Miracle on 34th Street”? : SANTA FAITH. Santa Fe.

68A. Actor Colin's body double? : FAUX FIRTH. Faux fur. Colin Firth (The King's Speech).

91A. Momentous event in baseball history, as it turned out? : AARON BIRTH. Base phrase Aaron Burr. The AARON in the clue refers to Hank Aaron.

112A. Hoping for a winning lottery ticket? : WISHING WEALTH. Wishing well.

15D. Old king's slow-moving pet? : COLE SLOTH. Coleslaw. Only one-word entry.

31D. Olbermann at a karaoke bar? : MUSICAL KEITH. Musical key. ESPN just let go of Keith Olbermann.

42D. AMA motto? : GIVE 'EM HEALTH. Give 'em hell. Reminds me of that heartless Michigan cancer doctor.

78D. Smokey's trouser material? : BEAR CLOTH. Bear claw.

After I did Tea Party with Don G, I fully appreciated the creativity & complexity behind this type of sound addition theme. It's so much harder than simply adding a T, or a TH.

I think this is the first collaboration of Donna S. Levin and Bruce Venzke, who often teams up with Gail Grabowski for LAT.  

Gail told me a while ago that they title their puzzle as GAB (Gail and Bruce) if Gail's byline comes up first, and BAG (Bruce and Gail) if Bruce's byline comes up first. So this puzzle might be titled DAB.
1. Cap treated by an orthopedist : PATELLA. Love when I can nail a 7-letter fill. Today's grid is very clean and smooth.

8. Hajji's destination : MECCA. Can non-Muslims visit the city?

13. Enthusiastic approval : ACCLAIM

20. Like amoeba reproduction : ASEXUAL
21. Show that had an annual "Favorite Things" segment : OPRAH. Got via crosses. Not a fan.

22. Part of a colloquial lament : SHOULDA

25. Counterattacks : SALLIES

26. Coquette : TEASE

27. Ruby in films : DEE

28. Mr. Mistoffelees' creator : T. S. ELIOT. Got via crosses also. And 63. 28-Across, e.g. : POET
29. Packing : ARMED. Packing heat, I suppose.

32. Clark Kent, on Krypton : KALEL

34. Relatives of medians : MODES

36. Garish : LOUD

37. Give a hoot : CARE

38. Two-mile-high city : LHASA. And 6D. Tibetan priest : LAMA

40. Sign on : LOG IN

45. Allied gp. since 1948 : OAS (Organization of American States)

48. Sheepish? : OVINE. Nailed it.

49. Tests : TRIALS

51. Unlock, to a bard : OPE

52. Little legume : PEA

53. Fended (off) : STAVED

54. G-rated : CLEAN

56. Benevolent order : ELKS. Headquartered in Chicago, as I learned last week.

58. "Symphony of a Thousand" composer : MAHLER (Gustav)

59. Grammarian's topic : USAGE

61. "The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel" setting : INDIA

65. LAX posting : ETD
67. Brilliance : ECLAT

70. Rigs on long hauls : SEMIs

72. Guffaw : YUK

73. Flight segment : STEP

74. California berry farm founder : KNOTT. Knott's Berry Farm.

75. Taj __ : MAHAL

76. Without vigor : FEEBLY

79. "Birdman" actor Galifianakis : ZACH. Hope we don't see his surname in a grid.  Known for his Between Two Ferns.

80. Licorice-flavored seed : ANISE

82. Big Pharma name : PFIZER

83. Faline in "Bambi," e.g. : DOE. Ha ha, I put in ENA. Never saw "Bambi".

85. Leg up : AID

87. Dan Aykroyd's birthplace : OTTAWA

90. Very very : ULTRA

94. Pot cover : LID

95. Former "The View" co-host : BEHAR (Joy)

96. Rock trio with long-bearded vocalists : ZZ TOP. The "Long-bearded" hint handed us a big fat gimme.  

97. "Got it" : I SEE

98. First razor with a pivoting head : ATRA

99. Sheds a tear : CRIES. "The Bridges of Madison County"!

101. Spanish "these" : ESTOS

103. Change from maxi to midi, say : RE-HEM

104. "Idylls of the King" setting : CAMELOT

108. Party org. : DNC. Crossing 108. Urgent : DIRE. Easy elimination of RNC.

109. More experienced : WISER
111. Quaint "Jeepers!" : OMIGOSH

117. Western neckwear : BOLO TIE. Boomer bought two at our State Fair long time ago. Never worn them again. 

118. Smooth one's feathers : PREEN
119. More icky : NASTIER

120. Less introverted : BRASHER

121. Fermented honey quaffs : MEADS

122. They usually inspire blessings : SNEEZES


1. Lobbying gp. : PAC

2. Cinders : ASH
3. Major Sri Lankan export : TEA
4. Left : EXITED

5. Enticed : LURED

7. __ king crab : ALASKAN

8. May honoree : MOM

9. Lyric poem : EPODE. Learned from doing crosswords.

10. First name in dognapping : CRUELLA

11. Actress Blanchett : CATE

12. "That's the spot!" : AHH

13. Courtroom fig. : ASST. D.A.. Or ADAs. Jack McCoy has quite a few.

14. Pursue : CHASE

16. Down time : LULL

17. Ovid's others : ALII

18. Thought: Pref. : IDEO

19. Spar : MAST

24. Not far from : NEAR TO. Boomer bowled 634 & 607 at the National Senior Games on Friday/Saturday. Not good enough. He still has a chance at the Doubles event today.

29. Scads : A LOT

30. Savanna warning : ROAR

33. Jumped out of one's seat : LEAPED UP. UP feels unnecessary.

34. Friend of Sydney : MATE. Sydney, Australia.

35. Worker welfare org. : OSHA

37. Acapulco abode : CASA

39. Rose __ : HIPS. My birthday gift. A bottle of Rose hip oil. Total luxury.

41. Like some mirrors : OVAL
43. Subject of Newton's first law : INERTIA

44. Author Buntline : NED

46. Winter woe : SLEET

47. Given name meaning "happy" : FELIX. King Felix.

50. Bit of pond scum : ALGA

53. Was in session : SAT

 55. "Swell!" : NIFTY!

57. "The Metamorphosis" writer : KAFKA

58. Maestro Zubin : MEHTA. Born in Bombay (Mumbai).

59. One-eighty : UEY

60. Scrap : SCUFFLE

62. Captain Kidd's refusal : NAE

63. Ban : PROHIBIT

64. Hubbell teammate : OTT. Carl Hubbell. Hall-of-Famer. Big Easy sent me this picture in March. He said "Next time OTT appears in a puzzle you can insert this. I was passing there today and stopped and took this picture. It is right down the street from ZYDECOs, which occasionally showed up."

66. High-speed letters : DSL

69. Like most Quechua speakers : INCAN
70. Partner of Wesson : SMITH. Easy crosses.

71. From Liverpool to Manchester : EAST
73. Camera letters : SLR

77. Biblical reformer : EZRA. Friendly crosses again.

79. Nothing at all : ZERO

81. Observe closely : NOTE

82. Black and tan seller : PUB

83. Stupefaction : DAZE. Thought the noun for Stupefy is just "Stupor".

84. Granola grain : OATS

86. Cut out of the will : DISOWN

88. Send electronically, as funds : WIRE

89. Sixth-day creation : ADAM

92. Bounding main : OPEN SEA

93. Gives up : RESIGNS
96. Instrument sometimes played in one's lap : ZITHER
98. Make fizzy : AERATE

100. Riveting icon : ROSIE. Rosie the Riveter.

102. RR station posting : SCHED (Schedule)

103. Actress Witherspoon : REESE
104. __ salad : COBB

105. Cupid : AMOR

106. Ashton's partner : MILA. Yay! They're a cute couple. Just married last weekend.

107. They may be bruised : EGOS

110. Long-necked trumpeter : SWAN

112. Typing stat. : WPM

113. Former green-card-issuing agcy. : INS (Immigration and Naturalization Service). They  issued me a green card with an extra U after Q. I guess Zhouqin looks incomplete.

114. Claiborne of fashion : LIZ

115. Casual wear : TEE

116. Retail posting: Abbr. : HRS

Happy 85th Birthday to Sallie! I bet both of her sons made special plans to be with her today. How are you doing lately, Sallie?




OwenKL said...

Finished it fairly easily, but FIW again. No ta-da, so after double-checking everything, I gave up and hit the red letters. Two bad cells: nODES+nATE AND MyLA+OH My GOSH. So busy wondering if Sydney was male or female, I forgot it's also a city. MILA was unknown, OHMIGOSH is misspelt, and the only medians I know are traffic dividers and averages, neither related to MODES. CSOs included Chairman Moe, me in Santa Fe, and POET for both of us! Last area to fall was central California. I had SCUttLE - wrong kind of scrap - didn't know BEHAR or Olbermann, and Biblical reformer descibes half the characters in the Bible -- the other half are the ones they're trying to reform!

Years ago, when I was an active Storyteller, I had a collection of custom BOLO TIES. I made them myself out of storyteller dolls. Had about a dozen, but they all wore out from wearing. Most were flat bas-relief ones made for refrigerator magnets or Xmas tree ornaments, but a few were actual figurines.

There once was a fellow who drove an old Volks.
To get it to move, he'd cajole and coax.
It would start to flutter,
Then give out a splutter,
Then putter away, saying "TH-, TH-, THAT'S ALL, FOLKS!"

SANTA CLAUS comes to fill your stocking
(The one for the mantle, not the ones for walking).
If you ask him just right,
Then Christmas Eve night
He might confess that he's guilty of stalking!

fermatprime said...


Thanks, DAB! Thanks, CC!

Got through w/o cheating (which I certainly can't say about yesterday's debacle).

Also had SCUttLE, first. Took the longest time to get rid of it. MILA was perps. Didn't know that bit of trivia.

Had the worst cramps all day. Both TVs conked out at once. Thought I was going to croak. (Took 3 probiotics finally and situation is better, but not cured. What does anyone else here do? Please read this and let me know. I know that my contributions are not very fascinating…)


fermatprime said...

Sallie: A very happy birthday!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to Sallie)!

Enjoyed the theme and execution on this one, and managed to get through it mostly unscathed. Got held up a bit in the West when I assumed "scrap" was a verb and went with SCUTTLE instead of SCUFFLE. That took a little while to fix.

Elsewhere, I initially went with O MY GOSH before O MI GOSH (while I really wanted OH MY GOSH), so that hid MILA from view for a bit. Not too long though, although I really didn't want to accept OMIGOSH even when forced to do so.

I think the only other minor glitch came in the NE, where I tried ALIA before finally changing to ALII. That hid TSELLIOT from view for awhile (especially since I was looking for a single name for the poet).

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Printed the puzzle from the LAT site and the title came out as "Th. Thank you once again, Barnacle, for dropping the Sunday LAT. I thought the them was cute. I'd heard of AARON, but not Olbermann, so KEITH required 5 perps. Smooth solve -- no Wite-Out required today.

Happy Birthday, Sallie!. Did you notice your SO at 25a?

Interesting coincidence that Eliot's Cats showed up two days in a row. Yesterday Mungojerrie and, today, Mr. Mistoffelees. Tomorrow Asparagus or Bustopher Jones?

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, C.C. and friends. Good Sunday puzzle.

I misread 1-Across as Orthodontist instead of an Orthopedist. The perps finally lead me in the right direction.

Gustav MAHLER (1860 ~ 1911) was born in the small village of Kaliste, in what is now the Czech Republic. My hubby's grandfather was also from that village. Interestingly, Mahler's family, KAFKA's family and my husband's great-grandparents are all buried in the nearby cemetery. We visited there a couple of years ago.

I generally consider a Flight Segment to be a Leg as opposed to a STEP.

Canada also fit in the spaces provided for Dan Aykroyd's birthplace.

We saw Birdman. Really did not care for it.

Happy Birthday, Sallie. Hope you have a great birthday with your family.

QOD:If you don’t focus on the future generation, it means you are destroying your country. ~ Malala Yousafzai (b. July 12, 1997)

Big Easy said...

Started like a rabbit in the NW and finished like an amoeba in the NE. Our golf group is the ' Shudda-Wudda-Cudda'; SHOULDA??? Tried RALLIES before SALLIES ( which I have never heard of), ALIA for ALII and LAPAZ or LHASA before everything fell into place. Not knowing T.S. ELIOT either didn't help, but I got it done, almost. Filled OMYGOSH & MYLA instead of OMIGOSH & MILA. I don't keep up with celebrities lives, which many people seem to thrive on

What does 'black and tan' have to do with PUB? A Black and Tan is a hound dog; is there a beer that's 'black and tan? I filled it by perps.

KEITH Olbermann is always out of tune. I never watched him on any show but from the news reports he seemed to love his own voice and be tone deaf. Unknowns for me were OPRAH, KALEL, BEHAR, ZACH, ESTOS, guessing OPRAH (never watched) and knew Superman's name started with a "K". I found it amusing that TEASE was only one line under ASEXUAL.

Time to watch the finals at Wimbledon.

Hahtoolah said...

Big Easy: The Black and Tan is mor than just a dog.

Unknown said...

The Week in Review: M 5:36 T 6:17 W 9:21 T 9:59 F 15:54 S 21:23 S 33:10

Saturday: The SE almost resulted in a DNF. I had ELA_ but couldn't think of a Biblically-inspired company name (I was looking for one word; something like EBAY). I had DI_ but didn't know the kid in Rugrats. And I wasn't coming up with anything for "Bears" that made sense (I tried SEEKERS and SENDERS). Then the V8 can hit me with EL AL and I was home free.

Sunday: I had it filled in good time but no "TaDa!". It took ten minutes to change OMYGOSH to OMIGOSH. I knew of Kutcher and Kunis but hadn't made the Ashton/MILA connection.

See y'all next weekend.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks for the great write-up and Donna and Bruce for the fun puzzle.

The NE was the last corner for me, although I did recall Mr. Mistopheles was in Cats, even though, yesterday, I had never heard of Mungo Jerry.

I saw Bambi at the age of 5, and even though it is CLEAN it is NOT for all kids. Bambi's mother dying was traumatic and scarey. But everyone should see it at least once.

Owen, from statistics I took, I think I recall:
- Average aka mean are gotten by summing all the numbers and dividing by the count.
- Median is the value with 1/2 above it and 1/2 below it. Like, median income is lower than mean income because of the really rich people like OPRAH.
- Mode is the value with the most incidences of it.
That being said, I didn't get it at first because I thought of Meridian. I thought Pode? I think the Prime Meridian goes through Greenwich England.

I used some red letters, but there were many than were easy to get.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Pretty much zoomed through, but no TaDa. Hmmm. Looked and looked for a problem, but finally had to turn on red letters to disclose it. Turns out I had Nodes and Nate, both of which looked reasonable, considering I didn't know who Sydney was.

Hahtoolah 7:37 - it's that old misdirection, a flight of stairs.

Fermat - my wife has had good luck with quinine to ease nighttime cramps. It's only available in tonic water, so far as we know.

HBTY Sallie! Years ago, when I first joined the Corner, I guessed that your avatar - a crab - was a reference to Sallie the Crab from the old Smothers Brothers song. Was I right?

Morning, C.C.! Thanks for the insights.

A. Aajma said...

RE: 42 Down: "Give 'em hell" is from President Harry S. Truman who said: “I never did give them hell. I just told the truth, and they thought it was hell.”

Husker Gary said...

Only needed a coin flip on MILA/OMI or MYLA/OMY but I guessed right and had a pleasant time with Donna and Bruce’s lovely puzzle!

-Olbermann’s been suspended more often than a piƱata but is a fun listen
-Your patella is cartilage that starts to ossify into bone around 3 years of age. You’re welcome!
-Hilarious ASEXUAL line @ 2:07 (2:35)
-Because her husband was ARMED, this former CNN reporter says she escaped death by a gunmen
-KALEL was Jerry Seinfeld’s ATM Code on the show. George – Bosco
-STAVES is used quite often in sports stories
-After 40 yrs as a CPA, my friend’s dad now loves driving a SEMI over the road
-Jack McCoy always hired from the Hubba, Hubba pool
-OSHA SHOULDA, coulda saved my hearing 40 years ago
-The story is that Ezra Zane Carroll Judson (aka Ned BUNTLINE) gave Wyatt Earp this BUNTLINE Special Pistol with a 10” barrel
-By staying at the factory after WWII, ROSEY changed America for good
-HBD Sallie! You got a CSO today!
-What musical character preferred The Sadder But Wiser Girl?

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun offering which I finished in record time, probably because of the ease in sussing the theme answers. Had a few write overs: scuttle/scuffle, a ton/a lot, and Jake/Zach. Nice seeing Mehta and Mahler. CSO to Sallie, Moe, Owen, and Argyle (Santa).

Thanks, Donna and Bruce, (DAB) for a FAB Sunday solving experience. And thanks, CC, for your spot-.on review.

Happy Birthday, Sallie; have a wonderful day.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

NERTS! NERTS! The Arizona Republic again printed the wrong puzzle! The date at the bottom even has 7/19/15!!!! I'll have to print today's puzzle and do it later. I was so ready to comment on Frank Virzi's.

I hope you're all having a wonderful day!

Lucina said...

Happy birthday, Sallie! I hope it's fabulous for you.

Misty said...

I haven't posted for the last two days because Rowland came home from the hospital and it's been busy learning how to take care of him with Home Health care, probably followed by Hospice care at some point. But I finished the Friday puzzle and got a surprising amount of the Saturday Silkie, and I must say I'm thankful for the puzzles because they make my early mornings feel normal for a little while. Thank you, C.C. for checking in with me, and thank you all for your support during this time.

And happy birthday, Sallie.

coneyro said...

One of the most enjoyable Sunday puzzles ever!

I don't know how the constructors do it. I am in awe of their abilities. The thought process behind coming up with these play-on phases is nothing short of brilliant. Well done.

Got most of it unassisted. The only long fill I could not get by myself was 31D because OLBERMANN meant nothing to me. Otherwise, the difficulty level was acceptable and doable.

Well, have to get back to Wimbledon match on TV. Djokovic is up two sets and ahead in the third. I wish that Federer would win, but chances are Djokovic is going to take it. He is #1 for a good reason.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

Bill G. said...

Good day everybody! I whizzed through my usual starting spot in the upper-left corner and was feeling pretty pleased with myself. Then I ground to a halt in the upper right. Why was it so much harder for me? Dunno...

Thanks Donna, Bruce and CC.

Happy birthday Sallie! I hope you have a good day, a gooder week, an excellent month and a great year!

Continued good luck wishes Misty!

Hahtoolah, I had the same confusion as you did re. flight/step. The reference is not to an airline flight but a flight of stairs.

Owen, a mode is related to an average (mean) and a median. They're all measures of central tendency with the mode being the piece of date that shows up the most often and the median being the piece of data in the middle of the set.

I used to play tennis regularly. At least, they called it tennis. But it didn't look the same as the sport going on at Wimbledon right now.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts"

**lots of SO's today; CHAIRMAN is a bit too formal for me, though; just call me Moe!! :-)

**Sunday puzzles for me are hit or miss, but they are the only ones that show the "theme" in the header, so knowing that TH was part of the solves made it a bit easier

**slogged through most of it and had more than my share of ink blots; FIW due to some misspelled words; loved all the zzzz's - I slept well past night so there was some karma I suppose; coulda been the 2 Scotches I had before retiring!

There was once a young lad named KALEL,
Whose great powers we know very well.
As Superman, was exposed,
To Kryptonite, in his nose,
And it left him with no sense of smell!

HeartRx said...

Happy Birthday, Sallie! I hope you enjoy your special day, and drop by to fill us in on the fun.

Thanks for the write up,C.C., and for explaining the baseball reference. I had no clue about Hubbell's teammate, but "got" OTT with only three perps. But since it was the only one related to baseball, the puzzle went very smoothly. MAHLER, T.S. ELIOT, KAFKA,MEHTA, and BEHAR are all right up my alley!

Rose water is used in some recipes I make, but what do you do with rose hip oil? Drink it?

HG, that would be from our favorite Music Man! "I smile, I grin, when a gal with a touch of sin walks in..."

The Artful Codger said...

I sometimes use rose hip oil to lubricate my new hips. Sometimes I use un-scented hip oil. They both seem to work equally well (though the un-scented is cheaper).

Anonymous said...

Modes are a type of average.

Anonymous T said...

Just Lurking says...

HBD Sallie! 85? My goodness... God Speed.

Rose Hips are for drinking or perfume? I don't know these things...

HG - I owe my career to War Games. I can identify w/ Lightman. In 9th grade I was a B-grade slacker more concerned about playing D&D, baseball, and w/ model rockets & Rock & Roll until I saw the movie. My buddy & I watched it and wrote a deamon dialer on an Apple ][e w/ a 300bps modem (could we hack our grades?). We almost got into real trouble w/ a three-letter-agency. My file is likely w/ the Chinese w/ all the other OPM goodies. Now, I'm a white-hat making good $$ playing defense.

Anon x2 - Mean, Median, Mode... Lies, Damn Lies, and Stats (abridged Twain)... Good fun if that's your passion/work for anyone in DC.

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy birthday Sallie! I hope your day is special!

Sorry for not posting, I was dropping off Daughter #3 to a 5 week College Prep Course in Boston.

Friday, NYC to Boston Via 95, 8 hours at 10 miles an hour (not an average, but it felt like it.)

Saturday Boston to New Jersey Via 84, 4 hours. (What a difference when you are going downhill!)

I see I still have to look for some belated Birthday cakes. Don G. Ok, OK, I am still looking... But I am a little confused,,, isn't (are not) Anon T & Anonymous T different people????

Anonymous T said...

CED - You can calll me -T, you can call me Anon -T, yous can call me The Tony, and yous can call me Anonymous -T Just don't calls me late for dinner... C, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Don G. After all your wonderful puzzles, you get to choose your own cake!

Anonymous T, I believe I already sent you a "T" cake, so that's out...

Trying to find an Anonymous birthday cake is like a time paradox...

So that leaves The Downscale.

CrossEyedDave said...

Aw crap, I hit the publish button by accident before posting The Upscale Cake!

CrossEyedDave said...

But somehow I think you would like This cake better!

Happy Birthday (Belated) Anon-T... anonymous T,... (or whoever you are...)

CrossEyedDave said...

As an extra Birthday present, (via the wayback machine...)
Check out some entertainment 65 years ago. ( I figure if you can do the extra long Sunday puzzle, you might be interested in an extra long link. (36:08)

Can you imagine Harpo Marx as your Guardian Angel? (10 minutes in,) or a solution to War, (at the end...)

Spitzboov said...

Happy Birthday, Sallie. Nice SO at 25a. Wonderful coincidence.

Jayce said...

Lots of pleasure in solving this skillfully crafted puzzle. Nifty theme, some fun clues, and some interesting fill. Can't ask for more.
Before I understood how the theme worked, I wanted SANTA CLOTH at first. After I figured it out, SANTA FAITH was illuminated.
Filled CANADA before OTTAWA.
Hahtoolah, LW and I watched and didn't care for Birdman, also.
Whenever we go out to Rula Bula Irish Pub in Tempe, AZ, I like to have a Black and Tan. Sometimes I'll order a Half and Half.
Happy happy felicitations, Sallie!

chefwen said...

firmatprime - Vitamin B-Complex, once or twice a day. Works like a charm.

Anonymous T said...

CED - No worries, I'm not much on cake. Classic comedy, OTOH, is so sweet. Thank you very kindly... Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Ooops, I missed the 4:10 post CED. I can drink to that... C, -T

aka thelma said...

Anon -T... what do you know about a new seriously bad virus... ?? a forward from a friend in Canada... always leery of these messages... :)

thelma :)

Anonymous T said...

aka thelma - I know there is a "drive-by" (visit an infected web-site and wham-o) and .pdf attachments circulating targeting anyone who hasn't updated Adobe Flash. The exploit/malware then downloads CyrptoLocker which encrypts all your data and you can't get it back w/o paying $$ to the baddies. If in doubt, throw it out and ask your buddy to re-send if that's what s/he meant to send you.

Backup your data to off-line storage (e.g. a USB drive) and update Flash (you can find it in Control Pannel Programs & Features)

Cheers, -T

aka thelma said...

Anon -T... thanx... I did read your post the other nite about the one you mentioned above ... I always have doubts about virus email warnings forwarded by anyone i know... including the one i received this evening :) sending it back to her is no problem... knowing where to find the control panel programs on this thing is a whole 'nother story.... :) :) I do thank you for the info...

thelma :)