Jul 14, 2015

Tuesday, July 14, 2015 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Not all of it - The first word can follow SAVE.

50D. "That's enough!" ... or what one can do with the first word of 17-, 27-, 45- and 60-Across : "SAVE IT!"

17. "Back to the Future" subject : TIME TRAVEL. Save time, a good idea.

27. "Cash makes things happen" : MONEY TALKS. Save time and money, even better idea.

45. Cosmetic applied after foundation : FACE POWDER. Save face, avoid embarrassment and keep respect.

60. Ditzy one : SPACE CADET. Save space, leave room for future stuff.

Argyle here, saving space for C.C. She adds so much to the world of cruciverbalism.


1. Use an S.O.S pad : SCRUB

6. Skidded : SLID

10. "Better Call __": "Breaking Bad" spin-off : SAUL

14. Circus venue : ARENA

15. Kiss : BUSS

16. "One more thing ... " : "ALSO ..."

19. Partners of hems : HAWs. Hems and haws. Gees and haws are horse talk.

20. "Who __ to argue?" : AM I

21. Steed : HORSE

22. Impressionist Édouard : MANET

23. "Anything you say, honey" : "YES, DEAR"

25. Saintly glows : AURAE

26. Fed. assistance program : SSI. (Supplemental Security Income)

31. Tie settlers: Abbr. : OTs. (overtime)

33. Disable a surveillance camera for, say : ABET. New clue.

34. Ovid's 551 : DLI

35. Prefix with state or coastal : INTRA

38. UN delegate : AMB. (ambassador)

39. Signs off on : OKAYs

41. "Give __ break" : ME A. "Better call Saul"

42. "Dirty Jobs" host Mike : ROWE. Dirty Jobs is a TV series on the Discovery Channel.

44. "State of the Union" channel : CNN. (Cable News Network)

48. RN workplaces : ORs. (operating room)

51. Antidote target : TOXIN

52. "Piece of cake" : "NO SWEAT"

55. Dalai Lama's land : TIBET

56. African country whose capital is Accra : GHANA

58. Ill. and Ind., in Monopoly : AVE.

59. Genesis progenitor : ADAM

62. Cop's quarry : PERP and 2D. They're committed by 62-Acrosses : CRIMES

63. History : PAST

64. Holmes of "Batman Begins" : KATIE. Katie Holmes portrays Rachel Dawes, a childhood friend of Bruce Wayne's.

65. NCAA's Big __ Conference : EAST

66. Egyptian snakes : ASPs

67. They may be called or fired : SHOTS. If you call the shots then pot shots may be fired at you.


1. Skewered Asian snack : SATAY. Check out the different types. Wiki

3. Negligent : REMISS

4. One at the Louvre : UNE

5. Get into hot water : BATHE

6. Chain known for its New York pizza : SBARRO

7. Huggies rival : LUVS

8. "It's clear now" : "I SEE"

9. ISP connection option : DSL. (Digital Subscriber Line)

10. About 30% of Africa : SAHARA

11. Hawkeye Pierce portrayer : ALAN ALDA

12. People shelfmate : US WEEKLY

13. Suffered defeat : LOST

18. Wanders : ROAMS

22. Adult sheep meat : MUTTON

24. Christian of fashion : DIOR

25. Thumbs-up vote : AYE

28. Dubbed : NAMED

29. Tidal decline : EBB

30. Nickname for a sib : SIS

32. La Brea attraction : TAR PIT

35. Worldwide lending org. : IMF. (International Monetary Fund)

36. "Great suggestion" : "NEAT IDEA"

37. Folded fare facilities : TACO BARS. Such alliteration.

38. "Isn't that cute?" : "AWW!"

40. Not just assume : KNOW

43. Suffix with ball : OON. (balloon)

44. Hag : CRONE

46. Not subject to taxes : EXEMPT

47. Passes, as a law : ENACTS

49. Enjoy a bedtime ritual with : READ TO

53. Pile in Santa's sleigh : SACKS. Santa only needs one sack.

54. Dijon heads : TÊTEs

55. Wrapping aid : TAPE

56. Transcript stats : GPAs. (grade point average)

57. Diary clasp : HASP

60. Après-ski option : SPA

61. 60-Down reaction : [AAH!]



OwenKL said...

Strong lot of CSOs for me today. MONEY TALKS was the name of a web comic I made for a few years and a couple blogs that are still mouldering on the Web. OK are the initials of my given names, and not really a SO, but I'm a big SciFi fan, so TIME TRAVEL & Tom Corbett, SPACE CADET both have special appeal. And when the LW is home, my mantra is YES, DEAR !

Unknowns requiring ESP: SATAY & SBARRO. 62a also needed a perp.

I imagine our wizard C.C. wanted AYE to be AWE, to go with AWW & AAH.

There once was a messiah who tried to SAVE FACE --
He tried to SAVE whales,
He SAVED buttons, and nails,
It took a Hoarders crew to at last SAVE his place!

Will Dudley Do-Right SAVE Nell from the train?
Will Mighty Mouse SAVE the day again?
Will the man of her dreams
SAVE imperiled Pauline?
That wait till next week is really a pain!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Mostly a cakewalk today. A few minor bumps along the way included US WEEKLY (which I just am not familiar with) and I've INTRA-coastal (which I've never heard of before).

I used to love eating at SBARROS years ago (we're talking at 25-30 years) because they had a very thin crust pizza. Then, suddenly, they changed their crust to a thicker, doughier version that I hated and I stopped going there. Now, they don't even have them anywhere near me anymore, so I have no idea how there pizzas are these days.

Lemonade714 said...

Another very skillful Tuesday from C.C. and write up from Argyle.

YES DEAR is a fun fill, TACO BARS slowed me down but it was a short ride.


unclefred said...

Great, fun, perfect puzzle for a Tuesday, thank you, C.C.!! Got 'er done in about my usual time for a Tuesday; even got the reveal! Terrific write up, as usual, thank you, Argyle!! And Thank You, Owen, for the witty limerick!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Very nice Tuesday romp. Thanks, C.C. I came out of the gate with SCOUR, then turned back for my trusty Wite-Out. I can never remember SBARRO -- not sure I've ever seen one. SAUL would've been unknown, but I stumbled across an article about that show yesterday. I was surprised to see HASP clued as "Clasp" -- pretty similar sounding. And I wanted to put GIFTS in Santa's sleigh, but Argyle said no. I've seen taco trucks and taco stands, but I was not familiar with a taco BAR. Is that a regular bar that sells alcohol and tacos? Mr. Google says there are only two TACO BARS in the greater Houston area.

The IntraCoastal Waterway is really long. I'm only familiar with the Gulf Coast portion that runs all the way from Florida to Brownsville, Texas -- more than a thousand miles. Navigable all the way. There's also one along the Atlantic coast.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. This puzzle was quite the speed run. Lots of answers were filled in before I read the clue.

Here as a more well-known MANET, which occasionally appears in the puzzle.

Get Into Hot Water = BATHE was my favorite clue of the puzzle.

The Dalai Lama turned 80 years old just last Monday.

Here is a fun map that shows many of the INTRACoastal waterways in southern Louisiana.

I was in Israel when there was a terrorist attack at the SBARRO pizza restaurant in Jerusalem in August 2001.

I remembered that Accra is the capital of GHANA because it appeared in a recent puzzle.

Another hot and steamy day here. Stay cool, everyone.

HeartRx said...

Fun puzzle today - thanks C.C.! Loved the pic you posted for NAMED, Argyle - cute! And I was also wondering how many SACKS you had in that sleigh... ;-)

I wanted USA Today before US WEEKLY fell into place. But other than that, it was pretty smooth sailing.

thehondohurricane said...

hello everyone,

Nice, fun puzzle to get a likely hectic day off on the right foot. Due to some unexplainable confusion on my part, a section of the mid west was a bit of a bear. OON was the main issue because I was thinking prefix rather then suffix for the clue and ended up thinking what the Hell is OONball. ROWE was an unknown to me and I kept wondering if AWW should be aaw, but it made less sense so I lucked out ending with a good solve. Let's see..... Prefix is the beginning, Suffix is the ending............. Now I can proceed into third grade!

Big Easy said...

C.C. is becoming quite prolific in churning out puzzles. Congratulations.

This one flowed smoothly with only a few unknowns- CNN, SAUL, KATIE- easily filled by perps, but when I double checked some fills I saw two longer downs that I hadn't read the clues that were filled entirely by crosses, but had never heard of: TACO BARS & US WEEKLY. I was thinking maybe a taco bar was a new type of food.

I'll repeat a saying I've heard many times: "MONEY TALKS and bovine feces walks".
IMF- Greece- need I say more

SAVE IT- basically politely telling them to shut up or as Argyle writes, 'That's enough'

Well, 'that's enough' for me. Have a nice day everyone.

CrossEyedDave said...

Fun run today, my only slow down was the NE corner. I had left 25A blank awaiting perps to negate halos only to fall into the aura"s" trap. Not knowing Saul (I thought the U might be an H...) had me staring at -sweskly until I realized my mistake. (People shelfmate? Lewinsky??)

Wow!, lots of potential silly links today. I wore myself out with just 1D Satay:

How it all started...

Then advertising got invloved...

Pretty soon...

Now you can't even eat a meal without a stick!

inanehiker said...

Speed run today. What D-O said about the SCOUR/SCRUB toss up, so I waited for perps. Around here SBARRO is the pizza/Italian place in mall food courts - I don't think I've ever seen a stand alone restaurant. ACCRA was a gimme for me as I fly in and out of there on medical mission trips, the airport has definitely upgraded in the last few years.

Enjoyed the puzzle, CC - lots of crisp and unique fill, but still with Tuesday speed.
Thanks, Argyle for the write-up as well!

Anonymous said...

So nobody's got a problem with " Ill. Ind., in Monopoly : AVE."?

Northwest Runner said...

Second Anon. With "AVE" singular as the answer, I think the clue should have been Ill *or* Ind.

SwampCat said...

Fun, clever, and Tuesday level. Great new clues...Get into Hot Water was my favorite, too, but Dijon Heads was close.

Good expo, Argyle, and good lims, Owen. Thanks to all for a great morning!

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Thank You for a FUN Tuesday puzzle.

Needed the "PERP" to get KATIE. I've noticed that happens a lot with the names of Actors for movies I've never seen.

Fave, of course, was NEAT IDEA ... that happens a lot when I think about Scotch.


Lemonade714 said...

Illinois and Indiana or Avenues on the classic Monopoly board; the abbreviation of the names advises the solver that the fill is also an abbreviation. Ill. and Ind. = Ave.

What was your problem?

Good to see you C.C.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Another fun, day-appropriate puzzle from our own CC. Hand up for scour/scrub but everything else went smoothly. I did catch the theme before the reveal.

Thanks, CC and Argyle, for a terrific Tuesday treat.

Have a great day.

kazie said...

Great CW today. I like to play a guessing game with myself and try to see if I know who the constructor is after a few of the clues, and I usually know when it's C.C. and today was no exception. Really fun.

In contrast, I'm totally frustrated with Hotmail. Anyone else having trouble too? It keeps shutting me out and all the troubleshooting phone numbers I've tried don't work. It's been rotten to the core ever since Outlook took it over. I cleared my bookmarked tab for it, to try a fresh start, and now I can't even get a sign in page to come up.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Straightforward solve today. No rough spots or searches. Wondered about the Genesis guy, but ADAM seemed good if TACO BARS was in the language. I haven't heard the term here, but I can see its use. A little Frawnsch - UNE and TETES; AMI if clued differently, and M. MANET.
MUTTON Goof - In the 1938 Robin Hood movie, When Robin and Marian are eating in Sherwood, Robin slices a small piece of mutton off of the leg and starts to eat it, the angle switches to Marian, but when the camera switches to Robin again, he is holding the whole leg to his mouth.
Agree with IM; a great Tuesday treat

Anonymous said...

L714: The problem is that "avenues" is plural and AVE is singular. The connector should have been "or", not "and".

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

UN is so common, like Fax, not really considered an abbreviation. The answer should not have been an abbreviation.

coneyro said...

Very funny. Good work.

C6D6 Peg said...

Really enjoyed the puzzle, C.C. Such clever phrases and cluing. Thanks!

Argyle, loved the "Dub You My Best Friend". Thanks for the smile!

BeachBumByBirth said...

I looked up "one-trick pony" in the dictionary, and I'll be damned if there wasn't a picture of Tin!! And as any of us who used to know him will tell you, the drinking schtik is wildly exaggerated anyway.

coneyro said...

C.C. A quick, yet quite pleasant run today. NO SWEAT.

SBARRO is pretty good New York style pizza sold in the mall. The slices are really large, and they also sell pasta dishes and salads. Not bad for a franchise, but the prices are a little high.

KATIE Holmes is an actress I've followed since "Dawson's Creek". She is now starring on the new season of "Ray Donovan". I'm glad she got divorced from that crazy Tom Cruise. He's a real SPACE CADET.

ALAN ALDA is one of the best actors of all time. Whether in comedic or dramatic roles, I've never witnessed anything other than 100% perfection. He's terrific in any role he portrays.

I'll say it again, Owen, those limericks are amazing.

I laughed when I read the clue for 27A, "Cash makes things happen". In actually people rarely use paper currency for purchases anymore. Plastic, bitcoins, paypal exchanges etc. I once was at a motel that refused cash as payment for the room. My husband and I had a problem because we didn't have a credit card. The stopover was unexpected, as we missed the last bus home at the mall, and had no car. Had to walk six miles home, as there was no one available to come get us. Stupidly, never thought of a taxi.

Time to go... Keep smiling all.

Misty said...

It always makes me happy to see a C.C. puzzle, and this one was once again a total delight! Thank you so much, C.C. And your photos were great, Argyle--especially the Manet. So as usual, the puzzle helps me start a difficult day well.

Rowland had a good day yesterday, and I'm so happy that I can still make up crossword puzzle clues and he can mumble answers to many of them (I make them totally easy). Shows his mind is still working and that I can help exercise it. But sadly, he complained of pain for the first time last night, and so I worry that we'll need to switch from Home Health to Hospice service soon.

Have a good day, everyone.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

**no problems here; C.C. (and Argyle, too) thanks for the nice Tuesday offering

**when I used to do a lot of airline travel for my job, SBARRO was a popular restaurant at many of the airports I used; and other than seeing them in shopping mall food courts, I didn't know of their history. Don't think I've ever seen a stand-alone shop other than in the two venues I mentioned

**Had MONET before MANET, but SAHORA looked a bit weird; not sure that if I had said "YES, DEAR" more often, it would have saved my first marriage, but saying it now is certainly helping my current relationship!! ;^) ---> I am a slow learner ...

**the SAUL/US WEEKLY intersect was a WAG/PERP - was unfamiliar with both, but considering any other alternative guess ...

**you rarely see both ALAN and ALDA in the same line; usually one or the other, but the two are probably a cruciverbalist's best friends

**SPACE CADET - boy, does that phrase make me feel old!

My non-themed limerick du jour:

Opera singer who's known for inflection,
At audition, was met with rejection.
As it turned out that she
Sang the piece in wrong key;
Maybe due to a mild "staff" infection?

CanadianEh! said...

Fun puzzle from our fearless leader. Thanks C.C. And Argyle.

I didn't get the theme until the last fill. Lightbulb moment.

Not familiar with SBARRO. I had Venom before TOXIN , and ERS before ORS. I also hesitated with HASPS because it was so similar to the clue.

Have a great day.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Very nice, C.C.! And, NO SWEAT. I easily slipped into her wave length and sashayed right across though a few solves were all downs. It was lovely to see ALAN ALDA, who, I agree, is one of the all time great actors.

HASP/ASP crossing was cute. I've never heard of or seen a TACO BAR. Sadly most eating places use the stiff, precooked shells which, INMHO, taste like styrofoam. If I go to a restaurant for tacos, I make sure they fry the tortilla themselves. Usually I make my own. And not with ground beef.

Thank you, C.C. and Argyle. You both gave me great fun today.

Have a terrific Tuesday, everyone!

Lucina said...

Sbarro's is in the food courts at the Malls here.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hey, wait a sec! With the past errors in constructors name, I am not so sure this is a CC puzzle! There are no Baseball references!

Hmm, 31A Tie settlers = OTs, maybe, but that's is not Baseball specific...
Hmm, Hmm, add 6A slide, (well maybe...)

Two maybes are not definite proof, CC did you really construct this puzzle?

Save Time?

Save Money!

Saved Face Classic Quote?

Save Space! (Aw...)

There must be a 1000 funny "save it" pics out there, but unfortunately I am biased...

Spitz @10:12 There are a bunch of goofs in Robin Hood (not mutton related though...) My fave is:

When Robin leaps off the gallows his hands are tied behind him. For a split second after jumping on the horse he reaches around and grabs the horse to steady himself. Then as he rides off his hands are tied again.

desper-otto said...

My favorite movie blooper is from that classic 1997 J-Lo/Jon Voight thriller, Anaconda. They needed a shot of the boat backing away from the waterfall, but only had footage of the boat nearing the waterfall. Solution: Run those frames backward. Neat! Except, now the waterfall is flowing up instead of down. D'oh!

Nice Cuppa said...

Agree with anon. Should have been "Ill. OR Ind." for AVE.

Clue leads to AVES. CC Culpa!

But then I suppose there will always be the 'AVES and 'AVE not-S……..

Never heard of BUSS for KISS. Seems to be "archaic or US informal".

In all other respects, parfait.


Husker Gary said...

I had league golf today at 9 a.m. and just got home. I had a HOLE-IN-ONE!! It was a nine iron on a 118 yd hole if you’re interested.

-C.C.’s puzzle had just enough snap to make it fun!
-Back To The Future has to be the best TIME TRAVEL movie
-I learned a makeup sequence today!
-Like Otto, I had SC_U_ and still had to wait for SCRUB or SCOUR. I had a similar MANET/MONET experience
-My friend’s wife had Lysol on her desk for some of the SSI requesters who came in when it got too cold outside. She was also threatened more than once when people were turned down.
-UN AMB. Have diplomatic immunity, he does not!
-10 most poisonous animals in the world. For some there is no ANTITOXIN.
-We had a friend that was such an aggressive Monopoly player, we stopped playing with him.
-TACO B___ was a TACO BELL facility first
-Put away the electronics, kids still most enjoy being READ TO

Beach Bum said...

re; Ray o sunshine@10:22: I must disagree with you about that. For me, part of the fun of solving crossword puzzles is being initially misled by cleverly deceptive clues. If a constructor uses an abbreviated word or term that has found its way into the lexicon and slips it into a clue as a stealthy way to hint at an abbreviated answer, I'm all for it.

More than a few times I thought an answer was unfairly abbreviated and then returned to the clue and found a "limo" or "tux" hiding there in plain sight. For me, it's all about the "Aha" moments.

Joe A. said...

Yes, the clue for AVE was in error.

OON is absolutely awful fill. And with AWW and AMB nearby, that whole area should have been reworked. I've seen puzzles scrapped for less.

YES DEAR, MONEY TALKS and SPACE CADET save this puzzle.

2.5 stars at best.

Lemonade714 said...

Well since you are buying, where do we meet?
I have never had one, though a few were under 3 inches from the hole


inanehiker said...

Congrats HG on your hole-in-one -- exciting anytime- but a few weeks after being in the hospital - Stunning!

Bill G. said...

I enjoy the people here so much!

Thanks CC and Argyle.

Way to go Gary!

Misty, good thoughts for you during this tough time.

Good wishes to all of us who are going through various struggles right now. I hope things get better.

fermatprime said...


Thanks, CC and Santa!

Scratched head at AVE. Never heard of TACO BAR. Otherwise easy.

Lucina: what DO you put in your tacos?

Misty: sending good wishes your way.

Another wonderful, long afternoon at the holistic dentist yesterday. My heart acted up in the chair.


JD said...

Thanks C.C. And Argyle for a fun Tuesday. Had to change halos to aurae as soon as I filled Sahara. I don't think progenitor is a Tuesday word, but easy to fill. Space cadet was my favorite fill today.Fav clue: it may be called or fired.I have changed AURAE several times while self correct keeps changing it .

Am anxiously awaiting for the photos from Pluto. they should be "out of this world"!!

Irish Miss said...

Gary, congrats! ⛳️ I hope you feel as good as you sound.

Misty, thinking of you and Rowland.

OwenKL said...

I don't golf, but as I understand it, holes-in-one are MAJOR acchievements!

If you're going to golf, go with Husker Gary,
His swinging skills are legendary!
He can make the ball dance,
It don't stand a chance
As he wings it across the Nebraska prairie!

Our friend Gary is a duffer of grace,
The Lord of Golf has looked on his face!
Said the deity,
"A good man I see,
I think that today I'll give him an ace!"

Anonymous T said...

HI all!

AWW - A FIW. The PERP ABET my CRIME thinking it was SpARRO. I SEE now why I LOST...

I could have left out the above to SAVE FACE; but the truth is NO SWEAT... I'm justa SPACE CADET.

Thanks CC for a wonderful Tuesday offering. NEAT IDEA - SAVE IT theme. I'd be REMISS not thanking Argyle for his WEEKLY work for US. Thanks.

W/o - I put Santa's toys in 56d instead of in his SACKS @53d.

Fav - 64a - what DW is NAMED.

CED - I liked progression...

OKL - #1 was funny

Congrats HG!

DW to friend: "DH & I know the secret to a happy marriage, right hon?"
//I got bopped for that :-)

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

Didn't want to sully that last post with discussing other more mundane topics. It can be either two independent limericks or one longer poem.

I agree it should have been OR instead of AND, but convoluted crosswordical reasoning is that AVE is what needs to be added to each to match their Monopoly designations, not what they are collectively.

I was going to complain about OON, too, since a suffix is a definable morpheme* that is affixed to a stem word, and despite their similarity I thought ball and ballOON were seperate words. But no, "-oon
spelling conventional in 15c.-17c. English to add emphasis to borrowed French nouns ending in stressed -on; also used to represent Italian -one, Spanish ón; all from Latin -onem. Used in rare cases to form English words, such as spittoon, octoroon.".
and "balloon (n.)
1570s, "a game played with a large inflated leather ball," from Italian pallone "large ball," from palla "ball," from a Germanic source akin to Langobardic palla.
Perhaps borrowed in part from French ballon (16c.), altered from Italian pallone. It also meant the ball itself (1590s), which was batted back and forth by means of large wooden paddles strapped to the forearms. Acquired modern meaning after Montgolfier brothers' flights, 1783. As a child's toy, it is attested from 1848; as "outline containing words in a comic engraving" it dates from 1844."

* Morpheme is the word Wikipedia used -- I didn't know what to call it.

Argyle said...

I'd like to mention why I chose that particular Manet painting. CED was posting some videos about sailing last night, for one thing, and the other is the man in the painting looks like he's had to say, "Yes, Dear", more than once.


Avg Joe said...

An enjoyable puzzle. Thanks C.C. And thank you Argyle.

Congratulations Gary! Quite the feat.

And....too many pedants walked into a bar on this particular day. Or was it a brew pub......

It's a puzzle.

Lucina said...


My tacos are filled with shredded beef, usually leftover pot roast or thinly sliced and sautéed sirloin, or chuck steak, whichever is available, followed by a combo of jack/cheddar cheese, shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes and salsa. On very rare occasions, for reasons of limited time, I might use ground beef. I don't make fish tacos but will eat them at a restaurant.

Gary: Congratulations! You must be feeling a whole lot better!

Husker Gary said...

Immortalized by Owen! This day just keeps getting better and better. Thanks for all the congratulatory messages as well. I'll post some pix tomorrow!

Chairman Moe said...

HG - was this your first ace?

SwampCat said...

I'm late to the party, but I must congratulate Gary on the hole on one!! And you, too, Owen for immortalizing him in verse!!

What a wonderful day this has been! A great puzzle. A witty write up. Fun limericks.... and now a hole in one. Life is good!

Anonymous T said...

This link is for HG! . C, -T

JD said...

Congrats Gary!!!!

Misty, I think about you and Rowland, and how you have made the best life possible for the 2 of you to enjoy. I have much admiration for you and hope that you are able to hold up if Rowland needs more care than you can provide. You have done your best.

Bill G. said...

Lucina, what about sour cream and guacamole?

Irish Miss said...

JD @ 9:50 - What a beautiful and meaningful message. Thank you.

Lucina said...

Of course, guacamole and sour cream. Those are served as sides for those who want them. Maybe I'll make some this week. Yum!

I second that! Well said.

You and Roland are certainly in my prayers.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Sorry for the AVE clue error, everyone. Should be "or" instead of "and".

C.C. Burnikel said...

Congratulates on your hole-in-one. No mulligan this time :-)

JD @9:50pm,
You said it so well.

You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers. Hope the daily LAT and the banters here provide you a sense of normalcy.