Jul 10, 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015, Mark Bickham

Theme: Order in the Court! Courtroom DRAMA?

A quick revisit from Mark Bickham who provided Sunday's 21x21. Mark is one of my favorites and this puzzle was happily easy for me based on the subject matter, but it is an odd one. Each of 4 common legal phrases is re-clued in witty fashion and then tied together with an equally deceptive but amusing reveal. I cannot tell if the terminology is tricky for those who do not have a legal background, so I am not sure if the puzzle will be hard for anyone, but it was a quicker than normal solve for me.  The 5 theme related answers use 67 letters, so like last week, we have lots of short fill to balance. Overall this one has a very un-Friday like average word length under 5 letters with lots of black squares. The few non-themers over 5- ALYSSA,  GROSSE,  LIED TO,  NATION,  SPEARS,  SUMMON, INSECTS, INTERNS, BEQUEATHS and  PRE-ASSIGN are okay, and none seem too obscure. Let's look at what happened.

17A. Rating for a recap? : SUMMARY JUDGMENT (15). A recap is a summary; a rating is a judgment; a summary judgment is a legal term referring to the disposition of a case without a trial.

29A. Advice on paper size? : LEGAL COUNSEL (12). I do not use apple computers (at least not until the end of the month) but on all of my print functions, one of the decisions one must make is paper size, letter or legal. If you ask someone to suggest counsel is one phrase for the attorney.

44A. Dibs on kitchen space? : COUNTERCLAIM (12). Dibs is a great invention, like calling shotgun; while kitchens all have counters. A counterclaim is where a Defendant files an action against the original Plaintiff in a law suit.

58A. Displeased wave of the hand? : MOTION TO DISMISS (15). I can picture many famous hand wave dismissals, while a Motion to Dismiss is a pleading to end a case based sole on deficiencies in the language of the original complaint.

and the reveal:

36A. Fooled by one's imagination ... or, another way, what the four other longest puzzle answers are? : HEARING THINGS (13). All relate to matters which will go to a hearing before a judge.

Okay let's plunge in the rest....


1. Hybrid carriers : MULES. Great misdirection to begin Friday, if you did not think about cars you are smarter than I.

6. Hardly next door : AFAR.

10. Shelter gp. : SPCA. Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals has a long HISTORY worldwide.

14. Functional : UTILE. One of those words that sounds like more trouble than it is worth.

15. Winter Olympics event : LUGE.

16. __ Mountains: European border range : URAL.

20. Start to state? : TRIstate. I just did the New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania part after Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island part.

21. Land east of the Suez Canal : ASIA.

22. June portrayer in "Henry & June" : UMA. Do we like her or not? LINK. (1:28).

23. Trainees : INTERNS. We have a summer intern at the office this year. Her name is Stephanie, we now call her Charlie.

26. __ Pointe: Detroit suburb : GROSSE. An old COMMUNITY.

32. Rock and Roll Hall of Famers since 2010 : ABBA. This would have been hard except that the only bands I could only think of with four letters were ABBA and TOTO which was mentioned yesterday, and TOTO never made it to the hall.

34. Word with sick or cold : OUT. Out sick, or out cold.

35. Press : INK. A term I learned from reading where comments were made about how much ink did a story get.

41. __ au vin : COQ. Who makes this at home?  RECIPE.

42. Ornamental fish : KOI. let's not carp about what they are.

43. Stapes, for one : BONE. Earie?

49. Artist with the 2011 album "Femme Fatale" : SPEARS. A little glimpse of dear BRITNEY. (3:33).

50. Antennae holders : INSECTS. A very fun clue, hey John Lampkin.

54. Took in : ATE. Reminds me of this LIST.

55. Cooperate with in a caper : ABET.

57. Eggs : OVA.

63. Point-of-view intro : IMHO. In My Humble Opinion.

64. It may need cobbling : BOOT. I really like this one.

65. Shafts on the road : AXLES. Don't get cranky if you think they are actually above the road.

66. AAA part: Abbr. : ASSN.

67. Magazine filler : AMMO. Nice classic clue.

68. Erroll Garner classic : MISTY. Worth a LISTEN. (2:48)


1. "Can't you get someone else?" : MUST I?

2. Political surprise : U-TURN. I had trouble parsing this one. Flip flopping?

3. Cap : LIMIT.

4. Shade provider : ELM.

5. Source of shells : SEA. So simple, I was afraid it was wrong.

6. "Mistresses" co-star Milano : ALYSSA. She and ex co-star Shannen Doherty supposedly cannot be in the same room.

7. Big name in film : FUJI.

8. Río contents : AGUA. A River holds water (Sp.).

9. __ cell : RED. A clue out of the 50's and 60's when people saw communists everywhere.

10. Call : SUMMON. Sounds like a word to use with demons.

11. Designate in advance : PRE-ASSIGN.

12. Has the power : CAN.

13. Either of two space bar flankers : ALT. For the online solvers a gimme, but did you have to look?

18. Checked out of the store, with "up" : RANG.

19. Wise teacher : GURU.

24. Island off Tuscany : ELBA. I was able to get this.

25. Bottom : REAR. PC, PC!

26. Black-clad subculturist : GOTH. My youngest hung out with the goths in early high school, but i believe it was the girl goths who got him.

27. Sight, say : SENSE.

28. Image on Idaho's state flag : ELK.  If you want to see, LOOK.

30. Detective's skill : LOGIC. Elementary my dear Watson.

31. Song on a record : CUT. This used to be literally true.

32. Renoir's "Girl With __" : A HOOP. This was before they realized you could do the Hula with it.

33. Wills : BEQUEATHS. A bonus legal term.

37. A Clanton and a president : IKES. Quite the logical pair. IKE 1. IKE 2.

38. Fish-fowl link : NOR.

39. Sacred wader of ancient Egypt : IBIS. The Miami Hurricanes like this bird, which I did not know comes in red.

40. Seward Peninsula city : NOME. How many of the Corner have been to this Alaskan CITY?

41. Engine units: Abbr. : CCS. Cubic centimeters.

45. Turkey, for one : NATION. Fooled me at first.

46. Old Smartphone : TREO. I had a friend who loved hers, until Blackberry came along.

47. Betrayed, in a way : LIED TO.

48. Unwilling to stand up for : ANTI. Iffn you aint fer me, yer agin me.

51. Some are tightly wound : COILS.

52. Den focal point : TV SET. More from the 50s and 60's.

53. Impudent : SASSY.

55. Smashing target : ATOM. My favorite clue.

56. Mike holder : BOOM. Hand held.

58. Girl's name that's a verb spelled backwards : MIA. This is a really obscure clue; are there other possibilities?

59. Serene sounds : OMS. For those who meditate.

60. Org. with Kings and Wizards : NBANational Basketball Association. And the free agent parade continues.

61. "I can't remember it, Miss Ilsa" speaker : SAM. Great movie.

62. 11th-century year : MXI. 1011, a kind of pun?

Thank you Mark B. and thank you all for tuning in. Hard to believe we are already in the second half of the year. Lemonade out.

Notes from C.C.:

1) Belated Happy 45th Birthday to our Anon-T (Tony), the computer geek, foodie and an incredibly caring friend, on and off the blog. He also solves LA Times puzzle with his mother-in-law at times. So sweet!
Anon T, Giza, Feb 2014

2) Happy Birthday to my mentor and close friend Don G, who turns 61 years old today! We've collaborated on over 100 puzzles for various venues the past few years. The time and attention he's given me are truly unparallelled.

Don & his wife Barbie


fermatprime said...


Thanks, Mark, for a fast and fun Friday! Good expo, Lemon!

Swell theme!

SPEARS mostly perped.

Happy birthday, Anon T and Don G.!

No problems!

Anyone watching Complications?

Radio is playing Randall Thompson's Alleluia. Great piece.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and a Very Happy Birthday to Anon T and Don G)!

Made it through this one in fits and starts. Overall, I thought the cluing was trying to hard for Friday difficulty. "Political surprise" for U-TURN? "Engine units" for CCS? Even the theme answers seemed hit or miss to me. "Rating for a recap" for SUMMARY JUDGMENT and "Dibs on kitchen space" for COUNTER CLAIM made perfect sense, but "Advice on paper size" for LEGAL COUNSEL and "Displeased wave of the hand" for MOTION TO DISMISS seemed a bit of a stretch. On the other hand, I thought that "Hybrid carriers" for MULES was a devilishly tricky and fun clue.

I've vaguely heard of the song MISTY, but had no idea who Errol Garner was, so that took all the perps to get. Girl with A HOOP was another complete unknown (with AHOO in place I went with A HOOD until the perps set me straight.)

OwenKL said...

Breezed through this like it was Tuesday or Thursday -- which was better than I did Tuesday or Thursday!

When the explication started with DRAMA, I expected this. (I can't play videos, so I hope that was a good choice.)

Will Heinz Doofenshmirtz ever take over the TRIstate area?

No red blooded American will sacrifice his red blood cells to a Red cell!

Another famous IKE was Isaac Asimov.

MXI is what you get when you mix a mix.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed right through, nary a speed bump. Just a few unknowns, such as the Britney Spears thing, easily perped. Having all the theme phrases being long, and spelled normally, certainly sped up the process. It seems appropriate for Lemon's write-up day!

Happy Birthday -T and DG.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy birthday and many more Don Hard G and Anon T

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This Friday was running on the Monday schedule. My only stumble was BEQUES... turning ATE into SAW. Quickly fixed. There seemed to be a lot of legal-related non-theme entries: PREASSIGN, LIED TO, SUMMON, LIMIT.

Lemon, two questions. Why do you only use an Apple computer at the end of the month? And why do you call Stephanie "Charley?" MIA could have been clued as a soccer player, but if I'm familiar with a sports name, that sports name is not Friday material.

When I hear "Tri-State" I think of the one in Chicago. I used to have to drive that one almost daily back in the late '70's before I wised up and moved to Texas.

Before I forget, Happy Birthdays to Tony and Don-G.

Jerome said...

Desper- No big deal, but Mia's last name is Hamm. By the way, I once drank Hamm's beer and she slapped me.

Jerome said...

Sorry Desper, I just realized I misread what you said... Sorry. You should slap me!

Rainman said...

Happy Birthday, Tony and Don G.

Zipped thru this one in 34:23 but was surprised to get the Ta-Da because I was sure MUSTI and others had to be wrong, but I was mistaken. And pleased.

Nice write-up, Lemony, the theme apparently right up your alley. Well done.

Thought "Mike holder" for BOOM was clever cluing. Not sure how I would have clued AHOOP, but thank goodness for Renoir.

Drove 800 miles yesterday from mid-OR just to get home and avoid another night on the road. Man, I won't do that again. But it's good to be home. And having come through Kennewick/Pasco/Richland, I suppose TRI could be clued "Start to cities?" as well.

thehondohurricane said...

Back in the day I occasionally passed a bar, however it "weren't" the kind that would allow you to be called a lawyer. But during my career I often dealt with lawyers, so I found today pretty easy for a Friday. And no dumb screw ups or mis-spellings either.

Kept wanting to put an E after the G in JUDGMENT. Held me up for a bit.

Some of my regular crossword slowdowns showed their faces today. Is it COc or COQ, aRAL or URAL, KOI or or KOa?

I keep thinking I'd like to be able to tell people I'm from the TRI state area while my address is in a state with a much lower cost of living. However, I doubt it will ever come to fruition.

Happy birthday to Don G and Anon T.

Avg Joe said...

Happy Birthday Anon-T and Don G!

Self inflicted wounds caused this one to go into OT. Had ACDC instead of ABBA and Paid instead of Rang up. But the theme answers were clever and easy enough to figure out with a few perps that they were very helpful.

Jerome. Go to your room for that one. :-)
(and I do intend to steal it)

unclefred said...

This started out tough for me, but slowly yielded a completion. At the end, a fun puzzle, and a nice write-up, Lemonade, thanks for your efforts. Owen, where's your limerick that I so look forward to?

Lemonade714 said...

Sometimes being forgetful helps; being reminded that AC/DC is 4 letters, my brain awoke to recall KISS and RUSH are also HOFers.

It is better to be lucky

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

HBD to the birthday boys.

Catching onto the theme was a big help for this solve. Unusual theme, brilliantly executed.

AC/DC before ABBA.

Drew total blank on SPEARS. Oh - THAT girl.

One clunker: "Unwilling to stand up for" as a clue for ANTI looks like a complete miss to me.

MIA could be clued as Frank's third wife, or by association in some way with Woody - nemesis, perhaps.

Does anybody else remember Hamm's beer? I do, and not fondly.

Besides the city of GROSSE Pointe, there are the neighboring cities of GROSSE Pointe Park, GROSSE Pointe Woods, GROSSE Pointe Farms, and GROSSE Pointe Shores. Somebody was deeply engrossed in that naming scheme.

MISTY is a long time favorite - in fact, it's OUR song [does anybody do that anymore?] Bur Errol Garner's version is way too plinky and schmaltzy for me. Oh, well - it was his song before it was ours, so I guess he can do what he wants with it.

The litigant thought it was sport
To bring all his problems to court
But when he sued for a kiss
From an unwilling miss
The case was dismissed as no tort.

Cool regards!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to Anon -T. Always enjoy your posts, and, since you're in a different time zone, I make sure to read your late ones the next morning.

Happy Birthday to Don G. I enjoy your puzzles. Keep 'em coming.

Thanks, Lemon for enhancing my understanding of the theme. Got most of the puzzle OK, but had to Google HOOP. That gave me SPEARS, and TREO.
Favorite clue was for ATOM. Liked AMMO, too.
Just read about Napoleon in Smithsonian, so ELBA came easily.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I liked everything about this puzzle: clever theme, spot-on theme answers, and precision execution. All, of course, IMHO. A few of the clues, however, were a tad irksome, e.g., the clues for U-turn, anti, bone, and ink. Very nice CSO to our dear Misty.

Thanks Mark and Lemony for an end of the week treat.

Happy Birthday to Don G and Tony. Hope your special day is just that! 🎂 🎁🎉🎊🎈

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

Unlike Lemonade, I thought of MULES right off the bat and was on a speed run until I stalled on SUMMARY JUDGMENT. I had to think twice about ASIA because one has to pass over the Sinai Peninsula to really get to the rift zone that separates Asia from Africa.

I had the usual unknown celebrity types- ALYSSA, SPEARS, UMA- filled by perps. Girl with A HOOP and MISTY were also unknown and unheard of before. I initially wanted to write UPSET for U-TURN but UTILE erased that thought.

RED cell- I was thinking blood cells, not commies.
CCS- I prefer the term cubic inches, as in 427 or 426 hemi. Just sounds better.
I thought the OMS clue and answer could have been better and just because you are 'Unwilling to stand up for" doesn't mean you are ANTI, it just means you couldn't care less about somebody else's problem.

As far as legalese goes I guess SUMMON(s) could be added to BEQUEATHS, IMHO ( I hate text abbreviations)

On a sad note, KENNY 'The Snake' STABLER, quarterback for Alabama, Raiders, Oilers, and Saints died yesterday. His wife, Rose, was the meterologist on one of the television channels in New Orleans, and everyone remembered Roses her read end shook when she pointed to things on the maps showing fronts, highs, and lows on the pre-computerized weather segments.

Argyle said...

Couple of movies that come to mind: Play Misty for Me (1971) with Clint Eastwood (IMDb) and Grosse Pointe Blank (1997) with John Cusack (IMDb).

C6D6 Peg said...

Pretty quick solve after the first pass. Didn't quite seem like a Friday, but then the rest of the week was easier than normal, as well. Thanks for the nice puzzle, Mark. Great job on the cluing to the theme entries!

Nice work, Lemonade, on your write-up.

Happy Friday to all!

Avg Joe said...

You can never hear The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face quite the same once you've seen Play Misty For Me.

And the version of Misty I'm most familiar with was by Ray Stevens.

Bill G. said...

Fond happy birthday wishes to Anon T and Don (Hard G). They are two smart, classy people who have been introduced to me via this blog.

Fun puzzle! "Hybrid carriers" >> MULE was very clever thought I.

Barbara hates Play Misty for Me. Too scary for her.

Grosse Point Blank was a so-so movie with one unforgettable scene. It had a typical teen boy playing an arcade shoot-em-up games while wearing headphones. The explosions in the game overpowered the real sounds behind him as two people were having a real gun battle in the convenience store. When he finished the game, he turned around and was dumfounded at the vast destruction that had occurred behind him while he was engrossed in the game.

Bluehen said...

HBD AnonT and Don HardG, and many happy returns.

I was surprised at how rapidly I got through this puzzle. It finished in Tuesday/Wednesday like time. Was feeling pretty proud of myself, until I got here to the blog and found out that most everyone else had the same solving experience. Pride goeth before a fall.

Lemony, not only do I make coq au vin, I use real cocoa!

Doctor Zhivago said...

RIP, Omar Sharif.

Rainman said...

To all the meerkat sniper cowards on this site, tell us again how YOUR past lives contribute to your need for anonymity.

Tinbeni said...

Happy Birthday Anon-T and Don G.

Lemon: Nice write-up explaining my Rorschach INK Blot ... geez, what a mess.
D N F ... not even close.
Congrats to those who finished correctly.

Fave today was the CSO to our MISTY.

Bill G. said...

Barbara (1): Her favorite old-time movie star just died today, Omar Sharif, star of Doctor Zhivago, Lawrence of Arabia and Funny Girl.

Barbara (2): Her favorite version of Misty was by Johnny Mathis, a great make-out record. MISTY

Thanks for the writeup Lemon.

To our real Misty, continued good wishes.

coneyro said...

TGIF everyone.

A very UN-Fridaylike offering. More beginning of the week .

The only error I had was, actually, quite amusing. For 7D I had __UJ_. Immediately the Steven King film, "Cujo" came to mind. Perfect answer. Big name (dog, that is) in film. With those odd letters "UJ" what else could it be? To the very end, my mind couldn't accept any other answer. Because of this, 6A and 21A weren't completed, even though the answers were obvious. DNF due to my stubbornness.

Fermatprime...I watch and enjoy "Complications" on TV. It is not your run of the mill " disease of the week" medical drama. How far do you think the doctor with go to protect the young boy, without compromising his principles? And that nurse, Gretchen, is something else. Great summer viewing.

ALYSSA Milano has come a long way since "Who's the Boss". I loved her as a witch on "Charmed", but have never seen "Mistresses". I think she's a pretty good actress.

Another week over, and we're another week older. Make the most of it folks, and enjoy yourselves.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Hi guys, miss me??!!

HB to -T and Don G; may your year ahead be a great one!

Since my newspaper edition of the LATCW comes with no "red letters", I resorted to Google to find the answer to 32d which enabled me to get back in gear

Cute theme and one I'm sure Lemony had fun with in his recap

A couple of ink smudges here and there but overall I did ok

Since Owen took the day off, I see that JzB offered a great limerick - very clever sir!

Hope everyone has a safe and restful weekend.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Fairly easy for a Friday pzl, no? When I see so many three-letter fills, I assume they'll be hard, but not so in this case.

Happy weekend, all!

Lemonade714 said...

Bluehen, that is one of the great cooking comments ever here at the corner!!

Thank you

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Happy birthday, Don G! May you live long and give us many more puzzles!
Belated happy birthday to AnonT!!

I finished this puzzle earlier this morning but having been gone a few days, I had much to catch up on.

It was an unusually easy one by Mark B. and for Friday! Guess I've watched enough crime TVE that all the phrases were familiar and filled quickly. Had to go back for MULES as it wasn't immediately evident. Good guesses at UMA, INK, AXLES.

I had left two blank cells and didn't realize it until reading Lemonade's excellent review, SPEARS and TREO.

Now I'll see what you all wrote. My trip was to California for the dedication of a room at Loma Linda Hospital in honor of my late niece who made such a strong and lasting impact on her community. She was one of the founding members of the Believe Walk which in 10 years has raised many thousands of dollars for Loma Linda Hospital, including the construction of the Cancer Center there. Through the funds from the Walk, many women are able to receive ancillary help who might not otherwise be able to afford it. That would be, prosthesis, wigs, and other necessities. A check was presented to the hospital for this year in the amount of $175,000.

Catch you all later! Have a great Friday, all!

Lemonade714 said...

For all those looking for a late afternoon delight, John Lampkin is the author of today's Chronicle of Higher Education Puzzle

AnonymousPVX said...

Lots of white on the first pass but crosses kept me in it. Nobody was more surprised than me when all of a sudden all was filled in. That's really the best kind of puzzle, the kind that makes you work but keeps you in it.

Kenny Stabler, Omar Sharif… got to wonder who'll be number 3.

Husker Gary said...

What a lovely, doable Friday exercise! Postings come late when warm weather forces me to very early tee times.

-I can’t believe I referenced Elvis’s Little Sister yesterday as a B-side of a record when the THEME was FLIP SIDE!! Duh!
-Good luck trying a COUNTER CLAIM of emotional distress with Judge Judy!
-A smug defense attorney on Law and Order who makes a MOTION TO DISMISS for an obviously guilty client on a technicality really fries my bacon. I know they’re supposed to but still…
-There’s OUT SICK and there’s SICK OUT
-Antennae holder of my ute
-In Vegas, I have a definite CAP on what I’ll risk
-The ANTI-death penalty groups got it annulled in the unicameral this year despite 70% for keeping it in the state.
-No ALTS adjacent to my keyboard
-“He RANG him up” is a way to say a pitcher struck out a batter
-Sight is the SENSE I would miss most
-His use of LOGIC on Netflix always strains credulity at the end
-I couldn’t let that girl not have a HOOD for a long time
-Good one, Jerome!
-Happy Birthday Tony and Don!

Anonymous T said...

Hi Puzzle Pals!

I must be HEARING THINGS, ya'll said this was easy. IMHO mostly; It took Wednesday time (still have a BONE to pick there...). I MUST agree even though I got a FIW in block 43... It's IBIS not IsIS... (and I kept reading staples and tried to stuff arena in there).

But, it was a fun OUTing. Thanks Mark! Thanks to Lem for the write-up (and RINGing UP my error :-))

Wo/s - why me? b/f MUST I?, Upset b/f UTURN (I liked how it TURNed (literally) into INTERN - very clever). I also localized 10a to ASPC... b/f fixing that.

KISS, RUSH, or AsiA? No, ASIA was used @21a and they were one CUT wonders... What other band is A___A?..... Ouch, V8. (how many CCs in a V-8? :-))

And, the Palm w/o b/f TREO (650). I loved mine. I screwed & glued that thing back together so many times to keep it working (7+yrs) until I finally gave in and got an iThing. My TREO was a phone 1st, PDA & email second, and goofy apps third. Very well designed. (ironically, some of the folks from Apple's Newton team built it). // end wistful

I'm ANTI 48d's clue too... Unwilling to stand for == chicken sh** in my book (you like the idea but won't go out on a limb?)

Favs: 50a's clue xing TVSET; 45a c/a, and BOOM xing AMMO. And, of course the SO to our C.C. @41d.

I'm running out of lines here, so Lem, IANAL, but the LEGAL terms are all familiar. I'll testify to that at the SUMMONs.

Lucina - your niece sounds like she was one of those awesome good people! Sad you & the world lost her...

And, HBD to Don (h)G!

Cheers, -T
//thanks to all for my HBD wishes. I had a good b'day and chocolate bacon treats (the bacon was real! and crumbled into very good chocolate)

Anonymous T said...

HG - In my ute, I was the Antenna holder... "To the left, to the left, there. Don't move."

aka thelma said...

Happy Birthday Anon - T and Don G...

JazzB.. yes.. I remember Hamms beer... I am reminded just about everyday as I have a ceramic hamms beer bear container that has a place in my kitchen... :) acquired many years ago...

Puzzle was slow going for me today... I too thought of cubic inches and red blood cells...

Husker G / Avg Joe.. how is the weather ? my grandson will be moving to Nebraska next month... the family left yesterday and we will put him on a plane sometime next month... will be quite a change for all of them..

Misty my thoughts and prayers have been with you.... I do hope Rowland is improving..

Hope you all have a great day and weekend...

thelma :)

aka thelma said...

hmmm.... guess that should have been bear beer container....
thelma :

Avg Joe said...

Well, Thelma, I don't know how to break this to you. We've had a very unusual respite this past 3-4 days where it was 70s for highs and 50s for lows with a dew point of ~50. The windows were open and it was beautiful.

However......that has changed. Right now the dew point is 72 and tomorrow it's going into the mid 90s. Next week will be worse. This is Florida weather. It's butt ugly. Sorry.

But on the good side, I had a call from a long time friend today with an extra pair of tickets to Neil Young tomorrow night. So there's that :-)

Qli said...

I had to go to the Corner to finish this one; I really wanted an E in JUDGMENT. The rest fell into place after that and LEGAL COUNSEL

My Dad had a lighted sign from his old bar with rushing "water" (a moving light behind a picture of water). I remember the Hamm's Bear in commercials. . "Hamms. The beer refreshing" was part of the jingle...

I was thinking cars for hybrids, along with some of you. I am reading a Jack Reacher book just now, so AMMO fell right into place. MISTY reminded me of the creepy Clint Eastwood movie.

I have the weekend off! Yay! Hope you all enjoy your weekends.

aka thelma said...

Avg Joe.... LOL.... oh how I remember summer in Ohio.... :)

Thanx for the info... :) guess they will learn how to deal with it...

Enjoy the concert.. hope it will be a good one...

thelma :)

Lemonade714 said...

Do you all really want an e added to JUDGMENT ?

Chairman Moe said...

BTW, when I think of TRI State I am reminded of my last home up north - in SW OH - where the TRI states of Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky are framed by the Ohio River

Anonymous T said...

Well, this is interesting...

So, I'm going through the week's snail-mail (I only go to the box on Fridays)... Junk (toss), catalog, bill, junk (toss), junk (toss), junk...

Wait, that junk has [insert tech co. here]'s name on it. I open it and there's a crisp $5 bill inside and a pitch for me to sign up my house's internet use to be monitored for market research.

Their CLAIM is my secure traffic is still such. I RANG them and couldn't get anyone to tell me exactly what they do to my packets so I could make my JUDGMENT*. If I don't DISMISS this, the kids could make $200 like they did w/ the TV SET monitoring company. The kids made $200 ea watching TV w/ a beeper-like device attached to their REARs.

If I'm ANTI this offer, I'm still up $5 - almost enough for a CAN of beer at the ball park.

Hope every one is having a great Friday. Cheers, -T
// all true just puzzletized for your protection
Funny, Lem posted the Judgement link while I was writing this.. I inadvertently added the 'e' :-)