Sep 11, 2015

Friday, September 11, 2015, Patti Varol

Theme: A pass/fail puzzle, unless you understand  all the variations of pass, you fail.

A new puzzle from Patti Varol, who is Rich Norris' assistant at the LAT. C.C. did a nice INTERVIEW back in 2013. This style of cross-referential cluing is reminiscent of a 2012 Friday presentation which I believe was the first of her puzzles that I blogged. In this case the single word which is the clue for the four long answers is PASS which appears as the last Across clue, but has no clue.  There is room for a lot of fun fill like ANTHEM, BUTTES, (which reappears immediately after last week's duty in the theme) CONFAB,  DENOTE, LOUISA,  MOREAU,  ONIONY, ENTHUSE, NUANCES,  RAN AMOK,  UTENSIL, BROWBEAT and TIRAMISU. As someone who gets to read all of the submissions to the LAT Ms. Varol has a sense of what is fresh. I know many do not like cross-references, but I think you will like this Friday frolic.

20A. See 69-Across : FOOTBALL THROW (13). The forward PASS changed football forever.

34A. See 69-Across : MAKE THE GRADE (12). Important both in school and in life. Does pass/fail stunt learning? With all of our teachers out there, does competing for a grade improve performance?

41A. See 69-Across : SKIP ONE'S TURN (12). A term familiar to all who play bridge or any other bidding game; can you skip your turn in Monopoly?

56A. See 69-Across : MOUNTAIN ROUTE (13). There are so many famous mountain passes, but did you know the TOPOGRAPHY?

And the common clue
69A. Clue for four puzzle answers : PASS.


1. Some UPS deliveries : CODS. No, Splynter is not bringing fish to your home, or an outdated male garment.  Historically, the term was Cash On Delivery, but UPS has repurposed it as Collect On Delivery, getting the payment and forwarding to its customers.

5. First Homeland Security secretary : RIDGE. It is impossible to not think of this MAN on this anniversary of the 9/11 tragedy, and equally impossible to discuss without venturing into politics.

10. Help badly? : ABET.

14. Scott Turow title : ONE L.

15. "I don't give __" : A DARN. Even Rhett was more emphatic than that.

16. It may be hard to resist : URGE. So, why resist?

17. One in una escuela primaria : NINO. Spanish for boy or child in primary school.

18. Like two Tim Lincecum games : NO HIT. There have been six in June, July and August this year. A complete LIST.

19. Senate garment : TOGA. Fun misdirection did not fool me.

23. Country song : ANTHEM.

24. __ generis : SUI. Latin for 'of its own kind.' In the law, it is used to identify a specific party in litigation.

25. Word with band or toy : BOY. N'sync or Backstreet Boys?

28. "Peace out" : BYE.

29. Struggling with a choice : TORN.

32. Hardly friendly looks : SNEERS.

36. Idaho motto word : ESTO. Really needed perps to get this. Esto perpetua is Latin for 'let it be forever.'

39. Theater funding gp. : NEA. This time it is the National Endowment for the Arts. LINK.

40. "... like __ not" : IT OR.

46. Doctor with an island of Beast Folk : MOREAU. The wonderful mind of H.G. Wells.

47. Idée source : TETE. Did anyone do David Steinberg's puzzle last week about heads? Awesome.

48. Butcher's units: Abbr. : LBS.

51. Progressive __ : ERA.

52. Gives birth to : HAS. On alert for the birth of my second grandchild. Trying hard to keep up with Kazie.

54. Enjoy the bistro : EAT OUT.

60. Home to many Indians : ASIA.

62. Indianapolis pros : COLTS.

63. Wrap alternative : PITA.

64. Staff at sea : MAST. Not much sailing talk these days, Spitzboov?

65. Food inspector's concern : E. COLI.

66. Showing wear : USED.

67. And : PLUS.

68. "Hamlet" prop : SKULL. Alas, poor Yorick...


1. Informal chat : CONFAB. A really fun word; from the Latin root that gives us fable.

2. Like some dips : ONIONY.  Just an adjective.

3. Symbolize : DENOTE. A five dollar word.

4. Critter that sleeps upside down : SLOTH. Kinda cute sleeping.

5. Went berserk : RAN AMOK. Amok comes from a Malay word; this is the national language of Brunei, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore. It is spoken by 270 million people, per wiki.

6. Screen VIP : IDOL.

7. "Fantastic Mr. Fox" author : DAHL. Roald wrote so many twisted tales.

8. Breakfast side : GRITS. learned to enjoy them at Skeeter's in Gainesville.

9. Speak with passion : ENTHUSE.

10. Start to focus? : AUTO. Autofocus.

11. Bully : BROWBEAT. An interesting word around since the 1500s.

12. Frittata base : EGG.

13. Leaves in a bag : TEA. In the bag, not left in the bag.

21. Interim software phase : BETA. There really is alpha TESTING.

22. Digital band : RING. Not music but on a finger.

26. Great Seal word : ORDO. Novus ordo seclorum ( "New order of the ages") appears on the back of every one dollar bill so you should recognize the term. If you want more READ.

27. Strategic European river of 1914 : YSER. The BATTLE.

30. Former Quebec premier Lévesque : RENE.  This MAN died 28 years ago.

31. Arms control subj. : N-TEST. I wonder why I get so many bomb related fill.

33. Land with "her back towards Britain, her face to the West," in a William Drennan poem : ERIN. Not familiar  with Poem but it was an easy guess.

34. Brood : MOPE. Most teenagers do lots of this.

35. Not fancy at all : HATE. In the British sense....

36. Miss Megley's charge, in a Salinger story : ESME.

37. Chocolate-and-toffee bar : SKOR. I have seen it but never bought it and I love chocolate.

38. Layered dessert : TIRAMISU. Only the GARNISH is chocolate for this classic.

42. Waimea Bay locale : OAHU.

43. Easy things to overlook : NUANCES. Very subtle.

44. Diner's need : UTENSIL.

45. Slowpoke's place : REAR.

48. Creator of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy : LOUISA. May Alcott's Little Women.

49. Flat-topped formations : BUTTES. A gimme if you paid attention last week.

50. Places : STEADS.

53. Seller's supply : STOCK.

55. Freshen, as a drink : TOP UP. Never top off.

57. Stable diet : OATS.

58. Giants manager before Bochy : ALOU. Felipe, the oldest brother.

59. "__ be all right" : IT'LL. Do you prefer ROCK or POP ?

60. Juice unit : AMP. Juice as electricity.

61. ESPN reporter Paolantonio : SAL. I am glad I did not have to spell his last name.

Well on that embarrassing note, I wish you all a good week end and remember all the brave people who came to the fore in 9/11 and let them inspire us all to be better people. For those who celebrate the New Year, L' shana Tovah. Lemonade 714 out.

We had dinner last night with Chairman Moe at a local French restaurant, merveilleux!

Notes from C.C.:

1) I'm so pleased to see you guys meet again, Chairman Moe and Lemonade!

2) Happy Birthday to Husker Gary, my tenacious & always eager-to-learn friend and puzzle collaborator. I never heard him complain about life or anything during his three stays at the hospital a few months ago. He's a fighter.

Left to Right: Boomer, Gary, C.C. & Joann, August 22, 2014


Hungry Mother said...

Thanks to the theme, an easy Friday.

OwenKL said...

After yesterday, I'm pleased to report that, following a lengthy tussle, I defeated today's monster without even using reds! Most interesting error: Leaves in a bag started out as D.O.A.

Freebie Ticket in Back Pocket
------- ------ -- ---- ------
She was a pretty lass, so he made a PASS
Expecting she'd either accept him or PASS.
But he got a surprise,
The bouncer guys
Were her brothers, who tossed him out on his PASS!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Before I forget, Happy Birthday, Husker! Today is also my oldest brother's birthday. Too bad 9/11 had to come along and ruin the date for everybody.

Oh, the puzzle... Patti managed to work in some really nice fill in addition to the four theme answers and an unrevealed reveal. I liked it a lot.

Lemon, I think pass/fail stunt learning could be fatal, depending on the stunt, of course. ;7) I was surprised when you listed Malay as the official language of Singapore. I looked it up. It's actually one of four official languages -- English, Mandarin, Malay and Tamil. I spent several months in Singapore, and everybody I ran into there spoke English. Never had a SKOR? It's a whole lot like a Heath Bar, if you've had one of those.

Anonymous said...

Did you forget to post the answer grid????

Madame Defarge said...

Happy Birthday, Gary!

Good Morning.

This puzzle worked better for me than yesterday's. Thanks, Patti. I was fooled by my favorite clues here: TEA leave in a bag, Digital RING, Not fancy at all--HATE. I didn't MOPE with Brood even though I was stuck for a bit with chickens and mares! Juice unit was fun. I missed Staff at sea as I wanted crew, even though I "told" a guy on the car radio yesterday that local flags are not flying at half MAST because we are not aboard ship!! Duh! Then I struggle with it today!

Sometimes knitwear designers BETA test their patterns by giving them away for several weeks thereby using the feedback to rewrite before charging for them. (If you're interested, check out the current most popular patterns on of my hangouts. Many of them are so high on the list because they are free.) WARNING: Ravelry may be addictive if you already have or ever had a yarn problem.

Thanks for the great expo, Lemonade. Happy New Year to you and everyone who celebrates.

Have a sunny day even if it is raining where you are.

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling thoughts":

HB Husker Gary!

thoughts and prayers to all those who were affected by the horrors of 9/11. Despite it being 14 yrs ago, we need to remain vigilant in this terror-filled world in which we live

Lemony, great to see you and Miss Oo last night - thanks again! Please tell Oo that Miss Ellie loves the muffins. Will keep you posted by email on our "progress"

After seeing the photo of us from last night, I need to lose weight ... thought I was losing the gut ... I hate pictures!! ;^)

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY Husker Gary !!!

Chairman Moe & Lemon, Nice Picture !

I went with the Gone With the Wind "I don't give A DAMN" ...
Sooooooo ... another D N F
(OK, I'll admit I was having a lot of other "non-entries" ... Oh well ...)

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset ... though Husker gets the first one!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Happy Birthday to HG.

Couldn't get anything started at the top and thought it would be a real stemwinder. Then got a firm anchor with RENE and started to build it out from the SW and NE. PASS fell and accelerated the theme fill. Last fill was ONIONY. Nice puzzle, fresh fill, neat misdirections. Favorite fill was juice unit - AMP.
MAST - Avatar had a tripod mast so; no staff.
COD - Navy acronym for deliveries at sea by plane.. Carrier onboard delivery

Have a great day.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and an Extra Special Happy Birthday to Husker Gary)!

Overslept this morning after accidentally hitting the DST toggle switch on my clock radio last night. The clock said 6:30, but it was really 7:30. Oops. Ah well, after staying up late watching the Pats game last night, I needed the extra sleep...

Got through this one unassisted, but it wasn't really my cuppa. Not a big fan of cross-references in general, and I found it annoying to not know what the clue was for all the long themers. I finally just abandoned the rest of the puzzle to focus on the SE corner until PASS revealed itself, and then I went on my not-so-merry way. Of course, solving the SE took awhile due to entering ALCOTT instead of LOUISA at first and not being able to figure out why nothing else worked down there...

I was hampered by all the names that were either unknown or clued obscurely (SAL, ALOU, RENE, etc.) On the bright side, I did actually remember RIDGE after getting the D off DAHL. Sticking in NUKES before NTEST also caused me some grief, but it was fortunately short lived.

Got a meeting to get to. Go PATS!

Avg Joe said...

I hope you have a very Happy Birthday, Gary. And many more!

A struggle today, and I almost got it done with a lot of guess work. But the T at Esto and Tiramisu did me in. Had to Google for what I thought were the possibilities, and even then it took two tries. So, a DNF. But it was quite enjoyable.

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

A very happy birthday to you, Gary!!! It's my granddaughter's as well.

No need to BROWBEAT myself over this grid. It was not only doable but quite easy though on first pass it seemed daunting.

Like others, the long fill helped immensely. I enjoyed the many clever misdirections.

Have a peaceful, reflective day, everyone!

Steve said...

Happy Birthday, Gary!

Bottom-up solve today, but no real problems. Thought about DAMN and waited for the cross, so no mix-up there. The only correction was BOY for my original BOX (Band Box, Toy Box!)

As Lemonade said, Patti came up with some really nice fill. She's also amazingly polite - it's almost a pleasure to get a rejection email from her for a puzzle submission she's so diplomatic about it!

Off to hike before it gets too hot. The weather's been a tad on the warm side this week.

HowardW said...

HB to HG, and nice to see photos of the denizens here.

I'm not a fan of the "hidden clue trick", although I like the multiple-meaning theme. And some choice answers such as MOREAU and BROWBEAT. Favorite clue was "digital ring". An enoyable puzzle, thanks Patti!

"I don't give A DARN" is a sports reference, according to this (at the end).

Thanks for the entertaining and informative writeup, Lemonade. From the link to PASS, I learned about crossword favorites "col" and "arête". One request: please fix typo in novus ORDO seclorum.

Lucina said...

Oops. I failed to thank Patti and Lemonade for a very nice start to an otherwise sad day. Not only am I awaiting a furniture delivery (not sad) but later it's the funeral for my friend, Annie. R.I.P.

Northwest Runner said...

Back to Turow for One L, I guess that Ogden Nash clue can work only once in a while. Glad to see my Giants getting two clues which seems like more than the number or runs they've been scoring lately. And great cluing for Louisa (which has the same number of letters as Alcott). With first names in the clue, it should have, but didn't, immediately tell me that the the answer would be a first name.

TTP said...

Thank you Patti and thank you Lemonade.

Excellent cluing in this Friday puzzle. eg "Not fancy at all" = HATE.
The bottom solved quicker than the top. Except that I got stuck on the noun form of "Brood."
I had MOUNTAIN ROUTE and PASS fairly early, so that narrowed the choices for the other two theme fills. Let's see, what other kind of PASSes are there ?
Oh, that kind of "Country song" ! "TORN between two lovers" was all over the country, pop and easy listening stations in the late 70s. I was going to link that song lemonade.

"Slowpoke's place" ? Hopefully behind me on the golf course.
"Easy thing to overlook ?" Had chANCES, changed it to glANCES. Recalling Dr MOREAU led to NUANCES.
I would say "top off" before "TOP UP." I bring DW coffee in bed every morning. It would be a rhetorical question if I were to ask her if she wants me to top off her coffee. As you might then imagine, she loves TIRAMISU, so that was an easy fill.

"Leaves in the bag" ? I should have left my driver in the bag in the league's final head-to-head (17th) event on Wednesday. Final tournament and awards dinner this coming Wednesday. We do have one TEA drinker in our league. That's who I played on Wednesday. I learned he hasn't had a drink in 2 1/2 years, and that his drives in the fairway fared far better score-wise than the drives I pulled OB. Oh, and he's incredibly long off the tee. Maybe I should try drinking TEA during the round...

Chairman Moe, the Steelers secondary looks suspect, and in need of immediate attention. Maybe it wasn't all their fault though. The communications system in Foxboro did not MAKE THE GRADE on the visitors side of the field. Supposedly the same on the home side of the field.

Happy Birthday Gary !

Lemonade714 said...

I agree, after the last year and your hospital visits, a very special, happy and healthy birthday and year for you Gary.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture of Chairman & Lemon, and clever of you guys to include a shout-out to "Marti" in the background....

Big Easy said...

"I know many do not like cross-references" ; add me to that club. I don't mind grinding it out, and I did, but many people will give up due to the 'clueless' clues. Luckily I had MOUNTAIN before PASS was filled because I never read "Little Women" or heard of the term TOP UP, only TOP OFF your glass with tea or water ( but no free refills on beer).

Plenty of unknowns solved by perps- NINO, ORDO, NO HIT, MOREAU, DAHL, SUI, SAL, and WAGS ALOU, ESME. CONFAB is a term I've seen before but I never heard anyone actually say it. I finished in the NE not knowing SUI or ORDO after initially filling EIRE before ERIN and BROWBEAT was just slow coming around.

Watching the "TORN Between two Lovers" video brings back two thoughts. First was this was before the time of 'breast enhancement' ( just watch RV land to see my point), and remember when the televisions went off the air at midnight and all they showed was a test pattern until 5 or 6 in the morning.

Nice write up and good puzzle Patti ( although I don't like that type) but frankly, Patti doesn't give "A DARN"

Big Easy said...

Madame Defarge said..."Have a sunny day even if it is raining where you are."

Went this morning at 6:30 to help set up the Louisiana adult state tennis mixed-doubles championship. Raining like hell. Forecast today- more rain. Forecast tomorrow- more rain. Nothing worse than a rain delay in a tennis or golf tournament. Can't really leave and the players or golfers don't know when they will be able to play.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I have no complaints as the solve was as smooth as silk, especially compared to the two previous days of FIW and DNF. I like a puzzle with a hidden reveal. Steve must have been happy with egg, tea, tiramisu, oats, pita, and cod(s). Thanks, Patti, for a Friday feast and thanks, Lemony, for your sparkling review.

Happy Birthday, Gary, you deserve an extra special celebration after the trials and tribulations you endured earlier this year. Have fun!

Nice picture, Lemony and Moe. It's great when fellow Cornerites can get together in the "real" world.

Have a great day.

thehondohurricane said...

Gary, a happy birthday. I'll bet the family has some fun plans in store for you today.

Today's puzzle did me in so a big DNF

Figured out PASS and let me complete the four biggies, but the NW corner and 47A & 51a in the center caused the downfall.

Well, at least 41A gave me a shout out....

C6D6 Peg said...

Patti, thanks so much for the fun puzzle. Thought it was going to be a bear with the cross references, but after MOUNTAIN and FOOTB, I got the "PASS" and then a speed run after that. Nicely done!

Thanks, Lemonade, for the great write-up. No, I'm sure you're not the only one that gets the "Bomb" answers.

HBD to Husker Gary!

Lemonade714 said...

Rain is what led to indoor tennis and domes stadia, but they have not figured out the indoor golf course.

BE, this is at least the third time we have had TOP UP and each time the majority say TOP OFF is what they hear. I have accepted TOP UP

Bill G. said...

Nice write up Lemon. Thanks. Patti, thanks for the enjoyable puzzle.

Very happy birthday wishes Gary!

I came to "Creator of Meg, Jo, Beth and Amy" at 48D and was pleased I remember Alcott which fit perfectly. Since nothing else worked in that area, I cogitated more about it and finally figured out that since the clue had first names, the answer would also. What do you know? LOUISA fit too!

It's still hot and humid here. This weekend should result in a cool down finally.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Bottom to top fill today, thus I had the unifier earlier than I might have...not a speed run but got there in the end.

Had to smile at "I don't give..." because of my reflexive completions, such as A Rat's Ass, A Rolling Doughnut, others... :-)

Dudley said...


Paul in Montebello said...

Fun one. Tough at first but, once I got the clue PASS, it was very easy.

Freond said...

Nice puzzle...much easier then yesterday's. I liked the cross reference style. Once I got PASS, it was a big help. Hints shouldn't be so obscure that they can't be understood until they are no longer needed.

I was so sure that "not fancy at all" was BARE, but that turned out to be only half right.

I was wondering why it was the ERIN derivative form, instead of EIRE. Wikipedia provided this information for us word geeks: "Éirinn" is the dative case of the Irish word for Ireland - "Éire", genitive "Éireann". The dative form is the one usually used in spoken Irish where the written language would require the nominative "Éire".[

coneyro said...

First, Happy Birthday Gary. Enjoy your celebration.

Not too bad for a Friday. I also am not a fan of cross referencing puzzles, but this one came together after getting 69A through perps.

Put in DAMN before DARN, but 8D had to be GRITS, so I fixed it.

Wasn't stumped by 48D LOUISA, as I already had 48A LBS.

TIRAMISU is my favorite desert. It's one of those treats that has so many variations. You can make it like a cake to slice, or like a pudding in dishes. Liquor it up, or keep it sober. Every incarnation is delicious and fattening.

My prayers for the families on this solemn day of remembrance.

ESTO, ORDO, RIDGE, SUI, DAHL....unknowns, but filled in by crosses and WAGS.

In the end, no empty boxes left. Except for yesterday, this week was quite doable.

Let's see how much of a brain strain tomorrow's Saturday challenge is. I'm ready......

coneyro said...

I forgot to mention..

For all my Jewish compatriots, a joyous L' Shana Tovah 5776. May the New Year ahead find you happy, healthy and one year wiser.

Nice Cuppa said...

A fine crossword. "PASS" and "FOOTBALL" emerged at the same time for me, so I got the theme early.

Excellent cluing/fill with only one sports crossing at 62A and 58A that slowed me down, although I did finally recall the mantra, "4-letter BB clue, put in ALOU, and move on". So I did.

Enjoyed the JUICE clue, although "AMP" is an informal abbreviation of AMPÈRE; S.I. UNIT = "A"

'Orrible euphemism again at 15A, as noted previously.

Bad rap again for my good friend, E. coli, I note - that's racist profiling.

NTESTS remind me of the song by Billy Bragg: THE GREAT LEAP FORWARD

Not many people can put the whole of "Doctor Robert Oppenheimer" into metered verse:

"In the Soviet Union a scientist is blinded
By the resumption of nuclear testing and he is reminded
That Dr Robert Oppenheimer's optimism fell
At the first hurdle…"


Husker Gary said...

Patti’s puzzle was a lovely birthday present after playing golf on a perfect fall day! It mitigates some of the reality of finishing my 69th orbit of the sun. Thanks for the lovely birthday wishes!

-The long theme fills with the short reveal was very cool.
-I’ve always found competing for a grade is productive. The trick is to make what you are grading worthwhile!
-This 60’s game show allowed you to play or SKIP YOUR TURN
-Lewis and Clark crossed the Rockies at Lemhi PASS with the aid of the Shoshone and went from what was then America into the disputed “Oregon” territory
-Joann throws out clothing “showing wear” long before I would
-Sometimes AUTOFOCUS doesn’t focus on what you want
-Did anyone else choose UNUM instead of ORDO?
-Ya say ya need an eating UTENSIL
-Time for my fav birthday cake – Spice cake with butter brickle frosting.
-My best present will be spending tomorrow with all our kids and grandkids at Kimmel Orchards and The Arbor Lodge in Nebraska City.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks for a good workout, Patti and Happy Birthday HG.

I was uncertain if I could do this recursive clue puzzle but I slogged onward. With the exception of looking up ORDO and ESTO I was able to stay out of the red letters and finish a correct puzzle. Last to fall were HATE, TOPUP and ANTHEM.

I have to link this song by Flanders and Swan,


Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Nice theme. I'm not fond of the no-clue aspect, but I'll give it a PASS.

Had to check a dollar bill for ORDO, and google ESTO. With those cheats I was able to finish.

For Gary and anyone else celebrating a birthday today.

Cool regards!

Ol' Man Keith said...

This was fun. The reference to Yorick's skull reminded me of a somewhat different manifestation of that famous theatrical artifact. Here is a snap of the original theater director, the famed George II, Duke of Saxe-Meiningen, who led his court theater to glory through Europe in the late 19th century. Here he is seen handling his own version of Hamlet’s prop.

Ol' Man Keith said...

THANKS! Jazzbumpa @ 2:08!
For the link to Nicole Pesce's hilarious b'day variations!
Alert! Anyone who watches MUST stay through to the end.

desper-otto said...

Great clip, JzB. She's quite the talent. VS, I also enjoyed "The Sloath," in fact, enjoyed them both.

inanehiker said...

Interesting puzzle - WEES about ALCOTT first before LOUISA - I had filled in nearly all of the theme answers - but couldn't think of a FOOTBALL THROW - that would fill _T__ , finally stepped back refilled that answer and the rest fell into place.

Happy Birthday, HG! Hope the Nebraska weather is as picture perfect as it is here in Missouri today.
Thanks to Lemonade and Patti!

Madame Defarge said...


Great video! That has to add to the icing on HG's spice cake!!

Husker Gary said...

-Jazz, thanks, I really enjoyed the variations on those classical pieces!

chefwen said...

Happy Birthday Gary, I hope your day was filled with fun surprises. Have a great time with your family tomorrow.
I'm not fond of cross reference puzzles, but pulled this one off without a hitch. Probably one of the easier Fridays in recent memory. Thanks Patti Varol.

CrossEyedDave said...

Late to the party today, I had to drive into New York City.

Result: $115- parking ticket...
(I swear I spent ten minutes looking for a cop, or a meter maid, & only left the car for 5 minutes!)

Did not do much better on the puzzle, DNF for Mr. Meow today...

Actually, in retrospect, I did really well before I started cheating.
Hmm, Actually, maybe not. (is it cheating to look up the author of Little Women?)
Butte however was a gimme. (when Mesa didn't fit...)
On my flight to San Francisco coming out of the deserts of Nevada (I had just finished Fridays puzzle) I looked out the window & saw the most incredible royal blue lakes climbing up a mountain range. I thought I must Google Earth this because it is definitely a place I want to put on my bucket list!

In triangulating landmarks for future reference, to the west I noted two mountains covered in ski trails, & to the left & almost straight down, was something that looked like a mole?

Correction, it looked like a giant cowpie!

I did finally find my lakes, (definitely bucket list material because the only was to get there was by climbing 5,000 feet on foot after the roads ended...) But this giant cowpie was intriguing! It turned out to be Wilson Butte. (not flat topped at all...)

Anywho, in researching it for the Blog, I found out the Damn,, Uh, Er, Dang! (No, hmm,, in keeping with the puzzle...) Darn thing is hollow!

CrossEyedDave said...

P.S. HBD Husker Gary!

P.P.S. I tried to find you a Butter Brickel/-/-/-/Spice Cake, but came up with conflicting images...

Can you send me a picture of your cake?

Husker Gary said...

Thanks Dave!

Avg Joe said...

JazzB, really enjoyed the HB medley. Victor Borge would be proud of that performance.

Bill G. said...

I don't get it...

I went for a short bike ride this afternoon. It's still too hot and humid to suit me but otherwise a pretty afternoon along the Pacific. I passed a guy riding the other way; riding one-handed while holding his phone in the other hand with his thumb bouncing all over the screen, tapping and swiping and ... About 15 minutes later, we passed again going in the reversed directions. His thumb was still working hard though.

Thanks JzB. Good stuff.

Thanks Virginia. A sloth got mugged by two turtles, when the police arrived to take the report he said, "!"

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Patti, Lemon!

No cheats!

Happy Belated Birthday, Gary!

Couldn't blog before now. It's too hot for router to work.

Pool was super chlorinated due to idiot pool man. We only swam for a bit.

Well, let's see if this will post!