Oct 23, 2015

Friday, October 23, 2015, Jeffrey Wechsler

Theme: What is the game, an abbreviated military march? Yes, CPT OBVIOUS! (Drat, HG linked that already this week!)

We return to our prolific Friday phenom, Jeffrey, with a simple-looking theme and tons of fun fill. Each in-the- language phrase is re-imagined "on the base" with the three-letter abbreviation for the military rank replacing the first word of the phrase. The original phrases are all very recognizable and the grid has a fairly standard look. The fill ‒ including long ones like BEGONIA, EMANATE, DOG BITES, ONE IN TWO, POLLSTER, and SWEPT OUT ‒ once again presents JW's affinity for multi-word fill with some of the six-letter answers like AS I CAN, BIG APE, BITMAP, DUCATS, PIMPLE, SEABED, TAKE ME and TIN EAR sparkly. The use of cheater squares to balance the 13-letter fill makes this all come together. Let's feast.

19A. Familiar material, on the base? : GENERAL KNOWLEDGE (12). The clue and fill are straightforward -- only the shortening brings in the military.

26A. Backbone of capitalism, on the base? : PRIVATE ENTERPRISE (13).  LINK.

42A. Disciplinary action, on the base? : CORPORAL PUNISHMENT (13). Remember these? LINK.

48A. Important find, on the base? : MAJOR DISCOVERY (12).


1. Locale of TV's Krusty Krab restaurant : SEABED. From Sponge Bob to reality...

7. "The Hitch-Hiker" director Lupino : IDA. An all male cast; really easy fill but who remembers this movie?

10. Meatless lasagna ingredient, perhaps : TOFU. Because spinach would not fit. A puzzle rich in INFORMATION.

14. "I wanna go too!" : TAKE ME.

15. Presumed threats to letter carriers : DOG BITES.

17. " ... according to my abilities" : AS I CAN.

18. Half, statistically : ONE IN TWO. You had a one in two chance of getting this right.

21. __ loss : AT A.

22. The Hammer of baseball : AARON. Hmmerin' Hank, yes...

31. Natural mole fur hue : TAUPE. Really? The French word for mole is TAUPE.  The moles we had in Connecticut had darker coats.

33. Balm source : ALOE.

34. Hand analog : PAW.

35. Fruity quaffs : ADES. A mini CSO for moi.

36. "Actions speak louder than words," e.g. : MAXIM. Saying, adage, aphorism, proverb, motto, saw, axiom, dictum, precept, epigram; truism, clichΓ©.

38. Short pooch, for short : PEKE. Pekingese, the Chinese Lion Dog. The look sad to me.

39. It's hardly a smash : LOB. Not a flop or bomb, but a tennis term.

40. Lowlands feature : DALE.

41. __ metabolism : BASAL. Time to fix your BODY.

46. Undemonstrative sort : STOIC.

47. Med. recording : ECG.

56. Cleaned, in a way : SWEPT OUT.

59. Lethargy cause : ANEMIA. The old iron deficiency anemia.

60. One assessing sentiment : POLLSTER. Please no robocalls! Last election is why I gave up my home phone.

61. Digital image format : BITMAP. Not a word I KNEW.

62. It keeps the team together : YOKE.
63. Calculating : SLY.

64. Studio equipment : EASELS. Art studio,  not music.


1. Companion to Artemis : STAG.  Famous  ART.

2. Simplicity : EASE.

3. Related : AKIN.

4. 2014 Best Rock Album Grammy winner : BECK. This was hard because Led Zepplin won last year.

5. Spring (from) : EMANATE. Nice word.

6. Mean : DENOTE. One of those needless ten dollar words, if you mean mean say mean.

7. Teen __ : IDOL. Wolf anyone? Michael Landon?  Michael J, Fox?

8. "And there you have it!" : DONE. Not even close.

9. Old : AGED.

10. Problem for a conductor wannabe : TIN EAR.

11. 1930s-'40s slugger : OTT. Mel is back.

12. Limited : FEW.

13. Mil. morale booster : USO.

16. Oaf : BIG APE.

20. Lacking color : WAN.

23. Best for consumption, perhaps : RIPEST.

24. Panasonic headquarters city : OSAKA. And why should I know this? Wait for the perps.

25. Staircase support : NEWEL.

26. Southwestern community : PUEBLO.

27. No. twos : VPS. BMS  fit.

28. Perennial political debate subject : TAXES.

29. Priest in 1 Samuel : ELI.

30. N.T. book written by Paul : ROMans.

31. Soothing applications : TALCS.

32. Add to the family : ADOPT.

36. "What a piece of work is a __!": Hamlet : MAN. A very simple Will quote for JW.

37. Legendary fighter : ALI.

38. Broadway flier : PAN.

40. Coins of old Venice : DUCATS. Gold or silver coins used as a trade coin in Europe from the later medieval centuries until as late as the 20th century. Also slang for tickets.

41. Colorful tropical perennial : BEGONIA. Very colorful.

43. Clearasil target : PIMPLE.

44. Guys : HES.

45. Mrs. Miller's partner in a 1971 Altman film : MC CABE.  Wonderful Julie Christie.

49. Scribbles : JOTS. My meh fill.

50. Hamilton's undoing : DUEL. Death more than undoing. HISTORY.

51. Modest sentence : I TRY. Week after week.

52. November honorees : VETS. My in-laws were married on November 8, so we took them to NYC for their anniversary; when there was a huge Veteran's Day parade, my FIL, an ex-Marine from WWII thought we had planned that as well.

53. Rylan of "Guiding Light" : EMME. A complete unknown but sweet looking.

54. Currency of Iran : RIAL. Rially.

55. Doesn't shut up : YAPS.

56. Le CarrΓ© figure : SPYThe Spy Who Came In From The Cold was my first real spy novel.

57. Ply with flowers and chocolate : WOO.

58. JFK was one : ELK, I did not know this trivia,  though it looks more like another Kennedy monogram.

Man the weeks are flying by along with the years; my Charlotte turns 3 before next week's blog. And Harper will be one month. Thanks Jeffrey for another fun Friday, I think this is about 30 of your puzzles since I first blogged you back in February 2013. Happy fall all. Lemonade out from here at 

special thanks to a very special John Lampkin.

Note from C.C.: 

Crosswords LA Tournaments will be held tomorrow (Oct 24, 2015, Saturday) at the Fowler Museum at UCLA. You don't need to be a wizard solver to participate. As you can see, they have four brackets for different skill levels. Or you can just be a spectator, solving at the same time with other competitors but your grids won't be scored.

It's an annual charity event Elissa Grossman started in 2009 to raise money for Reading to Kids. I hope our readers in LA area will attend the event and mingle with your favorite constructors, bloggers & fellow solvers.


fermatprime said...


Thanks, Jeffrey! Thanks, Lemon! (All those links must have taken some time!

Difficult but not impossible. Biggest problem was getting TAUPE. BERK was perped as was EMME.

Time for bed!

Have a good weekend!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Not too bad of a solve for a Friday, but I did have a few trouble spots. Although I did eventually get the theme, I was stymied with the very first theme answer. At the end of the solve I was staring at _ENKNOWLEDGE with no idea what the missing letter could be (it didn't help that I was trying to think of another god's name at 1D). I finally started going through the alphabet in my head and when I got to "G" the V8 can hit me.

Elsewhere, MCCABE and EMME were complete unknowns that took all the perps to get. MCCABE was particularly tricky, since I didn't know if the crossing "Med. recording" was going to be EEG or EKG. Turns out, of course, it was the lesser used ECG. But that took awhile to suss out. Fortunately, MCCABE looked more likely than MECABE or MKCABE...

I think my only other minor stumble was entering VALE before DALE. Not too many coins begin with a V, however, so that didn't last long.

JCJ said...

Initially put BALMS for TALCS and DELL for DALE but worked it out in the end.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Stumbled early on with ONE of TWO, but it worked itself out. Got the theme at PVT ENTERPRISE and was able to go back up and fill in GEN KNOWLEDGE. Biggest stumble of all was thinking that 1a was going to be the name of a town like Springfield -- but that would have been Krusty the Clown, not Krab.

TAUPE = mole color. Reminds me of one of our new additions this year. The kitten was born in April to a neighborhood stray who had no clue how to be a mother. She was about as big as my thumb and looked like a little mole. A month later her mom disappeared -- coyote, probably. So we ADOPTed Moley. With her odd brown and white and flesh-colored fur, she might just be the ugliest cat I've ever seen. Her face is right out of Planet of the Apes, but she's got a great personality.

We've been getting about four Robocalls a day -- gotta be due to Medicare Open Enrollment season. NoMoRoBo to the rescue! One ring and gone.

I remember IDA Lupino from the old Four Star Playhouse. That link shows the opening and a compressed episode starring Dick Powell. I couldn't find a clip of an IDA Lupino episode.

Avg Joe said...

Tore through this like a herd of turtles. Seriously. Pretty much filled it from top to bottom, but never gained any speed. Slow and steady wns the race, I guess. Fun stuff. Like D-O, had One of Two, also had Yaks. It all worked out. Thanks Lemon!

desper-otto said...

From last night...

TTP, that was a cool circle illusion.

AvgJoe, here's another hand up for two spaces after the period. And why would anybody want to buy some voles that have already trashed a car?

Yes, CED, I'm pretty sure you used the 120v AC.

Anonymous said...

punishment was CPL

It appears that JFK was a member of the ELKs which is an organization

TTP said...

Thank you Jeffrey and than you Lemonade. A good challenge. Also spent a lot of time exploring the links.

Got the theme answers in order, but it was CPL that led to the gimmick.
For disciplinary action, I was thinking Article 15 of the UCMJ due to the "...on the base" clues.

Had ONE of TWO before ONE in TWO, and IDIOM before MAXIM. That slowed those areas.

Had BALMS at 31D until I read the clue for 33A "Balm source."

Should 25D be Stair Rail support rather than Staircase support ? A really interesting Wiki on Stairs

A medical mini theme ? BASAL metabolism, ECG, ANEMIA, TIN EAR ?, DOG BITES ?


TAKE ME ! I wanna go too ! Yep, that's my boy. Dog owners understand.

Lemonade, what are you trying to connote with your DENOTE / mean comments ?

BERK won and Kanye was a JERK.

CanadianEh! said...

Good Friday workout. Thanks Jeffrey and Lemon. Enjoyed the theme.

I had vale before DALE, Camera before EASEL, Adage before MAXIM. Also had Balms before TALCS but when I saw it used in clue for ALOE, I knew Rich wouldn't have allowed that.
Acne wouldn't fit for Clearasil target. I thought of Vet for JFK but it was already taken.

My BEGONIAs did not get frozen on our cold night last week. The more tender Coleus did.

POLLSTERS were correct in predicting Liberal sweep in Canadian election last Monday!

Go Jays Go!

Lucina said...

Greetings, friends!

Whew! I almost nailed a Jeffrey, missing only MCCABE since I'm not familiar with the movie. Having started at the bottom, the theme emerged at MAJDiscovery and then PVTENTERPRISE. Clever! GEN did not come easily but needed an alphabet run.

Center west took the longest until PUEBLO came into view and wasn't thinking of tennis for LOB. And I believe OTT and ORR finally have a slot in my memory for their respective sports.

Hey, I'm all for two spaces after a period; that's how I was taught in typing class.

Thank you, Jeffrey for a great grid and Lemonade for a fine review.

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Jerome said...

Dognap- Take a PEKE

Don't BE A PIG, ya BIG APE

Honest officer, on base? COL OF TRUTH

thehondohurricane said...

Not too bad for a Friday. 1D was the toughest clue. Wanted to enter West because Jim West & Artemis Gordon were partners in an old TV western Wild Wild West. But I had to go with STAG even though I did not know who it's companion was.

For once the theme emerged quickly.

BECK, BITMAP, & EMME were all perped.

Wife has two EASELS in her studio collecting dust because she seldom paints these days. Local art association is having an open studio tour in two weeks where folks can visit an artist. I have decreed that no one enters the studio unless they have signed a waiver! She swears it will be tidy. I simply swear.

In the end my failure to carefully review my completed grid again left me with an FIW. 62A was YOLE & 58D was Ell. Knew the correct spelling. I simply screwed up.

Lemonade714 said...

Hondo, great line "She swears it will be tidy. I simply swear."

I think the reason so many of us have ended up with online solving is the happy pencil, ta da or whatever you get letting you know you are finished and it is correct. While it does not tell you where any errors are (unless you want it to) it does prevent the FIW

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Slow and steady today, with some trial and error. Had Investment in for a long time, which log jammed a lot of territory, but it got cleared up with Enterprise.

Cooling our heels in Amsterdam, which I last visited 32 years ago. It seems much more crowded nowadays, but still interesting.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Agree with Lemon's take on the puzzle.
Theme schtick finally hit me with CPL PUNISHMENT. Note that the 'ranks' are evenly apportioned between officer and enlisted. ONE IN TWO. Experienced a Natick with the C in BECK. Finally remembered DUCATS. Got TAUPE from the perps. As most of Jeff's puzzles, this one was fun to unravel.

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: I think the reason so many of us still solve the puzzles, on newsprint, in black ink without a "ta-da" when we finish is because we can't get "Red-Letter-Help" and then come here and proclaim we got-er-done with no help.

If the "Old-Way" to do a puzzle isn't broke ... I say why change?

As for today's offering the gimmie of the day was McCabe since McCabe & Mrs. Miller was one of my favorite movies 44 years ago.

Needed ESP to get 1-d. STAG. and a few others. Thanks Perp's!.

Rooting for the Toronto Blue Jays tonight ... mostly because I want to watch a baseball game tomorrow night also.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun Friday romp with one or two miscues: adage/maxim and balms/talcs. Also threw in Doxy (Doxie) before Peke because I immediately thought of Misty's Doxie, Dusty! 🐢

DO @ 7:05 - I think you're right on the Medicare Open Enrollment being at the root of the increased robo calls. That, and political-based calls have added insult to injury on top of the "usual suspects", the scam callers. Some days, I get up to 10 calls, often 2-3 from the same number; they just don't give up. Less intrusive, but just as annoying, is the scads of Medicare offers via snail mail and the promises of riches via email from those wealthy and generous Nigerians. But, the absolute worst invasion of privacy is the politicians on my doorstep at any and all hours of the day. I don't answer the door or phone but I greatly resent these tactics. End of rant. 😈

Thanks, Jeffrey, for a clever and enjoyable puzzle and thanks, Lemony, for the grand tour. Advance Happy Birthday wishes to Charlotte. πŸŽ‚ 🎈 πŸŽ‰ Where did those 3 years go? That means Lea is also 3, right, Kazie?

Tin, did you watch Public Morals Tuesday night? At the beginning, it said it was the two hour finale but it was only on an hour. My cable guide doesn't show a listing for next Tuesday, either. I'm confused.

Have a great day.

oc4beach said...

I liked the theme. It took awhile to get the ranks, but they came into view and eventually I was able to finish it. Perps to the rescue.

Tin: I agree that if it isn't broke don't fix it. The problem I have is filling it out on-line since our local paper no longer carries the LA Times CW. I prefer to do the puzzle in the paper in pencil with eraser help, not red letter help. Using an ink pen is a little too over the top for me though. The local paper stated that they were making things better for us by putting in an easier puzzle. The new one has no challenge.

I hope everyone has a great day.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Made it through with considerable difficulty. Sussed the Theme with PVT. Tried MJR for MAJ. "Material" threw me off for 19A. Wanted a substance. BALMS before TALCS. But Balm source? Hmmm. Also had ELI for "JFK was one." But, nope, he went to Hahvahd, and ELI was a priest.

Any other ways to go wrong? Yep - ONE OF TWO.

NW corner was last to fall. Collection of lucky SWAGS. The STAG was a total unknown.

Playing THIS tonight. Great fun.

Cool regards!

Husker Gary said...

80% chance of rain today and so I am subbing. I forgot the paper and so I had to do Jeffrey’s fun puzzle online, which is not as satisfying. As always, Lemon’s summative paragraph was aces.

-PVT… gave me the fun gimmick
-CPL PUNISHMENT is now rightly banned but was around when I started teaching
-TAKE ME can also mean…
-Capitalism and “according to [their] needs…” in the same puzzle
-Powerful LOBS might be dangerous on this Dubai tennis court
-I linked STOIC Lady Mary of Downton on Wednesday
-Do you remember these ads for Iron Deficiency ANEMIA?
-…and there you have it!
-“Why so pale and WAN fond lover?”
-RIPEST bananas are best?
-TAXES balancing act
-Can you name the 60’s TV show with this Artemis character?

C6D6 Peg said...

Pretty smooth sailing for a Friday JW puzzle. Sussed the theme early on, and only had some difficulty in the South. Thanks, JW, for your work.

Nice write-up, Lemonade. Loved the street sign.

TTP said...

Desper-Otto, yea, I thought that circle illusion was pretty cool.

Hondo, I too chuckled at your quip.

Lemonade, doing puzzles online doesn't prevent the FIW. When the last square is filled, if there's no TADA, it's a FIW. At least that's the way I call it. Even if I subsequently find the error, it's completed but judged a FIW.

Quitting without filling in all the squares is DNF.

And red letters is exactly that. On really tough puzzles, finding and correcting an errant typo or synonymous but incorrect word can often result in completing the grid.

When all else fails, google or read the writeup. A lot more convenient these days versus having to open the dictionary or consult an encyclopedia. There are no write ups for the other puzzles I solve daily. This venue is hands-down the most interactive and entertaining of all of them.

Tinbeni and OC4BEACH, I spent the last 26 years of my career working online. Not just occasionally, but pretty much all day, every day. So I'm very comfortable with it, and seldom print out anything, preferring soft copy records. I only print out puzzles when I really want to solve one and I have to print it out. Otherwise I pass as it's just not worth it. Plus, I haven't had the newspaper delivered for over 30 years.

Dudley, are you still as satisfied with that river cruise as you were at the beginning ? I never made it to Amsterdam, but spent (IIRC) a couple of weeks in Rotterdam. Drove my tractor trailer up there from Karlsruhe. I wasn't a big fan of the Dutch diet, or at least what they served to their military.

This story is too good to not pass on, esp. for you Star Wars fans
Darth Vader Statue

H-G, Wild Wild West. It came easy because Hondo mentioned it earlier.

Argyle said...

HG, I already looked him up and discovered it was Artemus Gordon.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Good puzzle, Jeffery! Went faster than a usual Friday after I figured out the theme with the first one, then just ESP'd the other theme entries after reading the clues. Yay!

I still don't understand how you get PAW from "hand analog". Boo hiss! This was the last to fill. Blank 'til last: AARON/OSAKA & NEWEL (not riser). Had ONE followed by blank space. FEW & TINEAR didn't come easy. Had MCC but MCCABE didn't ring a bell. (There was a movie?) Also unknown: BITMAP, EMME, BECK.

My moles on the farm were black dirt colored, not TAUPE at all.

JFK was an ELK? So was my husband, their only thing in common.

Yup, we got STOIC again.

Lemony, thanks for all your hard work. I missed the birth announcement. Is Harper a boy or girl? I have a grand niece named Harper. Her mother went through the genealogy I prepared and picked "Harper", the last name of a man to whom my favorite aunt was briefly married. I didn't have the heart to tell my niece that Harper was a philandering drunk after aunty's money. Our little Harper is a doll.

My computer won't let me open the links today. I just get a little whirly thing and one Safari crash. Please, MAC, don't do this to me again! I was just starting to enjoy being online again.

Unknown said...

So if Led Zeppelin won, why is the correct answer Beck?

Bill G. said...

Hi everybody. The first half of this puzzle was slow going. I tumbled to the theme gimmick at about the second theme clue. It was easier sailing from there on. Figuring out the theme was a big help. Thanks for the fun, Jeffrey and Lemon.

I learned to put two spaces after a period in typing lessons from my father and in typing class in high school. Then I got a really good little book called "Your Mac isn't a typewriter" and I learned to use just one space. It had to do with proportional fonts I think.

BIG storm hitting Mexico!


Ol' Man Keith said...

A very entertaining pzl from Mr Wechsler. But for me the ending was one of those pre-dementia moments, when I could only wonder where my mind had wandered. I had everything filled w/o any cheats when I found myself staring blankly at 1 Across, S_ABED, traversing 2 Down, _ASE, yet couldn't for the life of me come up with the missing "E."
I tried and tried and finally had to Google the SEABED answer.
I guess I have had similar stupid moments in the past, but this one seems nastier.

On a happier note, I was glad to be reminded of McCABE & MRS MILLER, one of my favorite films of the "old West." Robt. Altman's gritty slice-of-life view of mining camp life is drained of glamour and dedicated to showing free enterprise in its rawest form. Many jaw clenching encounters, especially when Warren Beatty tries to make a deal with the hired gun sent to plug him.

Lemonade714 said...

I think what happens is Beck won the 2015 Grammy for the Best Rock Album of 2014. The designation is confusing

Lemonade714 said...

HG your Geritol reference reminded me of SERUTAN another product aimed at the mature TV watcher. The slogan was priceless

Husker Gary said...

Dang, I was hip deep in 7th graders and did not read the blog as carefully as I should have! Artemis Gordon was mentioned by my friend Hondo earlier. An excuse and $4 will get you coffee at Starbucks!

Nice Cuppa said...

Lemonade: DENOTE not worth ten dollars? it sounds like it's worth $500 (D-NOTE).

My major initial problem was assuming that BASE referred to BASEBALL, as it so often does in this cyberspace, and delighted when I discovered it was of the military variety. Otherwise, clever but doable fill with just a few unknowns amply covered by PERPS.

PK - "Pause for thought" Dogs don't have hands and feet, just paws. So the clue could have been "foot analog" or "hand or foot analog"

PK - If your MAC is doing whirly things you probably have too many apps open and your RAM is filling up and trying to use virtual RAM (hard disk swapping, which is very slow).. Either close some apps or windows (esp. browser windows) or restart your computer. My favorite App for stopping my MAC from clogging up is "CLEANMYMAC" (version 3), which I run a couple of times a day (and I have 16 Gigs of RAM). It really does what is says on the label, and unlike some other similar APPS, does not disrupt any keychains or sensitive systems files. It deletes about a gigabyte of accumulated junk such as unneeded binary files every day, and clears the RAM down to a minimum. By the way, how much RAM do you have? 4 Gigabytes is barely enough to run the latest OS X. 8 Gigs is a minimum, and can be easily retrofitted to most 2010-onward machines.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Lemonade

desper-otto said...

My first computer came with 16 kilobytes of RAM and two 100 kilobyte diskette drives (no hard drive). When I finally upgraded it to 64 kilobytes and added a third 100 kilobyte diskette drive, I was in hog heaven. I could start it with just one-button instead of having to punch in the octal start-address. And I could finally run **big** programs -- operating system on diskette #1, application on diskette #2 and data storage on diskette #3. And all of it visible on a 80-character wide X 25 row green-hued CRT. Wow, it just doesn't get any better than that! Throw in a dot-matrix printer, and the whole rig only cost about $3,500 in 1979 dollars.

Tinbeni said...

Irish Miss:
Public Morals had "back-to-back" (each one hour long) Season Finally. 1st at 9:00 pm followed by the 2nd at 10:00 pm
I haven't yet watched the DVR Recordings.

I can understand that some Newspaper's have stopped carrying some items ...
If my newspaper The Tampa Bay Times stopped carrying the LAT puzzle I would probably print a copy of the days puzzle from the L A Times website ...
And still get out my clipboard and black ink pen and solve manually as I sipped my coffee and watched the morning news or ESPN.
I guess I just like to "X" off the clues as I'm solving.

To-Each-There-Own as the way they prefer to have FUN solving our daily Crossword.

Though many people have "given-up" on receiving a Daily-Newspaper ... certainly understandable considering how the price of subscriptions have gone up a lot over the last few years ...
I just happen to be a Newspaper Junkie ...
Guess that's why I also receive the Wall Street Journal delivered daily to my residence even though I "Retired" (Semi-Retired?) from the business world about 7 years ago.



Lemonade714 said...

The idea is when you train a dog to shake hands, he is taught to present his paw. Hence PAW = HAND

Argyle said...

ArteMUS, not ArteMIS Gordon.

PK said...

My problem is that I don't understand the word "analog" especially used with paw. Oh well, dictionary...

Nice Cuppa & DO: I have no idea how much ram I have. I don't think I have more than one app open. I am so computer illiterate. I need a live-in GEEK. I don't know how to get or install anything. I got in trouble in the first place because I tried to update my computer like advised then didn't know how to restart it.

Lemonade714 said...

PK the definition of Analog is a thing from which an analogy is drawn. The analogy of shaking hands and a dog giving you his paw is the image of the clue

Irish Miss said...

Tin, you solved the mystery. I didn't realize that Tuesday's PM was a two-parter, so I watched the last episode listed in On Demand. I'll now go back and watch the second last and see what I missed.

Forgot to mention noticing a mini-canine theme in today's puzzle with: dog bites, paw, Peke and adopt. πŸΆπŸ• And not a Meow to be heard! 🐱🐈

Bill G. said...

For "Hand analog".. PAW, I thought of analog like analogy and so a dog's paw became an analogy of a human hand. It made things clearer for me.

I just came across a show on TV called Jay Leno's Garage. If you like Jay Leno and you like cars, old and new, it is very enjoyable. I've only watched one episode so far and it was a lot of fun.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Well, once again, Jeffrey kicked my butt...

Even after 2 Googles (24d & 40d) and then crib'n a bit from Lem's grid, I still couldn't finish the middle. I like the theme, but sadly never grokked it on my own. _(y|E)NKNO_LED__ Whaaa? Lem gave me the G and ding - finished most of it. Oh, well I TRY.

31a) Who else thought - Moles dye their fur?

JFK was a SEN too! ONE of TWO seemed to fit just fine, thank you; @44d mEn also fit (and EeG confirmed). I could only think of a wiener-dog @38a until the aforementioned Google.

On the +side: AARON, ALI, BECK, and BITMAP w/o perps.

Oh, well. It was fun. Thanks Jeffrey and Lem.

DW won't let me WOO her until my ribs are fully healed (I'm fine, com'on hon!)

Combine bad xword performance and no nookie, I'm a Loser. (BECK from Mellow Gold)...

D-O: LOL 120v AC comment! BTW, what rig was that? 8" floppies? 1st box I purchased was a 386DX w/ a 20G HD. Before that I stole time on school's / buddies' TRS-80, C-Vic20, and Apple ][e (dual-floppies!). Oh, and mainframes at Xerox (where step-dad worked) and the state of IL (they weren't keen on that).

Dudley - keep the stories coming; we're living vicariously over here.

Cheers, -T

Tinbeni said...

Bill G.
Jay Leno's Garage has been on for three weeks ... don't worry, the one's you missed will be shown again.

I've already set it up in the "Record-This-Series" mode on the DVR ... if you are a "Car-Guy(or Gal)" it is Must-See-TV.

As for your comment a few days ago ... RE: FARGO.
It is also a "Record-This-Series" show ...
NOT recommended for those who want a show to share with, say ... their grand children ...
But I don't have any kids (or grand kids) ... and find it (though a bit graphic on the violence meter) a well written, well acted, well produced story line ... and very enjoyable.

Irish Miss
Nice catch on the mini-dog theme ...
Hmmm, was TIN EAR a CSO to Moi? ... or does Lemon only notice his own ????

Lemonade714 said...

Tin, I have remarked on 100s of CSOs featuring you and I am sorry if I missed one.

Anonymous said...

With some perps in place, I seriously wondered if moles were mAUvE. ESP to the rescue!

Lemon, your BM comment was pretty funny. Cheers!

Anonymous T said...

Anon@4:09 - Funny, how about a mAUve database?. C, -T

Kevin said...

C.C., Thanks to the years of education I have received from this sight, I have gathered up the courage to enter the Crosswords LA Tournament tomorrow as a Rookie. I am excited that you are one of the constructors and look forward to your puzzle! After looking at Husker Gary's Blog Map, I assume that most of the posters will not be in the area, but I look forward to meeting any that are.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Afternoon, Lemonade and friends. Very late today. My computer was giving me trouble this morning and I couldn't log on.

STOIC must be the word of the week.

Interesting to see a reference from the Old Testament next to a clue for the New Testament.

I think I finally will remember IDA Lupino (1918 ~ 1995) because of her numerous guest appearances in the puzzles.

Mel OTT (1909 ~ 1958) is another old friend. He was a Louisiana boy, but was killed in a car crash in Mississippi.

I know I was not the only one who wanted BURR as Hamilton's undoing.

QOD: Sensitivity and money are like parallel lines. They don’t meet. ~ Ang Lee (b. Oct 23, 1954)

Avg Joe said...

Very interesting QOD, Hahtoolah.

Re yesterdays QOD, I meant to post this but forgot. Timothy Leary's Dead

(Not trying to re-stir the Moody Blues/Procol Harum discussion :-)

CrossEyedDave said...

This one really busted my chops, & I am seriously jealous of anyone who thought this was easy...

I started in Ink on Paper, but could not get a foothold.
Surprisingly, red letter proved challenging as well.

I really wanted dog barks b/4 bites...
& 25D newel (why it was a gimme I don't know...)
a staircase support is really a "riser."

Lemon, the write up kept me busier than the puzzle! Good Job!

Now, how to find funny links to go with this puzzle?
Hmm, this is going to be tough...
Luckily, I still have those old headphones.
Let my fire up "old Sparky" & I'll be back...

Avg Joe said...

CED, I didn't have an issue with newel since it does support the rail, and many people consider the rail, or the entire balustrade, to be the most elegant part of a staircase. It's certainly the most visible. That said, if you want to go to the structural base of it all, I'd go with a stringer or a horse before I'd pick riser.

Just hearing aboutHurricane Patricia. Sounds really nasty. Stay safe If in the path of the aftermath.

HowardW said...

Late to the party, but I wanted to add something to the discussion of "hand analog" = PAW. A better clue might have been "hand homolog". From, meaning #2 of homologous is: "corresponding in structure and in origin, but not necessarily in function: The wing of a bird and the foreleg of a horse are homologous."
On the other hand (sorry), that word might be too obscure.

I second the comment about BMS in Lemonade's expo. I thought of that too, but fortunately it didn't work out that way.

I found the puzzle to be on the easy side for a Friday. A couple of misses (which others have mentioned), but no areas stayed blank for long.

About online solving, TTP offered this: "When the last square is filled, if there's no TADA, it's a FIW." I give myself a little more leeway because I have a tendency to typos, especially with certain keyboards which don't always enter what I type -- skip a letter or repeat one. When there's no TADA, I perform a manual check as I would do with a paper puzzle. Only after that check do I call it a FIW. Then either turn on red letters, google, or just try at random to get the tada.

PK said...

Nice Cuppa: after mouthing off above about not having another app on, I realized I have been leaving my email open because the icon disappears when I close it. So I'll try closing email and see if that has been one of the problems. Thanks for the help.

Lemon, thanks for explaining analog. I thought it had to do with electronics: analog or digital or whatever.

Argyle said...

analog or analogue ~ 2. Biology. an organ or part analogous to another.

SwampCat said...

Jeffrey, you win!

Lemonade, thanks for the fun expo.

Tin, thanks for giving me a name...a "newspaper junkie" !! I knew I was somebody! I like doing the crossword puzzle on paper in ink.

And I just love reading yesterday's news on large newsprint! Oh yes. I do check the websites for "breaking news". But there is something about that oversized piece of flimsy newsprint with morning coffee that can't be replaced . Old habits die hard.

Tinbeni said...

Lemonade @ 3:54
Geez, guy ... I was just kidding. LOL
You have given me more CSO than any of the blogger.

Mostly for when an answer was NEAT. The only way to consume Scotch! JMHO

Or that certain "3-letter-word" which will always earn me a D N F "_ _ _"
(Can't even type the word ... but it isn't in a Scotch, NEAT! ...) LOL

And, of course, whenever we have a puzzle with numerous answers that are booze ...
My long-established way that I evaluate the "quality" of our Crossword Puzzles.

And I wasn't upset when my best friend ... over a period of 4 Birthdays ... gave me NY Met T-Shirts as a present.

Looks like I get to wear then during the World Series this year.
(Though, I will probably be rooting for the American League representative ...)


Tinbeni said...

SwampCat @ 6:59

I learned to read following the NY Yankee's, back in the '50's in the Sport-Section of the newspaper.
Then studying the "Box-Score" etc.

Back then the way of "printing-a-newspaper" left you with black ink all over your hands.
NOW, I don't have to "wash-my-hands" every time I pick up a section and read a section of the newspaper.

But I will also admit ... when my current subscription to The Wall Street Journal runs its course ... I will probably not renew ... for the first time in about 40+ years ...

But I will always get a morning newspaper ... I just like the feel of news "in-print" by actual journalist ...

Oh, well ... we all have "our" preference's ...

GarlicGal said...

Hey KEVIN! Good luck tomorrow at the Tournament. A few years ago a group tried to get one started here in the San Jose area. I entered twice and it was pretty fun, a little stressful, but a real hoot. I pretty much ended up in the middle.

Have fun and report back!

CrossEyedDave said...

Avg Joe@5:32

I did not have an issue with Newel, for the exact same reason as yours.

However, I cannot get past the feeling that a Newel is a stair "rail" support.
whereas a riser is a stair "case" support as indicated in the clue...

(& a smaller nit would be in the realm of quantum physics...)

Well, old sparky failed me, because this theme seems to be played out...

however, I did find something that I thought the Teachers on the Blog might appreciate...

Anonymous T said...

Now this is baseball... Jays flash the leather in the 7th and tie it up w/ a two-run dinger; and then it rains. In football, the game goes on during the apocalypse. (Carlin's routine while we wait for the bottom of the 8th).

Hahtoolah - you weren't the only BURR thinker. I started w/ that but couldn't come up w/ another word for SLY; _R_?

Bill G. I've seen one or two Jay's Garage; I enjoyed 'em. Have you seen Seinfeld's Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee? Totally free (if you like Acura commercials).

OMK - missed you this week.

Kevin - I live too far away (yeah, that's the ticket), but good luck and have fun!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Cute links!

Hand up for enjoyment of a newspaper in hand and coffee in the morning! It's a good life!

Dudley said...

TTP 11:18 AM - yes, we have been quite satisfied from end to end with our river cruise. We are actually done with the river portion now, having left our ship right after breakfast. We chose to buy a two-day extension at our terminal city, to soften the abruptness of the end of the tour. Perhaps a fifth of our merry band did so; we are all in the same comfortable hotel, well situated for walking to the biggest tourist attractions. However, Amsterdam is insanely crowded, and being such a dirty and freewheeling place, it's a letdown after all the cleanliness of the German cities. It might have been better to take the tour in the opposite direction, ending up in majestic Budapest instead. Still, the actual River portion was nothing short of remarkable.

-T 3:48 - thanks. I had hoped to post just a little every day, but our shipboard WiFi was patchy, so I had to settle for now-and-then. To be fair to the company, we were told up front that WiFi would be a hit or miss proposition. It uses a satellite service, so right there the bandwidth is limited. Als, we went under a great many low bridges and lock structures, so the satellite antenna (and every other feature atop the vessel, including the wheelhouse) had to be lowered or stowed for much of the voyage. It was fun to watch the really close bridges go by just over our heads - think Limbo dancing!

Anonymous T said...

That was a great NL style game in the 9th. Congrats HG; sorry C, Eh! Tin, we'll have to find something else to do until Tue.

Hand-up. Dead-tree version paper for me. I like the feeling and the sound of crinkling pages. Plus, you see stories that web-sites bury (those don't bring eye-balls) like the talks between US / Syria / Russia today. Xwords are more fun too; you better be sure or lose 1/2 a pen of ink.

Tin - The 1st thing outside of the omics I learned to read was Dave Barry (Miami Harold) & Mike Royko (CHI Trib) both syndicated in SPI's State Journal Register. Dad & Gramps would laugh about their articles and I wanted in on the joke.

Dudley - I was about to chastise your cruise company (we have >300 Sat links online 24/7) but we don't have to deal w/ low bridges :-) Enjoy your last few days in Europe! Pics soon?

CED - 120v "Sparky" indeed :-)

Cheers, -T