Oct 19, 2015

Monday, October 19, 2015 C.C. Burnikel

Theme: Hidden Word - A word hidden in the middle of four responses and the reveal in the middle of the puzzle.

17A. Presidency's last days, e.g. : END OF AN ERA

25A. Pre-cable reception aid : ROOF ANTENNA

36A. Anonymous writer, maybe, and a hint to the devotee hidden in 17-, 25-, 50- and 60-Across : SECRET ADMIRER

50A. Commentator dissecting chips and putts : GOLF ANALYST

60A. Usual sitcom length (including ads) : HALF AN HOUR

Argyle here, right in the open. C.C. has a seven letter column dead center. Not a common grid but some of the best fill is in those columns. I'm a fan. (Not a secret.)


1. Rifle filler : AMMO

5. Campus bigwigs : DEANS

10. Ending for brides, chamber or milk : MAID

14. Teller of fibs : LIAR

15. Humanlike machine of sci-fi : ROBOT

16. Edit menu option : UNDO

19. '90s TV title toon teen : DOUG. Mostly unknown to me. Wiki.

20. Attaches with string : TIES ON

21. Prefix with deed or lead : MIS

23. Quaint lodging : INN

24. Six-pack muscles : ABs

29. Stop for a moment : PAUSE

31. Abolish : BAN

32. Leading the field : ON TOP

33. Three: Pref. : TRI

34. Rapper __ Kim : LIL'

35. PC key near Ctrl : ALT

41. Kit__: candy bar : KAT. Stocked up for Halloween?

42. "Bossypants" memoirist Tina : FEY

43. "__ you ready?" : ARE

44. Fire-setting crime : ARSON

47. Boxing count : TEN

48. Gets a glimpse of : SPOTS

53. Bro or sis : SIB

54. Expected landing hr. : ETA

55. Wobbly walker : TOT

56. Green film on bronze : PATINA. And what have we learned about PATINA from Antiques Roadshow? Leave the PATINA alone.

58. Clear liquors : GINS

63. First chip in a pot : ANTE

64. "In other words ... " : "I MEAN ... "

65. Cabinet dept. concerned with nukes : ENER. (Energy)

66. Leaning Tower city : PISA

67. Stadium levels : TIERS

68. __ buco: veal dish : OSSO


1. Brewpub fixture : ALE TAP

2. Typically 18-inch-long baseball collectibles : MINI-BATS. A budding FAN.

3. Double-checked : MADE SURE

4. Gold medals, to Spaniards : OROs

5. Pipe clog dissolver : DRANO

6. Scads of centuries : EON

7. Prez on a penny : ABE

8. Painter Rockwell : NORMAN. Happy Fan.

9. A red wine one is hard to get out : STAIN

10. Stick-in-the-__ : MUD

11. Consecrate using oil : ANOINT

12. "Beats me" : "I DUNNO"

13. Steal a pup : DOGNAP

18. Links warning : "FORE!"

22. Vodka order, familiarly : STOLI. (Stolichnaya)

26. Memorial column, for short : OBIT

27. Pita filling : FALAFEL. Main ingredients: Fava beans or chickpeas.

28. Catch in a sting : ENTRAP

30. Bored with : SICK OF

34. Permit : LET

35. "Trainwreck" actress/screenwriter Schumer : AMY

37. Attacked on foot : RAN AT

38. Reject as false : DENY

39. Causes of disappearing beaches : EROSIONS

40. Entourages : RETINUES

44. Issue in May-December romances : AGE GAP

45. Spiral pasta : ROTINI

46. Slopes : SLANTS

47. Japanese floor mat : TATAMI

48. Laurel of Laurel and Hardy : STAN

49. "Handmade fresh all day" pizza chain : SBARRO

51. Like three Cy Young games : NO HIT

52. Bridge measures : SPANS

57. "The Cosby Show" son : THEO. Malcolm-Jamal Warner.

59. Baltic or Aegean : SEA

61. Sara whom "nobody doesn't like" : LEE

62. At a distance : FAR



OwenKL said...

There's some celebs whose FANs are teens.
There's some that's FANs of sporting teams,
There's FANtasy* and SciFi,
Music snobs for vinyl hi-fi,
But crossword FANs are fussy of their themes!

Puzzles should have eloquence
Their entries should show elegance,
A crossword FAN
Might rather BAN
Poor grids like clumsy elephants!

*see what I did there?

fermatprime said...


Nice work, CC and Santa! Thanks!

No problems. DOUG was perped, however.

(Note: I would not have made a comment about Jeopardy last week had I not read some time ago that the programs are taped a looong time in advance.)

Am bored with Indian Summer also, Bill(?).

I do so see how they are going to have a crossover between Bones and Sleepy Hollow!!!

Next Sunday will be a Jesse Stone Marathon on Hallmark. The one yesterday was very good. I love Tom Selleck!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Totally brain dead this morning due to the late game last night, but I still managed to breeze through this one in near record time. I think the only minor speed bump was when I went with DORA before DOUG. Everything else was just BOOM, BOOM, BOOM!

Cute theme, which I didn't have time to figure out until after the solve.

I got a Red Sox MINI BAT the first (and only) time I attended a game back when I was something like 12 years old. I think it's up in the attic in a box of mementos somewhere...

Lemonade714 said...

A really perfect Monday from our own fearless leader. Not too easy with fun words like PATINA DOGNAP TATAMI SBARRO and many more. ALE TAP did not jump to mind but rest went down quickly.

Thanks C.C. and Argyle for the words and pics.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was quick and zippy, yet crunchy enough to be a Tuesday puzzle. Nicely done, C.C. DOUG was all perps. I only see SBARRO in cws. PATINA reminds me of the statue up the street at the monastery. It's a monk carrying a book and he's green with envy, or algae or something.

There are two ROOF ANTENNAs on our house. One is a satellite dish and the other is for regular TV. When the weather gets rough the satellite craps out -- just when you really want to know what's going on outside.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. Ouch! Is today really Monday? I found this to be quite a challenge for the first of the week. TATAMI and RETINUES are not Monday words.

And DOUG? Really?? The only 4-letter cartoon character whose name began with the letter D that I could think of was Dora the Explorer. I MADE SURE she was correct despite the perps telling me otherwise.

SBARRO makes frequent appearances in the crosswords. I also see the pizza chain in airports. My most vivid memory of SBARRO, however, is the bombing in Jerusalem in 2001. I was in Israel at the time and had walked by the restaurant nearly every day.

Coastal EROSION is taking its toll on the Louisiana coast.

QOD: If there is one eternal truth of politics, it is that there are always a dozen good reasons for doing nothing. ~ John le Carré (b. Oct. 19, 1931)


Yellowrocks said...

Great puzzle, CC. I sussed the FAN theme after 2 of the long answers.
Somehow I know of SBARRO (TV ads, maybe), but have never had their pizza. The nearest place is HALF AN HOUR away. We have many great places within 5 or 10 minutes from here.
We have been to some sushi houses with TATAMI rooms, where we sat on mats on the floor. Fun for those with young knees. Next week I am going out for sushi with our former Sensei and some classmates. We will sit in chairs, though. I am looking forward to the companionship and the delicious food.
Resolve carpet cleaner is great for red wine STAINS on clothing, as well as furniture and carpets.
We had lots of FALAFEL while we were in Israel. On the first trip our guide knew which street vendors had proper sanitation. Their falafel was tastier than what we had on the second trip at restaurants.
I see a mini food theme: pizza, sushi, falafel.
METS are ON TOP. 2 games to 0. They are hot. Local boosterism.

OwenKL said...

Hahtoolah: Just noticed your BP avatar. :-D

thehondohurricane said...

Got through CC's pleasant start to the week, but not without a bit of hesitation. Having been in the sports collectibles business for roughly 20 years, I never think of MINIBATS as a collectible. Of course these days I'm not sure what is considered collectible. No question the industry is quickly becoming past tense.

Used to run into SBARRO when participating in Mall card shows. Can't ever recall seeing one on the street. Always a tough spell for me when it appears in a puzzle.

DOG NAP means peace & quiet in this household. Casey has become the scourge of our domicile. His six predecessors were angels compared to this guy, but he keeps us old timers on the alert. And he is very friendly with everyone, just a big hell raiser. No worries, he is beginning to settle down.

With all the crazy weather events these days, it's not surprising beaches are eroding.

I've been known to have a pre-meal STOLI martini on the rocks with 3 olives.

Enjoy the day.

Husker Gary said...

TATAMI was my only unknown as I flew through this fun puzzle by our lovely blog mistress. There were also some new words for great fill! Color me “Not Surprised”.

-LAME DUCK came up two letters short for Prez last days
-Our Anonymous writers are sometimes not ADMIRERS
-A very familiar TV ad with whispering GOLF ANALYSTS
-How much do you tip a CHAMBER MAID?
-Here are some pix and info about TV’s Stratford INN
-Yeah, there’s a good role model
-We ARE ready for 225 Trick Or Treaters but might run out
-After/before pix of very famous PATINA
-Did I say “I hate that dress”? I MEAN “I hate that you don’t wear it more often.”
-Don’t take 100 JH kids to BAT DAY at a ball game. Trust me!
-Windex and elbow grease got a finger nail STAIN out of our carpet
-AGE GAP – our 67 yr old friend married an 83 yr old man. Works for them.
-Back to Chemistry subbing. They are so quiet!!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy Monday; no erasures or searches. Liked the longer center down which Argyle mentioned. Had the same trouble with DOUG that others had but perps were solid. Liked seeing PATINA. Compound words gave it a fresh feel as did some others like TATAMI and RETINUES.
We nosh on Kit KATS while playing bridge.

Thanks C.C. for a nifty puzzle and a good start-off to the week.

Tinbeni said...

C.C. Thank You for a FUN Monday puzzle to get the week going.

Argyle: Nice write-up. Good Job!

Today I had three ... count'em 3! ... favorite answers.
ALE-TAP, STOLI and GINS ... go figure. lol

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset ... with some SCOTCH ... neat!

Montana said...

Greetings, blogger friends. I'm going to try to start solving our crossword puzzles again.
Wonderful to start with a Monday CC puzzle and Argyle expo!

I didn't know DOUG, but my guess was correct. I've never heard of SBARRO.
Perps gave a clue to any others I was hazy about.

Need to figure out my password to post here, but I think I wrote it down somewhere. I can always go through the 'I forgot my password' steps if necessary.

Beautiful weather in Montana, but a hard freeze would sure help my allergies. I still have roses and other flowers blooming. Rare for my area.


CanadianEh! said...

Great Monday puzzle with just a little crunch. Thanks C.C. And Argyle.

Blue Jay FANS are hoping for a win tonight after that disappointing 7th inning on Saturday.

Off to do my civic duty. We have federal election today. Should be interesting as polls are calling for the Liberals to win and new Prime Minister would be Justin Trudeau (son of former PM Pierre). This would mean the END OF AN ERA for Harper.

Channels will be switching back and forth tonight between baseball game and election results!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

Got through this OK.

Theme was fine. Got it easily.

Only two inkblots. Wrote in TIES TO before checking and TIES ON won that battle after FORE. Second was ROOM ANTENNA. Fixed that to ROOF ANTENNA after FALAFEL. A friend of mine's wife makes FALAFEL. They are Palestinian. Pretty good stuff.

I don't get 44D. AGE GAP. Not sure what the clue means.

I see SBARRO at many turnpike rest stops as well as some mall food courts. I have eaten at one only once and will never go back. What I had was not very good. I think it was a slice of pizza. My two cents.

My plumber friend says he can always tell when people have been using DRANO. Not good for the metal pipes.

Just finished the Sunday puzzle this morning. So, I will go there and report in.


( )

Yellowrocks said...

We had a freeze the last two nights which left plenty of ice on the car to scrape. We also had a few snow flurries last evening. I brought in my hanging flower basket for overnight, but I see that the mums planted in the garden survived. My allergies are still acting up because the freeze was not hard enough to kill the ragweed and the mold, according to the news report.
But, at last, my bathroom remodeling project is finally set to begin this Thursday. In two weeks the building materials and the fixtures will be gone and I can garage my cat again. Too bad the frost came two weeks early this year.
I know of a May/December marriage (young chick, older husband) where the AGE GAP was not an issue. They got along fine for years. But after he passed away, she kicked up her heels and acted young again. This time she has chosen a man nearer her age.

Yellowrocks said...

Oh, oh! I am hoping to garage my car, not my cat.

Nice Cuppa said...

Abejo: May-December is a reference to the common device of telescoping one's life into a single year. It is more common to use the seasons, as in "Spring Chicken" in reference to a young person.

CanadianEh: The BBC website has 3 huge mugshots of the major contenders for the Canadian elections splashed across its front page. I did not find a mention on

Never having been to a baseball game, or paid any attention to RAP, and appreciating the infinite number of transliterations of Chinese DynastiesI, I always feel a certain trepidation entering a CC puzzle. But this was fun and all doable via perps (except the cross of FEY and AMY, a one-letter WAG. "Minibats" was completely unknown to me, so a learning moment. It beats me why the Japanese make life uncomfortable by sitting on the floor (TATAMI) while eating - it always gives me indigestion; or using chopsticks rather than shoveling it in with a fork (the former is more elegant of course but gives me finger cramp).

My first thought for column was of the monolithic or equestrian statue variety - I'll find a link to the latter. There is a great song by the The Bonzo Dog Doo-Dah Band. They don't seem to make them like that any more.

And also to Stoli-Bolli, the vodka-champagne mix, made famous by Absolutely Fabulous. They don't seem to make them like that any more either.

Argyle said...

The quintessential May-December joke: My uncle Sal was 83 and wanted to marry a girl of 19. His doctor said, 'This could be fatal.’ He said, 'Oy, if she dies, she dies!’

Nice Cuppa said...

Here is the first:


Their other hits included "MONSTER MASH" and URBAN SPACEMAN. But you can check those out for yourself.

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

What a sparkling start to the week with C.C. and Argyle! Thank you both. DOUG was the only unknown but filled easily. SBARRO can be found in all the food courts at the mall here.

I'm not a FAN of FALAFEL. The one I had in Israel was quite bad, mushy and tasteless. Remember, I'm a FAN of hot spice in my food.

And I'm surprised that TATAMI was unknown to some. It's been in many crosswords.

Have a wonderful day, everyone!

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, C.C. for a very enjoyable puzzle. Even though it was a smooth solve, really enjoyed the theme and fill!

Thanks, Argyle, for the pics and all! Fantastic!

desper-otto said...

Tin, I would think TIES ON would have been one of your favorite answers. Don't you like to "tie one on?"

CanadianEh!, people on this side of the border (myself included) are painfully unaware of what happens on your side. Perhaps that's because our national networks find other news more important -- for example, last night ABC news took time to promote the new Star Wars movie trailer. You've gotta admit that's important!

Jayce said...

Nice puzzle. Lots of 3-letter entries. As already pointed out, some nice longer entries. I sorta wrinkled my nose at EROSIONS; gratuitous S, but whatcha gonna do?
Owen, I saw what you did there.
We have a roof antenna and are able to get almost every program we want. Unfortunately, no CNN or CNBC, so unable to watch the political "debates." Then again, maybe we are lucky to have been spared. WE love the Jesse Stone stories and are disappointed we cannot receive these latest ones over the air. So yes, there are some programs we miss out on, but we sure as heck are not going to buy cable just for that.
Best wishes to you all.

Nice Cuppa said...

You'l find the Bolli-Stoli in here somewhere:


CrossEyedDave said...

Another CC puzzle! My you have become prolific!

But b/4 I comment, there are a few past tenses to attend to...

Anon-T Tx for 2 hangmen yesterday, I never heard it before, but it does resonate.
I see some research is due...

Argyle, that Sbarro pic did not make it on my PC.

Yellow Rocks, Saturday wasn't so bad here, but last nite it went down to 24 degrees!
Tomato plants look dead but still hang on to their green fruit.
ditto with the Basil, & the pepper plant, dang! I should have cut off the peppers
while they were green, but I was hoping they would turn red. Now they do not
look appetizing at all... Also, LOL on the garage cat! (I used to have a couple of those...)

Owen! Amazing BP @ 8:20! (who knew...)

& Abejo is time traveling again, I'll be back after I go back & read what he said...

Jayce said...

When I lived in Taiwan in the early 1960's there was still a lot of leftover Japanese influence there. Everybody older than 40 could speak Japanese but usually chose not to. Tatamis were quite common. I am not, and have never been, a floor person, and avoided places where there were no chairs to sit on. The bento box lunches were awesome, though, and staved off one's hunger during a long train ride.

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina, you must have had poor examples of falafel, like we did on our second trip to Israel. On our first trip the delicious kind was seasoned with onion, garlic, coriander and cayenne and fried to be crispy. The street vendors made them fresh just before selling them, unlike the restaurants which made them in advance. The falafel were served with crisp chopped raw veggies, such as onion, green peppers, tomato and cucumber. They were always served with tahini sauce, made from sesame seeds. There was an optional very hot sauce called harissa you could apply liberally or not. It was made from chili peppers and other hot peppers.
My understanding of May/December marriage is like Argyle's at 11:26. It is a common expression here in the U.S. for a young person (male or female) in the Maytime (spring) of his (her) life marrying a person in the December or later years of his (or her) life. I have never heard NC's meaning here.
My DIL thinks chopsticks are handier than forks. People who have been sitting on the floor all their lives are quite comfortable with it until crippled by arthritis. I know many young people here who like to sit on the floor. I used to prefer it , too.

Chairman Moe said...

"puzzling thoughts":

Pretty tough puzzle for a Monday, but very solvable; another fine effort from our "blog-mistress", as well as an entertaining Argyle write-up!

Speaking of which, Argyle, thanks for using the picture of Brooks Robinson to represent NORMAN ROCKWELL. I either forgot about or never knew Brooks signed his autographs as a "mollydooker".

For those who didn't know, Brooks played 3B for the Baltimore Orioles, and was both a right handed fielder as well as batsman. He was one of the best third-basemen ever to play the game. He was known as the "human vacuum cleaner" for his fielding prowess. I have his autograph on a 1971 World Series program . . . and when I played HS baseball (3B and SS), my glove was a Rawlings "Brooks Robinson" model.

Watched just a bit of the NLCS (Mets vs Cubs). Being down 2-0 (in a best of 7 series) is tough, but given the Cubs will be at Wrigley Field for the next three games, I still like their chances.

Despite its being baseball playoff season, my current "sports" attention is focused on football. I know this is not "puzzle theme-related" but I thought y'all might enjoy this 5-line poem, about a football player:

College Quarterback, who plays for Yale,
Got results of his tests in the mail.
For mistakes that he made
He was given no grade,
As he opted to take them "pass/fail"

Have a good week . . .

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Tatata Tum, a big FANfare for C.C. for a fun tho challenging Monday puzzle! Thanks, Argyle!

One surprise: after ALETAP, DOGNAP, & AGEGAP in three corners, I was expecting some kind of _____AP at the end corner. Nope, it was SBARRO. Glad I didn't write in the AP there. I couldn't think of any pizza place that ended that way. We have a SBARRO here but I've never eaten there.

Didn't know DOUG. Argyle's picture of him wasn't even familiar.

I read "bleaches" and couldn't figure out how clorox could erode. Maybe eat away at fabric, but not erode itself. Perps made me re-read the clue. Duh du joir!

I can sit on the floor. I just can't get back up. My hoister doesn't even like to help me out of my chair.

My "garage cat", Oreo, who was a mirror twin of CED's PK, died last month. He hadn't been well for about a year. Then the neighbor's dog started eating the cat's food on my porch. I didn't catch on until the cat got pretty thin. Wondered why he was always at the window begging for food. I stood over the cat with a baseball bat (non-mini) several times so he could eat his food while the dog barked at me. I just threatened the dog -- didn't hit him. One day I came out to feed the cat and he was dead on the door mat. Don't know if the dog helped that along. The dog is now gone after terrorizing the neighborhood for months, attacking the mailman on my porch twice. He called animal control. He also gave notice that he refused to deliver mail next door. My hero! Too late for Oreo, who is memorialized in crosswords.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks for a nice crunchy Monday puzzle CC, and for the writeup, Argyle!

My only error, when I turned on red letters, was FEa and AMa. I knew Tina, but forgot how to spell her name. I have also seen Sbarro at highway rest stops, but didn't know how to pronounce it. Here is a

I had see the show DOUG, but it didn't pop into my head until part of it was perped. I guess it was on Nickelodeon on the early 90s. I couldn't recall the network. I also recall "Ren and Stimpy" and Rugrats cartoons at the same time. DOUG_WIKI

Canadian Eh! It always amazes me how the US media does such a poor job on the news of other countries.

Happy Monday,

Irish Miss said...

Hi Everyone:

Late to the dance due to doctor's appointment (4 month check up), lunch with sis, prescription pickup, and time spent reading all of the comments. Phew! I see the surgeon tomorrow to see what's next with my hand.

What a breath of fresh air CC's puzzle was after Saturday's Thumperama! Clever theme and lots of sparkling fill-neat and clean all the way. Great job, CC, and great expo, Argyle.

We have a beautiful, bright sunny day here but it is down right chilly! We had five minutes of hail yesterday.

I DVR'ed Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, CSI: Cyber and the Jesse Stone movie. Now, when to watch them all?

Have a great day. Welcome back, Montana.

OwenKL said...

NC, bad boy! It's not nice to give misleading answers to honest questions! (Though you may be forgiven if you don't have that English phrase in that foreign language where you come from.) The "telescoping" is only a side issue to May-December pairings, which involve a couple with a wide age difference, either the man or woman may be the elder. Cf. "Trophy Wife". Anyone else recall December Bride?

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Good puzzle. Like the theme and the long verts.

Never tried falafel, but it has to be better than scrapple.

That's all I've got today.


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thank you C.C. for a slightly crunchy Monday. Argyle, as always, good show. I didn't really look for the theme as I was satisfied after changing SPieS to SPOTS.

Other w-o was IDoNNO, b/f I recalled DOUG (I remember seeing that w/ the kids).

40 & 47d == ESP. We had Sushi in SF where you had to 'get down.' Great food.

Fav - 26 c/a. I wish we didn't need for short (though, I'd still be sitting here wondering what those columns under busts are called). Of course, I am keen on ALE TAPs and my ROTINI pasta.

HG posted one of my two favorite TV INNs. Here's the other

Welcome back (for good?) Montana!

YR - LOL Garaging the cat.

NC - DW & I watched every episode of AB FAB; it was.

CED - Glad you enjoyed it - let me know what you find :-)

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh nuts! If I don't stop taking naps I will never catch up to present Blog time...

Thanks Abejo! without Sundays post I would have never known I had Stanleyness! (webpage link lower right....)
Plus, I need this stuff for camping!

Nice Cuppa@12:08 Edina & patsy... OMG! LOL! (Who Knew...)

YellowRocks@12:26 Re: Falafel, Thanks A Lot! 1st day of my diet is shot to hell
after your description... Thank Goodness Daughter #3 just got home from high school,
She is a vegetarian, & worked part time at Garbanzo's making Falafels,
& managed to drag me away from the fridge with her stories about how bad she made them...
(Never eat a fast food falafel.)

Chairman Moe, Thanks for that Brooks Robinson link! What a tribute!
(Only, I always thought Keith Hernandez was The Vacuum Cleaner...)

PK, Sorry to hear about your Oreo.
My PK started out as a back door cat, (DW would not let her in the house!)
Then a front door cat,
Then a Garage cat with her kittens...
& then,,,somehow...

Lucina said...

Your version of FALAFEL sounds wonderful but I never saw it in Israel.

I'm so sorry about your Oreo.

My understanding of May-December relationships is also the same as YR and others who have explained it as a wide gap in years.

Your poem today is so good!

TTP said...

Very nice puzzle CC. As Argyle stated, no SECRET. I'm a FAN.

Chairman Moe, I'll often write notes while I solve. I just read the comments before posting. This is what I wrote...

Argyle, I liked that you chose that Rockwell. So appropriate. Saw a lot of Brooks Robinson growing up. One of my all time favorite ball players. He was a vacuum cleaner at third.

I don't know about you Moe, but I can still recall him "flashing the leather" on any ball hit near third, and robbing hitters of what would otherwise be a base hit. He could throw a frozen rope from the foul ball side of deep third after backhanding a ball that passed the bag in fair territory, and his throw would be right on the money.

CrossEyedDave said...

Ack! I forgot to comment on CC's puzzle!

Mostly easy peasy Monday except I had no idea what a Japanese mat
might be called, so 55A wobbly walker, my 1st thought with only TO(blank)
had to be Spinning "Top,"
(but tapami did not sound like a rug...)
2nd thought had to be my friend Tom... (Hmm, Tamami, maybe...)

It took an alphabet run to come up with "Tot."

Retinues, learning moment, (this is why I do not construct CW's, I would go nuts...)
While the dictionary lists retinue as a synonym for entourage, Wiki insists that
retinue is only "part" of an entourage... (I lost the links, go look it up yourself...)

I always heard that the easiest way to remove red wine stains was to use white wine.
(Drink enough & you won't care...)

65A = Ener (Hmm, another reason I don't construct...)
(actually, is this legit?)

Oh well,

End of an Era...

Archaeologists in the future where very puzzled when they unearthed these
religious symbols on top of every house...

I looked up secret admirer...

You don't need a golf analyst to improve your game. Note: very DF, do not click on this if you are offended by anything...

How come I only get a half hour???

Oh, & as a bonus (Thanks Owen!) the 1st minute of this December Bride episode explains
the different variations of the spelling "omelette."

CrossEyedDave said...

Oh nuts!,

I forgot the theme...

But seriously, I don't understand you baseball fanatics!

JD said...

T'was nice to start back on a Monday, but I guess I don't do enough CW's to know sbarro. I thought sib had to be wrong because words don't start with sb..ha,ha..wrong AND I'm not familiar with patina. I DO know that Dora is not a teenager so I let the perps tell me . Enjoyed it. Thanks CC.

I do enjoy a good falafel. We have a very old "stand" close to where I worked which was nice for a quick lunch, on the rare days we could get away.

Bill G. said...

I just saw the new actress who is playing Supergirl in the new TV show on CBS. She is adorable. So count me in, at least for the first couple of episodes.

Chairman Moe said...

Amen my friend! The Orioles teams of his era were pretty awesome. Of course our Buccos won the '71 Series, but Brooks Robinson was still the best. Richie Hebner did ok but I think the Pirates would've traded him even up for the Orioles #5

Anonymous T said...

I thought that was going to be a boring game after the 3rd, but the Royals made it interesting in the top of the 9th and put the setup pitcher in a tough SPOT.

Thanks again C.C. for a baseball & booze puzzle :-) You ARE the best...

Anyone know if that was Geddy Lee sitting behind home plate (w/ a blue hat behind the guy with the red suspenders)?* I'm going to say "yes" 'cuz I know he's a big Jays FAN.

/sigh - Gonna have to miss game 4 @ 2 CDT (stupid work :-)), but game 3 of Cubs is at 7 CDT!

Cheers, -T
*told you the game was getting boring :-)