Oct 21, 2015

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, John Lieb

Title: CC Rider

We denizens of this site quickly saw our lovely leader C.C. in the gimmick of double C's in each two word phrase where the first word ends in C and the second word begins in C. However, John's fine hump day offering invoked the original use of CC for the Carbon Copy method of producing a messy facsimile as seen in this blurry CC of an interesting 1958 typewritten letter from Eleanor Roosevelt to JFK.
Today, of course it is mainly used as a way to send a duplicate email to another recipient electronically sans the messy paper

Theme answers:

16. Three-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee : ERIC CLAPTON - First as a member of this group, then a member of Cream and then as a solo artist

22. Master thespian's skill : DRAMATIC CHOPS -Yeah, I've heard she's got 'em. Do you remember this movie?

49. Brew produced without pesticides : ORGANIC COFFEE - This must be good  because it says so!

58. "One Thousand and One Nights" transport : MAGIC CARPET - Or a ride offered by this group

The theme reveal:

65. Duplicates, briefly ... and a hint to 16-, 22-, 49- and 58-Across : CC'S 

John's fun gimmick could also have referred to CC's of medicine, Closed Captioning  we use for Downton Abbey or, as previously mentioned, the very nice lady in Minneapolis who runs this electronic popsicle stand.


1. Punch kin : ADE - Not a JAB

4. Refuse : TRASH - Turn down garbage - REFUSE REFUSE

9. Debussy's sea : MER - I'll bet you can figure out this 1914 American song lyric here in French "Par la MER, par la MER, par la belle MER" (*answer at the bottom)

12. __ Scotia : NOVA

14. Makes arrangements for : SEES TO - What Joann will do for our kitty when we travel again

15. Chopper : AXE

18. Sleep phase initials : REM

19. 1990s Polish president : WALESA - Lech, the electrician who became president, helped Poland into a post-communist era

20. Ocean State sch. : URI - The Fightin' Rams of the University of Rhode Island

21. California's __ Valley : SIMI

25. Pretentious sort : SNOB - Dontcha just hate 'em?

27. Used Grecian Formula on : DYED - Not enough vanity with me for that

28. Uses for a fee : RENTS

29. Civil War nickname : ABE

30. Artist's shade : HUE

31. "La Bamba" actor Morales : ESAI - A frequent flyer on this airline

33. Burroughs' feral child : TARZAN - I think we know the pithy dialog below

35. Welcomes to one's home : ASKS IN

39. Actress Sommer : ELKE

41. Sets for binge watchers : TVS - Hey, it's a Jetson's marathon!

42. Rapid-fire weapon : UZI

43. Fireplace piece : GRATE

46. Maker of Air Zoom sneakers : NIKE - How would these look on a 69 yr old retired teacher? Yeah, I thought so too.

48. Eyewear, in ads : SPEX

52. Regatta implements : OARS

53. Shout of support : RAH

54. Burglars' concerns : ALARMS

57. Former AT&T rival : GTE

60. See 62-Across : LEE

61. Endless, poetically : ETERNE

62. With 60-Across, big name in desserts : SARA - They had the best jingle with a double negative that was in C.C.'s lovely Monday puzzle.

63. Harris and Asner : EDS - I best remember Ed Harris as Gene Kranz uttering, "Failure is not an option" in Apollo 13

64. Gave the wrong idea : LED ON


1. Once again : ANEW

2. Latina toon explorer : DORA - The Explorer

3. Superhero's nemesis : EVILDOER

4. Long Island Iced __: cocktail : TEA - No Lipton in there!

5. Public stature : REPUTE

6. Not sidesaddle : ASTRIDE - It would never do for Lady Mary of Downton Abbey to sit ASTRIDE

7. Hard to arouse : STOIC - Even sidesaddle, she would look STOIC

8. Sweetie pie : HON

9. Ohio county or its seat : MARION - Named for "The Swamp Fox" Francis Marion. Look who played him on TV

10. Not obliged to pay : EXEMPT - UN envoy and their parking tickets

11. Neglectful : REMISS

13. Harsh : ACERB - ACERBIC is a form more familiar to me

14. Focus of an annual 26-Down contest : SLAM DUNK 

17. Jefferson Davis was its only pres. : CSA - The story of Jeff Davis being captured while disguised in  women's clothes was untrue but gained a life of its own

21. Mideast chieftain : SHEIK - Do you remember Ray Stevens' now VERY un-pc song about the "SHEIK of the burn in' sands"?

23. Reply to Bligh : AYE

24. Ill-mannered : CRASS

25. Convened : SAT

26. Hoops gp. : NBA

30. Drummer Alex Van __ : HALEN

32. Avoid embarrassment : SAVE FACE - Better than this

34. Epsilon followers : ZETAS 

36. Large political spending org. : SUPER PAC - They raised $828,224,700 for the 2012 election 

37. Ending with civil or social : IZE

38. Put the kibosh on : NIX - 1935 Variety headline translated - "Rural people don't like movies about rural people"

40. Behind bars : ENCAGED

41. Ring result, briefly : TKO

43. Help in many a search : GOOGLE

44. Like many violent films : R-RATED MPAA says "This rating is given for strong and frequent language and violence, nudity for sexual purposes and the abuse of drugs."

45. Goes with the flow : AGREES

47. Asian MLB outfielder with a record 10 consecutive 200-hit seasons : ICHIRO - As a Mariner, Yankee and Marlin (after playing for the Orix Blue Wave in Japan for 9 years)

48. Craftsman retailer : SEARS 

50. Really boiling : IRATE

51. Jeb Bush's st. : FLA

55. Cougar maker, for short : MERC

56. Dots on a subway map: Abbr. : STAS - The Kingston Trio sang "Charlie handed in his dime at the Kendall Square STAtion and he changed for Jamaica Plain"

58. Voice legend Blanc : MEL

59. Channel founded by Turner : CNN

*Song lyric in English was "By the SEA, by the SEA, by the beautiful SEA"

A rerun of a something I have previously posted: If our blog mistress's doctor wanted to sent her med dosage to Walgreens and a copy to her, he would "CC the CC's to C.C." 

Husker Gary


George Barany said...

Thanks Husker Gary for your lively post about John Lieb's puzzle, which ORGANIC_CHEMISTS such as myself are bound to love. You beat me to noting the connection to our gracious hostess, C.C.!

Changing the subject, today (October 21, 2015) is a rather unique day, and C.C. green lighted for me to tell readers of this blog about a unique puzzle that my friends and I have created for the occasion. So, without further ado, learn what's Now Playing ...

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

So nice to see a tribute puzzle to our fearless leader. I swear we had a similar such puzzle in the past, except that it involved two-word phrases where each word began with a "C". But I'm probably just misremembering.

Anywho, it was a fine, smooth puzzle. No nits, no unknowns, no major speed bumps. It took a few seconds to get started due to trying AWL instead of ADE at 1A (wrong punch!), but DORA took care of that almost immediately and that was it for missteps.

Lemonade714 said...

George, I am trying to get ready for work and boom you present all these puzzles....

Anyway a fun Wednesday with a quick ADE CSO to start the parade. We also get the DORA everyone wanted when DOUG was here.

Leslie Nielsen was a successful leading man before Airplane changed his life. He also sang the theme song for the show. He ended living here.

Happy humping, thank HG for all the work and Mr. Lieb

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was a nice, easy romp for mid-week. Even I managed to get the theme by the time the second answer appeared. Did the senorita like the puzzle? Si Si.

I suspect TARZAN may be similar to Dr. Who -- the actor you saw first in the role is your favorite. For me, that's Johnny Weissmuller and Tom Baker, respectively. You? Lex Barker, maybe? Or Elmo Lincoln? Tell me it's not Ron Ely.

Husker, I remember that song. I recall that Fatima was laying on a zebra-skin rug with rings on her fingers and bells on her toes and a bone in her nose, ho ho.

SNOB immediately evokes images of the Crane brothers -- Frazier and Niles.

MARION was the town I grew up in. Different state, though.

unclefred said...

Fun, fast puzzle, thanks John! No problems except started with JAB, which immediately proved wrong. Other than that, a quick, fun fill. Thanks too to Husker Gary for the terrific write-up. Today I need to hassle with DMV. This Saturday is my birthday, and my driver's license and also my plates expire, and usually I get a notice from the State of Florida about these things, but this year...NADA. So gotta deal with that immediately. Oh, what fun!! DMV!!

Big Easy said...

Very easy speed run and since I noticed the reveal clue at 65A, I purposely didn't fill the SE and incorrectly guessed the defunct INTERSTATE COMMERCE COMMISSION, as they all had ICC. I guess copy and paste could be INSTANT CARBON COPY.

No unknowns today, with the only write-overs being RATED-R to R-RATED and TBS to CNN. SPEX-I've never noticed it written that way- only SPECS.

HG- being 69 reveals our language usage. " he would "CC the CC's to C.C." " 'cc' has become 'ml' in the medical business, although cubic centimeter is actually the correct term. Physics, Chemistry, Medicine- it seems that all three have different metric systems. George Barany probably has no problem though and neither does this George, although I'm a little rusty.

Tinbeni said...

Husker Gary: Wonderful write-up with a plethora of links. Just curious, how long did it take?

John Lieb: Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle with a CSO theme to our leader.

Fave today, what else, the Long Island Iced TEA. Go figure ...

When GOOGLE emerged as my "Help in many a search" ... I got a V-8 can head smack and an actual "laugh-out-loud."

Looks like I'm going to get some "wearing" of the four, count'em 4, NY Met T-Shirts I received over the years as birthday presents from my best friend.
He knew I was a NY Yankee Fan ... but he liked the Mets ... and that's what guys do. lol

Though I will be rooting RAH, RAH, RAH !!! for the CUBS tonight.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day to all from the resident Dodo of this blog. This sure was no walk in the park for me today, but in the end I managed to finish it without any errors.

DRAMATIC CHOPS was an unknown. But the perps looked solid so it remained intact. Always need perps for ESAI. I prefer bad ass over EVIL DOER. Is a SUPER PAC anything more then a vehicle to hide exorbitant suspect contributions?

Wonder if ICHIRO will try to remain active until he surpasses Minnie Minoso?

STOIC wasn't the first thing that came to mind after reading the clue for 7D.

Happy hump day.

Yellowrocks said...

CC, kudos to you for all you do for the Corner. You well deserve your CSO.
HG, wonderful links. You must have put in many hours blogging this.
Eleanor's letter to Kennedy seems almost naive these days. What would she make of the SUPERPACS?
I never noticed SPEX before, but found many examples on the Internet.
I came home just in the time to see the bottom of the 9th last night. It seems I missed the excitement of the Cubs two runs. Other than the thrill of seeing my METS win, it has been a ho-hum series with not enough challenge.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Piece of cake today! Guessed the theme with the first entry, and it was smooth sailing from there. Husker, thanks for 'splaining, and as it happens I've never seen a Tarzan movie. Just before my time.

Relaxing today in Köln. Heading to a local pub for Kölsch, the hometown favorite, certain versions of which are only available here. Hope they're tasty!

Anonymous said...

CRASS means stupid, not ill-mannered. Yes, the crass are usually ill-mannered from their stupid insensitivity; but you can be ill-mannered without being crass.

Anonymous said...

Wiki says, "Recently, Tony Goldwyn portrayed Tarzan in Disney’s animated film of the same name (1999)" This film was based partially on Burroughs' novel. There were also many TV screenings of the various old Tarzan movies through the years.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy one today as many have said. Didn't need to GOOGLE today. Had to remember there is no 'n' in WALESA.
ELKE - My niece's name.
NIX - In Low German it mean's "nothing". Dat mookt Nix. = It doesn't matter. (There is nothing to be made of it.)

Have a great day.

desper-otto said...

Happy Back To The Future day, nerds and nerdettes: 10/21/2015

TTP said...

I decided to do the down clues first today.

Western fit too. I didn't last very long.

OH, that Burroughs. I liked the books much better than any of the TV shows or movies.

According to wikipedia, List of places named after people in the United States, they are 14 places named after The Swamp Cat, 14 named after Old Hickory, 14 named after The Father of His Country (plus 7 or so more as variants), but the real stunner to me was the number of places - 32 - named after another Revolutionary War Hero, "The Hero of Two Worlds."

Spitzboov, how about Ich weiß nicht und Dat mookt Nix. Could be the answer in German to that old joke, "What's the difference between Ignorance and apathy ?" I don't know and I don't care.

Thanks Gary and John. Fun stuff.

TTP said...

Yeah, that didn't sound right to me either.

A different Wiki has a much greater List of places named for George Washington

fermatprime said...


Thanks, John and Gary! Swell puzzle!

Back to sleep for me!

Have a great day!

Yellowrocks said...

In PA Dutch we used to add AUS, ES MACHT NIX AUS. I haven't heard the addition of AUS among PA Dutch in other areas.
When I was in college, guys sitting in the bar would offer an innocent looking young lady an Iced Tea, hoping she would drink it and become tipsy. Ill would be more like it. They insisted that they treat me to one. It was Long Island style, of course. I took just one sip out of curiosity. It tasted vile! Also, I knew what was in it, 4 oz. of booze. Not as innocent as I looked. PS, I was there with my finance who went along with the joke.
I believe CRASS has multiple nuances and meanings. One of them is ill-mannered or rude, also gross or obtuse, lacking in refinement.

VirginiaSycamore said...

Thanks John, for the lovely puzzle and HG for the writeup.

My eye-brain connection issues were my only problems with the puzzle.
Thought desserts were hot places full of sand so SARA LEE took a while.
Also read Not skeedaddle for not sidesaddle, so ASTRIDE was last to fall.
The great think about craftsmen tools is that if you broke it, SEARS would give you a free replacement.

Swamp Fox song in its totality, featuring Leslie Nielson. I had forgotten he played the SWAMP_FOX .

Also a nice old timey video of BY_THE_SEA .


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a nice CSO to our own CC, even if it is coincidental! No problems at all and only one w/o, Avia/Nike. I guess I'm not up on designer footwear. Thanks, John, for a mid-week treat and thanks, Gary, for the delightful write-up.

Spitz, is there a reason that Walesa was always pronounced as though there was an N in his name? That has always bothered me.

When I use crass, to me it means ill-mannered or inappropriate behavior.

I no longer have to wear the splint and have to use an exercise ball for four weeks. Then, if the surgeon is satisfied with my progress, I may not need PT. Naturally, the hand is still quite sore and movement and strength are limited, but I feel each little baby step is an improvement.

Have a great day.

Montana said...

I've been away from crosswords too long. I struggled with this DNF puzzle today.

Beautiful autumn weather here to enjoy,


Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

No time to find links now, I'll play later...

Thanks John for a great puzzle and thanks HG for fixing my I (before) E at 13d... //sigh - must be Wed; FIW.

HG - Like YR said, I enjoyed the Roosevelt letter juxtaposed w/ the $0.82bn SUPER PAC fact.

D-O: I started today w/ two ties on, but in our timeline in the Future... it still looks stupid.

Cheers, -T

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, John, for a very fun puzzle. Got the theme quickly, and enjoyed working through the puzzle to a complete finish!

HG - very nice write-up. Loved the "Egg on the Face" pic. Thanks for your hard work!

Spitzboov said...

TTP - Re.: how about Ich weiß nicht und Dat mookt Nix. 
I agree but you are mixing your High (standard) German. with Low German - not normally done.
One would say : Ich weiß nicht und das macht nichts. (German)


Ik weet nix un dat mookt nix. (L. German). (Weet vowel sounds like ai in 'wait')

YR - PA Dutch is descended from Franconian or Middle German dialects so it would be closer to High German in expression.

IM - the n sound bothered me, too. Perhaps a Polish speaker could chime in and comment?

Lemonade714 said...

Where do you put the N"N" in Walesa? DKDC is my go to phrase for much of the social media.

TTP said...

Can I get an editor ?

At 9:35, it should've been, "It didn't last very long," and "...there are 14 places named after..." and the Swamp Fox, not the Swamp Cat.

Guess I was just giving a shout out to our friend down in the Pelican State.

Spitzboov, yes, I should have changed to das macht nichts.

My wife's cousin Gabriella from Hamburg visited a few years ago. She spoke English better that I spoke German, but I couldn't understand most of her Low German dialect versus what I leaned in the south (mostly High German). Neither could my wife for some things. I do understand your specificity about High (standard) German.

GIs stationed there mostly said macht nichts as mox nix. Close enough for most. It might be said the we had our own mangled up dialect of German. Sure wasn't hochdeutsch.

CanadianEh! said...

Fun fun puzzle today with just a few slowdowns. GOOGLE was not needed however. Thanks John and HuskerGary.

I had ADZ before ADE and Napa before SIMI. Like Big Easy, I saw ICC before the lightbulb moment.

Loved Meryl Streep in Bridges of Madison County (and many other movies).

Blue Jays have their backs against the wall today. We shall see if they can rebound as before!

Husker Gary said...

-I am subbing and literally have nothing to do but collect a check.
-John’s puzzle was fun to blog and of course the C.C. connection gave me this rank
-In answer to some questions I got, I blog the puzzle like this in a couple of hours and add comments and links that occur to me in my “stream of consciousness”. I then add and subtract during the next day.
-I too thought of the SUPER PAC fill and Eleanor’s letter but it slipped what little mind I have left
-Lech Walesa - Lech Wałęsa (/ˌlɛk vəˈwɛnsə/ or /wɔːˈlɛnsə/
-Dopey old me learned there is no TEA in LONG ISLAND ICED TEA and it looks nasty
-The Royals are poised to go back to the World Series. Their owners might want them to lose tonight and go back to KC for another $12M+ gate
-This trailer shows Leslie Nielsen (he got 3rd billing) in a 1956 Sci-Fi movie(3:16) that was amazing for its time. 98% on Rotten Tomatoes.

desper-otto said...

I think THIS is the trailer that Husker meant to link. Ever wonder where George Lucas got that scrolling text idea?

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Ooh! I'm so late today. Thank you, John Lieb, for a truly fun sashay today. It provided just the right amount of challenge to be fun. We almost had a mini theme going with ABE, LEE and CSA.

And a CSO to our resident thespian, Keith!

Have a splendid day, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

HG @ 11:23 - Thanks for clarifying the N mystery.

Lucina said...

Where is Keith, anyway? Does anyone know if he's all right?

Also, thanks to Gary, who guided us along the way.

desper-otto said...

Lucina, Keith checked in on Saturday.

Husker Gary said...

Thanks D-O, I was going to just post the jpeg and then I found that great video and put in the first URL. Since we are talking about Polish and German today, I wonder what their word is for Duh!

Jayce said...

I enjoyed the heck out of this puzzle and appreciate John Lieb's craftsmanship. He has constructing chops. And Gary, you definitely have blogging chops.

Spitzboov said...

HG @ 1227 - Duh = Du Dummkopf / Du Dummkopp or Du Dööskopp.

Bluehen said...

I finally got my connectivity issues resolved just in time to say how much I enjoyed this puzzle, a CSO homage to our blog leader. Well done, Mr. Lieb and Husker Gary.
Bill G., I haven't been ignoring your request, I just haven't been able to respond. Give me your email address and I'll share all the delicious details.

coneyro said...

Easy Hump Day puzzle.

Got most of it first across try. Only needed a few down clues to complete.

ERIC CLAPTON..Still going strong ..Layla...My favorite of his songs.

Irish Miss... Glad to hear that you are improving and your hand is getting better.

That's my quick input for today. 'Til next time...

Nice Cuppa said...


Wow! I do not believe that your choice of Eleanor's letter vis-à-vis 36D was a coincidence. Nice one! ….a comment on political history, of course, not politics, per se, which is, as we know, verboten in this corner of cyber-place.

FYI, Lech Wałęsa was active well before the fall of communism, and his "Solidarność" ("Solidarity") movement played a major role in the downfall of communism in Poland – well before the Berlin Wall came tumbling down and he became the first President of "free" post-war Poland.

As to the Polish language, I tried to study it once. It was one of first Slavic languages that switched from the Cyrillic alphabet to the Latin/Roman alphabet. The result is a superabundance of diacritical marks, some unique, including the "stroke". The stroke through the letter L of Wałęsa changes its pronunciation to "w"; and the tail under the e makes it into a nasal vowel. The first W is pronounced as a "V"; so westerners typically pronounce his name "VAWENZA". As another example, the (now) Polish town of Łódź (formerly Prussian/German LODSCH), is pronounced (approximately) "WUJ".

There is a story, which may be true, that a Welsh athletic team visited Poland in the late 80s during the rise of Solidarność, and had "WALES A" emblazoned on their shirts, causing not a little consternation among their (still communist) hosts.

In comparison, Russian, which stuck with the Cyrillic alphabet, is a breeze. Just learn the alphabet, and the pronunciation is essentially phonetic.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

It's all been said, so I'll just add that I enjoyed the puzzle and the call out to C.C.

Cool regards!

Lucina said...

Thank you, d-o. When typing my comment I realized I hadn't seen his post in a while.

To add to my abbreviated comment from earlier, I'm in a rush because I'm hosting a party for my daughter who will graduate Saturday with an MS in psychology and I'm preparing for a trip. My head is about to explode!

Bill G. said...

I enjoyed the puzzle and writeup. Thanks John and Gary.

Lucina, tell your daughter that somebody from California sent her congratulations.

Bluehen, my e-mail address is in my profile.

I have seen the dentist way more often than I would like. It started with decay under a crown. That lead to pulling the tooth and putting in a temporary bridge. I knew not to eat stuff like gummy candy. It promptly came out anyway. Reinstalled. Came out again eating meat. Reinstalled with stronger glue. Came out again. Reworked and reintalled again just now. I'm hoping I can get more mileage out of this one. I'll try extra hard to be super careful.

Montana said...

I am trying to reset my gmail to work with the blog. So far, no luck.
It's too nice not to be outside doing yardwork. It's time to dig up bulbs.


Montana said...

Guess, maybe, I got it to work!


PK said...

Hi Y'all! Fun one, Mr. Lieb & Gary! Thanks!

I'm behind the times again. I wanted X-Rated. When did it become "R"?

I didn't get to Tarzan movies as a child. No way would my mother take little girls to see a mostly naked man. I read the all books with an active imagination though.

YR: Those naughty boys always tempted me with a Singapore Sling. When I wouldn't imbibe, they poured beer in my coke when I went to the restroom. I didn't need alcohol. I was silly enough just chomping ice cubes.

CrossEyedDave said...

I would like to say "what Jzb said @ 2:25," but...

Excellent puzzle, the SW corner gave me fits, but in retrospect I don't know why...

I did the puzzle early this AM, & then got lost in HG's (& others) links.
Checking my notes, I see I left a few scribblings:

Write up followed by 3 check marks. (I am changing that to 4 stars...)
evil twin? (my 1st attempt at 3d superhero nemesis)
LIIT? (Only I can read my notes, it says "Long Island Ice Tea,Yuck!)
25d convened sat b/4 met

On my PC I found a trail of links:

Being an Aussie, I missed out on the Yardbirds. Not only Eric Clapton,
but Jeff Beck & Jimmy Page! OMG!

Which reminded me, Anonymous T, I am still researching "Two Hangmen."
Here is a live version, why does the audience cheer at the gruesome parts?
& why at the end do the sing "that don't bother me at all.?

Also, being an Aussie, I had to brush upon American History.

Here is a riveting telling of Jefferson Davis' capture! The dress is explained bottom of page 2 into 3...

Also, I thought I had seen every Disney show there was, but Leslie Nielson as The Swamp Fox
apparently was never shown in Australia (Hmm, I wonder why...)

Anonymous T said...

Damn! I was just thinking last night that it's been >30 days since my last backup. My box cratered this morning during updates. To SAVE FACE, I'm doing a manual disk to disk backup w/ a spare rig. Go xcopy; make a CC!

I'm sure Kopi Luwak / civet is ORGANIC COFFEE, but I'll stick w/ Maxwell House.

Quick LII TEA story: My bro is on R&R from Iraq... At my sister's bar (I'm sure she mixed 'em :-)), he put down 4 LII TEAs after not drinking in 8 mo. No one could hold the poor kid up - he's 220 of muscle and took two of us to the floor w/ him :-)

Hurray Montana! You're blue again.

PK - Come'on, fess up. You LED ON those naughty boys by eating vodka laced ice cubes :-)

CED - How'd I miss you're an Aussie?; no wonder I love your sense of humour. Also, I think "Don't bother me at all" is from the point-of-view of the posthumous hangman. Kinda sayin', "I won't quiet my ideas, I'd rather martyr swingin' in the wind than bend."

While it ALARMS me CHI is down 0-3, it's time for a streak and show their HR CHOPS... RAH, RAH, RAH... Go Cubs!

Cheers, -T

TTP said...


Your brother is serving in Iraq ? Soldier ? Regardless, God Bless him. I take it he's younger than you. And your sister has a bar ? God Bless her too !

To the rest of the CC Corner, I would like to nominate Anon - T for Blogger Rookie of the Year, based on his positive commentary, admission that he's not an infallible solver, tact in dealing with the negative Anons, and for being an all around positive contributor.

Can we get a second ?

Lemonade714 said...

Second/ All in favor

PK said...

I'm in favor. But he has to take back his claim that my ice cubes were spiked. Really guys, I have so little tolerance for alcohol, I was asleep on the table with one glass of wine. My husband watched me like a hawk so he wouldn't have to carry me out. He on the other hand could consume large amounts and drive home without fear. Unfair!

Jayce said...

In favor

Tinbeni said...

Geez ... I thought that Anon-T had been here more than a year.

Can you be "Rookie-Of-The-Year" if you are in your second year ????

He has been on the blog since July 2013. (I clicked on his Blue Name).

But I agree ... Anon-T is one of my faves here !!!

Cheers ... The CUBS scored a run ...
(Though there are ... tears ... since those NY Mets T-Shirts may be worn during the World Series ...)

Anonymous T said...

OK, PK, I take it back. So it's unanimous? ;-)

TTP, Oh, gosh, jolly, jee.... Thanks for the kind words; I try to play nice - it was my best grade in kindergarten.

And, yes, Bro is younger (by 13 years). We've all served (other Bro is 18mo younger), but yougest is the only one who's seen combat. He served one tour in Iraq (Bronze Star), two in Afghanistan, and now is stationed in Italy but is in France every two weeks or so and in Africa one more time on this tour. He'll be back in IL in Apr or May. I can't wait for us to sit, drink, laugh, and play chess again. Chess is the only way I can kick his butt :-)

Com'on Cubbies - think crooked numbers...

Cheers, -T

Bill G. said...

I am watching a miniseries called "Fargo" based very loosely on the movie. It's well made but so unpleasant that I'm about to give up. Anybody else have an opinion?

AnonT is peachy with me!

Anonymous T said...

Arggg! By not racing Needles at the end of BTTF-III, Marty McFly changed the timeline in so many subtle ways. Sure he won't lose his future job, but now the Cubs don't win.

Man, Chaos Theory is fickle (darn'd Brazilian Butterfly...)*

Congrats to the NY Met's fans (keepin' it classy).

I can already hear CHI say'n it: "Wait 'till next year..." Always the optimistic fans (I was one for 30 years). Astros-Cubs in '16!

Old Joke:
Two Bleacher Bums are sittin' in Wrigley Field drinking their beers. Third pitch of the game on a 1-1 count and, Wham!, a liner over second for a single. One bum turns to the other...

"Well, there goes the no-hitter."

//Sadness: I just heard Cory Wells passed. He brought Joy to the World.

Cheers, -T
*you can learn alot from NOVA :-)

Anonymous T said...

TTP and puzzle pals...

Turning the spotlight back on y'all - I enjoy all the CC regulars' posts daily. You guys are the ones that created a gentle place to play after mucking up an x-word. I learn from y'all daily with little bits of trivia, history, and, of course, from your collective wisdom. Many of you are likely more age'd (it's just a number) than I, but to me y'all are some cool cats just hangin' at the Corner.

For that, I'm thankful. (even if the Cubs didn't win ;-))

C, -T

Bill G. said...

Apple polisher! Damn young whippersnapper! All this praise won't work I tell ya. Well, maybe it will, except with a certain anon.

Lucina said...

Thank you. I shall certainly tell her.

Abejo said...

Good Thursday morning, folks. Thank you, John Lieb, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Finished this puzzle easily on Wednesday, but due to a busy day, after I got home nearly midnight, I went to bed. So, here I am.

Theme was fine. By the time I got to 65A, I had them all.

Tried SETS UP for 14A. Fixed that later to SEES TO. One inkblot.

Tried ALE for 1A. That soon became ADE once DORA surfaced. 2nd inkblot.

Tried BETAS until TARZAN changed that to ZETAS. OK, 3rd inkblot.

43D was not obvious until a few letters helped me with GOOGLE, which I use all the time. Not for crosswords, though.

I remember LECH WALESA very well. I remember when he came to Chicago and was on TV with Dan Rostenkowski.

We just had TKO the other day. Fresh in my mind.

OK, hopefully will see you later today.


( )

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

I hope that Cynthia the spammer got booted from this site.

Argyle said...

I have no idea how this post got lost. Showed up today.

We don't have the power to boot people without going to "sign in" program.