Dec 2, 2015

Wednesday, December 2, 2015, Alan Der Kazarian

Title: So CUTE, I can BEARLY stand it!

Alan's fun gimmick is to take the names of four of the BEARS shown above and not only use them as the first word in 4 starred fills (two great vertical spanners!) but have them go DOWN the grid to complement the reveal  in 55 Across - BEARS DOWN. Therefore we not only have the names of four BEARS but they are literally going DOWN. Wonderful! 

Theme Reveal:

55. Focuses even harder ... and a hint to the starts of the answers to starred clues : BEARS DOWN

Theme Answers - All our ursine crossword visitors are pictured above

3. *Rhode Island school : BROWN (BEAR) UNIVERSITY

5. *Like Southern California beaches : SUN (BEAR)  DRENCHED

24. *One of two cold atmospheric cyclones : POLAR (BEAR)  VORTEX 

11. *Title female "trying to make a devil out of me," in a Santana hit : BLACK (BEAR)  MAGIC WOMAN


1. "Mamma Mia!" group : ABBA - Fun music!!

5. Tunes : SONGS

10. Fundamentals : ABC'S

14. Talking iPhone feature : SIRI - "Quick, SIRI, should I hit 15 or stand?"

15. Destroyer destroyer : U-BOAT - The Imitation Game told of breaking the Enigma Code so the Allies could destroy their destroyer's destroyers 

16. Messy stuff : GLOP

17. __ smasher : ATOM - What the Large Hadron Collider in Switzerland is

18. "I'm innocent!" : NOT ME - Middle School Theme Song

19. Hindu deity : RAMA - also known as Raghava, is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu, but you knew that

20. High-speed war plane maneuver : POWER DIVE 

22. Hunter's device : DECOY - Some DECOYS placed near Dover made the Germans think D-Day would happen at Calais not Normandy

23. Gets close to : NEARS

24. Cheat, in a way : PEEK  

25. Seasonal malady : FLU 

27. Find work : GET A JOB - Yip yip yip yip yip yip yip yip, Mum mum mum mum mum mum, GET A JOB, but you knew that

30. Shakespearean fairy queen : MAB

33. Large-leafed tree : LINDEN 

35. Batman portrayer Kilmer : VAL - Everybody gets a turn

36. Skating commentator Lipinski : TARA

37. Passionate : AVID

38. Dishes for company : CHINA 

40. Eagerly excited : AGOG

41. Golfer Ballesteros : SEVE - The late SEVE had every shot!

42. Furrow maker : HOE

43. Ruling period : REGIME

45. Charlemagne's realm: Abbr. : HRE - According to Voltaire - Neither Holy, Roman nor an Empire

46. Avant-garde : NEW WAVE

48. Low or no follower : CAL 

49. Insert for a 6-Down : REED - Double REED actually 

51. Shoot well under par, in golf lingo : GO LOW - Who better to tell you how than the #1 golfer in the world Jordan Spieth? 

53. Syria's Bashar al-__ : ASSAD - Many groups are waging war in his country

59. Letters after phis : CHIS

60. "The Planets" composer : HOLST - A Philistine like me (I?) needed the H in HEF to finish this

61. Texter's "If you ask me" : IMHO 

62. Adorable : CUTE

63. Wipe off : ERASE 

64. Dismissed, with "off" : LAID - Schools call it RIF - Reduction In Force. "Losing your job by any other name..."

65. "Until next time," in texts : TTYL - Didn't all of us know it's "Talk To You Later"? OMG, LOL!

66. Oscar's roommate : FELIX 

67. Tolkien's Treebeard et al. : ENTS


2. __-Honey : BIT-O - My teeth hurt just typing this

4. Pop singer Mann : AIMEE - Bassist and vocalist for 'Til Tuesday, but you knew that

6. Duck player in "Peter and the Wolf" : OBOIST - Didn't we all learn this in grade school?

7. Punishment with a grounding : NO TV - or iPad, iPhone, laptop, Wii, Xbox, PS4...

8. Risk, e.g. : GAME

9. Canonized Mlle. : STE

10. Feel the same way : AGREE

12. "¿__ está?" : COMO - Adding "usted" is very formal

13. Fix, as a pet : SPAY - We paid the Lincoln Humane Society $133 for Lily which included SPAYING. What a bargain!!

21. Blow one's top : RAGE

22. Cotillion honoree : DEB

25. Jiffy : FLASH 

26. Iron-rich meat : LIVER - I might opt for anemia! 

28. Miller's "__ From the Bridge" : A VIEW - Miller's tragic protagonist informed on  people in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Later Miller himself refused to do that in front of the HUAC committee.

29. First calendar pg. : JAN

31. Food court attraction : AROMA - That food court AROMA might be coming from our sometime cwd visitor

32. Something to pick lox for : BAGEL

34. '50s political monogram : DDE

36. Label : TAG

39. "__ so?" : HOW

44. Fish caught in pots : EELS

46. Author Buntline : NED - Dime novelist NED (actually Ezra Zane Carroll Johnson) may or may not have presented Wyatt Earp with one of these Colt Buntline Specials he commissioned

47. Tennis great Andre : AGASSI

50. Studio piece : EASEL

52. "Swan Lake" swan : ODILE - But you knew that

53. Customer holding: Abbr. : ACCT

54. Closed : SHUT

55. Produced, as fruit : BORE 

56. Tel Aviv airline : EL AL 

57. Smidgen : WHIT

58. Quiet yeses : NODS - Subtle

60. Celeb with a mansion : HEF

Now that you have your BEARINGS, let's hear your assessment.

Husker Gary



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Pretty straightforward solve today. Didn't get the theme until the end, probably because (a) BEAR DOWN was one of the last things I got and (b) SUN Bear??? Fortunately, all the actual theme answers were things I knew and could enter with little or no perp help.

Only minor missteps today were little things like trying GOOP before GLOP and SIVA before RAMA. Both of those were fixed once I saw the clue for 11D and threw down BLACK MAGIC WOMAN with no hesitation.

And yes, I pick lox once a week for my daily breakfast of BAGELS, lox and cream cheese. I only like cinnamon raisin BAGELS, however, which the rest of my Jewish family finds a bit odd...

fermatprime said...


Thanks, Alan, Gary.

Scratched head at SUNbear also. Otherwise, a rapid solve. Love "The Planets."


Lemonade714 said...

Cinnamon raisin bagels are the bomb.

WBS about SUN bears, I think I have heard of Asian honey bears. I also did not know HOLST I do enjoy puzzles that incorporate visual aspects.

Thanks Gary and Alan

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

My only Wite-Out moment was entering POLAR EXPRES...and running out of squares. Got NOT V and TTYL, but had trouble parsing the first and understanding the second. Nice puzzle. I prefer a DerKazarian to a Kardashian any day.

Well done, Husker. Enjoy your day, everyone.

thehondohurricane said...

Enjoyed the write up HG, but had an FIW. 52D & 67A I went with ODILa & aNTS. Don't know ODILE from a hole in the ground and ditto for ENTS. The A seemed much more logical. Also Treebeard? The clues gave me no hope other then a lucky wag, which obviously did not happen.

Brown U are the Bruins, so BEAR made sense. I thought Sundown was the theme relationship for 5D. Hand up for not having an idea what a sun bear is.

Rest of the puzzle went smoothly w/o any major hold ups. I'm not a texter so I let the downs create TTYL.

Screwed up AGASSI by spelling it Aggasi, but eventually BEAR DOWN got it corrected. Not the first time, nor will it be the last for that mistake.

Happy hump day to all.

Anonymous said...

I had thought that only goyim ate cinnamon raisin bagels with lox. I stand corrected. ;)

Lemonade714 said...

DO if you like Alan's work, he also crafted today's WSJ

Yellowrocks said...

Fun write up, Gary. Alan, I liked the way the BEARs were going DOWN. I knew sun bear. GOOP before GLOP. Learned ODILE, ENTS, and Treebeard from x-words. I don't care for Tolkien's works or Harry Potter. I only meet them in puzzles.
I love bagels and lox, but not with raisins. I'd rather have lox with cream cheese, onions and capers on plain or onion or garlic bagels.
I don't text but have picked up some of the lingo.
Owen KL, I loved your first two verses. I found the last one a little too raw.

Madame Defarge said...


Fun puzzle. Didn't see the Bears until I finished. Nicely done, Alan. Very clever grid work with all those BEARS. I wish a certain Chicago team would BEAR(S)DOWN. Defense is looking a little like a high school team: arm tackles and all.

Gary, thanks for the ursine tour and the fun links!

Is a California Golden Bear the same as a SUN BEAR? Never heard BROWN called anything but BEARS. Of course UCLA is home to the Bruins.

Off to finish my long list from yesterday! Have a fine day

oc4beach said...

Nice solvable puzzle today. Like others, I didn't get the theme until reading the expo by HG.

I also agree with DO about the Kardashians. All they have is a dubious claim to minor fame just because they are on TV. They have no talent.

Cinnamon Raisin bagels are good, but not with Lox. Cream cheese and butter are preferred. My son considers bagels to be just a butter delivery system. He piles it on so thick I think I would gag.

Rain in the central PA today. It's not snow, so I'm not upset. I hope everyone has a nice day.

Tinbeni said...

Husker: Outstanding write-up & links. Good Job!!!

Alan: Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle with a nice theme. Really enjoyed the solve.

Needed ESP (Every Single Perp) to get MAB, HOLST and ODILE. Learning moments, always a PLUS.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

TTP said...

Thank you Alan and Husker Gary.

Yea, I paused at HOLST and OBILE, but the crosses were solid and that's the thing about xwords. You don't have to know everything.

Didn't immediately think of BROWN UNIVERSITY and skipped over it, and then filled and semi-proved SUN BLEACHED before having to correct later to SUN DRENCHED.

OTOH, auto filled BLACK MAGIC WOMAN with no crossing help based solely on "trying to make a devil out of me" lyric. Love Carlos' guitar work in it, and many of his other works. He is SO SMOOTH as evidenced in the HOT video.

"Something to pick lox for" was my favorite clue. Barry G, you have the same thing for breakfast every day ? I couldn't do that.

ETUDE was wrong for studio piece, but the crossing el-ASSAD fixed that EASEL-y. SLOP before GLOP.

Other than those missteps, it was a POWER DrIVE through the puzzle.

Oh yea, except that it ended as a FIW because I spelled SEVE as SEVi and never checked the cross, so no TADA este dia.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got most of it without a hassle but E was in a hangfire until BLACK MAGIC WOMAN was revealed. Had goop before GLOP.
Good Wed. level head scratcher. Think we've had Alan a few times before.
LINDEN - Known as basswood in our neck of the woods.
COMO está - Wie geht es Ihnen?
LOX - The best smoked salmon I've ever had was in Trondheim, Nor. Almost like candy.

Nice Cuppa said...


FYI, the DESTROYER (Warship) was first designed in the late 20th century, in order to hunt U-boats, and originally termed "DESTROYER OF U-BOATS".

In WWII, the major target of the U-boats were "soft targets" - unarmed merchant ships (nearly 3000 sunk) delivering food (and weapons) to Britain; the DESTROYERS were put there to protect the merchant ships (in convoys).

Only 175 Allied Warships were sunk by U-boats. I don't know how many of those were destroyers. In short, the DESTROYERS were the DESTROYERS of U-BOATS, and ultimately became very good at it.

OWEN - No charges for plumbing the depths today - it is HUMP day, after all.

I will stick with the original TTFN (ta-ta for now). TTYL seems to be a derivative.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

WEES about the Sun Bear. Otherwise, zoomed right through with big unmistakeable anchor fills such as Black Magic Woman (one of Carlos' best!). Oh, and Cruciverb is working again, hurrah, hurrah!

Didn't get slowed at Gustav Holst, having had to learn his First Suite in E Flat as a high school band player. The arrangement allows for lots of use of the low end of the bass clarinet's range, which sounds good and is fun to play.

Morning Husker - I'd say Lily was a bargain. Good decision!

Freond said...

Just the right mix of head scratching and erasing. That's the way I like it. A challenge but nothing so obscure that there's no hope of figuring it out. RHOS for CHIS and TTFN for TTYL made the SW the last to go. I knew something has to be wrong, just took a while to figure out what. Needed to erase things in order to clear the puzzle and my head. BTW, do you know the obscure name(s) for the rhetorical device in the prior sentence?

Lucina said...

Hello, friends!

Alan gave us a good one today ably hosted by Gary! Thank you both.

I didn't realize we were looking for BEARS until the write up and hand up for not recognizing SUN BEAR.

HOLST was all perps for me but ODILE is well known as I've seen Swan Lake many times. I thought celeb with a mansion seemed obscure, yet with three letters I knew it was HEF.

DNF because I forgot to go back to the top and finish AGREE. I was stuck on SLOP and meant to return to it. Oh well.

Owen, I agree with YR about your poem today, but it's clever.

Have a beautiful day, everyone!

C6D6 Peg said...

Nice theme and easily solved. Thanks, Alan.

HG, great write-up. You're a natural at it!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Enjoyed this very much as I am partial to bears (from a distance, of course). I have a Teddy bear collection, not valuable bears, just cute 🐨 and cuddly. 🐨 Pandas 🐼 are my favorite. Learning moment today was Sun bear and seeing Polar Vortex brought on the shivers, Holst was unknown but I remembered Odile from past puzzles. Overall, a smooth Wednesday solve.

Thank you Alan DK, and thank you HG for the guided tour. Lily is the "cat's meow." 🐈

Rainy 🌧 ☔️ and dreary again today, but clearing ⛅️ tomorrow and dry for the weekend. As long as the ❄️❄️☃ stays away!

Have a great day.

Misty said...

I had the hardest time with the top left corner this morning--just couldn't get it. Then finally it hit me: BROWN UNIVERSITY. Good grief, I was actually invited to give a lecture there many years ago and enjoyed my time there. Doh! Getting older has its price, clearly. But very fun puzzle, Alan, even if I didn't get the BEAR theme until Husker's expo. Great write-up and pics, Husker--many thanks!

Sorry, Owen--third verse was icky.

Have a great Wednesday, everybody!

thehondohurricane said...

Well, I stand corrected. Brown U is the Bears. Did not realize that were no longer Bruins.

HowardW said...

Freond - The rhetorical device is called "zeugma".
My favorite, located online here, is a reporter advised to be brief:
"A shocking affair occurred last night. Sir Edward Hopeless, guest at Lady Panmore's ball, complained of feeling ill took hat, coat, his departure, no notice of his friends, taxi, pistol from his pocket, finally his life. Nice chap. Regrets and all that."

CanadianEh! said...

Enjoyed this "beary" good puzzle. Thanks Alan and Gary.
I had a short roadblock in recognizing the theme because at first I thought the Sun was bearing DOWN on the SUNDRENCHED Beach, and BLACK, BROWN and POLAR didn't fit. Lightbulb moment?

Noted the cross of BEARS DOWN and BORE. Also noted the contrast of SUNDRENCHED BEACH and POLAR VORTEX. I hope we don't have the cold winter we had last February again.

WEES about SUNBEAR. Hand up for TTFN before TTYL. I had Eagle before GO LOW.

Here is a link for the Panda Bear fans - 2 new Panda cubs born this fall at the Toronto Zoo

Can the Math people here (Bill G?) enlighten me? PDQ made me think of a Math theorem shortform. Was I imagining things as I can't find anything on Google? I've never heard it used for ASAP.

CrossEyedDave said...

FIW due to not checking my work...

I had Raja for 19A Hindu Diety, which made 12D Cojo?
This is why I don't like foreign languages in CW's.
I can imagine my 1st visit to Mexico, where I confidently
ask "Cujo esta Usted?" (How is your rabid dog???)

Hadyn b/4 Holst.

Learning moments: Sun bear, & Odile.
I spent some time trying to fit Odette in 52D because 57D had me stumped for a while.
Smidgen? Could it be "whet"? I sometimes "whet" my appetite with a smidgen of food,
but that seemed like a stretch, & I had never seen anyone "taed" off before...

32D Something to pick Lox for?
The answer is "bones."
No sir,no Lox for me. Scallion cream cheese please...

Owen, watch it, you may get censored.
Nice Cuppa (Groan...)

Well, one down, on to the next puzzle!

Matt Skoczen said...

Sun bear?

Disgusted said...

No politics, no religion and no personal attacks.
How about LEWDNESS?
Owen's post should be deleted.
It's disrespectful to the females here and it certainly has no place in a crossword blog.
Where's the blog mistress/master?

VirginiaSycamore said...

Great Puzzle Alan and Gary, how do you get your clips to nod?


I am not sure what you are looking for but...
PDQ is short for Pretty Damn Quick.
It sounds like Q.E.D. which is Quod Erat Demonstatum or something like that. That which was to be shown.

I was quite old before I found out what all the letters in SNAFU were for real!

I also have PTSD over POLAR VORTEX days here in Ohio. Surprisingly, a couple of mornings areas near Columbus OH were the coldest in the state.


Anonymous said...

Canadian Eh!

PDQ = Pretty Darn Quick

QED = An initialism of the Latin phrase quod erat demonstrandum, meaning "which is what had to be proven".

inanehiker said...

Fun puzzle, Alan and write-up HG!

The theme was in my wheelhouse today - back when my husband and I were newly wed and grad students we lived with in walking distance of the St. Louis Zoo (which was and STILL is FREE!!). So if we had an open afternoon we would walk through a part of the zoo. Two of our favorite animals were the SUN bear and the spectacled bear.

Anonymous said...

I can not help but to point out the hipocracy in allowing Owen K 's more than distasteful limerick to stand, while censoring Splynter's very attractive and tasteful photos as being too risque for inclusion on the blog. There is no comparison. It is just WRONG.

Big Easy said...

Owen- it looks like there are some thin skinned people out there. But let me say that I have never been LAID off but I have been _____ (fill in the blanks)

As for the puzzle, I never saw the theme ( I'm thick headed) and really had only three hiccups. Changed RAVE to RAGE, SLOP to GLOP, and misspelled AGASSI as GRAF, I mean AGGASI (like Hondo). I should know HOLST but it was all perps, along with AIMEE and CHIS. IMHO is the only text shortcut I know so TTYL joined the other two. But I never use any of them; I just dictate messages to my Google messaging APP and it rarely misspells anything.

And then there's OBILE. Is that one letter short of MOBILE; never heard of it.

BROWN was a no brainer; RI is so small it can't have too many colleges. BLACK MAGIC WOMAN- it was on Santana's Abraxas Album, which I bought about 40 years ago, which also had 'Oye Como Va'. POLAR VORTEX was in the news a lot last year.

The SUN BEAR is the first exhibit you go pass at the Audubon Zoo in New Orleans. They are small.

YR- using the word 'raw' referring to Owen's last line has me in stitches. A Freudian slip?

tawnya said...

Hello everyone!

Fun run through today - I got the theme PDQ. Sun Bears are Asian and are being run out of their natural habitat. Since they are little and cute people try to keep them as pets and I frequently see sad stories of neglect and mistreatment. Heartbreaking.

Hands up for TTFN instead of TTYL. I think I use more shorthand in crosswords than I do in real life. It's just as easy to type it out than to think of the right letters!

Back to studying, I am in the middle of SEVEN exams in 10 days! Well worth it when I have my RN in 16 months, but I am remembering why I said I never wanted to go back to school! Seems funny that doing a crossword is relaxing with all the information I have to keep track of in my brain right now.

Have a wonderful day :)


PS to Owen - LMAO! Won't be surprised when that gem gets deleted though.

VirginiaSycamore said...

One more comment on PDQ.
My favorite musical comedian is PDQ Bach, performed by Peter Schickele. PDQ_BACH
In the following, the playing of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony is commented on as it is a team sport on radio or TV.

hebow44 said...

I wonder if Clint Eastwood really smoked, or had to tolerate those little cigars in his mouth during all those films. Deduction would conclude that his raspy voice alone would point to his possible habit, but that's just conjecture.

Math stoic said...

CanadianEh! I looked for an answer to your question in Math for PDQ. The closest I could find was this PDQ algorithm for approximation in HP calculators.

Non-mathematicians, do NOT click, unless you want a headache.

CEh? are you sure you weren't looking for QED , QEC, QEF or QEI ? Naw, probably too easy for you. I think it means you have 'erred in something', .... now try again.
;-D) lol, giggle.

'Zeugma' is a pretty nifty idea and word. Thank you for the two fellas, above. HowardW and Freond. And I thought the writer was really smart, and cute.

'I'd like a haircut, a mild flirtation, and a rip-off.'

'Please give me a mani-, a pedi- and any other symptoms you could cure me of.'

My, my - the things one learns.

Jayce said...

Took me a while to cotton to the theme but once I did I got the full enjoyment of this puzzle. Never heard of a SUN BEAR but there are many things I don't know. Now I do know what a sun bear is.

I trust you will do well on your exams, tawnya.

Lucina said...

Good luck on your exams!

Argyle said...

And for those not offended by female body parts: Seinfeld clip.

Bill G. said...

Canadian Eh, might you be thinking of QED? (I see others have already suggested this.)

SUN bear is new to me.

Yellowrocks said...

Big Easy, I have no idea what you mean and please, don't enlighten me. It's probably more lewd than the verse. I agree that Splynter's picture was mild compared to the verse. Sorry I am being such a bear.
This morning’s cuddly Teddy bear of a puzzle was a soft way to start the day. But I soon slipped into a bear of a mood. Last night the obnoxious dancer I spoke of before was in rare form. Over the past two weeks he has erroneously accused me, the club treasurer, and/or the club (the culprit varies) of asking for $50 from him and not paying it back. Last night he settled on me and when I denied it, he let forth with foul language and ugly names, denouncing me before he stormed out. He has similarly insulted three of our callers and hounded a member and his fiancée out of the club with week after week of invective.
The officers decided WE should write a letter dismissing him from the club. Of course, WE means YOURS TRULY. What an awful situation. We are his only social contact, but his nastiness is destroying our club.
Snickers won’t help. In an hour and a half it will be Merlot time. Cheers!

OwenKL said...

I feel pretty good about myself for knowing about SUN bears. I feel stupid for trying to fit LEDA in for the unknown ODILE, or trying to guess the names of her six brothers!

Some people think that a limerick with "vagina" is daft
Perhaps it is, since it left some folks raw and chaffed,
I'll try not to be rude,
Though most limericks are lewd;
'Stead of tunneling, the miner should have just sunk his shaft!

Anonymous said...

Owen, I'm Laughing Out Loud (LOL) !

Stoically said...

Argyle, I have to confess, I didn't know what body part the final female name answer was supposed to resemble. For god's sakes, there are atleast a thousand body parts and a thousand euphemisms for them. I can barely do the Wed. crosswords. Or, maybe I'm just dumb. Anyway, thanks to Google and Wikipedia, I managed to aasuage my curiosity. Now, let the others do the same, if they care.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I agree that Alan's puzzle was a "teddy" bear to work. Fun! It took me a little while to figure out the BEAR theme after finishing because of the DOWN position.

Good one, Gary, although the constantly NODding picture of Clint Eastwood is a little creepy.

BLACK MAGIC WOMAN is a side bar to the Santana piece with that mesmerizing belly dancer. Unbelievable use of female body parts.

I had heard of SUN bear and knew it was an Asian bear because of the "Jungle Book" association with Mowgli.

ODILE is the enchanted swan with whom the prince falls in love in "Swan Lake" (a favorite). I saw the British Royal Ballet do this. Odette is the evil "twin".

Good grief, Owen! Well, I guess everybody got LAID in the puzzle. Owen just got carried away. LOL!

Jayce said...

Mulva, baby! Long time no see!

sasses said...

I am a lurker of a certain age. It seems we are never too old to enoy sexy wordplay. Well done!

Husker Gary said...

-Just back from a day of subbing in foreign language. 8th graders, then 7th graders and then 6th graders. Big difference!
-What an interesting discussion today! This was a fun puzzle to blog and I didn’t get the gimmick until the reveal.
To get those animated images, you simply name the image you want and then add animated gif. For instance I made the google search [Nodding animated gif] and voila, a bunch of nodding came up and one of those was Clint. Not all images are animated but those that were did so when I chose View Image.
-Sun Bears have their own display area in Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo Bear Canyon pavilion
-Mulva/Delores rule!

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Thanks for the Seinfeld clip!!!

OwenKL: ROTFLMAO !!! ... kinda reminded me of the "early days" here.
I hope Dennis checks the comments ... I know he would also enjoy the DF today!

Forgot to mention, my Thanksgiving trip to Hedonism II, Negril, Jamaica.
E.T. & I figured it was our 21st Thanksgiving there since 1985.
It is kinda freaky when you walk down to the Nude Beach ... and of the 300, or so, guests there ... you already know about 250 of them (since they also tend to spend every Thanksgiving at the resort).

Always like to enjoy the local delights ... some of which went Up-In-Smoke ... LOL.

I'm sipping some Appleton Rum as I prepare for another Sunset Toast.

Anonymous said...

Where were MAMA, PAPA and BABY bear?

Anonymous T said...

Thanks Alan for The BEARS. Thanks HG. Too much work tonight to play. Cheers, -T

Madame Defarge said...


Good luck with all those exams!!!

Madame Defarge said...

Sports analysis of B's FIFTH: High- larious!!!!! Thanks, Virginia.

Anonymous T said...

VS - on MME DFRG's recommendation, I took aa 10 min break & listened to B's Fifth in Sport's minor. Good stuff. Did anyone one notice the chearleaders had University of Houston Cougars' shirts on?

OK, back to work. Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Work is done enough for tonight says...

I'll sit out the OKL kerfuffle...

Sorry for the turse response to your puzzle Alan. It was a hoot solving it while waiting on da' Judge this morning at the muni-court house. The only BEAR of a time I had was M_B, TA_A and trying to fit a pretzel shop in there - I love the AROMA! V-8.

I found it funny that IMHO was there considering yesterday's post. TTYL? Thanks HG for 'splainin' Not a write-over, just a wha??

Fav - ABBA, SONGS, ABCS'imple as 123 accross the top. Ask SIRI about Jackson 5 if you don't get it :-) ATOM over POWER was a close second.

Only W/os AES b/f DDE and trying An ugly DUCK for Swan, waddle I know?

NEW WAVE - so many SONGS I could post, but HOW would that sit? Nope, NOT ME...

Tomorrow's gonna be another Hard Day's Night on the JOB that I GET'd.

Cheers, -T