Aug 13, 2016

Saturday, Aug 13th, 2016, Gareth Bain & Brad Wilber

Theme: None

Words: 70 (missing J,K,Q,Z)

Blocks: 28

  Well, I thought I was not going to do so well with this puzzle when I saw the constructors' names, but all in all, I came out on the other side with just a few scratches - but I have to admit to some red-letter cheating.  I was done in by the proper names, again, and one entry that I am ashamed to have missed, but it's been a long hot and humid week, so that's my excuse....what's yours~?   Triple 9- and 11-letter corners, with a couple more nine-letter entries on the inside.  One from each corner;

15. Some wealthy '70s British emigrants : TAX EXILES - The Beatles come to mind, and a lot of other musicians

12. Political nickname : "The GOVERNATOR" - Ahhnold Schwarzenegger

67. Bond, e.g. : MASTER SPY - gratuitous image for C.C.


30. Liqueur in a monastic-looking bottle : FRANGELICO - back in the day, a friend of mine used to make an alcoholic drink that tasted like the milk of the cereal "Boo Berry", and this was one of the main ingredients



1. Parents concerned with play dates? : STAGE MOMS - har-har

10. Like kelp : ALGAL - I thought maybe LEAFY; this image is "ALL GAL"

16. Those who call New Zealand "Aotearoa" : MAORI - educated WAG

17. Yom Kippur theme : ATONEMENT

18. Buff : MAVEN - I was stuck on the verb for a while; this is more like Film ___

19. Default : RENEGE

20. "Penny Dreadful" network, briefly : SHOwtime - never heard of this show, but I don't get premium channels

22. Lea grazer : EWE

23. Changdeokgung Palace city : SEOUL

26. Like white tigers : INBRED

28. Left Bank eateries : CAFÉS

31. Temp in many pictures : MALL SANTA - At first I thought it was "MALE ---", but the last "-TA" was solid; I just could not see the connection to 'pictures' - had it been 'shopping centers'....but then, that's too easy

33. Water cooler newcomer : HIREE - every week there's newly hired kids at UPS, and very few last beyond a year

34. Cardiogram connection : LEAD

35. Nuclear fission pioneer Otto : HAHN

36. Educator LeShan : EDA

37. Defender at Thermopylae : SPARTAN

40. Noir hero : TEC

41. Group of pals : GANG

43. Bard's instrument : LUTE

44. "... with a muffler __ her eyes": "Henry V" : AFORE

46. Pigs and cows, e.g. : UNGULATES - "hoofed" - the Wiki

48. Mules' mothers : MARES - HORSE was not the correct pluralism

49. Ideal : EDENIC - ah, so that's how you get EDEN to fit 6 letters....

50. Branding target : STEER

52. He succeeded Michael as Batman : VAL - Kilmer, one of the few proper names, and I could spell it, too

53. Lincoln's st. : NEBraska - Shout Out to two of our regulars~!

55. Swear : ATTEST

59. Stomach : ABIDE

61. Way to get to Bora Bora : AIR TAHITI - D'oh~! I went with VIA, not AIR

64. Quest for intel : RECONnaissance

65. Immature : UNRIPENED

66. Tiny energy sources : ATOMS

1. Scrabble board symbol : STAR - smack in the middle

2. Turner Prize-awarding gallery : TATE

3. Impulse pathway : AXON - good WAG, but then again, a four-letter brain word....

4. River through Rochester, New York : GENESEE - I'm familiar with the answer because I drove down Genesee Street when I visited my buddy up at Utica

5. Interpretations of scripture : EXEGESES - all the consonant filled via perps; the rest was "E" WAGs; new word for me

6. Old copy : MIMEO

7. Fútbol cry : OLÉ

8. Chess pieces : MEN - I SO want a stone set for the back yard~!

9. Now-flightless "birds" : SSTs - great clue for a standard CW fill

10. Two-time National Book Award-winning poet A.R. __ : AMMONS - WAGed one "M", the rest was perps

11. A.L. West team, in crawl lines : LAA - Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

13. Sleepy backseat query : "ARE WE THERE~?"

14. Performances in rows : LINE DANCES

21. "Sabrina the Teenage Witch" aunt : HILDA - again, a WAG

24. Häagen-Dazs ingredient? : UMLAUT - this is Blue Oyster Cult/Spinal Tap territory~!

25. To whom Polonius said, "To thine own self be true" : LAERTES - I WAGed the spelling

27. "Ridiculous!" : "BAH~!"

28. Cuban Revolution VIP : CHE GUEVARA - I am familiar with this iconic poster image

29. Help badly? : AID AND ABET

32. Grapevine product, with "the" : LATEST - there's also the A.A. Grapevine

38. Put : PLACE

39. Young camper's proof of ownership : NAME TAPE - I looked this up after the fact because I had never heard of such a thing

42. Try hard (for) : GUN

45. At a greater distance : FARTHER

47. Bedding : LINENS

51. Absorb the loss : EAT IT

54. "John Dough and the Cherub" author : BAUM - perps and a WAG

56. Zehn minus neun : EINS - das German 10 - 9 = 1

57. Bit of progress : STEP

58. Spruce (up) : TIDY

60. King's end? : DOM - kingdom

62. Like Schubert's "Trout Quintet" : IN A - filled in the "IN" and waited....

63. The 1906 Hepburn Act gave the ICC power to set rates for them : RRs


Note from C.C.:

1) Happy Birthday to dear Chickie, who has been with our blog since 2008. Chickie and her husband Bill has been married for 62 years.

2) Happy Birthday to Spitzboov's wife Betty as well! They've been married for 51 years!

Spitzboov & Betty at the reunion dinner held at the US Coast Guard Academy, New London, CT, 2012


OwenKL said...

The NE was an OSO, but it was an easily found typo in the SW that kept me from getting a td-da when I finally got the S in MALL SANTA!

{B-, B-, C, C-.}

A LINE DANCE is designed for both men and women,
Done in bars, so they don't trod on little children!
If there's sawdust on the floor,
And GUN checks at the door,
They likely don't cover the bull-ride in LINEN!

LAERTES died at the tip of an epee.
Ophelia snuffed out by being too weepy.
Friends Roz and Guild
Hamlet also had killed --
"To be" with Hamlet was to opt "not to be"!

A tilde is a line that undulates.
Dots designate an UMLAUT's PLACE.
Every jõt and tittlë
Changes sounds a little,
So we're more loquacious than UNGULATES!

A PLACE that I'd like to see mora, mora
Is the south sea isle of BORA BORA!
But my assets teeny
Can't make AIR TAHITI,
So I'll have to earn more AFORE I afforda!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all (and Happy Birthday to Chickie and Betty)!

Man, what a delightful challenge today! I almost turfed it at the end with HAHN, but it was so nice seeing CHE GUEVARA and AID AND ABET in the grid instead of just the usual CHE and ABET. And EXEGESES -- what a wonderfully obscure word that I just so happened to have learned many years ago and was somehow able to dredge up. GENESEE was unknown to me, but the perps took care of it nicely. LAERTES was another name that I knew from long ago, which helped a lot.

Overall, the cluing was very tricky without being obnoxiously so. Loved the clues for MALL SANTA and UMLAUT for example.

In general, I love a puzzle that I am able to actually complete and that makes me feel smart for having been able to do so.

desper-otto said...

Good morning! (and happy birthday to Chickie and Betty!)

No scathes in sight, thanks to a liberal dosing with Wite-Out. Hand up for LEAFY, Splynter. Wanted UNGULAntS until I didn't. Same with ALBINO/INBRED -- as Splynter would say, 100% 16-2/3% correct. Was thinking TORA BORA and wondered why anybody'd want to go there. D'oh! Thanks Gareth and Brad for a nice weekend romp.

Big Easy said...

I had to give up in the NE. So a DNF for me today. I had WIDE DANCES for LINE DANCES and even knew the kelp was ALGA. HAHN was all perps because BOHR's first name was Neils. But AMMONS was unknown and had NAKED as 'buff'; MAVEN would have never come into my mind. Couldn't get POKER-NATOR out of my brain and 10A was stuck at __LPAW. I originally thought Sabrina's (unknown) aunt might be HEDDA but HILDA came around after I changed HAH to BAH for the INBRED tigers.

The NW started crunchy because GENESEE and EXEGESES were unknowns. The SW was easy with the three long downs. SE was slow because NAME-TAPE was a weird expression and wanted TAGS but knew it wouldn't work. Just write their name with a black Sharpie and be done with it.

Happy birthday Chickie, Betty, and JENNA (my granddaughter).

TAX EXILES- Tiger Woods, Venus & Serena Williams, Every Pro Golfer from California except Phil Michelson. They all moved to Florida, Texas and Nevada with no state income tax. I would too. Not to mention the others fleeing NY, NJ, & MD.

HIREE- they don't last at UPS because they actually have to do WORK. No 'participation trophies'. And keep the nice pictures coming Splynter.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Hard but eventually doable Saturday. First pass through had only TATE, MOMS, MAORI, & EWE in the top half. I almost quit and went to bed. But persistence won out.

I liked GENESEE & EXEGESES in close proximity. Seemed like birds of a feather roosting there -- both unknown and somehow sounding biblical. ESP

How does "buff" = MAVEN? Google here I come.

Happy Birthday, Chickie & Betty.

Thanks, Splynter.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Pretty good Saturday workout--thoughtful, but doable. Thanks, Gareth.

Splynter, Thanks for the links and the insights.

Happy Birthday, Chickie and Betty!

Lots to do today. After the storm, the tropical humidity was supposed to abate, but I'm still reading 95%. Oh well, it's August in Chicago.

Have a fine weekend, all.

Anonymous said...

What is "temp" about a MALL SANTA?

LINE DANCE[R]S may think they are performing, but largely they are entertaining only themselves.

desper-otto said...

Anon@8:37 -- It's a "temp"orary gig.

unclefred said...

"In general, I love a puzzle that I am able to actually complete and that makes me feel smart for having been able to do so." Amen to Barry's comment. And the opposite is so true, too: I hate a puzzle that I am unable to complete, but when I come here and look at the fill, I feel stupid for not sussing it. Anyway, I'm with Splynter, in looking at the grid and the constructors names, I thought "OH, NO!" Yet, with persistence and quite a bit (12%) red-letter help, I managed to complete it. Favorite clue: "Temp in many pictures". Thanx, GB & BW for the terrific CW! Thanx, Splynter, for the great write-up! And thanx, Owen, too, for your limericks!

unclefred said...

Oh, by far the LEAST favorite clue: BUFF for MAVEN. I know Splynter 'splained it, but I personally don't use either of those words in that way.Buff might mean to clean, or rub; or in good physical shape; or naked. MAVEN is an expert, or a connoisseur. In my mind, the connection is beyond a stretch. Oh, well.

Bob Niles said...

Finally slogged to the end. Had mallsanta for a long time before I read mall Santa. Genesee was easy if you have ever drank the beer, not good beer but it was cheap back in the day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I came very close to throwing in the towel on this brain-bender but that Irish stubbornness just wouldn't allow a surrender, soooooooo! I chipped away here and chipped away there and, in time, got the tada w/o help. The NE corner was a bear (for me) but so were other areas until I was finally able to get some traction. It was a satisfying solve because of the difficulty but also because it was fair and straightforward.

Thanks to Gareth, Bruce, and Splynter for an entertaining and enlightening experience.

Happy Birthday to Chickie and Betty! 🎂 🎊 🎈 🎁 Hope you have a fun day.

I was hoping we would hear from Bluehen with an update. Hope all went well.

Also hope our Louisana contingent is safe and dry.

Have a great day.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Really had to work at finishing this one, but it was a worthwhile challenge. Via Tahiti clogged that part for a while, and it took way too long to suss Mall Santa. Hilda was a flat-out guess. Got there eventually.

Happy Birthday to Chickie and Betty!

Morning, Splynter, All Gal is much more interesting than Algal. (Seriously, she's gorgeous)

Argyle said...

Genesee River Gorge

Argyle said...

Entertaining line dances(in the broad sense)
Irish Step Dance or The Rockettes(starts at 1:20).

Bluehen said...

Your wish is my command, IM. I went back to see the sawbones on 8/2, as planned. The purpose was to determine the status quo and plan a "path forward". X-rays proved that the joint had not stabilized as he expected, but gotten much worse, as I expected since I was in a lot of pain and it was getting worse everyday. X-rays showed him that the femur had split, the hole had widened, the implant had sunk even further, and the probably the entire prosthesis was moving (up and down and around) with my every movement. He scheduled an emergency revisionary surgery for the next available date, last Monday, 8/8. I was overjoyed. One of my favorite things in the world is to be rendered unconscious and helpless and then flayed open. All to give this character a "mulligan".
I went under at 2:30p and arrived in my room at 6:00p, surprisingly pain-free. I took pt the next afternoon, and just flew through it. Repeated that Wednesday am, and was back home by noon, feeling better than I have in months. Dr placed a bigger insert into the femur (size 8 to size 17) and it has worked like a charm. God bless modern medicine. Although someone has to convince hospitals of the restorative value of a good night's sleep.

Everything is fine and looking up.



desper-otto said...

That's good news, Bluehen. When I was in the hospital, I was always grateful when they would wake me up at 6am to tell me I couldn't have any breakfast.

Husker Gary said...

-Gareth and Brad made me work but I got ‘er done! Gotta love FRANGELICO crossing UNGULATES
-It made me ILL to miss Lincoln NEB where my daughters and grandchildren live. That B gave me BAUM, which unlocked the SE
-Unless my memory failed me (good odds), Keith complimented an EXEGIS of mine here
-Rosalind Russell playing the ultimate STAGE MOM in Gypsy
-I also had to discard BUFF as a verb and also an adjective
-We have access to hundreds of channels (no premiums) but watch about ten
-A favorite podcast of mine has this SEOUL BBQ product as a sponsor
-_ _ B _ _ _ tiger is not ALBINO
-Dame Agatha Christie did kill off her TEC
-Yeah, that’s the ticket, I’m just UNRIPENED
-I never used a MIMEO machine and stayed TIDY
-Did you ever call an overly ambitious fellow student a GUNNER?
-HBD Chickie and Betty!

Irish Miss said...

Bluehen @ 10:24 - What wonderful news! Thanks for bringing us up to date and best wishes for a continued pain-free recovery!

Yellowrocks said...

Great news, Bluehen. May this winning streak continue. You are often in my thoughts. Happy birthday to Chickie and Betty.
The left half of this puzzle seemed WednesdayISH and the SE was FridayISH, but the NE was a bear! I was so sure of ALBINO before I finally switched to INBRED. I thought of many meanings of BUFF before I got MAVEN, even though I find BUFF in this sense quite common. My grandson is a military history buff. We hear of movie buffs, jazz buffs, sports buffs, and on and on.
MALL SANTA was devilish, but clever. Could pictures mean the the photo taken on Santa's lap in the mall?
People perform line dances just by doing them. Perform can mean to do or carry out,not only to present an entertainment for an audience. I perform a room inspection before we check out of a vacation rental to be sure we leave nothing behind. Or performance reviews on the job.
Ask me about those PIA NAME TAPES. When my kids were young we had to sew them them into every article of clothing. Painstakingly slow! When Alan went to the group home while I was in the hospital, I bought iron on name tapes and used a laundry pen to write his name.

PK said...

Bluehen, thank you for the update. Glad your pain has subsided. Best wishes for complete recovery and usage.

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday Chickie!
(the writing says "from all your peeps."

& an HBD to Betty.
(married to a sailor? hmm, you deserve a cake...)

Also,not to forget a possible future Cruciverbalist, Happy Birthday to Jenna!

I did yesterdays puzzle, but could not go the distance to the Blog because after working all day
I went to The Turtles Happy Together 2016 Tour show.

It was amazing to see these 70+ old guys still up & around!

(but,some of the jokes...)
(yes they are still a drug band, but now it's Lipitor etc...)
(What's that little blue pill your wife likes so much?)


Bluehen, sounds like good news!
Best of luck! hope you are up & around in no time!

Argent said...

Your examples for UMLAUT made me laugh, Splynter - thank you. And let's not forget Motörhead!

Managed to struggle through today. D'oh moment was MALL SANTA, learning moment was EXEGESES.

It's lovely to read so many upbeat personal notes about health and birthdays today, too.

C6D6 Peg said...

Tough, tough.... like Splynter, knew it was going to be a difficult solve after I read the names. Truly a challenge with LAERTES, EXEGESES, AIRTAHITI. VIATAHITI wouldn't work, but couldn't get the beginning. Thanks, Gareth & Brad for a challenge this am.

Splynter, loved the write-up. Loved the branding iron!

Madame Defarge said...

Yay!! Bluehen, that is great news. Keep up the good work!

Ray o sunshine said...

Thought I was so smart...knew so many answers for a Saturday puzzle. Unfortunately the WRONG answers. The Genesee River runs thru Rochester. There is a Genesee every major upstate NY Town once linking them all. It's the main street in our town Utica as mentioneded.

Ray o sunshine said...

Thought I was so smart...knew so many answers for a Saturday puzzle. Unfortunately the WRONG answers. The Genesee River runs thru Rochester. There is a Genesee every major upstate NY Town once linking them all. It's the main street in our town Utica as mentioneded.

Irish Miss said...

Oops! Forgot to thank our non-Mall Santa for posting the dance clips; both were a treat!

Anonymous T said...

Just another learning Sat. My thanks go to Gareth & Brad but mostly to Splynter for providing the answers thus adding a 5th layer of ink to this mess. Much is not part of my vocabulary (I ATTEST I've never heard 4 or 5d!)

Hand up for alBino - got me BAH but not much else. Lyre AFORE LUTE. Most other would-be write-overs are in a blizzard of white.

Fav: MARES over STEER; former xing LINE DANCEs... A TX GANG two-STEPs (?) :-)

Happy Birthday Chickie & Betty! Did you find it odd you both share the same day? It's not w/ the 70 or so of us at the Corner. Hope both of you get the LEAD role in your day.

{B-, B, A-, B+}

Bluehen - great to hear the good news.

Splynter - since you brought 'em up... SpinalTap SHOws subtle humour with just their logo - the UMLAUT isn't even over a vowel! I recall the lead up to the movie - KSHE 95 (STL) announced their concert was canceled "again."* Rob Reiner took it to 11.

Cheers, -T
*I didn't know at the time that was part of the joke - I really wanted to see this "new" Brit band.

crossword said...

a lot of thanks ♥

Jayce said...

Pretty hard puzzle, but fair. Loved the uncommon entries such as EXEGESES and FRANGELICO. At 27D in put BAH in, took it out, and ended up with it back in. VIA TAHITI clogged that area for a while. Too bad ARE WE THERE couldn't have included the final YET. I totally agree with what Barry G said. I wish the media had come up with GUBERNATOR for Schwarzenegger's nickname instead.

Desper-otto, I'm glad you found those articles "velly intellesting" last night.

Happy birthday greetings to Chickie and Betty and Jenna, and best wishes to you all.

Yellowrocks said...

I missed Hahtoolah's quote today. Here is a substitute. Yesterday's Cryptoquote said, "You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic." Robert Heinlein. It is interesting that he was a noted science fiction author.

Today I cleaned and stored our camping gear, all set for next year. I am still doing the week's laundry. Our next vacation will be in a fully furnished cottage (including LINEN and towels) in a WV state park with Alan and two of my sisters. It is similar to a cottage you would rent down the shore. For some reason my older sister calls it camping. I call it luxury.

BEDDING/LINEN reminds me of the book I just read about Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn. There was a lot of BEDDING going on. I don't know about the LINEN.

When we told parents that a child was immature, they replied, "Of course, he is immature, he is only a child." We meant immature for his age, a twelve year old acting like a six year old.

Lucina said...

Is anyone else watching A Place to Call Home on Saturday nights? That's where I learned some lessons about Yom Kippur and ATONEMENT otherwise it would have taken longer to suss it. Yowza, this was a little easy, moderate and downright tough, especially the NE which truly gave me fits.

With CHEGUEVERA in place the entire SW filled in a flash as did the NW. The SE took a while longer until TAHITI came into view and then I just searched for BAUM which yielded AIR and all the rest. German EINS held me up for a long time. But once I gave up NAMETAGS for NAMETAPE, it was done.

Once again another unfamiliar author which I researched and since most of the lower part was filled I could connect the blanks but it was by no means easy. Thank you, Gareth and Brad. You forced my brain to work hard today.

Happy birthday, Chickie, Betty and Jenna!!!! I wish you all a fabulous day.

That is wonderful news from you. I also hope you remain in pain free mode.

Splynter, thank you for an always upbeat review.

Have a marvelous day, everyone!

Lucina said...

I forgot to mention how much I loved seeing EXEGESES in the puzzle. I've read many of them in the past.

Ol' Man Keith said...

YES! Happy birthday to Chickie - and to Spitzboov's Betty! I appreciate that we get these chances to wish goodness to our Xwd colleagues and families.
Thank you, Gareth & Brad for a nasty early Sat run. It started so well for me, with longish initial fills, including STAGE MOMS (Funny!), ATONEMENT, and LAERTES (not-so-funny, Hamlet's nemesis!). Ah, but then, the poison kicked in, and I felt my pulse and brain slowing down. I resisted CHE GUEVARA for the longest time because it seemed way too obvious for serious pzl-makers. The proper names of authors slowed me too, and then there were a few misdirecting clues that absolutely succeeded in misdirecting me, such as "Buff" leading to NAKED for MAVEN, and "Temp in many pictures" leading to ... nothing.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lucina @2:43,

I liked EXEGESES too. Can't say that I knew "exegesis" as specific to scriptural interp, as I have turned to it over the years in critiques of various theses. But it makes sense that it would have a biblical origin.
(Plus, if you say the singular version aloud, you get "Jesus" loud and clear.)

PS. Husker Gary @11:02 - I think you're right, although I can't for the life of me think of what it was about. Something pithy and important, I'm sure...

MJ said...

Greetings to all, and a very special Happy Birthday to Chickie, Betty, and Jenna!

This was the third day in a row that I was unable to finish without help. Sigh.....Yet I liked all three puzzles and had fun trying.

Thanks for the expo and links, Splynter.

Enjoy the day!

Boo luquette said...

Way less white today than yesterday. Had to finish with red letters..

We are getting hammered here in south La. I am on high ground but a lot of Eunice is flooded and surrounding areas.

I have seen some bad floods from hurricanes but not this bad ever !!!!!

Plus Tard from a very wet Cajun Country !!!

P.S. I tried to post this at 1 pm But something is wrong !!!

AnonymousPVX said...

My brother's house in Louisiana is flooded. Oddly enough, he got a letter this week from his Flood Insurance company. The new flood maps have been issued, he is no longer in a flood zone, so they asked if he wanted to cancel. He kept it, now he gets to make a claim for his entire house and contents. Think he's happy he kept it? And he's still in a world of pain even with coverage. The water was up to the bottom of the mattress in the bedroom. He's evacuated of course, along with his dogs and cats and all are safe. But it looks to be a total loss. I advised him to hire his own insurance adjuster.

Right, the crossword. It was the usual Saturday slog. I was 99% correct except for Maori/Governator which I had as Mauri/Guvernator. D'oh!

PK said...

Boo, glad to hear you are on high ground. I was wondering about you and our other Louisiana friends who have reported in. So sad to hear of the devastation.

AnonPVX: Sorry to hear of your brother being flooded. Sounds like his insurance company knew it was going to rain and wanted out. Wish they could figure out a way to even out the rainfall over the US and solve everyone's problems.

Lucina said...

Ooh. I'm sorry you in Louisiana are experiencing such devastating floods. Here in Arizona we often talk about the idea of a pipeline or waterway from the Midwest to our desert. It would be a great solution to the problems in both areas but of course the cost would be prohibitive as well as the land rights along a vast swath through many states. Ah, well, it's easy to dream.

Splynter said...

Hi again~!

Happy B-day to our corner people~!

Love the math, D-otto~!

Thanks for the 'pictures' explanation, YR; I have been "posed" in them, but that thought never crossed my mind....

Argent - don't forget Mötley Crüe

Anon-T; I did not fall into the trap of Spinal Tap, but I did sucker one friend into believing the movie was an actual documentary of a failing band - I still have their music in my MP-3 player~!

Thanks all for the compliments~!


SwampCat said...

Stay dry , Boo!! I had heard about Eunice, among other places, and hoped you were spared. New Orleans escaped the worst of the storms....just rain and a little street flooding.

Anonymous T said...

Splynter - Either I've failed as a father or This is Spinal Tap is just not for everyone... $10 to the iStore later and the the girls wouldn't sit through 15 min of it. I, however, watched it all over again. I forgot about the manager's Cricket bat... LOL.

All y'all in LA stay high & dry. 'Fraid to say it but more's headed your way - been raining all day in Houston. -T