Aug 17, 2016

Wednesday, August 17, 2016, Patricia Moran


Patricia has given us a lovely Wednesday puzzle where she starts two or three-word phrases with a word or words that are an architectural style of a house. Patricia used no reveal for her theme but I have one for you as I have pictured some famous TV houses, 
in the styles our constructor has chosen, and their addresses. The names of each TV show associated with these houses are revealed just above the grid at the end of this write-up *.


20. Period preserved by a district in Williamsburg, Virginia : COLONIAL TIMES - A COLONIAL house on 211 Pine Street, Universal Studios Backlot 

29. Title character in a Beatles "White Album" song : BUNGALOW BILL - A BUNGALOW house on 619 S. Runnymeade Avenue, Evansville, 35. Ill. neighbor : IND

46. Snacks with a New England lighthouse on the package : CAPE COD CHIPS - A CAPE COD house on 1164 Morning Glory Circle, West Oak Street, Burbank, CA

56. Dip for veggies : RANCH DRESSING - A RANCH house on 11222 Dilling Street, North Hollywood, California

Husker Gary here, admitting that I did have some issues but came away with a very satisfying "got 'er done". E-TOLL, THANK U and BUNGALOW BILL made for a slow NE.


1. Paper unit : SHEET 

6. "Never Wave at __": Rosalind Russell film : A WAC - A forerunner of Private Benjamin?

10. Trash transport : SCOW - In NYC many of these SCOWS unloaded at Fresh Kills, Staten Island which is to be converted into a park 3X bigger than Central Park

14. Software security update : PATCH

15. Capitale in which "La Dolce Vita" was filmed : ROMA

16. Top-rated : A-ONE

17. Lanai hi : ALOHA - It means hello, goodbye and please check the oil!

18. Soft-spoken painter Bob : ROSS

19. Macramé feature : KNOT

23. Subj. for many an au pair : ESL

24. Ornamental pond fish : KOI

25. Denver-to-Chicago dir. : ENE - A compass heading of 67.5˚

26. Buf-__: facial sponge brand : PUF

32. Treadmill setting : PACE - Our crossword Corgi friends keeping the PACE

36. Doone of fiction and cookies : LORNA

37. Green subj. : ECOL

38. Drained of color : ASHEN

41. Spring : LEAP

42. __ Peachik: flavored vodka : STOLI

44. Tic-tac-toe loser : OXO 

45. Glorifying works : ODES

50. Colour ending : ISE

51. Bump-log link : ON A

52. Mama bear, in Mexico : OSA - Que mamá OSA tiene tres cachorros (That mama bear has three cubs)

53. Newscaster Lindström : PIA - Here shown at the right with her mother Ingrid Bergman who deserted Pia and her dad to marry Roberto Rossellini when Pia was 10. They reconciled when she was 18.

60. Fervor : ZEAL

62. Oodles : A LOT

63. Frugal sort : SAVER

64. "What's gotten __ you?" : INTO - Did you see The Exorcist? The animations I could have posted grossed me out!

65. Predecessors of euros : LIRE

66. Get together in secret? : ELOPE

67. Delight : GLEE

68. Finish a flight : LAND

69. Morning blend : LATTE


1. One usually follows a comma : SPACE

2. Los Angeles Angels, in sportscasts : HALOS

3. Traveling convenience : E-TOLL -Pay up or else...

4. Reverberate : ECHO

5. 1998 Alanis Morissette hit : THANK U

6. Calls before a criminal court : ARRAIGNS

7. Knitting supply : WOOL

8. Dutch beer named for a river : AMSTEL

9. Monaco attraction : CASINO

10. Benefit : SAKE

11. Partnered in crime : CONSPIRED - A none too bright group who CONSPIRED. One of them, however, did change history

12. Lennon's widow : ONO

13. Just painted : WET

21. Ancient Aegean region : IONIA

22. Cry softly : MEWL

27. Arm bones : ULNAE - Bumping ULNAE

28. Book jacket parts : FLAPS

29. "Beauty and the Beast" beauty : BELLE

30. __ committee : AD HOC - Latin for "for this"

31. Ties with clasps : BOLOS

32. "My Cousin Vinny" star : PESCI - Eating his first grit

33. Fill in for : ACT AS

34. Play well with others : COOPERATE

39. Advised urgently : EXHORTED

40. __ pollution : NOISE

43. Desktop image : ICON - The ICONS on my messy desktop

47. Readily available, as a doctor : ON CALL

48. Bright bloom : DAHLIA

49. Bunch : PASSEL

53. Basketball move : PIVOT - Here is a 360 degree PIVOT and "nothin' but net!"

54. Klutzy : INEPT

55. Say yes : AGREE

57. Salve additive : ALOE

58. Michael who played Worf on "Star Trek: T.N.G." : DORN - We baseball peeps know Corbin Bernson's movie DORN better

59. Spanish parlor : SALA

60. Sharp turn : ZIG

61. Shutterfly order: Abbr. : ENL

Now, we will take input from our learned solvers who I know will follow HOUSE RULES:

*Theme house answers

20. COLONIAL - Leave It To Beaver

29. BUNGALOW - Roseanne (Recently for sale for $129,000)

46. CAPE COD - Bewitched

56. RANCH - The Brady Bunch



fermatprime said...


Thanks to Patricia and Gary. Nice work.

Only things unknown were THANKU and ROSS.

Still hot here.


OwenKL said...

FIWrong. Misspelt PESCe, which is little more than a typo, but had a real problem (which a reveal would have prevented) with BUNGALOW. That song title, as well as perps THANK-U and AMSTEL, were unknowns. In fact I had started with kaNGArOo-BILL, and perps only changed it to BiNG-A-rOW-BILL. After I used red letters to flush out BUNGALOW, the theme finally became clear, but without it the other three themers alone left me baffled: COLONIAL, CAPE, RANCH, and KANGAROO/BINGO-ROW? Or TIME, BILL, CHIPS, DRESSING?

{B, B-, B, C.}

Child's birthday party TIME at the eatery;
Ordering just appetizers, was the theory.
The kids ate only CHIPS
But Dad thought the BILL just shy of thievery!

BILL and ONA loved each other with ZEAL!
They planned to ELOPE; into the night steal!
They packed up with GLEE,
And the staff all AGREE,
Their weekly ramble from the Home was surreal!

Gunther Ghost had a face that was ASHEN.
Said, "I can't go and haunt in the mansion!
My SHEET's torn to rags,
Has a PATCH, and it sags!"
The Head Haunt consoled, "Distressed is in fashion!"

There was an old woman, well known as a SAVER
From COLONIAL ceramics to a cavalry saber!
A bunch of WOOL Afghans,
A PASSEL of trash cans --
Her BUNGALOW was closed, except to a pro caver!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I managed to get through this one in one piece (and even sussed out the theme), but there were certainly a lot of head scratchers along the way. Never heard of BUNGALOW BILL, THANKU, PIA, PUF or ETOLL. The last one was the final thing to go into the grid and really had me wondering if I had made a mistake somewhere. But the perps were solid in each case, so everything was cool in the end.

Hungry Mother said...

Pretty smooth, but struggled with THANKU for a while.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Husker, I got 100% on your name-the-home quiz -- didn't recognize a single one. The puzzle turned out to be a quickie. Had I figured out the theme, I wouldn't have stumbled at Salad for RANCH. Didn't recognize CAPE COD CHIPS, but it was inferable.

Extra SPACE: "What's that in the road, a head?"

Speaking of Fresh Kills and similar landfills: Back in the 90's Waste Management discovered they could sink pipes into their landfills, add a few valves and a diesel-driven generator, and voila -- instant methane-fueled power plant. They sold the power back to the grid.

unclefred said...

I guess I'm having a bad CW week. I managed to get 'er done, but it took 40 minutes of brain knots. 29a: DEARPRUDENCE, MARTHAMYDEAR, ROCKYRACCOON all fit. Last to come to mind was BUNGALOWBILL. So that slowed me down a lot. And never sussed the theme, which didn't help. Overall, good CW, thanx, Patricia!! And terrific write-up, thanx, HG!! Owen, C-, B+, B+, A. Thanx for your wit!!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks to Husker Gary for a very creative, informative blog intro.

Pretty much WBS. THANK U came from perps. Sort of knew of a PIA Lindström, but waited on the perps to ratify. Got the theme fill OK but missed the point of it anyway. No harm done. Otherwise, solved without look-ups or erasures.
5d - Alanis Morissette hit - Was flummoxed a little by this one. One of my favorites is Alain Morisod & Sweet people, so the name similarity caused a pause.

Have a great day.

Big Easy said...

E-TOLL I'd heard of but THANK U was all perps. After COLONIAL TIMES and BUNGALOW BILL it was obvious that house styles would be included on the next two theme fills. I had no trouble on this easy Wednesday puzzle with the unknowns easily completed by perps- PIA, DORN, ROSS, A WAC.

Colour-ISE is a fill I just don't get. Buf-PUF- I remember when Riker Labs ( name changed to 3M Pharmaceuticals) introduced it. It was a hot item. PESCI- "What's a grit?"

Unclefred- You left out- 'Why don't we do it in the road?"

Rain- It looks like it might not rain than much today. We were in Panama City two week ago when it started raining and that slow moving system just drifted west, following us. What I can't comprehend are the people who refuse to buy flood insurance because "it has never flooded here before". Well it never flooded at my house before but I've bought it 38 years in a row and will continue to buy it.

Lucina said...

ALOHA! Gary, have you been using a mechanical translator again? Que means what. Esa means that, so "esa OSA tiena tres cachorros."

I enjoyed this, and especially liked seeing ARRAIGNS, COOPERATE, CONSPIRED, and EXHORTED. Even the unknowns THANKU, PUF, and PATCH as it was clued, were easily sussed. I loved SPACE after a comma.

KNOT recalled my days doing macramé. And did I ever make KNOTs! And I remember Michael DORN, especially his deep, resonant voice.

Thank you, Patricia Moran and Gary for getting Wednesday off to a good start.

Have a delightful day, everyone!

Yellowrocks said...

Terrific expo, GARY. It was clever to use the houses of TV shows. I needed three theme answers before I saw the theme. Patricia, thanks for the fun puzzle

My parents greatly disliked Ingrid for deserting her family to marry again. Even when I was young, I wondered how this misdeed was worse than so many other Hollywood peccadilloes.

I knew AMSTEL, PIA, and A WAC. Missing only the BU and having the perp THANK-, BUNGALOW BILL was an easy wag. E TOLL seemed reasonable even though we call it EZ-Pass here.

If it were afternoon we could have a glass of Amstel with our crunchy Cape Cod chips. I like both.

Where is Montana, or has she chimed in under a new name?

xtulmkr said...

Hands up for RockyRaccoon as first try for 29A. Quickly saw it wasn't going to work with the perps. BUNGALOWBILL was the last to fall.

Spent many afternoons with the Cleavers but the Bradys weren't my kind of folks. Also avoided contact with the _itches, whether you insert a W or a B.

SwampCat said...

I raced through this one. Guess my week is still turned upside down! Thanks, Patricia, for some clever clues. Husker , glad you were there to explain the hard parts. Loved the houses but I recognized none of them!

Baton Rouge is beginning to dry out and the rivers are falling so maybe the storm is really over. Now comes the hard part...clean up and recovery.

Hahtoola are you okay?

CanadianEh! said...

A few setbacks today. Thanks for the fun Patricia and HuskerG.

My frugal sort was a Miser before a SAVER. DORN and ROSS were all perps. I had UIE before ZIG. HALOS makes sense for LA Angels but I had not heard it on this side of the continent.

Alanis Morissette is Canadian but it took me some time to remember THANKU.

I noted Colour with the British/Canadian U but we would use IZE not ISE for Colourize so clue is not consistent IMHO. Small nit.

Have a great day.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Patricia Moran, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Lots of hunting and pecking with this puzzle. Slowly filled it in. Only took me a half hour, so that is not so slow.

Liked the theme. Good write-up Husker Gary and photos.

Did not know PIA. Perps.

Ross was unknown. Perps.

HALOS made sense. I do not really watch that team.

Got to run. See you tomorrow.


( )

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Enjoyed this puzzle, Patricia! Thanks, Gary.

I got the house styles theme, but I thought there was a second theme with ARRAIGNED, CONSPIRED. COOPERATE, EXORT, AGREE. Didn't know what to title this but it certainly felt to me like related words. Nice sub-theme?

Didn't know PUF or E-TOLL. Called EZ Pass here also. I don't have one since I don't travel the pike anymore.

While I was trying to remember Marisa Tomei, PESCI perped in.

I've been watching some of the Olympics. Wish I had the concession to provide those popular bright yellow Nikes with pink and orange heels. Nike made a mint off these Olympics with those. My Nikes are produced in Vietnam so the Olympics may have boosted the economy there big time. I may get me a pair of those flashy yellow shoes in hopes they will inspire my feet to move better. Whee!

tawnya said...

Good morning all!

Fun puzzle although I didn't get the theme until I got here, no big deal!

I also ran through every White Album song I could think of before I finally asked DH who threw out Bungalow Bill on his second guess. He also knew AMSTEL without having to think about it. Guess I should ask him more often!

DH brought home a new flavor of Cape Cod chips the other day, Smoke Gouda. They are amazing and I highly recommend them. The bag size is small but well worth it.

Netflix is now streaming Bob ROSS shows so you can all learn to paint. I remember watching him as I was growing up. My doodle birds still look like little m's in the blue sky.

Wishing you all a happy Wednesday!


Tinbeni said...

Husker: Outstanding write-up & links. Good Job!

Patricia: Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle (that I solved in Thursday time).

Faves today, of course, were AMSTEL & STOLI vodka. Go figure ...

Since the 3-d, Traveling convenience, is called E-PASS (here in Florida) I put that in ... and waited for the perps to turn it INTO E-TOLL.

Needed ESP to get Bul-PUT, PIA and ROSS.

It's a beautiful, sunny, 90 degree day here in the Tampa Bay Area.
"Toasts-to-ALL" at Sunset (or when it becomes "5 O'clock Somewhere") will be enjoyed.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

A few unknowns like ThankU, Bungalow Bill, Dorn, Buf Puf, etoll, and patch (as clued) slowed me down a bit, but perps were solid and made for a smooth solve. The theme became evident after Colonial and Bungalow filled in. I, too, love Cape Cod Chips but I guess I'm a fuddy-duddy because I have never tried any of the flavored ones. (Took 4 tries before PIA auto-correct allowed fuddy-duddy!) I remember PIa Lindstrom as a news person on one of the NYC channels, years ago.

Thanks, Patricia, for a mid-week treat and thanks, HG, for your picaresque and picturesque write-up. (I don't really know what a bungalow is supposed to look like, but the other three houses don't fit my idea of their supposed style. Maybe it's a regional thing?)

BTW, I received $15,000,000.00 yesterday from the European lottery and a benevolent bequest from some kind-hearted soul in Benin. Any suggestions how I should spend this windfall? 😈 💷💵💰

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-Ever play golf in 90+% humidity? I just did and the a/c sure feels good. At least the corn loves it and the crops have never looked better!
-I had a sense of the style of for the TV shows and found sites where they were described as I presented them. Roseanne was never in that Indiana home, The family in The Brady Bunch house still get gawkers and the other two are just shells on studio back lots.
-Lucina, thanks for the “catch”. I probably typed WHAT instead of THAT into Google Translate. Plus, in our puzzles here we see ESO/ESA quite a bit, especially with “ESO Beso” for Paul Anka’s That Kiss, so I shoulda/oughta knowed that!
-Irish, Thanks for the learning! For those of you who, like me, don’t know the meaning of “picaresque”

Michael said...

FWIW, I never heard of "E-Toll" ... in the Bay Area it's named "FasTrak".

Brian said...

The T.V. house quiz at the end of the write-up was great fun and I got them all but the Brady's house was a split-level, not a rancher.

Lemonade714 said...

A wonderful write up HG. Your house quiz reminds me that I used to watch way too much TV as I recalled all of them.

I imagine most people who use the word picaresque do not know the meaning of the word and its cousin.


BUNGALOW BILL was not one of the Beatles big hits but it does have Yoko singing a line in the song. Many reacted by saying, O NO!

Nice Cuppa said...



• PASSEL was a completely new word for me. And indeed, it is "chiefly N. Amer.", a corruption of PARCEL, apparently.

• DHOW. I was familiar with this in the sense of an Arabian ship. But as a synonym for BARGE, it is also chiefly N. Amer. So 2 learning moments (this first-generation immigrant studies ASL – American as a second language; since I already have EFL – English as a first language).

• BUNGALOW is a very common British generic term for a single stor[e]y detached house [which may be why many of you had problems recalling the song]. They were very common in my youth, but I read that increasing land prices in the UK have made them less attractive. The word is another Brit. COLONIAL word, this time from the RAJ. It simply means "from BENGAL" or "BENGALI".

• I agree with Can-Eh, and so does my dictionary. Although many Brits (irrationally, as the OED will concur) use the -ISE ending for verbalizing nouns, my dictionary gives COLOURIZE as the Brit. alternate spelling of COLORIZE. COLOURISE is nowhere to be seen, and, having written it, to does look ugly.

• I wasn't keen on 66A, "Get together in secret". ELOPE specifically means "run away together in secret". Presumably, the accurate definition would have made the answer too obvious, but we've had "clever" clues for ELOPE in the recent past.

• I had never heard of SHUTTERFLY - seems to be some on-line photo service. Should the CONSTRUCTOR/COMPILER/SETTER/EDITOR include a statement refuting or admitting to a financial conflict of interest?

desper-otto said...

NC, was your "dhow" actually the SCOW that was in the puzzle? I think you're being to harsh on that "Get together in secret" clue. Get together = get married, and get married in secret = elope. Works for me.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thank you Patricia for the puzzle, and thank you HG, for a great tribute to the puzzle's theme. Got COLONIAL TIMES and RANCH DRESSING right off the bat, and CAPECODCHIPS and BUNGALOWBILL fell right in shortly after.

Recognized the Cleaver's home, but the rest had no clue!

Jayce said...

Interesting puzzle, clever theme. If I had recognized the theme, which I didn't, perhaps BUNGALOW would have been quicker in coming. Didn't even see EPASS and HALOS. Didn't see DORN either, but I would have known it. Lucina, yes, he sure does have a pleasant, resonant voice.
Husker Gary, excellent exposition. Thank you.
I miss Bill G.
Best wishes to you all.

Boo luquette said...

Swampcat my daughter, SIL and 5 yr old granddaughter live on the south side of Baton Rouge not far from Santa Maria golf course. They are high and dry and helping others out.

Here to the south west we had another afternoon of rain almost 2 inches added to the log book. Water is not going down. When I-10 is closed from Crowley to Lake Charles it's bad !!!!

Bill G. said...

I've been enjoying the puzzles and your insightful comments. Thanks to the encouragement from AnonT and Jayce, I thought I would bring you up to date with Barbara's health concerns. (Part of this is cut and pasted from an e-mail to Tony.)

Things are going back and forth from pretty good to not-so-good. They started out robotically with a small laproscopic incision but found that she was bleeding more than is typical due to the veins in that area of her abdomen. So at some point they had to make a bigger incision so that they could control the bleeding better. They took out the bladder, some lymph nodes and pretty much everything else in the vicinity .

She got home from the hospital last Wednesday feeling pretty helpless at first but is getting stronger each day. (We even had pizza recently!) Good news is that she is sleeping longer at night with no need to get up and urinate. The bad news is that she will need chemo starting soon.

She seems to be bearing up OK under all of this; I'm more of a wuss and am pretty stressed out and discombobulated.

I am doing the puzzles each day as a stress reliever but it's hard to get up the enthusiasm to contribute anything to the blog. Maybe I should try harder though. It is nice to have such a good collection of supportive online friends... Thank you all!

Irish Miss said...

Bill G - Thanks for dropping by and bringing us up to date on Barbara's condition. I'm glad she is feeling a little better and hope she continues to improve. Positive thoughts and many prayers are sent your way. We miss you but understand your absence. Please give Barbara my best wishes. 🌺🌻💐🌸🌼🌷🌹🌾

SwampCat said...

Oh, Boo! How awful for you. Are you dry?

We get such bits and pieces of information it's hard to know what's really going on. I know as the water moved south lots of new places were flooded, but our newscasters just say the rivers are "going down". some places, but not others. We had no rain here today for the first time. Hope you'll get that soon!

Keep in touch!

Yellowrocks said...

Bill G. Good to hear from you that Barbara is somewhat better. I wish her continued improvement and better health. I certainly can understand your stress as a caregiver. We miss you, but understand your absence. Please check in form time to time to keep us updated. We care about both of you.

I found 4 dictionaries that list colourize and colourise as alternate spellings of colorize. I also found colourise in several website articles.

I thought the ELOPE clue was clever and cute.

Besides missing Montana, I have been missing Blue Iris for the longest time. I have enjoyed "knowing" both of them. I hope our old friends drop in from time to time just to let us know they are okay. If any of you have heard from either, please let us know.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Hey! A classy pzl today from Ms. Moran, and a well and wittily illustrated exegesis by Husker Gary!
I must say I thought it a DNF around the 3/4 mark, but nevertheless persevered and proved my fear wrong. I had to check my guess as to the proper name to follow BUNGALOW, but otherwise this was all my trusty ol' brain rising to Ms. Moran's challenge. I didn't know there was a theme until I logged on.
I spent several years residing in Williamsburg, and although much of it is admittedly ersatz, I quite enjoyed the slower pace and general appreciation of low-tech living.
We don't see many Anglo-Colonial homes where I now live in SoCal. Like all of my neighbors I reside in Spanish-Colonial, a very different life style indeed.

PK said...

Bill, thank you for the update on Barbara's situation. I'm praying for your continued strength and a return to better health for Barbara.

Yellowrocks said...

I love Colonial Williamsburg. Every year research is making the experience more and more authentic. The lives of slaves and the lower class are now depicted along with high society.
Williamsburg update

Lucina said...

Bill G:
It's good to hear from you and thank you for the update on Barbara's condition. I'm sure that it is all worrisome to you and you will likely have some challenging days ahead. Please know that I'm praying for you both and hope the miracles of modern medicine help Barbara to heal. Do, please, keep us informed on any progress.

All you in the South where flooding is occurring, please stay safe and if you can, let us know how you are faring.

I'm also worried about my family who live near San Bernardino but my sister tells me the fires are still quite far from them.

Steve said...

Fun puzzle!

Nice write-up Gary. The Brady Bunch house is only a few steps away from me. It still looks the same, except for a wall around the front yard.

Pat said...

What a week so far! All three days seem to have been more crunchy than usual. My dead tree versions host many ink blots. But, it's fun and I've enjoyed the challenges! Thank you constructors, and Argyle and HG!

Bill G, thanks for the update on Barbara. Hopefully she will continue to improve with no set-backs.

Blue Hen, how are you doing?

I wish Mother Nature would share rainfall evenly across the world. We have had our fair share over the past several days. As it drains into the Ohio River, then into the Mississippi River, as it goes down to the Gulf, I hope it doesn't cause more flooding for those areas already hard hit.

My daughter brought her Doberman here this morning so she can take a vacation. We have deer in our back yard quite often and my 26 lb. dog doesn't scare them in the least. Well, the Dobie chimed in this afternoon and they high-tailed it out of here! Maybe they'll stay away for a few days!

A pleasant Wednesday to all of you.


Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

THANKU Patricia for a hosting a fun pzl at your HOUSE. Thanks HG for the writeup and quiz - got 25% right (Leave it to Beaver).

Big troubles going INTO the corners - misER (hi C, Eh!; hand up for IZE too!) b/f SAVER, coffeE (oops) b/f LATTE. Going to the SW, 60d was UIE (how many ways have we seen it?) and that provided little ZEAL to the GLEE.

My biggest hangup, however, was hearing Buffalo BILL in my head - Finally the theme came to the rescue [and I discovered there's a G in 6d... Whaaaa?!? Yesterday it was an H in WET... Arrrrg!]

Fav: c/a for ELOPE

{B, B+, B+, B}

TxMs - I finally finished Kelly's Heroes last night. Fun. O'Conner's scenes near the end were LOL to this soldier. Thanks.

Bill G. Good to see you back.

Steve - I now have you geolocated ;-)

Cajun cousins - WEES, please keep us up to date 'cuz TV 'news;' it ain't!

//Rant: I keep turning on the news to see how y'all are doing (same w/ fires in CA) but TV news is just talking heads LEAPing to discuss yet another AD-HOC ad-hominem FLAP from the presidential PATCH. Other LANDs have it right, 6 weeks of campaigning and no more. PACE yourself TV (and us) //rant

Here's a classic with SPACE and DORN.

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

FIW'd twice!
(that's what I get for using ink on dead trees...)

60d sharp turn = zip, making 67a delight = Plee?
(forgot to look back...)

22d cry softly, I had weep, but it wouldn't work.
So I fixed it with Lorna & times & ended up with meel?
(why oh why did I not recheck the spelling of Bungaloe Bill?)

Why is there no such word as colorise?

10a trash transport = scow was a no brainer.
it was burned into my brain by this Star Trek episode years ago.

I loved jagged little pill, did not recognize "ThankU' as an Alanis Morissette song.
So i looked it up on YouTube.
Intrigued, I had to look up the Wiki to find out why she did the entire video naked...

Colonial times were a bummer man...

I found this pic under Bungalow?

Tawnya, thank you for posting the smoked Gouda cape cod chips link!
I just recently tasted smoked Gouda, & that link has me drooling!

I think ranch dressing is overrated.
Give me Blue Cheese, or creamy Italian garlic any day...

Bill G. Our thoughts are with you.

Misty said...

Well, I posted earlier today, but when I got ready to click on my message it wouldn't let me send it. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I had to work hard on this puzzle, but what a delight! Many thanks, Patricia! And your expo with all those great pics and the house game was one of the best ever, Husker Gary. But my total favorite were those athletic little Corgis!

Bill G, what a very difficult time you and Barbara are enduring these days. I'll be thinking of you and sending healing thoughts.

Have a great evening, everybody!

TX Ms said...

Anon-T - Before I "rent" (I'm no techie as y'all know) Kelly's Heroes, please confirm Sutherland's mantra re "negative waves, man" did appear in that movie. Been 40 years since I saw it, and I can still visualize him saying that through smoke of some kind, the uber-laid-back dude -if it was in fact that movie.

You got my vote, albeit "electorally" (i.e., no vote) for other LANDs have it right, 6 weeks of campaigning and no more. !!! And D-O, you, and I should be thankful that we don't live in the swing states. Oops, sorry, I violated the Corner's policy of no politics.

Dan Couric said...

Amen to the lack of coverage for our flood victims down south. Friends tell me its worse than anything they have ever seen. On a related note, I wonder how barry's putter was working today?

MJ said...

Bill G.--My thoughts and prayers are with you, Barbara, and your family in these challenging days. Thank you for the update.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised this write up didn't get more praise. I thought it very creative. Good for you hg!

Anonymous T said...

TX MS: Yeah, Southerland w/ "no negative waves man." That's the one and, for me, kept the movie rolling.

Anon@10:29p - In a way, your right. We get so used to HG's in-depth expos that sometimes we forget to heap the praise deserved. As alway, HG, good show. Cheers, -Tony

Anonymous T said...

TX MS - If you just want the "wave's" scenes I found 'em here and saved you a rental and 2h23 :-)

CED - I missed your post. Sure looks like we were on the same Trek wave, man.

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

CED: Your treehouse photo made me wonder,
How is a cottage like a radioactive moon?

The Star Trek SCOW came to my mind, too, followed by this SCOW.

One is a bungalow, and the other is a bun aglow!

Picard said...

Hand up for thinking of Star Trek "The Trouble With Tribbles" with regard to SCOW! It is the only time I have ever heard that word used!

Filled in the puzzle 100% correct and never managed to catch the theme!

Wilbur Charles said...

I finished yesterday but I've been catching up, including sun 8/7, which was a Bear. I'd done 8/14 and finally found my previous Sun paper. So, I knew the Raven had already found Prince valiant.

Actually I just finished Thur, ironically the easiest of the week.

Jerome, if you're out there, keep posting and don't let THEM get to you.

Splynter, the baseball chapter of t12&12 is seven. However, the author calls a balk in BB HiWks

Ok. I'll head over to Thur blog. Kudos and prayers as applicable