Aug 31, 2016

Wednesday August 31, 2016 Roland Huget

Theme: INTERMEDIATE CAR (55A. Type of auto found in the three other longest puzzle answers) - SEDAN is hidden inside each theme answer.

1A. Buried the hatchet : KISSED AND MADE UP

25A. Got on everyone's nerves : CAUSED A NUISANCE
42A. Showed disapproval : RAISED AN EYEBROW. Hiding "SEDAN" in the answers got me fooled.  Intermediate car sounds like a rental.  I prefer full size.

Boomer here.

Bowling season has begun.  We used to wait until after Labor Day but not anymore.  The Minnesota State Fair is also in full swing with a bridge club theme this year.  NoTrump.

Boomer with Mini Donuts, State Fair, August 30, 2016

1. Pervasive clown : BOZO. Most clowns not named Emmett Kelly or Ronald McDonald are named BOZO.  Just like most butlers are named Jeeves.

5. You, in Peru : USTED.  Never heard this word.  Put an "H" in front of it and you have Pro Bowler Dave.

10. ABC drama about plane crash survivors : LOST.  There's a new film coming out directed by Clint Eastwood "Sully" where the plane landed in the Hudson and all were saved.

14. Footnote notation : IDEM.  Another curve ball clue that I missed

15. Nary a soul : NO ONE

16. Stuff in a dump : AMMO.  I first thought of TRASH but that was too many letters

20. Leafy Tolkien creature : ENT. My spellcheck is underlining in red.

21. Boomers' kids : XERS. Ditto - It would be nice to have real words

22. Round gaskets : O-RINGS.  If the O stood for onions - taste buds watering.

23. Steely Dan album pronounced like a continent : AJA - Dan is not of my generation.

24. Move with effort : PLOD

33. Let in or let on : ADMIT

34. Man with a code : MORSE ... ._ __ .._ . ._..

35. Prohibit : BAN

36. They may be black or green : TEAS

37. __ Waldo Emerson : RALPH. My father and one Grandfather were named Ralph.  However when "The Honeymooners" became popular on TV, people stopped naming their sons Ralph.  "Bang Zoom - to the Moon".

38. Ask for proof of age : CARD. If you did not understand my comment on 37A, you may need to show your card to buy smokes or booze.

39. Street in "Freddy vs. Jason" : ELM O, tickle me.

40. __ colony : PENAL

41. With "en," hot, in sports slang : FUEGO. Another spellcheck red line.
45. Western tribe : UTES.  Mostly found in Utah

46. Remote cells : AAS.  Got me again ???

47. Evening get-together : SOIREE.  Not sure about the get-together, I thought this was a battle.  Like between the Cubs and the Mets.

50. Venus de Milo knockoffs? : ARMS.  Never did like that statue.

52. Stat for Chris Sale : ERA.  Complete game loss last start.

58. Fine spray : MIST

59. Meathead's '70s TV mother-in-law : EDITH.  Jean Stapleton  -  great!  Carroll O'C0nnor - So so.

60. Scintilla : WHIT

61. Bump on a lid : STYE. I thought this was an eye problem.

62. Tony of "Who's the Boss?" : DANZA

63. Seemingly forever : EONS.  How long it took me to solve this puzzle.


1. Kid's wheels : BIKE. Schwinns were the best - and most $$$$

2. Ruler of the Valkyries : ODIN. Who the heck were the Valkyries.  Biker dudes??

3. Get-up-and-go : ZEST. Get up and go get some soap

4. Mantra sounds : OMS

5. Like zombies : UNDEAD. Never liked this term

6. Rise dramatically : SOAR

7. Oodles : TONS.  Exactly what is an OODLE?  Can you just have one of them ?

8. Word with tight or loose : END. Tight end is a football player,  Loose end is a defensive end who took PEDs.

9. Reduce to rubble : DEMOLISH. How a drunk pronounces "Demolic.

10. Pretentious : LA- DI- DA

11. Writing on the wall, so to speak : OMEN. An OMEN is a Twilight Zone happening or occurrence.  I have never seen one written on a wall.

12. Complacent : SMUG

13. Bikini parts : TOPS

18. Joe Namath, notably : EX-JET Also Brett Favre qualifies.

19. Came up : AROSE. A rose by any other name still smells the same.

23. Without warranty : AS IS. Do not buy it.  There must be something wrong.

24. Flowery, as prose : PURPLE.  Prince's Rain, Also Minnesota Viking's color.

25. Provide fare for an affair : CATER - I remember one of Buddy Hackett's routines about confession.  "Rabbi I had an affair." "Really?  how many people, Who catered it?"

26. "A Passage to India" heroine : ADELA

27. Savory taste : UMAMI.  Another low and outside clue and word.

28. Some refrigerators : AMANAS.  I believe Amana appliances come from Iowa.  And you thought all Iowa had were pigs and corn.  Shame on you.

29. "Interstellar" director Christopher : NOLAN.  I prefer 7 no hitters  ___  Ryan.

30. Mav or Cav : NBAer

31. Things in a hold : CARGO.  John Cena had too many letters

32. Fund, as an academic chair : ENDOW

37. Got money for : REDEEMED. Never got money,  Redeemed S & H Green Stamps for Stuff.

38. Team that hasn't won a World Series since 1908 : CUBS - Well some blame Steve Bartman for catching a foul ball.  But give credit to the old man and the goat in 1945.

40. Fizzle (out) : PETER

41. Elaborate spread : FEAST.  On a good old fashioned Norwegian Smorgasbord.

43. French police force : SURETE. Never heard of it.

44. Steinway competitor : YAMAHA.  Also maker of Motorbikes if it's the same company.

47. Virtual citizens in a video game : SIMS

48. Doing the job : ON IT

49. Teeny : ITSY.  Yeah I know - Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie yellow polka dot bikini.

50. Deuce follower, in tennis : AD IN.  I believe that the tennis scoring system was created by five drunk hockey players in a revolving door.

51. Cracker brand : RITZ.  My favorites - add peanut butter.

52. Chamber effect : ECHO.  I prefer Swiss yodel effect effect effect.

53. Drops from above : RAIN -  Prince's Purple stuff, see above.

54. Part of MFA : ARTS

56. Writer LeShan : EDA

57. Farm female : EWE


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Roland and Boomer!

Didn't know ADELA. CUBS also perped. Otherwise OK.

NYT was faster today. (Whew!)

Have a good day!

OwenKL said...

No difficulty with the puzzle, and managed to avoid the reveal long enough to spot the inclusions on my own! I was expecting the reveal would be something about a garage.
ODIN was ruler of the Valkyries only in that he was the high king of the gods.

Boomer, particularly good LOLs at state fair & adin comments!

{B, B-, B-, B.}

Daniel Boone was a wily frontiersman
Drove thru the woods in a forest-green SEDAN!
Kept his gun filled with AMMO,
In case of animal,
But the animals knew to run when they see Dan!

Planting is hard, few people know how.
But once seeded, nature will ENDOW
Each ITSY stalk
To grow, not balk.
Then pluck, that's how we RAISED AN EYEBROW!

There once was a circle, like the rim of a cup,
In love with a line, like a thin-lips closeup.
Being separate made them down,
Till an intersection was found,
And there at the tangent, they KISSED, AND MADE UP!

I hope that no poem of mine CAUSED A NUISANCE,
Because of something I wrote with imprudence.
My facts may be off,
Even sometimes quite LOST,
But I trust that with practice, there's been an improvement!

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Started out as a speed run, but then got progressively slower as I worked my way down the grid. Theme was a total bust for me, since I've never heard of a INTERMEDIATE CAR before in my life. ADELA and SURETE were all perps, and it took awhile to remember UMAMI.

Jerome said...

C.C.- I really hope you don't have to hear Boomer's puns all day long.

Since many of us are 65 or older, I'm sure we all have a MEDICARE RATE NIT

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. I agree that an INTERMEDIATE CAR sounds more like a rental than a family car, but as soon as I read the unifying clue, I easily saw the SEDAN in the other clues.

Venus de Milo knockoffs = ARMS was my absolute favorite clue of this puzzle.

I confidently wrote in LIP for words that go with Tight or Loose. Alas, that word didn't work with the across answers.

Yesterday was the first day without rain since the flood. Yeah!

QOD: The future is keeping you out of the present time. ~ Van Morrison (b. Aug. 31, 1945)

Hungry Mother said...

It didn't take long, but seemed as if I were PLODding along. On my many visits to France, I always thought I was looking at "securete".

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Well done, Boomer! Enjoyed the ride -- and I saw what you did there with Samuel. I wasn't aware that "Ralph" became less popular due to the Ralph Kramden character. "Adolph" also fell out of favor for some reason.

The AMANA colonies are right on I-80, and their restaurants featured some great family-style dining. When I lived in Cedar Rapids we would drive down for dinner quite often.

YAMAHA is quite the manufacturer. In addition to pianos and motorcycles they also make audio equipment and outboard motors. (And why is an outboard always called a motor when it's really an engine?)

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Roland Huget, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Lot of tough stuff today, but I got through it easily with perps and a few wags.

Easily got KISSED AND MADE UP. Had a K and an S. The other long ones were quite easy as well. That is what saved my bacon.

EX JET gave me AJA.

All in the Family and The Honeymooners are a couple of my all time favorite shows. Therefore, EDITH was easy.

SURETE was unknown. Perps. As was UMAMI.

Have to run. See you tomorrow.


( )

unclefred said...

Well, I couldn't get anything going at all with this CW, a total DNF. Couldn't even cheat my way to a fill. You got me good, Roland. I did like the PRETENTIOUS: LADIDA clue. Great write up, Boomer, thanx. Owen, D, C, B+, B+.

Ptolemy Monde said...

Thank you Boomer, for an absolutely funny, hilarious, side splitting, ear to ear grinning blog. I learnt nothing more than what I already knew, but who cares. I had the most fun (grammar ?) in many, many months. Your wise cracks were 3 times more enjoyable than the puzzle itself.

You really should blog more often. If - you can keep coming up with those one liners fast enough. Henny Youngman might just pop up from his grave.

And a puzzle, that had 'Boomer', as a clue, which made me think of you.

Your honesty, when you couldn't come up with the answer, is so refreshing. It was like listening to a buddy, not some third person savant.

Have a great time at the fair, and hope you get a 6 no trump hand, for a grand slam.

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Excellent, informative write-up. Good luck with the new bowling season.

Roland: Thank You for a FUN Wednesday puzzle.

CSO to Moi with 53-d, RAIN ... Tropical Depression # 9 is about 450 miles West, but the "outer-bans" are making the local ducks very happy.
geez, we have been hearing about this "Storm-System" for ... no B/S ... 14 days.
1st as "Invest 99-L" ... and NOW as "Tropical Depression # 9" ...
It has not yet become a "Named Tropical Storm." ...
And everyone is "talking-about-the-weather" ... but nobody is doing anything about it. LOL

Will have to "take-it-on-faith" that there will be a "Sunset" later today.
But "Toasting Y'all" will start as soon as that Sun gets "Over-the-Yardarm."

Madame Defarge said...

Thanks, Roland for a fine puzzle. I did see the theme early enough to offer me some help. Favorite clue: Venus de Milo knockoffs! Ah, ha! The CUBS. . . . The long haul since 1908: they often PETER out by June 1. What's that ECHO? "Wait until next year?" Is it finally next year?!?!

Thanks, Boomer, for the tour. Mini donuts have fewer calories. Tee Hee. ;>)

Have a good day, everyone.

Ptolemy Monde said...

Thanks to Desperotto,

The morse code after the answer, MORSE, in Boomer's blog, is

dot dot dot (space) dot dash (space) dash dash (space) dot dot dash (space) dot (space) dot dash dot dot

If you put thia into the Google Morse code translator, it comes out as - S A M U E L.

At the risk of being Mr. Obvious-man, I have delineated the above, only, because many of us, not being familiar with morse code, will make mistakes, between spaces between dots/dashes and spaces between letters. I know I did. Hope this helps.

'What hath God wrought'.

MJ said...

Good morning to all!

With UMAMI, FUEGO, and SURETE, I thought to myself, "This is Wednesday, right?" But the perps said they were all right, and the "tada" came through. Cute clue "Venus de Milo knockoffs?' for ARMS.

Fabulous expo, Boomer! Thanks for the morning chuckles.

Enjoy the day!

Yellowrocks said...

Funny, funny blog. I was surprised that this was not a walk in the park for me on a Wednesday, but I got it all eventually. One of my hang ups was BRAS for TOPS I also had trouble with NBAER. Yucky!
I worked from the bottom up, so I realized early on that SEDAN was in each theme answer.
I have always driven a small car. When buying my present car I wanted to upgrade to an intermediate one, but I don't have room in my garage. Having no attic or basement in my condo, I have filled much of my garage with shelving.
I tried to read "A Passage to India," but gave up after reading about 1/3 of it.
I REDEEM many coupons for cents off in the supermarket.
¿Como esta usted?(How are you?)was one of the first phrases we learned in Spanish class.
Although UMAMI has been recognized for a long time as one of the five basic tastes (umami or savoriness, sweetness, sourness, bitterness, and saltiness,) it only recently has been mentioned very much. In school I learned only the other four. Those four do not cover the taste of tomatoes, meats, mushrooms, etc.
To me a SOIREE is a posh evening party not an informal beer and pizza evening. The beer and pizza sounds like more fun.

Anonymous said...

-... --- --- -- . .-. / -.-- --- ..- / -.. .- / -- .- -. /


Big Easy said...

Who wrote this up? It states "Boomer here" but is states 'Posted by C.C.' at 3:30am. Either way, nice going.

I never noticed the SEDAN today and had a few bumps before finishing. Had to change NY JET to EX JET, BRA to TOP, AGES to EONS. ADELA, UMAMI, SURETE, FUEGO are not words that I am familiar with and were solved by perps. XERS, YERS, MILLENNIALS: who cares? They are just younger than me.

O-RING- is there any other form of gasket called 'ring'. Reminds me of the 'Perfect Circle' cylinder rings. By definition a cylinder is already 'perfect'.

I know many BOZOs who think they are clowns. Every place seems to CARD us now because of the fines associated with selling to underage drinkers. I know none of you were guilty of that in the past. I just pull out my Medicare card along with my driver's license. And my wife calls me a BOZO for doing that.

Barry- you probably don't rent cars because what the rental agencies define as INTERMEDIATE I consider COMPACT. They try to get you to change once you try to get your luggage in an see it's pretty cramped.

kazie said...

I found this to be a real SLOG, which I had before PLOD. Lately I have trouble remembering any names: places or people. So with so many sports and other unknown name references today I thought it was a lost cause until I got a foothold in the south and worked my way back upwards.

Boomer did a great job, BTW.

Sureté even took me a while, until a few perps and a change from OTOE to UTES jogged my memory. Probably it's more familiar to Maigret fans than to frequent travelers to France.

kazie said...

Big Easy,
Boomer and C.C. are married.

oc4beach said...

Thanks to Roland and Boomer for a great Wednesday puzzle and write up. A lot of thought went into the puzzle and the expo. I filled it all in without a lot of trouble today. However, I didn't see the theme until the expo.

Just a couple of hitches. It took me awhile to figure out that the Remote Cells were AA batteries for a remote control. I have a lot of different single use and rechargeable batteries for all of the electronic devices and flashlights that I have. This includes AAAAs, AAAs, AAs, C cells, D cells, CR123s, 18650s, 26650s, etc., plus many of the button cells for watches and other small devices. So I should have figured it out right away.

FUEGO is a new one to me and for some reason I always have trouble with IDEM because I want to put in IBID.

I still get CARDed at Wegmans in PA when buying beer. They say the law is the law and they have to card everyone. Remember when we tried to get away without being carded in our UTE.

Have a great on everyone.

Husker Gary said...

Like others, OTOS became UTES, two French words and UMAMI AND ADELA filled themselves and I was gold. 3 grid-spanners for fill and one for a reveal impressed me and it’s always fun to read Boomer!

-KISSED AND MADE UP? Donald and Hillary in November? Yeah, right.
-BECAME A NUISANCE seemed more correct than CAUSED but who cares
-You’ve never heard of BOZO? (:50)
-Oh the time I wasted learning about FOOTNOTES…
-The BAN on alcohol made a lot of bad people LOTS of money. Ya can’t legislate morality!
-My wife’s twin sister works at a grocery store where anyone buying liquor must show an ID CARD. A wealthy seventy-year-old woman went right to the manager to complain.
-The brutal PENAL Colony of Saint Laurent du Maroni was the basis for this movie
-All In The Family was a landmark show unlike today’s shows about the UNDEAD
-These can be beautiful as they SOAR, but are illegal in places
-OMEN - The words of the prophet are written on the subway walls and tenement halls
-A degree in FINE ARTS is on this list

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Thanks Boomer for starting off the day.

Got the theme spanners without difficulty. Filled in SEDAN @ CAUSED A NUISANCE to get the front end. Perps helped with UMAMI and ADELA. Held off on EWE to make sure it wasn't cow or hen. Liked the cluing for AAS.
Agree with Boomer on XERS comment.
FUEGO - Have not heard it used but it was sussable from the perps. At least SURETE came easily.

Bill said...

Re: "Motor" vs "Engine". Do you suppose the Ford Motor Company and General Motors named their companies incorrectly? People used to go "motoring", and I most of them were gasoline-propelled. Also, the term "motorsports" implies the use of "motors". Don't most cars use motor oil? I've paid many a "motor vehicle tax".

So, I don't buy the argument that an internal combustion "engine" should not be called a "motor". Your mileage may vary. :)

billocohoes said...

INTERMDEDIATEs began in the '60s, (Chevelle Malibu, Fairlane, Coronet) between the full-size (Impala, Galaxy, Polara) and compacts (Nova, Falcon, Dart). SEDAN is a style and could be found in all sizes.

Peter Sellers' (and Steve Martin's) Inspector Jacques Clouseau worked for the SURETE

SOIREE is specifically an evening affair

Spitzboov said...

Re Motor - And why is Google called a search engine and not a search motor when it is really a collection of computer algorithms? (Forgive my laic naïvity.) Why are some train engineers called motormen? And why are some yakkers who RUNON (not anybody here fortunately) called motor mouths and not engine mouths?. I think that it is in the language.
Now, on a destroyer, the space where steam is converted to mechanical energy is called the Engine Room. The space where steam is generated in boilers is called the Fire Room. No motor stuff there.

Sailor said...

It helped TONS to be familiar with just a WHIT of Spanish, Frawnche and Japanese. But fans of the Pink Panther or Chief Inspector Gamache will surely recognize SURETE.

Boomer, your comment on SOIREE cracked me up! I realized that I have, in fact, heard baseball announcers refer to an evening game as a SOIREE. Until recently, of course, the Cubs haven't exactly been well-known for putting up much of a battle.

Yellowrocks said...

Billo... please don't forget the posh part of soiree. From,
"A soiree is an elegant evening gathering, usually at someone's home. The jeans and t-shirt you wear to a regular party won't cut it — a soiree requires far fancier attire."
As I said above it is not an evening beer and pizza bash.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a fun solve with some bite, for sure, but quite doable. Only w/o's were bras/tops and peas/teas. Needed the reveal to catch the theme but, as I've often said, that's part of the enjoyment of doing puzzles, that AHA moment.

Thanks, Roland, for a mid-week treat and thanks, Boomer, for a witty, wise, and wonderful write-up. Good luck on your bowling endeavors and don't be such a stranger to the Corner.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

You have not only a SEDAN in 25A but also a USED car.

Jayce said...

Cool puzzle, nifty theme. I've always seen cars categorized as compact, mid-size(d), and large, but INTERMEDIATE works for me. Hand up for having to change IBID to IDEM, and my other hand up for loving the "knock off" clue.

Boomer, thank you for your witty write-up.

Best wishes to you all.

AnonymousPVX said...

"Sedan" is not just an intermediate car, there are compact sedans, Toyota Corolla, and large sedans, Cadillac CT6, subcompact sedans, etc.

So this is a poor clue or whatever you want to call it.

Also, Carroll O'Connor did a tremendous job as Archie Bunker, whether you care for the character or not.

Finally, there is no "Dan" in Steely Dan, it's the name of the group/duo, whatever. And how do you not even know of them?

The puzzle itself, kind of a breezy solve, perfect for Wednesday.

Jerome said...

After a bit of research I learned absolutely nothing about the difference between a motor and an engine. For all practical purposes most well respected dictionaries don't define them as different. The two are certainly interchangeable in almost all the ways we name machines that produce power to move something. Well, most of the time. It's a bit like boat/ship. I'm guessing a sailor wouldn't call an aircraft carrier a boat... but it is, because a boat is broadly defined as watercraft.

Did learn two interesting, things, however. The gin of cotton gin is short for engine, and engine is from the Latin for ingenious.

SwampCat said...

Wonderful Wednesday! Crunchy puzzle and witty expo. Thanks, Roland and Boomer.

Tin, I am informed that depression #9 is now Tropical storm Hermine. How on earth do you pronounce that? Even my auto correct doesn't like it. I guess we'll all be educated by the time it passes. Stay dry.

Owen, I liked them all, number four best of all.

SwampCat said...

I'm sure the experts here can expound on this better than I, but I have always understood that a boat is a stand alone vessel. A ship can carry other vessels. Even airborne vessels like planes. So an Aircraft Carrier is a ship, not a boat. Spitzboov, help me out here!

Kazie, I agree Maigret fans...or Pink Panther fans, too...would know Surete. What fun to see it in a puzzle.

Anonymous said...

No one has been named Archie (or Archibald) since All in the Family came on the air.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Managed to get letters in all the squares, but this time WAGs let me down. I had TIES instead of TEAS, and IDED instead of IDEM. Unknowns were IDEM, ADELA and UMAMI.

I'm really glad that no one suggested cluing "Anthony's favorite pose (with out)" for PETER.

I liked this puzzle, even though it was beyond my skill level.

Misty said...

Delightful Wednesday puzzle--many thanks, Roland! It helped that I got KISSED AND MADE UP right away, and by the time I got to the reveal, I could already see all the SEDANs in the theme answers. I also liked the literary references to Emerson and "Passage to India." My only single-letter problem was that I didn't get the J in AJA crossing EX-Jet. Still don't know my sports well enough, even though I got NBA er this morning. Anyway, lots of fun, and loved your write-up, Boomer!

We used to have a restaurant in Laguna called UMAMI, but I never knew it referred to a taste.

I don't suppose MIST was a shout-out to me.

Have a great day, everybody!

CrossEyedDave said...

A sedan can also be a chair...

Tinbeni said...

Jerome @1:37
OK, I will admit I detest the Gin made from cotton.

I prefer the Gin liquor predominantly flavored from Juniper Berries.

Swamp Cat @1:52
Now that it is Tropical Storm Hermine ... all I can say is that it has been raining, non-stop, since 4:00 am this morning ... and is forecast to continue for the next 24 to 36 hours.
(Just glad it is not at the rate Hahtoolah had to endure ... probably only 6 to 8 inches).

And "this is Florida" ... the ground is very porous. No "long-standing" flooding.

Time for the 1st Toast.

Bill G. said...

I went to a local Farmers' Market to get my weekly supply of tomatoes that taste and smell like tomatoes. On the way home, I thought about lunch and stopped at a local beach-area eatery overlooking the ocean. I had two carnitas tacos with black beans, rice, pico de gallo and an Arnold Palmer. I'm sated.

Spitzboov said...

SwampCat - You are right. Aircraft carriers are ships. Only feather merchants call them boats. The only ships I know of called boats by their crews are submarines. Even Jerome knows that his forbears called their pidling little SEAGOING VESSELS that explored the ends of the Earth - Viking ships. I never heard of a Viking boat.

Yellowrocks said...

Boats or ships? Motors or engines? Are we being too esoteric? Crosswords are not that esoteric. Viva the vernacular which is far more accepting!

Jerome said...

The Vikings and their "...piddling little SEAGOING VESSELS..." Hah! This is war, Spitz!!! I'll have you know, if you and your carrier crew saw my crew rowing your way you guys would jump overboard and swim for your lives!

Piddling little vessels. Wait until I tell the berserkers!

SwampCat said...

Oh goodie goodie! A war! And between 850 feet of aircraft carrier and a Jerome, I do believe you have the advantage. I'll hold both your coats.

Yellowrocks said...

Here was my first thought on reading VALKYRIES. I expected to see Wagner's Ride of the Valkyries linked. So here it is.

My first acquaintance with VALKYRIES was through Wagner's music. For more about them please read this.

Somebody's Gotta Do It said...

Ride of the Valkyries? This scene comes up first:


Anonymous said...

Yes! Score one for the good guys. They'd swat that "vessel" like it was a "gnat". Hee hee hee

Jayce said...

Bill G, that sounds delicious. You must have been pretty hungry. How's Barbara?

SwampCat said...

Anon @ 5:57 I have no idea what you are taking about.

If you are joining the conversation about boats/ships, please know that modern or semi-modern aircraft carriers, and all our modern warships, with their superior tonnage, size, manpower etc. have nothing on ancient Viking ships and their stalwart crews who, in 50 foot BOATS, traveling at 5 knots, explored the whole known world and discovered new continents on sheer will power alone. (Some would say chutzpah. Some would use less proper words). No, they were not as sophisticated as our modern warships. But I'll defend them against all comers!

Oh, I'm getting much too serious! It was more fun before.

Irish Miss said...

OwenKl - Someone is still sending spam using your email address.

Swamp Cat @ 1:52 - Our weatherman pronounced it Her-mine. I thought he was mispronouncing Hermione, as in Gingold until I saw the spelling.

Stay dry, Tin, at least on the outside! 😈

Jerome said...

SwampCat- Your honorary name is now Magnus Olaf.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Hand up for thinking it a SLOG (Hi Kazie! - hand up). I was LOST until I relaxed and hummed-out a few OMS.

Boomer - Are your puns & quips responsible for C.C.'s prolificacy [hey, look, no red-underlines!]? Great expo and thanks for kicking-off the SOIREE! Fun puzzle too Roland; thanks [I too was looking for mid-sized something...]

WOs: This BOZO entered eMANI, FUErO, SLOG, and atIT@48d.

Cheats: I had to lookup how to spell SOIREE.

UN-fav: STYE. Today I found out I have Ommetaphobia* while getting my STYE lanced. I knew I couldn't do eye-drops well; I don't understand contacts users; and when the needle was moving in, I was freaking out! I'm sure the nurses are at the bar shaking their heads/laughing at me now.

Fav: ARMS @50a.

{B-, B, A, A}

Glad to hear it's drying up Hatoolah! IM - LOL Tin being dry on the outside!

YR - I knew ADELA. A Passage to India was part of DW's dissertation which I heard like 100x :-)

Jerome - thanks for the research and info.

Jinx - LOL re: PETER; PtolemyM@8:45 - funny "sign-off".

Misty - I hereby claim 58a as your CSO!

Boomer - how 'bout Puttin' this on your RITZ. <- Gratuitous Wilder link

Jerome - Did you convince your Father you could Berzerk? ;-)

Cheers, -T
*Yes, I just looked that up. My response at the Dr's office was not rational; shaking, sweating, three nurses holding me down trying to cajole me as the needle moved in...

SwampCat said...

Jerome, I am indeed honored!

Irish miss, thanks for the pronunciation. I thought of Gingold also. But I do know they run out of names. So Her-mine it is.

Tin...we are all thinking of you. Yes, do wet your whistle!

CrossEyedDave said...

Not sure if this is going to work from my cell phone, but I just wanted to add my two cents to this boat/ship/Valkyrie controversy...

scuffy the tugboat...

Anonymous said...

Swampcat, your post at 652p reminds of that scene from Raiders Of The Lost Ark! You know the one, right? My post was an inside joke that many here are probably aware of.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! I'm so late, I almost skipped the blog entirely. Glad I didn't miss Boomer's chuckle-worthy event. C.C. is fortunate to have a husband with a good sense of humor.

The puzzle was fun too. I did it so long ago now I can hardly remember what it had in it. I did get SEDAN which showed so prominently it almost ran over you. But I needed the reveal to see it. (Liked the theme clues.) A SEDAN had four doors. If there were only two doors it was classed a coupe or at least it was when I kept books for two different dealerships. Have no idea what anything is called now. Things change so fast.

Everyone along the coasts seems to need a boat of some kind moored to the back door. The storm gods seem especially angry this year.

Anonymous T said...

I'll share Pradeep's joke in the paper today...

When a certain EE went on vacation, he'd hang a sign on his lab door... "Haning' w/ my ohmies."

C, -T

Anonymous T said...

Anon @8:23 - I ADMIT I thought you were referencing Swamps @6:52 of your @5:57 were indeed these Raiders . Something completely different to WHIT :-) -T

Bill G. said...

AnonT, good joke but not as good as "without a tres." :>)

Anonymous T said...

Jerome - Staying up late paid off.. I just got a few pix of the bloomin' cactus! -T

Wilbur Charles said...

We'll, I finished smoothly yesterday but as usual never got in here. A-now clip, nauseating by very real.

I thought they'd named the RAIN Hermione too(autocorrect liked it)

Tin, I drove over the Skyway bridge twice yesterday, talk about deluges.

Not only can I not remember proper names, I can't remember what I was going to say in the blog.

Oh yeah. Who was the clown that CAUSEDANUISANCE in a movie theater?

It appears my TB times subscription has run out, so I'll be late getting here again

Liked the Boomer write-up and Owen's ditties

This one's going out into the ETHER

Northwest Runner said...

Alas, I am not buying it on a lot of this one. Yesterday was hectic, so I just now got to it. I will take Xers has valid fill, but the clue is a bit off. Baby boomers and Generation X are adjacent demographics by age, so boomer's younger siblings would be more appropriate. Never heard of "en fuego" in any of my sports viewings. And these days bikes are for folks of all ages. Ladida seems like a variant spelling. But I enjoyed learning surete as a new word.