Aug 26, 2016

Friday, August 26, 2016, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Oh U! Where did U go now?

Rich really is making my life easy with JW and Bruce dominating the Friday landscape. They have many stylistic similarities which makes sussing the theme easy. The first themer jumped out at me, I saw the gimmick of removing the letter "U" to create a new fill with a witty clue. JW has put together a consistent theme with each two word fill having a second word which is a five letters with the "U" in the middle that is removed (missing). That took extra effort. We on the other hand  get a bonus Friday reveal. We have lots of foreign languages, multi-word fill and Friday trickery. All in all, a good time. We have some very sparkly fill: CARHOPS, AREOLAE, A TAD OFF, ARM BONE, BEVELED, BOASTED, CASUAL SMILE and GET A SHOT OFF. (Were you put off by the two offs?)

17A. Fishing spot for vacationing Londoners? : BRITISH POUND (11). What is the difference between a Pond and a Lake?

20A. Legwear for air travelers? : BOARDING HOUSE (12). Like this imagery...Splynter, ok?

54A. 007 returning from assignment? : HOMEWARD BOUND (12). Bond, James Bond.

60A. Vacant look? : STERILE GAUZE (11). A very Sterile clue.

And the centrally placed grid-spanning reveal...
39A. Retirement party remark ... or a homophonic hint to four long Across answers : YOU WILL BE MISSED (15).


1. Sonic employees : CARHOPS.

8. Shrinking section at Barnes & Noble : CDS. I have not bought one in years.

11. Bit of wit : GAG. Palindrome.

14. Anatomical rings in irises : AREOLAE. I cannot find our seminal picture that C.C. links. Latin.

15. Earth-moving tool : HOE. No Don Imus humor here, please; especially not next to Areolae and...

16. Reproductive cells : OVA. Latin.

19. Upset, with "over" : TIP. Think apple cart...verb not adjective.

22. Ruff stuff : LACE. Think ruffle..

New                                                                         Old

25. Lacking : FREE OF.

26. Not quite right : A TAD OFF.

30. Until now : SO FAR.

33. P replacers, in some lineups : DHS. This clue is just a tad off, as the Designated Hitter only replaces the Pitcher in the batting order, not the lineup. But then again the lineup is the batting order. I have successfully confused myself.

34. Woman's name meaning "white" : BIANCA. Shakespeare anyone?
"I am no strumpet; but of life as honest
As you that thus abuse me."

38. Smooth, perhaps : PAVE.

42. Epps of "House" : OMAR.

43. Computer conveniences : MACROS. We use word perfect for legal docs and macros are a necessity.

44. [That's kinda funny] : HEH. Heh...

45. Sylvester's genus : FELIS. Latin: Felis catus.

47. Radius, e.g. : ARMBONE. A subtle shout out to me, as that is the bone which has the oblique fracture.

49. "The Great Escape" setting : STALAG. A classic movie, which inspired the music and perhaps Hogan's Heroes. POW camp. German short for Kriegsgefangenen-Mannschafts-Stammlager.
53. Lots : A TON.

59. "... __ quit!" : OR I!

64. Toondom's Phineas, to Ferb : PAL. I never have seen this SHOW.

65. Strauss' "__ Heldenleben" : EIN. Strauss was also a very famous conductor, but he does not seem very happy.
66. Like the edges of some mirrors : BEVELED.

67. Dodge City-to-Topeka dir. : ENE.

68. Mining supply : TNT. Explosive idea.

69. Talked big : BOASTED.


1. Waiter at a stand : CAB. Trickeration.

2. LAX stat : ARRival.

3. Bonn : König :: Lisbon : __ : REI. German : Portugese: KING

4. Place of rapid growth : HOTBED.

5. Miscellany : OLIO. The word of the Corner. And, 57D. Muffin go-with : OLEO.

6. "¿Qué __?" : PASA. Spanish.

7. Very, in Vienna : SEHR.  I grew up hearing, "sehr gut."

8. "Carmina Burana" performers : CHOIR.

9. "It tolls for thee" poet : DONNE. To CA and all of you...
No man is an island,
Entire of itself.
Each is a piece of the continent,
A part of the main.
If a clod be washed away by the sea,
Europe is the less.
As well as if a promontory were.
As well as if a manor of thine own
Or of thine friend's were.
Each man's death diminishes me,
For I am involved in mankind.
Therefore, send not to know
For whom the bell tolls,
It tolls for thee.

10. Wetlands grasses : SEDGES.

11. Beat the buzzer, say : GOT OFF A SHOT. JW loves his multi-word fill. And basketball? 21D. Court action : HOOPS.
12. National alternative : AVIS. Rental car companies, not airports.

13. Show wonder : GAPE.

18. Email attachment : PDF. While we create in word perfect, we send out Portable Document Format.

22. After "Our" and with 54-Down, title for the Virgin Mary based on an 1871 apparition : LADY OF. 54D. See 22-Down : HOPE. Between the politics and the religion this is a hard one to blog. LINK.

23. Where many strikes are called : AT HOME. Baseball.

24. Subtle come-on, perhaps : CASUAL SMILE. Like below.
27. Geisha accessory : OBI. Sash, like above.

28. Thin coating : FILM.

29. WWII White House dog : FALA. FDR's dog.

31. Johnson & Johnson brand : AVEENO. They make nice products but the name reminds me of the haunting Hebrew prayer, "Our Father, Our King."

32. Hard-working "little" folk tale critter : RED HEN. A LINK for all of our teachers.

35. "30 Rock" network : NBC.

36. Michael of "Arrested Development" : CERA.  A very busy career, I loved JUNO and SUPERBAD.

37. __ vincit omnia : AMOR. If you know Latin, then you know love conquers all. 50D. Forum language : LATIN.

40. Work on a novel : WRITE. Sounds like fun....

41. System of thought : ISM.

46. Carpenter's array : SAW SET. I was not impressed with this fill until after I was done. I checked and found 492 million links! I will those let who can, explain it all.
48. Access requirements : BADGES. I used to have many of these. LINK.

51. "__ you done yet?" : AREN'T.

52. E. Berlin's land : GDR. German Democratic Republic.

55. African city on the Mediterranean : ORAN. In Algeria and more geography I do not know.

56. Romaine relative : BIBB. Lettuce pray, or is that religion.

58. St. Petersburg's river : NEVA. New to me. READ?

61. Space bar neighbor : ALT.

62. What's found in central Arizona? : ZEE.

63. Byrnes of '50s-'60s TV : EDD. An early TV heart throb.

Then    Now

Speaking of now, it is time for me to post and await your pleasure. Thanks again for the show Jeffrey, and thank you all for watching. Lemonade out.


OwenKL said...

FIR, though the SW corner took me a while. Also wasted time on what I'm sure was purposeful misdirection, with ninE-mILE GAZE. The theme came quickly with 17a, confirmed by 20a, and helped me get the reveal and other two themers; but may have slowed me down on 11d and 24d, since I was expecting them to be themers also.

Phineas' mom married Ferb's dad, so they're brothers, even tho they have no genetic relationship. Yes, they're pals, but also a lot more! (Phineas' older sister provides all the sibling rivalry needed.)

{B-, B-, B-.}

On his wife's shopping list was margarine.
In the dairy case, when he looked within,
There was such an OLIO
Of brands of OLEO,
He got one of each, to save his skin!

BIANCA's beauty was something to GAPE at,
Lovely AREOLAE worth an hour to GAZE at!
If something was A TAD OFF
It was her fancy for a toff,
She'd fall for a fop AT A DOFF of his hat!

Alice was back AT HOME looking oddly disheveled.
Her trip thru the mirror had been badly bedeviled!
Her footsteps were tangled,
Everything was sharp-angled --
She'd gone thru the glass where the edges were BEVELED!

Lemonade714 said...

How fun that Barbra Streisand was on Jimmy Kimmel , I mean Jimmy Fallon- too many Mommies? last night. I had not seen her in years.

OKL your Bianca poem is one of your best.

Yes the list was words that if you removed the first letter they were palindromes

Hungry Mother said...

Had an A instead of an E in HEH. Similar to what happened to me earlier in the week. Never heard of AVEENA.

Anonymous said...

Of course Rich is correct in the way he clued 33a. The P is replaced by the DH in some lineups. American League lineups. Also games when National League teams visit American League ballparks.

Big Easy said...

I caught the missing U but it was a DNF due to sloppy writing and not checking it over. Not being Catholic, 22 & 54 Ds were unknowns and I had MACE for 'Ruff stuff-Ruff the dog biting you' and MARY OF HOPE looked good. Ruffle never entered my mind. The P replacement I forgot to look over and DHS is my wife's initials and an brand of shampoo. LATIN filled 50D but AMOR and Michael CERA were unknowns that I luckily guessed because after MAC__S, I was thinking Apple PCs.

The AVEENO threw me off as I knew it was made by Cooper Labs (along with Oral-B) when I ran a drug wholesaler. Never knew J&J bought it. I was thinking J&J after filling STERILE GAZE.
SAWSET- and I thought it was a 'set of saws'. live and learn.

Lemonade- lawyers may use Word Perfect but nobody else does. Windows WORD and Google Documents have the market.
Let's throw a CASUAL SMILE and semi-CSO to BLUE HEN (unless her hair is RED today).
OR I quit- that would be past tense. OR I'LL quit would be the threat. And with that I quit for today.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, maybe.

I fell victim to this one. My "ruff stuff" was a MANE, resulting in MARY OF HOPE -- religion is not my forte. CASUAL SMILE was my best guess, but that'd make the MANE Mace. No help. DNF. I'm away from home and forced to do the puzzle on my tablet. (ugh!) I'm using that as my excuse. As Scarlet said, "Tomorrow is another day."

Lemon, I think that "carpenter's array" was a set of saws -- rip saw, crosscut saw, etc.

thehondohurricane said...

Logan Byrnes, Kookies son, was the morning news anchor for the Hartford Fox outlet for a few years. He was OK in the position. He moved on a awhile back. Don't know if was voluntary or involuntary. Assume he is still in the business somewhere.

Argyle said...

I believe Lemon was right about "SAW SETS". It is a tool for bending the tooth of the saw out from the body of the blade so it will make the cut a little wider than the blade. Without the SET, the saw will stick. Basically, you need a different set for each size and type of saw, hence an array.

billocohoes said...

Thought Hogan's Heroes was based on Stalag 17, (William Holden's Oscar winner), but it and The Great Escape were both WWII prison movies based on real events.

Bianca sent me not to Shakespeare but to the ex-Mrs. Jagger

SwampCat said...

Jeffrey never fails to delight, and neither do you, Lemonade! I love all your memories! Serh gut, indeed. Thanks to you both.

Owen, Bianca was definitely an A+ and Alice maybe an A. Your OLIO of OLEO made me chuckle.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Too many interruptions this morn, but I did finish. Lots of fun for a Friday. I did figure out the theme, which is a big Ta Dah for me. I seldom pay much attention to it initially. Nicely done, Jeff.

I never use OLEO--too much junk in it to make it seem like butter. I simply use less butter.

I do miss Word Perfect, and I'm jealous of my attorney son who uses it. Used to be Federal Govt. also, but probably no longer. It's Grammar check was far superior to Word--although, my guess, no one uses it much any way these days.

Lemonade, another grand tour. Your links are super today. Thanks for the added mental fun yesterday! Especially now, we need to recall that no one is an island.

Have a pleasant day today. Be well.

Husker Gary said...

I thought this was a misplaced brief holder – LOST CA( )SE – for a while but the theme saved the top middle and I was done with this wonderful puzzle!

-They told me “YOU WILL BE MISSED” but opened school the next August anyway! ☺
-My first Ruff was a MANE too, Otto
-SONIC transportation
-My dad told of some small outer buildings he and his buddies did TIP over in the ‘30’s
-Watching pitchers come to bat in the non-DH NL is FREE OF excitement
-I am typing on my laptop out in the yard (in sweat pants on this cool morning) watching my FELIS Catus
-Olympian Jordan Larson from Hooper, NE (pop 819) using her RADII in Rio
-We needed an hour to get a BADGE to tour the VAB at KSC
-East German shot-putters used to be from the German Doping Republic
-ORAN is shown as a leg of the trip from Paris to Casablanca in the opening of the movie

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Really slowed down the progress by guessing at the first theme answer - had British Pier for the longest time, until other themers showed the way. Darn, I thought it was clever.

inanehiker said...

Another creative puzzle by JW! Getting the theme early made the theme clues easier to figure out than the fill this time.

I'm with @billocohoes - Hogan's Heroes was a parody of the movie "Stalag 17" which won William Holden an Oscar. In it, no one escapes from the POW camp because there is a snitch among the prisoners- in "Hogan's Heroes" the running joke is the Col Klink prides himself in no one escaping from Stalag 13 - but actually they are escaping all the time running a resistance operation from the POW camp. In both the prison guard is Sergeant Schulz. All the POWs were airmen in WWII- I learned a lot of this when my son was at USAFA when each cadet squadron has a nickname and he was in Squadron 17 whose nickname was "Stalag 17". Both of those WWII POW movies are great- but intense - not what you want to watch if you need a light diversion!

Have a good weekend - thanks Lemonade and JW!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Got the theme right away with BRITISH POND, so the reveal was a snap, and for a while, a long line of lonely letters in a sea of white space.

After growing up Catholic, LADY OF was a no brainer, but --- of what?

Even knowing the gimmick, still struggled with the rest of the theme entries. STERILE GAZE is the weakest entry, IMHO.

Anybody else have BLANCH for BIANCA? That slowed things down a lot. But I did not give up HOPE, and eventually the white light shone through.

Nicely done, Jeffrey and Lemon.

Cool regards!

Sailor said...

An entertaining puzzle. And educational! (In that I am surprised to learn that WordPerfect is still in existence.) I used WP exclusively in the 80's and most of the 90's, and loved it, until the product line was sold, and a disastrous release of an early Corel version convinced me to switch to Word. MACROS were never very important to me, but I do sorely miss the "reveal code" feature which Word has never successfully emulated.

Speaking of the old days, I wonder about SAWSET. In the days before power tools, every good carpenter had a set of hand saws: at a minimum, a crosscut saw, a rip saw, a miter saw and a keyhole saw. Could this be what Mr. Wechsler had in mind?

Certainly a SAWSET is itself a thing, a tool used to set the angle of the saw teeth (as illustrated in Lemonade's commentary), but they are disappearing even faster than CDS. I can't recall ever knowing a carpenter who owned one, although I assume that in some previous era they did. In my youth, hand saws were typically taken to a saw shop for sharpening and setting, but the last independent saw shops largely disappeared when the men who ran them died. Many hardware stores used to have an in-house saw shop, but the last one I know of closed two decades ago.

Jerome said...

Haven't seen WARD BOND in a puzzle for years.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a rare JW that I FIW due to Or I / Oran crossing which makes more sense than my Oh I / Ohan fill. Also winced at my misreading of Homophobic for Homophonic. Mea Culpa, Jeffrey and Rich. Olio and oleo brought a smile. I struggled more than I usually do with Jeffrey's Friday offerings, even though I caught the theme fairly quickly. Oh well, c'est la vie! Half a CSO to Bluehen!

Thanks, Jeffrey and Lemony, for a challenging solve and enlightening summary.

Have a great day.

Lemonade714 said...

Okay, " to tour the VAB at KSC" means what?

I go back and forth on the sawset meaning having changed my write up after discovering the link....only JW knows what he was thinking.

I searched and found nothing new on Logan Byrnes other than his daily tweets about news. It is clear he was forced about, apparently over money issues. Fond memories of WTIC

C6D6 Peg said...

Almost threw in the towel in this one.... finally got the reveal, which helped with the theme phrases, but the Mid-East and Southwest took longer than usual. Thanks, JW, for a fun puzzle!

Lemonade, great write-up this am. Thank you!

Argent said...

The word processing comments brought back memories of WordPerfect and WordStar, and tangentially of Lotus Notes. I now use Word too many hours each day and even teach it occasionally, but I agree with Sailor that it should improve the user's ability to see what the heck is going on with the formatting. The "¶" toggle button still keeps too much hidden.

The Phineas and Ferb cluing slowed me down - I was thinking SIB or BRO, for the reasons OwenKL said. And I stared at ATADOFF for ages until the penny dropped. Fun learning moment was SAW SETS. I interpreted the answer as being a set of saws, never having heard of the "setting" tool until Lemonade714 blogged it - thanks!

Husker Gary said...

Sorry Lemon,
-Joann and I had to get this badge to tour
-The Vehicle Assembly Building at Kennedy Space Center where the Saturn V and the Shuttle were, well, assembled.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Whew! One of those puzzle where a lot of red flashed in my face. But I perservered and filled. Thanks, Jeffrey. Interesting. I got the theme with HOSE and BOND which helped in the others. I had STERILE but GAZE wouldn't even perp in for awhile.

Sonic CARHOPS took a lot longer than it should have since I used to go there a lot. The worst thing was I was reading the 1-d
clue and tried "maitre d" in the across. Too red. Left it awhile then came back and realized my wrong direction problem. Duh!

A TAD OFF took Lemon's help to parse. Thanks! The Barbara S. song is to cry for.

AnonymousPVX said...

Tough one today. Had HAH instead of HEH and PATE instead of PAVE, so not a finish for me.

Jayce said...

Wow, I solved this whole Jeffrey Wechsler Friday puzzle without having to look anything up! As Misty often says, "Yay me!" Filled in DHS completely from the perps and didn't know what it was until reading about it here. Jazzbumpa, I agree: Our Lady of what?

xtulmkr said...

The question of what's the difference between a lake and a pond is much like the question of the difference between a creek or a river. Definitions and opinions vary. That being said, rivers and creeks are generally distinguished by length, lakes and ponds by depth.
Lake or Pond?

Anonymous said...

I don't know if Jazz and Jayce are joking or if they didn't see the reference between 22d and 54d. Our LADY OF HOPE?

Ol' Man Keith said...

This was fun. Thanks, Jeffrey Wechsler! Not easy, but who wants easy? We want a pzl that's chewable for a while, but do-able - and this one gave me good flavor all the way through.
I only questioned 33A. I found it out of my league, not being a baseball fan, so I appreciated Lemonade's aid. I'm grateful too for his explanation of 60A, STERILE GAZE, because I hadn't recognized that one as part of the theme. I thought it was an outlier, standing on its own (admittedly weak) merit.
Not Catholic either, but I knew it should be LADY OF something right off. Isn't the phrase a common cultural item, popping up in the news whenever some kids or a shepherd see a vision of Mary? The HOPE part just fit right in. Sometimes Mary appears somewhere else, like in tree bark - or in cake or on toast - but those don't seem to merit the LADY title. Anyway, I think Jesus is more frequent on baked goods.

Northwest Runner said...

Is it just me or can anyone else attest to having encountered the word "olio" only in crosswords?

Ol' Man Keith said...

I've seen it elsewhere, but its primary home is definitely in Xwds. No matter how many times it and sibling OLEO appear, I always need to double check to see which one has the "i" and which the "e."

Ol' Man Keith said...

Forget OLEO. We use "Smart Balance." It's the one substitute I've found that actually seems BETTER than the original. Unpaid endorsement.

miss beckley said...

I was at the Diamond Circle Theatre a long time ago, in Durango CO, and after the melodrama there was always an Olio -- a variety show, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing only Jesus seems to appear in baked good for if it were Mohammed there would a fatwa issued against the baker, Gold Medal and Viking.

Jayce said...

Of course I saw the cross reference between 22D and 52D, and therefore I knew that 22D would be LADY OF and that 52D would be the object of OF. The question remained, my not knowing precisely what the 1871 apparition was, "Our Lady of what 4-letter word?" LOVE? LYON? ALBA? PITY? HOPE? Pick one. Sure, after looking it up, I learned that it is actually Our Lady of Pontmain, aka Our Lady of Hope.

Spitzboov said...

Good afternoon everyone.

SEHR gut gemacht, Jeff. Danke.

Other German includes EIN, König, STALAG, and GDR (DDR in German)
Got the W and S easily but ran into headwinds in the E. Finally sussed RED HEN and AVEENO and it was done. Actually thought it was on the easy side for a Friday, but somehow slipped out of sync with Jeff in the East.
Liked the theme. No searches were needed.

Good descriptive intro, Lemon. Thank you.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Finished without looking anything up, but like PVX I had PATE (I have a smooth one) and HAH. Never heard of AVEENO (or ATEANO for that matter.)

After all these years I bristle at GET OFF A SHOT - bad memories of Christian Laettner's game winner for Duke against UK in the 1992 NCAA tournament - also known as The Best Game Ever Played.

Plenty of unknowns as can be expected on Fridays, but the knowable perps made it a fair test from my perspective.

Lemonade714 said...

xtulmkr thank you fro the lake vs. pond information. I can always count on the Corner to help me out.

CrossEyedDave said...

FIW, but I did finish it.
(didn't think I was going to.)
One heck of a WAG fest...

Like others, Aveeno & red hen were my downfall.

One minor nit, which doesn't seem to bother anyone else,
but it did ruffle my feathers a bit.
22a ruff stuff=lace?
Doesn't seem to deserve a Meh!
(perhaps a Bah Humbug!)

Felis Catus deserves a link...

or two.

Lemon, being me, I went looking for the missing Areolae pic.
But what I found seems A tad off?

Argyle said...

I know of one place that was POND because they felt POND FRONT property would be taxed less than LAKE FRONT property. Anyhoo, that's the story.

MJ said...

I thought this was a very impressive theme, and well executed. However, it took me two trips to Mr. G. before I finally limped across the finish line for today's puzzle.

Thanks for the Friday fun, Jeffrey. And thanks for the great expo with many interesting links and pics, Lemonade.

Enjoy the day!

Dudley said...

Hmmm...sounds like the distinction between lake and pond is about as firm as the distinction between planet and dwarf planet.

Misty said...

I loved this Friday Jeff Wechsler puzzle--missed only AVEENO--and was in the middle of posting this morning when our power went out for seven hours (Edison was doing maintenance repairs in our neighborhood). So this is my first chance to come back on line. Anyway, many thanks, Jeffrey, and you too, Lemonade--especially for the Donne poem! Also, loved the pics of Edd Byrne--he's still pretty cute, isn't he?

Have a great weekend coming up, everybody!

Anonymous T said...

Hi all!

I'm out out sync with the world and A TAD OFF today... definitely not onto JW's waves man. I got the top North easy enough (CAR HOPS went in unencumbered by the thought process) but then within 5 min I couldn't make heads nor tails of the clues. Got most done but TITT at the in the SE - too much time. Thanks for the challenge JW. Thanks for the SE Lem! (Wait "Zed" held me up? Really. Frogs!!!)

I can't even read all my WOs - doesn't help I spilled water on the puzzle. 36d is the messiest - I wanted Bluth then Bateman then, CERA? Waaa? Oh, him. Cripes. Evil clue.

Cuteness: 1. Theme - JW, U devil U...; 2. OLEO & OLIO, 3. 12d c/a

Fav: 9d - Since RUSH (Losing It - Live) didn't fit I went with the source. Literate Cornerites: do you just find it sad for me that I know my lit. through Rock & Roll? I know DW thinks it pathetic.

OKL {A, A++, A} another ++ in my book for knowing Phineas & Ferb - best cartoon in the last 10 years - girls & I would watch every Sunday.

Madame Defarge & Lem - I've not seen nor used Word Perfect since '92. I even consulted for NASA, Forestry, & USDA - nope just Word there. Sailor - I kinda miss the format codes too. My peeve is M$ added "graphic" capabilities that folk use instead of Visio or some such - no way to fix that POS.

Bill-o & Inanehiker - thanks! Last week I was stuck on Kelly's Heroes (thanks TxMS!) for STALAG 13. Love'd me some Hogan's Heroes growing up.

FLN: Pat - you posted while I was watching ROWAN...I didn't mean to make light of a Gluten issues as it is real for some. E.g. youngest had it along w/ lactic issues two years ago after drinking well water that destroyed her tummy-biom. She couldn't eat much aside of fruit for 3 mos. The goal was to get her gut back to norm - yogurt really helped. She's 100% now.

OK, I musta miss'd it... There's no way no one linked BADGES... Who needs stinkin' badges?

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

HOLY prophetic humo(u)r Batman -

While closing down my rig (and browser windows) to finally shut off the world for 6 hours [It's Friday right? - I'm granted real sleep me think] I saw my post from last night. I swear I had no idea today was gonna be sans U!...

That's meta-funny to me. Talk about positive waves man...

Hope y'all get a giggle out of it TU. -T

Wilbur Charles said...

This was an Uber slog for me. I refused to give up after missing Hardy as a pOEm writer.

So. After adventures everywhere, with INKY evidence I ended up with JAMES on one end and BOND on the SW other. Why?

Because of Our LADY OF JOIE(Joy). Why not

But I had my secret weapons: Time and driving and my pea brain knew JAMESAREBOND wouldn't do. And there was SAWSETS. Fini. No lookups or misses.

Great combo: JR and Lemony. I agree, Owen rarely goes under A, esp that first one.
It's the imagination. And unlike Coleridge with Xanadu, no opiates to beckon Erato.

One ounce of regular coffee and I'm the RUFF of doggerel

Abejo said...

Good Sunday afternoon, folks. Thank you, Jeff Wechsler, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for a fine review.

Started this on Friday. Finished on Saturday, and here I am on Sunday.

Seemed a little easier than a normal Friday. Caught the theme of the missing U. Clever.

Liked STALAG. Hogan's Heroes is one of my favorite shows to watch on ME TV. I like Schultz (who doesn't).

AVEENO was not known. Perps.

I did get AREOLAE.

SEDGES took me a while. After I had the last 5 letters, the S hit me in the head.

Maybe later tonight I will get Saturday's puzzle. Was too busy yesterday to do it. Today I did get Sunday's.

See you soon.


( )

Picard said...

FIW in SW. Did anyone else put OK I Quit instead of OR I Quit?

Got the "missing U" theme quickly, but the reveal and the rest of the puzzle took awhile.

Thanks, Lemonade, for the SAW SET info. A learning moment.

Yes, Jazzbumpa, I also considered BLANCH for BIANCA. I also considered BLANCA. I have a good friend (former girlfriend) BIANCA, but I was not sure among these possibilities.