Aug 29, 2016

Monday, August 29, 2016 Jerry Edelstein

Theme: Monday? - A single word can be added to the front of five other non-related words.

63A. United stand ... and what the first part of the answers to starred clues literally can have: COMMON FRONT

17A. *Cost of shares on the exchange: MARKET PRICE. Common Market.

41A. *U.S./USSR conflict: COLD WAR. Common Cold.

11D. *Element in an executive compensation package: STOCK OPTION. Common Stock.

25D. *Drive to do the responsible thing: SENSE OF DUTY. Common Sense.

27D. *"So long": "GOOD DAY". Common Good.

Argyle here. It may just be me but I felt this was meant to be later in the week.


1. Illusions in a stage act, collectively: MAGIC

6. Muslim leaders: IMAMs

11. Place for a massage: SPA

14. Twist: GNARL

15. French Revolution radical: MARAT. Jean-Paul Marat.

16. Put a strain on: TAX

19. Tip jar denomination: ONE

20. Miffed: SORE

21. Gizmos: DEVICES

23. __ buco: veal dish: OSSO

26. Director Lee: ANG

28. Student's workplace: DESK

29. Guttural "Psst!": "AHEM!"

30. Wedding vows: I DO's

32. Condemn: DOOM

34. Most rational: SANEST

36. Nobel Peace Prize city: OSLO

38. Jack-in-the-box sound: [POP!]

40. Drips in the ICU: IVS. (Intravenous)

43. Give it a go: TRY

44. Witness: SEE

45. Yankee slugger, to fans: A-ROD

46. Area of expertise: MÉTIER. French

48. Sound from Leo: ROAR

50. Twist, as water-damaged floorboards: WARP

52. Sharpen: HONE

53. World Cup soccer org.: FIFA. (Fédération Internationale de Football Association)

55. "__-hoo!": YOO

56. 1946 N.L. RBI leader Slaughter: ENOS

57. Part of a chess match when most of the pieces are off the board: END GAME

60. "__ the mornin'!": TOP O'

62. Sch. run by Mormons: BYU. (Brigham Young University)

68. Track transaction: BET

69. Wabbit-hunting Fudd: ELMER

70. Fragrant wood: CEDAR

71. Pig's home: STY

72. Officials who have their faculties: DEANs. Cute.

73. Hit hard, biblically: SMOTE


1. Leo is its logo: MGM

2. California's Santa __ River: ANA

3. Long-jawed fish: GAR

4. Annoying: IRKSOME

5. Egyptian queen, familiarly: CLEO. (Cleopatra VII Philopator)

6. Loom on the horizon: IMPEND

7. St. Patrick's mo.: MARch

8. Very dry: ARID

9. Sprayed in defense: MACED

10. Longshoreman: STEVEDORE

12. Window glass: PANE

13. Lumberjacks' tools: AXES

18. Double agent: TRAITOR

22. Prefix with metric and bar: ISO

23. Desert retreat: OASIS

24. Norelco product: SHAVER

31. U-turn from NNE: SSW

33. Rita with an Oscar, Emmy, Tony and Grammy: MORENO. West Side Story's  Anita.

35. Like Al Capone: SCARFACED

37. Ridicule satirically: LAMPOON

39. Combustible funeral piles: PYREs

42. Under a quarter-tank, say: LOW

47. Geometry proposition: THEOREM

49. Bailed-out insurance co.: AIG. (American International Group, Inc)

51. Copter blades: ROTORS

54. Whac-__: arcade game: A-MOLE

57. Diminishes: EBBS

58. Russian denial: "NYET!"

59. Actress Stone of "Birdman": EMMA

61. Low-ranking GIs: PFCs. (Private first class)

64. Guys: MEN

65. Prefix with meter: ODO

66. __ King Cole: NAT

67. Italian three: TRE


Note from C.C.:

I hope you can click here and sign the petition calling for price reduction for EpiPens, which have surged to $600/pack without any justification. The CEO's salary rose over 600% since 2007, when Mylan bought EpiPen.


fermatprime said...


Thanks to Jerry, Santa!

Fun puzzle. Only unknown was FIFA.

I am really enjoying the retina display on my new Macbook Pro! (Great for bad eyes especially.)

Have a great day!

Hungry Mother said...

Seemed like an easy side Monday to me. Only writeover was PFCS for PVTS.

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I agree with Argyle that this was awfully crunchy for a Monday, what with METIER, MARAT and GNARL, but certainly doable and the perps were all fair.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I am glad I am not the only one who found this to be a challenging Monday-level puzzle.

Jean-Paul MARAT was murdered in his bath by Charlotte Corday. The event was depicted in the famous painting of Jacques-Louis David.

The timing of seeing WARPed, water-damaged floorboards was not amusing.

QOD: A kiss is a secret told to the mouth instead of the ear; kisses are the messengers of love and tenderness. ~ Ingrid Bergman (Aug. 29, 1915 ~ Aug. 20, 1982)

desper-otto said...

Good morning,

Barry, I also had a list...your three plus THEOREM. Do you suppose it's not that the puzzles are getting crunchier, but that our minds are getting slower? I even needed Wite-Out on a Monday! IMPEND began life as appear. Wasn't IRKSOME, though. Thanx, Jerry and Argyle.

unclefred said...

Agree with all previous comments, including PVTS:PFCS. I retired from the pharmaceutical industry. I HATE it when a few greedy individuals tar the reputation of an industry that has put an end to small pox, polio, and many other scourges. And COULD put an end, once and for all, to measles, mumps, rubella and others if only everyone would get their kids vaccinated. This EpiPen thing is just one thing: greed. Has anybody else noticed that ever since the movie where the actor said "Greed is good!" people seem much less ashamed to be greedy?

thehondohurricane said...

How on earth does a French word like METIER end up in a Monday puzzle? I've never seen it or used it ...EVER. As Tin says, needed ESP. I guess it is further evidence that my area of expertise is being a dumb ass.

Well, at least the eraser got a day off today.

Lemonade714 said...

A nice LEO clecho during the Virgo cycle stood out for me. The theme was quite COMMON and left little to COMMENT.

Have a good week everyone

MJ said...

Good morning to all!

I agree with others that some of the fill was more typical of later week puzzles, but it was all perp friendly. Liked the clue for DEANS.

Thanks for the expo, Argyle.

Enjoy the day!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Jerry. I couldn't come up with a geometry prEposition, so I was stuck in the SE for a bit. Ah, THEOREM!! Glasses, perhaps?

Nice tour Argyle. Thanks.

I said, "I'll do that Monday;" lo and behold, it's here!! Time to tackle the list. TTFN!

tawnya said...

TOP O the morning to you all :)

I am always happy when I see I am not alone in feeling like this was a crunchy puzzle. This one took me about 3 minutes longer than my average Monday speed. No worries, eventually got it done! (STEVEDORE?? MARAT? METIER??)

@C.C. - I've been following the news about EPI-Pens and this just came up Mylan's new generic. Seems like if they were able to do it cheaper all along, they should have. I have a friend who's wife and child both need Epi-pens (and everyone should have at least two, one at home and one to-go) and if they aren't used, they still have to be replaced once a year. This family will spend $2400 a year, more if they actually have to use it. Unrealistic for most families, but they will die without it.

Have a great Monday!


Jinx in Norfolk said...

Had to WAG the cross of METIER and MORE. My other unknowns (MARAT and EMMA) were easy to get from the perps.

Jinx in Norfolk said...


OwenKL said...

Today is day two of my bachelorhood! The LW is visiting her sister in Indiana for a week and a half! Already I'm starting to lose track of time. About 4 hours late, here are some rough poems for today:
{B-, C+, C+.}

All our modern DEVICES are MAGIC
To be without them a day would be tragic!
To be stuck in a room
Without them would DOOM
Us to daydream, or something as drastic!

Orion thought hunting his METIER.
He sought to find prey that was meatier.
But a bull who was boss
Gave him a great toss
Now he's up with a star and a meteor.

An ODOMETER marks miles with each tick,
But if measures were wanted in METRIC,
Would you use an "evenmile"
To record in that style?
Or am I just being didactic?

BTW, I knew the word METIER, but always thought it was a homophone of METER until I looked it up for today's verse.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jerry Edelstein, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for a fine review.

I got through this puzzle pretty easily. About 15 minutes. Yes, METIER was unknown. But, with solid perps, who cares.

Theme was fine. Good job, Jerry.

I knew MARAT. FIFA I did not know. Perps.

Did not know A MOLE for the game. Perped it.

I signed C.C.'s Petition for the Epipen. I have never used one, but my brother-in-law really needs one if he gets stung. I got stung twice by wasps the last time I was in Johnsonburg, PA. My left arm was swelled up for about 4 days. Maybe a pen would have killed the swelling. Oh well.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy enough but Argyle may be right - meant for later in the week. In hindsight I did solve it clockwise rather than straight down. Got the theme fills easily, though and appreciated how they connected with the unifier. Did have smite before SMOTE - Jerry got me on the irregular past tense.

Enjoy the day.

oc4beach said...

Only a couple of unknowns that have been pointed out by others. But as MJ said the puzzle was perp friendly. A good Monday+ puzzle by Jerry and Argyle's write up helped explain the unknowns.

In watching the news coverage and press conference by the Mylan spokesman it amazes me how greedy and arrogant some people can be. Their attitude that they only intended for the insurance companies to pay the higher prices and not individuals is part of the reason we pay such high insurance premiums. Their latest plan to "supposedly" help those in need is just a PR stunt and not a real solution. Gordon Gecko lives. The trouble is is that Mylan is not the only drug company to act this way. And drug companies are not alone either. When I asked an innkeeper why they triple the going rate for a room on football weekends at a major university, he stated, "because we can."


I hope you all have a great day.

JD said...

Theorem had me baffled...and Marat...and Enos, but in the end it all fell into place. I'm always anxious at the end to see if my WAGs were correct. Thanks Argyle.

Thanks C.C. For putting in the petition . How does that CEO live with herself?

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Nice write-up. I agree, probably more of a Tuesday or Wednesday level.

Jerry: Thank You for a FUN Monday puzzle.

OK, I'm a NY Yankee fan, A-ROD is passe ... the Yankee slugger NOW is the Rookie Sanchez.

... AHEM ... Invest 99-L has become "Tropical Storm # 9" ... and after hearing about it for the last 10 or 11 days ... we are expecting a lot of rain over the next 3 or 4 days. Maybe up to 6 or 7 inches ... or what we call in Florida, About normal for this time of the year.
When I was out on the porch solving the puzzle it is a beautiful, sunny 85 degree day.

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.

Northwest Runner said...

I'm always grateful for Monday puzzles. Just enough effort to get the brain cells moving but not too much mental strain. I have to quibble with "theorem" being clued as a proposition though. Theorems are proven facts derived from earlier theorems or preliminary stipulations (known as axioms in geometry).

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I guess there were a few non-Monday level answers but, as most mentioned, the perps were fair and solid. Needed the reveal to catch the theme and that's fine with me. I wish ARod would go away, though.

Thanks Jerry and Argyle for a pleasant start to the last week of August. Where did the Summer go?

The EpiPen price gouging is a disgrace but, unfortunately, this greed mentality permeates practicality every facet of our lives. Look at what Barry recently spent at Cirque de Soleil and Big Easy at the football game and those are minor examples compared to the increased and sometimes outrageous costs of day to day necessities.

I watched "Carol" last night and was a little disappointed. It lacked depth, IMO, but Cate Blanchett and Rooney Mara were superb. I think I''m due for a comedy and " Grandma" with Lily Tomlin may be next in my queue which would fit the bill, I hope. (Sometimes my definition of comedy doesn't jibe with Hollywood's.)

BTW, what is everyone paying for corn this year? I pay $7.00/dozen, 60¢ an ear and tomatoes are $3.00/pound. These prices haven't changed in at least 8-9 years at my farm stand. (Argyle, the corn is from Mose's up your way; not sure about the tomatoes. They also have Hand melons but not yet this year that I'm aware of.)

Have a great day.

Old Okie said...

Irish Miss

Here in Oklahoma almost everyone grows a tomato plant or two every summer, I live on 5 acres and usually have several vegetable plants and I usually grow a little corn, However this year we had a small tornado go over the house and some hail with it, The hail destroyed every plant I had, it even deforested most of my fruit trees
We did not have a late spring freeze and my trees were loaded with fruit. The wind blew most of the fruit off. To sum it up, we are having a bad your for growing.

Northwest Runner said...

Should have said postulate not axiom

Anonymous said...

Many rants about the greed of capitalism, but no defenders of America way? Epi-pens prices did not go up in socialist Canada or Europe. A country that still asks immigrants whether are or have ever been members of the Communist party reaps what it sows. Enjoy!

xtulmkr said...

Hit as in present tense or past? SMiTE or SMoTE? It took an ODOMETER to solve that one.

WEES said about pharmaceutical companies. Woe to those who oppress the needy.

Tomatoes @ 1.29/lb.
Corn @ 50¢/ear.

Jayce said...

As I said yesterday, the Me Generation has now grown up and are biting us in the butt. Their parents raised them to be that way. Thanks for the link, C.C.

Fun and easy puzzle with some not-so-common words. Some cute clues. I am a fan of clever, funny clues.

AnonymousPVX said...

I'm not sure that the puzzle itself was tough, but to me the deceptive clueing was more of a mid-week feel.

Solved, no issue, but a "Crunchy Monday (la la, la-la-la-la)".

Michael said...

Desper-otto said:

"Barry, I also had a list...your three plus THEOREM. Do you suppose it's not that the puzzles are getting crunchier, but that our minds are getting slower?"

Ah, no, my friends ... what we're seeing is evolution in action. As cruciverbists become more accustomed to various clues and answers, it becomes necessary to "raise the bar" to maintain "crunchiness" at some level or another; otherwise, every day would be a Monday-level puzzle.

CanadianEh! said...

Good Monday puzzle. Thanks Jerry and Argyle.

Hand up for Smite before SMOTE. METIER was already filled in with perps but I might have known it. Snarl before GNARL but MGM solved that error.

I wanted "so long" to be GOOD Bye before GOOD DAY. Otherwise no problems and I got the theme.

Glad I don't need an Epipen in the USA. Canadian price is better!

oc4beach said...

IM @ 10:06 am: In Central PA at the Amish farm stand Corn is $3.00 a dozen, slicing Tomatoes are $1.95/# or $10.00/bushel for canning tomatoes, large Cantaloupes $3.00 each, $6.95/peck for peaches, $10.00/bushel for pickling cucumbers, large peppers are 3 for $1.00. Strawberries were $3.95/qt, and blueberries were $3.25/pt and 5.25/qt. They have a lot of other things that are a lot less than you can get in a supermarket and it's a lot fresher. Usually the produce is picked that morning (actually I think it's the middle of the night)

I just love summer and all of the fresh fruits and vegetables. Many meals are made up mostly with vegetables, sometimes with a little meat and then some fruit based deserts. Occasionally just a dish of fruit or fruit over ice cream. Peaches are in season now.

I think I just made myself hungry.


SwampCat said...

I must have been on the right wavelength. I found this one easy and fun. Thanks to all.

"Warped floor boards" may become to me like Tin's. _ _ _! I just won't put it in! Not fun to be reminded.

CrossEyedDave said...

Hmm, put Mylan out of business!
Capitalism in action!

Buy your Epipens from Canada!

Yellowrocks said...

Arrived home yesterday from WV where, with two of my sisters, we rented a furnished cottage on a lake. Delightful week!
Fun puzzle that I did not find so crunchy. Theorem was a gimmee.
I knew metier. My metier was teaching the very young. HG's metier is teaching teens or preteens. Another metier of mine is philology.
Here corn is $0.65 an ear, tomatoes are $2.99 a pound. Last year and this year for the first time I was not up for planting tomatoes, maybe next year.
BTW, gasoline here is $1.83 a gallon. We paid from $2.09 to $2.19 on our trip.
Alan was well last week while we were away. Yesterday and today were his best days in many months. We went to the doctor today for our monthly follow up.I hope this is it, the light at the end of the tunnel, and not like the car that gives us problems until the day we take it to the mechanic and on the way home the problem sets in again.
Good to be back with you virtual friends again.

Husker Gary said...

-A breezy Monday where I got the a theme from the reveal and learning from METIER
-One part of a “Fool the MAGICIANS Show” (11:00)
-An tip jar doesn’t mean much when its near a disinterested server
-I am very SORE about losing this DEVICE that needs to be on a key chain so it won’t slide out of my pocket
-At one time I had five IV’S dripping into me in the hospital. I told my family I had more tubes in me than a 1950 Philco TV
-AROD – Yankee? Yes. Well paid? Yes. Slugger? Don’t make me laugh
-I would bet Splynter has looked lengthwise down many a 2 x 4 to see if it is WARPED
-FIFA should have a B in it somewhere for bribery
-This ENDGAME could be a draw or a loss depending on one move
-What LOOMS on the horizon can be impeding DOOM
-We have had zero ARID air this summer
-Ingrid Bergman kisses preempted her COMMON DECENCY when she abandoned her family and daughter Pia Lindstrom
-I get a $200/mo drug for free because the sales rep wants to placate the huge GI practice where I am a patient
-We pay half a buccaneer and grow our own T’s for BLT’s

Irish Miss said...

Doyle Stearman @ 10:42 - I'm so sorry to hear of that destruction.

oc4beach @ 1:18 - It sounds like you have produce Heaven in your backyard! I, too, love the abundance of the fresh fruit and vegetables available now, especially my beloved corn! 🌽🌽. I think I spend more money over the local growing season on produce than I do over the rest of the entire year! The corn pot goes from the sink to the stovetop, never to see the inside of the cabinet until October!

Anonymous said...

"In most circumstances, it is illegal for individuals to import drugs into the United States for personal use."

Tinbeni said...

Irish Miss @10:06 am
Checked at the grocery; Corn was 5 ears for $3. Tomatoes $ 2.49 a pound.
I got a couple of ears ... but tomatoes are on my "Kidney-Stone-Do-Not-Eat" list.

Well we just had the 5:00 pm update ... and I misspoke at 9:33 am this morning.

"Invest 99-L" has been up-graded to a Tropical Depression NOT a Tropical Storm.

Around 4:00 pm it began to drizzle. LOL

With the clouds ... I will "take-it-in-faith" that there will be a Sunse.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

WEES - Ca-runchy. Total ESP / + WAGs 15a xing 10d xing 46a xing 33d. I'm livin' right - nailed 'em! I'm sure to be SMOTE tomorrow.

Thanks to Jerry (and Rich) and, of course, our host Argyle. C.C. - The TAX we pay due to greed is WARP'd. Jayce - I'm the "we" b/f Gen X :-)

WO: Brainfart - Feb b/f MAR @7d.

ESP - See WAG'n' above.

Fav: Just 'cuz I can link Clark's view on MAGIC! [thanks HG for your MAGIC link]

{B, C, B}

Hondo - LOL your METIER. We're both experts :-)

Welcome back YR. Good to hear about Alan.

Wish I had more time to play but I'm headed to the land of $10 beer; Eldest's choir opens the 'Stros' game tonight.

CED - If you're still surfin' the web tonight please find some Gene Wilder stuff we can all enjoy later... Wilder - the SANEST nut ever... RIP :-(


Tinbeni said...

The "First Toast" tonight was to Gene Wilder ... RIP.

Pat said...

FIW on a Monday! Sigh, I had SMiTE and didn't go back to check it later. Thanks, Jerry and Argyle.

RIP Gene Wilder. Another wonderful talent gone to the great stage in the sky.


CrossEyedDave said...

Gene Wilder, there are far too many classic clips to choose from to post here.

His Obituary posted online 4 hours ago will have to suffice...

Misty said...

Terrific computer problems this morning. Couldn't get on e-mail because some hacker problem had the university disable our current passwords. Took forever to set up a new password, but still can't send messages, and even with the help of my very skilled Tec advisor, am not sure I'll be able to do so tomorrow.

Frustrating day, but at least this delightful Jerry Edelstein puzzle got me off to a calm and good start--many thanks for that!

Hope you all had a good day, everybody!

Barry G. said...

"The EpiPen price gouging is a disgrace but, unfortunately, this greed mentality permeates practicality every facet of our lives. Look at what Barry recently spent at Cirque de Soleil and Big Easy at the football game and those are minor examples compared to the increased and sometimes outrageous costs of day to day necessities."

There's a big difference there, I think. Although I hated paying through the nose to attend the Cirque de Soleil show, I could at least appreciate the huge amount of time and effort and manpower involved in putting on the show. It really was a massive undertaking, which costs a lot to put on, and I also know that the money will be used to develop future shows.

With the Epi-Pen, you've got a well-established product that costs pennies to manufacture, with no ongoing R&D costs and no plans to enhance it or create new products. There's absolutely no need to charge hundreds and hundreds of dollars for it except that they are currently the only company making it (another company that produced a cheap generic version had to stop production recently due to quality control issues). The company simply realized that they had a temporary monopoly on a product that people depended on to save their life, so they decided to jack the price way up to make as much money as possible while that monopoly lasts. Pure, unadulterated greed.

Anonymous T said...

Back from the game. Eldest had too much homework for us to stay. Stros were up when we left and added a crooked number on the way home (7th I think)... Her HS choir did great performing the National Anthem... I'm jealous she got to stand out on Minute Maid's field. I did weasel my way to the 1st-base dugout to get video and some good pix tho :-)

CED - Perfect. Thank you.

Cheers, -T

Irish Miss said...

Barry @ 9:08 - I wasn't referring to the ticket cost to Cirque de Soleil but to the cost of parking, program, refreshments, etc. which were all way over-priced, just like the $11.50 Big Easy paid for a draft beer. Price gouging is a form of greed, IMO. EpiPen just took it to a higher level.

YR, glad to hear that Alan is doing well and that you enjoyed your week in WVA.

Sheesh, Sheesh, Sheesh said...

Despite all the letters above, about the Epi-pen, there are literally hundreds of drugs from all major manufacturers ( actually, many are just distributors) who charge over 45 to 280 TIMES the cost. Mefloquine (Lariam ) an anti-malarial preventive, and many other drugs are sold at huge, unbelievable profits. Only in the US. Because insurance and Medicare and medicaid, and so on, will pay for them. Even in Japan, Atorvastatin is sold at 6 % of the US prices. And this is sold, without drug insurance, which is generally not even available in Japan, anyway. Since the japanese drug companies, will definitely make a decent profit - the cost of the active ingredient is probably no more than 2 percent of the US retail price.

Drug companies are one of the most stable and profitable sectors, and are a critical part, in every reasonable retirement plan asset allocation. But, like all other sectors they also want to make a lot of money for themselves and their shareholders. Like Banks, Gas and Utility companies, venture funds, and IT industries making Apps.

Why should Mylan, and Epi-pen be any different ?

What about people who have had heart attacks, glaucoma, polycystic kidneys or prostate cancer ? Shouldn't the cost of those drugs be reduced too, to more reasonable levels ? And how do we achieve this, short of price controls, and where do we stop ? U. S, pharma industries are the limelight of the american economy, and the envy of the world. Despite the price gouging, the profiteering, the greed and avarice, and the poker play for money and power, the industry seems to be working. Because it has to do with health care and people's lives, should it be slated for more governmental controls ? You decide.

If this not be politics ... I don't know, what is.

Bill G. said...

Did it seem to you all that the Jeopardy questions were a little easier than usual tonight?

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Jerry! No unknowns. Perped along fine. Thanks, Argyle!

The only time I needed my epipen, my young son refused to go down and get it for me. My husband didn't understand what I was talking about when he came home unexpectedly. He just gathered me up and hied for the hospital. I couldn't walk and was fading out with narrowing tunnel vision. The nurse called the doctor and we heard her say, "It's mental, not physical". Doctor came and knew better. Originally I was given the epipen because of allergy shots I was taking and might react to. I was having horrible breathless attacks diagnosed as asthma and given a bronchodialator. The latter caused the bad reaction. I've known two people who died when using that. I quit the job where there were five smokers puffing away causing my "asthma". Never needed the epipen again. When public smoking was legally banned, I could go back to work in the formerly smoke-filled rooms. Many years ago now.

I recently read a book where nuns were smuggling badly needed drugs from Canada to the USAbecause the price was prohibitive here for very ill people.

Anonymous T said...

My work is done - so a toast... To Abby Someone. C, -T

Anonymous said...

Yes, I signed the Epipen petition. Think before you vote this year -- all of us elected the people who won't write legislation that would have prevented this problem.