Jul 25, 2017

Tuesday, July 25 2017, Joe Kidd


17. *Royal passing rubber checks? : KITING KING

25. *English Einstein? : BRITAIN BRAIN

47. *Pack animal carrying a Mexican treat? : BURRITO BURRO

62. *Gdansk gentleman? : POLITE POLE

40. "That'll be enough of that subject" ... and a hint to solving the answers to starred clues : DROP IT

Two-word phrases in which IT is dropped from the second word, to create a new word. 

Melissa here. With lots of learning moments, this felt a tad above Tuesday level to me - relied heavily on perps. Got the theme with the first theme answer - which helped fill in the others pretty quickly. I remember using that "Drop It Like it's Hot" gif for the theme of a fairly recent blog post - but my (admittedly halfhearted) attempt to find it turned up nothing. Anyone else remember a recent "Drop It" theme?

Appears to be a debut for constructor Joe Kidd here at the corner. Pseudonym?


1. Physicist Newton : ISAAC
6. Maker of TimeCutter riding mowers : TORO
10. Crimson Tide, to fans : BAMA
14. "Ask someone else" : NOT ME
15. Fail to enunciate : SLUR
16. "Don't have __!": "Calm down!" : A COW

19. Ding-__ : DONG
20. Mailing label phrase : SEND TO
21. Shopping to beat the band : ON A SPREE. "To beat the band" is an idiom meaning "to the greatest possible degree." Not something I hear often.
23. Sign of a Broadway hit : SRO. Standing Room Only.
24. International accord : ENTENTE. Is this Tuesday?
30. Feel sick : AIL
31. Suggestive sideways look : LEER
32. Ten sawbucks : C-NOTE
36. Just okay : SO-SO
38. Calculate again : RE-ADD
41. The "Y" of YSL : YVES
42. Lesley of "60 Minutes" : STAHL. She recently wrote a book about becoming a grandparent.

44. Blood fluids : SERA
46. "All you can __": buffet sign : EAT
51. Shout of jubilation : WHOOPEE
54. Butter square : PAT
55. Stop fretting : REST EASY
57. Weather map line : ISOBAR. A line on a map connecting points having the same atmospheric pressure at a given time or on average over a given period.

61. "In the Valley of __": 2007 Tommy Lee Jones film : ELAH. 2007 Release.
64. Brand with a Swoosh logo : NIKE. Didn't know all this.

65. Utility abbr. : ELEC
66. Worked (up) : RILED
67. Fly high : SOAR
68. __ Martin Cognac : REMY
69. Fills fully : SATES
1. Signs, as a document : INKS
2. French silk : SOIE. Is this Tuesday?
3. Mailing label abbr. : ATTN
4. Surrounded by : AMIDST
5. Chicago's time zone : CENTRAL
6. "What a shame!" : TSK
7. Hodgepodge : OLIO
8. Miler or sprinter : RUNNER
9. Princess Leia's last name : ORGANA. I had no idea of this - is it common knowledge for most Star Wars fans?
10. Metaphorical coin that keeps turning up : BAD PENNY
11. Oak-to-be : ACORN
12. Painter Claude : MONET
13. "Well, gosh" : AW GEE
18. Stickier : GOOIER
22. Bic Clic __ pen : STIC
 25. Low singing voice : BASS
26. More than a melee : RIOT
27. "Casablanca" heroine : ILSA
28. Word before maiden names : NEE 

29. "The Godfather" enforcer Luca : BRASI
33. Finished : OVER
34. Saline sign of sadness : TEAR
35. Spanish "this" : ESTO
37. Pooh Bear's lament : OH, BOTHER

39. Police rank: Abbr. : DET

43. "Superstar" rapper __ Fiasco : LUPE. No idea.
45. Ones inflicting humiliation : ABASERS
48. Farm machine : REAPER
49. Fix, as a shoe : RESOLE. Seems this should be simply "Fix a shoe." What else would be fixed by resoling?

50. Thomas More's perfect world : UTOPIA
51. Chirpy birds : WRENS
52. Sun: Pref. : HELIO. All I had to go on at first was the O, which did not help. Is this Tuesday?
53. Honshu port : OSAKA
56. Theoretical matter involved in the Big Bang : YLEM. From Wikipedia: "Ylem is a term that was used by George Gamow, his student Ralph Alpher, and their associates in the late 1940s for a hypothetical original substance or condensed state of matter, which became subatomic particles and elements as we understand them today." Hello! It's Tuesday!

58. Lightning streak : BOLT
59. On the quiet side, at sea : ALEE
60. Cincinnati team : REDS
63. Slippery, as a road : ICY


OwenKL said...

Slightly easier than yesterday for me, tho I missed a ta-da until I found misspellings of BaRRITO, WHOOPiE, and ELAm. I also feel stupid for not seeing the gimmick until after the reveal.

{A-, B+, B.}

A behavioral BRAIN from BRITAIN
Wanted to think like a kitten.
So he O.D.'d on catnip,
Curled up in a SUN strip,
And dreamt that his DING-DONGS were missin'!

In the VALLEY OF ELAH, the sand was stained RED!
Goliath was there, and Goliath was dead!
David sent a BOLT,
A rock from his poke,
And Goliath? Such a thing had never entered his head!

The stud in the field was a lusty, fierce TORO!
He SATES all the COWS, and again on the morrow!
But sometimes a calf
Looks a little bit daft --
Blame an illegal alien, a Mexican BURRO!

fermatprime said...


Thanks Joe and mb!

Nice, easy offering. Only problem was YLEM.

Thank you for the kind words yesterday.

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

OwenKL said...

Leia was adopted by Senator Bail Organa and took his name, twin Luke was raised by Anikin's half-brother Owen Skywalker, and kept the Skywalker name. Anikin was assumed dead, so abandoned the Skywalker name to assume a new identity.

desper-otto said...

Good morning, I guess.

Somebody tricked me into a DNF on a Tuesday! I'm lookin' at you, Kidd. I was going "to beat the band" until that Fiasco led to a fiasco. I WAGged a G -- Whoo Gee. Bzzzzzzt! I agree, Melissa, ENTENTE and YLEM don't seem very Tuesday-friendly. Still, I blew it, fair and square. [sigh]

thehondohurricane said...

When I arrived at the SW corner, I thought I slept thru a day or two because that corner was sure no Tuesday level in my opinion. YLEM, OH BOTHER, & ELAH? Not exactly in my wheelhouse. But my wags were good. Still an FIW. Had AhGEE for 13D giving me ACOh for 16A. Further, remembered Lucas' last name being BRASa, not BRASI.

Princess Leia, whoever she is, last name was filled in by perps. 45D began as ABuSER, but the A in PAT corrected that error.

So no UTOPIA today, but I enjoyed the challenge.

Thanks for pointing out my ignorance Melissa.

Irish Miss, so sorry about your loss.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

OLK, I nominate you for a coveted Crossword Corner Plastic Pocket Protector Award! I liked the Star War flicks, but I only knew that Luke and Leia were sibs. Thanks for the background info.

I think this is the first time I've ever gone two consecutive days without using my eraser. The theme helped me get the last two big fills, and perps and WAGs got me through the rest.

Hand up for not knowing ENTENTE, ELAH, SOIE, ORGANA, LUPE, or YLEM (I SO wanted it to be fLIM - like phlegm - cosmic snot). Also didn't know Clic-STIC or BRASI. I knew OH BOTHER after I filled it in. Its been a LONG time since I read about Pooh.

Thanks Joe (or whoever you are) and Melissa B for a good workout to start the day.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning,

Joe, thanks for a challenging Tuesday puzzle. Loved NIKE. Athena and Nike were dominant in my classroom. Athena for her representative wisdom. As a process writing teacher, who abhors the 5-Paragraph Essay as tripe and a threat to critical thinking, NIKE was our muse. Don't stall--JUST DO IT! I called it NIKE Writing. Probably a major copyright infringement, but it brought results. Get the juices flowing--we'll work on cleaning it up in the rewriting. My favorite: A student stalled with the Introduction: Um, what are you introducing? You haven't put your ideas together yet! Best AHA moment of all. It freed them to develop ideas! 5PEs are great for standardized tests as the reader can quickly peruse the formula, but they are so destructive to thinking.

I feel like I'm having more fun with pen(cil) and paper again. I'm doing more moving around the grid. When I work on the computer, I tend to go across, down, across, down. . . .

Melissa, thanks for coming by today to take us on the tour. Nicely done. You are on my mind these days.

Have a sunny summer day regardless of the weather.

Husker Gary said...

-I never thought I would have a science term be part of a Natick. I had a better feeling for REMY than YLEM but got it
-Fun write-up, Melissa and a great theme gif!
-Instead of NOT ME, I usually sing, “It Ain’t Me Babe!”
-A C-NOTE is the max we have ever spent for dinner for two. You?
-Bouncer at a buffet, “Sorry, that’s all you can EAT!”
-What’s the point of a restaurant butter PAT that is so hard you can’t spread it?
-Only John Hancock and his secretary Charles Thompson INKED the Declaration on July 4
-Omaha is in the CENTRAL ZONE too but the sun rose 35 min earlier in Chicago today
-Luca’s fate

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

57A: If you're from the NYC area you might remember Gene Klavan's morning show on WNEW-AM. He'd did a weatherman character by the name of Isador Isobar. 😊

64A: I once read that the company bought the Swoosh rights for around $600 and that's all the girl ever received; no sesiduals from its expansive use.

10D: What exactly is a bad penny? Worthless I would understand, but what's so bad about it? And why does it keep turning up?

29D: in the movie they pronounced it Bratzi as if it was spelled Brazzi. I'll have to do some literary research.

49D: A shoe can be reheeled as well as resoled.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Congrats to Joe Kidd on his debut with a clever theme. I'm glad I'm not the only one to find this crunchy for a Tuesday.

Thanks for a nice tour, Melissa- glad you're OK; nice to see you back :) I was like you and kept thinking "This is Tuesday?" Lol, Definitely GOOIER than I expected, especially since I got the theme answers and reveal early.

Owen beat me to the Leia ORGANA explanation. Easy for me but I am a Star Wars geek ;)

A lot of unknowns had me saying OHBOTHER : SOIE, ENTENTE, HELIO, REMY, LUPE, ELAH, BRASI and YLEM (nice learning moment and now the the theme song from TBBT is going through my head)

I read "Chirpy birds" as "Chirpy Words" and with all of the UK's in the SW corner, that was my last area to fill.


I do use "To beat the band" quite a bit. I picked it up from my Mom. Right now, Mia and Albus are snoring to beat the band. It's s tough life those pets of mine lead!

PK- I love using my pencil and paper to solve the CW. I just don't like to work it on the PC; not sure why.

Today is even more lovely than yesterday! It's sunny, in the 60's with a beautiful blue sky and a nice breeze. High of 80 and low humidity predicted- yay!!
Hope you all have a wonderful day and get some sunshine your way, too :)

Big Easy said...

It was MORE than a tad above a Tuesday level for me, with the three adjoining unknowns in the NE- ORCANA, STIC, and BAD PENNY- with all three filled by perps. The DROP IT was easy to spot after the crooked monarch and Newton. The theme fills were just okay, SO SO. Anybody who has seen 'The Godfather' know of Luca BRASI but the spelling of his last name is another matter. And speaking of 'matter', YLEM is a learning experience for me.

I've never read or watched any Pooh Bear books or movies and OH BOTHER was a perp alongside LUPE ( rap is not my thing).

I was probably one of the few people who ever saw the pathetic movie "In the Valley of ELAH" in a theater, the only memorable line was about Tommy Lee Jones telling the other MP that he should always wear queen-sized panty hose under his uniform when on guard duty in the winter.

On a side note, I was reading yesterday's WSJ and saw C.C.'s SHOWER puzzle. Nicely done, as was thinking of the other type of shower.

Yellowrocks said...

A normal Tuesday for me. I immediately got the theme which made it easy. I am glad that Mondays and Tuesdays are no longer done in two minutes flat without the need to cross check any perps, filling in as fast as one can write. Brasi, Organa, and Lupe were done with easy perps and wags. YLEM was all perps, a strange word."Oh bother" and entente were gimmes.
Valley of E---? All I could think of was ELAH, which I visited in Israel. It is the site of the David and Goliath battle. Good wag. I never heard of the movie which I see now has an entirely different story.
We use beat the band quite often.
I wore peau de soie pumps at my son's wedding. It means skin of silk.

Madame D, I share your distaste for 5PEs. It limits creativity. I would have enjoyed your class. I am a "Don't stall, just do it type" of writer. When I have no idea where to head, I begin with the best of very weak options. It sets the juices flowing and after just two or three paragraphs, I know where I am heading and can go back and rewrite. If I waited for clarity I would never be able to begin. My older sister who genius is mathematics must have a clear of idea where she is going before she starts, everything "dead to rights," as we say.

I like seeing the whole puzzle and all the clues at one glance, so I prefer solving with pen and paper. If I get a huge ink blot I resort to the Mensa site master level and type in only the messy section.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Agree with Melissa about Tuesday. Needed help with OH BOTHER, and YLEM. In HS and College physics, we never came across YLEM. ENTENTE though, I've known for years. Perhaps by being involved in Boundary Waters matters as part of my work product helped. But I don't think it belonged in a Tuesday cw unless Rich is trying to shake things up a bit. I liked dropping the IT maneuver and the schtick helped me actually get KITING KING.
REAPER - When I was a wee lad, my Dad harvested grain with a reaper-and-binder, pulled by horses. The bound bundles were then gathered into shocks for several more days of drying out. Then down to the threshing machine powered by a McCormick-Deering 10-20 tractor. A lot of work for a lot of people.

SwampCat said...

Guess I was on the right wave length today because I found this one easy. Only unknown was YLEM and perps took care of that. I'm a Star Wars geek too so that was a gimme, and Pooh was a staple of my kids and grandkids reading. It's so interesting to me that was all have such different spheres of information. Thanks, Joe, for the fun. And MB for the tour.

Owen.....all A's!

Madame D, I agree with your take on writing. Creative thinking is so much more important than form! Form can be taught. Thinking, not so much. I'll never look at an introduction the same again!

Yellowrocks said...

bad panny

The last paragraph of this article reminds me of foreign coins. Our local luncheonette frequently gives us foreign coins in change. If we don't give them back upon receipt, the cashier will not accept them for payment next time. It seems others get away with paying with foreign coins which are never noticed until I try to use them. Penny ante, nickel and dime stuff, but annoying.

Spitzboov, your REAPER musings ring a bell with me.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Joe Kidd, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Melissa Bee, for a fine review.

Got 1A, ISAAC, real easy. Then it got tough for the rest of the puzzle. Got through it, though, with many perps and wags.

No idea what SOIE is. Must be french for silk. Thank goodness for four perps.

Liked the theme. Easiest part of the puzzle.

At the bottom ELAH, REMY, and YLEM all with perps and wags. Same for LUPE.

ACORN reminds me that I have three oak trees growing in pots on my deck. Got them from the Cook County Water Reclamation Dept. They are promoting planting of trees. Since I lost five Ash Trees to the emerald ash borer, I may now have three oaks, if they survive. I may be six feet under before they get real big, though.

Almoner meeting this morning. See you tomorrow. Still did not finish Sunday's puzzle and my wife did yesterday's while I was at a meeting. Oh well.


( )

PK said...

Hi Y'all! The DROP IT theme passed me by unnoticed because it had filled with perps and I didn't read the clue. AW GEE! Thanks, Joe Kidd. Thanks, Melissa, your solving experience was much like mine. Unknowns: WEES

My first thought on reading the constructor's name was that it's a pseudonym. JOKED or KIDDing. Whatever, it was a different take on Tuesday. Maybe he's a BRAINy BRIT. (Does anyone watch The CHASE?)

I did know SOIE having once made a dress of Peau de SOIE. Hard to sew with, if I remember after 50 years.


Never been ON A SPREE, shopping or otherwise. Is it too late for me, do you think? Get me a CNOTE & just go WHOOPEE! NOT ME. I wouldn't REST EASY if I went on a TEAR. OH BOTHER!

Well, I better lace up my NIKEs and get something done today.

CrossEyedDave said...

Stahl/Lupe was a WAG'd Natick, and Ylem was perped...
otherwise, no worries.

But it does give me an opportunity to link Bad Penny!

The theme? Never saw "it."

Drop it however, I am sure some people wish I would,
but I want some more...
(Heh, Heh, got the 19a ding ding reference in there too:)

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Thank you all for the comforting words of condolences. They meant a lot and were sincerely appreciated.

I agree that there were some toughies today but the only completely unknowns, to me, were Organa, Lupe, and YLEM, all conquered via perps. Caught the theme immediately at Kiting King but the reveal phrasing brought an Aha.

Nicely done, Joe, and nicely explained, Melissa. Sorry to hear of your accident and hope you were unhurt.

Yesterday was rainy and dreary and, as of right now, today is a repeat performance. ☔️

Have a great day.

PK said...

CED, the person with the treats certainly owes those cats something for making them wear those horrible hats. Maybe they keep the ears from ringing though. LOL!

Trubrit said...

I found today easy, except I couldn't remember how Lesley Stahl spelt her name and forgot about Pooh Bear's lament.
So glad to see IM back in the corner, I've really missed her chatter.
So very sorry about your loss IM.
Sending love.

Dick Swart said...

Ylem ... a prophet in the lost book of Drumph...

Thus speaketh the prophet Ylem "And there shall come a figure with a head of golden radiance who shall spread declare all history as fraudulent and shall scourge his friends who are not loyal."

Irish Miss said...

Trubrit @11:55 ~ Thank you so much for such kind words and your concern. I missed being absent from the Corner and am glad to be back with my cyber family.

Misty said...

I too found this a bit of a Tuesday toughie, although I got all the theme answers without any problem, and thought the theme was really clever and cool. Many thanks, Joe. My only final problem came with that weird YLEM. I kept thinking it had to be ELEM for ELEMENT, but REST EASE couldn't be right. So I found a new way to cheat: I put both an E and a Y in the space, and that way I'd be right whatever the answer turned out to be. How's that for crossword cowardice? Great pictures, Melissa, and fun expo--many thanks.

Have a great day, everybody!

WikWak said...

What other than a shoe could be RESOLED? How about an aquarium in which all the fish had died?

AnonymousPVX said...

Well, there were some tougher clues, but it all went together nicely.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta- DA!!
Yep! YLEM was my learning moment too. And perps to the rescue throughout Mr. Kidd's opus. I quite liked the theme, which I figured out backwards, starting with POLITE POLE.
Nice illustrations, Melissa! That TORO lawnmower made me feel guilty. I get around on a scooter these days, but mine is the ordinary civilian kind, with no front blades. I'm ashamed now that I'm not cutting grass as I go. What a waste of mileage!

Jayce said...

Whew, quite a Tuesday puzzle. Following the information about YLEM and George Gamow sure taught me a lot that I won't forget. ELAH and LUPE I will very likely forget. Wanted SOLAR until NIKE and SOAR showed up.

Husker Gary, I agree. Why serve pats of butter that are too cold and hard to spread?


Unknown said...

I have a BS in Physics and was about half way through my MS when I was recruited by a defense contractor. I'll admit that I never took advance Quantum Mechanics or Cosmology but I have read Theory of Everything and a few issues of Physics today...AND I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF "YLEM"!
and why would a Burrito be a treat???? I spent 20 minutes trying to fit Churro into 47a. Add the rapper and a movie I never heard of LUPE ELAH and my pen and paper LA TIMEs was a crossout mess ! No good for a Tuesday !!

and anyone that knew a pooh bear saying, a name of an obscure rapper, an even more obscure physics term AND the last name of Princess Leia lived a life I cant even imagine !

Unknown said...

oh and anyone that is a starwars geek that can tell me where Princess Leis's last name was mentioned I'd appreciate it. Except for the ones that came out recently I have seen every Star wars movie at least 5 times and it doesn't ring a bell whatsoever !

Anonymous T said...

Hi All! Happy Tuesday(?)

Thanks Joe Kidd for an almost Wednesday puzzle. It is a Tuesday, though, as I got every square right :-)

Thanks melissa b. Funny, informative expo.

WOs: WHOOhoo b/f WHOOPEE; I WAG'd an S [had to be S or N] in EsTENTE until checking Leia's last name; ORGAsA sounds like I name I'd remember for her :-)


Fav: ILSA; just 'cuz I remembered it (after 3 perps!) from last week.
Runner-up: OH, BOTHER. The Girls have outgrown Pooh; now I gotta wait on grands to enjoy it again [w/o ridicule:-)].

{B+,A,B+}; you win the nerd-of-the-day award! [I'm more Trek that Wars]

Nice to have you back IM.

WikWak - funny RE-SOLEing the fish tank.

Now to go read melissa b's link on YELM; nope never heard it either.

Cheers, -T

CanadianEh! said...

Tougher than the usual Tuesday but I "got her done"! Thanks for the fun Joe and Melissa.
There were a lot of unknown names today but again I counted on perps. Like others, I have never heard of YLEM, LUPE or ORGANA.

I thought of Misty and Whoohoo also but WHOOPEE filled the spot.
PK, I remembered Peau de SOIE from wedding and bridal dress descriptions.
Canadians never have a BAD PENNY turn up because we have no pennies any more.
Is NAFTA an ENTENTE? Don't answer AnonT if it is too political! We must DROP IT.

I had a nit and am surprise that nobody has commented about it yet. Am I the only one who thinks that the clue for 25A requires BRITISH to match English? OTOH I don't know how else the clue could be phrased as "England Einstein?" sounds terrible. But if I think about it long enough, it could be referring to a Britain as a person the way I could be referred to as a Canadian. So perhaps I will take back my nit. Still not my favourite clue/answer.

Glad to see you back Irish Miss.

Spitzboov said...

Can. Eh - I gotta believe the constructor and editor both wrestled with your point. But to follow the theme, we need something with an IT to remove so we can get --BRAIN. I think the notion of Britain includes Scotland and Wales. Maybe Steve will weigh in.

OwenKL said...

Leia is often referred to as Princess Organa or Senator Organa in episodes 4-6 IIRC. For the rest of the details, one of these clips shows it, though being deaf I don't know which one.

Wilbur Charles said...

Wow, I see that I never posted yesterday. And I rushed this off earlier ànd like Hondo I had ABUSER. But, I hadn't been checking perps and never saw PAT.

Now, I like the frozen PAT. I take my spoon and mash.

We had our ENTENTEs during the cold war

So Mme DeFarge was a Jeopardy answer. Eh? She was such a Dickensian character. I liked the co-protagonist, Sidney Carton who gets pulled out of the gin mill to produce a legal brief.

I just learned today that Puerto Rico uses litres not gallons. Are they on the metric system?

Salut to Jordan Speith. Yes, an exciting back nine Tony.

Yep. WOOHOO is our WHOOPEE. Joe K, that was an interesting Tuesday xword. ESP on YLEM and LUPE.

I agree on those three A's for Owen. Or W's.

IM, welcome back. Continued condolences.

Great write-up. I've got to go back to the various links.

Btw. I had a post before about Anikin. 4th in the series and the first actual acting. Nobody told the kid that nobody takes the spoof serious.

George Lukas laughed all the way to the bank.

Misty, welcome back from your trip. You avoided some xword nightmares. My brain went dead but I finally got them.


Misty said...

No Woohoos for a while, CanadianEh. Let's hope for one tomorrow, maybe?
Many thanks, Wilbur. Glad I missed nightmares and not brilliant, easy puzzles!
See you tomorrow!

Anonymous T said...

C, Eh! Nothing today on NAFTA so REST EASY :-)

I was nit'in' on SRO sans abriv. or Brd.Way in the clue. Wasn't a solve stumbler just a mental "wha?".

Misty - Why do you think I filled WHOOhoo! 'Twas you :-)

OKL - Thanks. Now we know ORGANA.

WC - I see Lucas sadly cashing his checks w/ Jar Jar.

CED - I still couldn't get your 1st link (I assume TBBT) to load. Pavlov's cats, however, were cute.

Wish I had a funny link, but no, NOT ME today.

Thanks again Joe & mb.

Cheers, -T

Picard said...

Hand up regarding YLEM. I have degrees in physics and never heard of this. If Gamow talked about this in the 1940s it is probably an outdated term like "phlogiston". I am OK with outdated terms. But they should be identified as such. Especially on a Tuesday!

Hand up that LUPE took ESP. Same with ELAH and SOIE. REMY I have seen in puzzles but was not sure about that REMY/YLEM cross. Could have been REVY/YLEV for all I know.

Agree BURRITO is not a "treat".

Too bad about the weirdness. The theme was fun!