Jul 21, 2017

Friday, July 21, 2017, Jeffrey Wechsler

Title: Friday Funderdome Without Steve Harvey!

Jeffrey is back with one of his specialties - adding a three letter (or more) word to an existing phrase. In this installment he adds FUN so we all have fun. The first splits into two words, the second splits one word and the third is added to the beginning of the phrase. With the three theme plus reveal JW really crafted a very balanced grid loaded with many new things, sparkly things and well clued fill.
EAT TO LIVE and the wonderful IMMENSELY are among my favorites. A puzzle that includes no dreck, just nice fill clued well.

17A. Complain, "Don't I get anything to do around here?"? : DEMAND A FUNCTION (15).
Demand Action.

24A. Compensation for an incomplete sundae? : CHERRY REFUND (12). Cherry Red is a color, a record company, a song....

40A. When a restaurant offers its weekly mushroom specials? : FUNGAL FRIDAY (12). No idea about the resulting phrase,  but Gal Friday was very popular before we needed to choose our words to not offend, even unintentionally. 
The reveal:
51A. "It's party time!" ... or a hint to 17-, 24- and 40-Across : LET'S HAVE SOME FUN (15).


1. Asian priests : LAMAS. The one L ones.

6. Miso base : DASHI. If you appreciate Japanese cooking you need to read the LINK.

11. Zodiac critter : RAM. The symbol of the ram for Aries is based on the Chrysomallus, the flying ram that provided the Golden Fleece. (Atsma).

14. Town house, e.g. : ABODE.

15. How gourmands enjoy their food : IMMENSELY. A lovely double entendre that is not sexual.

19. Distressed sort? : DAMSEL.

20. Medium for much body art : HENNA.  These TATTOOS are very popular for people visiting Key West.

21. Crop planter : SOWER. Reap what you shall sow.

23. Slants : BIASES.

28. European luxury vehicles : AUDIS.

29. Atari release of 1972 : PONG. Control your excitement.

30. Twaddle : PAP. Two words that are not popular where I live.

33. Rock quarry unit : SLAB. You can buy them DIRECT.

34. River feeder : BROOK.

36. It may involve cold calls : POLL. I am so glad I no longer have a landline.

37. Air-conditioning sound : HUM.

38. Territory east of the Philippines : GUAM. US Territory that is.

39. Dance performed with passion : TANGO.

43. Witless sorts : MORONS. Not always un-pc WORD.

46. Water nymph : NAIAD.

47. Diarist Nin : ANAIS.

48. Heads or tails : PLURAL.  Old fashioned puzzle trickery.

56. 2003 best-selling nutritional self-help book : EAT TO LIVE.

57. Raring to go : ANTSY.

58. Furtive : SLY.

59. x, in math : TIMES.

60. Condition : STATE.


1. Any Boy Scout : LAD. Every Boy Scout.

2. Not up : ABED.

3. NYC cultural attraction : MOMAMuseum oModern Art. A wonderful place.

4. Tracy/Hepburn classic : ADAM'S RIB.

5. Burglar alarm devices : SENSORS.

6. Electronic telemarketing tool : DIALER.

7. Big initials in bowling : AMF. Brunswick and AMF, any comment Boomer?

8. Dallas campus: Abbr. : SMUSouthern Methodist University.

9. Chick magnet? : HEN. This was a cute deception.

10. Making slow progress : INCHING. Cute?

11. Jockey controls : REINS.

12. Isolated : ALONE.

13. Birds that may babble : MYNAS.

16. Stand (one) in good __: be useful to : STEAD.

18. Like a meadow in the morning : DEWY.

22. One taking things back? : REPOMAN.

23. Balderdash : BUNK.

24. Fives and tens, say : CASH. Again?

25. Netflix competitor : HULU.

26. Dutch export : EDAM.

27. Rock's __ Fighters : FOO. Very successful SUCCESSOR to Nirvana.

30. 31-Down environment : POND.

31. Bit of 30-Down life : ALGA.

32. Bit of subterfuge : PLOY.

34. Backyard cookout supply : BUNS. For Splynter I found this LINK.

35. Car wash item : RAG.

36. Leased, with "on" : PAID RENT. No idea what the "on" adds to this.

38. Crime drama sound effect : GUNSHOT. The sound alone can cause...

39. Psychological wounds : TRAUMAS.

40. Pass off (on) : FOIST.

41. Runs out : LAPSES.

42. Baklava dough : FILO.

43. Bulls and bucks : MALES. How cool to have a basketball misdirection just before...

44. Retired NBA center : O'NEAL. There are two that I know of. They were even teammates in Boston, when they were no longer stars, I think. Jermaine on the viewer's left, Shaquille on the right.

45. Like shabby old clothes : RATTY. Schmatta.

49. Mennen lotion : AFTA.

50. "... prologue to the history of __ and foul thoughts": Iago : LUST.
"Lechery, by this hand, an index and obscure prologue to the history of lust and foul thoughts." Act II, Scene 1, Othello by a regular visitor to JW puzzles.

52. Ring legend : ALI.

53. Get-up-and-go : VIM. And vigor.

54. Big night : EVE.

55. TV's "Science Guy" : NYE. My favorite SCENE.

Well it was a JW so it must be Friday; I hope you enjoyed his work and the guided tour.  Lemonade out.


OwenKL said...

FIR! Wasn't able to guess at the theme, though, because 2 out of 3 themers were still under construction when I gave up and looked at the reveal, and then I still had to get some perps for that! The one themer I had was CHERRY REFUND, which I figured was a letter switch from CHEERY REFUND.

{C+, B, A-.}

The DAMSEL was DISTRESSED, now what could she do?
Appearing in public like this, she was through!
With a whole SLAB of HENNA,
A floppy hat from Aunt Emma... --
She'd been dis-tressed by the wrong stuff as shampoo!

At ADAMS' barbecue, everyone wears a bib!
Any prize, he would have dibs!
A perfect rack, he reported,
Needed cheese fresh imported.
All are tempted IMMENSELY by EDAM'S RIB!

A BROOK or a POND may be home to a NAIAD.
A tree in a forest may house a dryad.
If I was still young,
Come ABED with me girls, and let's make a triad!"

OwenKL said...

Eek! I just discovered I wrote poems for yesterday, but didn't post them!

{B-, B+.}

Tongues would WAG at a NANA from ATLANTA.
She'd HAUNT racetrack STABLES,
When she won, she would sing a hosanna!

The gal GENIE was all EASY PEASY.
She'd do what it took to APPEASE ye.
To the waist, she was smoke,
But her top she'd uncloak --
What her TASSLES could do was just cheesy!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Managed to get the theme after finishing, but before coming here. I guess that's something. Only RUSE/PLOT/PLOY required Wite-Out this morning. Can't believe I had trouble getting GUAM; I spent almost two years there. Thanx, JW and L714.

RATTY: a term near and dear to my wardrobe. There are dress jeans, everyday jeans, work jeans and don't-leave-the-house-in-these jeans.

AMF's (I think it originally stood for American Machine and Foundry) automated equipment killed my teenage career as a pinsetter.

Big Easy said...

LET'S HAVE SOME FUN? Well I enjoyed completing the puzzle but I was perplexed after filling DEMAND A FUNCTION because it just didn't sound right. PAP or Twaddle- perps all the way as I had no idea what either meant. And DASHI was another new word for me.

As I was working my way to the PAP section I came to a complete halt. The FUN addition wasn't apparent yet and I had already filled RUSE instead of PLOY. You couldn't complete 31D without 30D or vice versa. But it's FRIDAY. I just guessed ALGA & POND.

FILO- I've seen it spelled PHYLO, PHYLLO, FYLO but NAIAD saved the day for me.

AUDI-luxury? I would call it an upgraded Volkswagen. I remember when any car that had AC, push-button radio, power steering and power brakes was considered a 'luxury' car.

inanehiker said...

Another creative theme by JW. At first I thought I was going to be at a standstill, but slowly gained footholds. New word for me: DASHI.
My dad was stationed in Guam in 1945 shortly after the war ended - there were still Japanese up in the hills that didn't know the conflict was over. At the end of his life when dementia made it difficult to talk - he would still say, "Remember GUAM and Tinea!"

Thanks Lemonade for a FUN blog explanation!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Well, this was FUN! FUN! FUN! FUN! ('til daddy took the T-bird away!) Thanks, Jeffrey!

Thanks, Lemony! Man, that TANGO looked like FUN but a little spicy for breakfast.

The "P" in REPOMAN/PONG cross was the last to fill. I tried REturns first. My kid was an Atari whiz. I didn't pay attention.

No idea about DASHI. AMF, PAP & POLL also all perps. Cold calls: I filled out an email thing online to get a certain store to give me a window replacement quote. So far I've had 14 phone calls (cold, in that I hung up on them). Lost count on number of emails received. Not one was from the store on whose site I thought I was.

Tried CHERRY REward before REfund.

Laughed at FUNGAL FRIDAY which could also be clued as "the day HS athletes clean out their lockers and take the undies & sox they wore all week in practice home to mom to wash." Actually had some mold sometimes.

O'NEAL: a gimmee.

desper-otto said...

InaneHiker, I'll bet that word your dad said was "Tinian" -- it's another island in the Marianas and site of a WWII battle.

Anonymous said...

All wounds are TRAUMAS, not just "psychological wounds."

Where is the abbreviation in ONEAL? (called for by "NBA").

Argyle said...

Owen, your first Thursday's lim is perfect for today's opening of the Saratoga flat track.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

This was tough and I was INCHING along for quite a while. Didn't see the FUN ( literally) in the theme answers until the blog. Having Hoist/FOIST didn't help. I was thinking WTH is Hungal? Geez, my only defense for not getting FUNGAL is not enough coffee. Nice work though from Jeffrey! I did enjoy the workout IMMENSELY despite my fumbles.

Thanks for a great tour, Lemonade! Although your link for the FOO Fighters is a repeat of the cute HEN and chicks pic. DH and I love the Foo Fighters. The lead singer Dave Grohl is brother-in-law's doppelgänger. He's mistaken for him often and has been asked for his autograph. It's a great running joke in our family.

Had to cheat to get DASHI and PAP- just couldn't get a foothold there.

Perps were AMF, EATTOLIVE, MYNAS, PLURAL(tricky/clever!) and POLL( ready to ditch our landline, too. Although I'm not happy about the sales calls I've been getting on my cell. Someone has obviously sold my #- perhaps t-Mobile? )

My biggest goof (other than Hungal) was having Atra/AFTA and Sins/LUST. This made "Raring to go" look like _ _ RNY. My first thought was "Horny" then "Surely that's too risqué?" Then I really had to LOL when LETSHAVESOMEFUN appeared, as they seemed to go together. My bubble was burst when that answer corrected AFTA. Once again, my thought process is questionable ;)

It's raining here but it's actually a nice break. The heat yesterday was downright miserable.

Happy Friday- hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Not surprising, I had to look up a few items in this JW special. Surprisingly, I actually enjoyed the puzzle. Erased Eat to Lose for Eat to LIVE and shape for STATE. Googled LUST and foul thoughts as well as FILO. Used red letters to change PiP to PAP.

Thanks to Jeffrey for a puzzle that even I can enjoy and learn from, and to Lemonade for another fine tour. Hope those BUNS don't get Splynters from the picnic table.

D/O - To texters, AMF means "Adios, mother [foolers]".

Inane and D/O - Tinian isn't just any island, it is where Enola Gay and Bockscar left from on their way to drop the two atomic bombs that ended WWII. I just finished Bill O'Reilly's book "Killing the Rising Sun", a fascinating but graphic historical account of the war in the Pacific.

Yellowrocks said...

FIR. After pecking around for a while, using the perps for FUND and perps and wags for FUNCTION and LET’S HAVE I was able to wag SOME FUN. Aha, there was the theme. Clever.

DASHI was the last to fall. I have made dashi and miso soup. The miso base is soybeans. The soup is never called miso, standing alone, but is called miso soup. The miso soup base is dashi, a kind of broth which does not contain miso. You make the dashi first and then add miso and other ingredients to this base to make miso soup. Dashi is used in other kinds of soup besides miso soup.

I get advertising calls several times a month on my cell these days.The Do Not Call list does not spare my landline.

PK, LOL fungal Friday.

Anonymous said...

55 down missing from LA Times paper puzzle

MJ said...

Good day to all!

This took me far too long today, but I had a lot of FUN along the way. As I pecked my way about, I got the reveal before the theme answers which was extremely helpful. Some great fill along the way as pointed out in the expo. Thanks, Lemonade, for today's tour.

Enjoy the day!

Madame Defarge said...


Big DNF here. I was INCHING along, but couldn't get out of the ALGA POND once I fell in. PAP was a new one for me. Well, sort of. . . . I didn't know that the MORONS who text on their phones and miss the very short left turn signal were witless. I just thought they were selfish. I never played PONG or any video games, so I am always at a loss there. Still don't play them. My favorite today was certainly chick magnet. Lemonade, I love the photo of the HEN and the fluffballs. Thanks for the tour!

Thanks, Jeff, for a fine challenge. It was FUN for sure.

Everyone have a fine day.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, JW, for a FUN puzzle, and Lemonade for a FUN write-up. Loved DAMSEL clue the best!

Have a great weekend to all! Stay cool!

Husker Gary said...

-A Jeff Wex Friday that was, well, FUN!
-His GAL FRIDAY in 1940 that was remade as this in 1974
-_ _ _ _ K river feeder? Of course, it’s CREEK. (Crick or Creek where you live?) Wait a minute…
-BIASED news always find MORONS who don’t consider both sides
-ANAIS and ONO live on mostly in the crossword world
-Days of just LADS could be numbered. Fine by me.
-How many insults does a telemarketer have to endure before the DIALER gets him/her a “live one”?
-In the Frank Loesser song titled Inchworm, what is that worm measuring?
-Kids in corn detasseling fields this morning got a very DEWEY reception
-I would think a REPO MAN would have to be packin’ heat
-My three second crime drama sound effect
-When your warranty LAPSES, gird your loins for the DIALERS to begin
-RATTY – Dickey Lee sang of Patches and The Four Seasons sang of Rag Doll

PK said...

Inchworm measuring the marigolds, seems to me you'd stop and see how beautiful they are.

Tinbeni said...

Jeffrey: Thank you for a FUN puzzle.


WikWak said...

Whoo! Still no Cruciverb, so forced once again to the LAT site, which I reall dislike. I want my Cruciverb back!
The northeast took just a bit under forever but it finally fell when I had to turn on the red letter help. I do agree wholeheartedly with Lemonade; there was so much good, sparkley fill that it made up for the teeth-gnashing parts. Thanks, JW & L!

WikWak said...

ReallY. Ratz.

Misty said...

Well, the only things I got on my first run through on this puzzle were ANAIS and DEWY. Took a while for things to fill in, but when I had about 3/4 I had to start cheating. Lots of clever clues and FUN fill, although I didn't get that FUN was added to an existing phrase until Lemonade's write-up. Then I appreciated the clever theme even more--especially Jeffrey giving us a FUNGAL FRIDAY today. So, many thanks, Jeffrey and Lemonade for a great ending to our week.

Have a great weekend coming up, everybody! I'll be visiting friends in Riverside, and just hope it won't be too hot.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Another sweet offering from Mr. Wechsler - of the type that makes me faint of heart at the start, yet yields its goodies to my perseverance.

As Anonymous pointed out @10:04am, the LA Times saw fit to delete the final clue (55D). SoCal cruciverbalists could only operate through perps and just guessed it had something to do with "Bill NYE, the Science Guy."
Also obtainable through perps was DASHI (6A). I always enjoy the umami flavor of Miso but learned only today that its base is DASHI, often made from a brew of kelp and shavings of fermented tuna. Mmm. Yum.

Ol' Man Keith said...

I remember when PONG came out, and we could hook it up to our Magnavox TV.
A white "ball" against a black background, knocked from left to right and back. We wasted many an hour in a game that had no color, no music, no lurking enemies, no miracle weapons, (no weapons of any sort), and no extra lives.
How easily entertained we could be... Bop Bip Bop BUZZ. Simple minds. We were happy.
Have we lost that innocence?

Jayce said...

I got plenty of fun from this puzzle. Jeffrey Wechsler is definitely a pro.

AnonymousPVX said...

This seemed a bit on the gifty side for a Friday puzzle, not a complaint. Like yesterday the theme wasn't apparent or needed for the solve, also appreciated.

Yellowrocks said...

Miso is soy bean paste, not soup. It is an ingredient in dipping sauces, soups, dressings, glazes and veggie accompaniments. Its base is NOT dashi. Miso's base is the soy bean. My favorite use of miso is as a glaze for salmon.
Dashi is is a class of soup and cooking stock used in Japanese cuisine. Dashi forms the base for miso soup, clear broth, noodle broth, and many kinds of simmering liquid. It is also mixed into flour base of some grilled foods like okonomiyaki and takoyaki. Dashi is a simple broth or fish stock made by heating water containing kombu (edible kelp) and kezurikatsuo (shavings of katsuobushi - preserved, fermented skipjack tuna). Instant versions are common today, even among the native Japanese
Dashi is the base for miso soup and many other recipes. Miso is an ingredient added to dashi to make miso soup. Dashi is NOT the base for miso any more than beef broth is the base for vegetables.
I love umami taste of miso soup and dashi used in other soups, as well.
Dashi is used to make okonomiyaki pancakes. Some okonomiyaki restaurants are grill-it-yourself establishments, where the server produces a bowl of raw ingredients that the customer mixes and grills at tables fitted with teppan, or special hotplates. I grilled thes with my DIL in Japan, lotsa fun.

Unknown said...

No Tada today. Two not only foreign foods but Ingrediants for foreign food ! Dashi and Filo...BLAH !

Why would gormands enjoy their food "immensely" If anything these pretentious A**es are very critical...oh well tomorrow will be worse ! LOL

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Close but no dice; CRAPS! FIW.
Thanks JW, not only was this puzzle FUN -- I feel good for how close I got to the "win" against your diabolical mind. Great "insert FUN" theme - I got a HOOT parsing DEMAND A CTION... what's a CTION? V-8!

FUN expo Lem; you pointed out my HENNi was in error and I echo Bunny M re: FOO's link. Did you watch PONG video to the end? Anything exciting happen after :38 when I stopped? :-)

HULU was my 1st leading to a quick fill of the West Central. FOO was a gimme and got me away from TRON (oops, look at date -T) to PONG. Other early gimmes: ALI, TIMES, VIM, EVE, NYE, AFTA, STATE, and I could "see" -AVE----F-N and filled HAVESOMEFUN [thought: could bet LETS, but lets' check perps*]. Perp-check [RATTY & MALES] and the SW just filled.

WOs: SLAg b/f SLAB; TRAMmAS, and, fun fact - ALGA doesn't live in saND; sAP b/f PAP.
ESPs: DASHI, MYNiS [sic], NAIAD [though as I was perp'ing it out, my brain got a little tickle - "It's an 'I' -T"; I must be learning!], ANAIS. PAP and POLL (as clued) too.

Fav: It's hard today - I had lots of 'smile' moments with JW's effor. I think I have to go w/ MORONS. The word always invokes the scene I linked FLN re: Germans / Pearl Harbor; "What the hell 'ya think we'rre supposta do? You MORON." And, of course, Bugs Bunny.

{C+,B+,A}. F(not)LN - {B+,B}

YR - Thanks for the gourmand background on DASHI. I thought Miso Soup at the clue so didn't flinch but I get your point.

PK - T-BIRD was so last TuesDAY :-)

Bunny - LOL'd at Horney FUN. Takes two to TANGO.

Cheers, -T
*yes, "lets'" is PLURAL possessive; my mind's ANTSY from the HUM of MORONS within :-)

Anonymous said...

I love miso soup. Didn't know about the dashi base. Learning moment today.

Lemonade714 said...

Chuck L., while a Gourmet might be pretentious, a gourmand loves all food and lots of it.

To someone very familiar with Japanese cooking and eating, miso has more meanings than soup, but to the vast majority of the world miso means the soup because we only see it as soup.

CanadianEh! said...

I must be late to the party if AnonT has already posted. Thanks for the FUN Jeffrey and Lemonade.
I took a break this afternoon when I still had some white and returned after a lovely supper on the patio and glass of Rose,
which I enjoyed IMMENSELY. Heh I LIVE to EAT and that cookbook title is in the wrong order. LOL.
When I returned, my ink blots cleared and blanks filled in.

I did see the Fun theme but missed the other words. Clever.
My major ink lot was caused by filling 17A with Where's the Action when I only had the final CTION. It fit perfectly and held me up.

Unknowns included AMF (I did note the CSO to Boomer), DASHI, HULU (I don't think it is available in Canada?) and I am used to seeing FILO spelled as Phyllo.

Like AnonT, Twaddle meant SAP which gave me ALGA in my Sand. And PALL can be cold. Officially a FIW but it is Friday!

Hope it was a FUN one.

Anonymous T said...

1 of 2 - Blogger limits one to 4096 characters:

First, C, Eh! We get off at noon on Fridays. I have a bit of afternoon time to play/post while I work. [just finished deliverables for everyone; nap time(?)]...

//Skip this post if you don't care how I got to the end... It's too long anyway.
I kinda wrote this for those, who, like me, don't think they're Friday-good solvers to show a little stick-with-it will get you there [you do have to have some puzzledom familiarity - like SMU or 3-letter boxer == ALI or Nin==ANAIS (still don't recall him/her(?); Every Single Perp)

Take heart, I played the puzzle over 8 hours interleaved with glances at the clues while commuting [traffic! (HULU)] and telling my computer what to do... While computer did, I play'd.

I do the puzzle in ink on dead trees and play one little area at a time. Some grids are conducive to that PLOY and so (one thing (area) leads to another [The Fixx for Tawny - BTW, did you catch the phrasing for I Echo Bunny? Little Easter Egg for just you :-)]* while other grids block you in and you get stuck... INCH ahead.

E.g. I had nothing in the NW forever... I kept scratching my imaginary beard at 1d - "Physically strong, Mentally FIT!(?), Morally straight." Only 'fit' fit 3 blocks but it can't be right. 1-L'd LAMA got me LAD(? - ok, that works-ish)

HULU was my 1st fill and HUM/AUDIS [thoughts but no ink, seemed to fit]. Noodled a second on Fives & Tens (and kept "hearing" Five and Dime in mind's ear) but got the CASH later after...

FOO was a gimme 'cuz I like the band. And, it got me to Atari's PONG. Later, with NG in a row at 10d, I put in the 'I' and then got BIASED across. What BUNK.

Other early gimmes: ALI, X==variable-no-TIMES, VIM, EVE, NYE, AFTA, STATE, and I could "see" -AVE----F-N and filled HAVESOMEFUN based on clue.

I then started filling the east-central with TANGO ("gotta be, -T") and got TRAmMAS. And was stuck in the SE w/ 5 blocks left open...

Back to finish FUNGus, er, FUNGAL FRIDAY. And then went to figure out NW. LAMA MOMA finally came to mind and meshed [I was stuck on guru, maji or some such and MFAH (Fine Arts, Houston)]. Finally, I was ABED w/ a DAMSEL (I guess she was distressed :-)).

I was still stuck w/ SLAg @33d and A DAMS RIg @4d. How the hell do I know this movie? It was probably in black and white! :-). Oh, ADAM's RIg (wait, what? What does 33a read again?). Duh; SLAB.

Finished all that off and back to the east - 30/31d xref... Mmmm... Aha! ALGA [I think I've seen that(?)]. Sand! I've seen sea-week on the beach... Fun fact - ALGA does not live in saND - "it's POND MORON; ALGA ain't sea-weed it's green slime at the lake." Thus PaLL was fixed to POLL.

I finally Google'd how to spell TRAUMAS and found C, Eh! snuck another U in our words... The invasion comes from the North! :-)

That revealed PLURL -> LAPSES-> wagging the I in FILO. Done; 'cept the babbling-bird and HENNi.

Anonymous T said...

2 of 2: Agyle - delete me if it's too much.

Lick my wounds (there's another U!) and admire the construction and words within:
Pretty cool theme theme today and
Some fun words - BUNK, VIM, LUST, FOIST
Good Stuff: c/a REPO MAN; PONG (memories!); FOO as clue'd
Some "learning moments" [googled Twaddle and PAP post "solve." Just means 'silly shit']
Some "you bastard!" moments [see LAD, ABED, & 13d]
Some "nailed it" moments 'cuz you're dorky enough to know PONG which you played ALONE.
Some "Ha! I see what you did there" moments (see: SOWER, HEN, ABODE [maybe that's more 'you bastard - I was thinking Condo])

It's all about the FUN. Like golf, it's just you and the course (er, grid). How did you do v. last try. Sometimes you just recycle the whole damn thing (and then read the Corner) and sometime you get so close to nailing an 11' putt (er, a Friday). Mind you, very much unlike HG, I don't golf.

And No, I won't solve but maybe 30% tomorrow which is better than the 29%-ish I got last Sat. Keep playing and learning. And Splynter's Expo is always worth the puzzle's attempt.

Cheers, -T
*To let y'all in on the ref: Echo and the BunnyMEN

Big Easy said...

A-T, you are WRONG on PONG. In the bars, it was a two person game for 25 cents that had them competing against each other.

Wilbur Charles said...

I looked up half way through and spotted Jeff W's name. "That explains it". I started it at breakfast and the busser grabbed my paper. In the confusion I forgot to tip and had to drive back...

From the laundry down the street. I was left with the _ ASHI/_I_LER cross. I ended up with DEMANDS FUNCTION and KISLER


As I once posted. It could be said that the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor. Their spy apparatus had mapped out the logistics and tracked the bombing via flash signals.

They obviously had made a deal to invade Russia from the West if Japan would cripple the US and fight in the East.

Note: Upon the Japan-US declarations, Germany declared war on the US.

Lemony: great write-up. Splynter will rise to the challenge I'm sure.

Owen I agree on your grade for #3. I'll give it a W+.

If I'd caught on to dropping FUN from the theme answers I'd have gotten DEMAND ACTION


I was never much for video games but played them with my son Phil until he turned 8 and I couldn't keep up.

Well good night all, Misty, have a safe trip. I know Sheldon* and the gang went from Cal-tech to Long Beach to rescue cousin Leopold one night

* Lemony, thx for that Nye clip. I had IRA/EAGER at first

Misty said...

Thank you, Wilbur. I'll hope to check in with the blog on Monday if I don't have time tomorrow. Have a great weekend!

Anonymous T said...

BigEasy - Atari made the home edition in '76 and I acquired one ~'80 second-hand with my paper-route money. -T

Anonymous T said...

BigE - being Sat you may have time to listen to NPR's From Scratch with Atari's founder. I'm sure folks "really there" could debunk bits of Bushnell's story; I'll take it at face value.
Lucina, he quotes Jabberwocky in the 1st 50sec :-). -T

Picard said...

FUN theme! CONDO instead of ABODE had me stuck awhile in the NW!

Never saw baklava dough spelled FILO. But when I got F-LO I figured out what they meant. That filled in NAIAD which was unknown.

DAMSEL and PLURAL were amusingly and deceptively clued.

Other unknowns: EAT TO LIVE, ONEAL, ADAM'S RIB, DASHI, LUST, AFTA all gotten w perps.