Jul 5, 2017

Wednesday, July 5, 2017, Agnes Davidson and C.C. Burnikel


Husker Gary here reporting for the fifth time on work by the construction firm of Davidson and Burnikel. Our Irish Miss and C.C. have a two-level w/circles type of exercise today as you can see below. 

They placed the  word ILL in circles under three types of weather precipitation phenomena.  But wait, there's more! Neither the literal meanings of the word ILL nor the actual meteorological  use of the weather event were part of the theme fills. Land O' Goshen, that's makes for a fun Wednesday exercise!

My search for their devious gimmick was futile until I got the reveal at:

64. Not up to par ... or, aptly, what this puzzle's circled letters are : UNDER THE WEATHER which could also be shown in Wacky Wordie style (*solution to this at the bottom of the write-up)

I'll send out a persona "atta boy"/"atta girl" who got the theme without the circles

Theme answers:

20. Warble : TRILL UNDER 17. Overindulge (someone) at birthday time : SHOWER WITH GIFTS - GIFTS SHOWERED upon Kim Kardashian and her pending event of giving birth 

39. Nabisco snack brand : NILLA UNDER 34. Last-ditch gridiron pass : HAIL MARY - The Huskers beat Northwestern on this fabulous HAIL MARY pass from Ron Kellogg III to Illinois native Jordan Westerkamp 

50. Road incline : HILL UNDER 45. "I'm Moving On" country singer : HANK SNOW - Check out one of his opening acts who is billed with Onie Wheeler but below Slim Whitman

Now let's see what else these two fine ladies have "rained down" on us today:


1. Go straight to the top? : PRAY - Sorry son, I don't think any deity really cares...

5. Crawling carpenters : ANTS - A $4 tube of MaxForce in a syringe got rid of ours

9. Made into a bundle : BALED - Round and rectangular BALES are now "high art" here on the prairie. 

14. Sport for the supersized : SUMO - Marie Osmond won't sell much product to them

15. "Unfaithful" co-star Richard : GERE

16. Join forces : UNITE

21. Figuratively : SO TO SPEAK

22. Circular power tool : SAW

24. Tarzan player Ron : ELY

25. Tetra- times two : OCTA

29. Set one's sights on, with "at" : AIMED - I love this cartoon about Lewis Grizzard's Hilarious book

31. "So long!" : BYE

36. Periodic pay : SALARY

40. And so on: Abbr. : ETC

42. Avant-garde jazzman who named himself after an Egyptian god : SUNRA - Right after I finished this puzzle, I googled this man because all the perps fit. It's amazing how few avant-garde jazz people I know

43. Country Style Steak Fries maker : OREIDA - Anybody got that phone # for Marie Osmond?

47. Pindar work : ODE - Not familiar with this Grecian odeist/odician/odeaphile... 

48. Charlotte __: creamy dessert : RUSSE

51. Permit : LET

52. Crumpets companion : TEA

54. Head honcho : TOP BANANA - George always acknowledged that Gracie was the TOP BANANA in this act

59. Starbucks flavor : MOCHA

66. Send (to) for a second opinion : REFER - George often REFERRED to Gracie as job security 

67. Steal, for slate: Abbr. : ANAG - ANAGRAM of each other

68. Lemon-like : TART

69. Like ogres : NASTY  - Fiona saw that that was not true!

70. "So Sick" R&B singer : NEYO - A artist who thinks lyrics today are too misogynistic 

71. Ironically, they might be even : ODDS


1. Sibilant "Yo!" : PSST - Oh, sibilant refers to hissing not my siblings

2. River to the Rhine : RUHR

3. Mine, in Metz : AMOI

4. Pained cry : YOWL

5. Dept. concerned with rural development : AGR

6. Reuters, for one : NEWS WIRE - Originally named for when NEWS was transmitted literally over a telegraph, telephone or telex WIRE

7. Folk's Kingston __ : TRIO - Is your favorite on here?

8. Couch kin : SETTEE

9. Mobster Siegel : BUGSY - “My friends call me Ben,” he once said, “strangers call me Mr. Siegel, and guys I don’t like call me Bugsy, but not to my face.”

10. Had __: imbibed modestly : A NIP

11. Longest sentence : LIFE

12. Bluesy James : ETTA

13. Work at it : DESK

18. Trains over the street : ELS - Some say the car chase under the ELS in The French Connection was the best car chase ever

19. Ship storage areas : HOLDS

23. Designation for batteries, bonds or baseball teams : AAA - The first two might be more obvious than the last one where the Omaha Storm Chasers are this


25. "I can't believe it!" : OH NO

26. Egyptian capital : CAIRO - If you look closely in the lower left hand corner you can see what capital is spent in Egypt's, uh, capital

27. Like many floors : TILED

28. Kate's TV sidekick : ALLIE

30. Nessie and Bigfoot, by most accounts : MYTHS - and Ogres?

31. Get red in the face : BLUSH

32. New Age composer : YANNI - Please, no more YANNI!

33. Flynn of film : ERROL

35. Irate : MAD

37. Question : ASK

38. Two-masted boat : YAWL

41. Robinson Crusoe, notably : CASTAWAY - For the role in CASTAWAY, Tom Hanks shot the first part of the movie and then took a year off to lose 55 lbs. and finish shooting

44. "__ we all?" : AREN'T

46. Society page word : NEE

49. Pioneer Day celebrant : UTAHAN

51. King or Bird : LARRY

53. Physicians' org. : AMA

54. Go sour : TURN - Isn't this what you think of?

55. Draft designation : ONE-A

56. Some email attachments : PDF'S

57. Root often pickled : BEET - People seem to love 'em or hate 'em. I'm in the former camp, you?

58. Aloha State bird : NENE

60. Germany's von Bismarck : OTTO

61. African lake in four countries : CHAD - I couldn't name the other three countries either

62. Cattle collection : HERD

63. Music and dance, e.g. : ARTS

65. Freudian focus : EGO


Those of you who feel up to should now give us your opinion!


fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to IM, CC and Husker!

Fun puzzle!

I did not know: SUNRA, NEYO, YANNI (at least I know who he is!) and CHAD (heard of that also).

Hope you all had a nice Fourth! (I was alone, but kept occupied. Hit an all time record at Word Solitaire!

Have a great day!

OwenKL said...

FIRbNTD. No ta-da, so I went back over it, and found I had OCTa + oLLIE. Worked the circle-less Mensa site, but picked up on SHOWER, HAIL, & SNOW. The reveal told me to look under them where I found an epidemic of ILLs! I love it when I can guess where the circles should go! That's a better puzzle than the crossword, to me!

Weird, I wrote a poem yesterday about one of my digital drawings, and wished I had an excuse to share it with you; then two words from the poem show up in today's puzzle! One is very central to the artwork! Here's a link to the jigSAW of it! I usually make my jigsaws from 30 to 300 pieces, but this is child-sized at just 12, so even the non-jiggers among you can enjoy it!

▲{A}, ▼{A-, B+, B.}

The hay was BALED and on the truck,
But bailed when the truck suffered ILL-luck!
On a TURN it jack-knifed,
There was no loss of LIFE,
But hay HAILED down when those bales went bust!

There once was a girl, we'll call her ALLIE,
Who wanted to sit on an antique SETTEE.
So there she sat
At that was that.
She was settee sittee while her hostess set TEA!

Women are OGRES, it's plain to see
Both ogres and women are often NASTY!
One will be tamed
When a MOCHA is drained --
But nothing can stop a dame on a spree!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I see y'all survived the 4th. We passed on the pyrotechnics and stayed in the cool A/C at home.

Nice job, Agnes and C.C. I got the weather thingees, but didn't notice the circles in my paper (they were there), so ILL never made a blip on my radar. With HOWL in place, I wondered what the heck is a PRAH? D'oh! I'll take the CSO at 60d. NEYO was my only unknown today.

NEWSWIRE: I spent a number of years with my desk near the teletype machine. The machine's rhythm kept my typing at a constant 55 wpm. Years later I was finally able to shake that rhythm in my head and revert to my normal, faster typing speed.

You spell it YAWL, we spell it Y'ALL. (See paragraph one.)

Big Easy said...

The precipitation was falling this morning. The 'wet' connection was an easy spot but I wasn't paying attention to the circles until I completed the puzzle. Same as D-O. My SOAR changed to PRAY so I didn't have HOWL. I've never hears of a YOWLING Wolf, but YOWL is a legitimate word.

'Who got the theme'?- No atta boy to me.

Four musicians today. SUN RA I knew; I subscribed to 'Downbeat Magazine' in my teens. New Age ( what ever that means) musicians- always TESH or YANNI. HANK SNOW- I know of him but the fill was all perps. NEYO-never heard of; all perps.

PRAY for no more YANNI? But sometimes the constructors need OTT, ELS, ALAI, ALAE, and many other X-word standbys to complete the puzzle.

Charlotte RUSSE- dessert? News to me. That's twice that I've never heard of it. The first time was when RUSSE was a fill for a women's clothing chain. All Perps.

Anonymous said...

So, has DESK become a verb?

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but missed the best part of the theme! I got "ILL" but missed that they were all under some kind of weather. Thanks, HG for pointing it out and for the rest of your fine tour.

Fun, fun , fun puzzle today, but that's what I've come to expect from our dynamic duo. Thanks Irish Miss and CC. Favorite today was the first clue "go straight to the top" for PRAY. Didn't know SUNRA, RUSSE, NEYO or that "Pioneer Day" was specific to Utah. I only knew CHAD as a country and as an actor (Everett).

Erased ouch for YOWL, toil for DESK, and I had A sIP before I had A NIP. Actually, DW and I have had neither a sip or a nip in over a year.

Our AAA team is the Tides, affiliates of the Orioles franchise. I like that you can sit where the ump can actually hear you yell at him.

The Jinx "best all-time car chase" award goes to Steve McQueen in "Bullitt". My car at the time looked just like his, except mine was a '67 and his was a '68. Side reflectors added in '68 were about the only difference.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Agnes, CC and Gary.

Great job ladies ! Love your paired flair !

No, I didn't get the theme without the circles and reveal.

SUN RA ? Who knew ? JzB ?
NEYO ? Who knew ?
YANNI ? I recognize the name, but was looking to fill with Tesh or Enya. Perps made it easy.

My paternal grandmother liked George Burns and Gracie Allen. She probably liked the music of the Kingston TRIO as well. I didn't recognize any of those greatest hits.

Kinda feels like a Monday. Not the puzzle. The day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just read last nights late comments, have not done the puzzle yet,
To much to do. May not get to it at all today.

Anonymous T, sunburn is ok, just the top of the shoulders that stick out of the water.
What I was trying to say was
(Red letters on a Monday, boy is my face red...)

Anyway, I just jumped on to tell Bill G that you can hotlink that Facebook
Picture of Bella in a way that everyone can see.
You just need to be on just the pic when you copy it, not the Facebook page.
I.E. Go to the Facebook feed, click on the pic, when the pic only is showing, copy address.

When you paste it into the link, you will see the URL does not show http/

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Oh yeah - My favorite from the Kingston Trio was MTA. I liked that Elvis was an opening act in Ocala, as was Johnny Cash's future wife June Carter. When I was a teen I went on a summer educational trip through Europe. We went to a nightclub in London where Joe Cocker was the opening act for The Crazy World of Arthur Brown. A few years later I went to a concert on the eve of the Kentucky Derby where Charlie Daniels and the Marshall Tucker Band were opening acts for Wet Willie. Country music star Tom T. Hall performed as a kid between features at our local drive-in. He went by the name "Peewee" Hall in those days. He may be best known for writing "Harper Valley PTA". Fortunes rise, fortunes fall, but irony is here to stay.

Yellowrocks said...

TTP, this felt like a Monday to me, too, even before I worked the puzzle. First serious day after several days off. The puzzle was very Monday-like, but the fantastic theme and Gary's expo made it all worthwhile. I saw the ILLs and the weather words, but didn't suss the UNDER part. Clever. Many gimmes. Only NEYO was totally unknown. It took a few perps to dredge up YANNI, SUN RA, and ANAG.
I can't name the 4 CHAD river countries. My African geography knowledge is woefully inadequate.
My in laws dog yowled at the fire sirens. Yowl implies distress. I think the sirens hurt his ears.
I wondered why DESK was used as a verb, and then I realized that "work at IT" was calling for a substitute for IT. You work at a desk.
Sometimes all it takes to solve a clue is having heard the fill word. The only thing I know about Pindar is that he wrote odes.

Creatures for a day! What is a man?
What is he not? A dream of a shadow
Is our mortal being. But when there comes to men
A gleam of splendour given of heaven,
Then rests on them a light of glory
And blessed are their days. -from Pindar's Pythian 8

Yellowrocks said...

Anonymous T, from last night.
"Monet is OK but your taste will mature - like you like Red wine now but will learn to appreciate Whites." LOL
Among my non wine drinking friends, reds are the least appreciated by the unsophisticated wine drinker. The progression seems to be, first sweet, then rose, then whites, and then reds. Merlot and cab are my faves, but I appreciate a very good white.
Mature or not, I still like impressionism.

I love pickled beets, but no other kind. In PA my mom pickled eggs along with the beets and onions. Yum. The pickled eggs were also served in bars.

This is the second time in the last seven workdays with no protest. Maybe my, "Go anyway. You'll survive." is winning.Tough love.

Anonymous said...

Fun, but maybe more Monday like puzzle and great write-up by Husker. Had trouble in the NW where I only had sumo???? The circles eventually lead to ill - trill and the rest fell. Did not get the "weather" clues - clever construction. Kudo's to the ladies! Have a great day everyone! JB2

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

What a clever theme from our dynamic duo! Thanks, C.C. and Irish Miss for a delightful puzzle.
Husker Gary, thanks for your guidance. I got the ILL/UNDERTHEWEATHER part but didn't see that ill was actually UNDER weather words until I read the blog. Loved this double theme.

Several learning moments gotten via perps: Like big Easy, I only knew Charlotte RUSSE as a clothing store. I also didn't know CHAD is in more than one country. SUNRA, HANKSNOW, NEYO, YAWL and UTAHAN were also unknown.

I tried Sour for TART

UNDERTHEWEATHER - made me think of Hondo. Hope you're feeling better!

MYTH - the one of Bigfoot is now evidently being searched out by Rob Lowe and his sons in this new A&E show I think I'll pass.

I've never eaten a BEET, pickled or otherwise

TOP BANANA and NILLA has me wanting to make Banana Pudding. We have a local ice cream shop that has a Banana Pudding Flurry (like a DQ blizzard) - it's my favorite thing there. So yummy :)

I need a nap- the fireworks went on around here until around midnight. No one, including the dog got much sleep.

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

Spitzboov said...

Congrats to IM and C.C. on another fine submission. Saw the 3 ILLs so UNDER THE WEATHER came easily. Otherwise, no searches or strikethroughs. Don't know that I had a favorite fill, but liked seeing A MOI (w/ the Metz misdirection), OTTO, RUHR, and BALED, among others.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

Thank you, C.C. and Agnes, for an enjoyable puzzle. No circles, but I was able to see where they would have been after getting the reveal. SUN RA and NEYO were all perps. Thought "Longest sentence" for LIFE was clever. Thanks for guiding us along today, Husker Gary.

Enjoy the day!

Lucina said...

Clever theme and cluing from the Prolific Pair! Thank you, Agnes and C.C.

I also saw the ILL/UNDERTHEWEATHER theme but not the actual weather. My uncle rants that HAILMARY is used cavalierly in sports. He often writes to the newspaper about it but it's set in stone and won't change, I'm sure.

Thank you, Gary, for illustrating the theme.

HANK SNOW and SUN RA are unknown to me but YANNI is familiar.

My knowledge of African geography is also sparse and didn't realize the CHAD lake bordered other countries. I think I could name those bordering the Mediterranean Sea and RSA but that's it.

CSO to d-OTTO again!

Agreed that DESK is the "it" in work at it.

Everyone, have a marvelous day!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I, too, thought of Hondo with this theme and I hope he's feeling better.

As always, thanks for the kind words and input, both are appreciated. Jinx, the clue for Go straight to the top = Pray is Rich's and I first filled in Soar, just to give you an example of how much is forgotten over time. (I loved that clue, also.) I also noticed Yowl and Yawl which I didn't remember. Also needed perps for Sun Ra (complete unknown) and Chad (changed clue.)

Thanks, HG, for the always witty and wise write-up and the numerous striking visuals. Today's expo tickled my fancy twice; the baled "bear" because I love Teddy bears and the mention of Lewis Grizzard who was one of my favorite writers. And thanks to CC for another enjoyable collaboration.

I love beets in any form but I'll pass on wine, red or white. I'll stick with my Dewar's on _ _ _ . (Sorry, Tin.)

I believe our local baseball team, the Tri City Valley Cats, is a farm team of the Astros but I don't know what A level they are. They filled the stadium last night, as usual for the 4th of July and they put on a tremendous fireworks display after the game.

Bill G, I hope you're able to post that photo so we can all see your new granddaughter.

Have a great day.

Tinbeni said...

Always enjoy a Husker Gary write-up. Good Job, today!

Irish Miss & C.C. Thank you for a FUN Wednesday puzzle.
Really liked the "UNDER THE WEATHER" theme.

OK, other than having to change (at 10-d) A SIP to A NIP this was a clean solve.

Of course, my fave today was that A NIP ... I've been known to imbibed, LOL!

Hmmm, that gives me an idea ..

Wilbur Charles said...

I didn't notice that CC and IM were the constructors. Nor, the types of weather. Xword was FAIR, however.
Jinx, Splynter would say you haven't had a "Slip" in a year.

My fav is "Stewball was a Racehorse". And of course the line where "The train came rumbling through" in MTA. As a young TAD I often heard that sound.

YR,they went and changed the map of Africa from when we learned it.

ANAG again and I didn't get it but UTAHAN was solid.

And btw, McQueen's car was a 'Stang. McQueen apparently created an early legend for himself at camp lejeune.


Oops. Thanks for the excellent l'icks Owen. You've been red-hot lately.

C6D6 Peg said...

Thanks, I.M. and C.C. What a two-some! Keep up the great work.

Thanks, HG, for a great write-up. Loved the baled teddy! Someone got really creative, and a lot of work to get those bales up that high!

Bill G said...

Thanks. I enjoyed that. I thought the Anagram clue was especially tricky, maybe because it was an abbreviation.

I really like some of Hank Snow's music, especially "Hello Love." Try it. You'll like it.

It used to be that we'd get a half gallon of milk. After four or five days, the plastic carton would develop a rancid smell. Ugh! Now the milk is Ultra-pasteurized and it lasts well over a week without that smell.

CED, I read what you said about posting a photo from Facebook but I don't know how to get to that place. "You just need to be on just the pic when you copy it, not the Facebook page. I.E. Go to the Facebook feed, click on the pic, when the pic only is showing, copy address."

I can't make that work. How do I do that?

WikWak said...

I loves me some pickled beets! Charlotte Russe a clothing chain? I only know of the dessert, which my mother made often. Wine? Ugh. I never could get past the spoiled grapes taste.

We had wonderful weather (for a change) for our fireworks last night, with the bonus of being able to see those from at least 6 other towns in our area of the suburbs.

I really liked the puzzle, and of course I always like HG's writeups.

Have a great day, all!

Trubrit said...

Oh! my, what a fun, clever theme. Thanks IM & CC.
I too, love beets IM (hated them as a child) but I agree with you on the wine. Give me a "Perfect Manhattan" every time.
Had a great time at my daughter and son-in-law's yesterday. Danced around the kitchen to Abba music. I sent out cards that had the Statue of Liberty on and played "My Country Tis of Thee' or was it "God Save The Queen".
Hope everyone had a great time.

OwenKL said...

Bill Graham: When you click on a picture in FB, the screen will darken, and the picture will show on its own, with comments to the right of it. I think they call this a theater screen view. This is the one you can click on to link! You can still link only if you have privacy set to "public". If you don't know what I mean by that, don't worry about it, since public is the default privacy setting.

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! An Irish Miss and C.C. Wednesday puzzle! Great way to the start the middle of the week! I pretty much sailed through this one except for a little stalling in the northwest corner, where I put MEIN (German for "mine"), forgetting that Metz is now French. But I soon caught that and the rest was pure fun. I love circles and was delighted to see all the ILLs, but, like Jinx, I didn't get the brilliant under the weather construction until Gary's write-up. What terrific puzzles you two do--thank you so much! And Gary, your pictures today were a delight. Thanks for the trip down memory lane with BURNS and ALLEN, and the KINGSTON TRIO!

Have a great day, everybody!

Lucina said...

I also love BEETS, pickled or not and sweet wine. I can't abide the bitter taste of any other wine. Whiskey's fine.

As for the Kingston TRIO, I like Reuben James, Tom Dooley and one other I'll have to look at again.

Lucina said...

Oh, Where Have All the Flowers Gone. Those are wonderful oldies!

Jayce said...

A very impressive construction by the wonderfully creative Agnes and C.C. After solving UNDER THE WEATHER I saw how it worked. Neat-o!

Had trouble at the bottom, not knowing NEYO, wanting SNAG instead of ANAG, and unsure about UTAHAN. Re ANAG, I thought of Slate, the magazine, and the act of stealing, hence the SNAG; even after ANAG emerged, I didn't get it. Thanks for explaining, Gary.

I loved your "purfuit of happineff" comment last night, desper-otto. I laughed out loud when I read it. Forgot to comment on it at the time.

I kinda like that word YAWL. I kinda dislike BEETS, except pickled. Back in the day, I very much liked The Kingston Trio; one song they did that I liked was They Call the Wind Mariah.

Good wishes to you all.

CrossEyedDave said...

%#%}#<~<~%}< iPad!
Be back after a nap!

Lost my links again!


CanadianEh! said...

Whew, a workout for me today. Thanks for the fun IM and C.C., and HG.
I actually had a FIW because I left HOWL even though PRAH made no sense!
Hiss changed to PSST to start opening up the NW.

I wagged the N in the SUNRA YANNI cross and nearly couldn't figure out ANAG.
The circled ILLs were clear but I missed the 2nd weather theme. I actually was looking for the word weather. D'uh!
Very clever puzzle.
We had a song clue that related to the theme with 70A "So sick" R&B singer.

Sofa was too short and Chesterfield was too long so SETTEE became my couch kin.

Beautiful day here again.
Enjoy your evening.

Bill G said...

I don't know too much about sailing yachts. I think yawls and ketches are both two-masted varieties, the difference being whether the secondary mast is in front or aft of the steering mechanism (wheel).

I used to grow beets and would enjoy them OK. The main reason I grew them was for the greens which we would cook like spinach or collards or ??? I would often go to the garden and pick off a mess of greens to cook for dinner, leaving the red beets in the soil to generate some more greens.

Lucina said...

I also love They Call the Wind Mariah! A friend downloaded 600 songs for me on a flashdrive which I can use in my car and it has many of those oldies on it. So far it's up to 328 so many more to listen and enjoy.

I also laughed out loud at purfuit of haffiness!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I couldn't have PRAY'd for a puzzle more fun but then it was NASTY to me. I had a heck of a time filling the NW and had to lookup NENE. Thanks IM & C.C. for another great theme - Y'all be ILLin'

Thanks HG for the expo; rebus was a nice touch.

WOs: AcTS b/f ARTS @63d; HEaD b/f HERD of moo-moos; and, what caused northern consternation, hOWL b/f YOWL
Sparkle - SO TO SPEAK, TOP BANANA (or who who PRAY to (see clue for 1a)).

Fav: c/a for ODDS Odds get even is part of the refrain in You Bet Your Life [RUSH] and my earworm today.

{A, B, A}

YR - Re: maturity, Monet, and Whites: To be clear that was a pretentious guy we knew in college that said that. We laughed at him then too :-)
I like wines paired with food or WEATHER - @(now) 93F and 60% humidity a Pinot Grigio (with ICE!) sounds good about now [but I'll just probably have a beer later].

CED - Ahh-V8! LOL [still, even on the shoulders can hurt]. BTW, draft your post in Notes then cut-and-paste to blog. I do (after losing many a post; I learn slowly) and it works well. The downside; you forget to refresh! b/f post and miss a Cornerite or two.

IM - I looked it up: the Tri-City Valley Cats are an Astros' farm team with the designation (SS) [not A, AA, or AAA]. I had to go look that up too, stands for Shortened Season and is gear'd towards college MLB recruits so they can finish their senior year and then get signed and play. Speaking of, sneaky way to get Baseball in there C.C. :-)

Hey, what happened to our new puzzle pal DickSwart?

Bill G. Try again, we're all waiting for a pic of Bella!

BEETs - love 'em pickled and chilled. Grandma used to pickle her own and WOW! No one else in the house likes 'em so it's a look-forward-to (like Anchovy pizza!) when they're out.

Bigfoot a MYTH? Naw: Mitch's theory.

Cheers, -T

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Bill Graham - You are right about the sailboats. Both yawls and ketches have a larger main mast forward and another mast aft, called a mizzen mast. The difference is that a ketch's mizzen is forward of the rudder post, and on a yawl it is aft. That allows the sail to be a lot bigger on a ketch than on a yawl. If some some insane reason you want to remember this, just remember "yawl is small". If you don't yet have enough useless sailing info, you can remember that the left side of a vessel (when facing forward) is PORT - Left has four letters, as does port. Since you probably already knew that, how about remembering the red-green coastal channel marking system by the phrase "red-right-returning", meaning "leave the reds to starboard and the greens to port" when coming home from the sea.

WC - Yeah, fastback mustangs. Mine was a 289 automatic; my guess is that McQueen's was a 390 four speed stick.

Anonymous T said...

CED - Case in point... I forgot to refresh and missed Lucina's post.
Lucina - Here you go, Kingston TRIO's They Call The Wind Maria.

Yellowrocks said...

All our lives do we continue to relate strongly to the music we heard growing up? My dad always played the classics as did my music teacher ex. I still love the classics. Johnny Mathis was my idol in my teens and twenties. I still relate strongly to him. I liked groups like the Kingston Trio then and now. I still love many of the Hit Parade songs. Remember? Stuck in the past? Maybe. I do like some of the new music, but there is that pull of nostalgia.

But in most things, as I age I am more and more open to new ideas and have become more and more accepting.
Anon T, I appreciated your irony. How sure we are in our youth and how less sure we become.

I am surprised no one relates to hard boiled eggs immersed in a mixture of pickled beets and onions with their pickling matrix. The eggs turn a lovely pink and are very flavorful. Even those who do not like beets, do like the eggs.

This has become a pleasant evening. We turned off the AC and opened the windows. I am currently enjoying a Merlot.I agree that a cold beer on a HHH day is a real pleasure. The wine does not raise my A1C, but puts on weight.

Big Easy said...

Jinx- " where Charlie Daniels and the Marshall Tucker Band were opening acts for Wet Willie."

Listen to Charlies Daniels' "The Souths Gonna Do it Again" where he sings " Old brother Willie is getting Soaking Wet"

PK said...

Hi Yawl! If anyone could make a living constructing crosswords, C.C. and Agnes surely could. Another gem.

I got the types of weather, but no circles and I didn't stop to ponder the possibilities. I was still too upset by the fireworks. However, that part of the theme was prophetic, since I slept until 3 p.m. and was ILL the rest of the afternoon.

Not many hangups on the puzzle. Pretty much sailed on through. Even caught YOWL okay. I'd been listening to the neighborhood dogs do that all week with the fireworks.

"They Call the Wind Maria" was a favorite as was The KIngston Trio. However, I had to sort through the side bars on AnonT's link. Think Robert Goulet's rendition is the most poignant. Thanks Tony.

Love pickled BEETS. Don't eat them because I can't get the jars open.\

My grandson's baseball team played in a tournament in Houston this past weekend. They didn't play as well as expected, my son said. Blamed it on the WEATHER. Kids weren't used to the heat and humidity of the Texas Gulf Coast.

YR: I agree that we relate to the music of our youth all through life. I heard a song that made me think of a favorite old HS boyfriend the other day. Was thinking of him when I got an email from my HS BFF that he had died. EERY! Hadn't seen him since 1992 briefly.

CrossEyedDave said...

I thought Irish Miss might like this under the weather pic.

PK said...

My brother sent me an email today, telling about the fun time and great celebration of life they'd had for his wife's brother-in-law D. They ate in D's favorite restaurant and celebrated D's 70th birthday by going to a baseball game. Then bro said he was sure going to miss the guy. Whoa! What? I had to email bro back and ask if he meant D. had died. Not much of a hint in what he'd said. He had died. No funeral? Celebration? Whee!

Lucina said...

Thank you! There is something haunting about that song.

I actually prefer classical music but the oldies of the 60s & 70s are particularly endearing and in my repertoire of 600 numbers some classical is mixed in as well. One of my preferences is Bach's Brandenburg Concertos but I also love the music of Tchaikovsky, Rachmaninoff, Grieg and so many others.

Anonymous T said...

On music and ute... Sure there's something to the tunes you grew up with (I can't hear Here Comes the Sun without being 5yro again in Mom's kitchen) and music that touched your pre-teen / teen years (though I can toss Quiet Riot (8th grade)). But, once you learn about music and the history of what built's on what - it's hard not to love 'good.' The Blues Brothers introduced me to Cab Calloway, BIL to Johnny Cash, and of course, BUGS(Y) Bunny to all great Classical selections. I heard The Entertainer in the movie The Sting but it was Bill G who told me (and shared a link!) it was Scott Joplin.

While I'm partial to rock & roll (not the Elvis definition; more WKRP-ish), I like music that hits hard/fast and moves you emotionally; unique tunes you know will still be good after 50+ years. I mean, who doesn't love Mozart? (I think I threw Tawnya for a loop when I mentioned TMBG and Motzart in my list of top5) And, Sgt. Pepper is 50 years old this year.

Speaking of good tunes... Glad that was the right song Lucina. I'd never heard it and looked for a live version. The reference to Blazing Saddles in the intro sold me :-) After I posted, I read some of the comments under the link and was worried it wasn't the original TRIO.
And one more good tune that won't die - when TTP linked Lake Shore Drive last week I discovered it was recently revised in Guardians of the Galaxy 2. We teach our Children Well.

YR - There's a reason I didn't bring up pickled eggs (nor pig's feet) in polite company.
[Spoiler - stop reading if OKL's #3 set you back]
I recall pickled eggs in gallon jars at the end of the bar at the corner tavern at the end of Gramp's block. I was 7 or 8-ish. I remember seeing them and wondering "How drunk do you have to be to eat that?" and "How odoriferous* is that beer-fart?" Hey, you asked :-)

*ok, at 7yro I probably said 'stinky'

Hungry Mother said...

Just got around to it today. Easy for a Wednesday.