Jul 14, 2017

Friday, July 14, 2017, Ed Sessa

Title: Babar where are you?

I apologize for an abbreviated write up but I was supposed to have surgery last Friday and then it got moved to Wednesday and then after waiting around the hospital it got cancelled again and I was quite bummed. Anyway, Ed Sessa a consistent pro has created a puzzle that seems to have only three theme fill, all grid-spanners and all related to elephants. I have always loved them since my mother read Babar to me and have about 75 images made from paper to jade.  Anyway, this is a puzzle filled with really fun cluing and if there is more to the theme, I am sorry but I do not have time. However, I will point out the some excellent fill like BACK LINK,  DON ADAMS,  FENDS OFF,  NAME DROP, SEXTANTS,  TAP DANCE, IGNORAMUSES and  OVEREXCITED; also a mini-theme of French words and the grid-spanners-

17A. Ring heavyweights : CIRCUS ELEPHANTS (15).

33A. Makes next to nothing : WORKS FOR PEANUTS (15).

49A. Jack's spot : AUTOMOBILE TRUNK (15).


1. Innocents : LAMBS. A biblical metaphor.

6. Afternoon tea accompanier : CHAT. Not the French word for cat, but small talk.

10. Longtime shipboard scurvy preventative : LIME. Because lemon would not fit.

14. Piles (of) : A HEAP. Can you sing the song that includes this line, "To have a heapin helpin of their hospitality..."?

15. "Yo" : HI YA.

16. Matched, in Paris Match : EGAL. French for equality, as in liberté égalité fraternité, the motto of the French Revolution.

20. Big cheese : KRAFT. Cute clue/fill and a fascinating history of food in AMERICA.

21. NYC building that was Lennon's last home, with "The" : DAKOTA. Not far from Strawberry Fields at New York's Central Park. A nice walk to the Museum of Natural History.

22. Literary intros : PROLOGS.

25. "Real Time" host : MAHER. A run of the mill comic who reemerged as a political satirist from the left.

26. Western ambush site : RAVINE. I grew up on Gilman Street which connected to Ravine Street.

27. '80s voice of Inspector Gadget : DON ADAMS. Don is more famous as Maxwell Smart.
30. "You said it!" : AMEN.

31. Protest movement : MARCH.

32. Angus beef? : MOO. What a cow says when complaining - brilliant.

37. San Jose-to-Sacramento dir. : NNE.

38. Uncultivated land : HEATH. made famous by the Bronte sisters.

39. Regarding : AS TO.

40. Navigation tools : SEXTANTS. How do they figure these things out. LINK.

42. Grapefruit's bigger cousin : POMELO. You need to learn citrus TAXONOMY or remember the French word Pamplemousse.

44. Common bugs : COLDS. Another fun Friday misdirection.

45. Baroness Blixen's pen name : DINESEN. Isak Dinesen was the pen name for Baroness Karen Christenze von Blixen-Finecke most famous for Out of Africa and appearing in crossword puzzles.

46. Women's clothing chain founded on Florida's Sanibel Island : CHICOS.  They have three BRANDS.

48. Like Olympic racetracks : LANED.

54. Appear : SEEM.

55. Unnerve : FAZE.

56. Was successful in : WON AT.

57. "Nothing lived in him but fear and hatred" : HYDE. The dark side of Dr. Jekyll from the mind of Robert Louis Stevenson. He also wrote Treasure Island.

58. Become undone, in a way : FRAY. Cuffs on dress shirts e.g.

59. Gets down to business? : OPENS.


1. Senegal's pink-watered __ Rose : LAC. from the French for Pink Lake. LINK.

2. Sushi selection : AHI.

3. Cannes view : MER. The sea in French.

4. Website-to-website connection : BACK LINK. No idea but it fits.

5. Embolden : SPUR ON.

6. Ones doing the dishes : CHEFS. Not washing them, but creating them. Again, bravo!

7. Sword handle : HILT.

8. Maritime agreement : AYE aye cap'n.

9. Cagney does it on stairs in "Yankee Doodle Dandy" : TAP DANCE.
10. Came out somehow : LEAKED. Politics.

11. Dolts : IGNORAMUSES. I asked and the world answered.

12. Damon of the Bourne films : MATT.

13. Big cat of film : ELSABorn Free.

18. Wise one : SAGE.

19. "Very funny!" : HA HA HA. The Thai word for the number 5 sounds like HA, so 555.

22. Seafood order : PRAWNS. I do not know but read prawns have claws on three of their five pairs of legs, shrimp have claws on two of their five pairs of legs. Their gills and body shape are different too. As far as cooking them goes, they are virtually identical and interchangeable. Various sources. (Edited later: the source is JoleneAlaska on StackExchange).

23. Punk rock surname : RAMONE.

24. Hyped-up : OVEREXCITED. Give them Ritalin.

25. Transform : MORPH. Power Rangers?

27. Pub entertainment : DARTS.

28. Mark with blotches : MOTTLE. Mottled skin, also known as livedo reticularis, is alone a harmless condition that is commonly seen with vascular issues and autoimmune diseases. Various sources.

29. "Already?" : SO SOON.

31. Medieval barriers : MOATS.

34. Hebrew greeting : SHALOM. Shabbat shalom.

35. Drives back : FENDS OFF.

36. Make a personal connection? : NAME DROP. Great. How many name droppers do you know? Not counting me.

41. On the way : TO COME.

42. Softwood tree : PINE.

43. Knockout couple? : ONE TWO. Give 'em the old one two.

45. Prominent mayor at the 1968 Democratic Convention : DALEY. The year of the riots, vote with your feet etc.

46. What's in your wallet : CASH. Not always.

47. News headliner Lewis? : HUEY. His band.  Their WEB-SITE.

48. "__ With a 'Z'": 1972 TV special : LIZA. I liked her in Cabaret, not much else.

50. Military band? : BAR.  On the shoulder.

51. A, in Avignon : UNE. Just French.

52. Photographer Goldin : NAN. I should have remembered this WOMAN.

53. Board jumpers: Abbr. : KTS. We end with an abbreviation I am unfamiliar with; the Knights in a Chess match.

I have just enough time to give a filled grid and wish you all a pleasant Bastille Day, which fits right in with all the French in this puzzle.  Thank you Mr. Sessa.  Lemonade out.


OwenKL said...

FIR! Took time and effort, but no particular problems. AHAB > HEEP > HYDE. ESP for POMELO. Not impressed with the theme as a theme, tho the individual phrases were good.

Only one poem again today, but it's 2 stanzas, and IMHO {A+}!

"Eureka! I've done it! This will make me big bucks!"
(Of MORPHING science, he was right on the cusp.)
"I've crossed mosquito and ELEPHANT,
Soon those BUGS will be irrelevant
When poachers hunt them extinct for their ivory tusks!"

"They'll stop calling me Mad, and all of that bunk!
I'm a great Scientist, just as I've always thunk!"
But in a small cataclysm
His triumph died with him --
He was drained by a blood-sucking-ELEPHANT'S TRUNK!

fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Ed and Lemonade!

Tough one, but got it all!

Things that gave me pause: DON ADAMS, LAC, BACK LINK, RAMONE, KTS and MOTTLE.

Have a great day!

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

This was daunting. After the first pass I had only a handful of entries (including the incorrect HAFT). Then things started to click down south, and I was able to work my way back north to a win. Didn't notice the theme. STNC*.

Mayor Richard Daley: The police aren't here to create disorder, the police are here to preserve disorder.

Tried DON KNOTS at first. Yeah, I looked him up, and there are two Ts.

Would never have guessed CHICOS, but I have seen their catalogs. DW gets them in the mail.

* Some things never change

TTP said...

Good morning. Thanks Ed and Lemon.

Lemon and LIME. What is that famous soda water ? I mean pop. I mean soft drink.

What D-O said, except that I flew through the mid and SW. I knew Sacramento was NNE from San Jose, and that was enough to try PRAWNS and PROLOGS.

Worked diagonally up to the NE. CIRCUS ELEPHANTS became apparent, and that really helped in the NW and it also gave me enough to suss IGNORAMUSES. The SE was the last to fall. ONE TWO knockout couple was clever, and threw me off for a bit.

During the solve, I kept uncovering H's and kept thinking that there are way too many words with an H in them to be in a crossword puzzle.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Ed gave us a Friday level cw that seemed harder than it was at first. Good one! Thanks.

Lemonade, I wasn't sure why you were in such a hurry. Did you end up having the surgery today? If so, my best wishes for a good outcome. Thanks for the valiant effort on the expo under stress.

I knew a baroness wrote "Out of Africa" and knew the pen name but took a while to come up with DINESEN.

Tried to put an "O" in IGNORAM(o)USES.

"It takes A HEAP o' livin' to make a house a home," was one of the old songs my mother sang.

Never heard of: POMELO, NAN Goldin, LAC, or CHICOS.

Olympic race tracks: not kilos, ovals, but LANED. Sure they are.

We've most of us done a NAME DROP and instead use a diminuitive or avatar for the blog.

We had "torrential rains" according to the TV meteorologist. About 2" in less than an hour yesterday around 5 p.m. just in time for commuters to struggle. I couldn't see the houses across the street. Glad it didn't last longer. Swamp in my dug-up back yard. Cooler afterward. Whew!

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

My Windows was upgrading this morning so I worked with pencil and paper. It was a struggle, but slowly and surely everything seemed to fall in place. My eraser gave me the confidence to charge on.

Thanks, Ed for a nice challenge this morning. Lemonade, I hope your scheduling works out. Thanks for taking the time to clarify everything for us.

Back to working in my friend's basement. It's pretty bad so not too many difficult decisions about all the papers, etc. in the soaked boxes. It's pretty bad north of us. The rivers aren't expected to crest at record highs until late tomorrow. LOTS of flooding.

Have a DRY and sunny day today.

BunnyM said...

Good morning all!

Lemonade- you have nothing to apologize for; I thought your write up was thorough and informative! Thanks for the tour, especially because of your situation. How frustrating that your surgery keeps getting postponed. I do hope you get it done soon and get some relief.
I also loved the ELEPHANT theme. My Mom has many elephant collectibles; your jade ones sound lovely. And Babar was always adored by my youngest daughter while growing up.

Thanks to Ed Sessa for a tough but doable puzzle. He gave me a run for my money but hey, it is Friday! I started out slow and it didn't help that I had Babes/LAMBS and had never heard of BACKLINK. But I should've known LAC and MER- the Frawnch really made me stumble today as I also couldn't come up with EGAL. Doh!
Loved all the long grid spanners and clever clues. Nice work, Ed!

Had some early WAGs which helped immensely: RAMONE, DINESEN, DONADAMS and DALEY

Thanks perps for : RAVINE, DAKOTA, HEATH, NAN, KTS and CHICO. I'd never heard of this but do know their company White House Black Market. My niece worked there; seems she spent most of her paycheck on their clothing line, as she had to wear items from there and they aren't cheap! My daughters occasionally shopped there but since it's so pricey, they would buy a shirt, scarf, belt or things on sale. They enjoyed helping their cousin get the commission.

I rarely have CASH in my wallet. The ease of a debit if I have cash, I'm more likely to spend it. I know others feel the opposite is true but not me :)

My funny moment was with TAPDANCE. I couldn't figure out CHAT for a bit( was thinking it would be a food item and didn't have CHEF yet) and kept seeing my fill for the Cagney clue which was this :
__APDANCE. So "lap dance" kept coming to mind but I knew of course, that wasn't right but still made me giggle. I do often wonder about my thought process, though! ;)

Like PK, we've had torrential rains here the last couple of days. Part of our back yard is a swamp. Looks like it's finally supposed to clear up later today. We need time to dry out and the mosquitoes have been worse than usual. I'm always a magnet for them but I haven't been able to step out for even a few minutes during the day without getting bit. The only thing that seems to work is a liberal spraying of Deep Woods Off. They bite between my fingers, my ears, bottom of my feet and crawl into my clothes. Enough already!

Hope everyone is well and has a wonderful day :)

Husker Gary said...

-I am blogging on a beautiful summer morning to the sound of mariachi music from the roofers next door who will be here soon
-LAC, AHI (erase EEL), MER and BACKLINK slowed NW Territory on this fun Friday
-Teachers don’t exactly WORK FOR PEANUTS any more. I’d be at $70,000 if I were still working
-We haven’t had a car with a trunk for many years
-KRAFT and a cultural mismatch (:43)
-ANGUS beef? I couldn’t think what a Scotsman would say when upset. Oh…
-Yup, he used one
-Step out of your LANE and you’ll be sent to the Dairy Queen – Dq’ed/DisQualified
-Much LEAKED info is simply a trial balloon with plausible deniability
-When the Nissan engineers made their first prototype car, they weren't sure what to call it, so they asked for advice from a famous German automaker.  
He asked them how long it had taken to make the car, and they replied, "Three weeks."
The astonished German replied, "Dat Soon?" :D

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a fun theme for a Friday, peanuts and all. No more circus elephants, though, as they have all been retired by Barnum and Bailey. (I was reminded of the novel Water for Elephants which I enjoyed very much but didn't care for the movie at all.) Anyway, this offering had lots of crunch but eventually all the pieces came together. Loved seeing a $5.00 word like Ignoramuses.

Thanks, Ed, for an enjoyable solve and thanks, Lemony, for the informative expo. I hope your health issues are resolved soon; you must be quite frustrated.

Another gloomy, rainy day. This has been a bummer summer, so far. Higher temps predicted for next week with the 3 H's in spades!

Have a great day.

MJ said...

Good day to all!

You've gotta love a puzzle with IGNORAMUSES in it. Even so, this one beat me up, and I needed a lot of help for the likes of NAN Goldin, RAMONE, BACK LINK, DON ADAMS and more. Oh, and I really wanted crumpets with my tea. Favorite clue/answer was "Angus beef" for MOO. Thanks for the thorough expo, Lemonade. I hope you're restored to full health soon.

Enjoy the day!

CrossEyedDave said...

I am afraid this puzzle left me asea!

Thanks to all on the Blog for rescuing me...

C6D6 Peg said...

Thank you, Ed, for a tough but workable Friday. Cute theme....

Nice write-up, Lemonade. Hope you're back in good health soon!

oc4beach said...

Truly a Friday Ed Sessa puzzle (with 2 Z's). It took a while to find the elephants in the room, but they were surely there. Slogged through it but ultimately got it done without figuring out the theme until I read Lemon's write-up.

I didn't know RAMONE, DINESEN, EGAL, POMELO, CHICOS and I wanted a real place name for Ambush Site like Little Big Horn or OK Coral, etc. I had to rely on perps to get these answers.

In addition to being Bastille Day in France, it is also NATIONAL NUDE DAY, NATIONAL TAPE MEASURE DAY, NATIONAL GRAND MARNIER DAY, NATIONAL MAC AND CHEESE DAY and COLLECTOR CAR APPRECIATION DAY. Personally I think I will celebrate by having Mac and Cheese today. In case you missed it, yesterday was National French Fry Day. What will you be celebrating today?

Like others we are having a very wet day with heavy thunderstorms with lots of lightning. Flash flood warnings have been issued. Looks like a good day to stay inside.

Stay dry everyone.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

I agree with Lemon - Ed Sessa is a pro. Babar was an apt title for the puzzle.

Lots of guesses to get the solve, but they were good and no wite-out was needed. Liked seeing SEXTANTS, and I always use KTS as the abbreviation for knots (of velocity.).
I found BAR and its clue awkward. If we're speaking of, say, a Navy Lt's bars, they would be on his/her collar device. If on the sleeve or shoulder boards, they would be called stripes.
SEXTANT - Not used so much now because of the availability of GPS, but still taught at the maritime academies. An accurate chronometer is just as critical as an accurate sextant in getting a good fix. A one second error in time can result in a .25 nm error. One can now go on-line to the USNO portal and get computed altitude and azimuth; bypassing the grunt work of having to use the sight reduction tables.
One trick they teach you is to locate the correct star by holding the sextant upside down, and then bringing the horizon up to the star image. Much easier than the other way around.

Trubrit said...

It gets pretty tough for me on Fridays, however, got a lot, without help. Had eel before ahi. I've heard of pomelos but didn't know they were like grapefruit.
TTP are you thinking of Squirt, the soda of lemon and lime? I buy it all the time, good with a shot of bourbon.

Bloggers in the area of the floods, I'm so sorry, hope it clears up soon.

Have a good weekend.

Lucina said...

Ed Sessa won this one! Thank you, Ed and Lemonade. I hope your surgery is soon scheduled and all goes well for you. It's frustrating, surely; a friend had her hip surgery postponed three times and finally occurred one month after the original date. Insurance issues they said but that didn't lessen the exasperation. You must feel the same way.

However, thank you for the thorough and illuminating guidance, Lemon.

Actually, the entire top, center and most of the bottom filled in good time but the SW was brutal for me. First, though I own some of CHICOS clothes I never thought of that line because I thought they started in San Francisco for some reason. Imagine my surprise when I saw that. After that the rest fell in though some erasing was necessary. At 40A, SEA.... seemed natural, but no, it wasn't. SEXTANT took its place. I also had to change HAZE/FAZE, SWAY/FRAY and OFF became obvious.

And though I know of Isak DINESEN I misspelled her name, DENISON, and had to change that before PINE became apparent.

It was a challenging experience but I learned a few things and enjoyed CHEFS as clued.

Have a wonderful day, everyone and stay safe all who are in the flood zones.

Wilbur Charles said...

I started early this am and immediately concluded that I was out of my depth. Usually I can find a few perps but I only had LIME, DALEY and UNE.

So, I restarted at Dunkin at 1130. It didn't help that I had REPULSE before FEND OFF. But I persevered and actually got 100%,no cheats.

I never succeeded in posting yesterday. I lost two posts in the ether. I just wanted to thank Bruce for the QOD*

Owen, you're the mad l'ick-ster. Imagination certainly came in handy today

Lemonade, thanks for your usual excellent write-up, sans jambes. And of course:

Allons enfants de la patrie
Le jour de gloire est arrive

Somewhat of a QOD to Mme Defarge


* Ok. QOD was actually to my LOQUACIOUS HORSE, Ed, the ol' rascal

AnonymousPVX said...

The Northwest beat me.

TTP said...

Trubrit, yes, Squirt !

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I'll get to the ELEPHANT in the room; I needed 2 Googles in the NW to finally finish. LAC and MER (I had MiR); and couldn't "see" S-URON; I was in A HEAP of dumb.

I wanted Cake with tea but was cut-off at the HILT. After yesterday's beer-talk, I was thinking hops as the preservative @10a (that's why we have IPA) but Jason Bourne threw me to the MATT.

Ahhh, a long anchor appeared - DON ADDAMS. I loved Inspector Gadget cartoons (as a teen!). And, look, I know (and watch on HBO) Bill MAHaR [sic].

Thank you Ed for a Friday-hard puzzle that I almost solved sans cheat. The NW was my Waterloo; I didn't REIN :-). Thanks Lem for the expo; good links and not that abbreviated.

WOs: Hewy Lewis before it SEEM'd wrong. ENE @37. SEcTANT b/f I got EXCITED. BAbeS @1a was right out.

As for sparkle - what Lem said in paragraph 1.
Fav: KRAFT. I was looking for a cheese (I knew it wasn't going to be boss-man) but I didn't expect the cheesiest!

{A++; LOL imagery}

Cornerites dealing with the floods, please stay safe; y'all know how powerful water can get [as CED's link shows!]

FLN - Picard said, "furlongs per fortnight;" in context it was funny (HAHAHA; ok, not that funny, maybe just HAHA)

TTP - Being one, IGNORAMUSES was easy. It wasn't until I got the P in TAP that I saw the (pink-watered) Elephant.

HG - Good thing I've never heard of HAFT; WaWaWa "Dat Soon" :-)

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

Woohoo! Woohoo! I got a Friday Ed Sessa without a single cheat! Yay! It started out tough and I feared for the worst. But I knew DINESEN, and made a good guess on MAHER, tried MOATS and MARCH, and that eventually gave me TAP DANCE, and so on. I got MOO right away (made me laugh). Anyway, you get the picture--great puzzle with many funny and clever clues, thank you, Ed. And a great write-up, Lemonade, even if you didn't have much time, thank you too.

I just realized I'm wearing a CHICO's long sleeved T-shirt at this very moment.

I think my favorite clue was Jack's spot--AUTOMOBILE TRUNK. Brilliant, Ed.

Have a great day, everybody!

Barnum said...

I tried and tried to find something clever in the so called theme, but I've got nuthin. Is that all there is?




Two plurals?

There must be something I'm missing.

Anonymous T said...

P.T. @2:53 - And some folk (see PVX) don't like themes; this theme didn't get in the way of the sparkly-fill. [well, EGAL, maybe ( didn't I meet an eGal online?)]. To each their own. Cheers, -T

Barnum said...

Went searching for the deeper meaning. I guess there isn't one. Gareth on the other blog is as impressed as I am. Maybe today is National elephant day.

Argyle said...

I believe the fact that this puzzle has 5 unique words, words not seen in a LAT puzzle before, and they cross each other is a reason why this is a worthy Friday puzzle.

CanadianEh! said...

Friday cruncher today. Thanks for the fun, Ed and Lemonade(hope your health issues are treated/resolved soon).
After my first pass across and down, I had a MER of white and despaired of finishing. But I persevered until only the extreme south was left with MOTTLE, at which point I resorted to Google. HUEY, DALEY,CHICOS enabled me to correct OVERexalted to OVEREXCITED and break the logjam.

HuskerG, I too thought of the Scottish AYE before MOO.
Hand up for Eel before AHI, and wanting lemon before LIME.

CHEFS do dishes?? Thanks, Lemon, for clarifying that they make the dishes not wash them.
Which reminded me of our previous CHAT about Bosch dishwashers. I have found that wiping drips from the inside of the door before loading dishes and closing door minimizes odour from forming when not operating dishwasher daily.

Yes, I wanted Tea with scones, biscuits but all too long. I can CHAT with any food not just tea! Coffee and chat is just a commonly used.

Enjoy the day whether you have tea or coffee or neither with your chat!

CrossEyedDave said...

One nit, tea should be sipped quietly, and calmly,
with perhaps a scone, or a biscuit.

To introduce Chat to such a reserved ritual can have disastrous results...

Note, I do not condone the language in the following link,
or the website,
or the game,
or anything to do with this God awful waste of time...

Argyle said...

@5:26, Teddy calls him an ignoramus. lol

Unknown said...

TADA as I got the theme early. But Kts was an unknown to me even after it was filled. KTS hasn't been used in chess notation for decades. Normally just the position of the move is lifted and if more than one piece can move to particular square "N" is used for the board jumper. Still a fun Friday that took several passes.

Wilbur Charles said...

Misty, congrats on the TaDa. I had an awful slog but finally managed. My theory is to read all the clue and get them into your head. Then do something else and let the cerebellum do the work..

I got that idea from a post of yours and my own experience.

Also from yesterday, re. HORSE and Waterloo.

For want of a nail, the shoe was lost
For want of a shoe the HORSE was lost

Supposedly, a messenger didn't get through because of a horseshoe malfunction. Napoleon actually had Waterloo well in hand much like that French golfer in the British Open some years back.


Ol' Man Keith said...

Damn! ƒ*#@!
I was feeling great about Mr. Sessa's Friday greeting - although I had to put it aside after absolutely killing the entire top and middle as well as both sides. Just to give myself a breather, y'know, a chance to rest my batteries and freshen my mind.

And then I came back to it, all full of myself, certain of victory. Turned out, Mr. Sessa was too clever by half, too much for me at any rate. I had come to appreciate his wicked cuing, the sly way he'd play with words--until he caught me down in the SW and SE corners. I ended up just this short of a Ta-DA!--stuck here with a depressing DNF.
Boo--*&#@!--Hoo, Baby!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Good for you, Misty, for your Ta-DA and for all who managed to join you in victory today. I couldn't be more delighted at your success. I'm a big enough guy to laud your acumen despite the abject failure of my miserable attempt. I remember what success is like (barely), and I expect that some day Lady Luck will swing back in my direction.
It's okay; it's okay. I'm good.
The sun is still out. I just heard a bird.

TTP said...

Wilbur, Jean Van de Velde at CarNASTY in The Open. Actually, it was Carnoustie, but for him it was nasty.

Misty said...

Ol'Man Keith, it goes in so many different directions. Some days when you get everything, I have a terrible day with the puzzle--and I think today may just have been a lucky freak for me. And you didn't do too badly today either. So, we must never despair and just hope that next week will be great for all of us, the whole blog, and the constructors! Wouldn't that be wonderful! Hope, hope, hope!

And many thanks for the kind words, Wilbur!

Have a great weekend coming up, everybody!

Lucina said...

Drat those pigeons! Only recently our HOA replaced the aging roof tiles with smart new ones and already the pigeons have used my area as their personal toilet!!!! Does anyone have an idea how to deal with this? How to clean it? I sprayed with the hose but of course that's useless. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Certainly, I have an idea what to do with the pigeons but it's illegal.

Anonymous T said...

Lucina - you may have to call (or have HOA call) professionals. I wouldn't think pigeons would like your heat but apparently y'all have a problem. I saw some disgusting videos of poo cleaning in Pheonix trying to find a 'solution' for you. Here's what an Angie's List ad says. I also Google'd and there are a number of companies that make sound-based abatement devices. I fear the latter would keep all birds away. All else fails, a sling-shot can't be illegal - it's what I (unsuccessfully) use to keep the squirrels from the tomatoes [I discovered today the little bastards hit every eggplant!]. Good luck.
Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Thank you. And I'm sure you are right. Cleaning the tiles will require professional help. One of the main attractions for pigeons here is our swimming pool which is right in front of my residence. They love to sip the water which you'd think, being chlorinated, would taste terrible. But they visit every day and they like my roof, too. It's shady up there.

I shall e-mail our manager about it.

Wilbur Charles said...

Lucina, Betsy swears by camboucha(Bragg's vinegar contains it). You might want to google it.

TTP, that's the guy. Triple bogey on the last hole. Went brain-dead much like Napoleon seemed to have done with that ulcer killing him.

The Open went to a four hole playoff. Can you remember the Scots man who won it? Lowry? Ok, I just looked it up. 1999. Lawrie.


Picard said...

Saw the ELEPHANT related answers, but hand up for feeling it did not quite count as a theme.

CHICOS unknown. Is this another, argh, regional brand name?

Thanks for confirming that KTS is short for knights.

Loved DON ADAMS as Maxwell Smart. Got to see the show as a child with my father when it first came out. Never saw Inspector Gadget.

Surprised no one answered the "To have a heapin helpin of their hospitality..."? challenge. But maybe it was not meant to be answered. The song of course is from The Beverly Hillbillies.

Unknown said...

Every once in a while I Google key phrases from my answers on Stack Exchange just to see how often I am plagiarized. Imagine my surprise and amusement when I saw my own words, "prawns have claws on three of their five pairs of legs, shrimp have claws on two of their five pairs of legs. Their gills and body shape are different too. As far as cooking them goes, they are virtually identical and interchangeable." as the citation for an answer here (22 down). I always take plagiarism of my answers as flattery, but to see myself being quoted as "various sources" in an answer to the LA Times Crossword Puzzle was extra fun. Cheers! - Jolenealaska

C.C. Burnikel said...

Hi Jolenealaska,
Thanks for letting us now. We've added you as the source.