Dec 25, 2017

Monday, December 25, 2017 ~ Peter Koetters

Theme: Just another Monday - A non-Christmas theme.

1. Babysitting nightmares ... or relatives of the ends of the four longest puzzle answers: BRATS. Yeah, don't have nightmares about sausages.

20. Piltdown Man, purportedly: THE MISSING LINK

26. Really skimpy, like the polka-dot bikini of song: TEENIE WEENIE

42. Hangover remedy, so they say: HAIR OF THE DOG

50. "Honestly speaking ... ": "TO BE QUITE FRANK ..."

Argyle here. I suppose a lot of people won't get a paper today so they wouldn't have a puzzle to do. Many others may skip today's puzzle so I understand giving us this rather generic piece. It's not a ruiner of your celebrations, I hope.  Ol' Man Keith gets a present today.


1. "See ya": "BYE"

4. Kennedy assassin Lee Harvey __: OSWALD

10. Mediterranean exile isle: ELBA. The houses look fake.

14. Managed: RAN

15. Rain, to a picnic: RUINER. A bit strong; it's more like: Barbarian. to Rome.

16. Stereotypical techie: NERD. Once uncool sort who's now sort of cool. (Sunday)

17. Play part: ACT

18. Innermost foot digit: BIG TOE

19. New Mexico art community: TAOS. Historic Ledoux Street.

23. Vain gaits: STRUTS

24. Less hospitable: ICIER

31. River rollicker: OTTER

34. Finance guru Suze: ORMAN

35. Bearded Serengeti critter: GNU

36. Word after milk or meter: MAID

37. Confederacy foe: UNION

38. Stock holders?: POTS

39. Biblical craft: ARK

40. Where the heart is: CHEST

41. Dugout craft: CANOE

45. Playwright Chekhov: ANTON. "... considered to be among the greatest writers of short fiction in history." Wiki. quote: "Don't tell me the moon is shining; show me the glint of light on broken glass."

46. What drinks like Jolt provide: ENERGY. "All the sugar, twice the caffeine!"

55. Birth announcement word: GIRL

56. Like the bed of someone rushing out: UNMADE. Were you made to make your bed before presents?

57. Cell occupant: CON

58. A single time: ONCE

59. Big app for Apple: iTUNES

60. Angsty rock genre: EMO

61. Amazed sounds: OOHs

62. Deputized bands: POSSEs. They went thataway!

63. Lawn coating: DEW


2. Luxury boat: YACHT

3. Go in: ENTER

4. Moon, e.g.: ORBITER

5. Credit __: Zurich bank: SUISSE. Yes, I tried a W before changing to a U.

6. Powdered headwear: WIGS

7. Naysayer: ANTI

8. Writer Uris: LEON. "Exodus"

9. Bit of wine sediment: DREG. Usually plural.

10. Lure: ENTICE

11. Using for support: LEANING ON

12. Forcefully entered: BROKE INTO. Santa never did!

13. Website pop-ups: ADs

21. Muffled, as a trumpet: MUTED

22. Bank's claim: LIEN

25. Employ again: REUSE

27. Nine-piece combo: NONET

28. "When __ Eyes Are Smiling": IRISH. CSO to Troy Miss.

29. Overact: EMOTE

30. Pale: WAN

31. Nebraska city: OMAHA

“The Beautiful Old Market Entry to V. Mertz (in back to the right)”

32. "Pulp Fiction" writer/director Quentin: TARANTINO

33. Luau lamp: TIKI TORCH

37. TV dial letters: UHF. (Ultra high frequency), back in the days of tubes.

38. "Your table's ready" signaler: PAGER

40. Ice cream holder: CONE

41. Come clean: CONFESS

43. Paso __: California wine city: ROBLES

44. Political pundit Myers: DEE DEE

47. Sped: RACED

48. Garden-guarding figurine: GNOME

49. Informal "Catch my drift?": Y'KNOW?"

51. Witticism: QUIP

52. Golden rule preposition: UNTO

53. Irreverent radio host Don: IMUS. Still around.

54. Sunbathers' goals: TANs

55. Sticky stuff: GOO

Since the lyricist has a local connection to my area, I'll leave you with this song.

C.C.: Here is Argyle Our Dear Santa

Notes from C.C.:
Happy Birthday to our Yellowrocks (Kathy), who's celebrating today with her son David and their family in New York. I thought of her every time I see a picture of vichyssoise or sand tarts or hear Butterfly Lovers, the classic Chinese music inspired by a great love story. Sending our best wishes to David as well.
Yellowrocks and son David, Sept 2016
Happy Birthday also to Lorraine (Fermatprime), who's been with the blog since Nov 2009.  Lorraine is an accomplished math professor and does many puzzles every day.

Thanksgiving, 2015

Snipped this great picture from Chairman Moe's Facebook. The Chairman (Chris) is a wine connoisseur.


Argyle said...

Merry Christmas, one and all.

D4E4H said...

Merry Christmas Cornerites,

Thanks to Peter Koetters, and A+ for this fine CW and review thereof. The clear voice of Karen Carpenter sure made me know that she would be home for Christmas.

The puzzle was a pleasant present. I FIR in 22 minutes, but who's counting. As a boy my bed could remain unmade, but I had to put hay in the manger and feed in troughs for each animal before opening gifts or having my own breakfast.

May your day where you celebrate the birth of Jesus be magical! Happy birthday to Kathy, YR, and Lorraine, Fermy.

Dave 2

fermatprime said...


Thanks to Peter and Santa!

Nice puzzle!

My son came over with family Christmas eve, with family.

Great friends brought dinner last night and wrapped the presents for me (damaged right hand)!

Am looking forward to Christmas dinner at a newer friend's house. How wonderful!

It's very nice here, weather wise!

Merry Christmas to all who observe it! And I hope Kathy has a great birthday cake!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

fermatprime said...

I meant that the friends came over on eve eve (with super steak dinner!).

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Zoomed right through. Definitely a softball.

Morning, Argyle, and thanks for remaining at your post this day! No, my folks didn’t enforce the bed making rule on Christmas. Not worth the effort, I suspect.

A few inches of fluffy snow have fallen, and it sure is pretty. Happy Birthday YR and Fermat, and Merry Christmas one and all!

desper-otto said...

Good morning and merry crispness!

Yes, I put that W in there, too, and then almost failed to figure out my mistake. Nope, wasn't thinking sausages, so the theme whooshed over my head. I kept my stock in lots. I like lager, but wondered how it was going to let me know my table was ready. D'oh! Thanx, Peter and Argyle -- that photo must've been taken right after your midnight rounds.

...FRANK: Reminds me of that line from Long Kiss Goodnight, "I'm always frank and earnest. In Philadelphia I'm Frank, and in Chicago, Ernest."

I feel I should admit that as a kid I never had to make my bed. That was part of mom's morning routine, and my efforts would never have passed her inspection.

Today will be a day of peeling and grinding and mixing and boiling, all culminating in a carbohydrate coma this evening.

Happy birthday, YR and Fermat. Sounds like you both have big days planned.

Hahtoolah said...

Merry Christmas, Argyle and friends.

Interesting puzzle. I RACED through this puzzle, but didn't get the BRATwurst connection. I never read several of the clues as they had already been filled in by the perps.

Stock Holders = POTS was my favorite clue.

I wasn't keen on Moon = ORBITER.

Hand up for initially trying a "W" in Credit SUISSE.

Happy Birthday Yellowrocks and Fermatprime. Wishing you both a special day.

QOD: Searching is half the fun: life is much more manageable when thought of as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party. ~ Jimmy Buffett (b. Dec. 25, 1946)

Hahtoolah said...

I misread D-6 as Powered Headgear instead of PowDered Headgear and couldn't figure out one wears on ones head that would be powered. It wasn't until I got the BIG TOE that I realized my eyesight was off!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

HBD YR and FermatPrime (and Jimmy Buffett). Erased PenS for POTS and sod for DEW. Didn't look for the theme until after the puzzle was completed, but thought it was cute.

Good to put a face to the name, Frematprime, Chairman Moe and Yellow Rocks. Thanks to Peter for a fun puzzle, to Santa for the review (from the picture it looks like a lot of folks left eggnog for Santa this year), and to CC for the added flavor to the first page.

D4E4H said...

I searched today's answers for any word that could tie into Christmas, but alas there were none. On this day when Grandma is so important I want each of you to remember --Grandma.

C.C. Thanks for the Butterfly Lovers, the classic Chinese music. The instruments are so interesting.

When I played the Carpenter's video I realized that I had hardly heard any carols this year unlike my time at the airport where they started after Halloween, and lasted into January each year.

Dave 2

D4E4H said...

If you liked that "Grandma"--Here she is again.

Dave too

Jinx in Norfolk said...

My local paper included a crossword special today in the for of a 55 x 55 grid. The last clues are 884 across and 866 down. No author or editor listed. Haven't tried it yet but probably will do so before Wednesday, when our Christmas gathering starts this year.

Jinx in Norfolk said... the form...

Husker Gary said...

-Ah yes, other euphemisms for tube steaks!
-Many people do not believe that measly person could have killed JFK
-The only BIG TOE movie reference? (1:31)
-Wait a minute! P _ _ S stock holder is NOT PENS?
-Made beds would never occur here without my lovely bride. Navy veteran BIL says making his bed was drilled into him.
-Butch Cassidy and The Sundance Kid jumped off a cliff and moved to Bolvia to escape the super POSSE pursuing them
-This part was called the ORBITER not the shuttle
-Name the next line (and title) in this lyric – “But now the days grow short, I’m in the autumn of the year, And now I think of my life as vintage wine, From fine old kegs, From the brim to the DREGS, And it poured sweet and clear..”
-Joann and I have enjoyed many a fine meal at Trini’s shown in that OMAHA picture in its Old Market District
-TARANTINO said he greatly regretted not coming forward about Harvey Weinstein’s conduct years before
-Happy Birthday to Ferm and YR. Nice snap, Moe!

inanehiker said...

No paper on holidays in my small city - so had the online experience today.
Whiz through- so not taking too much time from family- though right now - husband is out on a walk and millenial son is just getting going. My sis and mom are coming over from KC so a little more holiday time later today.

HG - "It was a very good year" Frank Sinatra (and others who covered it)

HBD to YR and FP and thanks for blogging- Santa and for the puzzle -Peter

Madame Defarge said...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

That's from another story by Madame's creator. . . .

Great start to a busy but fun day ahead. Thanks, Santa, for showing up after your long night. Nicely done--both the explication and the long night's work. Time for your long winter's nap.

Peter, thanks for the fun this morning. It was pretty smooth for me--especially when I realized it was those BRATS.

Happy Birthday, YR and Fermatprime. Enjoy the day! C-Moe, you really do light up the Corner.

Best wishes to my Corner friends.

Peter said...

It's me, the puzzle constructor. Merry Christmas to everyone and thank you for the gift of your kind words. Naturally, I had no intention of this being a Christmas puzzle; I was told "we're low on early weekers" and found out it was running today as soon as it was accepted around Dec 1st. That's the earliest turnaround from acceptance to appearance I have seen yet. Anyway, last night I ate brats at my mother-in-law's who insisted it was a tradition, at least in her family (from Austria). She didn't even know about the crossword. So there you have it. By the way, I always title puzzles even though it does not run in the paper. This one was "Expect the Wurst."

Hoping you get better than hot dogs in your stockings,
-Peter Koetters

Spitzboov said...

Merry Christmas everyone.

The puzzle was decidedly un-Christmassy as others have pointed out. Did not like the Oswald entry. Profane. But maybe there was a dearth of submissions having the right level of holiday theming. So it was a plain vanilla puzzle.
But at least it highlighted one of my favorite food groups - FRANKS and BRATS. Just no kielbasa or chorizo.
Favorite cluing was for STRUTS. Peter had some nice 9-letter downs which helped bind the bottom to the top.

Happy Birthdays to Fermatprime and Yellowrocks. Tough having a birthday during Christmas.

Schön, fröhliche Weihnachten!

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, this was an easy, breezy Christmas present. Sped right through with nary a stumble. Nice CSO to HG with Omaha.

Thanks, Peter, for a fun romp and thanks, Santa, for always being there for us. Hope you get lots of rest after your busy night! Thanks for the shout out!

Happy Birthday to Kathy and Lorrie! Hope you both have a very special day! 🎂🎉🍾🎁🎈

Nice photo, CM, you look dapper, indeed!

We got about 5" of snow which makes for a pretty winter wonderland.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

CanadianEh! said...

Quick solve today on a busy day. Thanks for the fun Peter and Argyle (surprised you made it here after your busy night, Santa!).

My Aahs turned to OOHS and Sod to DEW.
Attended a pretournament World Jr. hockey game, Canada vs. SUISSE. Guess who won?!

We have more snow and it looks like a winter wonderland. But the sun is out now and roads are being cleared for travel.

HBD YR and fermatprime.

Merry Christmas to all here at the Corner.

Argo Malle said...

A week ago we had a Crossword with a Hanukah theme. Today Christmas was ignored. Does anyone know why this is so?

Bill G said...

Happy Christmas everybody, also YR and FP, I hope your birthdays are fine!

The puzzle was fun. Thanks Peter, Argyle, CC and Rich!

Thank you all for being my friends. It has been a great place for a daily visit and sometimes, a tonic. The folks here have provided support and a friendly shoulder to me and whoever has needed it.

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you, agent provocateur. As the contructor pointed out, Rich explained he was low on Monday submissions. Many holidays with or without religious implications are not recognized by a tribute puzzle. Go construct one for next Christmas.

Thank you, Scott, for your dedication and work and Peter for a puzzle that was not the WURST at all.

Misty said...

Merry Christmas, everyone!

No problem with not having a Christmas theme, and thanks for a delightful puzzle, Peter, and especially for checking in with us today. A perfect Monday puzzle, pretty easy but with a little crunch here and there. Took me a moment or two at the end to figure out the BRATWURST theme (since I know my German, I got it). Your "Expect the WURST" cracked me up, Peter. My goodness, Argyle, you couldn't look more like Santa if you tried! Guess I'll have to start calling you that too. Thanks for explaining "Stock holders" with that picture--I got it but couldn't understand it for the life of me until your expo.

Happy birthdays, Yellowrocks and Fermatprime.

No family visits today, except by phone, but a neighbor will come over and we'll have Chinese food, which I had delivered yesterday because the restaurant is closed today, to my surprise. But we'll drink and make a toast, and I'll silently drink one to C.C. and Irish Miss and Ol'Man Keith, and all my wonderful blog friends.

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

Merry Christmas!! I was feeling a bit depressed earlier, as this is the first Xmas I can recall, spending it alone. But after solving the puzzle, and taking a gander at the Corner, what do my wandering eyes see, but a picture of Santa (Argyle), Fermat, YR, and ME! Thanks CC for posting that so I could be "with family" today!

Happy Birthday to Lorraine and Kathy. Hope you got additional presents, but if CED is lurking about, I'm sure he'll find time to "bake" a cake for you both.

That pic of me was taken last year at one of my favorite wine shops in Delray Beach, FL. They don't know my "Chairman Moe" persona; it's only used by me on the two bulletin boards I visit. But if you're ever in that town, check out the Wine Wave on E Atlantic Ave. They carry wines I sell. Good folks.

I, too was kinda expecting an Xmas theme today, but no worries. There's plenty of holiday love being shared. Thanks Dave2 for the link to the a Capella singing group. They're excellent. And I want to send a note to Ron (aka Jazz Bumpa) saying that I miss those links to the trombone Christmas renditions. Good stuff. Hope you're ok, pal.

Lots of CSO's today - sweet!

OSWALD clue was a bit creepy but I enjoyed the rest of the puzzle and theme. No problem solving but I did need a few peeps here and there to get a couple of the proper nouns.

Madame DeFarge, et al, I'm happy to throw in a little levity to the Corner. Thanks for putting up with my "schtick"!

I had considered many haiku and limericks, but the one I coined might be more poignant today, as there are many families who've been "divided" by the holidays, due to some spats, arguments, disagreements, etc, and choose not to speak to each other. I know there's an old saying that "you can pick your friends, but you can't pick your relatives", but especially at Christmas, it's always more comforting being with family. So my limerick du jour is sort of a message to those who may have had some family issues in the past, to .... well, hopefully the poem says it better:

In the past, their reunions weren't pleasant
When they lauded the birth of a peasant.
But now some years later
They've made peace, no haters.
They're now happy with their Christmas "present".

Sorry for exceeding the 20 line limit. Peace!

Argo Malle said...

Lemonade714 ---

Please find it in your heart to forgive the question, but thanks for the answer as I was unaware that the constructor was told that Mr. Norris had no Christmas puzzles from which to choose. And thanks also for the appellation and for the kind invitation to "go construct one for next Christmas." Do you think it would get published?

OwenKL said...

I've been feeling a bit under the weather the past couple days. Nothing serious, actually more like hay fever than anything else, but it has been making my brain a bit muggy, so no poems. Probably a touch of seasonal depression thrown in, too. But I have a suite of 5 Christmas poems and trapagrams that I prepared a few weeks ago up at my Facebook jigsaw puzzle poems page.

Just reading yesterday's comments for the first time, and see Paul C.'s comment. I do hope he reads every day, and not just when he has a puzzle up!

LABOR PAINS were Eve's due
For nagging Adam like a shrew.
It's only this
That lets a miss
Know how a man feels with the flu!

Nighthawk said...

Merry Christmas to all!

Fun puzzle, but all I could think of when done, was that this is the
WURST Christmas puzzle ever!
(SOMEone had to say it!)

May your holidays be savory and bright.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Peter Koetters, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Argyle,for a fine review.

As others said, this puzzle was a breeze. But, it is a Monday. Got through it quickly.

I rushed to log in here and missed the theme until I got here. Liked it. I do like brats, franks, etc. Especially cooked out over charcoal. And, a little charred.

I have tried HAIR OF THE DOG many years ago when I overindulged once in a while. Doesn't really work. I just do not do that anymore. A few brewskis is fine, but not a dozen. Especially with today's micro brews and some high alcohol content. I always read the bottles or cans now. Just to see where I am at and could be. I am smarter now that I am older.

I remember the story of the PILTDOWN MAN, from England. Quite a hoax.

Played with the church band last night at the Christmas Eve late Service. After church our daughter and her boyfriend came over. I got to bed at 3:30 AM. No problem staying up late due to my job where I work night shift. No young ones at home any more, so sleeping in was no problem.

Happy birthday to Fermatprime and Yellow Rocks. And, many more.

I have not been on the blog for several days due to my schedule. I have worked the puzzles, however, except for Saturday. I just finished Sunday's, so I will report in there.

See you tomorrow and Merry Christmas.


( )

Ol' Man Keith said...

A Happy Christmas Birthday indeed to Yellowrocks & fermatprime!
... and a Merry Christmas to everyone else. Whether or not you're a believer, Christmas has become very much a shared cultural holiday as well as being a religious one. As a nontheist myself (lapsed Presbyterian), I am delighted to celebrate a wondrous story on behalf of my faith-filled friends.
Oh, Tidings of Comfort & Joy!

A neat pzl today from Mr. Koetters! I appreciated the opportunity to fill in a neat diagonal opening. This is a narrow one, not the wide swath we have been seeing of late. For anyone who is still uncertain of what I'm talking about, I am posting today's highlighted diagonal here!

To keep things clear, I entered only the relevant letters (in green squares) from each word of the diagonal. (Sharp eyes will be able to see that I sketched in some words very lightly.)
PS. A reminder that my penchant for diagonal solving has nothing whatsoever to do with efficiency or improved solving. It is primarily an aesthetic pleasure - and, secondarily, an extra hurdle.

PK said...

Merry, merry, Y'all! Fun puzzle, Peter! Snooze away, Argyle, you earned it!

Stock holders= POTS/PAGER cross stumped me for awhile. I've only ever been at one restaurant with a PAGER so that didn't give me a buzz.

Didn't know DeeDee or UHF.

Looked for a theme and didn't see it last night but it smacked me in the face as soon as I opened the Corner this morning before reading the blog. Duh! I missed the reveal since it came early.

Happy Birthday Kathy & Lorraine, you are both gifts to our crossword community!

This grandma felt like she was run over by a reindeer all week. Sit down to watch the news and wake up three hours later disorientated from lost time. Headache. Didn't want to eat. I was supposed to make the half hour drive down to my son's house and spend today but had to cancel for fear I'd go to sleep and wind up in a ditch. He offered to come get me, but I don't feel well enough to even stand in the shower. I am very thankful that we had celebrations with all my offspring and brothers earlier in the season when I was well, so I have NOT been depressed being alone today. And I can chat with my blog friends then join Santa in a snooze.

Spitzboov said...

Peter @ 0939 - It seems I was composing my post while you posted, which clarified some things. My comment about the theme choice were nudged at the selection process; not the content, since the submitter has no way of knowing when the actual print date would be. You explained that clearly. Please don't take offense.

Your name seems Dutch and except for the 2nd 't', has a modern Dutch orthography. Is the first vowel sounded like the oo in 'too'?

Jayce said...

Greetings to you all and best wishes for a happy day. Our family has had a busy and one-of-a-kind year, ending in batches of good news from several quarters. We are greatly pleased.

Fun puzzle, full of my favorite sausages. Thank you, Argyle, for holding the helm, and thank you, C.C., for sharing the pics of the birthday folks.

Make our beds? Heck yes. Dad taught us "military style" and mom taught us "hospital corners." We kids were the best bed makers in town. Served us well when we joined the military or went away to live the dorm life at college. Mom also taught us how to do our own laundry, iron our clothes, do basic cooking, and wash dishes. Also served us very well. She was a good mom that way.

Best holy-day wishes to you all.

Anonymous T said...

Happy Birthdays YR & Fermat! Lovely pictures of both you ladies (sorry Moe, you're a dude :-)). And a Merry Christmas to all!

Thank you Peter for the Monday puzzle with some crunch - I couldn't coast through the c/as. Also, I love! your working title. For the record, it took completion of the puzzle to realize WEENIE wasn't synonymous with BRAT, the kid, but the one pronounced brought.

Thank you Santa for the expo. I giggled thinking of Bugs Bunny at your POSSE QUIP. Rest up, Twelfth Night is nigh.

WOs: Suze aRMeN and 3 attempts at spelling SUISSE (I knew no 'W' but that was about it).
ESP: ROBLES - I was headed for ROssES, TO BE QUITE FRANK [saved me].
Fav: ELBA - not for anything other than the Palindrome Puzzle last week etched Napoleon's exile ISL in my wheelhouse [Er I saw...]

{LOL!} {nice and very sweet}

HG - CSO to you and Stripes for me! Thanks.
IM - you were front and center at 28d. Take a bow!
Bill G - You nailed the comfort of the Corner. Love ya Bro, Y'KNOW.

@10:43/Argo - I was going to make some snarky remark about how there's a secret cabal of Jews that control everything in entertainment (including xwords!) but you seem genuinely curious - so yes, you too can get a puzzle published. It ain't easy but I had a lovely mentor who helped; I still can't grid one on my own (it's hard!). Do give it a try though; it's a fun and made me a better solver.

It seems just the other day I left you with Seger... [STRUT live].

Wonderful day wishes to everyone! -T

Picard said...

We are back from our travels! Quick fun run today! Got the theme right away with WEENIE and FRANK.

Had PENS before POTS for stock holders. Anyone else?

PASO ROBLES was our first stop in our travels last week for the start of visiting friends and family. Fun to see it again after seeing it the day we left!

Suze ORMAN was big on telling people to put all their money into the stock market during the bubble in the late 90s. And panicking and telling people to get out when the bubble burst. The worst advice. Do one or the other, but not both. I would never trust her after that.

So sad that TIKI TORCHES were put to evil use in Charlottesville.

This New York Times article has the TIKI TORCH manufacturer apologizing and disavowing those nasty people.

Merry Christmas to all our Christian friends!

Chairman Moe said...

Tony, Merry Christmas, bud. Thanks for not including me in the "lovely" description!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Thanks, Misty for thinking of me in your toasts!
I'll follow your lead when we sit down to Xmas dinner and raise a glass to all our cruciverbal buddies.
I want to thank C.C., Argyle, Husker Gary, and all who work to make this corner so full of utile et dulce, so informative and enjoyable! I can't list all the regulars I enjoy reading, but our b'day babes, Yellowrocks & fermatprime are among them, along with desper-otto, Jayce, Anonymous T, Madame Defarge, D4E4H, Jinx in Norfolk, CanadianEh and Irish Miss.
, our rhyming friend, I wish you a speedy return to full-blown good health!
Chairman Moe, your oenologist photo is très distingué.

Bill G said...

AnonT, thanks for the kind words.

We just finished a Christmas brunch with the local family members. Crepes and go-with stuff. Then the unwrapping. Then I helped with the dishes. Than, a nap.

Just now, Jordan and I made Barbara very happy by reading together, "Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus."

Pat said...

Merry Christmas to all who celebrate the day! I hope everyone has had a wonderful day! Thank you, Peter K., for the fun puzzle. Argyle, thanks for pulling double duty today as Santa and blogger!

As easy as it was I finished it wrong! I had lOTS/POTS. I had livestock in fenced lots and never saw the clue for PAGER. DH is grilling a turkey breast so I will cook down the carcass in a stock pot to make soup.

50a Honestly speaking... I confidently entered To tell the truth. Bzzt! Perps changed that. Otherwise, no problems.

Happy Birthday Kathy and Lorraine! I hope you have enjoyed your day.

PK said...

Moe, you look like a lovely man to me.

Picard, I'm glad you're back from family & friends. I was afraid the fire had displaced you.

CrossEyedDave said...

For Yellowrocks and fermatprime.

Argyle said...

Ol' Man Keith, don't tell me you failed to see the mirror diagonal today? That was the present I alluded to in the expo.

Picard said...

Thank you very much for the concern and kind wishes, PK!

We were spared by the fire in the end. The day the worst part ended was the day we left!

Unfortunately, a friend of mine lost everything. She is a world traveler and takes extraordinary photos of her experiences.

Here I set up a GoFundMe page for her.

I have never done this before, but I see there is already one donation from another friend. I also got a response from another friend who can let her stay for awhile. That is an even more immediate need!

So sad. No amount of money can replace her amazing photos that were all lost. But hopefully at least we can help get her back on her feet again. Thanks again for your concern!

Lucina said...

I hope your Christmas was merry today, everyone! And happy birthday to Kathy and Lorraine!

It's been a busy and tiring day for me but I finally completed the puzzle. It was nice and easy, thank Peter K.

I'll have to read comments later tonight.

Montana said...

Happy birthday wishes to Yellowrocks and Fermatprime!


Anonymous T said...

Santa - The jig is up... Santa Facts and Figures [XKCD] revealed ;-).

Good to see both of yous Montana and Picard today. Cheers, -T

Michael said...

Anon-T -- I thought the flag of registry for Santa would be Greenland ... Panama seems a bit warm for a circumpolar organization.

Anonymous said...

Life is hard. Many friends struggle daily. I help all I can and receive help in kind. One friend in particular just had a major car repair that cheated her of money for her kids' Christmas. Heart disease runs in my family and my mother just recently succumbed to cancer. Therefore, those charities get mine. Homelessness from heroin related issues is a tragic reality in my community. I could provide links to donate to these causes but that would be tacky. I'll include you and your friend in my prayers. Hopefully you believe in that sort of thing.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Argyle, sorry,

I was just too busy trying to name as many as I could for Christmas thanks to cover every aspect of this grid's diagonals. You are certainly right that we had a bonus "mirror" diagonal today! Glad of your eagle-eye!

~ Kf