Dec 6, 2017

Wednesday, December 6, 2017, Neville Fogarty


Husker Gary here again on a search for buried (or at least concealed) treasure. Neville has constructed a hunt for us where GEM has been hidden in bigger phrases much as these Emerald Crystals that can be found in veins of calcite in the Muzo area of Columbia.

Our friend Neville has literally taken the word GEM and hidden it where the GE portion ends the first word of a phrase and the begins the second word. If you search carefully below, you can see where Neville has hidden the GEM in these theme answers:

17. *Intricate feature of some Victorian gardens : HEDGE MAZE - Here is a MAZE near London along side a domestic CORN MAZE in Gretna Nebraska

24. *Politician for whom a Virginia university is named : GEORGE MASON - George Mason refused to sign the U.S. Constitution in 1787 because it had no national bill of rights (if you enlarge the picture below, you will see James Madison's signature in the Virginia section). He then helped author the Bill Of Rights that were added in 1791.

33. *Disney miser who swims in his money : SCROOGE MCDUCK - As seen here

49. *Game to settle a score : GRUDGE MATCH - These "matches" have sold a lot of tickets!

... and the reveal:

57. Diamond in the rough ... or a literal feature of each answer to a starred clue : HIDDEN GEM - American Idol was looking for a hidden GEM in the group of 4,000 hopefuls in 2013 auditions in Omaha

Here are some more of Neville's Gems:


1. Rope often coiled : LASSO - Here's one attached to the cockpit of a working cowboy

6. __ Lanka : SRI - Formerly Ceylon located just off 30. Nepal's continent : ASIA 

9. Selassie of Ethiopia : HAILE 

14. "One more time!" : AGAIN - Rick actually said, "You played it for her, you can play it for me!"

15. See 16-Across : EAR and 16. With 15-Across, cochlea site : INNER - A cochlear implant can have an external component which can be recommended by an 29. Sinusitis-treating MD : ENT - Ears/Nose/Throat M.D.

19. Anglican leader : VICAR - Enter Murder At The Vicarage in YouTube and you can view an entire Miss Marple adventure (1:20:00)

20. Rainbow hue : INDIGO - ROY G BIV

21. Eye part that may become detached : RETINA
22. What circled R's may indicate: Abbr. : TMS ®

26. Point of giving up : WITS END - The Giants were at their WIT'S END with QB play and so...

28. Quarterback Manning : ELI - After 210 consecutive starts, ELI's mediocre play in 2017 got him benched last Sunday

31. Swig or sip : DRINK

39. Clock radio feature : ALARM

40. Valley : DALE - "Over hill, over DALE" is now "First to fight, for the right"

42. Word after black or photo : OPS - Some celebrities and politicians are avoiding photo OPS these days

45. Nike's __-FIT fabric : DRI - DRI-FIT fabric can be found in all manner of Duck clothing like this hooded sweatshirt which 46. Guarantees : ASSURES you it will wick sweat away from your body

52. Badminton court divider : NET

53. President after Jimmy : RONALD - Reagan "The Gipper"

54. "Bob's Burgers" daughter : LOUISE - I have never seen this cartoon! I might have opted for 54. Maurice Chevalier's woman of song (Man, I'm old!)

56. Emcee's opening : INTRO

60. Give direction to : STEER

61. Salinger's "Franny __ Zooey" : AND - Would people think me more literate if I wore this t-shirt?

62. Tender beef cuts : LOINS

63. Frost-covered : HOARY - I had a picture of this last Wednesday

64. "Certainly!" : YES - Alternate pronunciation

65. Lived : DWELT


1. __-di-dah: pretentious : LAH

2. Number on many a birthday card : AGE

3. Extremely cruel : SADISTIC

4. Communicate with a deaf person : SIGN

5. Antsy : ON EDGE - What's that dog doing?

6. Neptune, for one : SEA GOD

7. Shaving device : RAZOR - I'm a straight edge kind of guy

8. Boiling blood : IRE

9. Collective intelligence : HIVE MIND - Alll 31. Obama, e.g.: Abbr. : DEM's - voted against the tax bill last Sunday and all REP's but one voted for it. Tell me again why they waste hours and hours debating?

10. Baker with Grammys : ANITA

11. Cut into : INCISE

12. Use for support : LEAN ON - The wonderful lyrics from Bill Withers' song

13. Knight-__ : ERRANT - Literature's most famous

18. Demeanor : MIEN

21. Artifact : RELIC - What? You were alive when JFK got shot?

22. Bankrupt airline : TWA

23. Battleship call : MISS - Hasn't every math teacher used Battleship® to teach coordinates?

25. Microbe : GERM

27. Poet Teasdale : SARA - Okay

32. African antelope : KUDU - An amazing looking animal

34. The Stars and Stripes : OLD GLORY

35. Rowed : OARED - It ranks right up there with "APED" on my Verb dishonor roll.

36. Dreadful : GRIM

37. Manhattan concert hall : CARNEGIE - How do you get to CARNEGIE Hall? [You all know the punchline]

38. Bauhaus artist Paul : KLEE - An icon for the Bauhaus Art School in Weimar, Germany and an example of work by one of its students Paul Klee (Senecio 1922)

41. Superlative suffix : EST

42. Like Shrek : OGRISH - My Spell Checker said, "Huh?" and offered OGREISH as the preferred form

43. "ASAP!" : PRONTO

44. Beverage brewed outdoors : SUN TEA - A summer tradition here in the hinterlands 

46. Not seeing eye to eye : AT ODDS - I know our tea connoisseur friends Steve and C.C. would be AT ODDS by my choice of Lipton tea bags

47. Gulf War missile : SCUD - Saddam Hussien's futile weapon of choice

48. Lancer's protection : SHIELD - Here's a Lancer using his SHIELD for protection by shattering his opponent's weapon

50. Challenger : DARER

51. Flared skirt : A-LINE

55. It may come down in winter : SNOW - It can be pretty before you have to get out the blower

57. Stable serving : HAY - For the unbridled appetite.

58. Photo blowup: Abbr. : ENL

59. Salt Lake City hrs. : MST - 14th largest city with MST. Seven AZ cities are bigger

Now we await the GEMS you uncover in your mines/minds:


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Lucina, who's been with our blog since Feb 2010. So sweet to see this picture again. Lucina travels to CA once a year, and she often meets with our Californian Coven there.

Left to Right: Chickie, JD, Garlic Gal and Lucina.
June 3, 2015 


fermatprime said...

Hi everyone!

Thanks to Neville and Gary!

Nice puzzle! Didn't know DRI, GEORGE MASON, LOUISE, HIVE MIND or KUDU, but it all filled in anyway.

Am better today! Thanks to all who wished me well!

Have a great birthday, Lucina!

Hope to see you all tomorrow!

D4E4H said...

These words were left over FLN, 12-5. I attempted to post in the wee wee hours of this am, but had lost the internet. I left it alone and it has come home wagging its gigabytes behind it.
Wil Chas 847P
-"Perhaps, Rich edited his own xword." My leg was getting longer. Then I checked the official list of aliases for Rich Norris. No Kurt Krauss. Lego my leg oh!
-I agree. There was a lot of "Comic verse composed in irregular rhythm" today.
m b 905P
-Symmetry has a deepness all it's own. Each time I pass the puzzle I stop to enjoy the shape of it. 56D has a little black corner that looks like i could pull ELEM right off the screen.

S C 908P

- Thumper and I will ride out this puzzle. I keep reading Thumper today. Who brought it up, and what is a Thumper?"

Picard 1018P

-Could you be Picard because you are the body double for Patrick Stewart?

-Thanks for the map of the fire. I will pray for the safety of those involved in this tragedy.

Anon T 1038P

-Re: Solving Technique: I just think about it. --
I'm Thinking Here!

Y R 1043

-"Arthritic hands" sounds like RA. Bless you for even trying to hand write your notes. Would a short written note, and a typed note be an acceptable compromise?


Argyle said...


OwenKL said...

In science fiction you'll sometimes find
An alien race with a single HIVE MIND!
They may be the Borg,
Or Bugs in a horde,
Or OGRISH minions of a mastermind!

Was there ever such love as RONALD and LOUISE?
The way she ASSURES him with every squeeze?
AND Ron, in return,
Licks her face every turn --
Well what do you expect? He's a pekinese!

{B-, B+.}

D4E4H said...

Excellent morning you cornerites!
To unpuzzle I begin by thanking Neville, and HG for my enjoyment.  At the top of the review are emeralds, my birthstone.
-I have never seen such an antsy cat.  Look at its eye movement.  It is really on edge.
-I found the buried treasure early at 17A.  I have staked my claim, so no jumping.
-Hands up for those who were with me on the following:  22A, circled R,  TMS did not mean anything even with the R circled.  Oh, Trade Marks.  40A, DELL / DALE. 6D, PLANET / SEA GOD.  42D, AN OGRE / OGRISH.  46D, AT ENDS / AT ODDS. 47D, SKUD / SCUD.
-54A, Who knew "Bob's burgers?"  63A, HOARY not rhymy.  32D, KUDU, who gnu?  34D, We need a new glory!  43D, ASAP is a meaningless term.  If you want it today why did you not say so? On the other hand "Stat" has the meaning given mistakenly to ASAP. End of sentence, end of soapbox.  I feel so much better.  Thank you.
51D, A-LINE, Does a woman with a bun in the oven wear a "P"line?

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Wow, this one felt like a Monday. Only one over-write in the race to the bottom: ENSURES / ASSURES. Thanx, Neville, for the early week softball. Husker, you were your usual visual self.

INDIGO: Friend of Meshach and Shadrach?

KUDU: Folks here in the southland are more familiar with KUDZU. No relation.

RETINA: Mine cannot be repaired. Good thing I'm not a hunter.

Happy birthday, Lucina! Thanks to you, I have actually learned a little Spanish.

Big Easy said...

I noticed the hidden GEM after my nickname- GEORGE the SCROOGE- and had no trouble with the puzzle. Thanks for the "Bob's Burgers" explanation because I thought it might have been a regional restaurant chain. LOUISE was perped, as was Fanny AND Zooey. I wanted LIKE MIND but HAILE wouldn't allow it. Never heard the term 'HIVE MIND' but it makes sense.

I liked the puzzle because there were very few four-letter words and not that many abbreviations, which are too easy to guess. EST, MST, TWA.

Bankrupt airline-Take your pick. They ALL went bankrupt. TWA, PAN-AM, DELTA, AMERICAN, UNITED, US AIR, BRANIFF, CONTINENTAL and many others.

SUN TEA- anybody remember the Dandy Don Meredith commercials for Lipton's Sun Tea?
ELI Manning got benched for one game but the coach got benched for good. Eli's play wasn't mediocre; the rest of his team's was terrible and OBJ was out with an injury.

DRI-Fit- I have over 20 long sleeve 'dri-fit' shirts by every brand other than Nike. No way I will pay $60 when I can pick up last year's style of Adidas, Asics, Under Armor, or Russell for $10-15 at various places. The only problem with those shirts is THAT YOU CAN NOT WEAR THEM OUT. The last forever and I hate to throw away anything I haven't worn out.

D4E4H said...

Feliz cumpleaΓ±os a ti Lucina!

The only restrictions given by C.C. for comments are " No politics, no religion, and no personal attacks."   I'm perceiving, however, that the Corner has unwritten rules that are so strict that each poster knows not to respond to me on any subject that is not, nor have I succeeded in tying directly to the daily puzzle. Yesterday there were 65 comments - 30 for duplicates, and mine leaves 65 individuals. SO to each of you for abiding by this rule. Somehow I was supposed to know not to bring up this subject without ever having been told about the rule.

The Randy Report was tied to that day's CW as it was a direct extension of Santa's Christmas Display in the review.  Sophia, however, was new info not pertaining to the puzzle of the day.  Shame on me.   I may not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but on a summer's day I can still cut hot butter.  I am beginning to suss out the dos and don'ts of the Corner.  It would help if someone, anyone, would take me under her or his wing and gently correct me instead of giving me this written "Silent treatment."

I have found a place on the Corner with people who are more like me than anyone I have ever known.  I am here to stay so please help me fit in.

C.C. has spruced up the --  Comments Section Abbrs --  with each of the abbrs for which I asked the meaning.  I asked her to include suss only to find out it is a word.

Notice how bright is the blue above.  Your links can be also.  If you make them bold, they will be beautiful.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks Neville for a fine puzzle. It was interesting without the unifier--which I seldom pay attention to or perhaps miss altogether. Nicely done. My faves today: DWELT and SNOW.

Quite a nice tour, Gary. Thanks. I can't believe ELI Manning is coming to the end of his career. Time flies. Peyton is pushing 42. He's the finest QB I ever saw live at Soldier Field. And that's almost a half century of Bears games! Watching him control the offense read the defense was amazing. The Colts didn't come to Chicago often, making his visits all the more memorable.

Happy Birthday, Lucina! You are a special contributor to the Corner! Your glass is always half full! Enjoy your day.

Abeyo, I am so sorry for the loss of your longtime pal. . . .

It's sunny in Chicagoland, and I'll take Old Sol's gift any day! Have a sunny day wherever you are.

Coach J said...

Couple learning moments for me. The northeast corner was a huckleberry over my persimmon. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

To YR, I personally feel that you don’t owe an explanation to anyone...if you can’t do hand-written notes, don’t. Your signature in your hand would be sufficient (at least to your real friends). That’s my two cents.

Hope everyone has a great day.

Big Easy said...

Madame Defarge-

"Peyton is pushing 42"
his older brother Cooper is pushing 44.
Archie is 68.

Lucina said...

Thank you, Neville, for this quick sashay today! You even included a CSO with my name in it on this anniversary of my birth.

Thank you, all, for the birthday wishes!

It was hardly necessary to check the downs because this filled so fast. The only unknown was LOUISE and that emerged with no problem. Boiling blood? That's different! And a new clue for an old fill, IRE.

Thank you, Gary! I always appreciate that you illustrate your commentary.

Have a wonderful day, everyone! I certainly plan to.

TTP said...

Good morning.
No errors for the home team.
Thank you Neville. A real GEM.

TIA Gary. Will have to read the review later.
Already running late. Much to get done.

Real quick. Madame Defarge, I agree about Peyton. Eli might have a couple more years left. The coach (McAdoo) and GM were canned. A TV color commentator referred to McAdoo as Makeadoodoo. Of course, on Sunday, Fox made a boo boo by not allowing SF to score in the waning minutes. Ouch !

Happy Birthday Lucina !

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Neville Fogarty, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Did this puzzle last night while traveling back to Erie. Worked out fine. Theme was easy. Nice job, Neville.

Thank you all for your kind comments about my friend, who just died. We had known each other for over 60 years. We did a lot of nutty things, as friends do. Probably the greatest was one of us started a birthday card over 50 years ago and mailed it to the other. Then he or I signed it and mailed it back for the other guy's birthday. We kept that card going until now. Then we added more cards and then started to include the envelopes. The last package of cards and envelopes I mailed him cost $10 to mail. Most of the cards there is hardly any room left to write anything. But, we did write on each of them and mailed them to the other for his birthday each year. I picked up the cards yesterday while I was with his wife. That is probably some kind of record. I will certainly miss Dick Volgstadt. The Visitation is today and the Service tomorrow. So mote it be.

For the puzzle, I did not know who George Mason was. Thanks for the write up, HG. Interesting.

Nor DRI, nor KUDU. Perps.

Might try the Erie puzzle while I am here.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This had a bit of crunch but, overall, it was smooth sailing. Only w/o was Ronnie/Ronald which was prompted by Jimmy in the clue. But, I should have known better because Jimmy Carter was Jimmy to everyone, whereas Ronnie was Ronnie only to Nancy. (I hope Picard survives this clue/answer!) The only unknown was Kudu and I needed the reveal to catch the theme.

Thanks, Neville, for some mid-week fun and thanks, HG, for the spiffy expo. However, couldn't you have found an "edgy" canine? 😈

Happy Birthday, Lucina, hope it's a grand and glorious day! πŸŽ‚πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸΎ

Have a great day.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Lucina - Best Birthday wishes.

Hidden GEMS were not needed for the solve, but I would submit they were clever entries. I think the plethora of GEMS augured for more G's today than would normally be expected. Two small white-outs; ensures before ASSURES, and mine before MISS. Should have written in ASIA first.
We've had DALE again, but I won't repeat my word cognate comment from a couple weeks ago.

CanadianEh! said...

I found the hidden gems. Thanks for the fun, Neville and Husker Gary.

D4E4H- hand up for not understanding TMS. But I was on Mensa and thought that I was missing the circles.LOL! And I thought it must be really clever to have circles and a theme with the clues having asterisks.

sCROOGE was appropriate as I am off to see Christmas Carol at the Shaw in Niagara-on-the-Lake.

Happy Birthday Lucina.

Sorry for your loss Abejo.

SwampCat said...

No real problems today. Slow and steady got 'er done. I didn't see the gems, but didn't need them. Once you explained it, HG, it was very clever.

And "unbridled appetite" was a knee slapper. I've never eaten HAY but I've had shredded wheat. Does that count? Thanks to you and Neville for a good morning.

Lucina, have a happy!

Misty said...

A total delight--well, a real GEM--the easiest puzzle so far this week, to my mind, and I needed an easy puzzle this morning after a stressful day yesterday. Many thanks, Neville, and your pictures were great, Husker Gary.

I had one erasure when I put GERALD instead of RONALD for the president, thinking of Gerald Ford for some reason. My fix on history was clearly not so great this morning.

Liked both your limericks, Owen.

I still don't get TMS--did I miss something?

Have a wonderful birthday, Lucina. I loved your ladies picture!

I'm off to the doctor this morning, hope it goes well. Have a great day, everybody!

Argyle said...

Trade Mark®

CrossEyedDave said...

Happy Birthday Lucina!

Hidden textbook gem #1

Hidden textbook gem #2

Note to D4E4H: I don't know what you re talking about, unwritten rule?
I haven't responded to your Robotic link (very interesting by the way)
because I bookmarked to read later when I have more time.
PBS has a special on tonite at 9pm about robotics, I am sure your link will be on it...

Besides, I only post to keep my place as to how far I read the Blog,
add Birthday cakes, and especially to add something silly.
If you want me to respond to your posts with something silly, let me know...

(Signed: Thumper..:)

CrossEyedDave said...

HG, I think that cat originally had some kind of neurological condition.
(OCD, Obsessive Cat Disorder?)

But I wouldn't know about stuff like that...

Mark S said...

Happy birthday Lucina. Hope you have a great and glorious day. And much health to you.Thanks to Neville and Gary. Enjoyed puzzle and expo immensely. Did not need the reveal to solve puzzle but got it nevertheless. The only unknown to me was 63a. I thought of rimey but that wouldn’t work with ogrish. I remembered rime from lat week’s puzzle, Gary; but forgot hoary from your photo. I’ll be ready next time.



Mark S said...

Misty: Hope you get good news from Dr.


CrossEyedDave said...

Hidden texbook gem #3

Hidden textbook gem #4

Found on the back of a textbook...

inanehiker said...

This was a fun theme - needed the reveal to figure it out. Before I just knew all the second words began with M- but it wasn't a vowel progression.

Thanks to all the Cornerites for the support about my friend yesterday - he was a great guy (and another member of the Husker nation HG)

Happy birthday Lucina!
Thanks HG and Neville!

PK said...

HI Y'aLL! Fun & fast puzzle, thanks, Neville. Liked the theme. Some surprises like SCROOGE McDUCK, not usually in cwds.

Always look forward to your shining expos, Gary. That cat looked so wicked, someone was sure to get scratched.

Didn't know HIVE MINDS and still can't quite wrap my MIND around it. See a brain crawling with bees ready to sting.
Didn't know KUDU or LOUISE which filled before I read the clues.

Yay, GEORGE MASON, thank you for the Bill of Rights. Glad to know about him. Sometimes it is a good idea to step out from the HIVE MINDS for another look at a subject.

Never played Battleship so when MISS filled in, I was bewildered. Oh, torpedos going astray!

SNOW: Are you getting some of this white stuff, C.C.?

Happy Birthday, Lucina! Your posts are always GEMs.

D-O: Sorry to hear your RETINA can't be repaired. Guess that's why we were given two eyes. Hang in there!

Abejo: Thanks for sharing your card story. A friend that makes you laugh is irreplaceable. I'm thinking a big hug your way.

Anonymous said...

Your whining about not being answered does your cause no good. Several people seem to have told you they answer posts that interest them.

For example, Eli Manning was IN THE PUZZLE today and someone commented on that. Because the Manning family is from New Orleans, posters for there answered that comment with additional information. Very simple. No conspiracy, no agenda. Just interest in the subject.

Bill G said...

Wishing you a very happy birthday Lucina!

CED, great stuff! You are on a major roll today!

Picard said...

Thank you Irish Miss for your concern about my reaction to the unspeakable person who followed JIMMY as president.

If you are interested, this letter in the Santa Barbara News-Press explains the facts behind my feelings. I wrote it in 1998 when my home town Washington National Airport was renamed from George Washington to him.

Thanks, D4E4H, for trying to guess why I am Picard. No, I don't actually look at all like Patrick Stewart, though I have seen him perform in person. It is because I value everything he stands for in his Star Trek role: A sense of curiosity and adventure. Courage. Character. Seeing the truth beyond the apparent superstition and mystery.

Here I was two years ago at Versailles where there is a huge HEDGE MAZE and other enormous HEDGES!

Enjoyed the puzzle, but the DALE/KUDU cross almost got me. Lucky WAG!

Other unknowns: ANITA, ERRANT, DRI,LOUISE. Learning moment about EARRANT and DRI!

The fire is now closer, but the closest evacuation zone is over 25 miles away. Lots of ash and unhealthful air. But we have power!

Chairman Moe said...

"Puzzling Thoughts":

HB Lucina!

Great puzzle and recap.

Just 2 WO's and no other errors. HIVE MIND was/is an unknown; ERRANT was perp'd


Singer Neil plays golf.
When he missed fairway, he's a
Diamond in the rough.

AnonymousPVX said...

Husker Gary - Eli was benched because “Peter Priciple in Action” McAdoo didn’t know what else to do, and goodness gracious the problem couldn’t be him. Except it was. Remember McADoo’s response when questioned about why there were no changes to the offensively poor Offensive line....”I thought they’d play better this year”. Based on...a feeling? So Eli got benched, his Ironman record broken, and THEN McAdoo and Reese get fired. “Hey the horses have run away, better close that barn door”. Geez.

Oh the puzzle....theme not needed to solve, well clued and constructed, no issues.

Jayce said...

Enjoyable puzzle. Thanks, Neville.
Enjoyable write-up. Thanks, Gary.
Happy birthday, Lucina.
Terrific links, CrossEyedDave. Thanks.

Tinbeni said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUCINA ... the "First Sunset Toast" is to you!


Ol' Man Keith said...

Undone at eighty-one!
Yes, I was trapped! Today's pzl by Mr. Fogerty blocked my NW to SE diagonal solve at square 81 (i.e., the "N" of WITS END). That's where my diagonal had to kink to the right - a forbidden move - and 5 or 6 such jerky moves lay ahead.
Otherwise, today's opus was an easy-peasy Ta- DA! and a pretty enjoyable one.
But were we supposed to see some circled letters in the layout? I mean, after solving 22A because "circled R's" means TMS (Misty, that's for Registered Trade Marks), were we expected to see other circled letters as part of a theme? Hmm...
Maybe I've just grown too suspicious. The LA Times didn't show any circles.

I missed the real theme, graciously pointed out by HuskerG, the one buried in the clue for HIDDEN GEM. I was so busy skating along, happily solving helter-skelter - here, there, and everywhere - I didn't bother to notice the intended theme.
Ah, well, maybe next time!

Ol' Man Keith said...

Yes, Lucina,
Wishing you a delightful HBD!

And Owen, happy to see (and read aloud!) the very fine meter in both verses today! Excellent stuff!

AnonymousPVX, may I compliment you on invoking the "Peter Principle" with regard to the younger Mr. Manning? A perceptive slant.

Yellowrocks said...

A gem of a puzzle and review. Also gems were CE Dave's links and OKL's poems. Meter matters. At some point I skipped to the bottom today and came across the reveal. Looking for the GEM made the whole puzzle go faster. LOUISE was the only completely unknown.

We used to make sun tea every summer. Then we made it only when camping. Iced tea is so easy to make indoors. I brew tea using very limited water for the amount of tea. After steeping I remove the tea and add large amounts of ice and some cold water to equal the normal amount of water called for. The tea is cold instantly.

Happy birthday sweet Lucina. May you have a delightful day and year.

The hive part of hive minds took a while, but it makes sense. Social insects such as ants and bees function as a single organism, with each member serving only its one unique function. Each member is totally expendable. The individual is only a cog in the whole hive. I am well acquainted with this biological concept, but occasionally I have heard of it applied to humans. The hive mentality encourages uncritical conformity, loss of individuality, and loss of personal accountability.It seems that more and more people of all political views are succumbing to hive mentality.

PK said...

CED: You are one of those irreplaceable friends who always makes me laugh with your links. The cats: bravo!

Yellowrocks said...

D4E4H, when I was new I wondered why certain of my posts which I especially liked were not commented upon. Then I realized that many worthy posts by others were not commented upon either, even by me. If I were to comment on every post that connected with me I would far exceed my allotted 5 posts of 20 lines each. Over time I inferred that many who did not comment enjoyed my posts, never the less. Of course, you can't please everyone and in this wide audience there will be those who do not like or connect with what you or I write. C'est la vie. You are not missing any rules. Please be reassured. Sometimes I am surprised that a throw away "nothing" type of line causes extensive comment. Offer up what is really you and you will over time gain respect. I like many of your posts which I do not comment on.

Knights errant appear in many "historical" novels which I have enjoyed. AFTER I LIU today, I have my doubts about how prevalent they were. Wikipedia says,"A knight-errant is a figure of medieval chivalric romance literature. The adjective errant (meaning "wandering, roving") indicates how the knight-errant would wander the land in search of adventures to prove his chivalric virtues, either in knightly duels or in some other pursuit of courtly love."
"In medieval Europe, knight-errantry existed only in literature, although many fictional works from this time period present themselves as historical non-fiction. The handful of knights-errant that existed were well-to-do young men inspired to enact what they had read about in romances." A learning moment.

Jayce said...

Picard, I just read the letter to the editor you wrote in 1998 that you linked to. Well written, sir.

Spitzboov said...

ASAP - I disagree vehemently with one who says it is a meaningless term. It is very meaningful and precise, especially if in all caps. It means 'get the lead out', 'move it', 'balls to the wall', 'All Ahead Flank', etc.
I wouldn't want to be the one to tell the boss it was a 'meaningless' term.

SwampCat said...

ASAP.... Spitzboov, I agree wholeheartedly on your meanings for this useful term. It certainly attracts more attention than the sentence, please do this as soon as you can possibly accomplish it, at your convenience.

When I worked in the business world I assumed it meant NOW! 'Specially coming from the boss.

YR, I was so disappointed, upon attaining adulthood, to learn that the romance of the Knights errant of my childhood were....well, romanticized at best. The source you quote says there were some, wealthy young men inspired by the romantic tales . Ah least there were some!! I guess I'll have to settle for that. Hehehe

SwampCat said...

Owen, did I forget to mention I absolutely loved these today!! Let the experts discuss meter. I judge by chuckle- worthiness! Both A's !

Anonymous T said...

HI All!

I started off thinking "This is easy for a Wed!" Then I hit the NE and was all like, "Huh?, Wah?" and Weird Al's I Lost on Jeopardy started tickling my brain. After finishing the rest of the grid I returned to NE to fill it 100% right! Thanks Neville for the challenge. WEES - a GEM.

Then I read HG's great expo and realized I FIW (CARNaGIE isn't spelt that way!?! - that's they way that say it in Bugs Bunny...). D'Oh, but it's not like I had any idea what "Bob's Burgers" is/was until reading the aforementioned great expo.

WOs: Started entering cornea in for 21a, oAt b/f HAY, ANN b/f AND.
ESPs: HAILE, KUDU, ERRANT (thanks PK! - Never knew what that meant! I wanted Ridder (the newspaper company purchased by McClatchy in '06))

Hand-up for thinking of D-O once RETINA dawned on me. Sorry to hear they can't help you.

Fav: WITS END. It reminded me of Father's Day biking 17mi w/ the fam :-)

{A, B+} {har!}

Good news that your feeling better Fermat!

Happy Birthday Lucina. I said it Sunday, and I'll say it AGAIN, you are obviously valued (both IRL and @The Corner).

BigE. - I had the same thought re: bankrupt airline. Um, "All?" [except SWA].

CED - LOL. Every time I click your links and (usually) LOL, I ask myself "where does he find these? How much time does that take?" We thank our regular host but seldom our "alternative host." Thanks for what you do mate. Today's book GEMS were priceless.

Cheers, -T

Yellowrocks said...

I finished my thank you notes today on computer paper with a wide colorful floral border and written in a blue flowing font. No apologies. Hand written saluation, closing and envelope addresses. Three paragraphs instead of three sentences. Very personalized, far beyond changing only the gift, as in thank you for the ----. I am happy about it and am sure my friends will be pleased. Thanks for the suggestions.

Lucina said...

I just read your well written and expressive letter. Since this is a no politics forum I cannot comment further. Suffice to say that I have positive feelings about your writing.

Thank you, my Blog friends for your continued good wishes for me. The blessings have overflowed and are still arriving.

I loved the cake? How do you manage to find one with the correct name? Mine is not a common name so that's just astonishing. Thank you.

I look forward to being toasted by you!

Lemonade714 said...

It is nice to see Neville back being productive in the mainstream puzzle world. He is one of the wunderkinds of this century of constructors. Too busy today but I enjoyed it. Thanks, Neville and H.G.

SwampCat said...

I feel compelled to respond to your unhappiness at not getting answers to your posts. I suspect you don't really understand who we are. We are just a bunch of very laid back CW lovers, who post when we want to and reply when we want to. I have never felt any pressure to respond to anything.

When you insist that we respond, it casts a pall over the blog. Relax. Most of us never get a response. And that's okay.

We are so fortunate to have a friendly forum to express our opinions about the day's crossword. That's really all this is. We are blessed to have our bloggers who offer insight into the day's puzzle, and give us the answers. And then we get to say what we think ....right or wrong. What a blessing! If anyone responds that's Lagnaippe.

MJ said...

Happy Birthday Lucina! I hope you are enjoying a fabulous day. How very special that your family had such a wonderful party for you over the weekend!

As for the puzzle, getting the theme early really helped with the solve. HIVEMIND and KUDU were unknowns. Thanks for the puzzle, Neville, and thanks for the spectacular expo, Husker. I particularly enjoyed the maze photos.

CED--I agree with Bill G. You are, indeed, on a roll today! Being a cat person, I found many of the clips hilarious. Thanks for posting!

Anonymous said...

Dave, when your comments become worthy of response, I will respond to them. NUFF SAID.

Misty said...

Mark S, thank you for your kind encouragement--I really appreciate it. I did have a good doctor's visit. He doesn't seem to think I'm in pre-heart attack territory, but wants me to have some cardio tests that I can put off until after the new year, just to be on the safe side. And all my other tests and things were fine, so I'm much relieved. Again, thanks for your good wishes. And, Ol'Man Keith, thanks for explaining that circled R to me.

Picard said...

Thank you very much, Jayce and Lucina, for taking the time to read my letter about the successor to JIMMY. And thank you very much for the kind words. I feel that we are still living in that nightmare and keep hoping we will wake up.

Anonymous said...

I'm living the dream. Four more years !

Anonymous T said...

Picard- I too read and appreciated the heart-feltness of your letter. I do want to caution re: C.C.'s rules - remember it's not just us Blue-posters* here; there are plenty of OGRISH trolls that may pounce and will fill-up Argyle's with deleting ugly anons. -T

*Ha! I just re-read that and, no, it's not a double-entendre implying political red/blue divide... Just the Smurfiness of going 'Blue.' :-)

Anonymous T said...

And whilst typing, thar she blows!

Ol' Man Keith said...

I mustn't let the day go by without leaving a note about HIVE MIND.

I never understood what that meant until I was in my 40s & had the experience of working with a theater guru, Jerzy Grotowski. Jerzy taught us through immersion. He was doing research at the time into Haitian ceremonial rituals. Our group of 20 to 25 were crammed (literally, by shamans whispering or yelling right into our ears) with words in a patois nobody understood. We learned quickly, not knowing what we were chanting.
We also learned dances in the same manner, purely imitation, with no verbal explanations.
I'd done a lot of shows requiring song and dance, and I found this method both frustrating and fast. We did everything purely by aping what we were given. In doing so, we acquired complex melodies - songs & chants - and some sophisticated variations on Vodou dance.

The HIVE MIND became clear to me when I was away from my group. When I tried to show my wife what I had learned, I could barely get two words out. I just couldn't recall what I had been singing or doing just an hour earlier.
It was the most extraordinary thing.
As soon as I was back with the group, I could readily perform what we had learned together. Others reported the same thing. When the "hive" was in contact, we functioned perfectly well. But away from the group, we were pretty helpless to practice on our own, or show The Work to anyone else.
("The Work," I soon learned, is what Grotowski's people always call the routines and the skills we acquired.)

Anonymous said...

I think if anyone here is begging for attention and feedback it is Picard. Posting VERY political opinions twice today and endless pictures of himself everyday is annoying. Yes, I have learned to skip his posts but today curiosity got the better of me. So, lessons learned but then to follow it up with another politically charged post has temporarily ruined my after work wind down. Thanks for nothing Picard.

Unknown said...

If you want a response try Twitter although genuine questions usually get some response. I use it just to complain to the universe about clues. MISS for a battleship call ? Even if you are playing the game the opposing player says MISS not the battlefield. The ump calls "OUT" not the baseball. Oh well another TADA anyway. I have only been CWing a couple years but somehow my mind has pretty much figured out the game. I never time myself but it seems I only get stumped on Saturdays and maybe Sundays during football season. Two obscure proper Nouns can still get me now and again but its mostly pretty easy but still fun.

Not so with redoing Freshman calculus. I was pretty good as an 18 year old. Not so good now. Thirty five years in engineering and I can count on one hand the number of times I used calc. Now statistics and probability theory that was needed all the time, especially when you were trying to blow things up !

Mark S said...

Misty: Very happy for you. Should look into Coq-10 and magnesium supplements.

Spitzboov: A few years ago I heard a song from a group that sounded like AC/DC called “balls to the wall.”



Anonymous said...

Almost everything is "political". The real issue is for people to remain civil.

Spitzboov said...

Mark S @ 1930

One explanation: "On old steam engines, there was a governor device that had an arm with two steel balls on each end. This spun around, and as the engine went faster the centrifugal force spun the balls higher and higher. When the engine reached its maximum safe power, the balls would be spinning fast and high. When they reached a specific height, a spring would shut down steam and not allow the engine to blow up (over-speed itself). So "balls to the wall" means: as fast as the engine possibly can go."

Another is that on multi-engine aircraft, each engine control lever is topped by a "ball". Full throttle means all "balls" are pushed hard forward toward the instrument panel. (Where is Dudley when you need him?)

Anonymous said...

Ronald Reagan was EXACTLY what this country needed after the ineptitude of JIMMY Carter. We finally have another real American in the White House to lead the way !

Pat said...

Good evening everyone! I've been doing the puzzles and reading the blog but haven't had anything to add. I've enjoyed all of it; well, maybe not Saturday's puzzle. Waay over my head.

Happy Birthday Lucinda! I hope you have a great year! 39 again?

Abejo and inanehiker, I'm sorry for the loss of your dear friends.

These puppies aren't ON EDGE but they're having fun. Puppies! Volunteers are asked to socialize dogs and cats at the shelters. Sometimes it's more like supervising playtime. Yeah, it's a tough job but someone has to do it.

YR, it's so good to hear that Alan is having so many consecutive good days. May this streak continue.

A good evening to all.

SwampCat said...

Ah Spitzboov! What memories you bring up! I was, and still am , on a RailFan blog where we discussed such things. No, Im not a railroader, just a fan. A cheerleader, not a player.

The group refurbished an old steam engine and even took tours of the city in it. I remember hearing that old balls to the wall explanation, but I confess I never understood all the details. Didn't even think of that when you first mentioned it. Thanks for the trip down memory lane.

Mark S said...

Spitzboov: fascinating and informative. Thanks....


Neville said...

Thank you all for your kind words about today's puzzle, especially Lemonade.

I picked the theme entries to hide GEM not only across two words split GE/M, but also the GEMs were hidden dead center in each. I was particularly happy to include cartoon character SCROOGE MCDUCK in the puzzle. I don't remember him as much of a miser on "DuckTales," but I bet that helps unfamiliar solvers clue into his first name.

Thanks, Husker Gary, for the nice write-up!

D4E4H said...

ferm. P 352A
-" Am better today!"  Yee hah!
B E 732A
CED 1208P, 1212P, and 1219P
-Beautiful cake, and 7 gems.
-"Robotic link (very interesting...)"  The creators of Sophia predict that her intel. will surpass humans  in four years.  Add to this the speed with which she can process info. and you have either a blessing or a threat.
-Yes, please respond to my posts with something silly.
-Thanks for 7 fun links  I watched cats and kittens all afternoon.  I could write an essay on each video, but will mention only the two about toasters.  CanadianEh!, My toaster now wants to be an Israeli citizen now that the POTUS  has recognized Jerusalem as the capitol.
-I accept you as the mentor that I requested. No others need apply.  Would you prefer to be Dave 1, or One?
Dave 2, or Two.

Mike Sherline said...

Husker - as usual good writeup. In answer to your question re: 61A - only those who are less so themselves.

D4E4H 2126 - I enjoy tour posts, just don't get some ("Why GEORGE the SCROOGE?"). It's OK, though - I do enjoy scratching my head.
I think someone posted a link to Sophia last week - oh, I guess that was you. I thought there were some funny responses to that. Maybe those were you, too. Not a lot of short term memory left...

Picard - your letter to the editor was great, and I sadly agree with your comment. Also I enjoy your pictures and admire your globetrotting ways - keep posting away.

Lemonade714 said...

Thank you, Neville, and I think the posting of an opinion where it is a link which one does not have to click when advised it is political probably is within acceptable behavior. I will wait for C.C. to comment. There are so many other places to express political opinions, though.

Anonymous T said...

OMK - Wow. I never really thought about it as a real phenomenon. I mostly equated HIVE MIND w/ Tribalism or GroupThink. What you described is actually pretty cool - we can act like ants for the greater good/art.

Thanks Spitz for adding to my edification today. I've heard "Balls to the Wall" as in work your ass-off* ASAP and have seen the device of which you speak [I Googled - it's noted as a 'James Watt' [hey, I know that guy! Thermo 1!] and 'Flyball Governor' [1m made by some "kid" out of Legos - that you CED?] but never put two-and-two together.
Also I learned just typing 'governor with balls' into Google is not what you want to have to un-see :-)

Nice to see you again Pat - your (assumingly) cute puppies for IM link is broken - it looks like you linked your upload URL.

Picard, um, I meant "taking Argyle's time with deleting..."

//boring bit about AI - skip a bit (to Neville) if you don't care...
Dave - I'm currently reading "Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Security Professionals" which I got today from a vendor. They describe the (potentially dystopian) 'smarter than human' AI as ASI - Artificial Super Intelligence. I studied AI in the '90s in grad-school (Boomer Sooner!) and I can tell you we are no where near 'smart' computers - not in 4 years and possibly not ever. Remember, it's us doing the programming in the 1st place. We have good heuristics and HUGE data-sets from which to learn; but just like Google couldn't anticipate I was looking for Flyball Governors... [really, you can't unsee that!]
//Story: One of the funniest things I learnt in a class including neuronets was "learning dirty." See, in 'training the computer' to learn the difference between Soviet tanks and US vehicles the computer was given photos of US stuff and spy photos of Russia's goodies. "It" learned perfectly too. After a while, the computer could distinguish US v. USSR gear 99% of the time on new pictures it was given.
However, the software failed 100% IRL (in real life) during the day because all the pictures it "learned" from were of USSR hardware taken at night. So it did learn - learnt the difference between day & night... //Shit, Shinola :-)
So, when we apply AI to look at "normal patterns" we have to make sure "normal" is good - it would suck if "normal" was 'cuz youz totally ownzd and AI learned that's "normal." IBM's Watson is pretty good in a single-domain but we all laughed at some of It's Jeopardy answers.
In re: your plight - tell us a bit about you & add from your background. That's what makes the Corner something special. We all gets to learn from others' specialties. Maybe that's the secret 'rule.'

Neville - thanks for stopping by the Corner. I did not notice all the GEMs were all centered. Very nice touch.

Cheers, -T
*does that idiom derive from pushing the biblical beast?

Ol' Man Keith said...

I read Picard's letter and respect very much the experience and feeling that motivated it. I was never a Reagan fan, and I know a fair amount of the negative side of the man.

Yet I understand the idealism he stimulated in many on the other side of our political spectrum, and this causes me to reflect on what it is we honor in those people for whom we choose to name major places and sculpt statues and even give national holidays.

Unfortunately, it is unlikely that anyone who attains a pinnacle of power will be without negative marks, some of them quite awful, because their reach - through countless proxies - is extremely broad.
It is not, however, for the weak or dark side of their legacies that we celebrate them. We usually make such decisions "on balance." Yale University's faculty recently decided to rename one of their venerable colleges because the man being honored had been on balance a major polemicist for slavery.
Perhaps the most recent example of a wrong decision based on the same principle is the New York City Mayor's commission recommendation to remove a statue to Teddy Roosevelt - on the grounds that he held some white supremacist views.
Wrong as his thinking was, I think it is fair to say that on balance it is not for his views on race that TR is usually honored.
If we are to reach a sensible state in the politically charged climate of today - an equilibrium or "balance" of our own - shouldn't we use the "on balance" idea as a path toward consensus?

Misty said...

Thank you, Mark S--I'll look into your recommendations when I have a chance.

Wilbur Charles said...

Happy birthday Lucina, I enjoy your company on the blog.

I was confused at first by Circled R's. I finally figured out TMs. I never did grok MISS as being gamer talk. I mentioned PWN was used by Jeff Chen in the NYT xword.

As was GROK.

I did this in the AM. Finally posting.

Thanks Neville, Gary and posters.

And of course for the l'icks and kus.


Lucina said...

I just finished Dan Brown's latest book, Origen, and he delves into the possibilities of AI. It's quit intriguing.

OMK: I agree with you completely. People seem to have gone overwhelmingly overboard to the negative side of past leaders.

Pat: Yes, 39 again. that's 39 X 2 plus 2.

Again, everyone, thank you for your kind thoughts and wishes. It's been a wonderful day in so many ways.

Lucina said...

Oops. Dan Brown's book is ORIGIN.

Mike Sherline said...

SwampCat - Lagnaippe? Brilliant! Haven't seen that since HS French, c.1961.

Wilbur at 2323 - quote from Wiki:
"Battleship (also Battleships or Sea Battle) is a guessing game for two players. It is played on ruled grids (paper or board) on which the players' fleets of ships (including battleships) are marked. The locations of the fleet are concealed from the other player. Players alternate turns calling "shots" at the other player's ships" (by calling coordinates on the grid).

It’s the honor system - if your enemy’s shot lands on your ship, you have to say “hit”; if in the water, you say “miss”. I think it dates to pre WWI.

Unknown said...

In my younger years I used to tell all my engineers and other in the defense electronics business that I knew everything. What I really knew was that engineers as a group are not widely read. This was pre-Google so they had to stump me with words or history or other trivia off the top if their heads. Lagniappe stumped me. It has become one of my favorite words. l love the look on salesman faces when I ask if any lagniappe comes with the purchase.