Aug 6, 2018

Monday August 6, 2018 Craig Stowe

Theme: LIFE PARTNER (57. Significant other, often, and a hint to the ends of the answers to starred clues) - Life can precede the last word of each theme answer.
17A. *Program for an idle monitor: SCREEN SAVER. Life saver.

22A. *Rustic: COUNTRY STYLE. Life style.

37A. *Distinctive Jay Leno facial feature: JAW LINE. Lifeline.

47A. *Squeaky-clean: SPICK AND SPAN. Life span.

Boomer here.

C.C. and I arrived early at the 3M Championship Golf Tournament. We received our bag of goodies compliments of the 3M Company. Not quite as loaded as previous years but it is very commendable that 3M gives free products to nearly everyone in attendance. In addition, on Saturday they assemble a dozen "Greats of Golf" including Jack Nicklaus, Lee Trevino, Gary Player, Annika Sorenstam, Nancy Lopez and more, who play a scramble round following the regular entrants.

Congratulations to Kenny Perry, who joined Hale Irwin as the only two three time winners of the 3M Championship. But who has time for golf??  The PWBA (Women's Professional Bowling Assn.) is making a tour stop this week in Eagan, Minnesota (A southern suburb of Minneapolis) and I will be there for the Pro-Am.  (I am still an AM).
Boomer, Arnie's Army Entrance, 2018


1. Awesome, in show biz: BOFFO.  Sounds like an enforcer for the mob.

6. Dorian Gray creator Oscar: WILDE.

11. Splash gently, as waves: LAP.  Something your Mom had that you sat on.

14. Toothbrush brand: ORAL-B. I have heard of this, but I am a Fixodent man.

15. Upscale Honda: ACURA.

16. "__ been thinking": I'VE.  Reuben Reuben would have no problem with this clue.

19. Unfavorable critique: PAN.

20. Chad neighbor: CAMEROON.  Africa has sooo many countries, I can't keep track.

21. Clarifying words: AS IN.

26. Female foxes: VIXENS.

29. Like wine casks: OAKEN. Or an old bucket

30. Rowing needs: OARS.  I pulled many of these as a young kid.  We could not afford an outboard motor.

31. Buffalo NHLer: SABRE.  Buffalo also has an NFL team.  Nothing for major league baseball or hoops that I know.

33. Michael of "SNL": CHE. Co-host of "Weekend Update". 

Colin Jost ad Micha Che

36. Supermarket initials: IGA. A huge grocery store conglomerate, but nothing here in Minnesota.

39. "2001" computer: HAL. Fictional

40. Playpen item: TOY.

41. Olympian Bolt: USAIN.  I remember Usain Bolt, both for his interesting first name, and his speedy record under 10 seconds in the 100 meter dash.

42. Quarters for lions: DENS. Don't forget where the Cub Scouts meet.

43. Large, at Starbucks: VENTI. I am constantly amazed at the lineup of cars at the Starbucks drive thru window.  I have never tried their coffee. I am afraid I would like it and I don't want to spend four bucks a day on morning Java.

45. Tiny bit: SMIDGE.

51. In addition: ALSO.

52. Act out, as a Civil War battle: RECREATE.

56. Mai __: TAI.  You can make these at home, or drop into a bar in Hawaii if you don't have the ingredients.

60. Game with Skip cards: UNO.  I am sure everyone had the UNO game as a kid.  But it was not too challenging and ended up on the shelf next to Old Maid. 

61. Eisenhower opponent Stevenson: ADLAI. Adlai was in the first presidential election that I remember. What I did not understand was after he lost in 1952, why was he nominated again in 1956?  

62. Playful swimming mammal: OTTER.  I think he was in "Animal House". 

63. Bic, for one: PEN. Attica for another.

64. Mild Dutch cheese: GOUDA.  I have never tried it. The name does not sound tasty. 

65. Gardener's concerns: WEEDS.  We have a large crop in our garden this year.  Not sure why.


1. Pear from France: BOSC.

2. Killer whale: ORCA.

3. Word before hand or land: FARM.  I can assure that it is also a word after "state". 

4. Pulls a scam on: FLEECES.  White as snow, ask Mary.

5. "A Midsummer Night's Dream" king: OBERON. Shakespeare is almost as well known as LeBron.

6. Aired, as a TV program: WAS ON. The 3M Championship WAS ON the Golf Channel Saturday.  They showed Kenny Perry bringing the TPC Blaine to its knees, but mostly just showed the Legends.

7. "__ help it": I CAN'T.

8. Candy heart verb: LUV.  Could be a "Luxury Utility Vehicle"?

9. Dr. of rap: DRE.

10. Has an __ to the ground: EAR.

11. Mouthed the words: LIP-SYNCHED.  Interesting - I think this used to occur frequently on variety shows, however now it's mostly police officers putting on a fundraiser and having fun doing it.

12. Benefit: AVAIL.

13. Pasta in vodka sauce: PENNE.  I have heard of penne pasta, and I have heard of vodka.  I did not know they go together.

18. Entre __: between us: NOUS.  Looks like French, but it could be Latin.  I don't nous.

21. Snacked: ATE.

23. Bird associated with spring: ROBIN.  Mr. Williams was one of my Favorites.  Nanoo Nanoo.

24. Knitter's ball: YARN.  Or a place where knitters go to dance.

25. __-Ball: arcade game: SKEE. One of my favorite arcade games. Used to be nine balls for a dime.  Now it's a lot more, but the prizes are not so good.  Targets used to be 10 - 50. Now some go up to 5000!

26. Sports ball brand: VOIT.

27. "Othello" villain: IAGO. Shakespeare again?

28. Superman super power: X-RAY VISION. Not sure if you need X-Ray vision to change in a phone booth.  (Years from now, young people won't even know who Superman was, OR what was a phone booth.)

31. Suitor: SWAIN.

32. __ Baba: ALI.  Sort of makes me think of the NFL. 40 players getting paid millions of dollars to play a game, and I watch every Sunday and have to listen to all those ads.

34. Dangle: HANG.  Dang me, Dang me.....

35. "Anything __?": "Is there more?": ELSE. Yes, there are 16 more clues.

37. Trash: JUNK.  A button for a lot of emails in my mail box.

38. "The Thin Man" dog: ASTA. I am not old enough for William Powell and Myrna Loy, but I seem to remember a TV series with Peter Lawford and the stupid annoying dog "ASTA".

42. Breakfast nook, e.g.: DINETTE.

44. Prefix with friendly: ECO.

45. Humane org.: SPCA.

46. Bone tissue: MARROW. Not to be confused with newsman Edward R. Murrow.

47. Suddenly took notice: SAT UP.

48. Vehicle that taxis: PLANE.

49. Not look forward to at all: DREAD.

50. Photo finish: SEPIA. When I see photo finish I think of a horse race. Since there are no horses named Sepia, I think of a color.  However I am sure that some of you have a sepia colored photo of your great great grandfather. 

53. Pay to play: ANTE.  Jacks or better, trips to win.

54. Miffed, with "off": TEED.  No, I am a golfer and get teed off eighteen times a game. If I am "Miffed" I get ticked off.

55. Drops the ball: ERRS.  I say errors

57. Fall behind: LAG.

58. Wedding vow words: I DO.  I wonder if anyone ever said "I Don't"

59. Illness with its own season: FLU.



OwenKL said...

Once there was an OTTER, with a hobby really weird.
He came upon a lamb who had recently been sheared.
So he crocheted a woolen piece
To give the lamb a whole new FLEECE --
And if you think that YARN is true, you're naiver than I feared!

What would rapper Dr. DRE really DREAD?
To lose the lengthy dreadlocks from his head!
If he woke up bald
All his fans would be appalled,
He'd be left without a SMIDGE of his street cred!

(After I wrote this, I checked a picture -- he actually sports a shaved head! Ah, well, poetic license.)

To LUV a VIXEN cannot be A SIN!
To let her wily ways draw you in,
No man can resist
An EAR nibble by this miss,
She'll monopolize your mind, out AS IN!

{B+, A-, B-.}

D4E4H said...

Anonymous T FLN at 11:04 PM

- - Honeypots made me think of Honey Buckets used to catch other objects.

- - Speaking of powdered water, a friend of mine who was a science teacher in an elementary school, sold his students mason jars of dehydrated H2O with instructions. To rehydrate, add water.

- - Where has Steven Wright been all my life?
- - "I have an answering machine in my car. It says, I'm home now. But leave a message and I'll call when I'm out." Steven Wright

- - And backing up further, to 8-4, "Texas Ms - Be sure to check CED's perpetual motion kitty link from a day earlier to fully appreciate the toast-kitty."

Can you find the day, and time of CED's post so I can laugh or groan?


Krijo said...

Easy Monday, however had to brute force the VOIT/IGA crossing. Hate it when the brands cross.
I often wondered about the names Piggly Wiggly and Gay Dolphin. Why do they not rebrand?

GOUDA is the typical cheese to buy in Europe with EIDAM (or EDAM as spelled here) and Ementaler.

I was quite fed up with the quality of cheese in USA.
My great-grandfather had a dog named ASTA von der Donaufähre - ASTA from the Danube ferry, just to make her sound royal.

D4E4H said...

Good morning you Cornerites.

Thank you Mr. Craig Stowe for this challenging Monday CW. The NW gave me fits, but I was able to back into it. I FIR in 40:51.

Thank you Boomer for your sports-centric review.


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

There's a K in Spick? Who knew? No over-writes this morning as I zoomed through Craig's grid. Did d-o get the theme? D-o did not, nor did he read the entire reveal clue...again. CSO to Mme Defarge with YARN. We had an IGA store in the town of my ute. That spot is empty now, along with the spaces formerly occupied by the Variety Store, Ford Garage, Liquor Store, Art's Bar, Gamble Store, Moericke Hardware, the theater, and the locker plant for Balderson's Market. No problem finding a parking space, though. Thanx for the tour, Boomer. You look very stylish modeling that 3-M gift bag.

billocohoes said...

Dutch cheese doesn't sound tasty? It sounds GOUDA to me.

Late finish (or early this a.m.) to an excellent weekend of baseball. Guess the Yankers thought they could let up on the Red Sox like they do the rest of the league, right PVX?

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. I found this to be a bit of a Monday challenge. Starting the puzzle with BOFFO was not the easiest of beginnings.

SCREEN SAVER and COUNTRY STYLE came easily, but like Desper-Otto, I was reluctant to add the K to SPIC(K) AND SPAN. The K is missing from the cleaning product!

I no longer watch SNL, so don't know the current cast members. The only Michael I knew associated with the show was Lorne Michaels and his name was too many letters.

QOD: Art? That’s a man’s name. ~ Andy Warhol (Aug. 6, 1928 ~ Feb. 22, 1987)

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased ADalI for ADLAI.

I think I mentioned before that there are a bunch of locomotives marked CAMRAIL (the national railroad of CAMAROON) sitting at the port about a mile away from where I live. They are still there. I would love to know the back story - that's a lot of expensive rolling stock accumulating expensive demurrage (which would be great Friday CW fill).

Didn't know SWAIN means "suitor". I only knew boat swain (bos'n) and cox swain. Like Boomer, I have no firsthand knowledge of Starbucks products, including VENTI.

Thanks to Craig Stowe for a nice, polite Monday puzzle. My favorite was SPCA for "humane org.". The national org doesn't have a sterling reputation, but most local affiliates are wonderful. And thanks to Boomer for the Monday Morning Funnies.

RIP Charlotte Rae. Great character actor, and I think LAT cw guest star.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Enjoyed the puzzle and got the theme, Craig. Always fun to see what's going on in your mind, Boomer. LOL! Thanks.

I bounced on over BOFFO then came back to fill it when the perps showed up. 3D: FARM: couldn't come up with this from the clue. ESP filled. Who is a FARMer and could claim it as a CSO? Moi? Duh! I got FLEECES right away and never owned any sheep on our FARM.

Shopped IGA when I lived in the country, but now go to a city Dillon's or have HI-VEE deliver because Dillon's doesn't.

Didn't think LIPSYNCHED had an "H" so HED was blank awhile.

My sister brought us GOUDA cheese years ago after they visited her husband's family in the Netherlands. Seemed more authentic than when bought in a USA store. She packed it in her suitcase and her clothes smelled like cheese her whole stay with us. Good for a laugh.

PK said...

Spitz might find it interesting that my sister's late husband was in the merchant marines during WWII. He was a Dutch national and sailed on a ship out of the Netherlands which couldn't go home after the Germans occupied their country until after VE Day. He had no word of his family during that time, but his brother survived.

inanehiker said...

Fairly smooth solve- though I'm with PK and waited a bit to fill in LIP SYNCHED because I think of SYNC without the H. I wanted RE-ENACT instead of RECREATE but it wasn't enough letters - we have a few Reenactor groups around here. They work hard to make their uniforms authentic as well as their battles.

IGA isn't a chain of grocery stores - it is for independent grocery stores to have a buying group for their generic products and other economies of scale. Kroger's has become that for smaller chains as we can find Kroger for the generic brand in our Gerbes and Dillon grocery stores here.

I love GOUDA - but I love most any kind of cheese- hope I won't develop lactose intolerance. Though a friend of mine can't tolerate milk products from cows - he still does okay with chevre (goat cheese)

Thanks Boomer and Craig!

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks Craig and Boomer. No unheard of vocabulary today. No challenges. After all, it is Monday. I still checked the downs as I went along.
I don't use SMIDGE myself, but I heard it often as a waitress. More coffee? Just a smidge. No I was not a barista.
I find the Starbucks terms pretentious, both sizes and products.
In most US stores TALL is the smallest size. I usually just order a tall coffee, plain or iced, and sometimes a cappuccino. IMO many of the fancy coffees are pricey and high calorie.
I love Gouda. It sounds like GOOD, an apt name. Krijo, I agree that many US cheeses are disappointing. Specialty shops carry better products. My son and DIL bring back delicious ones from NYC. PK, funny story.
I have watched the movie, Dorian Gray, many times. Also I read Wilde's book. Love it.
Theater reviews often talk about BOFFO performances. BOFFO is sometimes used when talking about money, boffo earnings, boffo financials. I am more familiar with performances.
SWAIN "Old words in English tend to accumulate meanings like old rocks accumulate barnacles, and this one's no exception. These days most folks use it as an elegant variation on male admirer, but originally it denoted a rustic or peasant, specifically a young man or boy who worked as a knight's servant. It comes from the Old Norse word sveinn, which means "boy, servant, or attendant." I hear it most often in discussing tales from bygone eras.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

I had a lovely morning after my failures over the weekend. I know it's Monday, but it's warm-up for the week. Thanks, Craig. I had a good run, but like D-O, I am weak on the theming side. That's why I need our excellent bloggers. . .

. . . Thanks, Boomer, for the tour. I don't know many SNL-ers, so I waited for CHE. I wanted poire before BOSC, but I could squish it into 4 cells. Missed SEPIA on the first run as I was thinking horse race. Also wanted reenact for RECREATE, but it would have been redundant for the clue and the wrong letter count.

I love smoked GOUDA. I like domestic cheeses from Wisconsin better than from elsewhere. Exception: Vermont's Cabot.

I wonder if the new owners of my MIL's house will keep the 50+ year-old build-in corner DINETTE in the kitchen. My guess is no. ;)

Did someone say YARN Ball? Is that like a prom for knitters? My yarn is wound it "cakes." Sorry I don't know how to link, but I use a Japanese yarn winder to create them.

Speaking of not knowing how to do something here, that very loud woosh you heard last night was Anon-T's posts flying right over my head. AND the funny thing is, my husband thinks I know what I'm doing with a computer. Aren't we a pair! (Said I DO--actually I will--49 years ago this month, and we're still running the comedy show here.)

It's raining here; we need it. Sorry everything is so out of balance around the country. Have a sunny day anyway.

Husker Gary said...

-Critics PANNED The Da Vinci Code but I thought it was BOFFO. Rotten Tomatoes gave gave this movie a 100% and the audiences gave it a 20%
-Spelling my last name on the phone always starts with S AS IN Sam…
-No coffee has/can entice me into $4 for a cup
-My master gardener wife swears by Preen Weed And Feed
-Towns away from Omaha are dying because F ARM LAND needs many fewer FARM HANDS than generations ago
-I CAN’T stop watching what WAS ON TV in my youth on YouTube.
What’s My Line is current fav. I’ve Got A Secret, To Tell The Truth, The Rifleman, et al also have appeared
-All the ROBINS at our feeders did not get the memo that they don’t eat seeds.
-Feeder addendum – The grackles are finally gone!
-Most of those NFL players wish they were in MLB or NBA where the money is more, Injuries are less and careers are longer
-Kids who are too squeamish to dissect a chicken wing eventually are breaking the bones and digging out the MARROW
-The American Space Program SAT UP and took notice once Sputnik launched. Hello NASA (60 yrs ago last week)

Magilla Go-Rilla said...

43A: Nothing to be gained by starting a relationship at Starbucks. Nothing special about their coffee. It’s a fad that should be dying out but the preppies think it’s so cool. Save your money. DD & WAWA are better and cheaper.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Nice puzzle . FIR. No searches or erasures. I liked the theme and there was lots of fresh fill: BOFFO, LIP-SYNCHED, FLEECES to name a few. Did not know VOIT, but perps were kind.
GOUDA - Dutch pronounce it with a gliding G sounding like ch in 'ach'. My favorite is smoked Gouda.
VIXENS - German Füchsinnen.
PK - Lots of war stories like that. When war comes, ships may not be able to return to their home port without "surrendering". Do you know where the Dutchman's ship spent the war? I would imagine a neutral port or it sailed to a country in line with the Master's or owner's politics. It could have been commandeered by an Allied country. Probably lucky it wasn't torpedoed.

Hahtoolah said...

Madame D: Is this a Yarn Cake?

Yellowrocks said...

I know there are widely divergent opinions on the Da Vinci Code, both book and movie. Personally, I would have liked the story much more if it were purely fictional. That would have been interesting. I kept saying "Yes, but..." as I read. I believe fiction that purports to present historical facts should be researched as carefully as a nonfiction book would be. I like historical fiction where the author discusses in the Afterword the license he took with the true story. I suppose this is one area where I am more of a purist. To each his own.
After school made history dull for me, I finally learned to enjoy it through historical fiction. After reading a book, I would LIU the facts and the era surrounding the story. I learned so much that way.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Craig Stowe, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Zipped through this quickly, except for the first word, BOFFA. That came later with perps.

Theme was easy. Nice job putting it together. All the themes are usually a lot of work, I would assume. I guess you have to put them in and then build around them. Maybe some day I will try my hand at this. Who knows.

ADLAI was easy, being an Illinoian. It is interesting. Adlai E. Stevenson I, was a Vice President of the US in the 1800's, Adlai II, was an Illinois governor and Presidential candidate and wound up as Ambassador to Great Britain, Adlai III was a US Senator from Illinois, and there is an Adlai IV, and Adlai V, as well. Not sure of politics with these last two.

My favorite cheese is bleu cheese. I can eat it on crackers 'til the cows come home.

I agree that the K on SPICK caused me a pause, as well as the H in SYNCHED. But, perps never lie. (Except on cop shows)

USAIN BOLT again. That is OK. I enjoyed watch him run.

Now I am going back to yesterday and report on the Sunday puzzle that I finished last night close ti midnight. It was tough.

See you yesterday.


( )

PK said...

Spitz: my BIL has been dead a long time so I can't remember all his story. My understanding is they just kept sailing and transporting whatever wherever they could make some money mostly in the Pacific at least before Pearl Harbor. I know he and some other Dutch ex-pats owned a marine salvage business out of San Francisco and he became a US citizen before he met my sis. He was much older than she.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Well, this was an easy, breezy start to the week. I was happy, as always, that the theme was hidden until the reveal and I was even happier with the animal sub theme: Vixens, Otter, Orca, Robin, Asta, SPCA, Dens, Farms, and Fleeces. My only w/o was Cho before Che and I had to wait for perps for Jawline, as I was focused on Chin for Mr. Leno. I always say Smidgen but an ex SIL says Smidget. Nice CSO to Madame Defarge at Yarn.

Thanks, Craig, for a smooth and satisfying solve and thanks, Boomer, for my Monday dose of chuckles and smiles. Good luck at the Pro/Am tournament.

As I'm not a coffee drinker, I've never stepped foot in a Starbucks, nor a DD, for that matter.

Gary, I can understand why people ask you to spell your last name (annoying though it may be), but I am dumbfounded when someone asks me how to spell Agnes. I realize it's an old-fashioned name in 2018 but it's not archaic, is it?

Madame Defarge, is a trip to Maine on the horizon? My sister and her daughter and SIL are scheduled for their annual trek on August 26th. They have tickets for "Grumpy Old Men" at the Ogunquit Playhouse, starring Sally Struthers. (Unfortunately, when Miss Struthers appeared there last year, she was arrested for DUI.) They also have reservations at Stone Hill Kitchens for one of their cooking school/lunch events. They will also be treated to a lobster dinner at my brother Jack's house.

Have a great day.

Picard said...

Krijo: I was surprised at the crossed Naticks, too, on a Monday.
IGA/VOIT and BOFFO/OBERON. Hand up never saw the K in SPICK AND SPAN before. Learning moment.
Fun Monday theme!

I only know Mr BOFFO from the comics. Learning moment.

Knew OBERON as a moon of Uranus. Apparently named for the King. I am a satisfied daily ORALB user. Never heard of that CHE. Learning moment.

Once again, here are my photos on an OTTER float PLANE in Alaska

In our Solstice Grand Finale you can see the AERIAL artists DANGLE/HANG inside our inflatable float.

From yesterday:
AnonT: Glad you enjoyed my AERIAL photos
Husker Gary: Your AERIAL video was cool, too!

AnonymousPVX said...

A quick run through this Monday puzzle gave me a solve, no markups or cross-outs. Nice.

So the Yanks managed to lose the 4th game as well. When your best reliever cannot find the plate in the 9th says everything about the “best bullpen in the majors”.....geez, what a lost series. Reality check as well. Plus I stayed up late to watch the walk off.

Never tried Gouda? Why not? Afraid to try something new? There’s nothing like “new food”.

On to Tuesday.

Lucina said...

BOFFO puzzle! Thank you, Craig Stowe. Most of my solve was downward.

I, too, was surprised to see the K in SPICKANDSPAN. And I learned that BOSC is French.

I love the references to Shakespeare and Oscar WILDE. I have read The Picture of Dorian Gray several times and have seen the movie. The genius thinking behind it always impresses me.

Alas, without much thinking I had SEEDS as gardener's concerns then when reading the clue "bone tissue" knew it was MARROW but failed to correct it. Sigh.

Thank you, Boomer! You are in good form today and I agree, that 3M bag looks good on you!

Have a special day today, everyone!

Misty said...

Thanks to Craig, for a bit of a challenging Monday puzzle. I thought I had it, though I ended up with a VOIT/IGA problem, like Krijo and others. And I feel a bit silly that I never got the theme because I kept trying to match the theme words with PARTNER rather than with LIFE. Like others, I too questioned whether SYNCHED could be right. But still, a lot of fun. I too loved ROBIN Williams and was so sorry when we lost him. And, Irish Miss, I loved all the animal references you found in the puzzle. Your write-up is always a pleasure, Boomer.

Owen, I loved your first poem.

Have a great week, everybody!

billocohoes said...

OBERON was king of the fairies in A Midsummer Night's Dream. I saw it last year at Saratoga's Shakespeare in the Park.

BOFFO was the kind of word used in headlines in Variety, the entertainment business newlsetter.

I remember in Stalag 17, Sig Ruman as the German sergeant wanted the POW barracks to be "shpick, und also shpan."

Yellowrocks said...

PICNIC adds a k when the verb is inflected, picnicking or picnicked. During morning announcements our wise-guy principal asked the teachers to go to the chalkboard in front of the class and write picnicked. Fortunately I spelled it correctly, but he embarrassed those who omitted the K.
I was surprised at the added H in SYNCHED. When I LIU later I saw that SYNCH is an alternate spelling of SYNC. So the H was not added because of the -ed, as was the k in PICNICKED. It was added to the alternate spelling. Learned something new today.
I remember seeing VOIT stamped on some of the balls in the gym at school. I have seen IGA food markets.There was an IGA near my mom's home. So much of puzzling depends on our life experiences, what we have come across. It also helps to have eclectic tastes. Knowing just a little bit about many things is a big help.

Yellowrocks said...

PICNIC adds a k when the verb is inflected, picnicking or picnicked. During morning announcements our wise-guy principal asked the teachers to go to the chalkboard in front of the class and write picnicked. Fortunately I spelled it correctly, but he embarrassed those who omitted the K.
I was surprised at the added H in SYNCHED. When I LIU later I saw that SYNCH is an alternate spelling of SYNC. So the H was not added because of the -ed, as was the k in PICNICKED. It was added to the alternate spelling. Learned something new today.
I remember seeing VOIT stamped on some of the balls in the gym at school. I have seen IGA food markets.There was an IGA near my mom's home. So much of puzzling depends on our life experiences, what we have come across. It also helps to have eclectic tastes. Knowing just a little bit about many things is a big help.

Irish Miss said...

Correction: It's Stonewall Kitchen. (I knew that Stone Hill didn't look right; I guess my memory isn't what it used to be.

xtulmkr said...

Not necessarily authoritative but my thoughts are...

Influence of brand names has confused our spelling. Spic and span (minus the K) was a cleaning product but the original definition includes the K. "Spic" is a disparaging ethnic term.

Sync is the correct form to be used as a shortened form of synchronization. Sync(h)ro- is the form used as a prefix.

Photo finishes are glossy, matte, satin, etc., and refers to the type of paper. SEPIA designates tone or color and refers to the ink or pigment.

Jayce said...

A nice, well-constructed Monday puzzle. I liked it. I am glad I had seen and remembered the brand name VOIT.

My Dutch friend taught me they pronounce the cheese, and the town it is named for, as "howda" with a very breathy H, or as Spitzboov called it, gliding G sound.

Another friend of ours, Tjeerd Van Andel, pronounces his first name with the J sounding like a whistle. Very interesting. Everybody, including himself, called him Jerry.

Synch, synchronous, synchronize, etc. stem from the root Greek word chronos meaning time. Hence the ch. In electronics, I have worked a lot with synchronization of signals and with synchronous motors. "On my mark, synchronize watches!"

Best wishes to you all.

Lemonade714 said...

VARIETY the one time weekly bible of show business, I believe popularized BOFFO. My life likes MAI TAI but I do not know why as no two bartenders make them the same way. CHE was a complete unknown but does cut out all the Guevera references.

The Buffalo Braves were an American professional basketball franchise based in Buffalo, New York. The Braves competed in the National Basketball Association as a member club of the league's Eastern Conference Atlantic Division from 1970 until 1978. They eventually were moved to San Diego where they became the Clippers, who now reside in LA. HISTORY

Adlai was also my first election memory; my father greeted Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall when they came to town on a train (whistle-stop) tour to support Stevenson who lost in part because he was a divorced man...imagine. I also had a bumper sticker on my window that managed to breed insects, making it a most memorable year.

Roy said...

Got all the theme answers, but not the theme, until I went back and looked at LIFE + "the end of the answers".

Never bought GOUDA; may have eaten it off of a cheese platter.

Remembered VOIT as a proper noun, but not whence, until Boomer's expo.

The only IGA I know of in this area closed several years ago.

Usually think of DINETTE as the furniture, not the place.

We said both I DO and "I will" at different points in the ceremony.

Would you call [human] VIXENS "foxy"?

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks, Jayce, that way the H makes sense. I read in many places that SYNC and SYNCH both are correct. Spellcheck likes only SYNC. It often rejects legitimate alternate spellings.
The sepia effect is a finishing process added to photos.
Lifewire "A sepia tone is a reddish brown monochrome tint. When applied to a photo, it gives the picture a warm, antique feeling. Sepia tone images have an antique feeling because photographs used to be developed using sepia, which is derived from the ink of cuttlefish, in the photo emulsion used to develop the image.
Now with digital photography, there's no need for emulsions and photo development to get rich sepia tone photos. Photoshop makes changing your existing photos easy."

Wilbur Charles said...

Yep, I learned Africa in the fifties. Tanganika, Belgian Congo.
Buffalo had a pro bball team inherited from the ABA. Ernie DiGregorio* played for them.
Adlai was nominated again and gave a stirring speech at the convention. JFK managed a first vote nomination , barely, or he might have run again in 1960
Hank's version
Boomer, the only way I watch sports is on tape
And ... If there's nae Cursing, there nae Golf
Oops, I spelled that Starbucks coffee as VENTE and never saw SWAIN. FIW

Speaking of sports on tape... I finally got to watching the Redsox, knowing they'd incredibly came back and won last night. Bad news? Tape expired with winning run on second. How'd it end?

Comment: Chapman plunked Martinez in retaliation thinking he could still handle a 4-1 lead. POETic justice?

Krijo, I love your posts. I learn the other side of the pond
D-O, did you play the numbers **at the Gamble store?
Billocoes, PVX.. how did the winning run score? See above

Now I want to read the book "Daisy Miller".
One deal I often get at Starbucks is an Americano because they don't want to brew decaf

The DaVinci Code extracted all it's history from "Holy Blood Holy Grail". They were sued for copyright infraction but HBHG lost. Now HBHG is criticized because they relied on a French con man . Henry Ford said "History is bunk "
The expression"Spick and Span" preceded the product by that name.
I see XTULMKR beat me to SPICK

Boomer, Owen and Craig: Great job


* Fabulous college basketball player from Providence
** We had that last week

Anonymous said...

An entire blog on a "Life Partner" themed puzzle with NO gratuitous wife battering puns!
Good job.

Wilbur Charles said...

I see they won it in the tenth . They had a bigger lead forty years ago, PVX

That was in the days of the Curse


Having said that, Millar is pointing out Yanks wildcard slot is no longer a sure thing

CrossEyedDave said...

OK Boomer,
3M? Free stuff?
Ok, what's in the bag! (I gotta know..:)

FLN, Anon-T, While "Shoe" is in the paper every day, the Star Ledger does not print it on Sundays??? had to look it up.
French Toast? (also, check out todays! Mums the word!)

Starbucks, my 2 cents, I dislike the stuff...
I drink coffee every morning,
Love an expresso after dinner...
but Starbucks (to me) tastes very bitter, like they over roasted the beans.
(actually, I think they burnt the beans!)

(back to Boomer...)
Never tasted Gouda?
(but it's so Gooda!)
It is 2nd on Martha Stewarts choices for melting cheese!
Don't tell me you still use that processed crap to make grilled cheese sandwiches!
Go out, RIGHT NOW!! and get some Gouda!
Make a grilled cheese sandwich (fried in butter of course) and get back to me!

Whew!, Sorry, got excited...
Now where was I...

Oh yes, cheeses...

I have no favorite, I love them all.
But I would have to say the one I consume the most (after sharp cheddar)
would have to be pepperjack.
(Monteray Jack cheese with Jalepenos...)

Brie! (with white wine!)

Anything smelly, stinky, like old socks, Ah! it tastes marvelous!

Blue Cheese!
(sorry, segue here,,,)
I have started a hobby, where I try every restaurant Mussel dish
I can find. (it used to be key lime pie, but I got too fat...)
I have had mussels with white wine and butter (a favorite!)
with and without tomatoes.
and a hundred other concoctions.
(I think it was because I could not afford Oysters...)

But it has been ruined for me...

I tasted a Mussel appetizer in a hole in the wall bar in Naples Fla.
and now every Mussel dish I taste cannot compare, and I am disappointed!
I am not sure of the complete recipe, as it had several different herbs
including rosemary and thyme. But the main theme was to cook the Mussels
in beer (type is important!) and BLUE CHEESE!


I can't wait to taste this again!

Well, I can see my obsession has waylayed me again into overposting,
so I will try to get back on track.

Boomer, do you like French Onion Soup?

I didn't realize the perpetual motion kitty was going to be such a hit.
So i guess a reprint is in order...
Just take Anonymous-T's advice and reduce the amount of butter if the load/frequency
needs adjusting...

The puzzle? I almost forgot! Life Partner?

CrossEyedDave said...


Sorry Anon @ 4:03pm,

I would have picked a different link if
I were not typing when you posted...

Wilbur Charles said...

Well it's late and folks have stopped posting so...

Lemonade, I see you know more about those Buffalo Braves than I do. So... They were not in the ABA? Expansion NBA club, eh. The San Diego deal was complicated, Celtics were involved. I'll LIU.
Ok, your link partially explains it. The Celtics stayed in town but lost and gained players resulting in their bad finish in 78-79 and eventually rebuilding because of it.
The whole saga and people involved matches any historical fiction out there.
fe. Dick Vitale is one of the people.
Toronto Bluejays got involved. Friars and Gophers; drugs; garbage trucks and Cornbread.


Lucina said...

I have a SEPIA photo of my grandfather! My brother e-mailed it to me and I printed it; it's a nice, warm color. He looks very young in it and is formally dressed so I suspect it was taken for a special occasion, possibly graduation.

All this talk of cheeses has made me hungry. I love any kind of cheese! But of course I'm limited in how much I can eat.

Thank you for the reminder about chronos meaning time. Since I don't work with vocabulary anymore I tend to forget about those origins though if prompted would likely remember. Maybe.

SwampCat said...

I loved this quick trip around the grid. Thanks Craig. I knew OBERON so I missed that problem area. I love cheese and Gouda in particular so that was easy. Boomer, you always amuse!!

CED I share your love for all manner of cheese, especially the stinky kind. (With port or Madeira?). Brie and white wine is probably my favorite. Yum!

I agree with all who eschew Starbucks. I think it tastes burned, also! And snooty and overpriced.

SwampCat said...

Oh. I also think of DINETTE as the furniture not the area of the kitchen. But it fit so no harm no foul.

Bill G said...

Hi. We just got back from a Barbara's pre-birthday lunch at a little Thai restaurant. We split something with pork in a cashew/vegetable sauce and soft shelled crabs with deep fried basil leaves. Thai iced tea too. Very tasty stuff.

It's in the 80s outside and the central A/C feels especially good.

Mind how you go...

Boomer said...

What was in the 3M bag ?? A couple of rolls each of 5 different kinds of tape. 2 packages of Post-it notes. (We already have a lifetime supply.) A Notepad. A nice pair of scissors. In previous years, we received a nice tape dispenser, A lot of Scotch tape and masking tape, and a few of those "stick on the wall" hooks. In fact three years ago, they used to have tables full of stuff and you walked through a line and filled your own bag. (Some of the items were "limit one") Regardless, I have no complaints. All of the products were given free to folks attending the tournament. Plus, in the welcome tent, we got Tee Shirts from Thrivent financial, and about a ten weeks supply of Osteo Bi Flex Ease. I hope it works - it's about $20.00 worth if purchased in the store.

Ol' Man Keith said...

The golf tournament's attendees were impressive. In addition to Boomer & C.C., other "greats of golf" included champs like Trevino & Nicklaus, names I know even though I've never stuck a tee or punched a ball.
Question: how do you even SEE those things in the sky after you whack 'em? They're treated somehow to show up on TV, but in real life the normal human eye can't register those lil' buggers.
Putts are different, nice & slow...

Ta- DA! I don't usually bother posting a Ta- DA! on a Monday, but this one by Mr. Stowe had a few gnarly nexi (nexuses?).

Owen ~
Enjoyed all 3 verses today (am quick to grant poetic license), and only wish AS IF were in the pzl, in place of your final line's capper. Still, you gave AS IN a valiant shot - nobody does it better, sir.


Diagonal Report:
Two today. The main line yields an anagram for
Now, what can we do with that?

Jayce said...

Bill G, what's that then? Fancy a pint?

I. too, love Thai food and avoid "burn the beans" Starbucks like the plague.

I once made some terrific nachos each with a "scoop" shaped corn chip, a slice of jalapeno, a dollop of ground beef fried with a bit of taco seasoning, and a cube of Colby-Jack cheese on top, heated briefly in a 375 oven until the cheese is melted. Gosh, now I want to do it again.

billocohoes said...

Wilbur Charles, with Holder pitching and two outs in the tenth, Sandy Leon hits a soft single to left, a wild pitch moves him to second, newcomer Tony Renda runs for Leon, Betts is intentionally walked, and Benintendi hits a three-hopper thru the middle, Renda diving home ahead of the throw, and Wally waves the broom.

The last play

Yankee infield positioning looked strange in the last two innings, maybe overthinking the shifts.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Speaking of Gruyere cheese (somebody was, surely), I recall a terrible experience once back in the early '70s, when driving along the Mediterranean coast from Italy into France (San Remo to St. Tropez via Monaco).

Roadside signs advertizing pizza were everywhere. We had become used to stopping for lunchtime pizza in Italian towns, and although the truly original dish hails from the creative hands of Italian immigrants in New Haven CT, we enjoyed the fresh parma ham and mozzarella recipes.

Once we crossed the border, however, and tried the French pizza - we ate it only once. I don't know whether to blame limited supplies or national pride, but pizza made with chunky French jambon and gritty Gruyere just cannot compete!
No way, Jean-René!


SwampCat said...

Fontina melts better than Gouda. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

Owen the first was the best!!!! Chuckles...

billocohoes said...

Roy, Marist College in Poughkeepsie NY calls their teams the Red Foxes. I maintain they should call the women's teams the Vixens, but instead they go with the boring Lady Red Foxes.

Big 10 said...

I've always believed the most descriptive team name in all of college sports is that given the Minnesota women's softball team: Gopher Women.

SwampCat said...

Sandyanon, one of our protectors will handle that problem probably with a simple deletion.

Now that Argyle is not here to protect us....D-O? HG??? Lemon??

Sandyanon said...

Thx, SwampCat,
Didn't mean to sound panicky, but that was definitely weird.

SwampCat said...

It’s a public blog. Anyone can post here. That’s both a strength and a weakness. We are blessed with bloggers or blog-masters who are on top of these things. Once they see the problem they will correct it. That makes this Corner a safe place for all the rest of us.

Sandyanon said...

To YR at 12:32 --
I just noticed from my post at 7:14pm that panicky adds the k to panic. An interesting small sidebar, to me.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Late to the party again.

Let me jump right to the topic of that Madison Alyssa 6:35. Does anybody know what that’s about? Is it some phishing scam? Produced robotically, perhaps? I have only read a scant few of those odd posts over the years, and don’t know what to make of them.

SwampCat said...

Dudley it’s phishing.

Lemonade714 said...

Sorry to say Charlotte Rae died today.

BTW, Bill G., ABC must have read your post because they are starting a third hour of GMA starring Michael Strahan and SARA HAINES .

D4E4H said...

Picard at 11:21 AM
- - I am sorry to say that I have not taken the time lately to enjoy your PICS. Today I did, and enjoyed each one. The Solstice Parade - 23 June 2018
was amazing. Were the people in the float hot? What did the rod symbolize?

- - The head gear of the woman on the left reminds me of my overactive bladder.

- - How did you get Queen Elizabeth to the parade?

- - This one is pure art.


Picard said...

Boomer: Regarding all those countries in Africa...

Jimmy Kimmel asked people on the street to name just ONE country anywhere in the world.

Spoiler alert: It did not go well. Most people thought that "Africa" was a country.

D4E4H: Thank you for taking the time to look at my photos today. Glad you enjoyed the AERIALists inside our float. We pump air in at high volume to keep the inside reasonably cool.

The headpiece in that other photo was a model of our inflatable last year: A heart. Not a bladder. Sorry that yours is not well!

The lovely lady in that photo would be honored to be confused with the Queen of England. Her name is Margaret Singer and she is a survivor of the Holocaust. My good friend Pali who designed our entire ensemble is one of her care givers.

If you liked the AERIALists today, be sure to check out this performance I posted yesterday.

You will recognize the choreographer in the first photo who was also the choreographer in our parade performance.

Madame Defarge said...

Hahtoolah @ 11:09:

Yes!!!!!! Thank you for posting the photo! Yummy, eh? Sometimes it's fun to wind leftovers into a cake just to see what it creates--especially sock yarn. Many of my socks barely match. 😆

Merci beaucoup!

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Late today, packing for Vegas and getting all my electronics squared away.

Thanks for showing us the meanings of LIFE Craig with your puzzle. Of course, we all know the true meaning is 42.

Thanks Boomer for the expo and “sporting” 3M swag-bag. I should have stock in 3M; my desk(s) are routinely covered in Post-Its w/ different todo’s and don’t forgets. Occasionally there one with a brilliant idea on it – until I read said note the following week :-)

WOs: ViNTe until the ECO SWAIN fixed it.
Fav: CHE as clued. Considering nowadays, Colbert, Meyers, and make the week’s political jokes, Collen and Michal do pretty well together keeping Weekend Update funny.

{B+, A, B}

Hand up: I don’t do Starbucks. I agree it’s over-roasted and they are so snotty with their coffee I, for a moment, intentionally become “that a—hole” who asks for “Just a cup of Joe; black.” when DW drags me there to get her tall lofat mocha grande.

I thought of MdF at YARN and enjoyed her ‘YARN’ about cakes.

Hahtoolah: Your QOD reminded me; did you catch Warhol’s Business Art on Market Place this morning?

CED – that wasn’t the same link as last Tuesday but 10x funnier!

Y’all are pushing your luck with all that Cheese talk.... I’m this close to posting Python’s Cheese Shop Sketch (again). Not one more word about Cheese or ELSE… :-)

Cheers, -T

CrossEyedDave said...

Boomer, thanks for the heads up on what was in the bag.
I love getting free stuff, at conventions, or whatever.
my Junk drawers are full of the stuff...

Also, you never tried penne vodka?

Rather than make it at home (very easy)
go to a pizza place and order a slice of penne vodka pizza.
you will not be disappointed, (and very full...)

Smoked Gouda! We have a store near here that puts out free samples
of about 10 different cheeses daily. I have tasted some amazing things in that store.
But the smoked Gouda, to me, tastes like bacon!


Nachos are very serious business for me, and I have come to
the conclusion that you cannot make a serious nacho without at least 3 types of cheese.
(5 is even better...)

But, each to their own... Experiment! Have fun with it!

One thing I must mention is, always add a little shredded lettuce on top of
your (single layer) nachos. Adds whole nother layer of crunch and mouth feel...

Sometimes I get lazy, like at the end of a bag of chips,
and just pour it out, douse it with buffalo wings sauce, and cover it with swiss,
cheddar, and mozzeralla for goo-iness... (don't forget the lettuce!)

But if company is coming:

Any Nacho must start with a base:
take a can of black beans, drained, put in a food processor.
add olive oil to taste (not to much)
salt, pepper,
Garlic (a must!)
note: garlic must be chopped 1st, covered with Kosher salt,
and carefully mashed with a chefs knife.

see last method, squash it smoosh it, and turn it into a paste!

Seriously, all four methods of cutting the garlic make it taste different!

Take your chips one at a time, thinly coat with Black Bean paste,
add home made salsa (a separate post...)
3 to 5 cheeses,
and Viola!
you have eaten three fingers off your right hand!

(don't forget the lettuce!)
(did I mention spring onions?)

Anonymous T said...

Right! CED, I warned you, I did. -T

CrossEyedDave said...



I was just about to post it...
(of course I had to watch the whole bloody thing, again...)

Along with an apology to CC for overposting.

(I am afraid to check my email, don't bother CC, I will yell at myself
for going over 20 lines...)

But it was about food!!!
(oh dear, I cannot stop myself. No wonder I am overweight...)
(and over talkative...)

If any one wants my home made salsa recipe,
I will post it on request...

Wilbur Charles said...

Thx billocoes. Yes of little hope was I last night who shut it off and went to sleep. I feel bad for PVX and other Yankees fans*.
My Pizza guy, Boston way, was Greek.
I think I got 42. HGttG?


* Chuckle

Anonymous T said...

CED - I really hope you used a British-accent when reading the consequences; makes it funnier :-)

WC - Yes, HGttG; Only the greatest ("increasingly-inaccurate") trilogies; I read all five books :-)

Mike S. From the other day inre: Convinced "of" Something and Persuaded to "do" something. DW said that was indeed the distinction but, in our ever-morphing English, that distinction is now considered 'archaic.' If you have another week to wait, I'll ask for her to cite that.
//I wonder if the morph occurred between your asking and me responding; took me long enough, eh?

Cheers, -T

Bill G said...

I loved The Cheese Shop all over again. Almost as good as The Dead Parrot.

CrossEyedDave said...

I am sorry to report,

that the cat/buttered toast perpetual motion machine
has been proved false.
(yes, they really did test it!)

The problem was...

the cat always won...

Anonymous T said...

Right. We'll get a baguette...

Mike Sherline said...

-T @ 2206 - wrote:
/I wonder if the morph occurred between your asking and me responding; took me long enough, eh?

I don't think so. As I said my cousin, also an Eng. PhD, told me that years ago when she was in grad school. Guess it's been morphing for a long time. Still, I prefer to make a distinction. Call me curmudgeon.