Aug 11, 2018

Saturday, August 11, 2018, Samuel A. Donaldson

Themeless Saturday Puzzle by Samuel A. Donaldson

This second Saturday in August gives me a chance for a nice homage to a wonderful bowler and blogger, Doug "Boomer" Burnikel. We have all enjoyed his tales from the alleys along with his witty and wise blog commentary.  

My engagement in this sport stems from my family's participation starting with my dad's bowling upstairs in alleys that still had pin boys to mom and dad bowling in a mixed league with Joann and me. Our girls played a lot of Pacman, etc. while we carved out very mediocre scores on the lanes. Unfortunately this was during the time smoking was still allowed and clothes had to be hung outside to get rid of the odor.

Today's constructor is Samuel A. Donaldson, a lawyer in Atlanta GA. Here is Samuel in a 2009 interview with C.C. 


1. Lower one's credit rating?: LOSE FACE - I struggled with this a bit and finally surmised this is the credit at issue.

9. Complain. All. The. Time.: YAMMER  - Loud and sustained repetitive noise that can people to 14. Feel offended by: RESENTment

15. Accessory seen in a loge: OPERA HAT - I know the one on the left is correct but doncha just love the one on the right made from paper plates?

16. Scour, say: ABRADE - Has made some recent visits here

17. Soft drinks with lime juice: VIRGIN DAIQUIRIS - A lovely looking refreshment sans rum (correction)

19. Cash bar?: INGOT - Here we see some in Fort Knox

20. Investment option: PUT - This is all you're getting from me 22. "Likewise no": NEITHER DO I - My answer if you say , "I don't understand puts and calls"

21. Short way?: RTE.

26. "The Da Vinci Code" priory: SION - A secret society formed in 1099 whose members included Da Vinci, Victor Hugo, Botticelli and Newton

27. Miracle-__: GRO - The "secret sauce" for my master gardener wife's lovely yard and garden

28. Feel pity: BLEED  - I would change pity to allegiance for this billboard in Lincoln

29. Water conduit: SPOUT and 30. Water holders: PAILS - All right, who filled my PAIL with water from the SPOUT?

31. Great guy?: SCOTT.

32. "I'll have the last laugh!": JUST YOU WAIT - Liza sings of her impending revenge on Professor 'enry 'iggins

34. Prairie home: TEPEE.

35. Internet annoyance: TROLL in a medium full of 2. Contributor of two cents: OPINERS, there are going to be some online just YAMMERING about one thing or another 

36. Just passed: GOT A D 

37. Longest river in France: LOIRE - From the French Alps to the Bay of Biscay (Atlantic Ocean)

38. What's worn when you're out?: PJ'S - Optional

41. One often thrown from a horse: ROPE - Seems cruel to me. BTW, I'm probably the only one who put DUDE first. 

42. Exorcist's concern: POSSESSION - You can google the bedroom scene from The Exorcist is you like. Yikes!

44. "WWE Raw" airer: USA - I am not a fan of these quasi athletic soap operas on steroids but am fine with people who are

45. __ Four: FAB - Yes,when I was 18,  I was one of the millions who tuned into The Ed Sullivan Show on this February, 1964 night to watch them. The sight and sound of the boys AND the audience are incredible.

46. Solemn song: DIRGE  

47. Many UFO videos: DOCTORED FOOTAGE - This CGI generated fakery from Mexico is called Objeto Volador No Identificado

52. Small racer: GO KART.

53. What "instant" may mean: ADD WATER 

54. Happens next: ENSUES  - Lucy and Ethel get a job and hilarity ENSUES in this famous scene

55. Cocky walks, maybe: SAUNTERS - Mick Jagger 


1. Member of TLC: LOVING - My first instinct was TENDER or LOVING but thought that was too easy for Saturday and so I tried to recall the names of the female singing group and all I could think of was "Left-Eye"

3. Artist Aragonés of Mad: SERGIO  - Famous for his wordless cartoons, he has been in over 450 Mad Magazine editions

4. Grain bane: ERGOT - esoteric agricultural term

5. Like some private school curricula: FAITH-BASED - My youngest daughter is employed in just such an institution 

6. Philip __, first Asian-American film actor with a Hollywood Walk of Fame star: AHN - An American-born actor of Korean parents, he has a very long list of roles including Mr. Kim the tailor in M*A*S*H

7. Two-timer: CAD.

8. American posting, for short: ETA - American Airlines Estimated Time of Arrival

9. Arizona people: YAQUI - Unknown to me

10. Touch: ABUT - An unfortunate juxtaposition of words today?

11. ER test: MRI - Upside? Accurate diagnoses. Downside? Big time claustrophobia. 

12. Omni alternative: MARRIOTT.

13. Bleep: EDIT OUT - Encourages lip reading when someone 31. Cursed: SWORE on TV

18. Player for a 39-Down: IPOD worn by a 39. One on the run: JOGGER.

23. Type type: ELITE - Pica and ELITE were our only two choices in my ute

24. Fall back (on): RELY.

25. FireDome and Fireflite: DESOTOS  - My small hometown was 98% Ford or GM cars with the occasional Plymouth. Nary a DESOTO

26. Give away, in a way: SPOIL - What, Bob Newhart wakes up back in Chicago and the New Hampshire Inn was just a dream? Way to SPOIL it!

29. Pares proportionately: SCALES DOWN - If 10% of the workers go, so does 10% of management. Right? 

30. Cocoon occupants: PUPAE.

32. Astronaut transports: JETPACKS - Bruce McCandless becomes the first NASA astronaut to fly untethered from his space craft in 1983 (1:08)

33. Leon on many spines: URIS - One of our fav authors with lovely letters

34. "Am I early?": TOO SOON.

36. Unhealthy thing to hold: GRUDGE.

37. Stud site: LOBE  - Ear

38. PNC Park player: PIRATE.

40. Scornful looks: SNEERS.

42. Dealer's supply: PARTS - My _ A R _ S dealer had CARDS at first 

43. Occupy, as a bar: SIT AT  - A posture my dad perfected 

45. "Look out!": FORE - Tiger may not have yelled FORE on this errant shot which hit this man two weeks ago but the guy did get an autographed glove (:14)

48. Fraternity character: TAU.

49. Courtroom VIPs: DA'S - Your fav?

50. OTC drug overseer: FDA.

51. Norfolk sch.: ODU - In Virginia

Hopefully your experience on today's puzzle was a nice as this shot on National Bowling Day



OwenKL said...

DNF. Too many to list but most of the NE & SE corners.

SCOTT was losing patience with his wife's constant YAMMER,
So he went out for a run, tho not usually a JOGGER.
On his feet he wore thongs,
So he didn't last very long,
Combined with his AGE, he had to see a FOOT DOCTOR!

After a taping, when stars answer inquiries,
Bug Bunny, after autographing fan's diaries,
Was relaxing off the sound stage
When asked his favorite beverage.
He replied, "My own concoction, the What's Up DAIQUIRIS!"

They had an exorcist end their daughter's POSSESSION.
They weren't of his church, but SWORE to a confession.
For a while they attended,
But then their tithes ended.
The priest said, "JUST YOU WAIT, I'll stage a Re-possesion!"

{C+, B+, B+.}

D4E4H said...

Good morning Cornies.

Thank you Mr. Samuel A. Donaldson for this difficult Saturday CW. I had to BAIL in the NE, but was eventually able to complete the CW.

Thank you Husker Gary for your excellent review.

OwenKL FLN at 3:51 AM
- - Your use of the answers in your poems was excellent on 8-10.


Anonymous said...

It wasn't me, it was the other three said...

Hacker's delight.

Still up trying to hack my badge and thought I'd see how everyone was doing. Play Monday. -T

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

This rascal was kind of hard. The NE corner was bare for a long time, particularly because I was iffy on the spelling of daiquiris. Yaqui was a complete unknown and a surprise. Got there eventually.

Morning, Husker! The answer is Angie Harmon.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Struggled up top, but coasted to victory down south, except for that CARDS/PARTS thingee. Thanx, Samuel. Excellent summary, Husker.

DAIQUIRIS: I couldn't figure out where the C should go. D'oh!

JUST YOU WAIT: Eliza immediately came to mind for me, too.

SION: None of those dudes were original members. They came along 400-500 years too late. Botticelli, much later than that.

MRI: Had three of 'em in one session back in January. Good thing I'm not claustrophobic. They looked inside my head, but didn't find anything.

National Bowling Day: I've converted (that's bowling talk) the 6-7-10. Of course, there were other pins standing there that helped out. I gave up the sport over 20 years ago when I threw my back out while putting on my socks. The ball, bag and shoes went to the curb as soon as my back was strong enough to carry 'em.

Bob Niles said...

Angie Harmon, loved her in Rizzoli & Isles

A tough Saturday after a easy Friday. NE was last to fall. Yaqui was a total unknown, had ?aqui and yammer seemed to make sense.

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Samuel A Donaldson and thank you Husker Gary

Loved this puzzle too. Like Dudley, my hangup was trying to spell DAIQUIRIS and if I ever read YAQUI before, I don't remember it. I first thought of Navajo and Hopi, and it was hard getting those out of my thoughts, even with -AQUI staring back at me.

Also don't recall seeing peiods after each word in a clue before as in "Complain. All. The. Time.", and realized it was meant to be emphatic, but the Y in YAMMER didn't come mind until mentally walking the alphabet.

2 seconds short of 33 minutes in master mode (no red letter help), so I think I'll keep my day job. Still, I'll take that as a good time for a tougher Saturday.

Loved the clue for PJs. Had ART before PUT, ARIAL before ELITE, and GOT BY before GOT A D.

DESOTOS was easy for me and PIRATE was a gimme for this bucco fan. That's the Roberto Clemente bridge crossing the Allegheny in the background over the center field stands. We walked across that bridge, past the ballpark, and down to the river before getting on the Duckboat tour the last time we were in Pittsburgh.

Yes, SCOTT was a great guy !

As any Chicagoan will tell you, the opening sequence of the original Bob Newhart show had him walking aimlessly and riding well out of his way on his route home.

Dash-T, sounds like you are having fun, but get some rest, stay sharp, and one step ahead. OTOH, what's the sense of taking your burner box if you aren't going to let it get burnt ? Hope you gather intel on new ruses and attacks. I guess if there are weaknesses to be found, that group will find and exploit them. Who new continuing education could be so much fun ?

TTP said...

HEY ! Someone hacked my post and stole my K !

Lemonade714 said...

I vote Angie Harmon as well, and Daiquiris are RUM COCKTAILS not made with tequila.

Sam's cluing (or Rich's) was very tricky. Lower one's credit rating?: LOSE FACE, Occupy, as a bar: SIT AT are two examples.

INGOT and ERGOT in the same puzzle is fun. Ergot in (on?) Rye bread is the supposed cause of the Salem witch trials and the discovery of LSD, I think I have read.

I liked the CSO to our TROLLS and if you want to know the many ways to make money using PUTS and CALLS .

Enjoy the weekend.

billocohoes said...

First typeface I thought of was agaTE, traditionally the small type used on the horseracing page in the newspaper. That may refer to size, however.

Never sure whether slang or grain disease is aRGOT or ERGOT.

Zunis and Hopis didn't work, vaguely remembered the Yaqui, possibly from long-ago stories about peyote.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This had enough crunch to keep me guessing but, eventually, I got the Tada sans help. The NE was the last to fall once Yaqui became evident. My numerous unknowns included Ahn, Sion, ODU, Sergio, Virginia Daiquiris, and DeSotos and Loire, as clued. My Great man was Peter, not Scott and my Pipes morphed into Pails. Noticed the crossing of Ingot/Ergot.

Thanks, Sam, for a Saturday stumper and thanks, HG, for the dazzling deconstruction. Nice to see Audrey Hepburn, a very classy lady, IMO.

Happy National Bowling Day, Boomer!

Last night's birthday party was very nice but the volume of the after-dinner dance music (not to mention the genre) prompted an early exit. A sure sign of advancing age, me thinks!

YR, glad to hear Alan is doing better. I hope your vacation goes well.

My favorite "Law and Order" DA was Jill Hennessy. (Like Bob Niles, I, too, loved Angie Harmon in "Rizzoli and Isles".) Believe it or not, but L and O premiered in1990. How the world has changed since then.

Have a great day.

desper-otto said...

Am I the only person who's never seen Law and Order? I didn't recognize any of those women, let alone know their character names.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Samuel A. Donaldson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

Got up at 6:30 and started the puzzle. Finished at 8:45 AM. Not easy, but felt good when I finished.

Started in the South when I could not get going in the North. Worked my way up. Learned to spell GO KART with a K.

Liked Great SCOTT.

YAQUI ws not known. Perps and Wags. Tried GLO for 27A until GRO became obvious.

For a long time LOVING was the only word I had in the North West. My biggest help was Wagging FAITH BASED.

AHN was unknown, but OPERA HAT helped.

MARRIOTT took forever. Once I figured that out the North East became easier.

Mr. Donaldson did a great job with this puzzle. Lots of letters and not many black squares.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Big Easy said...

Good morning everybody. My bowling history is a 108 average ( at age 51) in a league when I was drafted to replace a friend of my wife for one season. Bowling costs money, of which I had zero growing up. And my clothes smelled so bad after I left that when I got home I stripped and threw them on the back porch to keep the house from smelling like a bowling alley.

As for the puzzle, it was fair but an ultimate DNF at the cross of two words I've never heard before. YAQUI tribe and YAMMER. I went over every letter of the alphabet and HAMMER, JAMMER, & RAMMER were the only ones that I'd heard of before. No RED letters in the newspaper.

Never heard ofs filled by perps- ODU, USA, SERGIO Aragones, Philip AHN.

E_G before MRI, FEEL before ABUT, RAT before CAD, IRA before PUT, wanted either PSALM or PAEAN before DIRGE appeared.

VIRGIN DAIQUIRIS- can't be frozen because the alcohol keeps it semi-liquid. I make them with frozen strawberries, a can of frozen concentrated lime juice, rum, and ice. Put in a blender and add just enough rum to make it liquid enough to go through a straw.

'Courtroom VIPs"- our local was HARRY CONNICK...……………..Senior.

Wendybird said...

What are “wags”?? You folks have some “insider” words I can’t quite figure out.

Bill G said...

Hello everybody. This puzzle was just too hard for me. I had trouble even with red letters activated. It shows I'm not very high up on the CW-solving skill ladder.

Wendybird: A WAG is a Wild-Assed Guess.

Krijo said...

too ashamed to comment as I did only 84% without help.Yaqui corner was the one to blame and Desoto and Pirate part too. I still hope for 100% on Sunday though.

Bluehen said...

Wendybird, WAGS = Wild A$$ed Guesses

DO, no you're not the only one. I don't know any of those actresses or their roles, and don't care to.

BE, Sorry, but any "virgin" drink CAN be frozen because it contains NO alcohol. The recipe you gave is the same one I use for straight daiquiris, but minus the strawberries, of course. Hm, that gives me an idea. We're grilling steaks tonight. . .

This puzzle was a slog, but fun. Tada in 35+ minutes, not bad for me on a Saturday. Thanks, Sam and Husker.


D4E4H said...

Wendybird at 10:22 AM
- - Bill G answered your question. I am offering you help to know each abbreviation we commonly use.
Start on the home page. scroll down on the section on the right of the page till you come to the OLIO.
In that section, find Comments Section Abbrs.
Today it is across from 28A Feel pity: BLEED


Rainman said...

I thought once about turning on the red letters but resorted to trial and error instead, which eventually worked. 30:05, and not much fun IMO. But thanks for YAQUI, which I should have heard of, because I worked with almost all the tribes of NM and AZ. And I had forgotten the DeSoto models completely even though my friend had a '56 model something back in the 60s. There is usually always something to learn from even the sloggiest slogs. I do not care for trial and error methods, but we do what we can.

Lucina said...

FIR but not without a struggle. Thank you, Samuel A. Donaldson for the challenging fun!

The SW yielded its secrets quickly and TOO SOON the entire bottom was complete. SCALESDOWN gave me the most problems but was soon conquered. Upward it was a battle royal. I was sure the Arizona people were Hopis or Pimas. We don't have Zunis here. How surprised was I when YAQUIS emerged! They live in the reservation just south of Phoenix but I've never seen them in CW before.

SERGIO was a pure guess after I had OPERAHAT and INGOT. Yes, INGOT crossing ERGOT was neat. I may have heard of Philip AHN. Finally, VIRGINDAIQUIRIES went in once I figured out the spelling and it yielded YAQUIS.

Thank you, Gary! Great expo!

I hope all enjoy a beautiful day! Lots of rain here lately. We need it!

Bluehen said...

Re 53a: ADD WATER. That is the name of a marina just on the mainland side of the causeway leading to the Outer Banks. Gives me a chuckle every time I see it.

Misty said...

Well, this was certainly a Saturday toughie for me, although I get a few items here and there in the south before the cheating started. My favorite clue was "American posting, for short." I actually got ETA right away, figuring it was the airline. So, thanks, Samuel. Enjoyed your expo, Husker Gary, with the nice shout-out to Boomer. Loved that crazy bowling shot. (I used to bowl in college, though I was never too great). Fun conversations about Bob Newhart--I miss him and his shows. And fun poems, Owen.

Have a great weekend, everybody!

Picard said...

Hand up this was hard for me! I just was not on his wavelength. It even took a long time to figure out LOVING as clued. (Why "member"?) But it was mostly fair which means "able to be figured out without knowing obscure names and places". But, wow. A lot of figuring it out to FIR!

I was a MAD fan for many years and loved SERGIO Aragones and his drawings.

Husker Gary: Thanks for the amusing and edifying illustrations! Loved that OPERA HAT! Thanks for explaining ODU. I immediately thought of that My Fair Lady song for JUST YOU WAIT. At least I was on the same wavelength with someone today!

Here are some Gargoyle SPOUTS at a little church in Paris.

Did anyone else think of that kind of SPOUT?

Here are my photos at one of our many local car shows. Is there a DESOTO in that bunch?

From yesterday:
Mike Sherline: Thanks for explaining your near-DC homeland. We indeed lived fairly close to each other. I used to ride my bicycle ten miles round trip to Kensington to get surplus electronics parts. I see that your neighborhood was close to there.

And thanks for the Fitzcarraldo observations. When I saw PORTAGE yesterday that movie called out!

OlManKeith: Thanks again for being the adult in the room. Climate change is not politics or religion. It is a very real threat. Solve it or face the consequences. Take care with your fire. We are just getting some of the pollution but are safe for now.

AnonymousPVX said...

Worked this hard and thought I got the solve....with 9A I had _AMMER, so I did the alphabet. I actually looked up HAMMER, it seemed to fit. Then I see it was YAMMER, so I looked that up. I think HAMMER answers the clue much better than YAMMER. Had no idea with 9D so HAQUI seemed possible.

Oh well.

Enjoy the weekend, back on Monday.

From yesterday....the Miata isn’t that difficult to get into, I’m 65 with a bad back. Now getting out...lucky I do quad lifts at the gym, haha.

Lucina said...

I'm expecting friends from NY but their flight was delayed because of weather. Just now I LIU and thunderstorms are prevalent there now. I hope they make it soon.

I might be AWOL the next few days depending on where they want to go or do.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Well, heheheh... Mr. Donaldson of Georgia, I see you have given us a genuine Saturday toughie, eh?
You should be very proud of yourself. After much P&P (but not the next two Ps) I was only able to crack about 90% on my own. From my first scan - in which I managed only GRO! - to my last pre-Google run, I spent a good hour filling what I could.
Then I caved. It was the NW corner that eluded me.
I see I broke at the right time, as I would never have followed your clever mind to those precise fills.

Picard ~
Thanks for the friendly wave. It is strange how many are willing to cast doubt on the verifiable science. I suppose it is partly political, but more likely a natural fear of what's ahead - plus a sense of helplessness because we can all see that our "leaders" aren't taking steps to mitigate or slow down the inevitable.
I wish more would read the serious literature.*


Diagonal Report:
Three, a 3-way NW to SE.

* Or at least solid reporting, such as in last Sunday's NY Times Magazine that devoted the entire issue to the history of the crisis, both scientific and political.

Yellowrocks said...

Ice core samples go back as far as 800,000 years ago. Scientists are finding answers to more and more of the nits against global warming. Sorry I do not have time to link.

CrossEyedDave said...

Irish Miss @ 8:02
last nights birthday party?

Whose birthday party?

Do I need to get a cake ready?

Lucina @:42

I just drove my neighbors to the airport for their trip to Greece,
Weather is unsettled here too...
As far as AWOL,
Entertaining real guests is more important
than us electronic friends...


Yes, I mean it. Reality wins. (unfortunately...)

Jayce said...

Internet was out (actually the power pack "wall wart" to our modem/router died) so we were unable to do the puzzle or be one line for anything yesterday. Some scrounging at the local Fry's Electronics store finally yielded up a replacement power pack which works perfectly and we are now up and running again. Amazing how dependent upon having internet access we have become; so many things one can't do without it. Anyway, I ended up doing both yesterday's and today's puzzle today and my mind feels fried (no relation to Fry's). I found both of them to be pretty hard and although I really do appreciate the skill of the constructors to create these opuses I found some parts of them to be quite the slogs to get through. For example, case in point, Chuck Deodene's puzzle yesterday had the clue "Author Robert __ Butler" at 45down. Well, many of you may know him but I did not know him, so of course I would not know his middle name. Even after finally filling O-EN, three out of four letters, I still didn't know his middle name and OWEN was wrong. OREN was also wrong! It took all of LANDINGEAR to get that L. That's just one example of what I call slog. I differentiate "slog" from the process of puzzling out the answers as follows: the process of slogging produces unsatisfying answers or learning experiences from which I get no lasting benefit, whereas the satisfaction, pleasure, learning experience, etc. of puzzling out an answer can be smile-producing and lasting. As an example of the latter I point to today's OPERA HAT, the first word of which I got rather quickly and it made sense to me. The HAT part was harder, partly because when I think of an OPERA something seen in the loge I think of OPERA GLASSES or even a PROGRAM. It took Phillip AHN, that CAD guy, and ETA to fill that HAT for me. At least after that I could say to myself, "Ah, now I get it," and smile inwardly. But the name OLEN? Nope, I won't remember that past today, nor, and this is the nub of the matter, do I care.

All that is subjective, of course. Your opinions and feelings on the matter may be different. Please don't copy and paste paragraph upon paragraph of factual content you got from internet sources.

Wife just got a brand new iPhone, so now that we're back on line again the next step is to get her new phone set up like her current (soon to be "old") one is. (I.e. back old phone up to the cloud, take SIM card out of old phone and put it into new phone, start up new phone, restore it from the cloud, and go though a few more setup steps.) I suggested to her (one never tells her anything) that she needs to have her Apple account user ID and password handy.

Good wishes to you all.

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 3:30 ~ I mentioned on yesterday's blog that I was going to a great niece's 40th birthday party last night. No cake necessary, so don't fret.

Prescience (coincidence) strikes again. I commented this morning about Audrey Hepburn and I just watched the tail end of "Love in the Afternoon" with her and Gary Cooper. He was 55 when that movie was made and she was 28. They both died too young, 60 and 63, respectively.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Conquered the high expectations of Samuel with red-letters blazing like a DESOTO (neither model meant a darn thing to me). JUST YOU WAIT, Samuel, we may get revenge. LOL!

Great expo, Gary, thanks. My one attempt at bowling with my family had them all agreeing that I should just sit down and watch. One ball I threw landed behind me and just missed some quick moving people. Besides I put my elbow out of place very painfully.

Did anyone else notice that the OPERA HAT on the little girl was a reproduction of the Sydney OPERA House?

Last fill for me was the bloc with RTE/SION/SCOTT/SPOUT/RIOT from MARRIOTT. I thought Omni was a movie theatre not a hotel. Don't think of SPOUT as a conduit. SION: whazat? Don't remember enough about that book. "Give away, in a way = SPOIL? Well, maybe... YAMMER, YAMMER.

SCALES DOWN: been there. Done that.

HOPIS, ZUNIS, NAVAHO, YAVAPI led to YAQUI. I know two were too long, but typing them in gave me correct letters.

ERGOT, not fungi which ERGOT is. It'll make women have nightmares of witches and causes birth defects.

Amusing to have FAB cross FORE, even if it was a wrong spelling of the latter.

All those California fires are definitely contributing to warming of the globe right now.

Tony, you are one scary dude (aka hacker). My daughter-in-law has been warning me about guys of your ilk.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Good point, YR, we need reminders of how much science can do. It is not static, but an ever-increasing body of knowledge.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Jayce ~
I ran through the same list of OPERA appendages as you. The HAT answer reminded me how glad I am that I grew up in the post-chapeau era.
My dad & stepdad both wore fedoras. I never wore a head cover except as part of schoolboy yellow rain gear. Even so, by the time I was in HS and could decide for myself, I chose wet hair over a hat. I had to wear a hat for ROTC & was proud to wear my honor society "Eagle cap," but those were costume pieces.

Then I went hatless for decades. Now when I go out I sport a Greek fisherman's cap - in part to show my sympathy for the working class, but also (ahem) to hide my receding forehead.


PS. And, oh yes, I wore an academic beret for university ceremonies, another "costume piece."
I chose a beret over a mortarboard back when our commencements were held outdoors - in the SoCal sunshine.
Those mortarboards are perfect solar panels, and we always had one or two pass out from the heat penetrating their skulls.

Anonymous said...

Old man Keith, why do you have sympathy for the working class?

CrossEyedDave said...

Irish miss @ 4:58

Oh nuts!

and I had a cake all ready

Jayce said...

PK, good eye that the OPERA HAT on the little girl was a reproduction of the Sydney OPERA House!

That Fedora I am wearing in my avatar photo has shielded my bald head from getting sunburned many times. I bought it because a friend of mine was wearing one one day and I liked it. The first time I wore it to work my boss made some lame Indiana Jones jokes involving bullwhips; I could see some of my colleagues cringing at his bad taste. The really weird thing is that the second time I wore it to the office he acted as if he had never seen me wear it before, that it was new to him, and he made the same bad jokes! I think he's becoming forgetful.

Anonymous said...

The pompous ass Keith Fowler wrote his own Wikipedia article.

OwenKL said...

YAQUI aren't in New Mexico, but close enough I've heard of them often.

FAITH-BASED is currently in the news and op-ed here in NM. One of our mid-sized public school districts has contracted with a Catholic agency to provide their sex-ed classes!

I read the clue as "seen in a LODGE", which puzzled me until, after a few perps, I re-read the clue correctly. And it really shouldn't matter, because the Master of a Lodge traditionally wears a top hat as a sign of office, though I don't recall it being called an OPERA HAT.

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 6:27 ~ Thanks for the cake; I laughed out loud, my usual response to your "Impish-ness"!

D4E4H said...

Jayce at 3:42 PM
- - Your comment about passwords is the reason for this story. When I moved to Hoskinson House in June, I moved only items that I used every day. I recently attempted to log on to my mail order pharmacy, and was rejected. The stack of IDs & passwords was on a shelf in the closet. I measured the thickness, 1/4 inch. Each paper representing another URL. I had changed the password, and forgot the new one. This important stack is now on the pull out tray of my desk.
- - On a related note, I have lost AOL. When I click on the icon, nothing happens. I went to AOL via Google, and it sent an email with my password to the address I am unable to access. I will look into this conundrum Monday.


Mike Sherline said...

15A OPERA HAT - the little girl's looks like the famous (or infamous) Sydney Opera House. (Hi, PK and Jayce - I wrote this much earlier, just finished reading all the posts). I wonder if the robber baron's on the left is collapsible?

17A Never occurred to me that I don't know how to spell DAIQUIRI.

31A wracked my brain trying to think of (somebody) the great. Finally had the 2 ts which clued it.

38A Felt really smart to figure it out. "Out" = out cold, wearing pajamas. Ha!
(Of course, optional, as Husker pointed out).

45A Fab FOUR - Was listening to Weekend Edition, and just as I got to this they broadcast a story about how mathematicians figured out that John Lennon wrote "In My Life". I always thought it was funny the way Ed Sullivan pronounced "Beatles", sort of separating and overenunciating the t and l.

9D Strange how long it took for YAQUI to come to me, because as a dispatcher for Pima County Sheriff for 23 yrs., I frequently sent deputies to assist in the Yaqui village outside Tucson (as Lucina noted, they have several small enclaves around the state). Never thought of YAMMER to mean complain, but just to babble or jabber.

Odd (tragic) coincidence - in this morning's paper there was an AP story about a red tide (toxic algae bloom) overrunning Florida's Gulf coast, killing all sorts of marine life. It said that more than 5 tons of dead fish have been removed from beaches "in places such as Longboat Key". That wasn't mentioned in the chamber of commerce site linked yesterday.

Bill G. - I think you'd enjoy Charlie Byrd's Wiki. He really had a fascinating life - played with a lot of the greats, even studied with Segovia!

Wilbur Charles said...

The alternative to a PUT is Selling Short. The first is Cash, no obligation. The latter, done on credit courts disaster. Likewise buying "long" on margin.

The Prieury de SION. Interesting cast of characters as someone mentioned.

Re. FORE. "Takes too long to say", I advised." Say HORE instead". He doesn't speak to me anymore???

Remember the DA Haircut?

Re. The xword:. P&P? More like The Little Engine that Could. All white to begin. Situation hopeless and brain useless. I couldn't even come up with SION. Mr HBHG. Then...No footholds, just hunches like SITAT and the I led to DIRGE instead of PAEAN. Etc, etc.

I had two Jumbles to do to jumpstart my brain. Incredibly, FIR;

I actually had GLO/GRO and CARDS/PARTS. Btw, MRI in the ER?

Owen, I liked #3.

It wasn't SCOTT but Caeser's ghost that Perry White used to say.
I've never watched a single police genre show. In fact SVU did me in the other day.
I see BigEasy had my bad guesses too. The E-G with no eraser or Wite-out made the already difficult NE harder.

Is there anyone else(besides Picard) who got the MAD artist. How about "FORE-man Garcia"?
The obligatory Sports clue (PNC...) was exactly NOT any help. I insist on names like Fenway and .... Ok there's one park that hasn't sold out. Go Sox

Lucina, stay safe. My solve path was very similar to yours. I thought LOVING was too easy for a Saturday. P&I sans eraser is an added challenge. But.. If I allowed the possibility of a cheat I'd have no chance

PK, too funny that bowling story. Someone mentioned National Bowling Day at breakfast but of course the Corner was way ahead.

Jayce, there was an infamous boss where I worked circa 1980, who sported an actual bullwhip, ostensibly for intimidation. Not to speak of the one crazed on Cocaine. Oh, the good ol' days. Btw, Hi -T!!! Enjoy Vegas. Remember...

It's late and I'm late .. I have these friends who actually enjoy my company at late breakfast. Then DW had her metaphysical thang, Great SCOTT!. Better than the "Rally"*. Then church but I got started at the "thang". In the corner

Sam, great job. Gary likewise. Now to visit Owen at the J.


As I said, at the name "Lincoln" deafening silence . All you need to know about who and where. If he'd said Jackson...

jfromvt said...

Toughie, but I completed it except for YAQUI.

Newhart show was based in Vermont, not NH.

Wilbur Charles said...

I'm watching PGA I taped earlier. FORE! Here comes Tiger.

Keith, Link that Wikipedia page I and many others would love to read it.

WC in the gloamin as usual

PS. Krijo, this was a test, sans doute. Good luck with the Sunday xword

Lucina said...

It's been a highly entertaining day when my friends finally arrived.

You're right, of course, but it's quiet now and I can resume my electronic friendshps.

Last night while watching Wheel of Fortune, I heard one of the contestants announce that his son's name was OLEN! I backtracked to hear it again and make sure I heard right. Yes. OLEN. Prior to the morning's CW I was unaware of that name.

Michael said...

OMK @ 5:52 -- FWIW, my dad was of the opinion that the then-pervasive adornment of male skulls with hats (1930s-40s-50s), was responsible for later baldness. So I have avoided hats for decades, like you, but it didn't help avoid the genetic 'male pattern baldness' which has landed here, but luckily only partially.....

Bill G said...

Mike Sherline, you were right. I did enjoy Charlie Byrd's Wiki article. Wow, he recorded a big bunch of albums. I have several of them. He's playing now in the background on Pandora. I love classical guitar music, especially the Spanish repertoire and jazz, more than Bach.

James Brydon said...

I've never commented before; mainly because I do the CW the next morning.
However, nobody noted that you don't get an MRI in the ER! They send you to Radiology.
Also, as AnonymusPVX said: HAMMER does fit the clue better, although the Haqui were in Texas.
Good puzzle though! The South filled in nicely and I struggled, but conquered the North eventually! [Except for that Y/H thing. Alex, we need a ruling!]

Wilbur Charles said...

James, I did note that. Some of us wanted the usual EKG, EEG .