Apr 1, 2019

Monday April 1, 2019 Jake Braun

Theme: APRIL FOOL (64. Cry for today, and a hint to the starts of 17-, 25-, 37- and 54-Across)
17. Unpredictable leg joint problem: TRICK KNEE.

25. Beef named for a bone: RIBEYE STEAK.

37. Sally, to Charlie Brown: KID SISTER.

54. "Love, Simon" co-star: JOSH DUHAMEL.
Boomer here. Breaking news!! A heavy accumulation of snow has caused the roof of U.S. Bank stadium to collapse.  The NCAA Final Four has been moved to the new soccer stadium on University Avenue in St. Paul. Many fans are boycotting now because as you know, a bowling center was torn down on the land where the soccer park was built.

Mothers of River City, heed this warning before it's too late.  Watch for the telltale signs of corruption.  Check your sugar bowl for its contents before you scoop two spoonfuls on your cereal.


1. Half a fluid oz.: TBSP.  Check it first, it could be filled with salt.

5. Ancient Peruvian: INCA.  Dinka Doo  Jimmy Durante.

9. Jalopies: HEAPS.  You call my first car a heap ?  I'll call your Lincoln a dead president.

14. "I'm __ here!": "Adios!": OUT A.  There were few "Outa here" calls at Target Field last weekend.

15. "North by Northwest" actor Grant: CARY. C.C. said he's a favorite of Irish Miss.

16. Grownup: ADULT.

19. Coffee sweetener: SUGAR.  "On a day like today, we'll pass the time away" putting salt in the sugar bowl.

20. Be on the same page: AGREE.  I was never on the same page. Too busy looking at the pictures.

21. Butter square: PAT.  See 19A.  Mr. Pat Boone.

23. Old AT&T rival: MCI.

24. Camera largely replaced by its digital version, for short: SLR. "We have a Nikon Camera, gonna take a photograph.  Mama don't take my Kodachrome away."  Simon and Garfunkel.

30. Golfer's booking: TEE TIME.  Believe it or not, some courses have opened for play in Minnesota.  No carts yet and I still have three weeks of bowling left, so I think I will wait.

32. Diplomatic accord: ENTENTE.

33. Ancient Icelandic text: EDDA.

34. __ McMuffin: EGG.  Be careful today if your spouse tells you it is hard boiled.

36. "The Deep" director Peter: YATES.  From what rumors I have heard about ocean history, I often wonder how much gold bullion is 20,000 leagues under the sea.

41. Poe's one-word bird: RAVEN.  Nevermore

44. Stars are seen in it: SKY.

45. Bars on candy bars, e.g.: Abbr.: UPCS.  These are amazing! You go to the grocery market and the checkout cash register already knows the price of almost everything.  The clerk only had to tell the register the number on the banana sticker.

49. Disparaging word: EPITHET.  I am sure there were a few of them this weekend during the 30 degree windy weather at Target Field.  I watched on TV.  I don't know how many seats are at Target Field but it looked like 50,000 were empty.

52. "Let me say this again ... ": I REPEAT.  Check your sugar bowl!!

56. Lawyer's gp.: ABA.  Don't try to join.  You can get sued.

57. Inventor Whitney: ELI.  I tried some of that cotton gin.  It tastes lousy with tonic.

58. $200 Monopoly props.: RRS. "Railroad crossing look out for the cars.  Can you spell that without any Rs?"  T H A T

59. Fable writer: AESOP.

61. Hooves-on-cobblestone sounds: CLOPS.

67. Lone Ranger's pal: TONTO.  Jay Silverheels.  A very famous Canadian athlete and actor.

68. Con job: SCAM.  Not to be confused with SPAM. A con job by Hormel from Austin Minnesota convincing folks that it's good to eat.  Also half of the email I receive on a daily basis.         

69. Blend by melting: FUSE. Lousy clue. How about a Bussmann product.  Too easy ??

70. Actress Spacek: SISSY.

71. Locking device: HASP.

72. Went really fast: SPED.


1. How food may be salted: TO TASTE.  Sometimes out of the sugar bowl.

2. Broke into and stole from: BURGLED.  Burgled kind of sounds like you're choking on Pepto Bismol.

3. Mixed with a spoon: STIRRED.  After you put sugar in your coffee.  I hope it wasn't salt.

4. Walk nervously to and fro: PACE.  Also a slow adjective for a golf match or a baseball game.

5. "Eww!": ICK.

6. Indian bread: NAN.  I googled this and found it to be spelled NAAN.  I thought it was the money I left at the Native American Casino last fall.

7. French pancake: CREPE.

8. "Yes, captain": AYE AYE.  I wonder if they really say this on the ship, or only in the movies.

9. Is suffering from, as a cold: HAS. If the cold is pretty bad, then it's "I HAB a Code".

10. College address suffix: EDU.  Never mind if you cannot pass the SAT.  If you have enough money they will pretend you are a great soccer player and let you in. I think you can even pay a smart person to take the tests.

11. Make larger: AUGMENT.  I wish I could augment a few holes on the greens.

12. Appease: PLACATE.

13. Bowling x's: STRIKES.  I won't bother to explain this.

18. "Felicity" star Russell: KERI.

22. Bowling pin count: TEN.  A puzzle with TWO bowling clues??  No I did not rig it.  However can someone tell me why three strikes in a row is called a turkey?  ( I know why a fourbagger is called a hambone.  I don't like it, but I know who Rob Stone is.)

26. Chatted with online, briefly: IM'ED.

27. Pleads: BEGS.

28. Lid inflammation: STYE.  I have heard they are common and painful.  I am lucky to never have had one.

29. Rip to shreds: TEAR UP.

31. Opposite of giveth: TAKETH.  Biblical, but I'll allow.

35. USO show audience: GIS.  Believe it or not, I was in a USO group singing at EM and Top5 clubs at Fort Campbell, KY.  I was bass in "Sherrie" by the Four Seasons.  (Why don't you come out)

38. Broadcast with greater image resolution, as TV shows: IN HD.

39. Fat-free milk: SKIM.  Somehow I never got used to skim.  I prefer 1% - reasonably priced at ALDI

40. Spare in a Brit's boot: TYRE.  I get TYRED of foreign clues and answers.

41. Turns down: REJECTS.

42. Ill-fated 1967 moon mission: APOLLO I.  I remember this well.  A space capsule caught fire with three astronauts inside, and they could not be rescued.  Sad day for space missions.

43. "__ of sugar-plums danced in their heads": Moore: VISIONS.  When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my recliner to see Vhat Da heck vas going on out dere.

46. Green bowlful: PEA SOUP.  Sorry, I cannot eat anything that looks like this.

47. Last train car: CABOOSE. My family had three children.  Barbara, Douglas, and Amy.  When my sister was born, Mom and Dad thought it would be alphabetical to use a name starting with "C".  My father suggested Caboose.  (But mother held out for Constance.)

48. Attached using a Swingline: STAPLED.

50. U.K.'s continent: EUR.

51. Defeat decisively: THRASH.  There was not a lot of Thrashing going on in the NCAA Tournament this weekend.  Most of the games were exciting and close.  I picked Virginia, Gonzaga, Kentucky, and Michigan State.  I was glad to see the Spartans knock off the Blue Devils, because Michigan State represents the Big 10 (+4) and they knocked my Gophers out in Round 2.  Now, if Michigan State wins, I can say the Gophers finished second but had a lousy placement in the bracket. 

53. Airline to Tel Aviv: EL AL. Hope they don't have any Boeing 737 Max planes.

55. Pet adoption org.: ASPCA.  I often wonder where they get the $$$ to buy all those nauseating commercials with half dead dogs in them.

60. Letters before gees: EFFS.  If I spelled it that way I would probably get an "F".

62. Halves of qts.: PTS.

63. Tofu source: SOY.  C.C. really likes this milk substitute.  But it has to be unsweetened, unflavored, and mixed with rum.

65. Dorm VIPs: RAS.

66. Mischief-maker: IMP.

Hope you enjoyed this first day of April, commonly known as April Fool's Day.  In case you did not figure it out, once upon time, many years ago, I filled the sugar bowl on our kitchen table with salt. My dear mother used it as sugar, and "Holy Moley was dreamboat sore". I never pulled that one again.


OwenKL said...

Rabbit, rabbit.

FIRight, but needed the reveal to get the theme. I thought RIBEYE was one word, not two, and JOSH D. was filled in after the reveal.

Today is APRIL FOOLS, it's the oneth.
First day of what's called the cruelest month.
Taxes soon are due,
But the weather's not cuckoo,
And online I hang out with the coolest bunch!

I think that many golfers would AGREE
That the course is very bad for a TRICK KNEE.
But when it's TIME to play
Then that trick must go away
And not bother their stance at the TEE!

{B. B-.}

D4E4H said...

Rabbit, rabbit!

Good morning you fools.

How may I fool thee? Let me count the ways. Oh wait, I'm Hoah Count.

Thank you Jake Braun for this enjoyable Monday CW.

Thank you Boomer for being you.

57 A - Really did make me LOL!

9 D - Is suffering from, as a cold: HAS -- Mine started Saturday. I have isolated myself in my room to protect the people in the building, 40+ residences, and ? employees. I had a severe cough with a lot of thick mucous. I am better now and on the way to recovery.

40 D - Would you like to "boot" foreign clues and answers?

46 D - Green bowlful: PEA SOUP. Oh contrair mon frere I like that beautiful green stuff.

47 D - CABOOSE: HERE are lots of PICs. HERE are PICs of the inside. Where do the workers rest now?


Congratulations to Auburn for reaching the Final Four.

"The loss marks the first time a John Calipari team has lost an NCAA tournament game it led at halftime, ending a 37-game streak that will leave him tied with UCLA legend John Wooden."

Thank you CanadianEh! at 7:42 PM. Now we can "Row, row, row your boat gently down the stream with Wide Blade spoon oars life is but a dream."


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

ENTENTE, AUGMENT, PLACATE -- Monday's are getting crunchier. I like it. HASP has been making frequent appearances lately. I've never seen OUTTA spelled with just one T -- looks weird. Thanx for foolin' us, Jake. Boomer, you were in fine fettle this morning. (I always heard that the turkey was a prize awarded to bowlers who managed three strikes in a row.)

Casinos: The most popular around her are both owned by the same Indian tribe: Naskila Gaming and Coushatta Resort Casino. Naskila is closer, but at Coushatta you can smoke, and boy do they ever.

desper-otto said...

I think the April Fool stole my E.

Yellowrocks said...

1-2-3 and done! Indian bread had to be NAN, strange spelling. Same for OUTA, but no holdup. Josh was unknown, but got it from the J and the theme. I wagged YATES from the YA.
I think HEAP, CRATE and JALOPY were before my time. I know the words from old movies. In my youth we called them clunkers. Nowadays folks call them BEATERS.
Wikipedia gives these synonyms, hooptie, jalopy, shed, clunker, lemon, banger, bomb, beater, rust bucket, voodoo, wreck, bucket, death trap, disaster on wheels, "rattletrap" or "shitbox"
I could add bucket of bolts.
My mom had two canisters that looked alike. She actually did use canning salt instead of sugar in a delicious looking pie she served to dad's associates. Oh, my!
Trolls and some pols use epithets instead of reason or humor.
I was raised with SPAM. Alan and I still like Spam Lite -33% fewer calories, 25% less sodium, and 50% less fat. I grind it up to make Spam salad or spread. I have taken it to potlucks where it is well liked. No one guesses it is Spam, thinking it's ham.
Should we boot foreign clues or fill? IMO, no. I love them. It is another way to expand our horizons. Also, it helps increase our English vocabulary because much of English has been borrowed.

John E said...

Thanks for the pranks. The stadium collapse sent me to check the disaster on ESPN. Your sugar bowl story (I finally caught on) reminded me of doing the same to my dearly beloved late parents. I still miss them.

desper-otto said...

Temperatures in the low 40's on April 1st in SE Texas! Now that's a cruel joke. Unheard of. Absurd.

Jerome said...

I find it ironic that those who complain about a foreign word or two in a puzzle really enjoy the crosswords in the Los Angeles Times.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR with no erasures. Being a bad speler is gud for fill like NAN - looked fine to me. Didn't know ENTENTE, YATES (but I do remember Jacqueline Bisset's tee shirt), JOSH DUHAMEL, or KERI.

Didn't like "camera largely replaced by its digital version, for short" for SLR. Kind of like saying "screen largely replaced by its digital version, for short" for TV.

TEAR could also have been clued "start to cry, with up". Ain't English great?

Trainmen called the last car the "crummy". To save Spitz the trouble: CABOOSE - probably from Dutch kabuis, kombuis, from Middle Low German kabuse.

I don't get how APOLLO I was a moon mission. It was never intended to blast off, even had the catastrophe not happened. Otherwise, easy and fun puzzle. Thanks, Jake. And thanks to Boomer for the great review. I really liked that you carried the salt-4-sugah theme throughout the piece.

Windchill here is 27 degrees. Haven't seen that since before I left for FL on January 6th.

inanehiker said...

This puzzle is made for you, Boomer! April Fool's and more than one bowling clue/answer!
Thanks Boomer for many chuckles and Jake for many jests!
Off to work!

My son always posts a fake post on April Fool's day- today it said he was leaving his job to join the Howard Schulz campaign for president (he's the one who is Starbucks founder/head)!

Husker Gary said...

-I loved your opening and running theme today, Boomer!
-SLR – Keeping both eyes open while looking through the viewfinder is an art
-My course has my money but will give no TEE TIMES until it dries out
-UPC’S have made this a lost art
-ELI’s (en)gin(e) unintentionally helped start the Civil War
-Prom season always reminds me of SISSY in Carrie
-Some golf commentators on a slow putt – “That didn’t have enough PACE”
-As a rookie teacher, I did many things to AUGEMENT my salary of $5,800
-TEN conjures up Bo Derek to me
-CABOOSES join buggy whips in the hall of yesterday
-Another salt April Fool prank (:23)

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Easy Monday; apt theme. No searches needed; got KERI from perps.
I REPEAT - Our practice when on voice radio was to say "I say again". rather than I REPEAT. Easier to understand in static or poor reception situations.
CABOOSE - For the 'galley' meaning it has Germanic cognates as Jinx said. German Kombüse, L. German Kabüüs. The caboose which can be the last (crew's) car on a train in German is a "Güterzugbegleitwagen", no relation. Your gluteus region is more likely termed a Popo.

Boomer, thanks for the delightful commentary.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jake Braun, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Zipped through the puzzle. Caught the theme easily after 64A. Appropriate for the day.

Liked PEA SOUP. I love the stuff. When I lived in California I used to eat at Pea Soup Anderson's quite a bit. They had one up on I-5. All you could eat for fixed price. They lost money on me. I think they had one in Solvang as well.

Of course I put in GTE for 23A. Fixed that to MCI shortly thereafter.

JOSH DUHAMEL was unknown. Lots of perps. Same for KERI.

I do not have a TRICK KNEE, but I have worn out knees and I now wear a knee brace on each leg.

26 degrees this morning when I went out to guard. Not windy, that helped.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Yellowrocks said...

HG, your comment reminds me that many of the younger generation need the computerized cash register to make change. The following exchange confounds many of them. For a $12 tab, I gave the cashier a twenty dollar bill and two ones, expecting a $10 bill back.He gave the $2 back immediately saying it didn't cost that much. I persuaded him to ring up the entire $22 and he was amazed that I got $10 back. If the computer is down, even without giving cashiers an odd amount like that, they really labor with pen and paper. I find it discouraging because we taught that in elementary school.
Abejo, I will eat pea soup with ham with you any day. No one in my family likes it. My friend says I should make a big pot of it just for me and freeze individual portions.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Who better to blog an April Fool puzzle than our resident prankster, Boomer? And what a delightful, devious puzzle it was. I thought for sure the theme was going to be body parts-related, after filling in Trick Knee and Rib Eye Steak. Aha, Kid Sister took care of that idea. Then came the reveal and the penny dropped! I stumbled over GTE/MCI and Epitaph/Epithet, even though I know the correct meanings of both. However, I didn't know Sally was Charlie Brown's kid sister, but I did know Josh Duhamel, although not as clued; Josh is Fergie's ex-husband. CED, as our resident Imp, strikes again. Boomer gets two CSOs at Strikes and Ten.

Thanks, Jake, for the fun and joshin' and thanks, Boomer, for the humor and liberal doses of saltiness. I chuckled throughout your summary and really appreciated the picture of my all-time favorite man, Cary Grant. This was my second treat of the day, the first being seeing the beautiful Bichon gracing the April page of my wall calendar. (Last month's canine pin-up was Misty's Dusty look-alike!)


Jayce, prayers and best wishes for your DIL.

Have a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

Happy April Fool's Day. Thanks for the fun, Jake and Boomer.
My newspaper does not credit the constructor, but I knew it was not a C.C. CW with only golf and bowling. But I wondered if she had created a special tribute for Boomer on his Monday. No, Jake gets the credit.

I moved quickly through this puzzle with just a few pauses in the SW corner. I had Refuses before REJECTS, and waited for perps for JOSH's last name.

We had a LOTTA (sorry, that was yesterday; today we had OUTA) non-metric measures with TBSP and PT. But we had a British boot and TYRE. (No we use Trunk and Tire in Canada. We have FUSED many languages and customs in our melting-pot society.)
Boomer, I think that clue for 69A is okay if you think of soldering where the metals are fused by melting.

NAN is a lesser used variant of Naan; just don't say NAN bread in front of my DIL. Redundant!

I REPEAT from Feb 11/19 "Haiku Harry said... Today’s pun/haiku:
The British lady
Couldn’t master golf; confused
By all the “TEA TIMES”

Did we not have a discussion recently (IM, Lucina?) about EPITHET and Empathetic??

Enjoy the day. Watch those sugar/salt containers!

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. Ya got me, Boomer. For a brief second I really did think that snow had collapsed the roof of the stadium. Nature is also playing an April Fool's Day TRICK on us with the weather. Last week it was 80F. This morning, it was in the low 40sF I am really ready to put my winter clothes away.

I learned that Turns Down is not Refuses, but REJECTS. ELI Whitney let me know my first thought was wrong.

QOD: Vanity is a mortgage that must be deducted from the value of a man. ~ Otto von Bismarck (Apr. 1, 1815 ~ June 30, 1898)

CanadianEh! said...

YR and Abejo - I'll join you for the PEA SOUP. Habitant brand is good, but home-made is even better!

IM- it must have been your previous mention of EPITHET and Epitaph that I was remembering.

Yes YR, the younger generation does not know how to make change and are very confused when you try to give them coins to get back a bill (instead of the heavier Loonies or Toonies for Canadians!).
It is rare to have your change properly counted out; now it seems to just get dumped into your hand (with the coins on top of the bills which makes it hard to put into your wallet without spilling).
I gave a forty year old a lesson in making change just last week; you just count up from the amount charged to the amount given. I was taught to return the coins first ie. for change from $20 for charge of $8.25, I would count 3 quarters to $9, a Loonie (or $1 bill for you Americans) to $10, and then a $10 bill to $20. The cash register would just say $11.75 change.
In YR's example, if the teller just thought that the amount charged was $12 and the amount given was $22, it should be evident that the change is $10.
(But I was trained by my market-gardener parents, and at the market, we had to add up the bill in our head as we packed everything into the bag! Occasionally, somebody would question the total and we had to haul everything out of the bag and total it out loud for them. I was rarely incorrect, but I was much younger then LOL.)

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Even though I paid my bills this morning, as today is pay day for retired teachers in Illinois, I didn't bring that info to the puzzle. And then: Ah Ha!! Thanks Jake for a very appropriate puzzle. I like the balance of crunch and ease in a Monday puzzle. I don't mind foreign words either. I have more trouble with current bands and characters from Star Wars as I only saw the first (eighth ? or?) one. I know, I know. Get a life, Madame!

Thanks, Boomer, for a wild and crazy ride. As I began to read your Intro, I has no disbelief. The snow detail seemed perfectly reasonable to me!! Great fun.

I don't mind the various spellings of foreign words. Often they are transliterated, so that seems reasonable. Spitz, I love your German lessons. I am especially fond of learning German compound nouns. That one today was nearly a sentence! ;-)

I wish all of you a wonderful day.

D4E4H said...

Husker Gary at 8:26 AM wrote "UPC’S have made this a lost art." He could even make change.

I know that others have commented on the changing of the change, but I am posting anyway.


desper-otto said...

Though I have a German heritage, I know very few German words. And the ones I do know, I use incorrectly. Gotterdammerung, for example. I say that frequently. said...


Thanks to Jake and Boomer!

Trouble with OUTA.

Virtually no sleep last night. Loony room mate screamed all of the time. refuses to use her call button, hence the screams.

See you tomorrow, maybe.

Misty said...

Woohoo! I got this delightful Jake Braun April Fool's Day puzzle without any errors or problems. Woohoo! Thank you, Jake. And Boomer, your write-up was a hoot this morning. I loved the picture of CARY Grant, one of my favorite actors, especially in 'North by Northwest', one of my favorite movies. Also loved seeing TONTO. When I came to this country at age 10, I got to see my first television shows, and 'The Lone Ranger' was my absolute favorite. Anyway, great puzzle, Jake, and great commentary, Boomer. Only what happened to 'writing love letters in the sand'? That should have popped up somewhere.

Irish Miss, Dusty smiled (sleepily) when I told him you mentioned him on Facebook.

Liked your poems, Owen. And loved your haiku, Canadian Eh.

Sorry to hear about your lack of sleep, Fermatprime--take care of yourself today.

Have a wonderful month of April, everybody--and enjoy all the jokes today!

Oas said...

Fun puzzle Jake Braun thangQ.
FIR in good time but was visited by a few friends at the local Mcd’s and couldn’t comment right away.
Liked the review Boomer and the follow ip posts.
I agree with YR and Ceh? about the change making . My dad , being one who , years ago wanted his change counted out to him, ranted and raved about this at length. Our explanation that the checkout lines moved faster if the cash register did the calculation for the cashier, did not register with him.
The founder of our old country store always added the bill up on the sales slip to check if the machine got it right. Only after the amounts were the same would he ask for money.
Have a wonderful day.

Oas said...

What do you call a note to an Amish friend?
A menno memo.

CrossEyedDave said...

Normally, this is the one day of the year
I do not post anything silly.
(it's my day off...)

Just Kidding!

When it comes to April Fools jokes, there is nothing like the classics...

I remember when the Caboose was fashionable...

When we were kids, the local Subways Sandwich store had those paper napkin
dispensers, you know, big metal boxes crammed full of paper napkins.
So we would pour sugar/salt into the first napkin fold, and the next person
to pull out a napkin, especially if they pulled aggressively, would get showered
in salt/sugar...

which brings up an old restaurant trick...

AnonymousPVX said...

This was a nice Monday puzzle that presented no issues.

Because I just couldn’t wait....

Markovers...YUK/ICK.....will I never learn?

Change at the register....ordered a meal to go Friday, it came to $10.65. I giver her $21, she knits her brow, stops for a moment, then she gives back 35¢. I look at her and say “I gave you a twenty”. She says “Are you sure?”. Had a small back and forth.She ends up giving me the $10. Luckily I had just restocked the wallet so I knew exactly what I had. But geez.

Have a great day, don’t fall for anything.

Lucina said...

Happy April Fool's Day!

So far no TRICKS have been played here but it's early.

Boomer, I loved your salty review and was waiting for the story. LOL

Thank you, Jack Braun, for the quick sashay. No big challenges today but lots of fun. I also blinked at the spelling of OUTA. However, I enjoyed the crossing of TBSP/STIRRED which gave me a baking image.

Boomer, I, too, thank you for the photo of CARY Grant. What a beautiful man!

My only pause was at DUHAMEL. Had to wait for the H as I wasn't sure of the spelling.

We here in AZ also receive our pension on the first of the month but all my bills are automatically paid electronically. It sounds like you still write checks. Is that right?

Have a pleasantly trickful day, everyone!

Irish Miss said...

Can anyone tell me if HBO has better programming than Showtime? I have the choice of 3 free months of the former, or 6 free months of the latter.

Lemonade714 said...

Late to the party, but white rabbit, white rabbit.

The calculator followed by the cell phone has greatly contributed to the erosion of the use of the brain. You do not need it to manipulate keys and search engines. Solving puzzles also becomes easy with the real G spot.

Our bank tellers do not need to count money in or out as there are machines for that now. Of course, the random error where you end up with a balance of $2,768,24.18 in your account does still happen - just not to me.

OAS, you have mixed your Anabaptist sects I think. AMISH V. MENNONITE . Nothing more frustrating than unfulfilled Anabaptist sects.

Lemonade714 said...

PVX I too am finding you need to be very careful in getting the attention fo the cashiers when giving money and expecting change. I have seen some argue with the customer over the bill given. Perhaps we need to announce if we use a $20, or $50, or even a $100.00

Lemonade714 said...

IM - How can we advise as to HBO vs. Showtime without a list of your favorite all time tv shows and movies? They are different philosophic networks. However, if you want to watch the new episodes of Game of Thrones starting this month choose HBO.

Jayce said...

Happy April Fool's Day. Thanks, Jake, for the fun puzzle and thanks, Boomer, for the witty commentary. A pleasant way to start the month. I think the April Fool stole an A from NA(A)N and a T from OUT(T)A.

I got a huge belly laugh out of this April Fool trick from a vendor from whom I have bought stuff. Go ahead and click on it; I am not trying to fool you. You might think it's as funny as I did, especially you electrical engineers.

Man oh man, this is the season of high expenses in the Mr. and Mrs. Jayce household. We paid our (1) property tax, (2) state income tax, (3) first quarter estimated federal income tax, and (4) first quarter estimated state income tax. Sheesh! More expensive than Christmas!

Good wishes to you all.

Irish Miss said...

Lemon @ 1:20 ~ You're right, I should have given some guidelines of my interests. Game of Thrones would not be on my list nor would any show with overly gory or extremely violent plot lines. I like good dramas (Blue Bloods, the three Chicago shows, This Is Us, The Good Doctor, etc.) As far as movies, I like dramas, rom-coms, mysteries, love stories, etc. I can do without gratuitous violence and excessive foul language. I also am not a fan of futuristic, dystopia, or any Sci-Fi offerings.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Rabbit Rabbit.
I know I'm late, but I said it upon waking this morning.
No, I am not superstitious. But it doesn't hurt to be sure.

I love PEA SOUP, but I have to be really hungry and in the right mood for it. It is a meal in itself, along with crackers and butter. Nothing is heartier for a winter meal.

A fun pzl today. Ta ~DA!
I appreciate the good work of Mr. Braun and Boomer.
And no, as usual I did not get the theme until reporting to the Corner.

Irish Miss, Lucina & Misty ~
I'm a big CARY Grant fan too. A fine actor. What he may have lacked in versatility, he made up for by his depth, charm, and wide emotional range. From his early work (None but the Lonely Heart) to his mature dramas (North by Northwest, Charade, etc.), he was equally at home in comedy and drama.
One diag, on the near end.
It gives us a curious anagram. I think it refers to the action in Ghostbusters, when the title heroes must find their way through the streets after a general attack. They take great care to choose a clean avenue--and to avoid the ...

PK said...

Hi Y'all! This puzzle and expo was all STRIKES in the fun lanes. Thanks, Jake & Boomer! Really liked the April Fool's theme which I got with the reveal and a good laugh.

Boomer, I'm safe (Hallylulu!) from an imp. I haven't had a sugar bowl or any container of sugar in my house for 20 years and very little salt.

Tried "ill" and "ail" then gave up and let perps fill HAS. Always thought HAS (HAd) was such an inexact, understated word, especially for "has (had) a baby" with all the effort, pain and drama to achieve that event.

I've had a TRICK KNEE since I was 24. Put it out of place trying to rope start a balky lawn mower. Had to learn early how to realign it myself because it went out at very inconvenient times.

PK said...

As for the change situation, I'm one of those dummies who has difficulty making change sometimes. Never had to do it often enough to get good. Last year I went thru my bank drive-thru and received what was supposed to be $300 in tens. I rarely count my cash at the bank, but something about the new cashier left me uneasy so I counted it three times. $10 short. She counted her cash drawer and informed me my envelope couldn't possibly be short, but she said to return the envelope and let her count it. I saw the older supervisor was looking on by now so I sent the envelope back thru the pneumatic tube. Cashier made a big display of counting the money, said it was all there and sent it back. Sure enough, it was all there this time. Funny thing -- never saw that cashier there again. Yay!

Spitzboov said...

PK and others. re: counting change. I sometimes draw cash from an ATM. (Only those that don't charge me a fee.). Has anyone ever experienced the ATM coming up short in the bill count?

Yellowrocks said...

One time at the ATM I counted my money and was $20 short. I was glad I counted because my bill was partially stuck in the machine. I pulled it out.
Off to another dance.

Wilbur Charles said...

Cary was a good friend of Howard Hughes

I had my Sirius 50s on 5 and I heard the words: The Pat Boone hour ...
I got back to Beatles quick
I told y'all about almost getting run over by a train in Tampa. They can't whistle-warn anymore

I used to go out of my way to eat in a restaurant in Clearwater Beach because they had Spam &eggs.

I found that one retakes and retakes the SATs over and over in college re. Multiple choice questions

Boomer, in the days of duck pins, a turkey was rare and could have been a prize
YR, I've had a few of the last on your list
IM, I'd go for the six.

Driving commercially I learned to always use GPS, I suppose cashiering is similar. Funny, this morning my friend said "I'll give you a 17 and 16 for a 31(Chip). I immediately BLURTED out "That's 33".

Mom and brother loved there obnoxious PEA SOUP.


Btw. Of the names I only knew SISSY. TROUNCED <TRASHED slowed me down. Good beginners Monday.

CanadianEh! said...

Misty - I can't take credit for that Haiku. Poetry is not my gift. Haiku Harry published it to the blog.

fermat - so sorry that you cannot rest properly because of a noisy room-mate. It is hard to recover when you are tired and frustrated. Hope things improve soon.

Thanks to CED and Jayce for more April Fool's tricks. I LOLed at the LaserCut Bacon Bit Dispenser.

I've never had a problem with incorrect amount at ATM. My bank doesn't have a drive-thru and if I go to the teller, I always watch them count it out.

Lucina said...

Speaking of ATMs, today I went to use one and forgot my PIN number! Frustrating! I went ahead for my mani/pedi then to the Credit Union for money then returned to the Salon to give Tony his tip. He prefers it in cash whereas I can pay for the service with credit card. I don't mind accommodating him because he provides such excellent service.

His wife, also a nail tech, is a trained singer; I attended one of the dramas in which she sang and was duly impressed with her beautiful voice. Today I learned that she was invited to Viet Nam to perform in concerts there. She will be there for five weeks.

I can't recall ever being short changed by a cashier. Growing up I sometimes worked in my aunt's and uncle's grocery store to relieve them for lunch. They taught me how to make change.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

I've counted ATM w/d every time since the late '70s. Haven't caught an error yet. I did catch a teller at the Crocker Bank in Santa Monica trying to short me a $20. It looked funny when she counted it out on the counter, then when I counted it back in front of her it was short. She recounted, then took anther bill from the till to make it right. I was taught that it was like a handshake - both parties have to participate. Don't often use cash these days. Some local restaurants here refuse to accept it.

TTP said...

Really late for me. Sick last night.

Dudley is usually the first one here on the first of the month.

No problem with the puzzle. The review was better.

Boomer, 177, 242, 186 last Thursday. A guy on a different pair threw his 3rd career 300. We're 15 up with 4 weeks to go. We play the second place team Thursday night. They swept us last time.

D4E4H said...

CrossEyedDave at 12:19 PM Wrote "When it comes to April Fools jokes, there is nothing like the classics..."
I saw a spaghetti harvest in Italy, on TV years ago. It is so nice to see that the tradition is still alive.

"I remember when the Caboose was fashionable..." You're older than I thought.


Wilbur Charles said... a 300 game four turkeys or ten. ? Gary will show the math if necessary. Speaking of...
I've increased my pace water walking. I was doing a 40 second lap which gets me one lap short of a mile in m minutes. The sign says 13 laps = 1/4 mile. Now, I'm now doing 35 second laps. Which means x minutes to do y laps. 52/y*x=. T(ime)

Of course if you have a calculator that's 52*35/60=30 1/3 m = 52/12*7 where m=7 and l = 12

Note: That's the point where m and l are whole numbers.


There you go again HG, that'll keep your 7th graders busy.


Wilbur Charles said...

30 1/3 = Total m

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I played earlier today and enjoyed the puzzle, expo, and reading everyone throughout the day. Thanks all y'all.

I left my puzzle at the office so I can't report WOs. I know JOSH, EDDA, and KERI were ESPs.

{A, B+}

IM - I'm afraid our tastes wouldn't match. I like HBO's John Oliver and Vice which is why I keep it.

Have a great Tuesday!

Cheers, -T