Apr 27, 2019

Saturday, April 27, 2019, Joe Deeney

Themeless Saturday Puzzle by Joe Deeney

Seventy-two years ago on April 27, 1947 Yankee Stadium was filled with fans who were there to pay tribute to the orphan from Baltimore who grew up to be the greatest Yankee of them all - Babe Ruth. Today we commemorate Babe Ruth Day on the date that memorial service was held.

The ceremony was held twelve years after George Herman Ruth was an active player and was fighting the cancer that would claim his life the next year. The wizened Sultan of Swat proclaimed, “There’s been so many lovely things said about me, I’m glad I had the opportunity to thank everybody.”

The Babe at

Today appears to be Joe Deeney's fifth visit to our little word curiosity shop and his first on a Saturday.

I hope he checks in with us to explain what he has attached to his head in this picture and why he has that unusual smile on his face!

Now let's circle the bases on Joe's puzzle:


1. Venue for seven Verdi premieres: LA SCALA - Teatro alla Scala (Italian: “Theatre at the Stairway”). This is a poster from the premiere of Verdi's Otello in Milan in 1887

8. Savannah grazer: ORIBI - My Okapi (O _ _ _ I) had to be taken back to the zoo for this animal

13. Mesmerize: ENTHRALL.

15. Sudoku skill: LOGIC - Basic Sudoku strategy tells you what number has to go in the red square (*answer at the bottom)

16. 1982 bestseller using Milne characters, with "The": TAO OF POOH A lovely explanation and synopsis 

18. Vermont Ski and Snowboard Museum town: STOWE.

19. Leaning: BIAS - News outlets these days seem to have their own thinly (or not so thinly veiled) BIAS

20. Unchecked: DESELECTED - This elevator allows you to DESELECT selections

22. Will of "Blue Bloods": ESTES His IMDB

24. Tide may wash it away: STAIN.

25. When one might eat bánh chungTET - Sticky rice cake traditionally served during the lunar new year of TET celebration in Vietnam

26. See 2-Down: NIN and 2. With 26-Across, "Delta of Venus" author: ANAIS - A crossword stalwart

28. Act addition?: IVE - C.C. would call this fill "gluey". I'd prefer 28. Jim Croce tune _ _ _  Got A Name

29. Fashion: MAKE - Last weekend I had my SIL fashion/MAKE a repair for my screen door with a screw, a washer and 5 toothpicks

30. 1987 film loosely based on "Cyrano de Bergerac": ROXANNE - A 1:30 trailer for this sweet movie Rotten Tomatoes gave an 89%

32. Gugino of "Wayward Pines": CARLA -  Her IMDB

33. "C'mon, man!": DON'T BE THAT GUY 

35. Daughter of Billy Ray: MILEY - The Cyrus'

36. Respond to a pledge drive: PHONE IN.

37. Star qualities: EGOS.

38. Portuguese saint: SAO -  SAO Paulo (Saint Paul), Brazil is 3x larger than the capital of Brasília 

39. Sea follower?: TAC - SEA-TAC (Seattle Tacoma Airport) to the Space Needle is a 23 min drive (uh, not at rush hour)

40. Small amount: TAD.

41. Get ready to compete, bodybuilder-style: OIL UP - I didn't feel like posting pix of BEACH BODS last week nor OILED UP bodybuilders this week. You're on your own.

43. Low-pay position: MCJOB - I've had many McJOBS (starting with a paper route) and learned valuable lessons from each

47. Antic: SHENANIGAN.

50. Merrie Monarch Festival celebration: HULA - It celebrates the legacy of Hawaiian King David Kalalakua 

51. Cunning canines: FOXES - A fox is of the species vulpine in the family of canines, therefore a cousin of dogs

52. "Glass" director: SHYAMALAN - Rotten Tomatoes - Critics - 37%, Moviegoers - 73%

54. Soccer Hall of Famer __ Lalas: ALEXI His IMDB

55. Teaching a lesson, perhaps: TUTORING - A MCJOb for some new teachers 

56. Emulates a matryoshka doll, save one: NESTS.

57. Rx's from vets: PET MEDS 


1. Do not disturb: LET BE - My colleague always told kids to, "Leave it be"!

3. Short-tailed weasel: STOAT - Any animal with these friendly letters is welcome in our cwd zoo

4. Slayers, in the Buffyverse: CHOSEN ONES.

5. Husky's hello: ARF.

6. "Training Day" law org.: LAPD -  A trailer for this 2001 movie

7. Soothing succulents: ALOES.

8. Fictional photojournalist: OLSEN - Jack Larson's portrayal of Superman's early TV buddy Jimmy (far left) OLSEN is my favorite 

9. Drilling org.: ROTC - Close order drill

10. "Later": I GOTTA RUN.

11. 100 times a year, roughly: BIWEEKLY - It can be twice a week OR every two weeks (approximately 26 times a year) according to Merriam Webster

12. Sipped cooler: ICED TEA.

14. Daydreaming: LOST IN THOUGHT.

17. No-nonsense dismissal: HEAVE HO - If USC determines that Lori Loughlin's daughters knew of the fraudulent scheme to get them into school, they will be given the HEAVE HO

21. Factor in golf club selection: LIE - This LIE calls for hitting down with a more lofted club than usual

23. It's often done on highways: SIXTY -  A patrolman might 27. Pull in: NAB you if the speed limit is thirty

29. Fetish: MAGIC CHARM - Superstitious ball players consider their dirty caps a MAGIC CHARM and so they don't clean or replace their old ones

30. Obsolete organizers: ROLODEXES.

31. Highly populated people?: NEPALIS - Nepal has many high places to populate 

32. Third-stringers: C-TEAM - Nowadays it's not A-TEAM, B-TEAM, C-TEAM, it's Varsity, JV and Reserves. A 3rd stringer by any other name...

33. Excavate, with "in": DIG A HOLE - Or maybe you should quit

34. Hill worker: ANT.

35. Often not a Yankee supporter: MET'S FAN - My dad's hatred of the Yankees stemmed from being a Brooklyn FAN.

38. Sunday subject: SIN.

41. Spot for a drink: OASIS.

42. Satisfy a debt: PAY UP.

44. Andrews with an Oscar, two Emmys and three Grammys: JULIE - She won a Tony for My Fair Lady but Jack Warner wanted the better known Audrey Hepburn for Liza in the movie. Julie then took the role of Mary Poppins instead and beat out Audrey for the Oscar in 1964

45. Warner __, '20s-'30s portrayer of Dr. Fu Manchu: OLAND - Some now consider Warner's portrayal stereotypical and racist

46. Forehead covering: BANGS - Selena Gomez with and without

48. "I'm done with this one": NEXT.

49. Silver of FiveThirtyEight: NATE - His statistical site is named for the 538 electors for American presidents. On the eve of the 2016 election he predicted Hillary had a 71% chance of winning and Donald Trump a 29% chance

53. Bon __: MOT - Literally Good Word from the French

Raise a glass to the Old Bambino today!

That Sudoku square must have a 3


OwenKL said...

FIRight! wOolgaTHering > LOST IN THOUGHT, (DON'T BE THAT) waY > GUY. (sea)mAn > TAr > (sea)TAC.
Unknowns: ORIBI, Merrie Monarch Festival (which I expected would be either butterfly or Mardi Gras connected), a few proper names, tho fewer than usual.

A beautiful girl named ROXANNE
Had more suitors than she could stand.
So she took on the veil,
Which made her men wail,
DON'T BE THAT nun, to dash what we planned!


desper-otto said...

Good morning!

All of my problems were up top this morning. Then it was a smooth glide to the bottom. Hand up for OKAPI, Husker. My "leaning" was a BENT before it became a BIAS. Odd that both OIL UP and PAY UP showed up today. I noticed the CSO to Bill G at TUTORING. Thanx, Joe and Husker.

LIE: Could that be a reason some folks like golf?

FOXES: I didn't think they were true canines.

ROLODEXES: Finally retired mine a couple of years ago. I even have a special punch to cut tracks into a business card. Why did I throw out the rolodex and keep the punch?

Big Easy said...

Well Mr. Deeney, you made me work today. Filled by perps were unknown killers-CHOSEN ONES, grazer-ORIBI (wanted OKAPI), director-SHYAMALAN, athlete-ALEXI, book-TAO OF POOH, actors NATE, CARLA & ESTES.

I did DIG A HOLE for myself with OPEC and DON'T BE THAT 'WAY' instead of ROTC & GUY.

BIAS- 'thinly veiled'? Don't make me laugh. That why I never watch any of them.

HEAVE HO- but what if the girls are passing their classes. That makes them just as qualified to be enrolled at USC as any other student. It's the admission officer's BIAS that's the problem, not the students'. The girls are just as capable as the other students.

jfromvt said...

An easy Sudoku and I zipped through this fairly quickly. Now it’s only 9:00 on a rainy Saturday, what am I going to do for the rest of the day??

Never made it over to the Ski museum in Stowe, but on my list. Great town, and the best ski resort in the Eastern US in my opinion.

We had a morale building day at work years ago.....nice catered lunch and then we watched “Roxanne” in the afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't the 39A clue have been "SEA follower" (all caps)?

JHG-K said...

Too many celebrity clues...hate that stuff...I wish creators would stick to literary themes if they need proper names. This kind of cluing is for something in People Magazine.

Jerome said...

Little known fact- Anais is Asian.

Yellowrocks said...

DNF, TAO OF POOH??? Many names I do not know.
Heave Ho, Other HS grads who did not have the grades or other bona fides to be accepted to this college were rejected, while these privileged ones cheated to get in. If the students knew about their spurious acceptance, in IMO they should be bounced. Maybe they could take a year in county college or apply at a less rigorous school. After a year or two maybe they could transfer, if they could get in legitimately. Just my thoughts.

McJOB, My niece who is 52 years old has a McJob as her sole income. No benefits, health insurance, sick days or paid vacation. She is given irregular hours, as little as 5 or 6 hours some weeks and 20 or more hours other weeks. She was told the day before Easter that she had to work on Easter. No notice. She has to live with an aunt, because she cannot support herself. The only other jobs available where she lives are similar. She does not have the financial resources or transportation to live in another area. I had McJOBS as a student. As a support to my husband's salary when the kids were toddlers I worked nights at McJobs, but a single adult needs a real job.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

It took me a while to get a foothold, but I finished in less than 30 minutes, with minimal w/os: Entrance/Enthrall, Net/Nab, and Ton/Bon. Oribi, Carla, Shyamalan, Alexi, and Chosen Ones needed perps. Nice to see Ms. Nin's complete name and, as a big "Blue Bloods" fan, Will Estes was a gimme. Deselected seems a little odd, IMO.

Thanks, Joe, for an enjoyable solve, with just the right amount of difficulty and thanks, HG, for your, as-always, sparkling and informative review. Thanks for acknowledging Babe's honors at Yankee Stadium.


Keith, so happy to hear about little Louie's recovery!

YR, I can't believe what your poor DIL has gone through. Best wishes for a speedy recovery and no more health problems! I'm so glad Alan is back on track. Your strength and patience amazes me.

PK, IMO, you can do no wrong! 😉

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Sorry, I had Ton instead of Mot, thinking of the retail store, Bon Ton.

Irish Miss said...

Joe Deeny also has a puzzle in today's New York Times. Congrats, Joe!

TTP said...

Good morning. Thank you Joe Deeney and thank you Husker Gary.

I struggled to find many of the answers, but that made getting them much more enjoyable. So many unknowns as clued.

CHOSEN ONES eluded me for the longest time. Had all but the O and E in CHOSEN and only saw it after a break.

DESELECTED never came into view. I got OLSoN to confirm the NE corner and never checked to notice that I had made a new word with deselocted. D'OH !

In the end, that O where the E needed to be was the only error, but it took 46 minutes to get a completed grid. Good challenging puzzle, Joe. I liked it.

In other news, the weather people said it was going to start snowing around 1 PM. It just started. So glad I got the lawn mowed yesterday. I had to stop three times to clean out the deck, and that's after mowing Monday.

Dash T - FLN, some guy on that thread with your name is also a Monty Python fan ! Wait, what ? At the gym ? Never mind.

Misty said...

Well, Saturday puzzles are always real toughies for me, but the first word I got on my first run-through was LOGIC. Hey, I do a Sudoku every day, right after the crossword puzzle, and I know that even with the numbers, the skill is not math but LOGIC. (Thankfully, I got Sudoku, Kenken, and the Jumble after this toughie). Nice to see LA SCALA come up right at the beginning, and, Husker Gary, great picture of the poster. I don't know Billy Ray, so didn't know right away that his daughter was MILEY. Fun to see SHENANIGAN come up. Couldn't believe the name SHYAMALAN when it fell into place. Thanks for getting this Saturday off to a fun but challenging start, Joe and Husker Gary.

Fun poem, Owen.

Have a great weekend, everybody.

Spitzboov said...

Hello everyone.

Tough one. Needed help with SHYAMALAN, ROXANNE, ESTES, and MILEY. Got ORIBE because perps were solid. The long downs helped with the enjoyment.
Babe Ruth - HG alluded that he died in 1948. On a rare visit to NYC when I was 10 years old, we happened to pick a particular day to see the Manhattan sights. As we were going up 5th Avenue toward the St. Patrick's Cathedral area, we began to see very large crowds and mounted Police to help control things. My relatives asked a policeman what was going on. He said it was the funeral procession for Babe Ruth.

Steve said...

Very enjoyable grid with lively fill. TIL yet *another* obscure Savannah grazer to go with Eland and Okapi (both of which preceeded the newbie). I hope there aren't many more. Faves were all of the 9+ letter entries, with one exception which I'll get to. Some were because of the word itself, others because of the great clueing (MAGIC CHARM, DESELECTED, DONT BE THAT GUY) and other clever wordplay.
Speed Bumps(answers that slow you down because they're sketchy at best, horrible at worst, and sometimes make you go eeew):
PHONE IN - kind of a non-phrase. Somewhat archaic and just blah
SHENANIGAN - REALLY? One shenanigan? How would you even use that in a sentence without people staring blankly at you?
I GOTTA RUN - Ick! Go.
C TEAM - how far down the alphabet are we going to go with this? "26th squad" Z TEAM

Overall a great grid with fun words and clever clues!

Steve Out

Anonymous said...

A creative puzzle spoiled by names you just had to know. Crossing each other.

SHYAMALIN crossing OLIND seems just as good if you never heard of either of them. Why does the editor allow that?

Too bad. It was good otherwise.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Saturday puzzle had its share of crunch.

I must say, I didn’t like the clue for 31D, even as it filled I thought it a reach.

Similarly, 33D didn’t really need the “in”.

So it went slowly but surely.


Enjoy the weekend, see you Monday.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Another learning Saturday for me. I did OK (by my low standards) getting some fill b/f I had to start cheating [I wanted Dan Brown - for Venus clue and all the perps (2) I had worked with it - Google didn't confirm].

Anyway - Thanks Joe for a grid to noodle & learn on though, I'm kinda w/ JHG-K@9:28 - too many names (I did know MILEY).

Thanks HG for the expo and a grid to crib from (see 1a :-)).
BTW, YR, - HG gave us the TAO OF POOH yesterday in a Musings link. That's probably why I got it sans perpage|cross-checking ARF. //Kinda feels like a cheat to me...

Don't take my solve-report as literal - 2/3 my grid was blank b/f cheats...
WO: SHiNANAGAN, NET b/f HG said it was NAB (Hi PVX!).
ESPs: None - I cheated.
Fav (that I got on my own): HEAVE-HO


TTP - I must be Tweeting wrong or something; no likes from Eric idle yet :-(

D-O: LOL at tossing the ROLODEX but keeping the punch. I've s*** like that around - specifically, many power-chargers that belong to nothin' no more.

Steve @12:18p - PHONE-IN is OK by me (how else you gonna pledge to NPR or Jerry's Kids?). I will, however, back you on SHENANIGAN in the singular :-)

Real NESTing Dolls DW purchased in Russia. DW told me that the intricate art-work illustrates folklore.

Have a wonderful afternoon!

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...


Thank you so much, Joe Deeney and Gary for some great fun today from both of you.

LASCALA instantly went in, then: nothing. I jumped around for a while then the SW corner began a slow fill starting with MILEY. My oldest granddaughter watched her incessantly. SHENANIGAN was fun though it's usually more than one.

My daughter loves M. Night SHYAMALAN's films and I was surprised to see his name. We've discussed his name many times.

I remembered ROXANNE with Steve Martin.

CSO to Bill G at TUTORING.

ORIBI is a new one for me; I refused to let go of OKAPI for too long but liked seeing ICED TEA. MODE changed to MAKE and CARLA is unknown as is Wayward Pines.

CSO to OMK and his Louie at PETMEDS.

I loved the clue, highly populated people, NEPALIS!! Highly, indeed.

Have a special day, everyone!

Crownvic89 said...

Totally agee.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Ta~ DA!
Sometimes I don't stop to reason why. I just wait to hit the Corner and be instructed by a veteran cruciverbalist like Husker G!
Such was the case with 31D today.
Oh, now I get it...

Our Louie continues to thrive. Last night he even started into his famous "squirmy-wormy" dance, the one where he lies on his side and starts kicking all four trotters like he's running in place. This morning he's a little tired, understandable after such a wild & kee-razy display.
Two diagonals today, one on each side.
The mirror line offers a strange anagram.
How to explain this one...?
I think it refers to some poor sap whose nights have been troubled by horrible dreams of dungeons, instruments of torture, and especially nightmarish fantasies of being forced to ingest various poisons.
Finally, his shrink advises him to stick a special morphine patch on his butt (the same as the PETMED sticker our vet has placed on little Louie's behind!).
Finally this sap is able to enjoy a full night of...

CanadianEh! said...

Saturday Stumper! Thanks for the fun, Joe & Husker G.
I worked long and hard in my newspaper to finish this CW. 3 Google helps (confirmations) required and plenty of inkblots.

Hand up for Okapi before ORIBI. (Apparently, Oribi live in Masai Mara but I don't remember them from our safari there.)
Another hand up for Mode before MAKE.
My "no nonsense dismissal" started with Leave until I got POOH.
I had Bon AMI (the cleaner) at first, and thought it was a new clue for an old French CW friend.
I wanted to Donate (but 1 letter short) before PHONE IN., and Luau before HULA.

My Sunday subject was REL before I realized there was no abbreviation and SIN appeared.
I was misdirected with "drilling org." to dentists but ADA did not fit. Light-bulb moment when ROTC filled the spot.
Thanks HuskerG for explaining how NEPALIS are "highly populated". Another Lightbulb moment.

DESELECTED can also be seen when you are completing an online survey or quiz, and change your mind about an answer.
Perps or WAGS were required for ALEXI, OLSEN, ESTES, CARLA.
SHYAMALAN and OLAND were just complete unknowns.
I smiled at OIL UP crossing PAY UP.
We have tickets to see Cyrano de Bergerac at the Shaw Festival in the summer.

When you cross the Canadian border, "It's often done on highways" becomes One Hundred, as miles change to kilometres.
Surprisingly, this Canadian thought the Hill worker was at Capitol Hill and might be an aid(e)! Oh, even more industrious than that.

I remembered that SAO was Portuguese from Lucina's kind correction when I listed it as a Spanish word previously.

AnonT, those matryoshka dolls are beautiful. (On looking at that 56A clue again, I am astounded by the precise definition; "save one" refers to the outside doll that does not NEST.)

Enjoy the day.

CanadianEh! said...

For WC and other Baseball fans, Toronto Blue Jays are hoping that Vladimir Guerrero Jr. is their MAGIC CHARM. (His name is probably too difficult to become a CW staple like Ott!) He lived up to the media hype in his MLB debut in yesterday's home game. His father, Hall of Famer, (Expo No. 27) Guerrero Sr., was in attendance. (Jr. is wearing No. 27 on his Blue Jay uniform also)

WikWak said...


Thanks, Joe & Husker. A Saturday treat, indeed. I had some difficulty getting traction in the NE but once I got the NW done, it filled in nicely.

- ICED TEA instead of ice tea… yay!
- Even without the final S I liked seeing SHENANIGAN.
- I agree with those who felt there were too many names out of People magazine.
- I remember Warner OLAND better for his Charlie Chan movies.
- FIR in 28 minutes. Surprising considering how long I struggled with the NE.
- ORIBI was a learning moment; if not for solid perps that one would have stumped me.

Still snowing here at 16:00 — not a ton but also not just a little. Good day for crosswords, Sudokus, Cryptograms, and the like. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a nap, so…

Jayce said...

SHENANIGAN (or SHENANIGANS) is such a cool word! My parents used it a lot. I got OLAND right away but did as many of you did: filled OKAPI at first. ENTHRALL is another cool word; I remember an old Star Trek episode where there were people called the Thralls because they were, well, enthrall to their enslavers.

Wow, TAO OF POOH two days in a row,

For some reason I remembered CARLA Gugino, but not from that show,

Hand up for entering DON'T BE THAT WAY before realizing it had to be GUY, and for think BON AMI instead of BON MOT.

I strongly dislike both MILEY Cyrus and her father.

The term "Merrie Monarch" in the clue led me to think of something the old English or Celts did. My mind never ventured anywhere near Hawaii, so I was stuck on that one until I got all 4 perps. I wasn't fooled by ROTC, though.

My favorite clue today was for NEPALIS.

When I see the word ROXANNE I not only think of the Steve Martin film but also of this.

Good wishes to you all.

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Thanks for the challenge, Joe. I'm not on your wave-length so had a lot of learnin' to do. Thanks, Gary, for another informative expo.

After doing the puzzle at midnight, I happened on a YouTube click site for the Merrie Monarch Festival and watched HULA dancing for about half an hour. Enjoyable. I'd never heard of the fest before. Some of the crowd people wandering around was pretty distracting in an amateurish filming, but interesting.

SHYAMALAN: never heard of "Glass" but when SHY perped in I knew who they meant. How to spell had to wait for more perps. I'm not a fan of his stuff.

Never heard of NATE Silver or his show, CHOSEN ONES, DON'T BE THAT GUY, or TAO OF POOH (how'd I miss Gary's mention?).

DNK: ORIBI, OLAND, ALEXI, CARLA, ESTES. Needed red-letter runs to get some toe holds.

IM: Well, thanks, but I seem to be wrong a lot. I try.

CrossEyedDave said...

Didn't do the puzzle,
Didn't read the Blog.
But I actually fixed three things today
that have frustrated me for the past week...

& then I found this,
& just had to share...

CrossEyedDave said...

Well, almost 10:30 on the East Coast,
& I finally got to read the Blog.

I had 3 successes today,
& now I claim 4 by not even attempting this puzzle,
which would have been another frustration I did not need.

My favorite scene from RoxAnne...

Abejo said...

Good evening, folks. Thank you, Joe Deeney, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Husker Gary, for a fine review.

This puzzle was tough. Took me a few hours.

I see that Joe Deeney lives in the same town that my sister and brother in law live in, Melrose, MA. Small world.

No idea about SHYAMALAN. Perps

I agree with NEPALIS, great clue.

Sometimes ROLODEXES are handy. Easy to use and no logging on and passwords.

I was in Rockford, IL, today. Did most of the crossword after I got home. Cruciverb worked today. You never know.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Anonymous T said...

CED - Right then, one more Big Nose out of you...

When I think of Roxanne The Police come by...

Cheers, -T

D4E4H said...

Please forgive the lateness of my note.

Yellowrocks FLN at 7:53 PM, I could comment on many posts, but it is 12:40 AM on Sat. and I want to move on, so I will ask one question. Has your DIL had a hip replacement?

I am with CanadianEh! and Abejo who, like me, found the CW to be difficult. I did FIR eventually.

Now I could go to bed or work on Sunday's CW, hmmm.


PK said...

Has anyone heard from Fermatprime? The last I remember she got home.

Anonymous T said...

PK - not since the 15th at The Corner. I just sent an email to her gmail account. I'll let everyone know if I get a reply. -T

Anonymous said...

I take issue with the "Sea follower?" clue. All airport codes are all in capital letters and you misled us with the way you posted this clue.

TTP said...

Sea-Tac is not an airport code. It is a portmanteau of Seattle and Tacoma. It is the common name of the airport, and it is also the name of the city that surrounds the airport.

Airport codes are three letters. The airport code for Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is SEA, and it would be capitalized.