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Jul 16, 2019

Tuesday, July 16, 2019 Jennifer Lee & Victor Galson

I Feel Good.    Ah, the dreaded Circle puzzle.   The letters in the circles are anagrams of feelings.  Sadly, most of the anagrammed feelings shown today are not pleasant ones.

17-Across. "La La Land" Oscar nominee: RYAN GOSLING.  As in ANGRY.

But how can you be angry with Ryan Gosling?

25-Across. Obsolescent coin-op communication device: PAY PHONE.  As in HAPPY.

47-Across. Secondhand rides: USED CARS.  As in SCARED.

55-Across. Eerie stillness: DEAD SILENCE.  As in SAD.

And the unifier:
34-Across. What a bittersweet moment may evoke ... and a hint to each set of circled letters: MIXED FEELINGS.

The above graphic shows regions of the body whose activation is either increased or decreased when feeling the emotion.  The graphic is from a journal article by Lauri Nummenmaa, and can be found in the January 14, 2014 issue of Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.  I'd link the article, but the blog isn't cooperating with links and videos today.


1. Singer LuPone: PATTI.  Patti LuPone (née Patti Ann LuPone; b. Apr. 21, 1949) played the role of Eva Perón in the Broadway production of Evita.  She later played the mother on the television drama Life Goes On.

6. Certain Jamaican, religiously: RASTA.

11. Dol. parts: CTS.  100 Cents makes up 1 Dollar.

14. Get-go: ONSET.

15. Predictable: USUAL.

16. Poke bowl fish: AHI.  Poke bowls are becoming very trendy.  Poke (pronounced "po-kay") means "to cut" or "to slice crosswise" in Hawaiian and is a raw sliced fish dish.  I first had poke when visiting in Hawaii and it was delicious.

19. Gym exercise unit: REP.  As in a Repetition.

20. Beat in a hot dog contest: OUT EAT.  The Annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest was held earlier this month ~ on July 4th.  The winner downed 74 hot dogs and buns in 10 minutes.  Wouldn't you rather slow down and enjoy your food?

21. Farm yield: CROP.
Crop Circles

22. Singer Styles and illusionist Houdini: HARRYs.  I am not familiar with Harry Styles (b. Feb. 1, 1994).
Harry Styles

Harry Houdini

Harry Houdini (né Erik Weisz; Mar. 24, 1874 ~ Oct. 31, 1926) was a well known illusionist.  I learned recently that he had a younger brother who was also a magician and illusionist.  His brother went by the name Theodore Hardeen (né Ferenc Dezső; Mar. 4, 1876 ~ June 12, 1945).

Harry and Theodore

28. Fateful March day: IDES.  Beware the Ides of March.  Actually, each month has an ides, which is the middle of the month.  March is particularly fateful because it is the traditional date that Julius Caesar was killed.

29. Not timely, as a birthday wish: BELATED.

30. African adventure: SAFARI.

Not to be confused with the Web browser.

33. Jazz great Fitzgerald: ELLA.  Elle Jane Fitzgerald (Apr. 25, 1917 ~ June 15, 1996) and I have become good friends.  This is the third time she has made a guest appearance on a day I prepare the blog commentary.

39. "I don't believe you!": LIAR.  See, even feelings can arise when thinking about a liar.

40. Rudely sarcastic: SNARKY.

42. "Dirty" drink: MARTINI.

46. Two of a kind: PAIR.
49. Bites (on): CHOMPS.

51. Eye covers: LIDS.

52. Dr. Seuss' real last name: GEISEL.  We remember Dr. Seuss (né Theodor Seuss Giesel; Mar. 2, 1904 ~ Sept. 24, 1991), as a children's author.  Before he began writing children's literature, however, his early work was much darker, discriminatory and was often censored.

54. Chocolate dog: LAB.

60. Swelled head: EGO.

61. NOW co-founders: WOMEN.  NOW stands for the National Organization for Women.  It was founded in 1966 by 28 women, including Representative Shirley Chisholm (1924 ~ 2005), Betty Friedan (1921 ~ 2006), and Pauli Murray (1910 ~ 1985).

62. Ski run bump: MOGUL.

63. __ screen: medical test for poisons, etc.: TOX.

64. Nonreactive, as gases: INERT.  The inert gasses are on the far right of the Periodic Table.  They include Helium, Neon, Argon, Krypton, Xenon, and Radon.

65. Uppity types: SNOBS.  They probably have swelled heads.


1. Spanish "for": POR.  Today's Spanish lesson.

2. "Pick a card, __ card": ANY.

3. Homeland Security screening org.: TSA.  As in the Transportation Security Administration, which is housed in the United States Department of Homeland Security.

4. Jazz ensemble instrument: TENOR SAX.

5. PC troubleshooter: IT GUY.  As in the Information Technology Guy, more commonly known as the Techie.

6. Trick: RUSE.

7. __ on the wrist: A SLAP.

8. Befitting: SUITABLE.

9. Sun-lover's hue: TAN.

10. "Solve for x" subj.: ALG.  As in Algebra.

11. Snack for Bugs: CARROT.

12. Dream partner: THE ONE.  Cute clue.

13. Drank daintily: SIPPED.

18. Tie-breaking NHL periods: OTs.  As in Over Time periods in the National Hockey League.

21. When doubled, a Latin dance: CHA.  The dance is the Cha-Cha.

22. That dude's: HIS.

23. 2018 Best Supporting Actor Oscar nominee Driver: ADAM.  Adam Driver (b. Nov. 19, 1983) received the Best Supporting Oscar for his role in BlacKKKlansman, in which he played a white undercover police officer who infiltrated the Klan on behalf of his black partner.

24. Int.-lowering mortgage deal: RE-FI.  As in ReFinancing the mortgage.

26. Hollers: YELLS.

27. Like the nose on your face?: PLAIN.

31. Ancient artifact: RELIC.  Ancient Relics may appear where you least expect them.

32. Menzel who voices Elsa in "Frozen": IDINA.  Idina Menzel (b. May 30, 1971) had been in many Broadway musicals.

33. Racket end?: EER.  As in Racketeer.

35. Legitimate target: FAIR GAME.
36. Custard-filled pastry: NAPOLEON.  Yummers!

37. Mass unit: GRAM.

38. Uno card: SKIP.  I can't remember the last time I played Uno, so didn't remember this card.

41. Nos. on wine labels: YRS.  As in the Year of the vintage.

42. Short-in-front, long-in-back men's hairstyle: MULLET.  Definitely NOT the Dream Partner.

43. Crumbly Italian cheese: ASIAGO.

44. Netflix competitor: REDBOX.  Redbox began as a DVD rental service found in malls and grocery stores.  They now offer a streaming service.

45. QB stats: TDs.  A football reference to the Quarter Backs and Touch Downs.

48. Ritual Jewish meal: SEDER.  Here is a brief explanation of the items found on the SEDER plate.  There are at least 5 items on the Seder plate: (1) a Shank Bone; (2) an Egg; (3) Bitter Herbs, also known as mayor; (4) vegetable; and (5) Charoset, a sweet mixture generally made of fruits and nuts.  Many seder plates all include an additional bitter herb.

49. Long-running forensic series: CSI.  Stands for Crime Scene Investigation.  I watched the original show for a few years when it first came on in the early 2000s, but lost interest after a few years.  The show ran for 15 years.

50. Command posts: HELMS.  Hi, Spitzboov!

53. Stevie Wonder's "__ She Lovely": ISN'T.  I'l play the clip for you but the I can't get the video portion to play for me today.

55. Sobriety checkpoint initials: DWI.  As in Driving While Intoxicated.

56. Loooong time: EON.

57. Nonprofit aid gp.: NGO.  As in a Non-Governmental Organization.  A brief history of the NGO.

58. Baby bear: CUB.

59. Raised railroads: ELs.

The El in Chicago.
I hope this puzzle left you feeling Happy.  I known I am happy.

And here's the grid:

I'll leave you with a QOD:  Every once in a while, someone will mail me a single popcorn kernel that didn’t pop.  I’ll get out a fresh kernel, tape it to a piece of paper and mail it back to them. ~  Orville Redenbacher (né Orville Clarence Redenbacher; July 16, 1907 ~ Sept. 19, 1995)


D4E4H said...

Misty FLN at 11:33 PM wrote "Thank you, Lucina and AnonT. I have been applying a heating pad to the arm, but may try a hot/cold technique if things don't get better."

First may I remind you that I was a physical therapist, so we will call the muscles that flex the elbows the biceps, and those that extend the elbow the triceps. The muscle that gives the shoulder it's shape is the deltoid.

Which of these muscles hurts? When you press on the muscle does it hurt worse? If it doesn't hurt worse, your pain may be caused by a problem in the neck referring pain to the shoulder, or arm muscle.

My right tricep can hurt with excruciating pain which my pain medication will not touch. I can achieve complete relief with stretches.

I will give you stretch instructions once the muscle is identified.


D4E4H said...

FIR in 33:20 min.

Terrific Tuesday Cornies.

Thank you Jennifer Lee, and Victor Galson for this enjoyable, HAPPY CW.

Thank you Hahtoolah for your excellent review.


OwenKL said...

A RASTA went on a SAFARI.
In Africa he wanted to party.
The land of his gods
Where his ancestors trod,
It awed him from being so SNARKY!

On C.S.I., they'll take blood to the LAB,
Do a TOX screen to see what he had.
A poisoned linguini?
Whatever it was, it was SAD!

Father was ANGRY, Mother was SCARED,
Junior was HAPPY, he hadn't cared.
He thought the shake
From a small earthquake
Was a fun-house ride the Earth shared!

[This was my attitude toward the earthquakes that happened when I was growing up in Portland, Oregon. They were rare, and never enough to do any damage worse than knocking a plate off the table.]

Lemonade714 said...

Hahtoolah you have presented another overwhelming write-up, chockful of stimulating imagery. All brought about by a newbie pair of constructors making their joint debut. A very fine Tuesday, especially as created as a first major puzzle publication. Hopefully, they will stop by and introduce themselves.

Here is the LINK TO THE MOOD ARTICLE which Susan mentions.

I had never heard of Harry Houdini's brother Ferenc Dezső Weisz but learning about him brought to mind the real name of our favorite movie vampire Bela Ferenc Dezső Blaskó (20 October 1882 – 16 August 1956), better known as Bela Lugosi. There is always more to learn.

It was also nice to see the reference to IDINA MENZEL who wowed us with her performance in WICKED on Broadway.

I also learned today that REDBOX is doing streaming.

Welcome Jennifer and Victor and thank you H.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Had the circles and figured 'em out, even though I failed to read the full reveal clue. Again. [Sigh] Interesting pairing with MULLET and HARRY STYLES. Another with SNARKY and LIAR; evoked him immediately. Nice debut, Jennifer and Victor. Hahtoolah, I enjoyed the tour. Are you supposed to eat everything on the SEDER plate?

ADAM: No idea. The only "Driver" actor I know is Minnie.

SKIP: To paraphrase Hahtoolah, I can't remember that I've ever played Uno, so didn't remember this card.

CHOMPS: Chomping on almonds resulted in a popped crown on Sunday. I'm going to the dentist tomorrow to get it glued back on.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR with no erasures, but had to wait for noble/INERT and MOGUL/MOGaL.

My favorite IT GUY is Mordac.

ISN'T She Lovely. Inspired by Ain't She Sweet? Tell us Ol' Blue Eyes.

A highly-placed source speaking on the condition of anonymity told this humble reporter that Adam Driver's first son wasn't referred to as Junior, he was called Mini Driver.

Thanks to Jennifer and Victor for the fun puzzle. Welcome aboard. And thanks to Hahtoolah for the fun review.

kazie said...

I didn't know Dr. Seuss's last name was Geisel, but if I'd had that name I'd have dropped it too: it means "hostage" in German. I never liked his books for our kids because they had too many made up words that I thought would bring on silly baby talk. My schtick, I guess.

On a private note, our younger son (who nevertheless will be 40 next month) was married in June, and I'll send C.C. a couple of the non professional shots for you all in case you're interested. This means we have doubled our granddaughters now to four lovely little girls.

inanehiker said...

This puzzle went fairly smoothly once I changed MIXED EMOTIONS to MIXED FEELINGS.

ADAM Driver is probably best known as Kylo Ren the son of Princess Leia and Han Solo in the more recent Star Wars movies. But he did a great job in BlackKKlansman- a compelling rendition based on a true story- the black officer (first one in the Colorado Springs PD) who infiltrated the KKK by phone while ADAM played his Jewish partner in the undercover division who went to the in-person meet ups. He didn't even publish his book on the story until 2014 because he wanted to protect those involved from repercussions.

Thanks Hatoolah - you made up for the inability to put links and video with lots of pics!
And thanks to the constructors for a fun puzzle!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jennifer Lee & Victor Galson, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Hahtoolah, for a fine review.

Cruciverb worked again. Saints preserve us!

Puzzle went along just fine. Theme surfaced and all the circled letters made sense immediately.

There are still a few PAY PHONES around. Airports, bus stations, etc. In the industry, we called them PAY STATIONS.

Did not know MULLET. Six perps and I had it.

IDINA was also not known. Perps

Supposed to be hot agin today. I have lots to do inside and out. We will see how the out goes.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Hahtoolah, your QOD if a hoot!

Nice puzzle today; no searches needed and no writeovers. Even tackled the MIXED FEELINGS circles although I normally don't have patience for anagrams. Got them all except S C A R E D.
HELMS - Grated on me a little because on a ship the command post would be the bridge. But I have seen its usage in a business context and I believe the WSJ uses that expression among others.
Learned today that GEISEL means hostage. Die Geisel - feminine gender. Never heard my parents or their friends use that word.

Yellowrocks said...

I'm still in my 'happy place" since my vacation.
I liked this puzzle and Susan's always interesting write-up.
I, too, pictured a chocolate dog looking like a chocolate bunny.
DO, hand up for Minnie being the only Driver I know. IDINA was new to me. I don't pay much attention to names that are not in the news.
YRS? You mean there are others beside me?
Among my acquaintances is a woman who wears a mullet.
I love Dr. Seuss books, as did my sons, grandson and students. They never imitated the silly words, they just laughed at them. I can't count how many times I read Green Eggs and Ham to my grandson. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish is one of the first books kids can read on their own and is much more delightful than Dick and Jane.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Jennifer and Victor (congrats on your debut), and Hahtoolah.
Easy-peasy today; I filled this CW quickly saw the MIXED emotions (oh, FEELINGS) (hello inanehiker!) even before the reveal. Only inkblots were Erg before REP, and Ain't before ISN'T. I saw that Saxophone was not going to fit; TENOR SAX perped.

I smiled to see Canadian RYAN GOSLING. I have mentioned previously the social media frenzy when he and Eva Mendes showed up at Brock University for his mother's graduation ceremony in 2012.

Nice to hear from you Kazie. Congrats on the family expansion.
LOL, YR, re YRS!

Wishing you all a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I caught on to the theme after filling in (and deciphering) Angry, then Happy, so, when I got to the revealer, I confidently typed in Mixed Emotions (Hi, inanehiker). I made that same leap-before-you-look error yesterday, also, with Cold Spell before Cold Front. Anyway, perps corrected me and I breezed through with no w/os and no unknowns. Enjoyed seeing Ryan Gosling, star of "La La Land", which I enjoyed far more than I thought I would. The circles didn't bother me because it's an early week practice for newbies.

Thank you, Jennifer and Victor, for an impressive debut and thank you, Hatoolah, for one of the most colorful, charming, and ambitious reviews ever! I can't imagine the time and effort it took to find just the right visuals, but you certainly succeeded, in spades. The safari photo with the giraffes reminded me of Sunday's baby shower which had an animal theme. (Themed baby showers are new to me, but so are a lot of other current trends like Gender Reveal Parties. Oh well, my age is showing, I guess.) Anyway, one of the gifts was a 6-7 foot stuffed giraffe.

Kazie, don't be such a stranger.

Ages ago, I mentioned how much I enjoyed the novel, "The Art of Racing in the Rain" and I think some fellow Cornerites liked it, also. Well, I just learned there is a movie based on it coming out sometime this summer. Milo Ventimiglia, Jack from "This Is Us" plays the lead, with Amanda Seyfried as his wife. It's from the same studio as "Marley and Me." Good news for all the dog lovers everywhere!


Misty, I wasn't aware of your shoulder/arm problem until I read some of the comments. I don't know how I missed it, but I join the others in hoping you find some relief soon.

Dave, I'm happy to hear of your family "reunion." That must have been very meaningful to all involved.

Have a great day.

Alice said...

Great write-up, Hahtoolah. The only thing you forgot is a QOD. ☺️

oc4beach said...

Welcome aboard, Jennifer and Victor. I hope we see more of your puzzle creations in the future. As others have said, Hahtoolah provided a great write-up.

I used the Mensa site, so there were no circles. Therefore I didn't get the theme, but that didn't stop me from filling in all of the squares.

About the only stumbling blocks I had were two of the proper names, IDINA and GEISEL. I knew all of the others. Perps filled in the unknowns.

DO: I'm in the same boat as you are. I chipped a front tooth while eating some Bing Cherries over the weekend. I already had a dentist appointment scheduled for tomorrow for my 6 month cleaning. Hopefully he'll be able to fix it tomorrow or at least schedule a reconstructive appointment soon. I keep cutting my tongue on the rough edge.

Rain predicted for later this afternoon, so, DW and I are going to go to Jersey Mikes for a sub for lunch. We'll have leftovers for supper instead of lunch.

It's National Ice Cream day, so everyone should enjoy some. Have a great day everyone.

Lucina said...


Many thanks, Jennifer Lee and Victor Galson! No MIXED FEELINGS about this puzzle. It was fun and the emotions were easy to unscramble.

PAY PHONE. I haven't seen one for YRS (LOL, YR) though they were ubiquitous in my youth. When we went anywhere we first made sure we had enough coins in case we needed to call home. How times have changed!

One bad cell because I misspelled IDINA as IDENA and never saw LIAR.

How nice to hear from you. Congratulations on the addition to your family. I look forward to the pictures.

My granddaughter is still in labor. Hopefully the baby will be born sometime today.

Thank you, Hahtoolah, for the commentary and interesting illustrations!

Have a HAPPY day, everyone!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Enjoyed your puzzle, Jennifer & Victor. Such masterpieces you produce, thanks, Hahtoolah!

No circles. SAD was the only theme mood I deciphered. Didn't try long enough.

The IDES of July was very SAD at my house. Starting at midnight, MENSA didn't have the Monday puzzle and I couldn't get into any of the other puzzle sites. When I came back later in the morning, I had no internet or anything else on my computer the rest of the day. Everything was fine at 9 p.m. but couldn't get the puzzle for either Monday or Tues. at midnight. Just got Tues. CW an hour ago. In addition my yardmen didn't show up as expected and my son failed to call me last night as promised by text. Also learned that my wheat isn't cut yet -- in my history with farming, wheat harvest has always been done by July 4. Aaargh!

Tried "F" & "W" before GEISEL. Loved Dr. Seuss. Taught two of my 3-yr-olds to read using his books. Such fun with language!

AnonymousPVX said...

This Tuesday puzzle was a nice grid. Welcome to the new constructors.

No markovers today....although I had to stop myself from filling in EMOTIONS before FEELINGS....I guess I’m learning.

From yesterday...

Boeing can not eliminate MCAS would be an admission of total liability and it would also cancel the despicable approach Boeing has made about African pilots not being fully capable of flying the apparently untested software.

I don’t like pain meds and will do just about anything to avoid them, at least for “everyday” pain. I have a great book, “Stretching” by Bob Anderson, that I use to find stretches to help me. But as was stated, you have to know which muscle/muscles to stretch.

On to Wednesday.

Yellowrocks said...

Misty, I can sympathize with your shoulder pain. I hope it is soon relieved.
Just back from the ortho myself. Several years ago I tore my rotator cuff which led to a biceps tendon detachment and a popeye. After some weeks of PT I returned to full function and no pain. Three weeks ago I tore the rotator cuff again and then strained the biceps. Now both of them ache, along with the loss of strength and flexibility. The doctor recommended heat in the morning and ice before bed. I am cleared for exercise and will have to try to find the ones I used before. I went to the doc because I needed reassurance that the other biceps attachment to the shoulder will hold if I exercise. I do use Ibuprofen, but very moderately. I usually heal quickly and well. My pain tolerance is quite high with a "This, too will pass" attitude.
We are expecting near 100° temps on Friday and Saturday. The early part of this week is comfortable.
DO, I hope you found your popped crown. Alan lost his and it was very expensive to replace. Oc4, good luck with your chipped tooth.
PK, I hope things will be looking up soon. I am rooting for you. I admire your strength.

Wilbur Charles said...

"They're not as attractive as I've been led to believe". Christopher Columbus upon seeing manatees (mermaids) for the first time.(from today's TBTimes)

BillG @12:13 am and the FLN crew. Great stuff, I'll have to check WKRP if it's on rerun. And LEM*, I saw 3rd base coach and Del but I had to look up Baker. And finally, Jinx- I had that same thought: what exactly is the difference (DB and BB). Technology?

Between the wine and the gin**, this AA guy got held up. FIR sans diff. Let's look at the write-up.

Dr Seuss certainly didn't evoke the horror of Disney with Bambi, Snow White etc having children violently separated from parents.

Among the kudos for Hahtoolah's write-up I most identify with IM.


*See today's J
** Playboy postulated that high proof gin and vermouth produced wormwood a highly brain toxic substance. I believe it.

Lemonade714 said...

How nice to see Kazie, an original here at the Corner. We look forward to more grandchildren pictures.

Alice at 10:38, the QOD is below the grid.

Lucina said...

How SAD for you! I'm sorry for the woeful events that have befallen you and hope that things improve and quickly. Your good cheer in spite of difficulties is inspiring.

Misty said...

Thank you, Dave, Irish Miss, and Yellowrocks for your kind words about my shoulder problem. Dave, I have no pain at all touching my shoulder--it hurts only when I lift my arm. Yesterday that was so bad, I felt like I couldn't lift my arm at all, but after applying a heating pad on and off all day, it feels better this morning. I would appreciate your stretching advice, if you think that might help.

Yellowrocks said...

As a waitress who served alcohol in several establishments, I was never asked for a dirty martini, made with a slug of olive juice and garnished with olives. Many customers liked an extra dry martini with just a mere kiss of dry vermouth. This led my thoughts to dry Manhattans. As an innocent country-bred 19 year old gal, I gave the hotel barkeeper my customer’s order for a Manhattan and said, “make sure it’s just right.” He laughed at me and asked if that was a PERFECT MANHATTAN. I blushed. Duh! A regular Manhattan uses sweet vermouth, a dry Manhattan uses dry vermouth, and a perfect Manhattan uses both. I soon learned.
Another thing I learned as a neophyte young waitress: An experienced waitress offered to help me, and then at the end of the shift made me split my tips with her. I learned to say, "No thank you! I can handle it myself.”
Ah, youth!

Tinbeni said...

Hahtoolah: Outstanding write-up & links.

Gotta like a puzzle that has a MARTINI in the solve.
(Y'all know how I rate puzzles, LOL)

A "Toast-to-ALL" at Sunset.


jfromvt said...

Nice Tuesday puzzle. Wish I was the skier in the MOGUL picture. I mostly like the groomed trails, but steep. For now, enjoying this great summer weather.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Enjoyable pzl today!
Didn't catch the mood theme until later, but hey, what the--?!

I had the privilege of seeing PATTI Lupone as Evita on B'Way. I do not always care for musical theater, but she was magnificent. I remember coming away from her performance and writing a lecture for my students on the "Art of Transformation," of lifting an audience with you into a different dimension, another plane (no, not PLAIN).
She fit perfectly into my ideal of theater as the "church without dogma"

Misty ~ Glad you are getting help. It looks like you'll get good advice from Dave (D4E4H). I can only sympathize, but if I might add one suggestion from experience, I find a full body soak in a hot tub will often give me that many minutes of relief. If you have pain even when you aren't trying to lift your arm, the soaking may give you a break, even though it's not a cure.
A single diagonal on the mirror side (NE to SW).
It provides an interesting anagram, one that requires a bit of judicial background:
The new judge was expected to handle all the minor crimes in her jurisdiction, all the small time shoplifting misdeeds and petty scams that had accumulated in the month before her appointment was confirmed.
When the job came through at last, she was told she would have to pay for her own robes and even chip in to tip the bailiff if she wanted him to yell “All rise” as she entered the court.
To add insult to injury, when she finally climbed the steps to her place, she saw there wasn’t even a chair for her to sit.
“What the hell!” she cried in exasperation, “Gimme a break! What in blazes is this…

PK said...

YR & Lucina: Thank you for the kind sympathy. Really needed that this week.

Yellowrocks said...

D4E4H, the repeated assaults on my rotator cuff have resulted in humeral head migration as seen by X Ray. Scapular and rotator cuff strengthening exercises are recommended. I was fearing my biceps attachment failing, but I fear dislocation of the shoulder joint more. Could you please recommend exercises. If the pain is transient, I will be happy just to minimize further damage. I am very patient. Time for an ice pack.

Husker Gary said...

-¬No circle dread at this post as I enjoyed this puzzle
-I see Driving While Distracted everyday

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle by Jennifer Lee and Victor Galson, and the write-up by Hahtoolah. I also have have been enjoying and learning from everyone's comments.

Misty said...

I just realized I never commented on today's delightful puzzle, and the wonderful commentary with lovely pictures and notes by our talented Hahtoolah! Thank you, Jennifer and Victor, for a great treat. I found all the clues reasonable and helpful throughout, off to a good start with PATTI and RASTA. The circles had me puzzled until I got to the solution in the middle and then all those ANGRY, HAPPY, SCARED, AND SAD feelings popped right out at me, as did those SNARKY SNOBS. Nice to see Bugs Bunny and his CARROT in the puzzle, along with Hahtoolah's cute illustration. Made for a fun Tuesday morning.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Congrats on the debut Jennifer & Victor and thanks for the fun puzzle. Wonderful expo Hahtoolah - I've only explored the RELICS link but that alone was worth the price of admission (oh, and the QOD was cute too).

WO: wrong PLAne
ESPs: IDINA, PATTI, needed perps OSLING before knowing 17a, ADAM
Fav: c/a at THE ONE

Cute that we had BELATED today after all the Belated wishes to C, Eh! on Sunday.

{B, B+, A-}
Quite the DR story, OMK :-)

Nice to see you Kazie. Congrats on doubling the Grands.

Sorry for you to hear the SAD report PK. When will they cut the wheat?

Has anyone kept up with newer Superman movies? With the lack of PAY PHONE's booths, what does Clark change in?

I loved all the Dr. Seuss books except Hop on Pop - the Girls took that literally. :-)

Cheers, -T

OwenKL said...

Mashed Potatoes

Bill G said...

Hi everybody. I just stopped by to see Freddie, my homeless friend. He usually gets up and comes over to my car but today he just lay there. He showed me his legs were painfully red and swollen between his knee and his ankles. He had gone to the closest hospital but they wouldn't deal with him because he doesn't have any money. They referred him to the county hospital. I gave him some extra money but didn't know what else to do. Good luck Freddie!

Anonymous said...

Bill, couldn't you have transported Freddie to a hospital which could not have denied him treatment?

PK said...

Anonymous at 9:44: I disagree with your suggestion to have BillG. invite a homeless person into his private vehicle. If Freddie is like some other homeless people, his hygiene & illness might be a health risk to BillG. If Freddie has mental health problems, he might misunderstand and physically harm or rob BillG. Better to leave the matter to people who are trained & paid to deal with those unfortunates. You are a good & compassionate man, BillG.

Michael said...

PK @ 11:54 .... "Better to leave the matter to people who are trained & paid to deal with those unfortunates."

And who have backup in case the balloon goes up.

Lucina said...

Well, my friends, my great-grandson finally arrived but not without drama and trauma. He is healthy and adorable, weighing 9 lbs 10oz, 23 inches long, which caused his mother pain and suffering. She finally had to have a C-section and all was well for a while but then she began bleeding internally and required a blood transfusion. It took a long while until they found the source of the bleeding, staunched it and hopefully it won't continue.
We were all on pins and needles for many hours until at the end of the day the doctor came in to explain all that happened, the procedures they did and his anticipation of a good outcome. God willing! He also advised that if she decided to have more children she would have the same problems.

Bill G said...

Lucina, congratulations and best wishes!