Jul 26, 2019

Friday, July 26, 2019, Joe Schewe

Title: There is no "I" in "team" or this theme.

Joe is back for his fifth LAT publication, his first Friday and second 2019 publication. The concept is simple - remove the letter "I" from the first word of a two word in the language phrase and then clue the result for maximum humor. The icing on the Friday cake is the puzzle has both the puns created by removing the letter and a punderful reveal - 63A. Minimal red-removing amount ... and a phonetic hint to four long answers: ONE EYE DROP (10). So you drop one "I" to get the theme. The puzzle is a bit of an homage to our dear editor, who penned this Sunday Puzzle back in 2000.

There is some fun fill such as AMHERST, CISTERN, ELECTEE, MANATEE, OPEN-AIR, RENT OUT, SO AND SO, SOCKETS, TEENAGE, and UNDERGO. Nothing else new to the puzzle world, so let's get on with it. (BTW this is my Friday, we do every other- Lemonade).

17A. Airline category for hombres?: SEÑOR CLASS (10). The "I" disappears from the Senior Class which airlines still mention but no longer discount.

25A. Run in prison?: CON OPERATED (11). Here the I in "COIN" leaves.

37A. Sculptor, at times?: NOSE MAKER (9). This missing I made for the most amusing fill for me. Noise to Nose - very cute.

53A. VIP at royal banquets?: CHEF OF STATE (11).

And since I already gave the reveal, on to the rest.


1. Promotional giveaways: COMPSCOMPlimentaryS. Freebies.

6. Hard-to-sell wheels: HEAP. I believe it signifies a car ready for the scrap HEAP.

10. Muscles in a flex-off: PECS. Pectorals - chests.

14. Illusory pictures: OP-ART. Optical.

15. __ rug: AREA.

16. Mélange: OLIO. A favorite C.C. word.

19. Colorado's __ Verde National Park: MESA. Go see it. The LINK.

20. It's as low as it gets: NADIR. Apogee is the highest point.

21. Handy bag: TOTE.

23. USPS delivery: CTN. An abbreviation for a carton.

24. Fast no more: EAT.

28. Battle (for): VIE.  Old French: to challenge, provoke from the Latin invītāre to entertain, invite.

29. Menlo Park, N.J., notable: TAEThomas Alva Edison.
30. Surgical tools: LASERS. I had YAG laser capsulotomy after my cataract surgery.

31. Bellicose god: ARES.  Clearly not an airhead. MYTHOLOGY

33. "__ the night before ... ": TWAS. And all through the blog...

36. Gregg user: STENO. Gregg is a system of shorthand used by many secretaries including all of the ones I employed when I practiced law.  Or a stenographer is a person who makes a written verbatim record using a unique shortened writing style called “steno” on a steno machine.

40. Old Nick: SATAN. Yes, the coach of Alabama football.

43. Massachusetts Bay city: LYNN. Was this a Natick for you?

44. "Little we see in Nature that is __": Wordsworth: OURS.

48. Code of silence: OMERTA. Sicilian.

50. Freight weight: TON.

52. Born, in Bordeaux: NEE. Just French that used universally for the birth name of a woman.

56. Chain letters?: DNA. Cute clue; it has been a while since I received a chain letter, though I see many attempts on Facebook.

57. Author Kesey: KEN. And LSD pioneer. He is most famous for ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO'S NEST. It reminds me of orange sunshine and purple owsleys.

58. Piece of farm equipment: PLOW?

59. Limited message: TWEET. Nope, I am not falling into that trap.

61. Historic periods: ERAS.

66. USAF NCO: TSGT. "TSgt" in informal parlance, is the sixth enlisted rank (pay grade E-6) in the U.S. Air Force, just above staff sergeant and below master sergeant.

67. Gray's subj.: ANATomy.

68. Uninterrupted movement: SEGUE. Seg-way in its Italian root form.

69. Bit of choreography: STEP.

70. Youngster: TYKE. Etymology: 14th Century: from Old Norse tīk meaning bitch. What?

71. Govt. security: T-NOTE.


1. NYSE listings: COS. Companies.

2. Like outdoor theaters: OPEN AIR.

3. Dugong relative: MANATEE. Both manatees and dugongs, nicknamed "sea cows", are slow-moving herbivorous (mostly) marine mammals that belong to the Sirenian animal order.

4. Encourage: PROD. That is harsh. Probably a parent who is...

5. Rigid: STRICT.

6. Actor Holbrook: HAL. A wonderful actor who is famous for his portrayal of Mark Twain who is still with us as a 94-year-old.

7. Sister of Euterpe: ERATO. The Nine Muses were: Clio, Euterpe, Thalia, Melpomeni, Terpsichore, Erato, Polymnia, Ourania, and Calliope. The word museum also comes from the Greek Muses.

8. Writer with lessons: AESOP. A fabulous answer.

9. Soft shade: PASTEL.

10. Little dog: POMeranian.

11. Winner at the polls: ELECTEE. I do hate the EE words.

12. Water storage tank: CISTERN. A fun word.

13. Blankety-blank type: SO AND SO. A wonderful fill, usually dirty so and so.

18. Certain Slavs: CROATS.

22. Clear: ERASE.

24. Girl rescued by Uncle Tom: EVAUncle Tom's Cabin

26. Staircase post: NEWEL.

27. Member of MLB's 2017 champions: ASTRO. Watch the series.

32. 24-Across greedily: SNARF. An odd word. They suggest it either comes from the sound one makes eating quickly, or from its cousin scarf and snack combined.

34. Acker of "The Gifted": AMYLINK.

35. Nick working at night?: SANTA. A little Nickolodeon reference.

38. Good way to go out: ON TOP.

39. __ pine: KNOTTY. My childhood bedroom was knotty pine panels.

40. Light bulb holders: SOCKETS.

41. UMass town whose third letter isn't pronounced: AMHERST. I know many who say the "H" but they are wrong.

42. Like many new drivers: TEENAGE.

45. Experience: UNDERGO.

46. Charge to occupy: RENT OUT.

47. Red or Black: SEA.

49. Financially sound: AFLOAT.

51. Having collected the least dust: NEWEST. Meh.

54. Corleone brother: SONNY.

55. Fine-tune: TWEAK. Miley Cyrus?

60. Fall locale: EDEN. Wonderful misdirection, fall from grace the garden of Eden.

62. Indy letters: STP.

64. Automne follows it: ETE. En Francais.

65. Protest leader?: PEE. Urine charge of this clue CED.

I hope you all enjoyed your morning Joe. I did and maybe Joe will stop by and say hello and tell us a story. See you all in August. Lemonade out.


OwenKL said...

Jackson Pollock was an artist, famous for his drips.
He'd TOTE a HEAP of paint cans, then he'd trip.
Every painting he was clumsy,
But they sold for lots of money!
He was a real master of OOP ART with his slips!

Once SANTA came to SATAN, he was in a snit.
He said there is confusion since we both use NICK!
Just my adding "saint"
Hasn't solved my complaint!
I demand you change, and only answer to OLD NICK!

OwenKL said...

{B+, B+.}

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. I got quite a kick out of today's theme. I immediately got the SEÑOR CLASS. At first I thought it might be a "sounds-like" puzzle. It wasn't until until the unifier appeared that I realized that an I was DROPped from each theme answer.

I liked the crossing of T'WAS and SANTA. I interpreted the clue as meaning that Santa makes his rounds at night, not the television station.

Fun to see Old Nick appear a few clues later. Since you referenced Nick Saban, I must relate what recently happened to me. I was at a conference last week and was wearing a houndstooth dress. A woman came up to me and said "Roll Tide!" It never occurred to me that houndstooth was associated with Alabama, but she said it was because Bear Bryant's always wore a houndstooth hat. I'll never be able to wear that dress again!

I learned that to Eat Greedily is not to Scarf, but too SNARF.

I needed the most of the perps for the MANATEE to appear. I am not familiar with Dugong.

QOD: Growing old is a bad habit which a busy man has no time to form. ~ André Maurois (né Émile Salomon Wilhelm Herzog; July 26, 1885 ~ Oct. 9, 1967)

Big Easy said...

Good Morning. The ONE EYEDROP was obvious at the first theme answer-SENOR CLASS. It was very easy for a Friday puzzle with OURS being an easy WAG and the unknown AMY Acker crossing LYNN and completed by perps.

One small complaint. Being AFLOAT usually describes barely scraping by as a business. AFFLUENT denotes being afloat many times over.

Hahtoolah- I don't know where people SNARF down food (other than crossword puzzles), but I've seen a lot of people to SCARF oysters down. I wouldn't worry about the dress; just don't get a hat like Bear to go with it.

Time for this SO AND SO to go. Adios.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Needed a modicum of Wite-Out on this one, changing URGE to PROD, but the rest of my grid is clean. IIRC, "melange" was the name of the "spice" in Frank Herbert's Dune novels. I, too, wanted SCARF, but COSE MAKER wasn't making sense. I think Joe must be a New Englander with AMHERST (Who knew about that silent H?) and LYNN. I've mentioned before that I went to H.S. with a girl named SCHEWE -- she pronounced it Shay-Vee, I wonder if Joe does. Thanx for the tour, Lemon. (I saw what you did with that "fabulous" comment.)

MESA Verde: DW and I visited there on our 4-corners trip. Also Canyon de Chelly (pronounced Shay.)

Hahtoolah, funny story about the houndstooth dress.

Anonymous said...

Quite a rough comment re SATAN, eh? And I'm a Notre Dame fan. Did you think it said Saban, or are you that big of an Auburn fan?

Speaking of offensive, how about PLOW, ON TOP and PEE?

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Some entertaining fill as Lemon said. I caught the dropped 'I' early and it helped speed up the solve. Only ERASE was I had t-bond before TNOTE. Favorite was DNA for chain letters. FIR. Fun Friday.
PLOW - British 'plough'.

Have a great day.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

The theme was obvious early on, but the revealer still elicited a satisfying Aha! I finished in sub-Friday time but still needed lots of perps: Manatee, Mesa, Amy, Ete, and Ours. Automne had me bewildered even after filling in Ete; it's just a very odd looking word. Amherst was a gimme and I learned the correct pronunciation years ago. I liked the Ares~Eras and Satan~Santa duos. CSO to our dear Argyle. Also a CSO to CC at Olio and to DO and Anon T at Astro. My favorite C/A was Fall locale=Eden.

Thanks, Joe, for a fun Friday solve and thanks, Lemony, for your steady and substantive guidance.

Spitz, was the Knotty Pine Tavern on 15th Street popular when you were at RPI? We used to go there for pizza. Coincidentally, I passed by it yesterday.

I saw Hal Holbrook's portrayal of Mark Twain several years ago at the Naples (FL) Philharmonic. He was excellent but the sound system was far from perfect and, therefore, dampened portions of his monologue.

Misty, good luck with the physical therapy. Sometimes, PT works wonders.

Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh yes the 'ol Knotty Pine Tavern. Brings back memories. But, of course, I'm so old that when I was younger it was called the Notty Pine Tavern.

Spitzboov said...

Irish M - I had to check the map because it was 60 years ago, but yes, we would go there for Pizza. The web site spells it 'Notty'. Thank for stirring a long ago memory.

Yellowrocks said...

Wow, Wednesday-like because I saw the theme with the first long fill. I loved the way the reveal expressed it.
L-NN reminded me that I had passed a sign for LYNN on the highway while driving in MA. AMY and KEN filled themselves.
I am financially solvent, but not affluent.
Favorite was fall locale=Eden, a gimme.
SCARF before SNARF, I have heard both used.
"Chocolate is so wonderful that sometimes you can’t help but snarf the nearest bar without savoring it." Washington Post Feb 9, 2015
PROD for encourage does not need to be harsh. "Teachers prodded the district to develop a similar test for those kids to capitalize on an expertise they already possessed." Seattle Times May 28, 2019. Sometimes I had to prod my kids to finish dressing quickly to make it to school on time.
Hahtoolah, funny story about the dress. Like Big Easy, I say wear the dress, regardless.
I attended a talk by a history reenactor who gave an excellent, humorous talk as Mark Twain and even answered questions from the audience while staying in character. Marvelous.

CartBoy said...

⭐️⭐️ Grabbed a toe-hold in the NE and zoomed around clockwise from there. Nice Friday puzzle. Not being a history buff (makes xwords even harder), in the learn something new every day category, I always assumed TAE's Menlo Park was (CA), not (NJ), since Silicon Valley, CA was/is the genesis of American technology creation/development. I will be humble until Happy Hour today. 🍷

Irish Miss said...

Anonymous @ 8:31 and Spitz @ 8:37 ~ Yes, Notty is correct. Thanks.

JAMUB78 said...

So 'Misty eyed red' over this puzzle I needed a drop for relief!

Lucina said...


Thank you, Joe Schewe and Lemonade!

Fun times today and I caught the theme! Interesting citation of SANTA and SATAN as Nick! I, too, thought of Argyle.

Had to ERASE sconces to SOCKETS when KEN Kesey appeared. TOY/POM and SCARF/SNARF also.

I have to cut this short to go for a haircut. I'll check back later.

Have a magnificent day, everyone!

Lemonade714 said...

Nice implied pun Lucy - cutting it short to have your hair cut short.

Husker Gary said...

-Oh so clever! Thanks Joe and Lemon!
-Text sellers COMP teachers (potential customers) with TOTE bags
-Neil and Buzz left a device on the Moon that still reflects LASER light back to Earth everyday
-In Goodfellas, Henry Hill ducks jail by violating the code of OMERTA
-Many a PLOW has not been out of the barn for years on today’s no-till farms
-Did anyone else have a DRIVE IN for many an outdoor theater?
-Seinfeld went out ON TOP with 74 million viewers
-Broadway producers sometime need “angels” to keep their shows AFLOAT

CrossEyedDave said...

Lemonade714 said:

65. Protest leader?: PEE. Urine charge of this clue CED.


Why do I always get these Link requests?

I protest!

Misty said...

I loved this Friday puzzle--many thanks, Joe. I got most of it before I had to cheat a little and before I got the theme, but there were so many fun clues and answers, as has been pointed out. My favorite was AESOP for the "writer with lessons." The double 'Nick' SANTA and SATAN cracked me up too. I did have a little problem insisting on SCARF--just don't remember ever hearing SNARF. Anyway, lots of fun, and many thanks for the always illuminating comments, Lemonade.

Owen, I really enjoyed your Santa poem.

Hope you get some relief, Jam.

Thanks, Irish Miss--I'll let you know how thinks went after my first therapy on Monday.

Have a good weekend coming up, everybody.

Lemonade714 said...

Dave, you get those requests because you are the king of locating the perfect link. You proved it once again.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Friday effort was tricky.

Markovers....ABET/PROD, FREDO/SONNY. Not so bad.

Was I the only one who noticed the multiple EE pairings? I counted 7.

See you tomorrow.

Tinbeni said...

Lemon: Nice, informative write-up.

Yup! LYNN was a "Natick" for me. All Perps.


Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIW. My dust mop dog was a Pek. I ScARFed my food. And my Slav was a CROATE, UNTIE and next time pay attention to the number of the clue!

Today I saw a man plowing his field with a mule-pulled plow. A boy was riding on the mule's back. Very Americana.

DO, I also thought of Dune at 16a.

Lemony and CED, I hope you guys don't get into a pissin' contest about who should come up these types of clarifying clue links.

Thanks to Joe for the fun challenge. And thanks to Lemony for another great tour.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Louie & Nacho won a lot of fans yesterday. That prompts me to share a favorite photo, taken shortly after Louie joined our household menagerie. He was terribly shaggy, so we had the groomer give him a trim. Then we turned him loose in our large backyard to explore and claim some turf for himself.
He seemed unfamiliar with "flora," and I took this photo when he first encountered a flower across his path.
Our local website used this picture of LOUIE to greet newcomers.

Misty ~ The therapy may be just the ticket. I'm a great believer in PT after being taught exercises that effectively relieved some internal pains I was experiencing. We don't generally recognize how our muscles and internal organs can start pressing or slipping in wrong directions as we age.

Owen ~ I got a kick out of both stanzas. Thank you!
One diagonal on the near side.
I think its anagram refers to the latest style of civility in Washington D.C. Somehow I can't help but read it as ironic, as it refers to the...
(Sarcasm, anybody?)

Picard said...

Can someone please explain why SATAN is Old Nick? I never heard this before.

We were just in Detroit on our way back from the Toronto area for my work. We visited the MENLO PARK laboratory of TAE at The Ford Museum.

Here is Edison's MENLO PARK, NJ laboratory which is now in Detroit

Edison's friend Henry Ford didn't just collect artifacts. He collected entire buildings!

Here I was at MESA VERDE with my family back in the 1970s.

Back then you could climb all around the ancient structures. Not sure if that is still allowed.

Lemonade714 said...

PVX, I made a couple of tangential comments about the EE presence in the puzzle. I put up a new grid but see only 6 EE combinations. HELP!

Ol' Man Keith said...

I found another anagram (see my post above) that puts me in mind of Ricardo Rosselló's newest problem.
In resigning as governor of Puerto Rico, he is in the curious position of having to recommend his own successor. All of a sudden, after being hated and reviled by thousands in the streets of San Juan, he now finds a line of associates queuing up to be his...

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Almost, but not quite, very much unlike tea... I wouldn't give up on ScARF until Googling AMY.

Thanks Joe for the Fun Friday Fail. I really enjoyed the cluing and the theme. Thanks Lem for the sparkly expo, esp the '17 'Stros taking it all. The ASTROs' theme this year is "Take it Back," (at least that's what printed on my ticket stub from Tuesday night's loss to the A's).

WO: SANTA in SATAN's spot
Fav: I'll go with ASTRO again.

{A, B+}
Let's hope it's not the NEW normal... #2 is apt :-)

FLN - WC: I did not know that re: 8 EYEs.

CartBoy - You made me look it up. First, TAE named Menlo Park, NJ after the town in CA and 2) I knew there was a connection between Edison & Hollywood but forgot the Why.

CED - I nearly PEE'd my pants! LOL.

Hahtoolah - I didn't know that about Alabama and houndstooth; I'll warn DW b/f we go to OU :-)
BTW, I was in the elevator yesterday with someone I know and someone I didn't. I was bemoaning to my "friend" that Eldest had left for school... She (friend) asked where and I said OU. The un-known quickly became"friend" when she shouted, "BOOMER!".
//Of course, I replied, "SOONER!"

Have a great afternoon!

Cheers, -T

Anonymous said...

I also don't get the Old Nick/SATAN connection. Is this an insider Christian thing? Explanation?

Wilbur Charles said...

Lynn, Lynn the City of Sin
You ask for water, but they give you gin
The girls say no, yet they always give in

If you're not bad, they won’t let you in
It’s the damndest city I’ve ever lived in

Lynn, Lynn the city of sin
You never come out, the way you came in.

Not original

Wilbur Charles said...

Natick, Natick the city of Doug
Ask him to sign he'll give you a hug

He threw the Hail Mary, gave it the name
And beat the damn Irish of ol' Notre Dame



desper-otto said...

Picard and Anon@2:25, the dictionary says "Old Nick" = Satan, Beelzebub, the devil, etc. and such usage dates back to about 1643.

Irish Miss said...

Keith @ 1:37 ~ How could anyone not fall in love with your little Louie? He is precious.

Wilbur @ @ 2:30 ~ Your mild expletive could have been replaced with Fightin'. Just my 2¢. ☘ 😈

Anonymous T said...

D-O: Sure there's not a closer coNICKtion? :-) -T

Wilbur Charles said...

TSGT would be E-7, just above Staff Sgt
I'm sure someone gave the ERATO CSO to Owen
I had SCARF(Too?)

Must be the locals that drop the H, I've only heard it pronounced AM-HURST

I was trying to remember the third brother, Frodo or something. PVX had it , Fredo

Yep, EDEN was a good one

Btw, that's Nick Saban. Why is old Nick SATAN?

IM, I'll take your word for it that it wasn't The Naughty Pine

"In Goodfellas, Henry Hill ducks jail by violating the code of OMERTA".
And tossed BC under the bus for point shaving. A few of us know the full story

"Owen ~ I got a kick out of both stanzas. Thank you!
~ OMK". Ditto on that. The ERATO King

Enough of me


Picard said...

Thanks desper-otto for the historical use of Old Nick as SATAN. And thanks AnonT for the amusing clip. I still don't understand what it means. Why Old Nick?

Has anyone here actually used that term?

Lucina said...

I've heard the Old Nick reference to the evil one but don't know where; it's likely I read it somewhere.

Lemonade, fantastic job as usual. No, I didn't intend a pun but I see how it looks. Did you receive the e-mail I sent? Your address was already in my inbox so I hope it's correct.

Louis is adorable. I could love a pup like that.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle.

I'm pretty sure TSGT is grade E-6. When I was in the Air Force in the early 1960's a TSGT was grade E-5 because there were only 3 ranks of Airman not counting Airman Basic:
Airman 3rd Class, 1 stripe, grade E-1
Airman 2nd Class, 2 stripes, grade E-2
Airman 1st Class, 3 stripes, grade E-3
but at some point in time since then they added Senior Airman and made Airman Basic E-1 instead of E-0. There is no longer such a thing as Airman 2nd Class; the jump now seems to be from just plain Airman to Airman 1st Class. Makes no sense to me, but I'm old.

Best regards.

Joe Schewe said...

To desper-otto,
Joe Schewe here. I know you keep asking how I pronounce my name. Despite my email name (schewefly), it is not pronounced "shoo" like most people assume. It is, in fact, Shay-Vee, just as the girl in H.S. (in Wisconsin, as I recall you mentioned in the past) did. And also for the record, I'm in Michigan, not the Northeast. Even if you weren't really desper-otto to know, now you do! Glad people enjoyed the puzzle enough to comment.

Anonymous said...

Old Nick is familiar to Hollywood as well. In 2000 Adam Sandler made a poor movie in which he plays the son of Satan. His name and the title of the movie? Little Nicky.

I've heard the term Old Nick enough to think it is "in the language:. Never questioned it. I only questioned Lemonade's slur of Nick Saban. Still no explanation. I guess it's not a big deal. The have nots usually vilify the haves. Its why many refer to the Yankees as the evil empire.

Lemonade714 said...

Joe thank you for stopping by. Keep the puzzles coming.

Nich Satan is just silliness and comment on his name. Relax, Nick could care less

Lucy, I received your email; now it is your turn...

Lucina said...

I learned that a store a little farther afield than my neighborhood has Persil pods so I'll go sometime this weekend on pod hunt. Thank you, though.

Anonymous said...

The seventh double E (EE) is in bottom right corner.
Old Sage in Virginia Beach

WikWak said...

FIR. Thanks to Joe for the puzzle and Lemon for the expo. Lemon, you were in fine form; I especially liked your “after comment” comments @ 8 acr and 65 dwn.

When you don’t get here early there is nothing much that hasn’t been said. WEES ANE.

I have been hearing “Old Nick” as an alias for Satan since I was a tiny WikWak. It came up more often than you might think, and not just in church or even in the context of religion.

There is a building at Illinois College called Schewe Hall; they pronounce it SHEE-WEE.

To all a good night.

OwenKL said...


Alex Trebek's mustache said...

Well they say, you learn something new every day..

And for me, today I learned about the derogatory term "goy"

You see, in today's Final Jeopardy, a contestant sas trying to write "What is the Doria Gray"*, but Alex said it looked like "the Doria Goy". He then added the quip, "that must be a non-Jewish ship!" The audience had a loud mixed reaction of laughs, gasps and groans. I was in the dark. I Googled "goy" and now I know.

Is this a term not to be used in mixed company or did the audience overreact?

*I also won't reveal which contestant wrote the answer and whether or not it was the correct answer as not to spoil the reveal.

Bobbi said...

Clever theme!! SW corner did me in (i.e. it was a "peeker") but it explained the referrals to "red" throughout! More of these multi-approach toughies please!

Lemonade714 said...

Damn, the human brain is ridiculous. I even made a joke about the PEE fill and missed the double EE>>>sheessh!

TTP said...

Thank you, Joe, and thank you Lemonade.

Noticed the missing I pretty early on. You won't see a lack of them in my posts.

The few answers that weren't known were perpable, but I did have to change EVe to EVA to get the TADA.

Lemonade, I liked your response to AESOP !

CanadianEh! said...

Fabulous Friday. Thanks for the fun, Joe and Lemonade.
I started this CW this morning but got bogged down; busy day prepping for visit from the grandchildren. I came back to it tonight and finished. (I had seen the dropped I this morning.)
Many inkblots (but like WikWak, mostly WEES by now);
Hand up for fighting leaving SNARF, and wanting Scarf.

Like Spitz, I tried TBond or TBill before TNOTE. (Glad it is not just my Canadian disadvantage)
This Canadian also did not know what the T in TSGT stood for. I LIUed - Tech!

My little dog was a Pug before a POM. (Louis is adorable OMK)
I tried CHEF OF Staff before STATE. (State is more accurate to the royal clue)

We had ARES today, after I confused him with Eros a few days ago.
I put SANTA into 40A but then needed him for 35D. I have heard the Old Nick term for Satan.
Nice to see LYNN positioned NNE of AMHERST.

I must rest up so that I can keep up with the grands. I may not arrive here for a few days.

Wishing you all a great weekend.

Lemonade714 said...

Goy is not historically a derogatory term but in the history, and especially modern times where words seem to matter more than ever it may not be a WORD TO USE.

Language is dynabmic

Yellowrocks said...

I have many Jewish neighbors. I call myself goy. No slur. I thought the Jeopardy quip was funny. Are we becoming too thin skinned?

I just tripped in my bedroom and ache all over. I hit my side hard on a chair. Probably there is no lasting damage beyond tomorrow. Cross my fingers.

Yellowrocks said...

I am likely in the minority, but I find the pec model neither sexy nor handsome, just too extreme. I prefer a fit,but more natural

Anonymous said...

YR, just a fyi if you didn't already know. The pec model is Arnold Schwarzenegger.