Jul 23, 2019

Tuesday July 23, 2019 Bruce Haight

 Theme: MADE R E PAIRS (61A. Fixed things ... or, in four parts, what you've done when filling in 18-, 26-, 37- and 52-Across?) - Each theme entry is in the pattern of R* E*.

18. Realm first led by Augustus: ROMAN EMPIRE.
26. Result named for expanding circles from a rock tossed into a pond: RIPPLE EFFECT.
37. Did something a bit shocking: RAISED EYEBROWS. This is a 16*15 grid.
52. Hobnobbed (with): RUBBED ELBOWS.

Boomer here, filling in for Hahtoolah, who's traveling.

If you find you are having trouble with this puzzle just RE do it. Great to be back again. Church is having a garage sale and I was happy to donate some stuff.  Now I can park in my garage without having to worry about whether I can get the van doors open.
1. Losing streaks: SLUMPS.  Twins have a guy named Sano who is a slump engineer.

7. Payroll dept. IDs: SSNS. I would not give this to anyone.  Last 4 is okay, but now the VA asks once in awhile for the whole thing.  I don't refuse because I need whatever I went there for.  But don't give it to Equifax.

11. "Jay Leno's Garage" airer: CNBC.  I used to like Leno on the Tonight show, but this effort is so so.

15. "Rock the __": hit song for The Clash: CASBAH.

16. "All right, sure": OH OK.

17. Like some company softball teams: CO-ED.

20. Fibber: LIAR.  Pants on fire

21. "How sweet __!": IT IS.  Jackie Gleason made it famous.  He was a terrible bowler though.

22. Carry with effort: HAUL.  Or if you have to do it yourself, rent a U-HAUL. 

23. Take forcibly (from): WREST.  You may end up wrestling.

25. ISP that includes Bing: MSN.  We have MSN but I never saw Mr. Crosby.

29. Litter box visitors: PET CATS.  We have no pets, but judging by TV and Internet ads, selling pet food must be a billion dollar industry.

31. Biblical boat: ARK.  I once played Noah in a play at an all girls school, Regina H.S. in Minneapolis.  There were only two guys in the play. God was from De La Salle.  The play was Noye's Fludde by Benjamin Britten.  Guess he never took spelling.

32. Head across the Atlantic?: LOO.  Skip to my ____.

33. "I wonder ... ": HMM. "And I can't help but wonder where I'm bound, where I'm bound..."  Here is my rendition.

34. Mos. and mos.: YRS.

36. Carton sealer: TAPE. A famous product from 3M in my home state.

42. Price to pay: COST.

43. Put to good __: USE.  Lately, due to lack of strikes, I need to put my plastic spare ball to good USE.

44. Tractor-trailer: RIG.  Careful where you park it in Florida.  Alligators may get you.

45. "Eww!": UGH.

46. Nourished: FED.  Sure is a lot of three letter answers.

48. "Can't argue with that!": NO DOUBT.
56. St. Patrick's Day mo.: MAR.  March 17 to be exact.  Many Irish in St. Paul hit the famous Irish pubs and lift a glass to good old St. Pat.  I was in Chicago once on March 17 and the festivities seemed to equal that of Minnesota.

57. "My Fair Lady" lady: ELIZA. Ms. Doolittle.

58. God with a bow: EROS.  I don't think he was from De La Salle.

59. Nimble: SPRY.

60. "Check it out!": LOOK. Also a famous magazine.  I have not seen one for awhile.

64. Youngest Brontë sibling: ANNE.  Charlotte was the oldest and lived the longest.  Anne died at age 29.

65. Rim: EDGE.  Ford's smaller SUV.  I once had an Explorer, but now it seems that model is trying to compete with a Navigator.  I have been searching the web, but all I get now is a ton of car dealer ads while I play Solitaire.

66. Rue: REGRET.  For a few days we regretted having CenturyLink as our ISP provider.  Things are okay for now.  We are just wondering if we might get a credit on our bill.  Or at least a "WE'RE SORRY"!

67. Garden planting areas: BEDS.  Ours are doing fine in the summer heat.  But the weeds seem to be doing as well as the flowers.

68. Watermelon bit: SEED.  We get seedless from Aldi.  But they do have little tiny seeds that tend to get caught in my dentures.  (Dentures is a new name for false teeth, for those of you who remember years gone by.)

69. Goes over the posted limit: SPEEDS.  Not me!!  It will raise hell with your insurance rates.

1. Keep to a tight budget: SCRIMP.  Always.  I never pay over $35.00 for a round of golf.

2. Taoism founder: LAO TSE.

3. Govt. moneymaker: US MINT.  I used to love the statehood quarters but now they seem to overwhelm the market with clever coins. I have a few Westward Journey nickels, and some Sacagawea golden dollars.  I also collected silver proof sets from 1999-2008 (Statehood Quarters) but I don't chase coins anymore.  Too Many.   

4. CFOs' degrees: MBAS.  Twins have Max Kepler - Master Batting Average Slugger.

5. Sautéing vessel: PAN.  Also, Peter's last name.

6. Complaint to Mom after a sister's slap: SHE HIT ME.  Then Hit her back !!

7. Absorb: SOP UP.

8. Swindle decoy: SHILL.  Minnesota State Fair Midway is coming soon.  Maybe they are not all shills, but there are some questionable games.

9. Neighbor of Den.: NOR. I have no Danish ancestors, but a few Norwegian, Yah sure.

10. Barbecue rod: SKEWER.

11. Staff symbol in viola music: C CLEF.

12. Ordinance that sets quiet hours: NOISE LAW. We REALLY need this on the 4th of July.  Some people are still setting off noisy stuff.  (I'd like to use a different word, but C.C. won't let me.)

13. Police who may enforce a 12-Down: BEAT COPS.  Interesting.  We live in a suburb of around 80,000 people, but I have not seen a beat cop. They prowl in squad cars.

14. USN officer: CDR.  That's big time I believe, just under Admiral.

19. Travel aids: MAPS.  I used to have a drawer full but now just use Google. 

24. Nats' former stadium, briefly: RFK.  I was serving in Fort Campbell when we heard that Robert Kennedy was shot.  1968 was a terrible year to remember.  First MLK and then RFK.  Recently we celebrated events in July of 1969.  I was in Germany then.  Better times.  Jackie Gleason's wish come true.

26. He sheep: RAMS.  Los Angeles had a great NFL team last season. We have the Vikings. You never know.

27. Make simpler: EASE.

28. Tip of a wing tip: TOE.  A popular dress shoe, years ago.  Have not seen any lately, but I don't look down often.
30. Gambler's IOU: CHIT.  A form of CHAT.

34. "Definitely!": YES.

35. Deli bread: RYE.  Generally have corned beef and sauerkraut on rye around March 17.

36. Deli order: TO GO.  Definitely Pizza.

37. 2016 "Star Wars" prequel: ROGUE ONE.  Enough Star Wars.  Nissan has a small SUV called a ROGUE.

38. Light hair color: ASH BLOND.

39. "My man!": DUDE.  Big Lebowski.  A real DUDE but a lousy bowler. 

40. Web access programs: BROWSERS.  If you wear ugly pants, you may have a browser on your trousers.

41. Frees (of): RIDS.

42. Tough mutt: CUR.

46. Tasseled hat: FEZ.  Zuhrah in Minneapolis.  Shriners do many good things for the community.

47. Mingo portrayer on "Daniel Boone": ED AMES.

48. American-born Jordanian queen: NOOR.

49. Tennis official: UMPIRE. They have a lot hanging around the court.  The one in the chair is the umpire.

50. Like jail cells: BARRED.

51. Steamy get-togethers: TRYSTS.

53. Triathlon rides: BIKES.  Swim about 2 miles, then ride a BIKE 25 miles, then get off and run ten miles.  Big deal - I play 18 holes of golf on a cart.

54. Flowerpot spot: LEDGE.  Our home has no LEDGES large enough to hold a flowerpot.

55. Kennel club classification: BREED.

59. Fragrant herb: SAGE.  Thanksgiving is coming. Load up on SAGE for the stuffing.

60. Science class: LAB.

62. Beverage suffix: ADE.  Lemonade in the Shade, served by an Old Maid.

63. __ Boys: auto parts chain: PEP.  Kellogg's used to sell a PEP cereal, but I have not seen it for a long time.  I get my PEP from Grape-Nuts.


OwenKL said...

The ROMAN EMPIRE had its days of glory.
It fought barbarians in wars surely gory.
But what else is a reason
To RUB ELBOWS with a legion?
Expansion -- it comes with the territory!

My PET CAT tries to WREST from me
This string that I let dangle free.
I sometimes let her win,
Then pull it away again.
She's so easy to amuse -- amuse me!

{C, C+.}

TTP said...

Good morning.

Pulled a D-O this morning. Solved the puzzle and didn't look for and find the theme.

Thanks, Bruce. Thanks Boomer.

John E said...

More songs, Boomer. This one is great. I loved Tom Paxton.

jfromvt said...

Easily got through it, but kind of a meh puzzle. A few too many abbreviations than needed, such as using the abbreviations NOR and MAR rather than having the answer be the three letter word.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Late to the party. DW left the door ajar when she went out to the back patio early this morning. What ensued was a 30-minute battle to get the raccoon out of the house. Fortunately, it was just the one, not the whole clan. Yesterday we had doe and fawn visiters to the back yard. It was the smallest fawn I've ever seen -- couldn't have been more that a couple of days old, and about a foot high at the shoulder.

Oh, there was a puzzle... I was sure "Losing streaks" had to do with dirty windows. Nope. No Wite-Out needed today on this Tuesday themeless (yes, d-o pulled a TTP. Gotta learn to read the full reveal clue.) I think everybody must've seen ED AMES and his hatchet-throwing demo with Johnny Carson. I still laugh just thinking about it. Thanx for the outing, Bruce and for the expo, Boomer. (Nice a capella, Boomer. My efforts are better described as acky-pooey. Maybe I need a new bushel basket.)

Husker Gary said...

-After days of 100F+ heat indices, we have a near record low this morning!
-No lows here as I liked Bruce’s puzzle and thought the theme was very clever!
-Some Royals in a SLUMP change their address from Kansas City to Omaha
-A great adage about COST
-Two former students, who are now policemen, have turned my SPEEDING tickets into warnings
-My sister - If SHE HIT ME, I knew I had it coming
-My iPhone has made lugging MAPS and cameras around “so yesterday” for me
-Some think RFK’s attack on the mafia cost JFK his life
-Our boat trip on the ROGUE River ended in Agness, Oregon
-I read that BLOND is masculine and BLONDE is feminine
-For John McEnroe UMPIRE = Verbal punching bag
-Now where is that jacket? FORE!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Got it all without searches or erasures. OK with the theme; I especially liked the reveal entry. R E PAIRS - brilliant. Perps nailed down some of the iffy fill like UGH and MSN. Favorite was 'head across the Atlantic?' LOO.

inanehiker said...

Fun puzzle - but even all filled out I had to come here for the explanation of the theme! Doh!

CDR (Commander) is high ranking but Captain is the rank right under Admiral (occasionally a Commodore) which I know because my dad was in the Naval reserves for 30 years and retired as a Captain. But in the Army and Air Force, Captain is a lower ranked officer just above Lieutenant and below Major -- which is my son's current rank.

Thanks Boomer and Bruce!
Enjoying the cool weather like HG!

Yellowrocks said...

DO, oh,my goodness! And I thought it was bad when I had to chase a chipmunk out of the house.
I liked this puzzle. I soon saw the ME pattern, but needed the reveal to see why.
For some reason I thought it was LAO TSU instead of TSE. PUTCAT? Oh, pet.
LAO TSE (LAO TZU) sayings: "A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step." This has gotten me started many times. "When you are content to be simply yourself and don't compare or compete, everybody will respect you." A word to the wise?
Swamp Cat, sorry to hear of your injury. I hope you heal quickly.
We had a tremendous thunderstorm last evening, downed trees, power outages, loss of a few TV stations. Only my TV stations were effected. Lucky me. We had a great turn out at our ice cream social square dance. The fridge at our hall was kaput. We packed the ice cream we donated in ice and served it early. Great attendance. The storm slackened to mere rain just before people left their homes to go to the dance.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

Bruce Haight can do no wrong in my eyes. I just love his quirky way with themes and wordplay and today's offering had both. The R ~ E gimmick was obvious from the get go, but what an unexpected and clever reveal! I was also pleased that the four theme phrases were very solid and very much in the language. My favorite part of the solve was seeing the critter mini theme: Cats, Rams, Cur, Lab, Breed, and their transport, Ark! Casbah was the only unknown and I had to wait for CNBC as I don't watch that Leno show. CSOs to Abejo (Fez), Spitz (Naval CMD), and YR (YR(S).

Thanks, Bruce, for a terrific Tuesday treat and thanks, Boomer, for your wit, humor, and entertainment. You were in fine fettle today and your song was the icing on the cake!

YR, I was thinking of you last night when our weatherman described that weather in Northern New Jersey. Glad your social went well, despite the conditions.

Out heatwave broke, also, and temps today will be much cooler. Fine by me.


TTP, how are you coming along?

Misty, same question? Any diagnosis or treatment yet?

SwampCat, what an awful experience! I hope you're healing and recovering from that experience.

Anonymous T, may I ask what the items in your late-posted pictures signify?

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Bruce and Boomer.
I finished this CW in record time and saw the RE PAIRS.
But I arrived here to discover that I FIWed. 16A "All right, sure" was OK OK instead of OH OK; I did not notice that my resulting Skill did not fit for "Swindle decoy". HMM.

I quickly corrected Ares to EROS for "God with a bow". My initial thought was a bow to use in battle, war. We did have MARs.
Yes IM, I saw those CSOs also.
Did anyone else try to fit Semi into the space for RIG?

Spitzboov, I filled in LOO immediately. I believe it was you who explained the nautical term, Head, for me in a previous CW. I remembered.

D'o, UGH re that raccoon.

We are cooler here also.
Wishing you all a great day.

Bruce Haight said...

Thanks Boomer! I did this puzzle a while ago but it’s fun to RE-live it!

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Bruce Haight, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Irish Miss, my Birthday Friend, thank you for the FEZ shout out.

Boomer: Good singing. You should be in Husker Gary's church choir.

TTP: I hope your Shingles are healing up. Not fun. I remember.

Puzzle went fine. No big problems. When I finished I looked for the theme. I was looking for something that had fixing or tools, etc. Nothing. Then, after studying a bit, I caught the R E. That was the only thing that made sense.

Tried WOK before PAN made more sense, at 5D.

Remembered ELIZA Doolittle very well in My Fair Lady. Loved that movie. Never saw the play.

ED AMES, and the Ames Brothers.

Tons to do today. See you tomorrow.


( )

Wilbur Charles said...

We have a highway (275) connecting Tampa and St Pete which is used for racing. I called them ROGUE drivers and then, lo and behold, Nissan adopted the name.

In that vein, having seen cigarette ads banned, the Mad Men reverted to glamorizing bars, whiskey and rogue driving*

YR, I'm glad you asked. I didn't check -T's link. I'm fascinated by how he writes his "g"s. And defcon

Back later, btw, I didn't know it was Boomer today. I thought it was our other bowler, TTP


* In the fine print, it says "This is a professional driver". eg." By this car and you can do 90 in a 55"

oc4beach said...

Made it through Bruce's neat puzzle in reasonable time, but I didn't get the theme until I read Boomer's great write-up.

I had to make a couple of changes along the way. Like CanadianEh I also had OKOK at first and ICK before UGH along with ROWS before the down clues told me it was BEDS.

The weather here has calmed down. No more rain and some reasonable temperatures today. I'm wondering if the little disturbance off the coast of Florida is going to be a problem for the beaches on the east coast. I'm planning on heading for the beach tomorrow. We'll see.

Have fun everyone.

Jerome said...

A hangover in the 70's was caused by the Ripple effect.

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, many thanks, Bruce. I got very little at first--thankfully I got ELIZA--but then slowly, slowly it all filled in and I finished the whole thing without cheating. Woohoo! The reveal at the bottom was a pleasure--there they all were, those R E s. I really wanted TETE for that head across the Atlantic, but nope, turned out to be a bathroom. Lots of fun, and always enjoy your comments, Boomer.

Thanks for asking Irish Miss and Ol'Man Keith (yesterday). Had a visit with an orthopedic doctor last week and an MRI yesterday. Still no treatment or improvement, but have a therapy scheduled for Monday. So I'm hopeful the shoulder will get better. I'll keep you posted, and thanks for caring.

Have a great day, everybody!

Terry said...


AnonymousPVX said...

This was a nicely put together Tuesday puzzle with a bit o’ crunch.

No markovers today.

I thought Rogue One was one of the best Star Wars films...I still remember my disconnect at the end...I won’t ruin it for anyone.
I’d watch it again for sure.

As stated above, a Naval Captain is a big cheese.

Now I’m off to Lowe’s/Home know how the toilet flapper from some manufacturers won’t stand up to a toilet tablet? Well, my Fluidmaster flush valve...the thing that allows water back into the tank (aka a ballcock) contains a warning that the washer at the bottom of that unit is also sensitive to the toilet tablets. Guess who’s washer has just about rotted out?...thus my travels.

And on to Wednesday.

Lemonade714 said...

Always fun with Bruce aided by Boomer's continued original perspective on life and words. I had forgotten all about KELLOGG'S PEP CEREAL. Here is an interesting look at their old advertising AD CAMPAIGN IN THE '30s.

Bruce, you are always welcome here.

What late posted Anon-T pics, he asked?

Prohibitions seem to go in cycles. Boomer, you are a treasure

Lucina said...


Thank you, Bruce, for today's amusement and how nice of you to stop by. I really like your puzzles. This was a brilliant theme!

Boomer, thank you for doing double duty this week! I did not even try to find the theme, so thank you for that as well.

I liked LEDGE/EDGE crossing each other. And how nice to see ELIZA in there along with ANNE.

TTP and Misty, I hope your pain has lessened.

Have a very special day, everyone!

CrossEyedDave said...

Speaking of R.E.Pairs,
my Crossword was broken this morning...

5D Sautéing vessel: PAN, was (spelt/spelled) SautZing Vessel
which took a while to fix.

I think Newspapers should come with some kind of Guarantee...

Since we are all in this Crossword Community together,
I would like to ask for your help.

The Newark Star Ledger has totally ignored my requests to bring back
printing the Constructors Name. (It now just says Across & Down - No Author.)
Can I impose upon this community to contact these people and protest?
Perhaps a note or call from some Constructors, ( or even Rich himself)
can convince them that they are doing us a disservice.

The Star Ledger can be reached at
or by phone @ 1-888-782-7533 and ask for a representative.

Maybe, with enough voices we can get this fixed!

SwampCat said...

Thanks for the concern over my wounded dignity and bloody leg.. compared to other problems mine are minor. I hope our other wounded word warriors get well quickly!

The puzzle was fun. Thanks Bruce. Boomer, you are doing yeoman service. Thanks!!

Our weather has “cooled down “ from 100 to a mere 87. How long till October?

Ol' Man Keith said...

I thank you, Boomer, for your extraordinary restraint in not recycling the video of ED AMES tossing his tomahawk into the man's groin (or, ahem, a paper target) on the old Carson show.
Funny once, but loses a lot in subsequent editions... (Ya hadta been there.)

ROGUE ONE doesn't remind me of the Star Wars franchise. My memory is of my high school Hi-Y club, the "Rogues." These were like mini-fraternities in the '50s, and I was proud to become a Rogue, as we were clearly the "best" club at Washington High (SF)!
We had our song: "Oh, the Rogues are young and handsome..."--and we all sported pipes! No foul cigarette papers for us!
I enjoyed the pzl but wish I had spotted that Mr. Haight's opus was an asymmetrical grid from the start. Boomer caught this, but his alert came rather too late. 16x15 looks very much like a regular 15x15 grid.
I was half way to deciphering an anagram before I discovered the lack of diagonals. You can't force a diagonal onto a lopsided grid.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle and think the theme is brilliant. Like Boomer, I noticed there are sure a lot of 3-letter answers. 4-letter answers, too. The spelling of LAOTZU is always iffy; today he is LAOTSE. I like his philosophy, his point of view.

One of my roommates in college was NORwegian. He tried to teach me the language but I simply had no aptitude for it.

A few years ago a colleague from Peru was visiting and I took him and some colleagues from work out to a local Peruvian restaurant. My boss and I had a dish called Lomo Saltado. My boss asked why there was rice in the dish, since it also had some potato in it. Our Peruvian colleague informed him the rice was to SOP UP the gravy.

BEAT COPS? What are those?

The mayor of San Francisco is named London BREED.

I used to grow tuberous begonias in flower pots that I lined up on a LEDGE. They are very pretty.

Gary, I'm glad you had the pleasure (I assume it was a pleasure) of a boat trip on the ROGUE River. There is so much magnificent scenery.

AnonymousPVX, good to know about toilet tablets. We stopped using them years ago when we discovered they were destroying the flappers.

Good wishes to you all.

CanadianEh! said...

CED- my Canadian newspaper (Torstar brand) does not credit the constructor either. I am just happy that they print the LA. Times CW, as they have removed it in the past and then put it back after much uproar. I come here to find out who was the constructor. Choose your battles. (But I agree that they should give credit where it is due. They will probably give lack of space as the excuse - one little line!)

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Thanks Bruce for the REaly fun puzzle and for stopping by The Corner today. Thanks Boomer for a second day of kickin' off the after party with musical accompaniment.

I was slow today as I started some new smoking cessation meds [bupropion] to get me over the last hump and I don't think they like me. Fitful sleep for 12 hours and I'm still tired.

WOs: YR - I was thinking PUTTY-CAT too and also put the U. Started Ate b/f FED. OK, OK!, HMM, I suppose it does take some SkILL for the SHILL (Hi C,Eh!).
ESPs: ED AMES [for you D-O*] as clued.
Fav: Rock the CASBAH.

{A, B}

FLN - LOL WikWak! I should at least qualify for a Silver.

FLN - IM, many hacker groups put together an SOA (Shifty-Add-On) Badge that mates with the official DefCon badge. The DUDE that put it together and shared his stuff with the Houston DefCon group shows us how. As for the Tao of it all... it's all just sh**s & giggles; nothing significant.

WC - I don't know what you mean by my Gs but DefCon is how it's spelt :-)

TTP - Yeah, sorry 'bout that. Sometimes I post and realize "D'Oh!" and sometimes I post 2x more b/f getting it right. :-) Thanks for cleaning up the cruft and everything else you do around The Corner.

Back to bed before going to Astros game w/ DWs work. I don't feel up to it but gong to be there for her.

Cheers, -T
*with apologies to OMK :-)

Anonymous T said...

WC - I just dawned on me: the g's in my EGG in yesterday's x-word under CornBadge in the pic. It's a leftover habit from leaning Graffiti. -T

Ol' Man Keith said...

Anon T ~
s'OK! - I thought somebody'd go for it.
d-o held back too, but damn!-- the thing was made for exploitation.

I wonder if there is any implication behind your notice that I hold the record for self-deletions...?
I'm a little surprised that anyone cares. I just figured it's better to clean up one's mistakes than to watch them sitting there, glaring, glaring, glar...

Ol' Man Keith said...

Feeling light & happy this afternoon. We took our little Yorkie in for grooming and a health review. This guy is our rescue case, Louie, who had bad experiences before we adopted him (a broken ear & weakened back). He has gone through a couple of spinal surgeries with us, but lately seems to be running and jumping freely.
The vet just called to say he is in great shape for age 11, with just a couple of age-related problems--nothing major.
Isn't it strange how our moods can be so completely affected by the health of a pet? I used to be a fan of mid-to-large size dogs. I had a fine Old English years ago, and lately have enjoyed the company of Goldens.
It was my wife who got me to overcome my longtime distaste for teensy "lap-dogs." I saw them as quaint indulgences, spoiled by rich dowagers.
Yep, I blame Janice for the Yorkies we have fostered. It is most definitely her fault that I've become stuck on them--our previous guy, Radarblip, and now little Louie. They are feisty, tough-- and darling.

Husker Gary said...

The trip up the Rogue was on an incredibly hot day but the scenery was spectacular. The highlight was a mother bear and two cubs foraging on the bank. Agness, OR was not much but it was fun to visit

Anonymous said...

Rim: EDGE. Ford's smaller SUV. I once had an Explorer, but now it seems that model is trying to compete with a Navigator. I have been searching the web, but all I get now is a ton of car dealer ads while I play Solitaire.

I have been thinking of a forged wheel because of the word RIM

Misty said...

I loved your story about your sweet Louie, Ol'Man Keith! What a wonderful caregiver you are! Yes, little dogs can be very sweet as I've learned from my own darling Dusty, as Irish Miss sometimes refers to him.

And I too look forward to seeing a healthy Alex Trebek back on "Jeopardy" in the Fall.
What a heroic figure he's been, continuing to do the show while coping with his very serious cancer. But he's clearly gotten good and quite successful treatment, which is a huge blessing.

Lucina said...

I, too, am impressed with your care and concern for your little dog. What a brave companion you have! I'm also partial to small lap dogs like my Menina who lived for 17 years. She was a papillon.

I just returned from the wake for my cousin, Ralph, and learned to my surprise that we were the same age. I always thought he was older for some reason and he was but only by two months.