Jul 30, 2019

Tuesday July 30, 2019 Susan Smolinsky & C.C. Burnikel

Theme: TO ERR IS HUMAN  (65. Start of a Pope line about fallibility ... as shown by 19-, 25-, 42- and 55-Across?) - Each person has ERR hidden in their name.

19. Frequent Fred Astaire partner: GINGER ROGERS.

25. Army doctor for whom a D.C. medical center is named: WALTER REED.

42. Movies Superman portrayer: CHRISTOPHER REEVE.

55. "Glee" star who won "Dancing With the Stars" in 2017: AMBER RILEY.

Boomer here. Susan Smolinsky is Hahtoolah on our blog and this is her first puzzle for the L. A. Times.  No Runs, No hits, 4 Errors.

Hahtoolah (Susan)

1. Daytime snooze: NAP.  It can only be a nap if you do not snore.

4. Sprinkler liquid: WATER.  Have not had too much to use this year.  Mother Nature is watering our garden.

9. Nursery rocker: CRADLE. Rockabye baby

15. Mine find: ORE.  Lots of iron ore in the Northern Minnesota range near Hibbing, childhood home of Robert Zimmerman.  You may know him as Bob Dylan.

16. Classic Dior style: A-LINE.  Indeed a classic dress, Do you remember these ??

17. Eagerly unwrapped: TORE AT.  This is how we opened packs of baseball cards. 

18. Pronoun for a filly: HER.  Or SHE.

21. Salad veggie: ONION.  In potato salad maybe, I usually don't mix onions with lettuce.

23. River delta deposit: SILT.

24. Salary: PAY.  And it's work all day for the sugar in your tay, down beyond the railway

29. Close bud, in texts: BFF.

31. More loyal: TRUER.

32. Wool clippers: SHEARS.

35. '60s "acid": LSD. "Picture yourself in a boat on a river, with tangerine trees and marmalade skies. Lucy in the sky with diamonds".

38. Lewd material: SMUT.

40. Photographed from a plane: AERIAL.  I can never identify any land marks on these aerial photos.

46. Big rig fuel: DIESEL.  There are some pickup trucks manufactured to run on diesel also.  Many stations sell it, but it's a bit more expensive than gasoline, but maybe diesel produces economy mileage.

47. Excursion: TRIP.  See 35A.

48. Lion's lair: DEN.  Also a pack of Cub Scouts.

49. Attached with glue: PASTED.

51. Layered cookies: OREOS.

54. Kid's bleat: MAA.

60. Grounded fast flier: SST.  There once was a plane called a Concorde that could get you to Europe in less than three hours.  Grounded now, but I'll bet some of those millionaire golfers would have been happy to take it to the British Open.

62. "I did it!": TA DA. And 59-Down: "I did it!": YAY ME.

64. What the nose knows: AROMA.

70. Coquettish: COY.

71. Palindrome ending: I'M ADAM.  Once in Las Vegas, I traveled to the Arizona border near lake Mead and there was a big wall in the river.  I asked what it was and it said "____". 

72. Surrounded by: AMONG.

73. Quarterback's asset: ARM.  A good tight end and a couple of wide receivers will help also.

74. Zones for different usage, say: RE-MAPS.

75. Foamy coffee: LATTE.  I never had one, but I heard you can get one at Starbucks for the same price as 2 gallons of diesel.  Probably tastes better but could mess up your carburetor.

76. Caustic solution: LYE.


1. "Ain't gonna happen": NO HOW.  Slang, but what the heck?  It's a crossword puzzle.

2. Gladiator's milieu: ARENA.  Lots of NBA games will be starting soon.

3. Problem for Pauline: PERIL.

4. Ring Cycle composer: WAGNER. I have heard of Wagner Spray Tech and also Honus.

5. Boxer who proclaimed, "I am the greatest!": ALI.  He was quite a showman.  He left us in 2016.
6. Sardine container: TIN.  With a skate key attached to the lid, that you had to turn to open.  "Do you remember these ??"

7. Required H.S. class: ENG.  Odd, I went to high school with a whole bunch of guys and we all spoke English pretty well.  But we still had to take the class.

8. Witherspoon of "Big Little Lies": REESE.  A fantastic baseball shortstop for the Brooklyn Dodgers, (and a little before my time.)  Pee Wee Reese was elected to Cooperstown in 1984. 

9. PC corner key: CTRL.

10. Classic A&W soda: ROOT BEER.  My father used to make root beer in a basement crock. It was pretty good, maybe not as good as A&W or Hires, but we really liked it. 

11. Neighbor of Uru.: ARG.

12. Like fish and chips: DEEP-FRIED.  I generally bake the fish, and do not prepare greasy French Fries.

13. "Doctor Zhivago" heroine: LARA.  "Although the snow, covers the hope of Spring."

14. Online craft shop: ETSY.  I'll bet Etsy does not have my homemade boondoggle zipper pulls.

20. Clears (of): RIDS.

22. Baseball great Mel: OTT.  Another great player for the New York Giants. A little before my time, his 21 year career ended in 1947.  He was inducted to Cooperstown in 1951.

26. Steal steers: RUSTLE.

27. San __: Riviera resort: REMO. I've never been to Italy, but my sister Connie goes there now and then.  Not sure if she visits San Remo. 

28. Blow, as a volcano: ERUPT. Or explode at umpires like Aaron Boone (Yankees).  A great Billy Martin imitation a couple of weeks ago.

30. Taxi charge: FARE.

33. Creator of Atticus, Scout and Jem: HARPER.  Phillies Right fielder Bryce who left Washington for greener pastures,

34. All but: SAVE.

35. TV screen type: LCD.

36. Be sent via FedEx or UPS: SHIP.  I think Fed Ex and UPS both use trucks and airplanes.

37. Group of star athletes: DREAM TEAM.  Maybe the 1965 All-Star Game, with Mantle and Killebrew.  I am not a big basketball fan.

39. Beat strongly: THROB.

41. Spy novelist Deighton: LEN.

43. "Insecure" Emmy nominee __ Rae: ISSA.

44. Attempt to ensnare, with "for": SET A TRAP.  We had to set traps for mice, mostly in the garage, but once or twice in our basement.  I am not sure how they get in, but since we bought new doors for our home, we don't see the little critters anymore.

45. Land of the banshee: EIRE.

50. June honorees: DADS.  That was a brand of root beer.  Not the stuff Dad brewed in the basement.

52. Breakfast juice flavor: ORANGE.

53. Title for Paul McCartney: SIR.  "To Sir, With love" sung by Lulu in a great movie with Sidney Poitier.

56. Taj __: MAHAL.

57. Bus that makes all the stops: LOCAL.  When I play golf I stop at all 18 greens on the local course.

58. Atlanta university: EMORY.

60. Recipe instruction: STIR.

61. Not all: SOME.

63. Goals: AIMS.  Sign in the men's rest room - "We aim to please, you aim too please."

66. Old food label abbr.: RDA. I think it was an acronym for Required Daily something or other.

67. Thurman of "Pulp Fiction": UMA.

68. Witty remark: MOT.

69. Pantry pest: ANT.  We do not see them in the house, but we have plenty in the driveway.
Confidential to TTP.  Several weeks ago we suggested that Twins Jake Odorizzi and Lucas Giolito could be competing for a Cy Young award.  Well, Jake gave up nine runs to the Yankees in four innings, and Lucas coughed up seven runs to the Twins in half a game last week, so I am withdrawing my vote.


Notes from C.C.:

Congratulations on your debut, Susan! You're such a joy to work with. So fast and efficient.


OwenKL said...

If TO ERR IS HUMAN, is to gallop equine?
If to air is human, is gossiping just fine?
Should we keep it quiet
That to Arr is pirate?
If to ar-row is Cupid, can I be your Valentine?

Baby in a CRADLE, laid down for a NAP
Looking so sweet to her Mammy and Pap.
DREAM, baby, dream,
Of things you've never seen.
Someday you'll get rich if you put them in an app!

They went willy-nilly, withershins and DEASIL,
All around the WATER, tower and the steeple!
Their AERIAL antics
Seemed mighty frantic,
But that's just how pigeons act to confuse people!

[Withershins & Deasil
= Counterclockwise & Clockwise. Mnemonic: longer ones match, shorter ones match.]

{B+, A-, B.}

D4E4H said...

FIR in 26:51 min.

Good morning Cornies!

Thank you Susan Smolinsky, and C.C. Burnikel for this Tuesday CW. I breezed through it, having so much fun. Hahtoolah couldn't have done any better. Welcome to the L.A. Times.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review, and C.C. for your praise of Susan.

Thank you to those who were concerned about me.


TTP said...

Good morning ! Thank you ladies, and thank you Boomer.

Yesterday I read Hahtoolah's cryptic comment, "Sandymom: maybe that was one of the errors that Boomer referenced!" and couldn't piece it together with anything in the blog. She was foreshadowing today's review by Boomer !

Fun puzzle. Quick but enjoyable. Couldn't see what was going on with the theme during the solve, and couldn't see anything the tied Ginger, Walter, Christopher and Amber together. The reveal threw me for a moment. First thought was blemishes on their careers or good names, but then it hit me. Neat !

63. Goals: AIMS. Sign in the men's rest room - "We aim to please, you aim too please."

Boomer, my mother had the same message, strategically placed in our bathroom. It was a colorfully painted, whimsical drawing on a piece of roof slate of a young boy in a straw hat and overalls standing in front of a pastoral flowing creek, facing away and looking down as he did his business. The only difference was it said "We aim to please, we hope you aim too please." Since I was about the same age as the boy when it went up, I took it as a not so subliminal message to me. Her humor didn't go unnoticed.

And, oh, how the tide changes. Me too. Both Jake and Lucas have pitched themselves out of Cy Young contention. I watched the White Sox and Twins series. Lucas doesn't look like the same pitcher that started the season. Maybe he's tipping his pitches. Maybe he's not concentrating on every pitch. I don't know, but he is sure giving up a lot of hits, and many more dingers after the break. Speaking of which, congrats to the Twins for having already broken the single season record for most games with five or more home runs. Nine times already this year !

TTP said...

Prolific constructor and blog hostess C.C. has a puzzle today at

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased NO way and SHERer (UNTIE!).

I get aggravated with gas stations that have a $100 limit. Yesterday I pulled into a Murphy (WalMart) gas station for DIESEL. The pump stopped at $100, but I was only half full. The pump wouldn't let me re-scan the card, unlike Racetrack pumps. Luckily I still had another hundred in cash at the end of the trip, and was able to fill 'er up and get under way.

The reason DIESEL is more expensive than unleaded regular is the EPA's ultra-low sulfur requirement. That has significantly reduced acid rain, so I'm all for it even though it costs me money. By the way, the newest DIESEL engine systems are very clean. In fact, if they are driven in a California area experiencing an Air Quality Alert, the exhaust is cleaner than the intake air.

The reason pickups (and other vehicles) opt for DIESEL engines is that DIESELs produce about twice the torque for a given horsepower, compared to gasoline engines. That's very important for heavy loads. Horsepower doesn't change depending on the gear the vehicle is in, but torque does. Horsepower is important when you are trying to beat that Prius off the line at the stoplight, but torque is king when going uphill at highway speed. DIESELs get better mileage than equivalent gasoline engines, because DIESEL fuel has more energy per unit of volume than gasoline. Asleep yet? Don't worry, anything not covered in class will be covered on the exam.

Congratulations to Susan on your terrific debut. And thanks to CC for shoehorning in some baseball. And thanks to Boomer for your always entertaining explanation.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

I kept looking for the quartet of mistakes in this one. Then it hit me. D'oh! Never heard of AMBER RILEY, but the other three first-last combos were familiar. Was thinking sports at 39d, and THROB didn't seem kosher. Double-D'oh! Thanx, C.C. and congrats on your impressive debut, Hahtoolah. (Wondered about your cryptic comment yesterday.) Boomer, excellent play-by-play, and yes, I do remember those and the Statler Brothers, too. (What/who are you trying to scare with that owl?)

WALTER REED: DW was born there. Her military dad was stationed in the DC area for many years.

SMUT: I think this link is obligatory.

TTP said...

Thanks Desper-otto. I've never seen that before. Funny.

Oas said...

Great morning to all. Thanks Susan and CC for a fun and very doable puzzle . Only head scratcher was ISSA which filled in ok. Slowed down a little at beat strongly , thinking sports .
The page is neat , the teacher would be pleased.
Coffee still warm makes me pleased with the time it took to FIR.
Busy summer . Trying to retire but it seems like when difficult carpentry projects come up people remember my phone number . Happy am I to be healthy enough to ply my trade three or four days a week.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

What a pleasant surprise to see Susan as a co-constructor. CC, once again, gracefully shares her expertise and guidance with a Cornerite, much to our delight and enjoyment. I had absolutely no idea about the theme until I filled in the reveal and, even then, it took a few seconds to see the Err in the theme answers. I, too, didn't know Amber Riley, but the perps solved that issue. I liked the LCD ~ LSD crossing and the CSO to Tin (Tin) and Lemony and Melissa (Harper). My only w/o was Porn/Smut.

Thanks to the terrific threesome, Susan (Congrats on your debut), CC, and Boomer for a Tuesday treat and a serenade from Boomer, to boot.

Has anyone checked with Equifax to see if their info had been comprised? I checked yesterday and found that mine was. That probably explains the last two times that my Discover card was used fraudulently used.

Dave4, welcome back.

Misty, how did your PT session go?

Keith, how are you doing with the dental issue?

YR, hope each day helps you to get back to normal.

CED, is MIL doing any better?

Lucina, are you still suffering with the triple-digit temps?

Have a great day.

desper-otto said...

IM, I checked with Equifax a few days ago. Yup, I requested my $125, DW didn't qualify. I understand the actual payment will probably be a whole lot less than $125. Equifax put up just so much money, and that'll be divided by the number of people who qualify and apply for a payment. More likely to be $5. But as Kris Kristofferson wrote, "Nothin' ain't worth nothin', but it's free."

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Susan and Boomer.
Yes, I guessed correctly last night that Hahtoolah would be our constructor today. Congrats on your debut.

I FIRed and got the ERr theme.
No time to comment further now as cartoons are almost over and grands will want to play.

Enjoy the day.

Yellowrocks said...

Fine debut puzzle, Susan. I needed the reveal to see the ERR in the theme answers. CC, you are a great mentor,helping to replenish the ranks of constructors. Boomer, I forgot it was your turn today until I recognized your brand of humor.
AMBER RILEY was new to me. For THROB I was looking for the wrong kind of beat, TROMP, instead of throbbing heart.
Pulp Fiction was very popular, but not my cuppa. I walked out after half an hour.
My parents made root beer in a crook in the basement for a few years. I am not sure why they stopped. We didn't get much soda as kids, so we really liked the root beer.
I like onion in all green salads and many sandwiches. I especially like red onion in spinach and bacon salad. Our family tends to put more onion than the recipe calls for in many other dishes.
I have a friend who attended the square dance convention in GA the last weekend in June. Taking a photo she backed into a small crevice, fell and broke her hip. She has been in rehab in Ga ever since. Just a few days ago she suffered a stroke at rehab. This year her luck has been terrible. She spent thousands on replacing a chimney and handling water damage in her antique house. Then her car died. I wish she wasn't so far away.
I remember the sardine tins with the key on top. SPAM, Crisco and coffee cans also used a key. I am trying to think of others with a key.
We had door prizes at the dance last night. One of them was a plaque with the "aim to please" quote on it. I should have won it and put in the restroom there. The floor is often sprinkled. As good tenants, we always give the restroom a final check after the last person has left.
More than $100 at a time for gas boggles my mind. I fill my little car with $20-$26. The tank will hold only about $30 bone dry.
Today I will try to be active half hour at a time between sitting sessions.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Kudos to Mesdames Hahtoolah and C.C. on a very fine puzzle offering. (How would you like to have been a fly on the wall while that idea was hatched and then cobbled together?) :-)
After Hahtoolah's hint yesterday, I kind of expected today's collaboration.

A good Tuesday level with some edge. No searches needed but had one erasure: I had 'tour' before TRIP. Got the theme at the reveal at 65a. Note the consistency that each ERR is in a proper name with the ER of the first name adjoining the leading R of the last name.
TRUE (loyal) - German treu
WATER - German Wasser, L. German Water, Dutch water. (The w's sound like the English 'v'.)

TTP said...

Irish Miss, I checked July 9th or 10th, in 2017.

Then checked to see if my wife's information was compromised.

Both of us had our data compromised. I immediately pulled both of our credit reports from all three agencies and reviewed for fraudulent activity. None found. I had a Fraud Alert on both accounts at all three credit reporting agencies by the end of the next day to give me time to get the credit freezes in place, which I got done within a week. I still have the correspondence from the agencies and the receipts for paying to put the credit freezes in place. They would be reimbursable under the settlement.

In addition to the credit freeze, since then we've been getting the free monitoring that Equifax subbed out to Experian. Apparently Equifax had more trust in Experian's 3 agency monitoring than they did in their own.

We know our info has been compromised and is probably on the dark web, but we haven't had any credit cards opened in our name, and nothing else averse as far as we know.

A few days ago, when the business articles about the settlement hit the press, I read a bunch of them and checked the settlement administrator's website for my wife, and for me. Then read the FAQs and the fine print.

We are taking the option of signing up for the (total of) 10 years of additional monitoring, even though we still have the credit freeze on.

If you read the fine print from the credit reporting agencies, credit can still be opened in your name even with the freeze in place. There is no absolute requirement that a lender must use info from the credit reporting agencies. Of course, legitimate lenders almost always do use them. Monitoring of your credit reports, even with the freeze in place, is a good idea.

SwampCat said...

Wow, Hahtoolah! Thanks. It was great. C.C. you’ve done it again!

Boomer who else but you could have led the tour? Thanks all for the fun.

Susan, were you thinking of the Mississippi River delta at 23A, SILT? Always a problem. Too bad they can’t just let the poor ole River overflow and build up the wetlands. Ah progress!

I loved 64A What the nose knows. AROMA. Poetry!
Also 3D, Problem for Pauline. Are we all so old we had no trouble with PERILS of Pauline at the Saturday matinees?

Owen, all your offerings have been fun lately but today’s were spew out the coffee guffaws! All A’s !

Big Easy said...

Good morning. MADAMes (Susan & C.C.), I AM not ADAM. No ERRors today. A rapid fill. Just a couple of unknown A&E people- ISSA (and Insecure) and AMBER RILEY (I've heard of GLEE).

Richard WAGNER-(Rikard Vagner to get the correct pronunciation)- composer who could not play any instrument very well.

PeeWee REESE- being a mediocre hitter, he's only in the Hall of Fame because he played on the Yankees. REESE, Dizzy Dean, and Falstaff Beer (not DAD'S ROOT BEER) ads when I was a kid.

WATER- all that water is making its way down here. Carburetor? There's one on my lawnmower. I don't think any cars other than NASCAR have had them since 1990.

Jinx-Diesel is more expensive per gallon than gasoline is NOT the ultra-low sulfur reasoning. It contains more carbon (12 or 13) atoms than octane gasoline, which has 8 carbon. Did you ever notice it weighs more? 7 lb/gal vs 6 lb/gal for gasoline.

SwampCat- SILT- it's all political. The Mississippi was changing course to go down the Atchafalaya after the 1927 flood but the Old River structure was built to divide the water flow. 70%- Mississippi 30% Atchafalaya

Yellowrocks said...

Perils of Pauline has many old versions, 1914, 1933 serial, 1947 (the most famous), and 1967. I think it is still available on youtube and can be ordered from Amazon. I have never seen the movie at Saturday matinees, but on TV have often seen the clip of Pauline tied to the train track.
These days many films which can be said were before my time, can still be reviewed today. When someone like my friend in my last post above has trouble after trouble we call it the Perils of Pauline.
My credit reporting bureau crosschecks uses of my Social Security number, so I believe my credit freeze is strong. They caught an attempt to get credit in my name and notified me. The bank denied credit.
Break over.

Misty said...

How exciting to get a C.C. and Hahtoolah puzzle, with commentary by Boomer. Tuesdays don't get much better than this. And I not only got the entire puzzle, but got the theme and found the ERR-ors as soon as I read the reveal. Lots of fun, especially with all those first and last names in the puzzle. (How is Christopher Reeve doing these days?)
Thank you so much, Susan, C.C. and Boomer--you are a terrific team!

Thank you for asking about my physical therapy appointment, Irish Miss. I was given a long lesson demonstrating the various exercises that will be my routine this week. They're not at all difficult, but will be time consuming. Hope they'll work. I too hope Ol'Man Keith gives us an update on his dental problem.

Yellowrocks, what an incredible set of disasters your poor friend has suffered recently. Hope she gets sufficient help to have a recovery.

Have a great day, everybody!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

YR, I remember opening Vienna sausage cans with the key from the can.

Although filling up with almost 80 gallons hurts, I don't have to fill up all that often. I drove from southern Virginia, through Maryland, into Pennsylvania, back through Maryland and into Virginia before I needed to tank. DW and I were commenting that when the motorhome was showing almost empty, it still had a lot more fuel in it than our CRV has when it is full.

Big easy, no, most of the relative price difference is due to regulation. It is costly to get sulfer from 5,000 PPM to 15 PPM. The refiners have to recover the investment required to meet that standard. When I was growing up DIESEL was almost always cheaper than gasoline, and now it is almost never cheaper. DIESEL has always had the extra carbon atoms, even back then. Increased demand and higher taxes also play a part, but aren't the major cause. But as I said, I'm all for the cleaner stuff with the increased price. (I'm all for unleaded gas and the accompanying higher prices too, because the air quality improvements have been substantial.)

Lucina said...


Congratulations, Susan! You did not ERR in the creation of this puzzle. It was a fun TRIP. And thank you, C.C., for your generous mentoring of yet another smart and creative constructor.

Never having watched Glee or Dancing with the Stars, I did not know AMBER RILEY but it perped nicely. I'm familiar with the other names and caught them right away.

I use my SHEARS to trim my fast growing succulents.

I love ROOTBEER but have to limit my intake. It contains lots of sugar.

EIRE as the land of the banshee surprised me. That calls for some research.

Yes, our temperatures are still in the hundreds and it's like an oven outside. Today I have to replace a tire that went flat on Sunday when we were on our way to my daughter's house. AAA put my request on priority since we were stranded on the freeway amidst all the traffic. Luckily we were able to move to the shoulder.

Dave2, it's good to see you and Ferm, too.

Have an unerringly great day, everyone!

Lucina said...

I also checked with Equifax and found that I have been impacted so I'll send in my claim.

Anonymous said...

Misty, Christopher Reeve died in 2004

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Hahtoolah and C.C., for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for a fine review.

Got through the puzzle fine. Theme was fine along with the quote from the Pope.

Hahtoolah, congratulations on your first puzzle.

Well, I may stop in later. My wife and I have an appointment shortly. See you later.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-A very nice Tuesday offering from Susan and C.C.!
-An AERIAL view of the WATER in the south part of our town this spring
-With UBER, we know the FARE before we even got picked up

Tinbeni said...

Boomer: Excellent write-up.

C.C. & Susan: Thank you for a FUN Tuesday puzzle.

Needed ESP (Every-Single-Perp) to get AMBER RILEY. "Glee" & "Dancing With the Stars" are two shows I have never watched.

Did enjoy my CSO at 6-d, TIN.


CanadianEh! said...

C.C. Sorry I missed you in my thanks for today's CW. Your mentoring of many new constructors is appreciated.

Irish Miss said...

BE @ 10:15 ~ I believe Pee Wee Reese was with the Dodgers, not the Yankees.

Bill G said...

I couldn't agree more about Pulp Fiction. It may have been a well-crafted movie but I disliked the plot and all of the main characters. Quentin Tarantino used to work in a local video rental store. I talked to him a couple of time about which movie to rent.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Congrats, Susan/Hahtoolah! And thank you, C.C. for the contribution & the mentoring!

This was a fun pzl and one that made me feel super smart--until I realized this wasn't Thursday. (I swear, when you retire, you lose track of weekdays.)

Misty ~
Glad to see your PT is under way. Yes, you'll need to get a few of those exercises under your belt to know how much good they may do you.
As for me, my dental experience wasn't so bad. I had no pain except for when she pinched the inside of my cheek a couple of times. The Novocaine (or whatever) worked like a charm, so I felt nothing when she was drilling and clawing. When she removed the crown and checked the cavity underneath, she said, "Oh, I can clean this right out, no problem. I wasn't sure we could save the crown, but it's all very positive."
So my time in the chair went better than expected!

I shouldn't be such a baby about the dentist. When I was a kid, my mom took us to Dr. Pearson, a religious gent who did "not believe in" painkillers. I had to put up with his drill, knowing "God won't give you more pain than you can handle." That should have toughened me up.
No diagonals. The grid is 16x15, asymmetrical.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just got back from the rehab,
Daughter#3 drove my car back thru Brooklyn,
Across Staten Island, and thru NJ highways.

I am now confident she can drive “anywhere”
But I still think she drives too close to the right lines.
Especially when I am riding shotgun.
(I am a nervous wreck...)

Have not read the blog, or comments yet, but had to respond to
d4e4h before I forget...

Yes, it is impossible to respond to everyone.

Honestly, I did not realize you were expecting feedback...

But the truth is the way the blog is set up you naturally
Have to read all before you get to the end where you can post.
I can’t speak for others, but I am very forgetful.
Any distraction and the original thought is out the window!

If there is one post between you, and the end, I am going to just plain “forget.”

(Don’t get me started on names, I have no idea who I just met if I am introduced to some one else...)

Yellowrocks said...

As far as replies to our posts go, it is unpredictable. People sometimes reply to things I feel I merely mentioned and do not pick up on things I thought were very important. It evens out, c'est le vie.
If I commented on every idea I was interested in, I could write pages. All of you, please do not feel unappreciated. We all love to read your thoughts.
CED so true. Answers I intend to give slip away from me.
About kibbitzing from the passenger seat, it always looks like the driver is too far to the right, but not so.

Lucina said...

I believe the quote was from Alexander Pope, a poet, not THE pope.

My tire replacement went well as I had the order ready from the internet and so it took very little time.

I also plead guilty to forgetfulness and to reply to anyone's post I have to scan back and re-read them all; sometimes I do, more often I do not. But please be assured that your words when I read them are treasured and I do read all of them.

AnonymousPVX said...

This Tuesday grid went quickly.

No markovers today.

Big idea why you threw shade at Pee Wee Reese but as was noted, you didn’t have the team he played his whole career with correct so no reason you should have the reason he went to the HOF correct either. Maybe read about him first? It took about 3 minutes on Wiki.

And on to Wednesday.

Lemonade714 said...

PHIL RIZZUTO was the Yankees overrated shortstop, not PEE WEE REESE . I was a White Sox fan and would take Luis Aparicio over either of them.

Welcome to the C.C. mentee league, Susan.

Lemonade714 said...

CHRISTOPHER REEVE was part of an NYT Sunday in 2006.

CrossEyedDave said...

Aaargh! I must be human!


I was very thankful for the puzzle (& Sudoku) while sitting in the car
waiting for the Cleaning Wagon to allow me to park on a Brooklyn Street Legally.

11:30-1pm Tuesday, No Parking!
STREET Cleaning! (Who are they kidding...)
(if I cleaned like that, my wife would kill me...)
(as I passed a car with a Boot on it?!?!?!)
(you would boot a car for breaking cleaning rules?)
(I thought DW was tough!)

Hmm, I forgot where I was...

Oh Yes! Hahtoolah! Congrats! & Yay Me because now I don't have
the impossible task of finding a cake with Hahtoolah on it...

Uh, now where was I...

Hmm, I know it had something to do with SS, and cakes,
but dang Hahtoolah, that's just as hard to find that's PC...

Yuman said...

Congrats to Hahtoolah. How long have you been a constructor?
YR, we had a new student in our Tai Chi class and our instructor an 85 year old former Marine, always stresses how Tai Chi helps older people with their balance. Unfortunately, at the end of class our instructor fell and broke his hip. While on the floor he looked up and said,” I guess that new guy won’t be back to class”. At least he kept his sense of humor.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. The clues for AROMA, RUSTLE, SAVE, and PERIL were excellent.

Abejo said...

Well, I am back. My wife and I got home a while ago. Beautiful weather here today.

Puzzle had a few sticky points for me: AMBER RILEY, IMADAM, HARPER, ISSA, WAGNER, perps helped a lot.

Liked WATER. I like easy ones.

Our usual OREOS. We get them a lot. And, they are good!

Well, I am going to cut some of my lawn. See you tomorrow. Heading for Normal, IL, tomorrow, AM.


( )

Michael said...

In regards to responding to posts, I live in California, so by the time I get to the comments., it's usually 1 or 2 p.m. Central time, and everyone has said it all, already. A string of "WEES"es is often all that's left to me, and so I avoid straining your eyes (and your patience, to boot) by staying quiet.

Ol' Man Keith said...

CrossEyedDave, Lucina, and anyone else that's forgetful these days...

AGE is the great eraser of short term thought. Truly. I started to write this with a whole 'nother idea, but it's gone, gone...

Still, I can report that I am pretty good with names.
If you can tell me when and where I met someone or what our relationship is, I can tell you their name. What I am really bad about is faces. I think I have that symptom that some psychologists have identified. What's it called--the whole facial-forgetfulness thing?

In life this is bad enough. But what I really, really hate is watching film or TV when the *#@! casting director will assign female roles to seven different blondes, age 25-27, in the same show, and all the guys will be lean mid-30s dark-haired jut-jawed types.
In dialog scenes, I keep praying for them to call each other by their names! Please, ye gods, help straighten me out!

Lucina said...

Yes, memory is fleeting and ebbs with age. I believe some of the medications I take also erase memory; my body is quite strong and my intent is to keep it so with walking and yoga but then, what if I can't recall anything? Is it worth it? I certainly hope so!!!!

It's almost time to watch the debates.

Picard said...

Thank you Susan and congratulations on your debut!

Jinx and Big Easy DIESEL engines are also more efficient than gasoline engines because they are more thermodynamically efficient. This is so because they operate at a higher compression ratio.

My mother grew up across the street from WALTER REED hospital during World War II. She said it gave her a very real view of the horrors of war.

SwampCat said...

OMK, I also have a horror of dentists!!! Not sure why. I’ve had no awful dental procedures. It’s just a phobia.

I also share your problem with faces. I used to blame it on imperfect eyesight. But cataract surgery has given me great vision... and I still can’t recognize faces. (They
all have eyes and noses. How can you tell them apart?)

CED, I loved your cake for Hahtoolah!!!! I’m sure she will too!

SwampCat said...

Lucina, I also have medicine related memory problems. Interesting that no one tells you these things! I keep eliminating one pill after another in hopes of relief. I recently got advice to take some pills at night and another in the morning. It helped! I have no idea why!!

TTP said...

Abejo, I am so glad my wife doesn't read the blog.

If you ever meet her, please, please downplay all of your activities.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!


Cheers, -T

Just kidding...

Hahtoolah - why did I think you already had a by-line or two with C.C.? That's why I (correctly :-)) presumed yesterday that you'd have a puzzle for us today. My ERR.

Lovely concept for a puzzle. I did notice the proper names in the themers and tried to find something... Last names start w/ R was as far as I got b/f the reveal. Nice. Thanks to both you and ++thanks to the ever-patient C.C. with us budding constructors.

Boomer - you're just the icing on the cake...

WOs: forgot the R in CHRISTOPHER at 1st, TRek b/f TRIP.
Fav: What the nose knows... FIL would call into Ruston, LA radio shows (embarrassing DW) with a Dracula-accent bellowing "Who knows what the nose knows?" and the radio host would cry "Speak Beak!" I guess entertainment was light in N. LA. :-)

{B+, A, B+}

Oas - For Christmas, I'd get Pop a ledger for the next year's book [actually two ledgers - we're Italian :-)]. For the last few years, he said "Last time, I'm going to retire." //the ledger wasn't his only gift - he just liked the particular one I could find on Amazon for him.
Oh, anyway - he'll be 69yro this year and is already talking about "Ok, just one [two] more." He loves being a handyman 4-5 hours a day a few days a week too. Plus his clients (some >20 years older than he) count on him.

I can't recall WEES but I did have fun reading y'all!
Keys opening Tins - yep, SPAM and such.
DIESELs are a self-compressing engines only requiring glow-plugs to get going. //learned that in AP Physics and then reinforced in the Army motor pool.
Don’t worry about the Equifax, OMB, etc. hack - that's the Chinese finding "assets."
Capital One hacker was not looking to capitalize on the stolen data - it's a "I can do this" old-school hack; the data was never public [outside of Capital One's Fubar].

Oh, and The CRADLE Will Rock [Van Halen 3:13].

Cheers, -T

SwampCat said...

Anon T, Thanks for the info about the Cap One hack. My account was hacked, but from what I could learn, I really don’t need to do anything... maybe change my password, which I did.

I have had no charges to my account.

Madame Defarge said...

So late to the game today!!

So, WEES. Except: Congrats Susan! I knew something was afoot yesterday. I really enjoyed this tonight. Indeed: to err is human. Thanks so much. Thank you, C.C.! You are an amazing mentor.

Thanks, Boomer for backing up Mrs. Boomer and Hahtoolah!

Nice time. I'm glad I didn't skip this one. Madame says: A demain!

Jinx in Norfolk said...

Abejo, IIRC Normal was the home of the first #2 EAX. I worked in the first large one in Rolling Hills, CA. Fantastic switch but couldn't do SS7.

OMK, my childhood dentist also didn't believe in numbing pre=-teens. He also used one of those old, slow string-driven drills. Maybe he was related to Wes Craven.

Picard and T-, this is my third DIESEL. DW had a MB 300 SD when we married, then we bought a Catalina 38 sailboat with a three-cylinder chugger. You are both right, of course. They are hard to start even with glow plugs when it gets really cold, starting around 30 F. The 300SD and motorhome came equipped with a 110VAC block heater. When traveling in the winter with the Benz we had to make sure we got a room close enough to run an extension cord to the front of the car. A buddy served in Turkey, and he said they would build what amounted to a small camp fire under trucks to warm them up enough to get them started.

Anonymous T said...

Jinx/OMK - My childhood dentist was in cahoots with someone...

See, there was a Fannie May shop between his office and the soon-to-arrive parent's car at the strip-mall [Springfield, IL].

I loved the white-chocolate! I remember one time hating myself that I was eating it while my mouth was still numb(er) Cheer, -T

Misty said...

Ol'Man Keith, so glad you had a good dental experience--and not like the horrible ones from childhood. Thanks for giving us the current good news.

Wilbur Charles said...

I saw ALINE recently, was it Sunday? I also do an Eric Birnholz' xword that is in my TBTimes Sunday supplement.

Re. REESE (PeeWee). Definitely HoF, Writers are generally clueless keeping him waiting until 1984. Key is missing three years to WWII. Only Bill Russell compares to the Reese/Dodger record 1941-1957. Here's the Link

I have a BMW that runs diesel. Sam's has the best price. Typical mid-range milage
Lennon, with a straight face denied that"Lucy" was a trip. Eagles denied "Hotel" was about heroin and Melanie would say "Brand New Key" was not about teenage sex

Re. 75A, I filled up@$2.67/gal. Yep, $5.40 will get you that latte.

I see my guy LEN Deighton is back. My theory is that he had access to the MI6 report of the Kennedy assassination and embedded various clues in his Sampson series. A character "DODO" is obviously "DIDI" Mohrenschildt.

Deisel is the Peck's bad boy of gas price rigging.

I recognized the handwriting of CC and Boomer. Nice Tuesday level xword


Lucina said...

My doctor did that switcheroo a few years ago so I now take some in the evening and others in the morning. I also do as many cwd puzzles as I can manage in a day to challenge my mind. The book I have has grids with 21 cells across. I meet most of the constructors from the LA Times. Mark McClain appears quite often.

Michael said...

On memory decay, is it the mechanism of memory that is going, or is it still fine, and it is rather the volume of memories that overwhelm the indexing?