Jul 3, 2019

Wednesday July 3, 2019 Debbie Ellerin

Theme: STIR CRAZY (61. Having cabin fever ... and a hint to this puzzle's circles) - Anagram of STIR is hidden in each theme answer.
16. Mullet or mohawk: HAIRSTYLE.

23. Cartoon boy voiced by Nancy Cartwright: BART SIMPSON.

38. One of many that begin with "Honk": BUMPER STICKER.

50. Where attorneys Darrow and Bryan faced off: SCOPES TRIAL.

Boomer here again, filling in a blogging gap.

The weather forecast is all STIRRED up for the 3M Open PGA golf tournament. At least I do not have to water the garden this week.  Happy and safe holiday to all on the July 4 birthday of the USA!!


1. Calamine target: ITCH.

5. It may be a stretch: LIMO.  Fancy and expensive.  I think most are rented for a special night.

9. "Amscray!": SCAT.

13. Old King or Nat King: COLE. Unforgettable, that's what you are. 

14. Exiled Roman poet: OVID.

15. Quench: SLAKE.  Minnesota has many thousandS LAKEs

18. Like one who errs?: HUMAN.  Shortstop did not fit.

19. Tech gurus: IT PROS.  C.C. is the IT PRO of our house.  I am an IT AM.

20. Overwhelm: SWAMP.  Thoughts run to Beetle Bailey's Camp Swampy.

22. Prefix with "-phyte": NEO

28. Trait transmitter: GENE. These Genes are not made by Levi

30. Actor McGregor: EWAN.

31. The Beatles' "__ Just Seen a Face": I'VE.  "When I was younger, so much younger than today." Help!! 

32. Kenyan tribe: MASAI.

35. Frittered away: WASTED.

41. Make a contribution: DONATE. Church is having a garage sale the end of this month. I have pledged to donate my entire basement, except the TV.

42. Pinto-riding sidekick: TONTO. Jay Silverheels. He was born in Brantford Canada, (not TOroNTO.

43. Donkey: ASS.  I'm a Don Lock and you're a  ___

44. Personal bearing: MIEN

46. Fleeces: ROBS.

55. FDR agency: NRA. Not the national gun lobby, this NRA stood for National Recovery Administration from the Great Depression.

56. Colorful Danish blocks: LEGOS. I've mentioned before, the Mall of America is unique with its huge display of Lego blocks.

57. Seasoning blend from Maryland: OLD BAY.  I have not heard of this.  Sounds like a cologne for senior citizens. 

59. Skin care brand: NIVEA.

64. Improve: AMEND.  Sometimes just say AMEN and it could fix itself. 

65. "__ No Sunshine": Bill Withers hit: AIN'T. Got a barrel of money either.

66. Aha moment remark: I SEE.  Said the blind man, but he really didn't.

67. Eponyms of seven planets: GODS.  I have to admit I did not know what an eponym as so I Googled it.  It has something to do with being named after a person.  Which leads me to wonder, who was Uranus named after?? 

68. Comedian Carvey: DANA.  Really Really a great skit as "The Church Lady"  "Isn't that special'"

69. Desk drawer items: PENS.  Don't forget Post-It notes, batteries, paper clips, Sharpies, and Scotch tape.


1. Chinese book of divination: I CHING.

2. Exactly: TO A TEE.  I always think of golf when I see TEE.

3. Like some earrings: CLIP-ON. Remember when men's ties used to be clip-ons?  I never owned one.  Seemed to be cheating. 

4. Münster mister: HERR.

5. Tons of, casually: LOTSA.  Shots for me on the golf course. But how about Nate Lashley in Detroit? The last guy to be entered in the Rocket Mortgage Event. And the last guy off the green on the 18th on Sunday.  Worth a little over 1.3 Million.  He's entered in the 3M.  Bring your rain jacket, Nate !

6. One of a collegiate octet: IVY.  Yeah, Harvard, Yale and six others.

7. "Cool" sum: MIL.  See Nate Lashley above.

8. Texas or Ukraine city: ODESSA.

9. Batter's rough patch: SLUMP.  Twins have Miguel Sano.  Slump is his middle name.

10. Pitcher's spot?: CAMPSITE.  Pitch a tent, then bring out a pitcher of your favorite beverage.

11. Letters in a BOLO alert: AKA.

12. Midmorning time: TEN.  Time for a nap.

15. Bogus: SHAM.

17. Lament loudly: SOB.  Also an acronym for ... never mind.

21. Best type of situation: WIN WIN.

24. "Cracked __ View": Hootie & the Blowfish debut album: REAR.

25. Party game inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame in 2015: TWISTER.  Not in my book.  I always thought it was a stupid game.

26. "Get __ it!": OVER.

27. Neighbor of 23-Across: NED.  I am not really a Simpsons' fan but I recognize Mr. Flanders.

29. Austen novel that inspired the film "Clueless": EMMA.

33. Apropos: APT.  Makes me think of Apartment,  There are many many multiple living buildings going up all over Minneapolis suburbs.

34. Appear to be: SEEM SO.

36. Make a move: ACT.  I was professor Harold Hill, and River City's going to have a a boys' band.

37. Hershey toffee bar: SKOR.

38. Pear type: BOSC.  Kind of brown and ugly.  I like the yellow ones, but I do not know what they are called.

39. Like some mysteries: UNSOLVED.

40. Novelist Morrison: TONI.

41. Prosecutors: Abbr.: DAS.  The first one on Law & Order was Adam Schiff. Interesting California has a congressman with that name.

45. "How tragic": IT'S SAD.  The story of Angel Pitcher Tyler Skaggs.

47. Hoping to make it home: ON BASE.

48. Shamelessly bold: BRAZEN.  There was a lady in River City who made Brazen Overtures.  I think it may have been Marion the Librarian nut I am older now and cannot remember 1964.

49. Accept a proposal: SAY YES.

51. Hammer heads: PEENS.  I actually think the head is the flat striker and the peen is the ball behind the head.

52. "Jeepers": EGAD.

53. Major artery: AORTA.  I think we just had this Monday.

54. Partners' legal entity: Abbr.: LLC.

58. Coffee brewing choice: DRIP.  When I was a kid we had regular grind for the percolator, and drip grind for the once through the grounds coffeemakers.  I don't see too many percolators any more.

59. Back-seat driver, e.g.: NAG.  

60. "Here's what I think," in texts: IMO.

62. Madre's hermana: TIA.

63. Hampton __: INN.



OwenKL said...

Almost FIW. No ta-da, so started searching. 19a had started as I-T GUYS, then perps chipped away, including HERm(an) Munster. Once I changed to I-T PROS, the ta-da came!
With the circles in place, the theme was trivial.

I have an ITCH to commandeer a LIMO, and SCAT.
Enjoying all the perks of the guy in the back!
Getting WASTED on champagne
Would erase the pain
Of going to jail for long stretch; limo-jack!

[Sing this one:]
"If you like my BUMPER STICKER, you should HONK!"
"If you like to honk your horn, you should honk!"
"If you think that denim GENES
Will result in distressed teens,
You should honk, you should honk, you should honk!"

{B-, B+.}

George H said...

Solving 35a ticked tocked an earworm for me that will last all day.

Fritter and waste the hours in an offhand way....
...So you run and you run to catch up with the sun but it's sinking.
Racing around to come up behind you again. The sun is the same in a relative way but you're older...

Oh well, I've got no more Time for that right now. I'd link the song but that wouldn't be prudent. Not at this junc-ture.

However I will link Bill Withers.

AIN'T No Sunshine

Yes, it ITS SAD about the news of that young ballplayer, Tyler Skaggs. How does a team move on? Playing such a seemingly trivial game the next day? And how about HOFer Albert Pujols? This is the second time in his career that he has lost a young teammate.

Buying pears is hit or miss for me. I never can remember which one worked the last time. BOSC, Bartlett or Anjou. Then they are either not ripe enough or mealy or ripen too quickly or never at all. But when they're good, they're really good.

Lemonade714 said...

This was a very straight forward Wednesday, with the highlight for me being Boomer's write-up and especially his reference to actor Jay Silverheels. I learned today that Jay was a highly paid professional lacrosse player (remember that Lacrosse is one of the national sports of Canada). In fact, you all should read this BIOGRAPHIC ARTICLE which addresses much more than his acting career.

Hey Canadian Eh.

Still horrified by the death of Tyler Skaggs. You never know.

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Only problem was writing COLE at 4d instead of 13a. No idea why. Wite-Out, please. Had the circles and saw the crazy STIRs. Interesting to see IVE and IVY. Thanx, Debbie, and for your yeoman service, Boomer.

OLD BAY: I've got a box in the cupboard for use on rice. Wasn't aware that it came from Maryland.

NIVEA: I use their after-shave skin balm.

APT: Sadly some builder has decided that our town is the ideal place to build some apartments. All of 'em are along Appian Way. First it was a 4-plex. Then an 8-plex. Then another 8-plex beside that one. Now an 8-plex further up the street. It's really changing the complexion of our laid-back rural town.

John E said...

Boomer, Love that your librarian comment is just above "Say yes!"

Anonymous said...

Finished in 6:10. Only gripe is "Legos", because the plural of Lego is Lego.
No circles for me, please.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Boomer and friends. I found this to be an easy Wednesday puzzle, despite the dreaded circles. I had some answered filled in before I read the clues.

I liked how SLUMP crossed with SWAMP.

I learned the word PEEN from doing the crossword puzzles.

My favorite clue was Pitcher's spot = CAMP SITE.

There is a restaurant in Fort Walton, Florida called OLD BAY Steamer. I didn't realize that the spice used in most of their food originated from Maryland.

I wanted Partner's Legal Entity to be LLP and not LLC. An LLC is a Limited Liability Company, whereas the clue indicated a Partner, which would be a Limited Liability Partnership.

Jinx from yesterday: I liked your "recipe" for cooking Kale!

QOD: If an idea is worth having once, it’s worth having twice. ~ Sir Tom Stoppard (né Tomáš Straussler; b. July 3, 1937), Czech-born playwright

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I agree that this was an easy Wednesday. I'm beginning to dislike circles very much because they usually, not always, diminish the challenge of the solve. IMO, they should not be used in any puzzles beyond Tuesday. My only w/o was Rash before Itch and my only perp-needed entry was Skor which I can never remember. I liked the Ivy ~ I've (Hi, DO) as well as the Pens ~ Peens.

Thanks, Debbie, for a mid-week treat and thanks, Boomer, for pinch hitting and hitting it out of the park!


Lucina, welcome back, we missed your daily dose of cheer!

Keith, best wishes for your wife's speedy recovery.

Have a great day.

Jinx in Norfolk said...

FIR, but erased apb for AKA and scam for SHAM. Circles saved me a few minutes once I got the theme. Had to wait for Mein / MIEN.

They use OLD BAY on lots of stuff around these parts. Until three years ago I liked it rimming my bloody marys, which is typical here.

Cracked REAR view is what you see from the oceanside sidewalk in South Beach. Mostly very attractive cracked rears.

Boomer, TWISTER is a natural fit with hormone-poisoned tweens and teens. Drunk young adults too. Touching that would be considered inappropriate in normal circumstances becomes just innocent fun during that game. After the no-fun crowd gets volleyball and vaping outlawed, TWISTER is next. I know it's true because I read it on the internet.

OKL, why would you want to commandeer SCAT? If you really want to, you could take that LIMO to The Streets of San Francisco. Plenty of it there.

Thanks to Boomer for the great tour, and to Debbie for the sorta crunchy Wednesday puzzle.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Debbie Ellen, for a fine puzzle. Thank you, Boomer, for fine review.

A few tough spots for me in this puzzle. So, I left them blank until I could come back and look again. That does help.

Didn't even notice the circles until I was quite a way though the puzzle. 61A reminded me.

Liked SCOPES TRIAL. I kind of remembered that. I am also intrigued on religion vs evolution. They both have their merits.

UNSOLVED reminded me of the book we read recently, "Where the Crawdads Sing" A good read and a page turner.

Liked HAIR STYLE. Not sure what a mullet is, but I know a Mohawk. When I was a youth growing up in Erie, we called them Don Eagles. Any kid that got a Don Eagle and went to school, got sent home with orders to get a butch. Lots got them in the summer.

Liked CAMP SITE once I came here and saw what was intended. I never thought of pitching a tent. Even though I have pitched more than my share. Oh well.

Never heard of the MASAI tribe. But, with five perps how could I miss.

Off to my day. Almoner meeting at 11;00 and then a parade this evening in Warrenville. Hope it does not rain.

See you tomorrow.


( )

Husker Gary said...

-It had to be CAMP SITE but pitcher clanged off my ear. Maybe picnic site?
-Nebraskan William Jennings Bryan was on the wrong side of the SCOPES TRIAL
-Radar claims to have been “SLAKED” by by Lieutenant Simmons (played by Mary Kay Place who cowrote the episode)
-To err is HUMAN, but to really foul things up you need a computer – Paul Ehrlich
-On August 10 a marathon will be run through the MASAI village of Kimanjo to raise funds to educate young girls
-Professor Harold Hill warned of kids FRITTERING away their time in We Got Trouble
-WIN WIN, I ride along with Joann so she can shop in Omaha while I get to golf!
-Republicans/Monica, Democrats/Russia – GET OVER IT and ACT!

Husker Gary said...

A powerful addendum
-Scottsbluff, NE native Nate Lashley’s painful journey to a PGA championship. IT’S SAD and inspirational

Yellowrocks said...

CE Dave, I, too wish the Star Ledger would give the constructor's name. Thanks Debbie and Boomer.
Old Bay seasonings is readily available in grocery stores everywhere on the East Coast.
In Maryland some restaurants serve an all you can eat crab boil seasoned with Old Bay. Pieces of corn on the cob and crab are dumped on brown butcher paper on your table and eaten with your fingers. Yummy.
We always called the individual building block pieces Legos.
Cambridge Dictionary: "one of the small plastic bricks or other pieces that can be joined together in a set of Lego: Little kids love playing with Legos."
I carelessly misspelled BUMPER STICKER. By the time I realized it, the center of the puzzle was all verhuddled and unreadable. I had to go type in the master mode online to see what I had written. Then I realized that MASSI looked wrong and changed it to MASAI. FIR w/o help.
I believe that hammerhead is the whole business end of the hammer, which includes the flat striking surface, called the face, and the peen which is opposite the face, typically wedge-shaped, curved, or spherical. I have seen only spherical peens.
Favorite was pitcher's spot/camp site. Ah, the lovely summer memories of 35 or so years, pitching tents at campsites.

desper-otto said...

YR, "verhuddled" -- DW always says vershantled (or something similar). I have no idea how to spell it. Spitz? Your crab boil sounds very similar to a Louisiana crawfish boil -- crawfish, whole small potatoes, and small corn cobs all boiled together if a spicy liquid. Breaux Bridge near Lafayette is famous for it.

Husker, you must've missed the tent pitcher at the campsite that Boomer mentioned.

desper-otto said...

"in a spicy liquid," not "if." Thanx, otto-correct.

Woody said...

All this talk of pitching tents elicits a grin for this still sometimes adolescent minded poster.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Langenscheidt translates verhudeln as "to make a mess of". I could not find a reference to 'vershantled' but I suspect it's dialect.

Enjoyed STIR CRAZY today. Solved the cw in good form with no strikethroughs or look-ups. I liked the cluing. Nice long fresh fill to imbed the STIRings.
INN - We stay at Hampton INNS as a first choice. Have never had a bad experience. Stayed in the one at Clifton Park over the past weekend for Granddaughter's graduation.
TEN - Typically associated with the morning coffee break. My Dad, being a farmer, exerted much physical labor. When it was 'Klock Tein' (L. German) our family would convene for 'Twete Fröhstück' (2nd breakfast), which would include hearty sandwiches. He favored rye or pumpernickel schmeared with lard and a dash of salt. Hearty wursts were also favored.

Have a great day.

Java Mama said...

Good morning, everyone! Thanks Debbie Ellerin for a fun Wednesday offering that did not remain UNSOLVED for long. Nice to see you twice in the same week, Boomer. I always enjoy your commentary – thanks for filling in today.

Circles made it easy to spot the STIR CRAZY theme. I got a chuckle out of the BUMPER STICKER clue/answer. Abejo, a mullet HAIRSTYLE is one where the front and sides are trimmed short, but the back is left long enough to at least cover the nape of the neck – often described as “business in the front, party in the back”. I agree with George H about how tricky buying pears can be; I find it just as challenging to find avocados at that “just right” stage between rock-hard and overripe.

Hope you all have a safe and happy Independence Day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

This theme seems very familiar. Did we have it recently in a different form? Or with variant entries? Or maybe that was a different venue.

Anonymous said...

I received a mandolin(slicer) for a gift last year and became a slicing queen for a few months. Salads, vegetables, cobblers and such. The family favorite however, was homemade potato chips. We would prepare them together experimenting with various flavors as they came out of the fryer. My favorite was a dusting of OLD BAY.

My husband brought home a container of flavor from BW3, desert heat, I think. Very good also.

Madame Defarge said...

Good Morning.

Thanks, Debbie. This was just crunchy enough for me today. YR and I are on misspelling correct answers. I, too, created my own problems with SCOPES TR[ai]L. Hah! Took me forever to notice it, after HAIR STYLE set me on the right course.

Fun Boomer. Thanks so much. LEGOS are so much fun.

Hope it doesn't rain on your parade. Oakbrook, IL just cancelled their fireworks. Must be tonight.

Be well, everyone. Have a safe and sunny Fourth.

Misty said...

I loved this puzzle, Debbie--many thanks for the Wednesday treat. I got HAIRSTYLE right away, and that made me wonder if the circles were going to be STIR. They were--and that helped speed up getting the other long entries. So, it makes me a little sad to hear complaints about the circles because for some of us they're a delight and a blessing. Anyway, I loved all the theme entries and then the solution was, of course, a final treat. And Boomer, thanks for filling in--great to see you twice in one week.

Saw my doctor yesterday because am still having problems, and he suggested a new set of meds and things, so am hopeful this will be a better week.

Have a great day, everybody!

PK said...

Jayce: FLN re 737Max: Maybe you didn't see my 2nd Monday post. I have NO argument with anything you said about Boeing or these crashes. I was adding some other factors that a knowledgeable source gave me. My question to the expert was "Why when so many of these planes are in use, did only these two crash?" I wondered if the pilots spoke English, where they were trained and if language was a factor. The expert did not know for sure, but cited the factors I presented: 1) Gov. owned airlines 2) No air forces 3) inadequate training 4) lack of experience. Another factor I didn't mention:. A pilot who flew one of the planes prior to the crash had trouble with it. He told a maintenance person about the incident and said he thought a certain part needed to be replaced. The pilot did not "write up" the incident as was protocol. The part was not then available. The maintainence was not done nor was the plane grounded for repair.

Yellowrocks said...

I used to have a problem having avocados ripe on the day I needed to use them. Now I buy them a few days in advance when they are almost ripe and place them in a brown lunch bag with an apple, roll the top down and let the bag sit on the sun porch in direct sunlight. I check them twice a day. In a day or two they are just right. Then, putting them in the fridge will keep them at that stage of ripeness for several days. This method has never failed me.
Isn't a mandolin slicer wonderful, Anonymous @ 10:29? I have been intending to try making my own potato chips. One of these days.
Lately I have been sorting through my paperwork to thin it down. I have come across many, many papers I wrote for my MA, 15-20 pages long, usually. I was rewarded for clarity, thoughtful analysis and carefully chosen wording. I recognize in these papers my writing style on the blog. It is a habit I cannot break. It is just the way I think and write. I am not trying to teach, just conveying my thoughts, often just thinking out loud. I love to hear varying thoughts from others pro and con in the same spirit.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Debbie Ellerin for an amusing puzzle and many thanks to you, Boomer. Since I wasn't home Monday I missed your blogging but I enjoyed it today.

This was fast and fun! I saw STIR in the circles that made solving even more fun. I don't mind them. I'm sorry that some don't like them.

I liked being reminded of Jay Silverheels and really liked him in my youth as TONTO which is an unfortunate name since it means dumb or foolish. He was anything but that.

LIMO was my favorite as clued. I can't recall ever seeing or using OLDBAY. I use Tony Cachere's.

Irish Miss:
Thank you!

I'm so sorry you are still experiencing problems. I hope you find relief.

Have a splendid day, everyone!

PK said...

Hi Y'all! Great puzzle, Debbie! Great expo, Boomer! Thanks! Enjoy all the comments except one.

Anon at 11:48: I'm sure YR was sharing margin comments made by her teachers. I personally think YR is "fabulous". Shame on you.

No circles. Didn't see the STIRs but didn't make me CRAZY. I am STIR CRAZY, however. Haven't been out of my house but for two short necessary errands or to roll the trash to the curb in all of 2019.

"AINT No Sunshine" is one of my frequently enjoyed songs when sung by Aaron Neville.

Husker Gary said...

AUUUUGGGGHHH! That pitcher! Thanks D-O!

CanadianEh! said...

Wonderful Wednesday. Thanks for the fun, Debbie and Boomer (thanks for pinch-hitting today).
Again today, the CW filled in quickly for me, with a couple of inkblots.
I got the STIR anagrams but thought the reveal might be Stir it Up. STIR CRAZY was better.

SEEM To changed to SEEM SO, but it temporarily gave me SCOPE TRIALs until perps sorted things out.
This Canadian wanted Ltd before LLC.

I CHING was unknown, as was OLD BAY (although apparently it is sold here).
You don't see many CLIP-ON earrings now; they tend to pinch IMO.

We visited a MASAI (also spelled Maasai) village on our Kenyan safari. It was an experience! This PlanetD description is similar (but we did not see a school). I got some jewellery and one of the red plaid blankets. DH is a good bargainer but we probably paid more than at the tourist shops; we considered it a donation to the community.

MASAI Ujiri is the Toronto Raptors GM. He has Kenyan roots, although British-born. The article linked below was written in 2016, before he made the controversial decision (now lauded after the Raptors win) to trade DeMar DeRozan for Kawhi Leonard. Ujiri still says that he loves Toronto and wants to stay. We all wait to see whether Kawhi shares this sentiment.

I smiled at "Apropos=APT" since I used apropos in my comment to OMK last evening.

Welcome back, Lucina. Glad your trip was refreshing.
Feel better soon, Misty.
Wishing you all a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...

Easy enough puzzle,
but for some crazy reason, right at the get go,
I saw Calamine and immediately inked "acne."

What an inkblot correcting it to "itch."

Third day with no constructor name in The Star Ledger,
no Thought for the day,
and a tiny font for the Crossword Clues.

So I called them and complained, then sent the following Email:

"The removal of the thought of the day at the end of the almanac, and the constructors name for the crossword puzzle, has reduced the enjoyment value of your paper to me, and I am sure, many others. Why you would make these changes when they do not enhance your paper is beyond me.

I can only think someone has made a mistake.


Once again the Blog has sent me internet surfing, this
time, Mandolines. I got a cheap one to slice Tomatoes for Grandma Style
pizza. (Daughter#3, the vegetarian, does not like sauce?)
1st time I used it I sliced the tip of my finger off...
(luckily just a guitar callus...)
But now it is so dull I can only slice carrots! So:


Love some Coffee when Camping, even bought an old style percolator.
(Drip coffee made a mess and I overbrewed it.)
Tried using a filter, but not much better.
I saw a video where you bring it to a boil for one minute,
then pour in a small amount of cold water from a height
which supposedly creates a vortex that draws the grounds to the bottom?
I dunno, but I like this guys style:


Sorry for blabbering on, but it brings me to Anon @ 11:48AM & PSA#3
The unwritten rule of civility around here is
"to take a Thumper."
The nicest thing I can say is,
Anon, sorry that you have a Bug up your Ass...


CanadianEh! said...

Yes, Lemonade, when Boomer said that Jay Silverheels was from Brantford, I guessed that he was Mohawk. Near Brantford, The Six Nations of the Grand River is "the only reserve in North America that has representatives of all six Iroquois nations living together. These nations are the Mohawk, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Seneca and Tuscarora. Some Lenape (formerly known as Delaware) also live in the territory" (per Wiki). (We occasionally see Lenape in CWs.)

Your link certainly gave copious amounts of info (and loosely associated info also) and highlighted the racism and hardship faced by indigenous people (not just actors).
IT'S SAD, the history of discrimination against our First Nations. I don't think Canada is alone in this.
And yes, Lacrosse has indigenous origins and is Canada's national summer sport (vs. hockey in winter).

Jayce said...

PK, I was and still am in total agreement with you.

Michael said...

Husker @ 8:08:

"-Republicans/Monica, Democrats/Russia – GET OVER IT and ACT!"

My son made a bumper sticker for how I feel about this mess we're in -- BULLMOOSE PARTY 2020. (I was going to refound the Whig Party, but discovered there is already a New Whig Party.)

Pitch78 said...

An LLC has members ; not partners. An LLP gas partners

PK said...

Pitch78 at 3:34: "An LLP GAS partners"? Sure hope that's a typo.

D4E4H said...

FIR in 32:11 min.

Happy Hump Day Friends!

Thank you Debbie Ellerin for this enjoyable Wednesday CW.

Thank you Boomer for your excellent review.


AnonymousPVX said...

Got to this Wednesday puzzle late.

A bit of crunch, yes?


On to Thursday.

Jayce said...

As soon as I solved HAIRSTYLE I figured we were dealing with STIR. I liked this puzzle. SLAKE is one of my favorite words. Loved the clues for LIMO, HUMAN, and HERR. I had CONS before seeing it had to be ROBS. For some reason I didn't even see TWISTER because it had been filled from the acrosses.

Now I'm going to keep an eye out for OLD BAY seasoning, which I had not heard of until today.

Welcome back, Lucina. I'm glad you enjoyed Lake Tahoe.

CrossEyedDave, hang in there.

Good wishes to you all.

Yuman said...

We always throw some Old Bay into the boiling water when we make shrimp, adds a little extra flavor.
IMO Yelliwrocks, rocks the English language.

Spitzboov said...

OLD BAY - Part of BH's spice "tool box." From Wiki:

The seasoning is chiefly used to season crab and shrimp. It is also used in various clam chowder and oyster stew recipes. The seasoning is also used as a topping on popcorn, salads, eggs, fried chicken, french fries, tater tots, corn on the cob, boiled peanuts, dips, chipped beef, baked potatoes, potato salad, and potato chips.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Irish Miss ~
Thank you. She is doing quite well, and we're planning a cook-out for the Fourth tomorrow. Happy 4th of July to you!

Misty ~
Aw. Sorry you're still not feeling up to snuff (weird expression, that!). That is sure one nasty cold!
Sending positive thoughts...

waseeley said...

Tsk tsk Boomer. Uranus was named for the Greek god of the sky. The discoverer BTW was the great astronomer Sir William Hershel, also a classical symphonist and quite a good one at that.

Old Bay is a staple in Maryland kitchen cupboards, usually found right next to the salt. Some Marylanders add it to a lot of things (potato chips, beer, ice cream, etc). Teri and I just use it to season crabs and shrimp salad. I wouldn't recommend it as a men's cologne though. You'd probably end up needing to chase it with calamine lotion. See 1A.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

I'm not sure if it was the cluing or the whimsy of some of the fill but I had a lot of fun with this puzzle. Thanks Debbie.

And thank you too, Boomer, for stepping in on a Wednesday.

OLD BAY - I knew sans perps but I don't know why.

Semi-cheat: About an hour or so before I did the puzzle, I heard something in passing on All Things Considered re: voice of BART SIMPSON and that refreshed her name in my head to the point I filled 23a w/ very few (if any?) perps.

Fab: c/a HUMAN

Last to fill, IT PROS. I had -TP-Ot and kept staring and thinking I CHaNG or CHING(?), HER? Atprot(?-no), no, itpeot(?-no). Once I though "use the clue, it's plural" and overwrote the t in LOTtA, I could SEE /parse IT PROS.

{B, B+}
//2 days in row, eh?, OMK.

C, Eh! I thought about your prescient post too as I filled APT.

Get better Misty.

Hootie & the Blowfish [4:10]

STIR CRAZY [Trailer 1:29]

I thought of Ghostbusters twice: Rick Moranis invites Sigourney weaver to the party: "Well come by if you can; maybe we'll play some Twister" and Advice to HUMANs: If someone asks if you're a GOD, you SAY YES!"

I've had OLD BAY in stuff others' prepared but never really kept any in my cabinet. Like Lucina, I keep Tony Cachere's on hand.

Thanks CED for PSA1 (I have a mandolin too - great for pickle-making time!) & PSA3 (LOL). PSA2 looks a bit dangerous - I'll just stick with a French press.

Cheers, -T

Misty said...

My goodness, so many kind recovery wishes. Man thanks, Lucina, CanadianEh, Ol'Man Keith, and AnonT--I really appreciate your kindness.

Pat said...

Regular lurker says: Enjoyed this puzzle. Not too many mark-overs for a change. Thank you, Debbie Ellerin! And thank you, Boomer, for subbing. I enjoy your write-ups.
No major hang-ups today, just a couple errors others have mentioned.
32 AnFour years ago one of my nieces graduated from Michigan State Univ. in their Zoology department. As part of her degree she did a semester at their research camp in Kenya in the MASAI Mara, studying Hyenas. (The same wildlife preserve over the border in Tanzania is the Serengeti). A year later, someone who was supposed to work in the camp for a year wasn't able to fulfill the commitment so niece was asked if she'd like to go for a year. She SAY'd YES!. While niece was there, Dear Daughter decided that, if she was going to go to Africa, she needed to go while she knew someone there. DD went for a few days. When you go for a safari you get a tent with a private, attached bathroom and a fence around the property. In the research camp, no fence, no private bathroom. It was still the experience of a life time.
Happy 4th of July!

Lemonade714 said...

LLCs are treated as partnerships for Federal Income Tax purposes, so the comment was not completely wrong. The LLC does have members, not partners. K-1 anyone?

Lemonade714 said...

I have enjoyed the acting of MARY KAY PLACE since she appeared on Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman. I did not recall her on M*A*S*H.

Misty said...

Mary Kay Place's father was a university colleague of mine when I had my first teaching job at the University of Tulsa, and I believe Mary Kay may have taken a course from me. It was wonderful to see her career take off just a few years later. said...


Thanks to Debbie and Boomer!


Learned a new word for Word Solitaire: QUINQUINNEUM. (QUINQUINNIA was in a puzzle a few years ago.)

Feel better Misty!

Hope you have a nice day Thurs. and a happy fourth!

Anonymous said...

Hey England, have fun at work tomorrow.

Anonymous T said...

After posting I went for a HAIR cut followed by grocery gathering. While doing the latter, I picked up a can of OLD BAY. I thought it peculiar that it (OLD BAY) wasn't in the spice aisle (with brands like Zatarain's seafood spices and boiling liquids - where I spent an inordinate time looking) but over by the fishmonger's counter - all by itself. Makes you wonder if they (OLD BAY) pays for that bit of floor space near where you suddenly want some shrimp.

Anyway, OLD BAY smells a little sage-y [but that's not on the label]. It tastes like a strong paprika and might be good on deviled eggs (for folks that don't like a dab of Louisiana Hot Sauce on 'em :-))

Cheers, -T

Anonymous T said...

Ave Joe / HG - Do you know Tom Schwarz? He was on NPR's On Point today [just came on Siris/XM122] re: Right to Repair. [scroll down to Jul 3 "Can't Fix Your Smartphone? The Right-To-Repair Movement Wants To Change That"].

Cheers, -T

Wilbur Charles said...

Knocked it off at 11. Then went driving up to the woods East of Ocala. I'm in a town called Palatka.

Everything shut down early..

I see our troll struck again.


Anonymous T said...

Volcano on Stromboli captured by Skycam. If you are impatient, fast-forward to 1m. If you are CED, read and click the 1st comment. -T

Misty said...

Thank you, Fermatprime.

Lucina said...

I had not heard Stromboli uttered since Ingrid Bergman had an affair with the director Rosellini during the filming of their movie. Fireworks were supposedly present then, too.

I hope everyone is well there.

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lucina ~
Yep. That's what Stromboli means to me!

Wilbur Charles said...

I could only think of this