Jan 3, 2021

Sunday January 3, 2020 Trent H. Evans

Theme: "Career Counseling" - Common phrases are humorously reinterpreted as if they're the advice given to the person in the clue.

22. Advice to an aspiring preacher?: SPEAK OF THE DEVIL.

39. Advice to an aspiring organizer?: DON'T THROW IT ALL AWAY.

57. Advice to an aspiring journalist?: DON'T FORGET TO WRITE.

83. Advice to an aspiring ballet dancer?: LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP.

99. Advice to an aspiring history professor?: THERE'S NO FUTURE IN IT. Made me chuckle.

121. Advice to an aspiring stationer?: PUSH THE ENVELOPE.

Did I miss anything extra? A full set of  "Don't" advice would be a tighter set, but probably Trent found them repetitive and too simple.

This is Trent's first Sunday puzzle for the LA Times. Perfect 100 theme squares. So many sparkling fill & fun clues, typical of his grids. You can find more of his work at  Grid Therapy.

Trent Evans


1. Movers, but hopefully not shakers: VANS. I'll just highlight a few more great clues: 30A. Star sometimes eclipsing Venus?: SERENA. The Williams sisters. 35A. Support for wind energy?: MAST. 62A. Head of MI6?: LOO 11D. Head of MI6?: LAV Toilet. Not real head.. 76A. Zoom lens?: WEBCAM. Zoom meetings.

5. Hawkeye's title workplace: MASH.

9. Global warming word: MELT.

13. Stumbling block: SNAG.

17. "Are you hurt?" response: I'M OK. After the painful slip last year, I bought these Yaktrax grips.

18. Soprano showpiece: ARIA.

19. Far from clueless: AWARE.

21. It's not a bear: KOALA. Anyone else tried this salt? It has eucalyptus in it. Smells nice.

25. Gives the boot: OUSTS. And 26. Give a lift: ELATE.

27. Finger-wagging word: SHAME.

28. It's nothing to Caesar: NIHIL.

32. Esteem to the extreme: IDOLIZE.

44. NFL's Falcons: ATL.

47. Vatican farewell: CIAO.

48. Messy place: STY.

49. Fictitious: MYTHIC.

50. Dalai Lama's former home: LHASA. And  53. China's Zhou __: ENLAI. Most respected & loved politician in China. Also 5. Red Warhol subject?: MAO.

56. "Watch me do this!": HERE I GO. And 59. "You can't be serious": OH C'MON. 89. "You betcha!": SURE WILL. Love these colloquial phrases.

63. 2020, for many: ORDEAL. Vaccines are coming.

64. "I know! I know!": OOH OOH.

65. Philly Ivy: PENN.

66. Middle schooler, probably: PRE-TEEN.

70. Prairie howlers: COYOTES.

73. Collars, as a perp: NABS.

78. Seyfried of "Big Love": AMANDA.

82. "We __ Farmer's, bum ba dum bum bum bum bum": ARE.

88. Salts, say: SEASONS.

90. Govt. security: T NOTE.

91. Unexpected mug shot feature: SMILE.

92. Bring into harmony: ATTUNE.

93. Exec concerned with hacking: CIO. Chief Information Officer.

96. "__ girl!": ATTA.

98. First name in supervillains: LEX. Luthor.

105. Simple meteorological tool: VANE.

106. Treater's adamant words: I INSIST.

107. Rap caps, perhaps: DO-RAGS.

111. Breaks down: WEEPS.

113. Cosmic comeuppance: KARMA.

117. Devoid of any pleasure: NO FUN. 3. Musical deficiency: NO EAR.

118. Aim high: GO BIG.

125. Speed skater Ohno: APOLO. Also won "Dancing with the Stars".

126. Some fitness ctrs.: YMCAS.

127. Hawaiian seafood salad: POKE. Diced raw fish.

128. Tolkien trilogy, initially: LOTR. The Lord of the Rings.

129. Radio piece: DIAL.

130. Kindle display: E INK. Learned from doing an old NYT puzzle.

131. Ruth's sultanate?: SWAT. Babe Ruth is called "Sultan of Swat"

132. Greens in regulation, e.g.: STAT. And 42. Tiger's target: HOLE. Tiger Woods.


1. Tools with jaws: VISES.

2. Quite big enough: AMPLE.

4. Got by on one's reputation alone, perhaps: SKATED.

6. Canine chorus: ARFS.

7. Evil sci-fi order: SITH.

8. LOL, verbalized: HA HA.

9. Used what was available: MADE DO.

10. Sheep related to you?: EWE. Homophone.

12. Holy threesome: TRINITY.

13. The one: SOULMATE.

14. "Old Town Road" rapper Lil __ X: NAS.

15. PC shortcut key: ALT.

16. Teslas don't need it: GAS.

20. "My Fair Lady" lady: ELIZA.

21. Japanese garden fish: KOI.

23. Lotto cousin: KENO.

24. Gulf States bigwig: EMIR.

29. Ram's protection: HELMET. LA Ram, right?

31. Mandela's org.: ANC. African National Congress.

33. Painful sequence: OWS.

34. Illuminated: LIT.

36. For a bit: A WHILE.

37. Vietnam War hot spot: SAIGON.

38. Mogul: TYCOON.

40. Cake level: TIER.

41. Drink mix made famous by NASA: TANG. Also 123. Frenemy of Lando: HAN. My hometown Xi'an was the capital city of four Chinese dynasties: Zhou, Qin, Han, Tang. I have Zhouqin. Our puzzle has HAN & TANG.

 43. Harp relative: LYRE.

44. Big name in footwear: ALDO.

45. Son of Odin: THOR.

46. Touch down: LAND.

51. Dance moves: STEPS.

52. Nowhere close: AFAR.

54. Right this minute: AT ONCE.

55. Olympic skating medalist Midori: ITO.

56. Kermit's greeting: HI HO.

58. Praise for a torero: OLE.

60. Seek the affections of: WOO.

61. Rob __: ROY.

65. One of a biblical 150: PSALM.

67. Jefferson bills: TWOS.

68. "OMG, a mouse!": EEK. We finally caught the mouse with our glue traps. Wow, he was sneaky.

69. Ease up: EBB.

71. Eastern "way": TAO. We say "Dao" in China.

72. Birds that boom and grunt: EMUS. Wow, I don't know. Sounds so noisy.

73. Channel that provided coverage of the New Horizons Pluto flyby: NASA TV. Gary probably watches it regularly.

74. Respectful singer?: ARETHA. One of her songs is "Respect".

75. Taken down: BEATEN.

77. Back on the boat: AFT.

79. Scientist __ deGrasse Tyson: NEIL. Harvard classmate of constructor Andrea Carla Michaels.

80. View from a hill: DALE.

81. Top of a hill: APEX.

83. Like the Texas flag's star: LONE. Hi there my Texas T's!

84. Baby's outfit: ONESIE.

85. Crowd eruption: ROAR.

86. Rock ending?: ETTE. Rockette.

87. Mountain legend: YETI.

93. Take over or take in: CONSUME.

94. Hypotheticals: IFS.

95. Yes, to Yves: OUI.

97. "Your point is?": AND.

100. Chilly: NIPPY.

101. Finger-wagging sound: TSK TSK.

102. Four Corners state: UTAH.

103. Skye of "Say Anything...": IONE.

104. Fishes, in a way: TROLLS.

108. On, as Sherlock's game: AFOOT.

109. Sanjay of CNN: GUPTA. Is this a common Indian surname, Vidwan? We have a Dr. Gupta in our VA hospital also.

110. Hรคgar's dog: SNERT.

112. Film director's challenge: EGO.

114. Gym set: REPS.

115. "May I have some tuna, please?": MEOW. Such a polite cat.

116. "My Way" lyricist: ANKA.

118. Wander (about): GAD.

119. Big name in nail polish: OPI.

120. Slithery squeezer: BOA.

122. Bio or chem: SCI.

124. Lab coat checker?: VET. Labrador.



Lemonade714 said...

It must be the post-New Year's Eve revelry because once again we have no early posters.

I liked the theme and frankly, this was my fastest Sunday in a long time. I am not a speed solver but there were few bumps on this road. I though APOLO 55D. Olympic skating medalist Midori: ITO and 4D. Got by on one's reputation alone, perhaps: SKATED .

Not in favor of 130A. Kindle display: E INK but who am I to judge.

Thank you as always Zhouqin and welcome to the LAT Trent after 6 NYT publications.

desper-otto said...

Good morning! (Yawn, guess who overslept?)

This was 15 minutes of fun with only one write-over -- with the E's in place, my Ram's protection was a FENDER before HELMET showed up. All of the themers were "in the language," and that made things zip along. Thanx, Trent and C.C. (Interesting that you could find all those dynasties.)

POKE: In these parts you're more likely to get POKE Salad, Annie.

DIAL: It's been replaced by the Up/Down buttons and presets. Or maybe Irish Spring.

TRINITY: It's a major river not far from here.

GUPTA: Vivek Murthy is a former U.S. Surgeon General. One of the volunteers at our tax site was Srinivas Murthy -- also a doctor. We just called him Murthy.

desper-otto said...

I should have explained the stream of consciousness that led me from Gupta to Murthy. Too late now.

Mark said...

D-O, did the gators get your granny?

Very enjoyable Sunday. Less than an hour! Always enjoy when a LAV or SERENA are clued to surprise.

Re 101D, is TSK TSK a sound or sounds?

desper-otto said...

Mark, no, I think it must've been a bicycle, because a vest doesn't have sleeves.

Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

I liked this theme a lot and I liked the noticeable lack of unknown proper names, in my case, only one today, Aldo. The fill was pretty straightforward so I had only two w/os, Eel/Boa and Riot/Roar. It was fun to see Attune again and Onesie seems to be gaining traction, as well. There were lots of fun duos today: CIO/Ciao, Swat/Stat, Lav/Loo, Nas/Gas, Tao/Mao, and Woo/Loo. And, as often happens, it was a big O day: Ciao, Here I go, Loo, CIO, Apolo, Keno, Mao, Made do, Hi Ho, Woo, Ito, Aldo, Tao, and Ego. Also, several CSOs to Misty (Woo), HG (NASA and Tang), CED (Meow), and DO and Anon T (Lone Star). My only nose wrinkler was E Ink.

Thanks, Trent, for a smooth Sunday solve and thanks, CC, for the expo and commentary. Having a pro explain the nuances and intricacies of construction and execution is a special treat.

Several of my favorite TV shows begin the second half of the season this week. I imagine there will be fewer episodes than normal, as was the case in the Fall, but I’ll settle for whatever is offered.

Have a great day.

Husker Gary said...

-PhD psychologist Trent gives us a lovely session today
-Yeah, I’m the only one who saw _ H _ _ A and put CHINA
-E INK had to fill itself in
-Our principal’s daughter got caught with liquor but SKATED on punishment
-Our state forbid gambling for decades but sanctioned KENO
-NASA TV has some great stuff and some not so great stuff on it
-Football does CONSUME my life this time of year
-Dealing with a patient’s EGO could be a challenge for Dr. Evans too
-Off to see if I have a voice today. I always sing Let There Be Peace On Earth on the first Sunday of the year

Shankers said...

D-O, 15 minutes? Really? Good for you. I also found this to be a fun theme and smooth fill save for eink at 130A which was a complete WAG as was Han at 123D. Can't complain about a FIR though. Favorite answer was theresnofutureinit. Alabama v. Ohio State? I'm going with the Tide not necessarily because I like them, just if I were a betting man. It would be a welcome and refreshing change to see new blood at the top so my heart is with the Buckeyes.

waseeley said...

Thank you Trent and thank you CC.

I really enjoyed this puzzle but, brought low by the dreaded NATICK in the WSW corner and unable to SKATE BY the intersection at 125A & 119D, and finally failed by my ESP, I FIW.  The themers were very helpful, but I was also CONSUMED at 124A, trying to pass "PASS THE ENVELOPE" instead of PUSHing it.  And the final indignity was forgetting my STARWARS 101 at 123A, convincing myself that a fictitious fictional SAN was Lando's FRENEMY in more of the newer episodes, which I have never seen.

93A I filled this initially with "CSO" (a CSO to an anonymous specialist of this ilk). In very large organizations a CIO is more concerned with INFORMATION, whereas the CSO (Chief Security Officer) is concerned with DISINFORMATION, particularly that arriving from the outside.

Some comments on CC's comments on 68:D.  What do you mean by "THE" mouse, C.C.?  For years we had a fox who regularly traversed our neighborhood on the lookout for rabbits and DW would always exclaim: "O look, the fox!".  One day I had to explain to her that foxes have mothers, and this fox's mother probably didn't stop mothering more foxes after "our fox".  I'd suggest laying in a store of more glue traps.  Although we haven't had much luck with them, as they fill up with crickets in the basement before a mouse can even get to them.  You might look into "sonic mousetraps", which were used with some success at my Mother's assisted living facility.


desper-otto said...

A passel o'cats would take care of your mouse situation.

Big Easy said...

SPEAK OF THE DEVIL? Big Easy is back from vacation.

Good morning all. The theme fills very easy to guess after a couple of words appeared but Trent PUSHed THE ENVELOPE with a few clues that threw me off for A WHILE. It took many perps before I filled I-INSIST, OOH OOH, & COYOTES. NASA TV, NIHIL, ALDO, OPI, E INK, & AMANDA Seyfried- complete unknowns filled by perps.

Only had to change one fill-HOLE to STAT for the GIR. I find it amazing that the best golfers can score under par but can usually only hit the greens in regulation 70% of the time. Those who aim for the center of the greens don't usually have the lowest scores. The holes are never in the centers of the greens.

I'M OK- The last time I went skiing I brought golf shoes with rubberized spikes to walk around. I didn't slip once.

Dalai Lama, MAO, and Zhou ENLAI in the same puzzle? Unusual.

MEOW- when I drove in from the airport last night my cat ran to the car and started MEOWing at me. Then went to the right side and did the same to DW.

Malodorous Manatee said...

Valerie says that she loved this puzzle and that it was "almost too simple" for her. A bit of sarcasm, to be sure, but she is quite happy with how her solving skills have developed over time. The puzzle certainly flowed well. I did not much care for E INK and, for a while, was shaking my head at the cluing "I Know, I Know" for OOH OOH. Then it came to me that it was a reference along the lines of: Gunther Toody

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

A very enjoyable puzzle to work on. Gettable theme fill helped move it along. Only strikethrough was I had 'lute' before LYRE. E-INK seemed kinda stiff but may have a citation somewhere which I'm not gonna bother looking for. FIR.
Interesting about the Xi'an dynasties.
TSK TSK - - Nordic for German is Tyske.
DALE - Akin to German Thal. Neanderthal means "Neander DALE".
"You betcha!" - sounded Minnesotan to me.

The New Year is already 0.8% over. Sigh.

NaomiZ said...

This was fun, with entertaining long answers. Was reminded of my ne'er-do-well ex, who was "an aspiring history professor" when we met, and who perhaps should have been told THERE'S NO FUTURE IN IT. (Which is not to say that other historians do not prosper.) I was reasonably confident about SNERT, but held my breath because I had no idea about STAT. FIR! For my reward, I'm off to mow the little bit of lawn I maintain for the dogs. Thanks, Trent, Rich and Joyce, C.C. and all y'all.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Trent and C.C.! I love a Sunday puzzle when all goes smoothly and I have NO errors! Several wite-outs, but no errors.

AMANDA Seyfired was the daughter in Mamma Mia and that is the only movie where I have seen her. She's adorable!

CSO to moi at DALE.

LAV and LOO. Gotta love it.

My last fill was at the intersection of MYTHIC/AWHILE which took me a while to suss. My HELMET didn't fit right in either until I finally got HERE I GO.

Also a little Latin goes a long way with NIHIL.

Did anyone else see the cute KOALA walking on the beach in Australia? That was in last nights news.

Gary, our final hymn on New Year's was also Let There Be Peace on Earth. We also had a visiting priest, very young and ENERGETIC.

All the familiar phrases in the puzzle were fun to find and fill.

Have a sensational Sunday, everyone! Big Easy, welcome back.

Lucina said...

But that means we have 92% to look forward and so much of last year's **** will be gone!

Bob Lee said...

Easy for a Sunday. I especially enjoyed figuring out the long answers while only having some of the letters.

As I was working down from the top and had LAV and LOO, since there was MADE DO, I really wanted the answer to Fictitious to be MADE UP.

I can never remember if Apolo Ohno is 2 Ps, 2 L's? Oh no...only 1 of each.

Spitzboov said...

Lucina, you misplaced the decimal pt. We have 99.2% left. Even better.

CrossEyedDave said...

Half was easy, half was hard,
And I only finished by doing two separate
Alphabet runs...

Career advice?

still working on it...

Big Easy, I am concerned that your cat was trying to tell you something...
but then again, maybe not...

Oh! May I have the tuna pls was a gimme!

And I did not like E Ink either,
But it was a learning experience when I Googled as
I think that E Ink could have been clued as
"The opposite of dead tree..."

Mark S said...

132A...what does this mean?

CrossEyedDave said...

Sorry I could not add any silliness to the last
Two days difficult puzzles, as I was driving from
New Jersey to Florida. Some 1400 miles!
(Never driven that far before...)

We had committed to leaving 6AM January first,
So bailed into the car some 7 hours after finding out
That daughter #2 has become engaged!
(I sense a lot of texting in my future...)

The puzzle theme is ripe for links...

But I am now retired, & I already have a career in this Blog...

Hungry Mother said...

The easy and funny theme made this slog less tiresome. Amusing write-over: SEASONS 4 SailOrS. Made myself laugh. Also, thought pandA might not be a bear. Not sure how STAT fits in, but I’m OK with whatever it is.

desper-otto said...

Mark S (and Hungry Mother), being the great sports fan that I am, I also wondered about that. Here's what I found. Apparently it's a real thing.

ATLGranny said...

FIR on Sunday finally, even with some unknowns. What a good feeling! And also a sports reference I knew: NFL Falcons=ATL. Yes! I didn't know why STAT works for 132 A. Thanks, Big Easy, for explaining it refers to a statistic in connection with landing on greens in golf. E INK, OK..... another e word. The themers were fun and helpful. Thanks, Trent. And thanks C.C. for your helpful and interesting review. A fun Sunday activity today.

Now to get out for a walk while the sun shines. See you tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

I liked the re-interpretation of familiar phrases as career advice. I am glad they were not all DON'TS. Variety is nice.
So many of my initial choices for fill were correct, but I hesitated. Filling them in temporarily would have given me good perps sooner. FIR in the end.
My last to fill was E-INK. I see that it is a very legitimate thing. I like the E prefix for electronic. It makes the description so simple. It neatly expresses the thought. It comes naturally to the younger generations. Yes, we old dogs can learn new tricks.
Also, the A words add variety and spice to our language. Why limit our vocabularies?
CSO to me at moving VAN and DON'T THROW IT ALL AWAY. I am quite happy with my downsizing choices. My only wish is to have kept one end table with a scratched top. I have a use for it and could have covered the top with a cloth.
CE Dave, I love your humor. Thank you so much for your great effort. If it so happens that the muse does not strike you one day, don't stress. You and OKL are entitled to "dry" days, just like the rest of us.
We had beautiful fluffy snowflakes for an hour or two this AM. No icy roads. It has warmed up a bit.

Adele said...

Maybe I’m stupid.... but I just don’t get the head of M16. Could somebody “splain” it to me:). Thanks! Other than that I FIR in pretty good time for a Sunday..( but more than 15 minutes!), with a couple of white-outs

Anonymous T said...

Sunday Lurk say...

I'm going to stand-up for E INK [Wiki]. I had, in the early 90's, a computer-science professor at OU that worked on it. She had ideas that I don't see reflected in the Wiki article.

The point of e-ink is to be easier on the eyes than a CRT or LCD screen (remember our time-frame now) and consume much less power. Everyone with an old-school Kindle can appreciate e-ink's calmness paper-like reading.

CED - LOL comics. I've always said that when I grow up I want to learn to play the bass. I still can't play the bass nor have I grown up -- just grown old(er) :-(

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I believe "head" is martial lingo for LOO or toilet.

Wilbur Charles said...

I was completely flummoxed in the deep south. My error was PaSsTHEENVELOPE.(Hi waseely*) HAN I assume is Solo and Landon is a later Star Wars character. EINK provided the other half of the Natick. I should have had more faith that Rich had VETted it.
I had flew through up to that point.

I immediately INKed Danang. Depends on the def of "hot". SAIGON was broiling hot when I briefly stopped on the way to Sydney. Danang was a "hot" battle zone.

Sailers didn't fit for salts. Five booths occupied at the counter at Breakfast Station totalling c400 years. Solved first half there.

Thanks -T for EINK info. Phil came by as I was reading your link and provided more background. Who was it that read 100 books last month? We're they "E-ink" books?


.* And you even knew Lando?

Irish Miss said...

Lucina, please know that I had your CSO listed on my note pad but failed to include it in my post. Mea Culpa, ๐Ÿ˜”

CED, congratulations to #2 daughter and groom to be! ๐Ÿ’ ๐Ÿ‘ฉ‍❤️‍๐Ÿ’‹‍๐Ÿ‘จ Enjoy the fun in the sun! ๐Ÿฆฉ ⛱ ๐Ÿฆญ ๐ŸŠ ๐Ÿ‹ ๐Ÿป

ATLGranny said...

DO @ 1:13 PM, sorry I didn't see your comment before I posted. The link re: GIR was very helpful.

CED, any humor is much appreciated these days whenever you want to share.

And finally, Anon T and YR, thanks for more info about E INK. Now I appreciate its advantages. (Note to self: read more!)

CrossEyedDave said...


If you insist:

I must say that E ink makes me feel old...

and this one's for Anon-T!

Anonymous T said...

CED - As soon as the CNN Bee Gees ad was over and I heard "Vocational Guidance Counselor" I literally laughed out loud.

And I needed that...

See, Mom was in a car accident this morning and is now under observation. I think she'll be alright save a few broken ribs. I still haven't been able to talk to her (just texts via her husband (some call him Tim ['cuz that's his name]) but her health at only 70yrs isn't what' you'd call paragon.

Glad you made it to FL in one piece and Huzzah on #2's engagement!

Cheers, -T

Big Easy said...

CrossEyedDave- My cat is a whiney wimp for a tomcat. He will only eat if somebody stands near him or sits in a chair near him.

Lucina- thanks. And a 'head' is a term that people on a boat or ship use.

"Anonymous Adele said...
Maybe I’m stupid.... but I just don’t get the head of M16."

A M16 is a RIFLE; M-I6 is the British Secret Intelligence Service. Like the CIA or NSA for the UK.

Unknown said...

Finished it but still confused about the M16 clues. What does a military rifle have to do with a toilet??

Big Easy said...

Anonymous Adele- 'M-EYE-6' appears as MI6 on the blog. I looks like 1.

Big Easy said...



Misty said...

Delightful Sunday puzzle, Trent--many thanks, and welcome to our blog. And, C.C. your explanations and pictures are always a weekly treat--thank you for those too.

I didn't get all the long theme answers, but I started with the LOOK BEFORE YOU LEAP advice to the ballet dancer. Very happy that the star near Venus didn't fool me for a minute--I knew it was SERENA. Also knew at once that that sheep related to ME was going to be a EWE. Had to SMILE when a SMILE appeared on that mug shot.

But two more favorite animal jokes were the doctor that checked the lab coat turning out to be a VET, and the request for a bit more tuna turning out to be a MEOW,
Lots of fun, Trent--thanks again.

Have a good week coming up, everybody.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle a lot.

OOH OOH reminds me of Horshack.

Neato about the four dynasties.

SansBeach said...

Good afternoon all. Don't usually do Sunday xwds but this one was enjoyable. Thanks Trent and thanks CC for the 'splainin'. I entered pars for stat making a mess of the se corner. Had to look up Hagar's mutt and that cleared the mess but secured a FIW. A personal Natick at 28a & 20d was the pile on. Stuck in Elena and more mess.

WC, I also don't think 37d was referencing the weather. My memory is that Saigon was preferred duty, if you had to be there. I did Korea instead. Til Monday ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š

Anonymous T said...

Jayce - you gotsta provide context re: Horshack :-)

Welcome Back Kotter was a TV show that dug deep.

WKRP (Hi Bill G.) was another.

Cheers! -T

Anonymous T said...


I just talked to Mom. She was high as a kite (morphine for pain) but OK ---Nothing broken nor bleeding. I talked to her friend too and she agreed to little bites of food and a ton of water to flush out the drugs.

Close call. //and now Bro & I need to buy her a new used car.


Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Anon T...sorry about Mom but us 70 y olds are tougher than you think!!

You're too young but this is my favorite ooh, ooh set to music

Gunther Toody "Car 54 Where Are You"


Malodorous Manatee said...

Anon-T, thanks for the update on your mom. The report sounds pretty okay all things considered.

Welcome Back Kotter and WKRP each let me with many memories. Any show with a character named Juan Epstien deserves a nod and who could forget Les Nessman: "As God is my witness I thought turkeys could fly." The Jennifer or Bailey question rivaled the Ginger or Maryann dilemma.

CrossEyedDave said...


Glad to hear nothings broken.

(I wouldn't wish broken ribs on my worst enemy...)

I am sure there is a story to tell (re: accident)

Hang in there,
(& don't give her your beloved sports car...)

Unknown said...

I guess I'll be the voice of discontent on this entry. First tried NW and had several gaping holes. Then went SW and met the same voids. Finally tossed it when SW was totally void if answers. Back to the drawing board for next week. For now I'm off to get some sushi in which to relieve my angst!

Yellowrocks said...

Anon-T' s mom, ouch! Fractured ribs really hurt. I wish you quick healing. I fractured ribs in an auto accident in August. I know it is no picnic.

Lucina said...

Best wishes to your mom for a fast recovery. I'm sure the pain is sharp but if she has the right kind of drugs and enough of them she may never feel it. I recall from my last dental surgery not feeling a thing. The dentist went happy with the drugs!

Another time when I was on percodan I experienced what a "high" is.

Lucina said...

Big Easy:
Thank you. I knew it was something like that. I've come across "head" many times in my reading but never stopped to think about where exactly it's located.

LEO III said...

-T Glad for the sorta good news. Hope she mends quickly.

Nice Sunday puzzle, especially after yesterday's beatdown! Thanks, Trent Evans and C.C.

Go Bucs! The only time I root for Alabama is when they play Auburn.

As I just explained to one of my Facebook buddies, I’ve been an OSU fan ever since I first saw TBDBITL do “Script Ohio” way back in the days of black and white TV (whatever THAT was). I’ve discussed the subject in the past. Seeing them do it in person (hopefully against my Turtle U), is still on my bucket list. The football team kinda just grew on me.

ATTABOY --- Or as Roger Miller said, “Atta boy, girl, atta way to break my heart….”

Atta Boy Girl

HI HO --- Also, on the old Steve Allen Show, Louis Nye - “Hi-Ho, Steverino!” I couldn't find a good link.

“My Way” I had forgotten that Paul Anka wrote the lyrics. Of course, we all know that Sinatra grew to hate the song, but here is the Wiki article about its genesis:

Yellowrocks said...

I refused oxycodone, morphine, etc. after three different knee surgeries and later cracked ribs. I found the cure worse than the disease. These meds caused staggering, mental fog, slurred speech, extreme constipation long ago, so I eschew them. I used Ibuprophen, ice, heat, and rest.

Vidwan827 said...

Thank You Mr. Trent Evans for a nice, long and pun filled crossword, and Thank you Zhouqin (C.C.) for an excellent review.
And thank you Cornerites for all the rest of the story, err, entertainment.

The only word I had a problem parsing was STAT, Thanks to Desper-Otto for the link that explained it all. It is comforting that other solvers were also confused, so I was not the only one... GIR indeed, Grrr

I though EINK was the sound made by a digital pig, on the Internet ....

Nice to know C.C. that you were named after two famous dynasties in China, Zhou and Qin !
Wow !

You asked me about the name Gupta, as in Sanjay Gupta, and you may be surprised to know that there was a famous Gupta dynasty of kings as well ... from circa 319 AD to about 690 AD. and some of their realms not only included most of northern India ( and Pakistan -) but also Afghanistan.

The famous kings were Chandra Gupta I and II, and Samudra Gupta ....
BTW, Chandra means 'moon' and Samudra means 'ocean' ...
Most of their rule was long after Alexander the Great, who conquered Afghanistan, in about 300 BCE... 600 years before the Guptas showed up.

But the modern Guptas are not a kingly family by any means... They are among the very popular hindu surnames, of a profession more related to trading and shopkeeping. The french would call them Petty Bourgeoisie ... to a letter !
But now they are found in every field authors, businessmen and even movie stars.
They are mostly in North India and eastern India.
A few of them even become doctors, as is inevitable.

'Gupt' is a corruption of a sanskrit word for 'a secret', so Gupta, would be one entrusted with a ( state ) secret, hence an advisor to a king or a governor. BTW, this is just my opinion, so it could be a lot of BS...

Guptas are very widely spread over N. India, but the name is not as popular as Singh. I know of three Sanjay Gupta(s) in the US, but have never heard this guy, who's supposed to be on TV.

Again, Best Wishes for the coming year, to everyone.

Anonymous T said...

Thank you all for the kind words re: Mom...
She is OK.
//No, CED she will not get my '86 Alfa. I'll buy her a new car b/f that happens :-o

YR - I remember you recovering from cracked ribs. And, I agree with you on the meds.

Mom may be have been a youth of the early '70s (in her 20's [and a hippie]) but she doesn't need Lucy in the Sky [4:14] meds.

Lucina - I recalling you too (hip?) recovering after a fall into the living room IIRC.

IM - that watermelon got the best of you //should I laugh or cry? (and is that car still for sale?). Lovely that you're whole.

Mom seems to be OK now but very tired.
Again, thank you all for your caring outpour.

Ray-O: Pop's 70yrs on and one strong man - I would never underestimate him.
//we just got off the phone [our standing 8p Sunday eve call] after a heated political debate... It's fun and we agree more that he thinks we do.

Leo - you made me look it up. Here's a Louis Nye [9:34] link.
I don't know what's going on :-)

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

I fell at the airport when I was awaiting to check in for a flight to where? Carmel! My face was rearranged as they say in the movies, for a long time. I wore a mask to cover the severe black and blue on my face. A precurser of mask wearing!

Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds brings back memories. I believe I've mentioned that one of my co-workers used to sing that every time he saw me.