Jan 12, 2021

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 Paul Coulter

It's Party Time!  Each word in each theme answer can be paired with the word Party to give us a new concept, so let's Party like it's 1999!

17-Across. *   Afternoon social that may include a waltz or three: TEA DANCE.   Tea Party and Dance Party.

Tea Party

Dance Party

38-Across. *   Brewery container: BEER KEG.  Beer Party and Keg Party.

Oktoberfest Beer Party

Keg Party

11-Down. *   Growing business?: GREEN HOUSE.   Green Party and House Party.  The Green Party is a political party.

Green Party

House Party

28-Down. * activity: WORK SEARCH.  Work Party and Search Party.

Work Party

Search Party

And the unifier:

59-Across. Like the U.S. political system, and a hint to the answers to starred clues: TWO PARTY.  No further comment necessary.

1. Playfully shy: COY.

4. Cooled with cubes: ICED.

8. Shrubs arranged as barriers: HEDGES.

Keep of the Lawn!

14. Anger: IRE.

15. It has three numbers and two slashes: DATE.  In the United States, today would be denoted as 1/12/21.  In Europe, it would be 12/1/21.

16. Staves off: AVERTS.

19. Stay close to: BE NEAR.

20. Start of a pirate's refrain: YO HO HO!

21. Matching tops worn together: TWIN SET.  Twin sets were quite popular a few years ago.

23. Phobos, to Mars: MOON.

25. Cry after a golfer's ace: IT'S IN!

26. "Even __ speak ... ": AS WE.

29. Goldarn: DANG.  Mild cussing.

31. [None of the above]: OTHER.

34. New Mexico art community: TAOS.

35. Wall St. takeover: LBO.  As in a Leveraged BuyOut.

36. Tom, Dick or Harry: ANYONE.

37. U.K. continent: EUR.  The United Kingdom is located in Europe.

40. Arg. neighbor: URU.  Uruguay is a neighbor of Argentina.

41. Hopping joints?: ANKLES.

43. Elton John's title: SIR.  When Elton John (né Reginald Kenneth Dwight; b. Mar. 25, 1947) was knighted in April 1998, he added Hercules as his middle name.

44. Chinese menu possessive: TSO'S.  I wonder if General Tso minds that people eat his chicken.

45. Used a stun gun on: TASED.

46. Jared of "Panic Room": LETO.  Jared Joseph Leto (b. Dec. 26, 1971) was born in Louisiana.  He was so good in Dallas Buyers Club, but he often looks a little demonic.

47. Russo of "Ransom": RENE.  Rene Marie Russo (b. Feb. 17, 1954) makes frequent guest appearances in the puzzles.  Ransom was a 1996 film.

48. Panache: ÉCLAT.

50. "Giant" author Ferber: EDNA.  Edna Ferber (Aug. 15, 1885 ~ Apr. 16, 1968) is probably known for her novel Show Boat, which was made into a musical that is still played.  The Houston Grand Opera performed it a couple of years ago.

52. "The Piano Lesson" painter Henri: MATISSE.  Henri Matisse (né Henri iÉmile Benoît Matisse; Dec. 31, 1869 ~ Nov. 3, 1954) painted several versions of piano lessons.  This is probably the most well known.

54. Depends (on): RELIES.

58. Summer TV fare: RERUNS.

61. Hush-hush: SECRET.

62. Deep sleep: COMA.  Also the name of Robin Cook's 1977 medical thriller.

63. B&B, maybe: INN.  The Seven Gables Inn in the Monterey, California area is one of our favorites.

64. 1896 and 2004 Olympics setting: ATHENS.

65. Command to a dog: HEEL.

66. Anatomical pouch: SAC.

1. Part of SLC: CITY.  As in Salt Lake City.

2. Sundae-topping cookie: OREO.  A crossword staple treat.

3. "All right!": YEAH.

4. "Famous Potatoes" state: IDAHO.  Maine is another state known for its potatoes.  My sister had a boyfriend from Aroostook County and every time he would return from his family's farm, he would bring my parents a 50 pound bag of potatoes.  

5. Does some necking: CANOODLES.

6. "Yada, yada, yada" letters: ETC.

7. Tick repellent: DEET.  Or, more formally, it is known as N, N-Diethyl-meta-toluamide.

8. Hard thing to kick: HABIT.

9. Vespers: EVENSONG.

10. Population statistic: DENSITY.

12. Coup d'__: ÉTAT.  Hmm ...  Today's French lesson.  The term means Blow of State, and is the overthrow or removal of an existing government from power.  It usually involves violence.  

13. Ukr. or Est., once: SSR.  Ukraine and Estonia were two of the countries that made up the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

18. Stadium toppers: DOMES.

New Orleans Superdome

22. Barrister's topper: WIG.  I am glad these are not used in American courts.

24. Local theater, briefly: NABE.  Slang for Neighborhood.

26. Bothered big-time: ATE AT.

27. Hot spot: SAUNA.  A brief history of the Sauna.

30. Swedes' neighbors: NORSE.

32. Noted 2001 bankruptcy: ENRON.  I can't believe it's been 20 years already!

33. Word in a green trio?: REUSE.

36. British landing facility: AERODROME.  Today's British English lesson.  What is the difference between an Aerodome and an Airport?

38. Sheets and pillowcases: BED LINEN.

39. Sky box?: KITE.

42. Professor's address: LECTURE.

44. Singing syllables: TRA LA.

46. Capt.'s underlings: LTs.  Captains and Lieutenants.

49. Helpers: Abbr.: ASSTs.

51. Sherpa's country: NEPAL.  Nepal has a most unusual flag.

52. Convene: MEET.

53. Carve in stone: ETCH.  The outer wall of the great Library in Alexandria, Egypt is etched with over 120 scripts and ancient alphabets.  Visiting the library is well worth the visit.

55. Colored eye part: IRIS.

Anatomy of the Eye.

56. Italian peak: ETNA.  Our friendly volcanic crossword staple, which is found in Sicily.

57. Match audio and video: SYNC.

58. Mandela's land: Abbr.: RSA.  As in the Republic of South Africa.

60. Tales of __: misfortunes: WOE.  Alas, we have come to the end of the puzzle.

Here's the Grid:



OwenKL said...

Once a COY miss named McDougall,
Fell in love, the whole kit and caboodle.
On a DATE they did DANCE,
The MOON did entrance,
And she wasn't too coy to CANOODLE!

Oh, you wouldn't call IT SIN
When he says, at last, that IT'S IN!
It took quite a tussle,
The BED LINEN to rumple,
With the fitted sheet corner at Wit's INN!

OwenKL said...

{A-, B.}

desper-otto said...

Good morning!

Finished in excellent time and didn't even hear the theme whooshing over my head. Yup, failed to read the complete reveal clue again. I thought TWINSET were those matching shirts that couples sometimes wore. Have heard of a TEA Party and DANCE Party, but never a TEA DANCE. WAR DANCE, yes, TEA DANCE, no. "Goldarn" is not the sort of thing that d-o would say -- not sufficiently colorful. You should have heard me just moments ago when Izzy clumsily knocked over my coffee cup and kicked it into my lap. Yes, it was full of hot coffee. And now my computer mouse doesn't work. [Bam!] Now it does. Thanx, Paul and Hahtoolah.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Crossword friends. Thanks, Paul for stopping by. It's always nice to "see" the constructors.

Stay warm everyone!

QOD: Slow is the fastest way to get where you want to go. ~ André De Shields (b. Jan. 12, 1946), African-American actor and choreographer

Hungry Mother said...

FIR, but took a while to find the K in ANKLES. I was thinking Monsters, Inc, and trying to think of what they do. I was also thinking URa instead of URU and struggling with the green trio. All in all, a very nice puzzle, mostly filled with wordplay.

ATLGranny said...

This was a fun and fast puzzle to solve today with a theme that was understandable. FIR. Thanks, Paul, and for coming by too. YOHOHO, the only slowdowns were ANKLES (Hi Hungry Mother) and SAUNA, but they were Aha moments which make puzzles fun. No WOs for a change. Thanks, Hahtoolah, for adding to today's enjoyment!

We all look forward to partying again when COVID is under control. We are now trying to get an appointment for the vaccine in our county. Hope you all have a productive day!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone.

Solve was mostly uneventful and quite easy. Also got hung up briefly at ANKLES; I hadn't focussed fully on WORK…… the down crossing. Realizing it had to be a 'K' finished it off. FIR.

Thanks for the intro, Hahtoolah.

Husker Gary said...

-A nice Tuesday puzzle and write-up by Susan
-You’ve got some miles on your tires if you remember this HOUSE PARTY
-A good jump on PHOBOS could carry you 12 stories high and take you 12 minutes to come down
-Not so SECRET? It turns out the Soviets had over 20 people in on the Manhattan Project
-1896 Olympics 100 meter dash - Stay in your own lane
-Maine is #10 in potato growing and Nebraska is #11
-The Arizona Diamondbacks have a DOMED stadium to stay cool and the Minneapolis Vikings have one to stay warm
-The red dashed lines on this map show that British forces passed on both side of ETNA during Operation Husky

Shankers said...

Fun and fairly fast for a PC Tuesday test. I loved the clues hopping joints and sky box. Cute and clever. After entering wordsearch at 28D andles didn't look right for 41A which quickly became ankles. Tada and woohoo for a FIR and a CSO to Misty.

Wilbur Charles said...

DANG it. I had URg then stayed with URa. So what are OTHER two thingies in Green trio?

First we have Jeff on Monday then Paul on Tuesday. Neither difficult but both requiring (unexpected) use of the brain. With amusing clues like Golfer's cry.

Owen, very clever this morning, touche. Now to visit Hahtoolah's links.


Irish Miss said...

Good Morning:

This was a nice, easy solve with a well-hidden theme. My cup of tea, thank you! My only w/o was Urg before Uru; I don’t think I’ve ever seen Uruguay abbreviated. I’ve only heard of Tea Dances in the context of a gay men’s afternoon social activity and only in Ogunquit, Maine, many years ago.I liked the Taos/Tsos and Etna/Edna duos and the double CSO to Lucina at Habit and Even Song. (Is that one word or two, Lucina?)

Thanks, Paul, for a Tuesday treat and for stopping by and thanks, Hahtoolah, for the usual sparkling, eye-popping visuals and informative commentary. My favorite picture was the Yorkie in high heels! The golf course Traps was funny, too.

Have a great day.

Bob Lee said...

It was OK. I couldn't remember how to spell Uruguay so UR- and didn't think of REuSE.

Actually, the best part of this was the final comic posted on the answer page. I laughed out load at the sideways stick figure on the trunk. (I saw a car with a decal once, "Nobody cares about your stick figure family" which made me laugh too.)

Malodorous Manatee said...

Fun puzzle that, for me, took longer than the usual time Tuesday offerings. I enjoyed having to figure out a few things. Hahtoolah's graphics were, as always, on point and amusing.

The Tide bested The OSU yesterday. Only one thing to say: Go Blue!

Anonymous said...

Great puzzle. I expected that PARTY would be the tie-in. LETO was the only unknown. Thank you, Susan, for all the wonderful links and info. OKL, the first one was A++.
My love of historical novels gave me the old fashioned TEA DANCE. IMO CANOODLE seems old fashioned too, but maybe not.
NABE seems to be well used, but I never hear or see it, except in puzzles. We don't have neighborhood theaters. Ours are mostly in shopping centers.
HOUSE PARTY reminds me of the late 50's and early 60's. We used to have many house parties on Saturday nights. We made special hors d'oeuvres and did fancy baking. Everyone dressed up.
Before we closed down for the virus I used many of those hors d'oeuvres recipes at square dance parties. This was a big hit because only a few of us brought home made goodies. The rest brought store-bought ones. Unfortunately no more dance parties or parties of any kind.
I know its not really Chinese, but I love General Tso's chicken.
As a preteen I enjoyed many of Edna Ferber's novels.
Folding a sheet a fitted sheet with four elastic corners is not that difficult, but folding one with elastic all around leaves me at wit's end, OKL.
Still have a slight fever. I hope it is gone before Thursday's vaccination.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Hangs head in shame,it's only Tuesday and DNF for one letter 🙈..... URU crossed with REUSE

The theme? Didn't make it to the party
...and I'll cry if I want to😫

Early mistake....had beddings (which I doubt is ever plural) for BEDLINENS....held up the SW for a smidge.

When a Lab and a Poodle CANOODLE you get a Labradoodle. 🐕

DEET..about the only repellent that works against the clouds of ADK spring black flies. 🦟🦟🦟🦟

YOHOHO...Santa has an infringememt of copywright lawsuit on file against piracy. Too similar to his own catchphrase. BTW ..who says NABE?

To me NORSE implies Vikings and Thor. The whole of ancient Scandinavian culture and mythology. Swedes' neighbors today are Norwegians.

Attempt by the ballcarrier to skirt around the end of the defensive line.....ENRON

Hahtoolah great write up and hilarious cartoons

Everything but the kitchIN ____ SYNC
Beatie Boys in Congress song "You Gotta Fight for the Right" _____ !! ...TWOPARTY
Mend socks with gilded thread.....GOLDARN

Irish.M...So no vaccine at all? Not even for workers at your Samaritan Hospital in Rensselaer county? So close to Albany.

Irish Miss said...

Ray O @ 10:04 ~ The no-vaccine announcement in Rensselaer County was made on the 6:00 news, but when I talked to my sister at 9:30, she informed me that she received a call from the Senior facility where she is a receptionist (now furloughed) to set up an appointment for her to get the vaccine next Wednesday. This facility is one of many under the umbrella of St. Peter’s Health Partners, which also includes Samaritan Hospital. I know Albany County has the vaccine and is even setting up mobile dispensaries to administer the it quickly. There has been so much confusion and misinformation, so who knows what’s going on. I check the SPHP website frequently, so maybe there will be an update about availability in Rensselaer county. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

If you use a mixture of DEET and NEET , you Not Only get the fleas off the Dog but also the hair off the Dog.( useful for your next hangover.)

CanadianEh! said...

I'll post this separately in case it is deleted for being political. But I don't think you all will mind an educational post to broaden your knowledge of Canada.

Can this Canadian comment on the theme without being too political? We have TWO predominant PARTies in Canada - Liberal & Conservative, plus several smaller ones ie. Bloc Québécois, New Democratic (NDP), Green. We often have winning candidates from all four of these parties especially at the federal level. Currently we have a minority government in Ottawa with the Liberals at the helm. In a minority situation, the smaller parties can have a big influence as they push for some of their ideas to be incorporated in order for their support to pass legislation. This can be good or bad (perhaps according to your political view), but does allow for a greater representation of the view of all Canadians. Fortunately during Covid, the parties have worked together (for the most part) to fight this common enemy. It is thought that the Liberals may call a spring election in the hopes of winning a majority this time.

CanadianEh! said...

Terrific Tuesday. Thanks for the fun, Paul (and for dropping by) and Hahtoolah.
I FIRed in good time and saw the TWO PARTY theme.

I thought of Sweater SET but TWIN fit.
Fortunately CITY perped because I had no idea what SLC stood for.
48A - Panache=Elan=ECLAT. Whatever fits!
My "helpers" were Aides until perps and a rereading of the clue showed me Abbr. and ASSTS.
Yes, Ray-O, I entered BEDDING and wrinkled my nose to fill the last space with an S. I was relieved when perps gave me LINEN (not Satin!?)

I did notice that we have GREENHOUSE and 33D "Word in a green trio?". Seems OK now to repeat green?
LOL, Anon@10:27

Wishing you all a great day.

CanadianEh! said...

I can count! Number of parties in my post at 10:41 should be five not four. Plus we can (and currently do) have Independent members.

Lucina said...


Thank you, Paul Coulter, for the PARTY today! Looking at your name just reminded me that I once lived on Colter Street. Oh, how the mind wanders.

EVENSONG is one word, IM, and certainly stirs up memories of chanting it every day wearing a HABIT.

Does ANYONE really say NABE?

I have no idea what is so so WORDSEARCH looked acceptable even if ANDLES didn't. I thought it might be an obscure word Paul used to confound us.

Susan, thank you for posting a picture of EDNA Ferber; I had never before seen her. In fact, thank you for all your amusing illustrations!

One of my favorite novels is The KITE Runner which takes place in Afghanistan.

A friend and I happened to be in ATHENS just before the 2004 Olympics and construction was running behind on the required venues but caused numerous traffic jams and Greek people are not known for their patience!

Actually folding a fitted sheet is an acquired skill and requires patience but few if any are now made of LINEN.

It's hard to forget the havoc caused by ENRON especially since many states invested money from retirement accounts which was of course subsequently lost. One of our former governors had the same idea to "borrow" money from those retirement accounts but luckily the board of directors nixed it.

I can never remember the names of all those MOONs so was in the dark about Phobos until NABE emerged but DNF because I had LPO instead of LBO which I should know as it's been in so many CWDS.

Thank you again, Hatoolah and Paul!

Enjoy your day, everyone!

SwampCat said...

Thanks Paul for a quick, easy, and clever Tuesday treat. Hahtoolah, Loved the pictures, specially the lighted Superdome.

I remember TEA DANCES from my long ago youth. They were usually held in the Audubon Tea Room, of course. I don’t remember any tea, however

I wanted Norwegian for NORSE too.

Owen, A+, A.

Ray - O - Sunshine said...

Canada Eh

Never understood the concept of the Canadian Queen's Privy Council

Why an advisory board in or for an outhouse?

But seriously

It's obviously difficult for you to fully explain your political system in such a small space. Amazing that the Ontario border is less than a 5 hour drive away but as in so many other cases Americans (me) have such scant knowledge of mechanics of other political systems.


Old Okie said...

This is the first puzzle I have worked in about four months, Turning 80 has got me, been in the hospital 4 times in the last few months, Hope 2021 is better than last year,
It was an interesting puzzle, got through it without much trouble, and I was proud I finished it.

Misty said...

Delightful Tuesday puzzle, Paul--many thanks. And thank you too for stopping by, and for your thoughtful comment. Hahtoolah, your pictures are just a treat, and, like Irish Miss, I too found the Yorkie in high heels my favorite.

Many fun moments in this puzzle, like TRALA and YOHOHO. Cute to see OTHER on top of ANYONE.

Enjoyed your poems, Owen.

Thank you for the mention, Shankers.

Welcome back, Old Okie, and hope you'll have a healthier and better year coming up.

Have a good week, everybody.

Wendybird said...

Good puzzle , as Paul’s always are.

I thought Ken Jennings did a great job on Jeopardy last night. Of course, Alex is irreplaceable, but Ken struck the right note of revering Alex while managing the pace and tone of the game with humor and empathy.

Jack and I are recovering from Covid. We got a fairly light “hit”, thanks to getting an infusion of monoclonal antibodies. We feel very lucky!

Stay safe, everyone.

Wendybird said...

Good puzzle , as Paul’s always are.

I thought Ken Jennings did a great job on Jeopardy last night. Of course, Alex is irreplaceable, but Ken struck the right note of revering Alex while managing the pace and tone of the game with humor and empathy.

Jack and I are recovering from Covid. We got a fairly light “hit”, thanks to getting an infusion of monoclonal antibodies. We feel very lucky!

Stay safe, everyone.

oc4beach said...

An enjoyable Paul Coulter puzzle today and Susan's romp through the grid 'splained the things I didn't know, like the theme. Plus her cartoons were fun.

Only real hangup was Uruguay. Had the UR_ but wasn't sure of the rest of the abbreviation.

Today is National Glazed Doughnut day. Maybe we should all go out to get some.

Paul, are you still trying to become a Jeopardy contestant? I hope so. We'll see how Ken Jennings, Katie Couric and the others make out as guest hosts.

Have a great day everyone, and please wear your masks.

LEO III said...

Very nice Tuesday puzzle. Thanks Paul, and thanks for stopping by the Corner. Very nice expo, Hahtoolah.

FIR, in pretty good time for me. Even remembered to look for the theme. As with others, my potential hangup was URU/REUSE. I had originally entered URG (the only abbreviation for Uruguay I’ve ever seen), but I knew REGSE couldn’t be correct, so I left it until everything else was finished. Finally understood the meaning on the clue in 33D, so REUSE became obvious.

Yes, HG, I have enough miles on the tires.

And the other golfer’s cry is, “This is going to cost me at the 19th hole!”

Hole-in-One Traditions

Paul Coulter said...

Glad everyone enjoyed the puzzle. Thanks to Rich, I'm back twice more this month.

oc4beach - yes, still trying, but the odds for any particular applicant to get a Jeopardy spot are slim. I watched Ken Jennings last night, too, and I agree with WendyBird he did an excellent job.

Chairman Moe said...

Puzzling thoughts:

Thanks Paul and Susan. Quite enjoyable puzzle and recap!

I had TEA PARTY/TEA DANCE and BEDDINGS/BED LINEN. I never figured out the reveal until it smacked me in head when I finished the puzzle

From the archives:

Woman quit smoking
Before becoming a Nun.
You could say she gave up one
HABIT, for another ...

desper-otto said...

LEO III, were you able to see Husker's "House Party" link? All I get is Error 403

WendyBird, good to hear that you and Jack got only a "light hit." I got my first jab this morning; 2nd scheduled in 3-1/2 weeks.

NaomiZ said...

Paul, this was an excellent puzzle. Actors' names are my Kryptonite: I had Jared LEnO instead of LETO, and put a big question mark next to "Sky box" KInE. FIW! Thanks, Hahtoolah, for figuring it all out and explaining. I know Rich fine tunes the clues. What is Joyce's role? I suspect it is crucial but unsung.

AnonymousPVX said...

A nice Wednesday grid from PC.

But I must agree, I’ve never heard anyone say “NABE” at any time for any reason.

Whoever does the checking for “illegal” posts ought to take a look at the last 2 from yesterday. Really.

Stay safe.

Jayce said...

I liked this puzzle. Last cell to fill was the U crossing URU and REUSE.

Lemonade714 said...

Once again Paul delivers entertainment and comes by to discuss the puzzle with us. Awesome, the puzzle was a treat and your visits are great. Now explain to me why TREAT and GREAT do not rhyme and I will be a happy camper.

Oo and I joined the Pfizer brigade and received our initial stick today - no side effects.

Time for some new grandkids pics, Paul...

LEO III said...

desper-otto -- Yes, I was able to follow the link:

Sorry for the delay. I just got back on the computer. Been out looking for printer cartridges. Found enough to get me by for awhile. With all these peeps working from home, they are hard to come by. Had to get the color cartridges at Best Buy, and the black ones at Sam's.

TTP said...


I intended to respond earlier, but got distracted.

A couple of years ago, someone else asked about Joyce. C.C. provided a copy of of Rich's response from when she asked him back in 2010:

"Joyce was LA Times puzzle editor long before I arrived. I began working with her 10 years ago, at which time we shared editing responsibilities. She's now retired, though we do talk regularly about the puzzles. I do all the editing, and she's among the professionals who check my work. Her name remains on the byline in recognition of her years of service to the LAT Crossword."

Unknown said...

Paul, how nice that you dropped by. Enjoyed your puzzle, but DNF due to nabe crossing IBO.

Hatoolah, it is always a treat to read and see your review. It must take you hours , so I continue to thank you. I should hang a giant placard around my neck to tell me to SLOW DOWN. The only thing that I do slowly is the puzzle, so that is one reason why I rarely write.

Evensong😇...I heard vespers sung every evening by the Dominican nuns who I was privileged to have as my teachers in h.s.

Wendybird, happy to hear that you and Paul are recovering. I agree with your thoughts about Ken Jennings first night on Jeopardy. His pace was a tad faster, but he spent a little more time with the contestants. I just finished Alex Trebek’s memoir. There was so much we did not know about this decent humanitarian.

Unknown said...

I wonder why it said I was unknown. I know my account is in there. I’m JD.

Lemonade714 said...

I know they do not rhyme, but why not? EAT-TREAT-SEAT-BEAT-HEAT GREAT?

Ol' Man Keith said...

Lemonade ~
I'm lost too, apparently along with Wilbur.
Why are you asking why all those words don't rhyme--when they in fact do, all except GREAT.
I hope there's a riddle in there.

Anonymous T said...

Hi All!

Wasn't sure I was going to pull this one out: 46a - LE-- and 50a --NA with no idea what an AER--ROME would be. Once KITE went in wagging the O for AERO made sense and, since we already had ETNA, went with a D. Not quite a hole-in one but I'll take it.

Thanks Paul for the puzzle; cute theme. Thanks for stopping by the corner.

Great Expo Hahtoolah - the last comic was so funny I shared with DW.

WO: BEDdings -> BED LINEN (Hi RayO & C, EH!)
ESPs: [see intro], URU, CITY as clued.
Fav: IT'S IN [the hole].

{A, B+}
It was going to be RAY-O, OKL, or C.Moe that was going to do a HABIT pun :-)
No backstory but I like the anagram OMK.

Welcome back Old Okie. Sorry to hear about your health issues. Stay strong.

You too WindyBird. Glad to know you're better.

D-O: we were on the same wrong page with TWIN-SET.

C, Eh! - So how does it come out that things aren't dominated by two parties? Ranked voting? //note: Google later.

Thanks for clearing up EVENSONG Lucina. I knew (used it for recruiting before) but I've never heard of WORK Search, Job search, sure but not the former.

We took Youngest for a Covid test this morning - she may have been exposed at dance pictures Saturday morning and she slept all day yesterday. That pushed my scheduled physical at least two weeks (gives me time to study :-))

Cheers, -T

Lucina said...

Yes, I'm glad you are going to study for your physical test! I expect you'll ace it.

EVENSONG is actually called Vespers. I haven't expanded on it before but all that praying is actually a collection of psalms called Matins, Lauds Vespers, Compline and Prime. Originally of course they were chanted in Latin and if anyone is interested recordings by the Trappist monks and others are available and provide beautiful listening. Hmmm. I had not thought of it but they might be available on You Tube. Many chapels/churches were designed with good acoustics because of that daily ritual.

TTP said...

No Politics.