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Jan 9, 2018

Tuesday, January 9, 2018 ~ Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme: TCOB - "Taking Care of Buisness"

17A. *Crimes of violence, e.g.: SERIOUS OFFENSES. Serious business.

23A. *Jungle gym: MONKEY BARS. Monkey business.

37A. *Not-so-humorous humerus spot: FUNNY BONE. Funny business.

54A. *Young boy's role model: BIG BROTHER. Big business.

61A. Fledgling enterprise ... and what the first word of the answers to starred clues can literally do: START-UP BUSINESS

Former businessman Argyle here. Great puzzle from Bruce and Gail. Two spanners and triple seven letter columns in all the corners. A few nuggets to crunch on.


1. Groups of orcas: PODs

5. Quaint "Holy moly!": "EGAD!"

9. Teases: JIVES. 1928, "to deceive playfully", like gibe but not as mean.

14. Scott Turow memoir: ONE L. Crossword staple, "The Turbulent True Story of a First Year at Harvard Law School"

15. Stubborn critter: MULE

16. Calendario page: ENERO. Spanish for this month, the one named after Janus.

20. School sport, or its setting: TRACK

21. Inheritance recipient: HEIR

22. "Singin' in the Rain" dance style: TAP. What a production number! I found this tidbit: "The title number, filmed on a street set two blocks long on the MGM backlot, took seven days to film, with six hours of fake rain each day. The water was mixed with milk to make it show better on camera, but the mixture made Kelly’s wool suit shrink. The perpetually drenched Kelly had a bad cold and fever the whole time. Dancers Gwen Verdon, Jeanne Coyne, and Carol Haney dubbed Kelly’s tap sounds and splashing noises in post-production." >Huffington Post<


26. Operatic princess: "AIDA". Verdi opera.

27. Mo. with no holidays: AUG. (August) But there are some observances. Link

28. Patriotic org. since 1890: DAR. (Daughters of the American Revolution)

29. Lightly colored: TINGED

31. Fraction of a min.: NSEC. (nanosecond) A very small fraction of a minute, I'd say.

33. Go quickly: RUSH

36. Golden __: seniors: AGERS

40. Formal will?: SHALL. A small misdirection, following 'seniors'.

43. Trampled (on): TROD

44. Doesn't keep up: LAGS

48. Lightweight straw hat: PANAMA

50. Swiffer product: MOP. Any personal reviews?

52. Divide before the deal: CUT

53. Departure notice?: OBIT

58. Game with matchsticks: NIMLink

59. "Catch a Falling Star" singer Perry: COMO

60. Verdi opera "__ Miller": LUISA. Not seen here nearly as much,if at all, as "Aida". Wiki link.

65. __ limits: extremes: OUTER

66. The life of Riley: EASE

67. Folk singer Burl: IVES. Too late for one of his many Christmas songs.

68. Snorkeling spots: REEFs

69. Inventor's spark: IDEA

70. Formally surrender: CEDE


1. One who "rings twice," in an old film: POSTMAN. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1946 film) A short clip.

2. Burdensome: ONEROUS

3. Drive up the wall: DERANGE

4. Smooth-talking: SLICK

5. Avian Aussie: EMU

6. Astronaut Grissom: GUS

7. "Welcome to Oahu!": "ALOHA!"

8. Schedule for later: DEFER

9. Boo and hiss: JEER

10. Stopover with a "keeper": INN

11. Slight trace: VESTIGE

12. Barnes &amp; Noble Nook, for one: E-READER

13. Steel wool scrubbers: S.O.S PADS

18. Gave one's blessing to: OKed

19. It may be pumped in victory: FIST

24. Knitting need: YARN

25. Full force: BRUNT

26. Well-behaved tot: ANGEL

30. English golfer Poulter: IAN. Leaving no doubt he's English.

32. Key equivalent to B: C FLAT

34. Damascus is its cap.: SYR. (Syria)

35. Weapon in a 1952 test: H-BOMB

38. Einstein's birth city: ULM

39. Baking-soda-in-the-fridge target: ODOR

40. One buying time, perhaps: SPONSOR

41. Regular patron: HABITUÉ

42. Bring to life, as cartoons: ANIMATE

45. Accomplish: ACHIEVE

46. Acted desperately on "Jeopardy!," perhaps: GUESSED

47. German street: STRASSE

49. "__ Ben Adhem": ABOU

51. __ sci: POLI

55. Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect: I.M. PEI

56. Spoil: GO BAD

57. Roman garment of yore: TUNIC

59. NBA big men: Abbr.: CTRs. (centers)

62. Whistler between baskets: REF

63. Take advantage of: USE

64. Beach house view: SEA


Sep 11, 2017

Monday, September 11, 2017 ~ Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Florida - WATERLOGGED ... prescience?

17A. 24-hour broadcaster that keeps you up-to-date: NEWS CHANNEL

23A. Music from Glenn Miller, Tommy Dorsey et al.: BIG BAND SOUND

39A. Ship's area for medical assistance: SICK BAY

50A. Singer dubbed "King of Country": GEORGE STRAIT

62A. Saturated like the ends of 17-, 23-, 39- and 50-Across?: WATERLOGGED

Argyle here, high and dry. Wide-open grid. The reveal feels a little off for coastal features usually filled with water all the time anyway. No, I don't have a better idea.


1. Amount to: COST

5. Evening affair: SOIRÉE

11. Cavern critter: BAT

14. Clarinet cousin: OBOE

15. Many charity golf tournaments: PRO-AMs

16. Wall St. specialist: ARB. (arbitrager)

19. CBS police series with three spin-offs: CSI. (Crime Scene Investigation)

20. Moog, briefly: SYNTH. (synthesizer: electronic musical instrument)

21. Detroit NFLer: LION. Are you ready for some football?

22. Hershey's toffee bar: SKOR. Crossword favorite.

26. Chintzy: CHEAPO

29. Type of waste pump: SUMP. Waterlogged, I'm afraid.

30. Buyer's financing: LOAN

31. Army installation: BASE

35. Last Marx brother, alphabetically: ZEPPO. Herbert Manfred Marx, youngest of the Marx Brothers

38. Well-suited: APT

41. Spy novelist Deighton: LEN

42. Bette's "Divine" nickname: MISS 'M'. (Midler)

44. Bills at bars: TABS

45. Almanac tidbit: FACT

46. Long-running dispute: FEUD

48. Braggart's retort: "I CAN SO!"

55. Doctor Zhivago's love: LARA

56. Island band The __ Men: BAHA. Waterlogged Bahamian band?

57. Garlicky mayo: AIOLI. I like it.

61. Musician's suffix: IST

64. Lawn coating: DEW

65. Exercise pieces: ETUDEs

66. Russian range or river: URAL

67. Symphonic gp. inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2017: ELO. (Electric Light Orchestra)

68. Head out: DEPART

69. Start of a choosing rhyme: EENY


1. Pen occupants: CONS. Incarcerated.

2. Do what's asked: OBEY

3. Scattered, as seeds: SOWN

4. Nuclear restraint topic: TEST BAN

5. Globe shape: Abbr.: SPH. (Sphere)

6. Dental care brand: ORAL-B

7. Ancient Aegean land: IONIA

8. Talked nonstop: RAN ON

9. Removes errors from: EMENDs

10. Bilingual subj.: ESL. (English as a Second Language)

11. "Just in case" strategy: BACK-UP PLAN

12. Fiery crime: ARSON

13. "Fun, Fun, Fun" car in a 1960s song: T-BIRD

18. Greenside golf shot: CHIP

22. "Win __, lose ... ": SOME

24. Mongolian desert: GOBI

25. Postwar supermodel Parker: SUZY

26. Mollusk in a red or white linguine sauce: CLAM

27. Arizona native: HOPI

28. Consumes enough to nourish mother and unborn child: EATS FOR TWO

32. Play a part: ACT

33. Calypso cousin: SKA

34. Recede, as the tide: EBB

36. Lats relatives: PECS. (Latissimi dorsi and pectoralis major muscles)

37. Not fooled by: ON TO

39. Highly self-satisfied: SMUG

40. Singapore's continent: ASIA

43. Blood bank supply: SERA

45. Exhaustion: FATIGUE

47. Candidates' face-off: DEBATE

49. "So long, Paulo!": "CIAO!"

50. Soar without effort: GLIDE

51. Painter's stand: EASEL

52. Stopped slouching: SAT UP

53. Silents star Bara: THEDA

54. Not as prevalent: RARER

58. Kid lit monster: OGRE

59. Low-fat: LEAN

60. In an aimless fashion: IDLY

62. Married: WED

63. WWII carrier: LST. (Landing Ship, Tank)


Note from C.C.:

Happy Birthday to dear Husker Gary, from whom I learned what patience, compassion and creativity are. Thanks for being here for us, Gary!

Gary and Joann, June 25, 2017

Aug 14, 2017

Monday, August 14, 2017 ~ Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Bookends - Same letters at start and end of theme entries.

65A. Wander aimlessly ... and a hint to a divided word in the answers to starred clues: BUM AROUND

17A. *Half a percussion pair: BONGO DRUM

24A. *Fill-in-the-blanks agreement, e.g.: BUSINESS FORM

34A. *Cake soaked in alcoholic syrup: BABA AU RHUM

44A. *Brand for bubble blowers: BAZOOKA GUM

52A. *Security device that may be silent: BURGLAR ALARM

Argyle here. A lot of entries for a Monday but little trouble. Gotta love a puzzle with FONZARELLI.


1. Rifle range rounds: AMMO

5. Rainfall measure: INCH. Lately, that should be plural.

9. Transitional state: LIMBO

14. Bread buy: LOAF

15. NYC area above Houston Street: NOHO. Not as famous as SOHO.

16. Hunter constellation: ORION

19. "__ bleu!": SACRÉ

20. From India, say: ASIAN

21. Civil uprising: RIOT

23. Account exec: REP. (representative)

28. Post-WWII feminine flier: WAF. Women in the Air Force (WAF), organized in 1948 and active until 1976.

31. Small swallow: SIP. No, not a bird.

32. __ bubbles: SOAP

33. Bigheadedness: EGO

39. Cake pan trademark: BUNDT

42. Zilch: NIL

43. Africa's Sierra __: LEONE

47. Trivial point: NIT

48. Yet again: ANEW

49. High-arcing tennis shot: LOB

51. Purported UFO fliers: ETs. (Extra-Terrestrial)

57. Opposite of WNW: ESE

58. __ about: roughly: ON OR

59. Soothed: EASED

63. Golf analyst Nick: FALDO

68. Get ready to compete, bodybuilder-style: OIL UP

69. Parting words?: OBIT. (Obituary)

70. Actress Hayworth: RITA

National Screen Heritage Award of the National Film Society (1978)

71. Crisscross frameworks: GRIDS. The answer is right there in front of us!

72. London gallery: TATE

73. __-bitsy: ITSY


1. Actress Jessica: ALBA

2. Cattle chorus: MOOs

3. Salon service with a pedi: MANI. (pedicure/manicure)

4. Gift __: chattiness: OF GAB

5. Hoosier St.: IND. (Indiana)

6. Here-there link: NOR

7. Butter-making device: CHURN. I found one like this in our horse barn.
8. Bro: HOMIE

9. One in need of spiritual guidance: LOST SOUL

10. Gershwin brother: IRA

11. Emcee's need: MICROPHONE

12. Destructive insect: BORER

13. Hr. after noon: ONE PM

18. Burden: ONUS

22. Mount of Greek myth: OSSA. In Greek mythology, the Aloadaes attempted to pile Mount Pelion on top of Mount Ossa in an attempt to scale Mount Olympus.

25. Bro, to a sis: SIB. (sibling)

26. "Brusha, brusha, brusha" toothpaste: IPANA

27. Cab ride price: FARE

28. Jack of "Dragnet": WEBB

Jack Webb Harry Morgan Dragnet 1968

29. Water, to Juan: AGUA

30. Full last name of a "Happy Days" cool dude: FONZARELLI

35. Gargantuan: BIG

36. __ in the conversation: A LULL

37. Self-storage compartment: UNIT

38. Citi Field team: METS. The New York Mets, National League East division.

40. Doorbell sound: "DONG!" (the DING! is broken.)

41. Figure skating jumps: TOE LOOPS

45. Nine-time U.S. skating champ Michelle: KWAN

46. Extinct emu-like bird: MOA

50. Uncle Remus rabbit's title: BR'ER

52. Confuse: BEFOG

53. TWA competitor: USAIR. Both names are no longer in use.

54. Many a modern assembly-line worker: ROBOT

55. Caribbean resort isle: ARUBA

56. New Zealand settler: MAORI. What they think of us? Pic

60. Hearts or clubs: SUIT

61. Sinus docs: ENTs. (ears, nose, throat)

62. WWII turning point: D-DAY. June 6, 1944.

64. Defective firecracker: DUD

66. Cambridge univ.: MIT. (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)

67. Munched on: ATE


Jun 26, 2017

Monday, June 26, 2017 Bruce Venzke & Gail Grabowski

Theme: No Reveal Monday - B(vowel progression)TT

17A. Cellphone revitalizers: BATTERY CHARGERS

23A. Cake mix giant: BETTY CROCKER

36A. Confection not as sweet as the "milk" variety: BITTER CHOCOLATE

48A. Lowest dresser compartment: BOTTOM DRAWER

57A. Affectionate touches with one's lashes: BUTTERFLY KISSES

Argyle here. While the theme may be simple, the execution is not. Three grid spanning entries and two 12's, all in the language, makes it a worthy Monday puzzle.


1. Cars for stars: LIMOs

6. Vagabond: TRAMP

11. Clock setting for MI and MO: CST. Four counties of the Upper Peninsula in
Michigan and all of Missouri are in Central Standard Time Zone.

14. Go through entirely: USE UP

15. Riveter painted by Rockwell: ROSIE

16. Grazing area: LEA

20. Looker that's usually blue or brown: EYE

21. "Ring around the collar" detergent: WISK

22. Hard-to-resist impulse: URGE

27. Falls back: RECEDES

30. Driver's protest: HONK

31. Japanese soup noodle: UDON

32. Electrical unit: WATT

33. One dressing to be noticed: FOP

41. Muddy barnyard abode: STY

42. Fashion's Chanel: COCO

43. App symbol: ICON

44. Moccasin or loafer: SHOE

45. Tranquilizes: SEDATES

52. New Balance competitor: AVIA

53. USAF truant: AWOL

54. Alien crew in sci-fi films: ETs

62. Right-angle shape: ELL

63. Writer Zora __ Hurston: NEALE

64. Singing sensation Boyle: SUSAN. Where is she now?

65. Take notice of: SEE

66. Lustful deity: SATYR

67. Perot of politics: H. ROSS

1. Job with an oil change: LUBE

2. Dr. Watson outburst: "I SAY!"

3. Parcel (out): METE

4. So last week: OUT

5. Gushed: SPEWED

6. On-the-sly romantic meetings: TRYSTs. With a SATYR?

7. Like much of Maine's coastline: ROCKY

8. Volcanic debris: ASH

9. Actress Farrow: MIA

10. In accordance with: PER

11. Court assistant: CLERK

12. Twilled fabric: SERGE

13. Law enforcement shocker: TASER

18. Ceremonial act: RITE

19. Oozy stuff: GUCK. I wanted GUNK.

23. Flexed: BENT

24. Bush Labor secretary Elaine: CHAO

25. Campus mil. group: ROTC. (Reserve Officers' Training Corps)

26. Aware of, as a scheme: ON TO

27. Barbecue coatings: RUBS

28. Work on a script: EDIT

29. Cosmetics giant: COTY

32. Reporter's question: WHO

33. Fiction's opposite: FACT

34. Oklahoma tribe: OTOE

35. Will-signing needs: PENS

37. Empty hallway sound: ECHO

38. Floor plan division: ROOM

39. Sent a dupe letter to: CCed

40. "You made that up!": LIAR

44. PDQ, in the ICU: STAT

45. Finn's friend: SAWYER

46. Furry "Star Wars" creature: EWOK

47. "Yum!": "DELISH!". A Rachael Ray comment.

48. Innocent sorts: BABES

49. Seed-to-be: OVULE

50. Book name: TITLE

51. Good news on Wall Street: RALLY

54. Canadian gas sign: ESSO

55. Tetley products: TEAs

56. Bank acct. IDs: SSNs. (Social Security number)

58. Chekov's "Star Trek" rank: Abbr.: ENS. (Ensign)

59. Actor Stephen: REA

60. Budgetary excesses: FAT

61. California's Big __: SUR


May 29, 2017

Monday, May 29, 2017 Gail Grabowski & Bruce Venzke

Theme: Parse the Reveal - Parse it correctly and you'll have the theme.

17A. Corporate world meal: POWER LUNCH

31A. Instruction on a Steinway: PIANO LESSON

48A. Political head: PARTY LEADER

65A. "The Maltese Falcon" actor: PETER LORRE

73A. CFO's monetary report, and a hint to this puzzle's four longest answers: P AND L. A profit and loss statement.

Argyle here and a couple of our regular Monday constructors.


1. Corrosive compounds: ACIDS

6. Dog in "The Thin Man" mysteries: ASTA. 1935 -1947 The movie series. 1957–1959 Two seasons on television.

10. Pork serving: CHOP

14. Heath-covered wastelands: MOORS.

15. Fish tempter: BAIT

16. What the little hand shows: HOUR. Digital kid, "What are hands?"

19. Otherwise: ELSE

20. Guys-only gathering: STAG

21. Lawyer: Abbr.: ATT. (attorney)

22. Artificial: ERSATZ. German Ersatz: a substitute.

24. Took a load off: SAT

26. Helps with the holdup: ABETS

28. Manning of the NFL's Giants: ELI. He was drafted as the first overall pick in the 2004 NFL Draft by the San Diego Chargers and immediately traded to the Giants. - Wiki.

36. Four times a day, in an Rx: QID. Latin, quater in die.

37. Early Peruvians: INCAS

38. Continental cash: EURO

39. Turn loose: UNLEASH

41. Fry cook's woe: SPATTER

44. Light bulb, in comics: IDEA

45. Motionless: INERT

47. CD-__: ROM. A Compact Disc used as a Read-Only optical Memory.

51. Obstinate beast: ASS

52. Back of the boat: STERN

53. Sky safety org.: FAA. (Federal Aviation Administration)

55. Historic Spanish fleet: ARMADA

58. Eden dweller: EVE

60. Rope source: HEMP

64. Aretha's genre: SOUL

68. Voice below soprano: ALTO

69. Defib specialists: EMTS. Defibrillation/Emergency Medical Technician

70. Disney mermaid: ARIEL

71. Burns or Byron: POET

72. Pair of performers: DUET


1. Bandstand boosters: AMPS

2. Small water bird: COOT

3. Nebraska neighbor: IOWA

4. Bottom-of-the-barrel stuff: DREGS

5. Ukr. or Lith., once: SSR. (Soviet Socialist Republic)

6. Touch the edge of: ABUT

7. "Oye Como Va" group: SANTANA

8. "__-Tac-Dough": TV game show: TIC

9. Walking obediently, as a dog: AT HEEL

10. 32 pieces and a game board: CHESS SET

11. Havana "Hi!": "¡HOLA!"

12. Force out: OUST

13. Chief exec: PREZ. Shortened forms.

18. Ancient Romans: LATINs

23. FedEx assignment: Abbr.: RTE. (route)

25. Capital of Samoa: APIA

27. Ordered (around): BOSSED

28. Provide with gear: EQUIP

29. Singer Ronstadt: LINDA

30. Thumb twiddler: IDLER

32. More in need of a rubdown: ACHIER

33. Kama __: Hindu love guide: SUTRA

34. Tiered cookies: OREOs

35. Societal expectations: NORMS

40. Reacts to being ravenous: EATS A LOT

42. Like better: PREFER

43. Big name in razors: ATRA

46. "No, No" Broadway gal: NANETTE

49. Since Jan. 1, on pay stubs: YTD. (Year To Date)

50. Jumped: LEAPED

54. Now, in Nogales: AHORA. Mexican state of Sonora or US state of Arizona, they abut.

55. Rush job letters: ASAP. (as soon as possible)

56. Caramel candy brand: ROLO

57. Volume-off button: MUTE

59. Flak jacket, e.g.: VEST

61. Whistle-blowing Brockovich: ERIN. Subject of 2000 film bearing her name.

62. Talking TV palomino: MR. ED. Yes, it is "Mister Ed" but TV is television.

63. __-mell: disorderly: PELL

66. Outback avian: EMU

67. Once around the track: LAP. Or what is formed from 24-Across.


Apr 24, 2017

Monday, April 24, 2017 Gail Grabowski and Bruce Venzke

Theme: Reveal Monday - And a darn good thing.

17A. Sheet for plotting in math class: GRAPH PAPER. Autograph.

35A. Gridiron pass-defense scheme: ZONE COVERAGE. AutoZone. (car parts store)

42A. TV series starter: PILOT EPISODE. Autopilot.

64A. Market research target: FOCUS GROUP. Autofocus. (camera feature)

50D. Running by itself, and where the first words of 17-, 35-, 42- and 64-Across can be placed: ON AUTO

Argyle here. Textbook Monday. Very enjoyable.


1. Keebler cracker: ZESTA. Original Saltine Crackers.

6. Hotel employee: MAID

10. Consequently: THUS

14. Reference containing insets: ATLAS

15. Big name in luxury hotels: OMNI

16. What some hogs hog, with "the": ROAD

19. Rich rocks: OREs

20. Added to the collection plate: GAVE

21. Scrutinizes: INSPECTS

23. Menlo Park inventor: EDISON. Thomas Alva Edison, "The Wizard of Menlo Park".

25. Fort Worth sch.: TCU. (Texas Christian University)

26. Prohibition __: ERA

29. Advent mo.: DEC.. Advent, the period beginning four Sundays before Christmas.

30. Silent approvals: NODS

33. Author Capote: TRUMAN

37. Brand for Fido: ALPO

40. Misspell or misspeak: ERR

41. Nibble (on): GNAW

47. Points a finger at: BLAMES. Point a finger at Fido and he may gnaw on it.

48. Decant: POUR

49. Soft slip-on: MOC. (moccasin) Tonto has his mocs on but the Masked Man is John Hart.

52. Traditional Asian sauce base: SOY

53. Seventh Greek letter: ETA

55. One-named Tejano singer: SELENA

57. Eggs __: brunch dish: BENEDICT

61. General Bradley: OMAR

62. Object of adoration: IDOL

66. Door openers: KEYS

67. Provide a fake alibi for, say: ABET

68. Come together: UNITE

69. Minimal effort: EASE

70. Storied loch: NESS

71. Mystic's deck: TAROT


1. Took a sharp turn: ZAGGED right after zigged.

2. Online financial site: E-TRADE

3. Like Croats and Serbs: SLAVIC

4. Carton sealers: TAPES

5. Volcanic debris: ASH

6. Reaction to a bad pun: MOAN

7. Miami Sound Machine sound machines: AMPS. 44D. "Coming Out of the Dark" singer Gloria: ESTEFAN. Song history. The song(4:06).

8. Klutzy: INEPT

9. Dish Network competitor: DIRECTV

10. Jogger's pace: TROT

11. Member of the Apocalypse quartet: HORSEMAN. All four are horsemen. War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death.

12. Abu Dhabi's fed.: UAE.(United Arab Emirates)

13. Militant '60s campus org.: SDS. (Students for a Democratic Society)

18. Attach, as a name tag: PIN ON

22. Restore to health: CURE

24. Tokyo-born Yoko: ONO

27. Hindu melody: RAGA

28. From the beginning: ANEW

31. Like the diving-board end of the pool: DEEP

32. Rx, for short: SCRIP. No tee.

34. Hard-to-resist impulse: URGE

35. Go like heck: [ZOOM!]

36. Estimate words: OR SO

37. BOLO equivalents: APBs. "Be On the LookOut"/"All Points Bulletin" sent to LEOs, "Law Enforcement Officers"

38. Disney's "__ & Stitch": LILO

39. Don Juans: PLAYBOYS

43. Many a manga fan: TEEN. Manga are comics created in Japan.

45. Expels by force: OUSTS

46. Dr. with Grammys: DRE

49. Life story: MEMOIR

51. "Magic" transport: CARPET

54. Photoshop maker: ADOBE

56. Doone of fiction: LORNA

58. Otherwise: ELSE

59. Puts frosting on: ICES

60. Scissors snips: CUTS

62. Cold War prez: IKE

63. Org. busting dealers: DEA. (Drug Enforcement Administration)

65. __ reaction: instinctive feeling: GUT


Mar 18, 2017

Saturday, Mar 18th, 2017, Bruce Venzke

Theme: None

Words: 72 (missing F,J,Y,Z)

Blocks: 34

 Two constructors in a row named Bruce - a little over one year since our last Bruce Venzke Saturday puzzle, and another tough start to for me, but with only one cheat, I was able to get it finished, and within my personal allotted time.  Got deceived by the "easy" four-letter NW corner, and was unable to get any traction there - though I did have an inkling about what 1a was supposed to be.  My down run in the NE was quick, and that helped open up the grid.  Just the triple 10-letter corners and two 8-letter fills for the long answers today;

18a. Sharper : SCAM ARTIST - ah, new definition for me

25a. Showman named Phineas : P.T. BARNUM

47a. Disgruntled fans, slangily : BOO BIRDS

ahh, hockey fans....

65. Windows alternatives : AISLE SEATS - ah, planes, not computers.  Firefox has dropped support for Windows XP, which is tragic, since I think it was the best version of the software - now I have to buy a new computer....



 1. Cleaning up a mess? : ON K.P. - I was thinking KP, but duty, not the other way around

5. Overcomes, as adversity : RISES ABOVE

15. River to the Laptev Sea : LENA

16. Beset by dire circumstances : IN EXTREMIS

17. Reach new heights : GROW - I am in Delaware this weekend to work out the details of getting three board games into production with my buddy's games company - I hope to reach new heights with them

19. Publication for pitchers? : ADWEEK

21. Paid : REMITTED

22. "I have a lady in the balcony" old radio/TV quiz show : Dr. I.Q. - the Wiki

24. Binge-watcher's aid : TiVO

29. Butterflies : NERVES

33. __ room : CHAT

34. Largest Italian lake : GARDA - my cheat

36. __ Valley, Calif. : SIMI - or NAPA~?

37. Court judgment : LET - tennis, not legal

38. Metaphorical social barrier : ICE - yeah, I need some work on my "ice breakers"

39. Salon substance : GEL - or DYE~? had to wait

40. They might be about nothing : ADOs

42. Gather in a mass : CLUMP

44. Self-named 1954 or 1964 jazz album : MONK - good WAG.  Thelonious

45. Expel : BANISH

49. Novelist O'Flaherty : LIAM

51. X-Ray __: U.K. punk band : SPEX

52. Socrates or Plato : ATHENIAN

56. Meditative discipline : TAI CHI

60. Agenda : THINGS TO DO - my list of 'things to do' is way too long - and I still haven't had the chance to wash and wax the new caravan~!

62. Kennebunk-based personal care products brand, familiarly : TOM'S - new to me; here's the website

63. Old crate : RATTLETRAP

64. Noodle bar order : UDON - filled via perps

66. Shady time, for some : PAST - mine contains 15 years of "wreckage": W. Charles - I know what the L.E.B.F.T. stands for~!


1. Wife of Igor of Kiev : OLGA - yeah, not too vague....

2. Socially awkward type : NERD

3. Recognize : KNOW

4. Handled carelessly : PAWED AT

5. Putting in jeopardy : RISKING

6. Like many beginners' piano pieces : IN C - all white keys, no sharps or flats

7. Burn slightly : SEAR

8. Keith Hernandez, e.g. : EX-MET - this one was in my wheelhouse

9. Marathoner's need : STAMINA

10. Succeed big-time : ARRIVE

11. Pool habitués : BETTORS - like football boxes, not swimming

12. Leave off : OMIT

13. It has two jaws : VISE

14. Storefront sign abbr. : EST'D

20. Miss an easy spare, say : ERR - ah, bowling....

23. Bobwhite, e.g. : QUAIL - a gimme once the "Q" appeared

25. Classroom with mice : PC LAB - computer mouse, that is

26. Old-time screen vamp Bara : THEDA

27. Track bar : BATON

28. Ernie Banks' sobriquet : Mr. CUB

30. Intensity : VIGOR

31. Fix, as copy : EMEND

32. Track apparel : SILKS - horse racing; I was thinking about running - sweats or sneak(er)s

35. Teaching methods : DEMOS

41. A quarter of a half? : SILENT L - clever

42. Some recliners : CHAISES - another kind of "recliner"

43. Beer openers : POP-TOPS

44. Scrap : MIX IT UP - ah, the fighting and not recycling kind of scrap

46. One of Pete Rose's record 3,215 : SINGLE

48. '80s-'90s co-star with Betty, Rue and Estelle : BEA

50. Far from shiny : MATTE - I refinished the floors at one of the restaurants - in gloss, not matte - came out great, but need to go back and do a buff and re-coat this coming week

52. First razor with a pivoting head : ATRA

53. Chiang Mai native : THAI - semi dupe with "Tai-Chi"

54. Battleship goals : HITS - "you sank my battleship~!"

55. Myrna's role in "The Thin Man" : NORA

57. Musical closing : CODA - and the title of Led Zeppelin's last album

58. Managed care gps. : HMOs

59. Exists no more : ISN'T

61. Brooklynese pronoun : DAT - oops, not "DEM"