Jun 16, 2012

Saturday, Jun16th, 2012, Brad Wilber

Theme: None

Words: 68

Blocks: 32

All I can say is - deceptive. Mr. Wilber gives us a grid that seems 'middle-of-the-week" in nature, yet without too much obscurity, it still managed to beat me up pretty good - but I am a better solver for it~! 6 cheater squares, but only one "answer of expanse", the 13-letter:

36A. Junk food, to a nutritionist : EMPTY CALORIES - which I nailed - just happened to be talking about this earlier in the week with a friend; he said yogurt is not very filling

crossing -

21D. Shudder-inducing nature, in modern slang : ICK FACTOR - which I got, too, because I think it's from my generation's language - though your kids might know it....

- and now to show you where I botched this one up pretty good....



1. Small big-eyed flier : ELF OWL - DAH~!! Started with OWLET(s), and then switched to ---OWL, but still had no clue such a creature existed...

7. Kids' padded recreation area : BALL PIT - Dah~! my mind was stuck on "bouncy house" so all I could come up with was PLAYPEN; I don't think of a ball pit as a "padded" area....

14. Where to pick up leaves in bags : TEA SHOP - I had a dumpster delivered to the house to start a massive remodeling project; I moved a bush, mowed the grass, trimmed a tree, then picked up "leaves in bags" before the truck showed; thus, I was mentally mired in clipping clean up

16. State bordering a panhandle : ALABAMA - next to Florida; I was trying to be cute with MONTANA next to Idaho; map

17. Fictional pilot who said, "Never tell me the odds" : HAN SOLO - Nailed it, but then again, I grew up on Star Wars - can anyone tell me the odds? C-3PO stated it in the movie; more here

18. Offering extra traction : NON-SLIP - Not "GRIPPIER"

19. Anomalous : ODD - Anomaly, a Star Trek word

20. Tiffany glassmaking rival : LALIQUE - some very cool items; link to their collections

22. Nice time to tan? : ETE - our French fill for summer, Nice the city

23. Appliance with a timer : STOVE - not RANGE

25. Post-op stop : ICU

26. Hitherto : SO FAR

28. The toe of an Asian "boot" : OMAN - meh, I don't think of the Arabian Peninsula as "ASIAN", thus I went with something else that I knew was wrong, but....

29. Refs' judgments : TKOs - Boxing, a "Technical Knock-Out"

31. Become a patsy : BITE

32. Decorating pattern : MOTIF

34. In one's slip? : MOORED - didn't fool me, I knew we were talking boats here; just had to wait on some perps

39. More spiced-up : RACIER

40. Pet store array : CAGES

41. They're often beaten : EGGS - Tried RUGS here, at first

42. Groom's bagful : OATS

44. Classic Pontiacs : GTOs

47. Hail at the luau : ALOHA

49. Bobs, e.g. : DOs - Ugh, hair, I forgot about this 'bob' definition; stuck on "lure"

50. Ancient port on the Tiber : OSTIA

52. Part of R&D: Abbr. : DEVelopment, and its friend Research

53. Loud and clear : CLARION - also the brand-name of my first "pull-out" car radio

56. White House spending watchdog org. : OMB - Office of Management and Budget - I say no more....

57. Concoct : DREAM UP

59. Ideal : EPITOME

61. Sincerely zealous : EARNEST

62. Studio up-and-comer : STARLET

63. Members of a ruling line : DYNASTS

64. Expressions of mockery : SNEERS


1. Collective sentiment : ETHOS

2. Bring on : LEAD TO

3. Blog readership, collectively : FANDOM - we're all fans here - excluding the anons, of course

4. WWII covert org. : OSS - gaffed this with "OAS" to start

5. Stemless symbol : WHOLE NOTE - nailed it, but then again, I write my own music, so I knew this; I am betting that JazzB does, too~!

6. "Dress cut down to there" wearer of song : LOLA - I have to say, I despise this song, so someone else can link it

7. Fleance's father : BANQUO - I had no clue; the "-UO" slowed me down; Macbeth

8. Either of the first two runners-up to Rose for the 1968 N.L. batting title : ALOU - when in doubt, go with the crossword favorite "A-L-O-U"

9. They run between shoulders : LANES - nailed it, but then it screwed up my "Montana"; highway LANES

10. Birth announcement abbr. : Lbs - UGH~!! I missed this one, and now I feel dumb; how much did you weigh~??? I was 9lb,4oz

11. What the "arrant thief" of a moon "snatches from the sun," in Shakespeare's "Timon of Athens" : PALE FIRE - not the first thing that comes up on Google; this play is considered "obscure"; imagine a body of work so great that future scholars would classify some of your work as "obscure"....

12. Uses as a model : IMITATES - I had SKETCHES first, did not help me at all

13. Like chopsticks : TAPERED - I was so locked into "PAIRED" that I could not 'grasp' this answer at all

15. Prudent : POLITIC - so why aren't "politicians" as such~????

24. Not very innocent-looking : VAMPISH

27. "The Rite of Spring" quartet : OBOISTS

30. Unpleasant blanket : SMOG - Well, some of you might think SnOw is an unpleasant blanket; I for one would take snow over summer every time ~!

33. First-timer : TYRO

35. Portland daily, with "The" : OREGONIAN - makes sense when you consider the city of Portland, Oregon

36. Winged undersea mollusk hunter : EAGLE RAY

37. Loser in a '70s landslide : McGOVERN - no clue; I was that 9lb lad in 1972; fascinating for me when I learn things that took place in my lifetime, and how it might affect me now....

38. "Brigadoon" extras : LASSIES - I have heard of this, but this is the first time I looked into it; sounds like it might be a fun movie

39. Checked, as a check : RE-ADDED - could not parse this one

43. Isn't too rigid : ADAPTS

45. 2002 Honorary Award Oscar recipient : O'TOOLE - the Wiki

46. Soup recipe directive : SIMMER - not STIR IN

48. Culminations : ACMES

51. Supports in skullduggery : ABETS

54. "Curiosity is the __ of the mind": Hobbes : LUST

55. Stops vacillating : OPTS

58. Archivist's suffix : ANA - this reminds me of a Dungeons & Dragons text called "Unearthed Arcana" - I still have it, and my "Dungeonmaster's Guide" - say what you will....

60. Cuba's "Boyz n the Hood" role : TRE - nailed it, great movie

Answer grid.

I see you peeking ~!



Argyle said...

Oh, that Hobbes. I just couldn't picture this one saying such a thing ... or would he?

Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Oof, this was quite the workout today!

Leaving aside the tricky cluing, there was just so much stuff I didn't know today. BANQUO crossing LALIQUE was particularly nasty (although I did eventually drag LALIQUE up from somewhere). But then there was also ELF OWL, EAGLE RAY, PALE FIRE, OMB (I was sure this was going to be GAO for "General Accounting Office"), ICK FACTOR and CLARION. Yes, CLARION. I always thought it was a noun (an instrument of some sort) and had no idea it was also (or just) an adjective. Live and learn...

On the other hand, being from Massachusetts, MCGOVERN was a gimme for me. Supposedly, the fact that we were the only state to vote for him instead of Nixon resulted in us being denied federal highway funds during Nixon's term of office. I don't know whether that's true or just local legend, though...

Splynter said...

Ya know, Argyle,

That's who I thought of first, too~!!


Steve Salitan said...

Another A+ themeless from Brad Wilber. He builds around some of the most alluring seeds. Loved this one, as usual.

desper-otto said...

Whew! I feared this might turn into yet another dreaded DNF.

After the first pass my grid was mostly white. Then, little by little, it came together. My NONSKID in the NE slowed me down a tad, and DYNASTY in the SW had me scratching my head for a non-too-rigid thingy which ended in ***PTY. Once I got DOS I saw the error of my ways.

This had a Saturday Silkie "feel" to it. Well done, Brad. Nicely explained, Splynter.

Today's the grand opening at the remodeled city pool. The weather's cooperating, so it should be a fun event.

Yellowrocks said...

Fabulous puzzle. Very satisfying. Enough good perps to make it doable.

Yes, curiosity IS the lust of the mind, a strong desire to know more about almost everything. That along with reading in widely diverse areas and lingering over and savoring the new words one meets there are key to crossword puzzle solving. This blog is a good place to meet curious well read people.

I didn't know Fleance, but having ---- UO, BANQUO came to mind. Lightly writing in the Q suggested LALIQUE.

Winged undersea mollusk hunter had to be some type of RAY. E-GL- suggested EAGLERAY, which I never heard of, but it opened up the SE nicely.

Lemonade714 said...

Happy Saturday:

I found this to be a very challenging puzzle. I never heard of ELF OWL or EAGLE RAY and DOCKED before I MOORED, but persistence paid off. EMPTY CALORIES, MCGOVERN and OREGONIAN were very helpful in opening up the grid. They made the puzzle doable and fair. BANQUO and OSTIA and some others were in my brain, but it took a while to find them. The only Hobbes I thought of is striped.

Thanks always Mr. Wilber and Splynter

Avg Joe said...

Ooof. This one beat me up, took my lunch money then kicked me in the head. Had to concede defeat with 4 squares unfilled in 15D: Po__tic and 7D: _an_ue.Same learning moments as mentioned with Elf Owl and Eagle Ray, but they fit. Even Han Solo was a flyer and McGovern required over half the perps. But, it took enormous leaps of faith to get as far as I did without errors, so it still felt like a worthy battle.

My Hobbes was orange as well. Still is, actually. :-)

HeartRx said...

Good morning Splynter, C.C. et al.

Great info and links today, Splyter – our fearless Saturday leader! I loved that last pic –so cute! ELF OWL and EAGLE RAY needed almost every perp to fill. I was also thinking of leaves for picking up things in bags, but it is Saturday so TEA SHOP it was!

I tried ODDS before EGGS for things that are beaten. OMB was not my first choice for govt. spending watchdog – hand up for wanting GAO. The rest of the puzzle was a series of AHA moments when answers appeared with a few letters filled here and there.

Nice job, Mr. Wilber!

Grumpy 1 said...

Good morning, Splynter and the Corner FANDOM. Brad gave me a good workout this morning.

I usually don't start in the middle, but that 13 square entry piqued my curiosity and I nailed EMPTY CALORIES. Like Lemonade, I moved right on to MCGOVERN and OREGONIAN which gave me a lot of traction in the bottom half. The top half was pick and shovel work, made more difficult by trying ranges and roads before STOVES and LANES.

Whenever I see that pattern of _U and another U below the _ I lightly pen in a Q. BANQUO was a complete unknown, but I did recognize LALIQUE so it stayed.

I almost messed up the bottom by not reading the clue for DYNASTS correctly. I had DYNASTy which gave me ADAPTy. I was about to accept that it might be the same as ADAPTable, when I realized that I needed the ones that make up the DYNASTy and changed the Y to S.

Yes, Yellowrocks, this corner is a great place to meet curious people. I'll leave it to you to decide whether that is curious/inquiring or curious/ODD. Some of each around here, methinks.

Yellowrocks said...

LOL You didn't disappoint me, Grumpy. When I realized that I had written a straight line for someone, probably you, I let it stand. I enjoy both the curious, inquiring minds here and the curious, offbeat ones.

Happy Belated Anniversary to JD and Bob and Bill and Barbara. Bill, your seafood lunch sounds delicious.

Fermatprime and Hahtool, I am sending loving thoughts your way for your sick kitties. I know how hard it is to watch them decline.

Yellowrocks from Kathy

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

I was outdone by Brad today. The NW corner just wouldn't fill in. DNF.

Hand up for RANGE for STOVE. Couldn't grasp ETHOS as a result. FANDOM didn't stand a chance. Had OWL fair & square, but not ELF. Cute little critter!

Other hot spot: LALIQUE and BANQUO. Not even in the same Zip code as my wheelhouse!

Oh well, that's Saturday.

Irish Miss said...

Hi everyone:

Well done, Brad, and ditto to Splynter. I finished but needed help for northwest corner. Due to the small font, I misread stemless as sternless for the longest time and couldn't imagine what sternless meant. It was definitely a Saturday workout!

Have a great day.

CrossEyedDave said...

This wasn't a DNF, This wasn't a TKO, This was the kind of puzzle that makes me wonder why i do them in the first place. This was brutal, way out of my league. 31A become a patsy, all i could think was anyone who buys a Sears Garden Tractor! (right now mine is sitting in the driveway stuck in neutral, & the mowing blades are chewing up the plastic discharge chute!)

(i am having a bad day, then Yellow Rocks says this is a good place to meet well read people...i should hang up my keyboard!)

LaLaLinda said...

Hi All ~~

Whew ... my newspaper is a mess. I had SO many write-overs, false starts, etc., etc, but I finished! It took a while but for some reason it wasn't frustrating. Every place I struggled seemed "gettable" if I just stuck with it.

Like Marti, I had 'Odds' before EGGS for the longest time and that really slowed down that SW corner which was my toughest spot. BOBS also held me up - wasn't thinking of hair-DOS. Really clever cluing!

Barry G. ~ I, too, learned that CLARION is an adjective as well as a noun.

Count me in with those thinking of only THAT Hobbes.

Splynter ~ another terrific write-up! BTW - I love your 'Mentally mired.' Hope you won't mind - I plan to use it ... it happens to often in my puzzle solving! ;-)

Gorgeous weather here in CT lately - so nice to have a Spring season instead of just leaping into Summer which has been the case the past few years.

Enjoy your day ~~~

Husker Gary said...

My hand was on the button to start Googling but persistence paid off. This fine puzzle yielded to determination and “LUST of the mind”!

-EMPTY CALORIES was a big early payoff
-The ALOU bros. talked me out of PLAY PEN
-Sheldon in the BALL PIT is hilarious!
-I said a few days ago that I am impervious to NICE misdirection!
-Who’d wanna see J. Edgar “in his slip”? High ICK FACTOR!
-My friend’s GTO was canary yellow!
-No variation of Bobs worked for me and so aDapts bailed me out
-Why wasn’t OMB watching the creeps from GSA?
-Being POLITIC means saying something without saying something
-When I get mad, Joann says, “Just SIMMER!”
-Otto, were you required to put in a permanent lift at the pool?
-Yes, Marti, I was being facetious about your having a wine clue/answer yesterday! It had to be!

john28man said...

I hardly ever get more than a few words on a Saturday puzzle but, shockenly, I got about 80% of this one mostly in the bottom three-quarters.

Maybe it was just my lucky day.

The Real Hobbes said...

John28man: is your name a biblical reference?

eddyB said...

Rain delay in Milwaukee.

Fell asleep and forgot to do this one last night.

Window washing crew here. No way I was getting up on a 16 ft ladder.

take care. eddy

Sfingi said...

Just a bunch of stuff I didn't know. I googled 11 times, didn't know the 3 quotes. The only smart clue I knew was LALIQUE. Everything else by "perps." Even had 3 bad starts: basoon before OBOIST, ExTra before EMPTY CALORIES, and OWL in the front of the word instead of the back.

Did like learning ELF OWL, EAGLE RAY and Hobbes' quote, despite embarrassment, since I was a philosophy major.

Leisure is the parent of philosophy.
Life is solitary poor nasty brutish and short. That's life, not me.

GarlicGal said...

Yes-siree, this one beat me up, too! I finished it, but a technical DNF because I had to get out the dictionary and look up the definition of anomalous. ETHOS, LEADTO, FANDOM, last ones to fall.

Did anyone else think of Steuben for the Tiffany rival? We had a beautiful Steuben bowl... until the 1985 earthquake. Found out it doesn't bounce.

Great write up Splynter. Stay cool this weekend and a happy Father's Day to all you Dad's out there!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Hands up here for having much of the same experiences as many of you. Like Gary, I was about to go googoolala, but got up to get another cup (mug, actually) of coffee instead, and whammo, BANQUO popped into my forebrain while I was walking to and fro. It all pretty much went that way: get stuck, get up, do something else for a while, get brainstorm, get unstuck. My arm is now sprained from patting myself on the back for solving the whole thing without having to look anything up. 10 months ago I think I would have been saying something similar to what CrossEyedDave @ 10:51AM said, that the p