Jun 4, 2012

Monday, June 4, 2012 Jeff Chen

Theme: 'Ello...and a, e, i, and u - The letter "L" followed by a long vowel (phonetically), progressing from "A" to "U".

17A. "I'm all ears!" : "LAY IT ON ME!"

25A. "The Six Million Dollar Man" actor : LEE MAJORS. Old TV show.

39A. Polygraph procedure : LIE DETECTOR TEST. Grid spanner.

51A. Like cheaply made movies : LOW BUDGET

64A. Babe Ruth teammate : LOU GEHRIG

Argyle and Jeff here, again. Jeff is the clever one on this Monday. Vowel progression, alliterations, a little misdirection, and clecho's all over the place.


1. Peninsula bordering Southern California : BAJA

5. Triple play trio : OUTS. Rare.


9. In __: right away : A JIFF

14. "'Tis a sad day" : ALAS

15. Shot up : GREW

16. "Git along" little critter : DOGIE. Roy explains it all in this video.(1:51)

19. Soothing cream : SALVE

20. Contemplative direction to turn one's thoughts : INWARD

21. Samsung Galaxy, e.g.: Abbr. : PDA. (personal digital assistant)

23. Christmas song : NOEL. Like Up On the House Top.(1:38)

24. Back in the day : AGO

27. "Horsefeathers!" : "BALONEY!"

30. Questionnaire datum : AGE

31. Question : ASK

32. Carpeting calculation : AREA

35. Based on __ story : A TRUE

43. Fathers, to tots : DADAs

44. Japanese noodle : SOBA. (buckwheat)

45. Fourposter, e.g. : BED

46. NBA's __ Ming : YAO. On July 20, 2011, Yao announced he was retiring from the NBA (Sorry for the typo earlier). His left foot turned out to be his Achilles' heel.

48. Pros with bows : ARCHERS

56. Olive of comics : OYL

57. Mideast bigwig : EMIR

58. Lightly apply : DAB

59. Pierce with an arrow : IMPALE.

62. Military trainee : CADET

66. Leading in the game : AHEAD

67. Drawn-out : LONG

68. Austen title character : EMMA. Film, television and stage adaptations. Wikipedia.

69. Captain, colonel, etc. : RANKS

70. No great shakes : OKAY

71. Big Apple enforcement org. : NY PD


1. "__ Ha'i": "South Pacific" song : BALI. The musical premiered in 1949.

2. Rickman of Harry Potter films : ALAN. That is Professor Snape, as Harry was often reminded.

3. Ignored the light : JAYWALKED

4. Crumbly Italian cheese : ASIAGO. The only "official" Asiago is produced in the alpine area of the town of Asiago, province of Vicenza, in the Veneto region. Map.

5. Psalm words : O, GOD

6. Coffee dispenser : URN

7. Site of Arizona State's main campus : TEMPE

8. Stockholm native : SWEDE

9. Sponsor's spots : ADs

10. "I Love Rock 'n Roll" rocker : JOAN JETT. Clip.(2:57)

11. Arctic abode : IGLOO

12. Half a sawbuck : FIVER

13. Senses with one's hands : FEELS

18. 1982 film set in cyberspace : "TRON". The sequel was "Tron: Legacy" (2010)

22. GP's gp. : AMA. A little extra abbreviation, for effect.

25. Harplike instruments : LYREs. "L" with a long "Y"?

26. Gelling agent : AGAR

27. Hairless : BALD

28. India's continent : ASIA

29. Break bread : EAT

33. Conservation prefix : ECO

34. Awaiting a pitch : AT BAT

36. Insurgent military group : REBEL ARMY

37. One enjoying Wi-Fi : USER

38. SFO postings : ETD's

40. Crack of dawn : DAYBREAK

41. Genesis twin : ESAU

42. Rower's tool : OAR

47. Quirky : ODD

49. Put in an appearance : COME

50. Wi-Fi connection? : HYPHEN. Sure.

51. Aptly named Renault : LE CAR. French.

52. Cornhusker State city : OMAHA. Say hey, Husker.

53. Make broader, as a highway : WIDEN

54. Either California winery brother : GALLO. Ernest or Julio.

55. Purchase for a Kindle : E-BOOK

59. Pop of pop music : IGGY

60. Wilted : LIMP

61. "My word!" : "EGAD!"

63. NFL successes : TD's. (touchdown)

65. A, in Argentina : UNA.(feminine)



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

I really enjoyed this one. The vowel progression was nicely done and the fill was fresh and crisp.

It actually took me a bit longer than usual to complete, but that was mostly due to some missteps and misreadings on my part. Had DADDY instead of DADAS, REBELLION instead of REBEL ARMY, NEO instead of ECO, etc. Nothing big, but enough to slow me down.

I was surprised to see NOEL clued as a "Christmas song," especially on a Monday. I know that is one definition, but according to at least one dictionary I have that is a "rare" sense of the word.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. We haven't seen a vowel progression in quite a while. Nice way to start the day.

Ignored the Light = JAYWALKED was my favorite clue.

I also liked Wi-Fi Connection = HYPHEN.

I hope those Pros with Bows don't IMPALE anyone with those arrows.

LSU is on the road to OMAHA.

I liked the original TRON, but its sequel left something to be desired.

YAO Ming also did ADS for Apple Computer.

Today is a Honey Bun Day ~ Hot, Sticky and Steamy.

Middletown Bomber said...

thank you jeff and argyle for a perfect monday morning eye opening speed run (for me at least.)

nothing to difficult in this puzzle so it makes me feel like I can do almost anything today.

Anony-Mouse said...

Thank you Jeff Chen for a wonderful easy puzzle, and Argyle for a very nice blog.

Nice to see you back Hahtoolah, the blog seemed incomplete without you.

Have a nice week you all.

Yellowrocks said...

Thanks, Jeff, for a smooth puzzle. Arglye, great minds run in the same channels. Like you, I thought of "Git Along Little Dogies," the Pierce Arrow car, and Cornhusker capital/Gary.

Hahtool @6:01 I enjoyed your clever post.

I love Asiago and any other cheese, in fact. We say our family's middle name is "Cheese." The spouses, not so much.

It seems to me that NOEL is commonly clued as Christmas song in x-words.

Thanks to all for your kind words last night about my award.

One of my sisters is having a heart valve transplant today.

PK said...

Great puzzle! Great blog, Argyle!

One correction needed, Argyle: a type has Yao Ming retiring from the football league.

Prayers for your sister, Yellowrocks. Congrats on your recognition.

PK said...

Should be: a TYPO has Yao Ming from the football...

Grumpy 1 said...

Aaaah, Easy Monday. Thanks, Argyle, for the write up and links.

I caught the vowel progression and knew there would be a LOU or LEW at 64a. A quick glance at the clue and LOU GEHRIG was obvious.

Some words may be considered rare in real world usage but are common in crossword usage. Four letter word for Christmas tune: NOEL, five letters: carol, six letter first word: Adeste. Works almost every time.

Yellowrocks, we will be thinking of you and your sister today. I pray all goes well.

Hahtoolah, I loved the honeybun day comment.

desper-otto said...

Whew! Fifty minutes to walk my three miles and 6 more to complete the puzzle. That's a good hour's work.

It's unusual to see so many J's in a puzzle that doesn't have a J in the theme. Of course, my scribbled J in BAJA looked like an S causing me to wonder what SAYWALKED could be.

YR, congrats on the Lifetime Achievement award -- the award I didn't think you were getting yesterday. As Robert McCloskey said "I know that you believe that you understood what you think I said, but I am not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant." Sorry 'bout that. Hope your sister's transplant goes smoothly.

Montana said...

Nice easy puzzle to start the week with. Thanks Jeff and Argyle. This puzzle was not so easy that I could solve it with just acrosses first pass through. I needed some of the down clues to complete it. Perfect for a Monday.
Prayers for your sister, YR.
Have a good day, everyone,

Jeff Chen said...

Hi all!

Thanks for the nice comments. And thanks to Rich for doing wonders with the final edits of this puzzle! He's a pleasure to work with.

Such a nice community here at Crossword Corner. Is anyone interested in crossword construction? I'd be happy to help anyone of you out. It's fun to see your name in print.

Happy Monday,
jeffchen1972 (at) gmail (dot) com

desper-otto said...

A good clue for NOEL would be Coward. Maybe too tough for a Monday, though.

kazie said...

Thanks to Jeff for a nice challenging Monday, and of course to Argyle for clearing up some doubts.

PDA was a complete WAG for me. I think technology is finally getting beyond me, as I can't see the point any more of learning what some of the modern gadgets are for. many other guesses, and I totally missed the vowel progression in the themes.
Oh well, I can still blame the jetlag, maybe.

Congrats are in order for your award, and also prayers for your sister's surgery.

If you missed seeing my answers to your comments on any Spanish pix, please look at my 9:31 am comment yesterday. I was going to go through the rest and send the best to C.C. over the weekend, but it didn't happen. Soon I hope.

CrossEyedDave said...

Just read yesterdays late comments,
Thanks Bea, & Argyle today for the "housetop" references. Now i understand, (& it makes me feel younger than i thought i was!)

Spent most of Yest. assembling a new lawn tractor from Sears. They have changed the left foot clutch pedal to move with the new 7 gear layout.
In 1st gear its like the old one, but the dang thingy moves backward a notch every time u move up a gear. If you get past 5th gear, you have to be familiar with motorcycle gears, because you have to use your toes to lift the pedal to a spot where it will work as a brake!

YellowRocks, if you see a guy flying down Main Street on a tractor, it's me trying to stop this Dang Thingy!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning Argyle and all.

WEES. Easy start to the week. No issues; no strikethroughs or lookups. Favorite fill - OUTS. Thought 50d, HYPHEN was quite clever.

Today is the 70th anniversary of the Battle of Midway.

Enjoy the day.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Jeff Chen, for a great Monday puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the excellent review.

Zipped through this so fast (about 20 minutes) I never caught the theme. I saw it here. Very clever.

Pretty much did just the Across clues. A few Downs here and there. Did not know SOBA for 44A. Used perps.

Need perps for JOAN JETT for 10D. I had a co-worker named Adolf Jett. No connection I am sure.

Welcome back Hahtoolah. Missed your QOD.

Hope your sister does well with her surgery, Yellowrocks.

I'll be in Illinois tomorrow morning. Off to N. Dakota on Saturday for a church mission trip.

See you tomorrow.


HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

Nice to hear from you Jeff! Fun puzzle today, and perfect for a Monday, IMHO. I had the LAY, LEE, LIE and realized the next two would probably be LOW and LEW/LOU. Thanks for not disappointing me!

Fun clue for IMPALE - "Pierce with an arrow" almost fooled me into thinking it was looking for the first name of the car maker, but "arrow" was in small letters. Sooo...

Y.R. congrats on your lifetime achievement award! And Hahtoolah, great to see you back - I asked about you while you were among the missing!

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Totally missed the theme. D'OH!

And it's phonetic - not spelt. Guess I'm not too alert this morning.

Though I do now have a vivid image of a JAY WALKING REBEL ARMY.

Fair amount of baseball in today's puzzle. Speaking of which, I think the Tigers are toast. Verlander has now lost three straight.

And, ALAS, they are not LOW BUDGET.

Cool regards!

ARBAON said...

Whee! (I`m channeling the Geico pig:)
All three puzzles done on Mondays but this one is the favorite. Had "Lee Marvin" for a while until I got the two straight in my mind. Learning item was "soba" for Japanese noodles. "Lou Gehrig" reminded me of an acquaintance of ours who has a the little-known Lewy Body Disease Syndrome. Similar in some respects but also has symptoms of Althzeimer`s. Hats off to NYPD and the fireman. again! A favorite clue for "Noel" :abcdefghijkmnopqrstuvwxyz.

About the "Up on the house top" from yesterday, is it "reindeers pause" or "reindeer paws?"

CC does have a formidable well as a formidable intellect! She told me once I reminded her of a former blog member (I assume from characteristics we may share. That must take quite a memory!)

Yellowrocks: So many heros go unsung. Glad you were "sung."

Ron Worden said...

Good morning to all and Happy Mon. Nice and easy, thank you Jeff Chen I always like your puzzles. Just a few more days of school left and DW will have had a great first year as a regular teacher. She is very excited as she was hired for summer school and will be working with kids with special needs. Congrats to you YR on your award. Have a great day to all RJW.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Nice, easy puzzle to start the week. Thanks, Jeff Chin, and Argyle for a good expo.

YR, best wishes for your sister's surgery.

If I heard the announcer correctly, next Sunday's episode of The Killing will be a two-hour finale in which we will finally discover who killed Rosie Larsen. As
much as I have enjoyed this series, I will be glad to see it end-the tension and suspense have become almost

Happy Monday everyone.

Virginia said...

Enjoyable start to the day - thank you Me. Chen and Argyle. Went through just fast enough that I actually caught the theme! Fun!

Yellowrocks, Congrats on award and prayers and good thoughts for your sister.

I love the pic of the Pierce Arrow! Hubby likes those "T bucket" things, I think a classic car should look like that One!

Virginia said...

In "blogese" is DW dear wife and DW dear husband?

desper-otto said...

Virgina, DW is correct, but it's DH for dear husband, which my DW interprets as dumb/damn/dang (interchangeable at will) husband.

Lucina said...

Good day, fellow solvers. And, Argyle, you are so much more than OKAY! Thank you.

Finished this in a JIFF! Hardly time to think or even drink Java.

Thank you, Jeff Chen, for a good time today. Presumably you created this before your nuptials.

Shoutout to my alma mater, ASU, and TEMPE, neighbor city south of me.

Wow! Do I remember LEE MAJORS! He was a dashing Million Dollar Man.

Ironic flow from 36A to 39A, A TRUE LIE DETECTOR TEST.

I hope you read my late post last night and I send my prayers for you sister today.

Have a most enjoyable Monday, everyone!

Anonymous said...

Good afternoon everyone.

I found this puzzle to be a bit more challenging than a usual Monday. I missed OKay; had OKOK. Therefore had UNa, not UNO and had no idea what came after IGG_.

Best wishes for your sister, Yellowrocks.

Thanks for a great write up, as always, Argyle, and an interesting puzzle, Jeff Chen. Nice to hear from you.


Misty said...

What a relief to enjoy a delightful speed run after my Saturday Silkie disaster. Many thanks, Jeff, and I loved your Jeff Jiff Jif play, Argyle. I'm especially pleased I did so well, given all the sports references. I even got LOU GEHRIG! You learn a lot on this blog, I must say.

Sorry I missed your award news, Yellowrocks--since I get the paper LA Times, I do two Merl Reagles on Sunday and don't get on the blog. But congratulations, and I'll have your sister in my thoughts today.

Have a great Monday, everybody!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Good to read your comments today, folks. Welcome back, Hahtoolah. Congratulations (again), Yellowrocks, and good wishes for your sister. Argyle, thank you for pointing out the vowel progression that I otherwise would not have seen. Doggone good puzzle today. TEMPE was a super-gimme for me, as it was for you, Lucina. Fave clue was Wi-Fi connection. Had to wait for the perp to re-learn whether it was YAU or YAO. Best wishes to you all.

Argyle said...

For Virginia:

Silver Arrow.

Jerome said...

DOGIE- Who would have thought a lowly critter would have an ID and an EGO.

IMPALE- Goth's declaration

IGLOO- Pop's lav

OMAHA- Moment one has after discovering their mantra

ASIAGO- How you might go to a Shakespearean costume party

Yellowrocks said...

CE Dave, I can just picture you roaring down Rte. 46 on your new power mower! I'd be happy to see you, but hopefully all in one piece. Be careful.

Lucina, yes, thanks for your post last night. The people who quite competently volunteer day and day out usually don't get noticed unless for some reason they stop.
In the last ten years I have undertaken three huge long term high profile projects. I am sure everyone knows and appreciates it, but the thought usually goes unexpressed.

Thanks to all of my thoughtful virtual friends here who quickly sent their appreciation.

The surgeon told me that Bobbie Jayne came through the surgery well. The removed valve was severely damaged. Her prognosis is good, but I can't talk to her until tomorrow. Thanks for your concern and prayers.

Yellowrocks said...

CE Dave, that reminds me of the parson who announced to his scandalized board that he had a new paramour. He invited them around back to see for themselves. Then he proudly drove his new power mower out of the garden shed.

Jayce said...

Yellowrocks, good one!

Lucina said...

Jerome: LOL! ASIAGO, is my fav for a Shakespeare costume party.

Husker Gary said...

45 holes on this beautiful morning and then a Jeff Chen gem. Life is good!

-George Costanza told Jerry he could beat the lie detector, “Jerry, it isn’t a lie if you believe it!” and young George got picked up at school by a LE CAR
-A BIG BUDGET Disney movie John Carter has lost over $100M. How can they miss that badly?
-My high school geeky friend has retired to a villa on the Baja Peninsula!
-Vlad the IMPALEr, bummer of a nickname
-Is there a Wal Mart on BALI HAI?
-TEMPE temps look brutal to me!
-Those Sawbucks and FIVERS don’t even make a dent with grandchildren at an arcade
-5 letter NE city is OMAHA and not FIRTH (pop 600)?
-We went to the OMAHA farmers market Saturday where a lady was charging pirate prices for her Texas sweet corn. Yup, a buck an ear!
-Geaux LSU Tigers! You’re loved in OMAHA!
-BTW, OMAHA’s just hired superintendent had to resign before taking the $325,000 job. DON’T PUT ANYTHING IN WRITING!!
-YR, I sang at over a 1,000 masses and got a keychain in the mail. Oh well, that’s not why we do it but congrats and best wishes for your sister. Anyone named Bobby Jayne is aces with me.

Bill G. said...

Yellowrocks, include me in with the congratulations for your award and good wishes for your sister. It's nice we have a place to share these kinds of things.

Marge said...

Hi all,
A fun puzzle, between it and the laundry it took a while. Thanks Jeff and Argyle.

I couldn't think of Lou Gehrig for some reason,got it with the perps. I remember, so well, in the movie of his life, when Jimmy Stewart quoted his famous words "Today I consider myself the luckiest man on the face of the earth." It was after he had been diagnosed with his disease in his farewell address.

59A-Impale. What came to my mind is what happened last week about 70 miles east of us. A seven year old girl was walking with family and friends when an arrow hit her in the back, into her lungs and and other vital organs. They think it was a teen age boy who was careless while shooting arrows. She is in a Milwaukee hospital.

I guess that's all for now. Have a good evening,all.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

Late to the party. Crafty puzzle today.

Particularly wanted to pile on and belatedly congratulate Yellowrocks!

Remain calm. Carry on.

Lucina said...

Isn't it amazing how someone can be so outstandingly qualified, smart, and accomplished, yet lack good judgment.

I forgot to mention your funny comment. LOL! Honey bun day!

Yellowrocks said...

Lucina. who is GH?

Hahtoolah said...

Yellowrocks: I think Lucina meant to say HG for Husker Gary since he indicated that a prospective superintendent of schools had to resign before even taking a job for some inappropriate behavior.

Also, congratulations to you on your award and recognition. It was well deserved, I am sure.

HeartRx said...

Husker G @ 2:28, BUCCANEER: To much to pay for corn? Sounds like a Wiley's definition, to me.

Husker Gary said...

Marti, got any more of those Wiley definitions? I sense what they must be but can’t find them online and they sound like fun!

Lucina, yes there seems to be a lot of peeps in my profession who let their hormones get the better of their good sense. This woman’s life is irreparably harmed just like male and female teachers who seek relationships that are inappropriate and even illegal. A former principal of mine got caught in affairs with a former student and a former faculty member. He has become persona non grata as a result to a lot of former colleagues. There must be a market out there for short, heavy, unattractive men with hair trigger tempers. Go figure!

Jerome, loved AS IAGO!

BTW, Omaha is Nebraska’s biggest city but not its capital! Lincoln stole that fair and square over 100 years ago!

Anonymous said...

For some reason, this was a speed run for us today. We needed it after the end of the week puzzles.
Congratulations on the award, YR. And I'm glad your sister came through the surgery well. Now we'll pray for a speedy recovery. The pictures were great, Kazie. I can't begin to fathom how they were able to construct that temple. Tomorrow, is a very important day in Wisconsin. We'll be voting in the Recall election which should never have happened no matter what one thinks of the Gov. I'll be working at the polls. I'm sure it will be a real education.


PK said...

HG: Your superintendent reminds me of one hormone charged spring when I was at the newspaper. The city manager was screwing a city worker. A teacher was caught by a student in compromising circumstances in the boiler room with a janitor. The sheriff was caught with pants down with a dispatcher on county property. All were married.

The stress on co-workers was tremendous and unfair because they knew, were scandalized and were afraid to say anything. Some found themselves in the position of having to lie about whereabouts to the poor cuckolded spouse.

When the dust settled all but one voluntarily left town, thank goodness! Five divorces from the mess.

Argyle said...

I updated the triple play video to a version that explains what happened.

Bill G. said...

Speaking of Alan Rickman, isn't he the best bad guy ever? I just finished watching the last installment of Harry Potter. I thought it was overlong and as a result, a bit tedious in parts. That's probably why I didn't go see it in the theater when it first came out. Still, it was ultimately satisfying with the bad guy getting his just deserts.

I need some influence from eddyB. I discovered the third game of the Stanley Cup isn't been televised locally on any of the 600 channels I get. The first two games were televised but this one has been shuttled to some obscure cable channel that I don't get. That's enough to piss me off.

Manac said...

Getting away from the scandal talk...
I had the very unique and proud moment about two years ago to watch my daughter make a solo triple play at an asa softball game playing third base with bases loaded. No joke.
I bet CC can tell how its done.

eddyB said...

Sorry Bill. I just saw your post before turning on the game. Game started @5pm PDT so East Coast could see it. Chn 603 on DirecTV. NBCS is the old Versus chn that does the Indy Car races.


placematfan said...

Tight puzzle. The clues for HYPHEN and JAYWALKED were lols. Didn’t realize the vowel progression till I came here. Impressive fill. Open corners. The 8- and 9-letter Down entries in each corner section. Nice work, Jeff. Fwiw, if I were new to constructing and didn't know the ropes and someone who put out a quality puzzle like today's was offering tutelage, I'd be all over that.

Kazie, your pictures were amazing. You have a great eye.

Barry G., I love seeing Alan Rickman as the bad guy, most notably as the Sheriff of Nottingham and the Smart Bad Guy Leader in “Die Hard”. I think he was perfectly cast in the Harry Potter movies. He was also a great bad guy in a little-known, very profound arthouse movie called “Closetland” with Madeleine Stowe.

Saw “Midnight in Paris” over the weekend. Woody Allen examines “Golden Age“ thinking, and it’s a pretty cool love story, too. Notable also is that the fantasy element of the film is never logistically explained; sometimes that can be irritating or unsatisfying, but he pulls it off well, here.

Jerome, enjoyed your post. "Omaha" took me a minute. What is your source?

Loved the "paramour" story today, and also the "vase sect" story from the other day. Thanks, y'all.

HUTCH said...

Maniac. How about- catching a line drive, touching third base to put out the third base runner and then touching the second base runner on his/her way to third, or some variation thereof.

Bill G. said...

I need to correct my pissed offedness. With eddyB's encouragement, I did find the hockey game on the obscure NBCS channel. It's not even in hi-def. Oh well, I don't keep up with hockey at all but it's fun to see the local team do well.

I wonder if people get Barry G. confused with me. I picked Bill G. when I first got involved here 'cause Bill was taken.

Bill G. said...

On his 60th birthday, a man got a gift certificate from his wife. The certificate paid for a visit to a medicine man living on a nearby reservation who was rumoured to have a wonderful cure for erectile disfunction.
After being persuaded, he drove to the reservation, handed his ticket to the medicine man and wondered what he was in for. The old man slowly and methodically produced a potion, handed it to his 'patient', and with a grip on his shoulder, warned, "This is powerful medicine and it must be respected. You take only a teaspoonful and then say 1-2-3. When you do that, you will become manlier than you have ever been in your life and you can perform as long as you want." As the medicine man walked away, the husband turned and asked, "How do I stop the medicine from working?" "Your partner must say 1-2-3-4, he responded. "But when she does, the medicine will not work again until the next full moon." The man was eager to see if it worked. He went home, showered, shaved, took a spoonful of the medicine, and then invited his wife to join him in the bedroom. When she came in, he took off his clothes and said, "1 -2-3!" Immediately, he was the manliest of men. His wife was excited and began throwing off her clothes. And then she asked, "What was the 1-2-3 for?"...
And that, boys and girls, is why we should never end our sentences with a preposition.

Manac said...

No variation at all
She barely made two steps to do it.
I, on the other hand, made quite the fool of myself as a proud parent and never felt foolish for it.
And bill G.@8:35 LMFAO. that was priceless

Lucina said...

Yes, I meant HG, HuskerGary, that stalwart Nebraskan. Apparently I'm dyslexic, too, as well as myopic.
Sorry, Gary.

Marti: Thank you for stepping up.

Bill G@8:35 LOL! Very funny.

Bill G. said...

"911. What is your emergency?"

"My wife got attacked by a wart hog real bad and I need someone to come by in an ambulance and pick her up."

"OK sir, can you give me your address?"

"Yeah. We're at 1825 Eucalyptus Drive."

"OK, could you spell that for me sir?"

"Umm..., umm, I'm going to drag her on over to Oak Street and you can pick her up there."

Yellowrocks said...

Bill G @ 8:35 Good one.
Good night all.

placematfan said...

Bill G., lol, and sorry about the name mix-up.

Anonymous said...

Marge @3:21
In the movie "Pride of the Yankees" ... that would be Gary Cooper, not Jimmie Stewart.

Bill G.
I would NEVER mix you up with Barry G.
You have insight and depth.

Lucina said...

Hahtoolah; You're the one who stepped up! Thank you.

PK said...

BillG: Nothing like a good belly laugh at bedtime. Thanks!

Placematfan: usually Jerome IS the source. Very witty guy!