Jun 26, 2012

Tuesday, June 26, 2012 Marti DuGuay-Carpenter

Theme: S'z - Interesting. Drop the ending ES sound of a common phrase and replace it with an actual S and the ending sound is then closer to a Z. Then clue accordingly.

20A. Shrine to wild animal parks? : TEMPLE OF ZOOS. zoo(z) - Zeus

33A. Cows' reactions to having their hair and makeup done? : STYLING MOOS. moo(z) - mousse

41A. Trashing toilets in London? : BUSTING LOOS. loo(z) - loose

51A. Bake mud pies? : COOK ONE'S GOOS. goo(z) - goose

Argyle here. That is my take on the theme; Marti will explain it, I'm sure. The double O's may figure in there, also.


1. [I'm shocked!] : [GASP!]. The brackets indicate a sound rather than a spoken word.

5. "Who's on First?" catcher : TODAY. "I don't know" - third base.

10. Ad writer's award : CLIO. CLIO was a Greek muse. about Clio.

14. __ of passage : RITE

15. Coeur d'__, Idaho : ALENE. Map It's up in the pan handle or, as some prefer, North Idaho.

16. Miami hoopsters : HEAT

17. Concept, in Cannes : IDÉE. French.

18. Contemporary of Byron and Shelley : KEATS. The three Romantic poets of the early nineteenth century.

19. Points the rifle : AIMS

23. Red __: cinnamon candies : HOTS. "Hot enough for you?"

24. "__ Room": old TV show for preschoolers : ROMPER

If you want to learn more, go to this site.

28. On the beach : ASHORE

31. Econ. measure : GNP. (Gross National Product) Not the same as Gross Domestic Product. JzB, please explain.

32. Mimic : APE

36. Place for a margarita's salt : RIM

37. Reel-to-reel medium : TAPE

38. City area, briefly : URB

39. 451, in old Rome : CDLI. To over the road truckers, this would parse: Commercial Drivers License, Class 1.

40. Haile Selassie's land: Abbr. : ETH. (Ethiopia)

45. Regret : RUE

46. Prov. bordering Quebec : ONT. Ontario Map.

47. Round gaskets : O-RINGS

48. Guard at the gate : SENTRY

50. "Let's call __ evening" : IT AN. Not yet.

57. Ivy, e.g. : VINE

60. Roo's mom : KANGA

61. Cookbook author Rombauer : IRMA

62. Nefarious doings : EVIL

63. St. __ fire : ELMO'S

64. Grandma : NANA

65. Be a snitch : TELL

66. Run-down : SEEDY

67. Smooth-tongued : GLIB


1. "True __": John Wayne film : GRIT. U.S. Marshal Reuben J. "Rooster" Cogburn.

2. Classroom assistant : AIDE

3. Wineglass feature : STEM

4. Way to see through a door : PEEPHOLE

5. Go on a break : TAKE TEN. For when "Take Five" won't do. Take Ten.(3:12)

6. Bread spreads : OLEOs

7. Refusing to listen : DEAF. Clue seems to be asking for a verb.

8. 1998 animated bug movie : "ANTZ". Woody Allen as a neurotic ant. (Of course.)

9. "Make up your mind!" : "YES OR NO?"

10. Deep cleft : CHASM

11. Waikiki welcome : LEI

12. Sam-__: Seuss character : I AM

13. NBA tiebreakers : OT's. (overtime)

21. Petty of "Tank Girl" : LORI. Her IMDb site.

22. Klutz's cry : "OOPS!"

25. Convict's absolution from the governor : PARDON

26. Literary postscript : EPILOG. I remember the TV series, "The Fugitive", always ended with an epilog.

27. Negligent : REMISS

28. Colorful fall flowers : ASTERS

29. Michelangelo's David, for one : STATUE

30. - : HYPHEN

31. Mongolian desert : GOBI

34. Sudden wind : GUST

35. "The A-Team" muscleman : MR. T

39. Desperately hanging on : CLINGING

41. NYC division, briefly : BORO

42. Disconnects, as oxen : UNYOKES

43. Like "bein' green," to Kermit : NOT EASY

44. Mardi __ : GRAS

49. Immune system lymphocyte : T-CELL. Named after Mr. T.

50. Coin phrase beginning : IN GOD

52. Curly cabbage : KALE

53. "My treat!" : "ON ME!"

54. Spoken : ORAL

55. Prefix with potent : OMNI

56. Swedish automaker : SAAB. Former Swedish automaker. Omni was a former Dodge compact.

57. Nov. 11 honoree : VET

58. "__ had enough!" : I'VE. Time to wrap this up. There's nothing after this.

59. Zip : NIL


Added later (C.C.):

Congratulations to Spitzboov & his lovely wife Betty on their 47th wedding anniversary!


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Like Argyle, I wasn't able to nail down exactly what the theme was about, but it didn't matter. Whatever the theme was, I was able to get the theme answers very quickly and the rest of the puzzle was so smooth I blew through it like nobody's business. I think my only speedbumps were at 15A, which I misspelled as ALAIN until the perps set me straight, and 41D, where I initially put in SOHO for no apparent reason...

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers -

A nice, approachable puzzle from our own clever Marti!

Greetings from Galway, where it's a warm drizzly day.

The theme fills reminded me of two friends whose last names are Moos and Foos. Both men are retired pilots who still enjoy recreational flying. I have always assumed their names are Dutch - any comment, Spitzboov?


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. I loved the OOS of this puzzle. Just the right challenge for a Tuesday, too.

I vaguely remember Romper Room. I think we had Miss Jean. I remember her magic mirror. She would look into her mirror and "know" who was celebrating a birthday.

I have never heard of a City Area being referred to as URB.

I don't think of DEAF as being refusing to listen.

My favorite clue was a Way to See Through a Door = PEEPHOLE.

Stay cool. We are expected to reach 100F here today.

QOD: My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them. ~ Mitch Hedberg

HeartRx said...

Good morning Argyle, C.C. et al.

The theme was just a simple oose to ooze sound change. Nothing punn-y or tricky, and aimed for an early week solver.

I wanted all the entries to have the same spelling, so several other possibilities were tossed into the circular file, like "hangman's news" and "doctor sues".

But I bet our clever corner denizens can come up with others!

Mainiac said...

Morning All,

Had to chime in today for a great Tuesday Grid. Nice work Marti. Very fun. I liked the OOS! This went pretty quickly from the outside in. My one eraser was Clingsto for 39D but Irma fixed that.

Nice write up as usual Argyle.

Have a good one.

Middletown Bomber said...

Nice Puzzle Marti sort of a speed run for me today I thought there might be a little Movie theme going with changing and dropping letters and adding an s at the end. With Busting Loos (busting Loose Wilder and Prior Movie) and Temple of Zoos (Temple of Doom) But the other 2 theme clues did not work so I like argyles thinking unless marti has a better one. enjoy tuesday all.

Argyle said...

So I overthouht the theme, I guess. Marti was looking for ROOS - RUSE combination.

Yellowrocks said...

Marti and Argyle, you both know how to make a simple early week puzzle really fun and entertaining. Thanks.

On the Beach reminds me of Nevil Shutes' interesting apocalyptic novel about the world after a nuclear holocaust and the movie made from it. Have you seen this movie?

True Grit was another fine novel and movie. I am sure you have seen this one.

Long ago I dated a guy who often asked me if I had seen this movie or that one. I always answered that I read the book. For these two I did both.

When we didn't listen or pay attention at home my mother would say, Are you DEAF? I think that's what the idiom, turn a deaf ear, means.

Lemonade714 said...

Well there goes my only clue comment; anyway I thought this was a perfect Toosday puzzle, I was mostly in croos control.

Anyway, being deaf to someone's pleas I think explain how DEAF means refuse to listen.
Time to go to work, all I have left to do is to tie my shoos.

Mari said...

Yellowrocks @ 7:50 AM: In many cases I'll read the book and then see the movie with DH. I'm always pointing out the differences to him, and in many cases the books are better.

Great puzzle today Marti. I loved the clue for 30D - it had me scratching my head and wondering what I was missing!

My mom said I watched Romper Room as a toddler, but I don't remember it.

Nick said...

Despite being difficult, I often enjoy Friday puzzles for having the most interesting themes. Marti is certainly in my preferred list of Friday names, so seeing her name on Tuesday was ecstatic.

Didn't know OTS and the right-middle took longer to figure out, but my insistence on using down and across clues simultaneously pulled me through with no red-lettering. In contrast, I couldn't get the entire SW corner of the USA Today puzzle.

LaLaLinda said...

Hi Everyone ~~

Well, Marti, this puzzle just 'oozed' cleverness! OK, a corny observation, I know, but I'm just starting my second mug of coffee ~~ a delightful theme. My favorite was STYLING MOOS. I zipped through this but smiled throughout - many new, fresh clues ... loved it!

My one hang-up, and not a long one, was with IRMA. I was thinking of 'Erma' (Bombeck), even though if I recall correctly, the kitchen was not her favorite place!

After the storms of yesterday, in which a number of people were affected by lightning strikes, it is a sunny, breezy and relatively cool day here today - just gorgeous.

Enjoy your Toosday! (courtesy of Lemonade) ;-)

Nick said...

And now, an alphabetic run-through of other possible entries.

AFTERNOONBOOS (Afternoon Booze)

Today's puzzle was ONEHELLOFATOOS.

Dang, that's all I can think of. Anyone got a good entry starting with consenent blends?

kazie said...

What a wonderful treat, thanks Marti!

I floo throo this one without any speed bumps or write-overs. Also enjoyed the lack of proper names--just fun with words, so definitely my kind of puzzle.

Argyle's 301st was good too!

Spitzboov said...

Good morning all. Good write-up, Argyle and good articulation of today's theme. Congrats on your 300 milestone.

Back to puzzling after a long weekend in Barry and Marti territory. Had a great meal at Ming Tsai's Blue Ginger restaurant in Wellesley. Came past Sturbridge yesterday as the front came through. Raining like a cow (MOOS) standing over a flat rock.

Fun puzzle today. Creative theme. Good fill, but no real arcane or foreign stuff. Appreciate the shoutout to the VETS. BZ to Marti.

Celebrating our 47th anniv. today.

Have a great day.

Mari said...

47? Wow! Congrats Spitzboov!

Hahtoolah said...

Happy Anniversary, Spitzboov! 47 years is impressive, indeed. May you and your wife have many, many more anniversaries.

Ron Worden said...

Good morning to all and happy Tues. Nice puzzle,Marti and thanks for the write up Argyle. Congrats to you and your DW,Spitzboov hope you have many more. Very breezy and gray here, wish Debby would get moving. Have a great day to all.RJW

Nick said...

And just to prove the power of putting the crossword away, I retried the USA Today, and needed neither Dad nor redlettering.

HeartRx said...

Spitzboov, congrats on your 47th! Hope you do something extra special today!

Irish Miss said...

Good morning:

Great Tuesday offering, Marti. Fun and clever theme and cluing. And kudos to Argyle for his 301st expo!

Happy Anniversary to Spitzboov and spouse; have a wonderful day.

Bill G: Were all of the submitted homophones correct? Are you going to tell us the answer for the only one we didn't get?

Happy Tuesday everyone.

Mari said...

Spitzboov: How about a photo of yourself and Betty?

Misty said...

I phoned a favorite aunt of mine in Austria yesterday and left a message on her answering machine. She called back at 5 am this morning (her math about the time difference is clearly not great). So had three hours with nothing to do until husband and caregiver get up and our day begins. Your fun puzzle saved me, Marti--a million thanks--and you, too, Argyle, for your always fun write-up.

Happy anniversary, Spitzboov, and have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Irish Miss said...


What a lovely photo of your wedding day!

Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, It has been quite awhile since I've had much chance to dig into a crossword puzzle or to post a comment even if I do.

I loved seeing so many of the "old time regulars" are still pitching in and making the puzzles, blogging and comments as much fun as ever.

Just to keep old friends up to date and for those who are saying, "Who the heck is she?", I'm still having chemo weekly. It's been over 3 years now, so I tell my doctors I might as well keep on going for 10 more years. I'm making a pretty sure bet that I'll make it to my 70th B-day in a couple of weeks and for some good time beyond.

GAH is slowing down pretty quickly. He is fine on day-to-day activities, but names and faces are tough. Alzheimer's keeps me busy because I do a lot of repeating and explanations.

Luckily our daughter is there for both of us and we are still enjoying everything we can. I'll write when I can and try to fit a puzzle in now and then,

kazie said...

Great to see you back! I certainly hope that chemo helps and doesn't slow you down too much. It sounds as if your family is there for you, and that is precious, and must be a great comfort to you both. How are things in your new home? No snakes on the back steps there, I hope!

Many greetings and congrats to you and Mrs. Spitz on your 47th! May we all be so fortunate. Enjoy your day!

Lucina said...

Haloo, Argyle and friends. I'm sorry but I don't get who's on first, TODAY. Please explain.

Nice one, Santa, thank you.

Ooh, ooh, Marti, how doo you doo it? This was great fun to sashay throo! I loved the theme answers and even starting with GASP! was a ROMP. You had me chuckling all the way especially with TEMPLE OF ZOOS.

ANTZ is an amusing movie with more adult humor than usual in an animated one.

Congratulations, Sptizboov, on 47 years! That is an impressive achievement.

I enjoyed seeing the pics again.

Today is LEFT EYE day for me. In a few hours that cataract will be history.

Enjoy your Toosday(thanks, L), everyone!

HeartRx said...

ClearAyes, so great to hear from you! I'm so glad to hear that you still have a great attitude as ever, and that your family is helping through the hurdles. Please visit us often - you have been missed!

Lucina said...

ClEAR Ayes! It's fantastic to "see" you back! I'm really glad you are so positive about your prognosis though I am sorry about your DH. Please do come back whenever you can. I've missed you and the daily poem greatly. My thoughts have been constantly with you for your continued good health.

Bill G. said...

Spitz, happy anniversary! CA, it's great to hear from you. Best wishes for you both. Does GAH still golf?

Marti and Argyle, thanks for the fun puzzle and writeup.

Irish Miss, I thought everybody did great on the homophone puzzle. I can't remember which one wasn't gotten but here are all of my answers.

soothing balms/bombs away; sun's rays/raise hell; just deserts/desserts carts; bread doughs/doze off; international pact/packed suitcase; Douglas fir/fur bearing; long queue/cue chalk; silver ware/wear out; Stop him!/hymn book; sympathetic eroine/heroin habit (or addict); Just a few/Phew, that was close!; horse collared/collard greens

I hope you enjoyed them.

Hahtoolah said...

Clear Ayes: So good to see you again. I have been thinking of you. Sorry to hear about Fred. I am glad your chemo is going well. Do stop by when you can. You have been missed as well as your daily dose of poetry.

Argyle said...

Thank you Lucina for giving me an excuse for linking Who's on first (at 4:12)Today.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

CA - how wonderful to see you again. You are one tough lady.

Spitz - Congrats to you and your lovely wife.

Marti - Fun puzzle today. Nice job.

Argyl - the difference between GDP and GNP is kinda wonky but pretty simple. GDP is the total value of all goods and services produced within the country. GNP includes the value produced by nationals overseas.

So, when Tin Man is on one of his jaunts to an exotic local, what he earns there is part of GNP, but not GDP.

As you can see here, there is not a great deal of difference.

Thanks for Take 10. A new one for me.

Cool regards!

Argyle said...

Hu is the new leader in China.

Updated "Who's on first".

Argyle said...

Thank you, JzB. They can be clued the same way so the perp must decide which one to use. Why? Left field!

Lucina said...

Thank you, Argyle! I had forgotten all about that funny skit. Love the new one too.

Mark S said...

If I refused to listen the conversation would "fall on deaf ears", so I guess refusing to listen is making me deaf

Tinbeni said...

Argyle: Great write-up & links. As always; Thank you very much!

Marti: Your puzzle 'oozes' with cleverness.

Well I got caught by the gDp to GNP write-over.

Spitz: Happy 47th.
The first 'toast' at Sunset is to you and your bride.
Cheers !!!

Irish Miss said...

Bill G:

I did enjoy the homophones but two of mine were incorrect. HuskerGary had the correct answers for both. The one we didn't get was sympathetic/habit; that was a toughie.

CA: Despite being a " newbie", I join the rest of the corner crew in wishing you continued strength and resolve dealing with your health issues.

Argyle, thanks for the Abbot and Costello treat!

GarlicGal said...

YAY CLEAR AYES!!! Maybe we'll see you in Stockton in August...maybe?

I slept in this morning and when I got out to the kitchen my daughter had already done the Xword AND the Sudoku. A fine howdy-doo! Enjoyed all your comments though.

Happy A to you Spitz and Mizz Spitz.

Feliz Tortilla Soup Tuesday to todos!

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, Marti, for a great puzzle. Thank you, Argyle, for the great review.

Really enjoyed today's puzzle. Zipped through it easily.

Got started in the NW. Got them all except IDEE. Once I had 1-4D, IDEE appeared.

All four theme answers appeared easily.

I, also, enjoyed 30D, HYPHEN.had me thinking for a while. A couple perps helped.

63A St. ELMO'S Fire caught my eye. I am going to St. Elmo Commandery #64 in Chicago tonight.

Nice to see you back Clear Ayes.

Happy Anniversary Mr and Mrs Spitzboov. Hope you have many more.

I worked this puzzle sitting in a Greyhound Station in Dayton, OH. I was so "into" the puzzle I was not paying attention and missed my bus to Chicago. The next bus was sold out, so I took a cab to Columbus and caught a Southwest flight to Chicago Midway. That's my story and I'm sticking to it. So, once again Marti, thanks for the great puzzle. It had my attention.

See you tomorrow.


Bill G. said...

Irish Miss, I didn't think of your answers to the homophone puzzle as incorrect. They were just different from the ones I had intended. I think, for puzzles like this, there are good answers and gooder answers.

GarlicGal, there is a little Mexican restaurant near here called La Playita. They have great chicken tortilla soup. It even has a slice of avocado in each bowl. Muy bueno.

HeartRx said...

Abejo, I am so sorry to have made you miss your bus! But it made me chuckle just a bit, to think you were so "engrossed" in my puzzle!!

Argyle @ 11:45, hilarious update - but I still like the original version better!!

Linda said...

CA; Wonderful to hear from you and to hear your upbeat attitude. I had forgotten our birthdays were close (mine`s July 5th) so happy birthday early. Don`t know for sure where I`ll be then, but then none of us really do. Please let us hear from you more often. I miss your chosen verse. My husband also has many problems that require me to exercise patience (of which I originally had very little.) Getting older is not for sissies, is it! I forgot a well-patient eye exam yesterday, myself! Something I rarely do, but granddaughter came for lunch and I didn`t turn on my I didn`t check my calendar. I also had 12 over due books because of it!
Congratulations to the couple married 47 years! We recently celebrated 51 years.

Abejo said...

Marti: Just got home and told my wife the missed bus story and why. She just shook her head. Good to be home.


Husker Gary said...

After my lousy golf today, Marti’s clever puzzle got my dauber back up! I think she can anybody’s dauber up! Theme came after first entry and was helpful and fun.

-Is any comedy bit funnier than Who’s on first? Big Bang (2:44) did a clever variation (starts at 1:45 but is funny throughout)
-Romper Bomper Stomper Boo. Tell me, tell me, tell me do.
-I took a class on Omaha’s URBan, subURBan, and exURBan areas
-Poor O-ring design and a very cold January day at Cape Kennedy doomed the Challenger
-Do SNITCHes get stitches?
-John Wayne finally got an Oscar for True Grit. “Hell, I would’a put the eye patch on 30 years ago if I knew that’s what it would take!’
-We men are pretty simple; just tell us YES OR NO.
-Mr. T was a celebrity du jour years ago. I hope he saved some of that money.
-Re: yesterday’s puzzle – I wear an XL because I have become somewhat GRAS
-Congrats Spitz! Continued happiness!

Husker Gary said...

Addendum: Last night Arizona won the NCAA College World Series at Omaha’s TD Ameritrade Park and just across the street in the Century Link Center, Michael Phelps got beat in the 400 IM during the Olympic swim trials. The 14,000 seat arena is already sold out for the swim finals on Friday and Saturday. Omaha really supports both of these events and that is why they keep coming back.

Marge said...

Hi all,
This was a fun puzzle, Marti, and I thank you for it. I didn't get it done as fast as some of you, but had fun doing it. Also enjoyed your write up, Argyle!

When I watched the Abbot and Costella link,I finally got it, the catcher is named Today. I enjoyed the Bush-Rice link also.

Have seen both movies of TRUE GRIT several times. I think both versions are great. I liked the music in the second one. The new one is sometimes on one of the channels of Dish Sat.

There was recently a recipe for Kale chips (by a doctor) in the News Paper. I haven't tried it yet. Don't know if I will.

Have a great evening!

Marge said...

Spitz-nice picture.Congrats to you and your wife for 47 Yrs. We will have 55 in Oct.

Clear Eyes, it's nice to see you back and hoping you'll have many more years.

Mari said...

Irish Miss @ 10:08 am: Thank you!

Hope all you puzzlers have a great night.

Avg Joe said...

Clear Ayes! It's very nice to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by.

Spitzboov said...

Thank you all for your good wishes and felicitations. You are a good group to be a part of.

Clear Ayes - Good to hear from you and that you are coping.

Dudley @0612 - I just realized you posed a question. The names seem to exhibit typical Dutch orthography, but neither is an ordinary word by itself. In Low German, Moos means 'sauce', like in Appelmoos - apple sauce. No further info on Foos.

The Dutch adopted their modern spelling (orthography) in 1949, which is 100% phonetic. Many place names and family names, though, retain their older spellings. Sometimes these are anglicized when they move to an English speaking country.

Chickie said...

Hola Everyone, thanks Marti, for a great puzzle today. I realized the oos sounds after loos, and then chuckeled at the other theme answers as they emerged.

Romper Room was what my oldest daughter watched in the late 50's. That was one of the first programs that was watched when we finally could afford to buy a TV.

Like Hatool, my favorite today was a Way to See Through a Door/Peephole.

Good Luck Lucina. You'll soon be able to see through that door peephole with both eyes clear as can be.

CA--So good to "see" you today. You know that we are thinking about you and wishing you and Fred the best. Stop by when you can.

Congratulations, Spitzboov! We recently celebrated our 58th. How did we get so lucky?

Have a great Toosday (Thanks, L) Evening, everyone.

fermatprime said...


Thank you very much for the amusing offering, Marti! Thanks also to our prolific expositer, Argyle!

Clear Eyes--so good of you to write. Words fail me. Am sending all my love.

Spitzboov--happy for your milestone! Wishing you many more.

My girl friend did not call today. As a consequence I swam alone (had missed two days). Was somewhat nervous (tingling all over still) but managed to do the usual number of laps and "walkies" and negotiate the steps out with pool cane and towel-covered grab bars.


fermatprime said...

PS--Had a dreadful time with the Jones'n puzzle. Was ignorant of all of the Beethles' titles. The Washington Post challenge was, however, quite fun!

HUTCH said...

lucina; All I know, on the east coast there used to be a stumper regarding the famous double play team( Yankees) The question was Tinkers (short stop) to Evers ( 2nd baseman) to Chance (1st base nan) The quetion--Who played third base. I never did find out.

HeartRx said...

Chickie, congrats on 58! Every year is a gift, isn't it?? And I echo your wishes to Lucina - her last operation worked great, so now she should be 20-20...wish I could be so acute!!

Dennis said...

HUTCH, I believe that'd be one Harry Steinfeldt.

CA, wonderful to see you back. Your positive attitude is indeed inspirational.

Spitz, Chickie, wonderful accomplishments! BZ to you both.

Lemonade714 said...

Nice fill Dennis, but THEY played for the Cubs.

Dennis said...

Of course. As did Harry Steinfeldt.

kazie said...

Dudley and Spitz,
Could Foos mean foot? It's Fuß in German, and there are a lot of similar words in the two languages.

Bill G. said...

Kazie and others, the new coffee shop I've been patronizing is run by two very pleasant Kiwis. Can you tell their accent from an Australian? I enjoy the accent but it all sounds the same to me.

Anonymous said...

lemony? don't understand the question?

billg? of course there is a noticable difference.