Jun 5, 2009

Friday June 5, 2009 Gareth Bain

Theme: ET TU (59D: Famous last words (and homophonically, a hint to this puzzle's theme))

19A: Genetic coding for an official legislative trip?: JUNKET DNA (Junk DNA)

23A: NASA scrapheap?: ROCKET PILE (Rock Pile)

51A: Long-eared dog's performance?: BASSET SOLO (Bass Solo)

52A: Young hen's bar bill?: PULLET TAB (Pull Tab)

2D: Horn section?: CORNET ROW (Cornrow)

34D: Dance after getting a shock from an outlet?: SOCKET HOP (Sock Hop)

"ET TU, Brute?" are Julius Caesar's famous last words. I got the answer immediately. Then I got PULLET TAB in a hurry and realized that ET is added into the theme answer. But I simply could not parse ET TU. Forward to 1:24, you will hear ET TU is pronounced like "Add TU", homophonically. I was confused.

I've never heard of Junk DNA, but JUNKET came easily. Is Jack Abramoff sentenced yet? I think I would have taken his Scotland golf JUNKET too. I actually did not know what a pullet is. Only knew the French "poulet". Not familiar with the Sock Hop dance either.

Very choppy solving today. Quite a few tricky clues. I really liked the overlapping and the interlocking of the theme answers.

The helper squares Gareth Bain mentioned in his interview refer to two black squares directly above and below ADJ (13D) and BEL (60D).


1A: Bank holding: Abbr.: ACCT

5A: Village Voice awards: OBIES. Yep, OBIES are given by Village Voice.

10A: Place to wear a coat: LAB. Nice clue. I did not get it immediately. I need a science or chemist word for hint.

13A: Parting of the Pacific?: ALOHA. Another great clue. I was misguided into really "parting" the Pacific like Moses did with the Red Sea.

14A: They help form joints: ULNAE. More used to the "Arm bones" clue.

15A: Loved, with "up": ATE

16A: Florida home of Golf's WGC-CA Championship: DORAL. Played on its Blue Monster Course. Used to be the spot for DORAL Open.

17A: Jazz great Art: TATUM. I forgot. Googled this guy before. His left eye was blind.

18A: Columnist Hentoff: NAT

21A: It's shaken out: SALT. My favorite clue. I suppose PEPPER can be clued the same.

22A: __ Spielgel: German magazine: DER. German for "The Mirror". A weekly magazine. Similar to our Time or Newsweek.

28A: Organic compound: ENOL

29A: Mo. in which the Civil War began: APR. April 12, to be exact.

31A: Hercules' neighbor: LYRA. See this diagram. I did not know Hercules is a constellation. I kept thinking of the young boy Hylas, who found the treasure chamber with Hercules in "Jason and the Argonauts".

33A: Inventor friend of Henry Ford: EDISON. Easy guess. I don't know those two were friends.

37A: Ruth's mother-in-law: NAOMI

39A: H.S. VIPs.: SRS. Never attended a school here. Don't know why SRS are VIPS. You'd think the principals are.

46A: Cry near the ears?: CAW. Why? I wanted COO.

47A: Blacksmith's item: SHOE. For horse? I don't know.

49A: "Eight Days __": A WEEK. Beatles' song.

55A: Pic source: NEG. And PAN (30D: Shoot with a moving camera).

57A: Large group: ARMY. Like Arnie's ARMY, fans of the golf legend Arnie Palmer.

61A: Mauna __: KEA. Wrote down LOA immediately. Mauna KEA is "white mountain". Mauna LOA is "long mountain". LOA=long. Both are volcanos.

62A: Larry Flynt concern, briefly: PORNO. I forgot who Larry Flynt is. Did know his "Hustler" though.

65A: Funny pair?: ENS. Two letter N's in Funny.

66A: Give the boot: EVICT

67A: Fairy tale threat: TROLL. Do you collect TROLL dolls?

68A: Sound of support: RAH. Wanted OLE.

69A: Places for guards: GATES. This is so unfair. We see Mac and iPod so often in the grid, yet Bill GATES has never been given an opportunity to shine.

70A: Org. with carriers: USPS. Mail carriers.


1D: Audibly: ALOUD

3D: Yoga energy point: CHAKRA. No idea. It's also spelled CAKRA. Sanskrit for "wheel"/"circle". Humans have seven CHAKRA points. I guess I know why #7 is.

4D: Ghost story, e.g.: TALE

5D: Great area?: OUTDOORS. Stumped. Is this about the movie "The Great OUTDOORS"?

6D: Man with many voices: BLANC (Mel).

7D: Pipe opening: INTAKE. Silly. But I really did not know this.

8D: Evian, par exemple: EAU. Evian is part of Danone, which has many joint ventures in China.

10D: Island on the Kalohi Channel: LANAI. Well, I know LANAI the Dole "Pineapple Island". Have never heard of Kalohi Channel. Please come to Comments section if you found a good map.

11D: In any way: AT ALL

12D: Davis of "The Little Foxes": BETTE. Ignorant of the movie.

13D: Dict. designation: ADJ. Adjective. Got the answer from Across fills.

20D: Priam's kingdom: TROY. Priam is the father of Paris/Hector/Cassandra.

21D: Took off: SPLIT

24D: 67.5 degrees: ENE. Mine was NNE.

27D: Happy-go-lucky: BLITHE. This word always brings to mind Blythe Danner, mother of Gwyneth Paltrow.

29D: "Wheel of Fortune" buy: AN I. I like this clue better than the black ANI bird.

32D: Discipline: ART. Don't get this one.

35D: Words with whim: ON A. On a whim.

36D: Out-of-the-box: NEW

38D: Hip-hopper Elliott: MISSY. Ha ha, a rare gimme for me. She is quite slim now.

40D: Leek cousins: SHALLOTS. Oil/Vinegar/SHALLOT/mustard, classic vinaigrette recipe.

43D: Angry: HOT. Mine was MAD.

45D: Missing at roll call, maybe: AWOL

48D: Lively wit: ESPRIT. Wrote down BON MOT.

50D: Partner of breaks: ENTERS. "Partner" in the clue always suggests an "and". Breaks and ENTERS.

51D: One of a nursery rhyme trio: BAKER. Butcher and the candlestick maker.

52D: Spartacus' stage: ARENA. Oh, the gladiator. I confused Spartacus with Spartan.

53D: Shatter: SMASH

54D: Wee bit: OUNCE

56D: Certain Scots: GAELS. Are CELTS "Certain Scots" too?

60D: Sound measure: BEL. I forgot. Saw this clue before. It's equal to 10 decibels. SONE is "Loudness measures".

62D: Hanging aid: PEG. I was in a totally different direction, thinking of the hanging of Saddam.

63D: Oft-donated cells: OVA. Oh, I thought only sperms are "Oft-donated".

Answer grid.



Dennis said...

Good morning, C.C. and fellow Friday masochists - Wow. Had I not started at the bottom after sliding all across the top, I'd probably still be trying to get through this one. Great puzzle, but a real bear.

I needed lots of perp help, and learned some new words, such as 'chakra'. I never knew 'esprit' meant 'lively wit' - just thought it had to do with spirit, as in 'esprit de corps', which is more about enthusiasm and dedication.

My head hurts from this one.

Today is World Environment Day, and National Doughnut Day. Boy, I wish we had a Krispy Kreme around here.

Today's Words of Wisdom: "Don't let up - don't ever let up". -- me (Hope you don't mind - they've been my 'words to live by' for a lot of years, and have served me well)

Friday Fun Facts:

- There is an average of two earthquakes every minute in the world.

- Mexico City sinks about 10 inches a year.

Azalel said...

46A Perhaps this relates to crows calling [going 'caw, caw'] near 'ears' of corn in the harvest field?

Dennis said...

azalel, I came to the same conclusion only after the perps got me 'caw'. Good catch.

Alain said...

Don't you guys ever sleep?

Dennis said...

What, and miss this??

Anyway, sleep's overrated; you miss too much.

Off to the gym.

C.C. Burnikel said...

ET TU confused the hell out of me. I would prefer a unifying answer 3-letter ETS, clued as "UFO pilots" and "a hint to this puzzle's theme". I let up what I want to let up.

Oh, now I get it. Very clever. Thanks. How many hours of sleep do you get every day?

You are eating like a champion!

Sometimes I have hot millet gruel/raisins/apricots/honeyed nuts for breakfast. Have never had millet bread before. I don't get your Mauer/Morneau question.

C.C. Burnikel said...

Karen @ 8:51,
You are blue! Welcome!

Yes, I did. I also buy my nuts/dried fruits at Trader Joe's.

Anon 11:18pm was talking about my DRUG RAIDS/BUSTS comment.

It's 20, not 30 years ago. Tiananmen Square Incident happened in 1989. It profoundly changed our lives. Western culture/ideas just surged in after that. As for GODOT, I got it from Across fills.

C.C. Burnikel said...

A Suzuki Boulevard motorcycle, really? It's so dangerous. I am not a motorcycle person. Topps Mickey Mantle is all I dream about.

Hope Leo is getting better.

I don't know. Mercury News obviously misunderstood TMS last time. By mid-June, LAT will only return to its normal difficulty. I can't imagine the feedback from those complainers.

windhover said...

CC @ 5:57:
I thought you said the other day that "damned"
Was the only expletive your husband taught you.

Re: your question from yesterday. Melissa Bee will probably answer after consulting a higher authority (BarbB)
but one of the best treatments of the Dead Sea Scrolls I have seen is a book by a theologian named Elaine Pagels. I can't recall the title, and the book is buried in a box somewhere upstairs. Google will be your friend, I think.

Lemonade714 said...

A 26 minute effort, whew. I really had to keep grinding at this one, and once again, I forgot to start at the bottom and get the theme. I saw the ET connection, but never heard of JUNK DNA until i read about after finishing the puzzle. Only after I put ET TU in (which is a real gimme to anyone who took Latin, or has a son who is a Roman antiquities Major; I also recommend the HBO series ROME ) the light finally came on and then I zipped to the finish.

BEL was also a big D'oh, as the Latin DECI with BEL should have stirred my brain.

Never heard of MAUNA KEA, and also had LOA for too long.

I agree CAW relates to the crows and cornfields, which goes with CORN being in the puzzle.

The Great Outdoors is just an expression, it has nothing to do with the movie.

I thought the B & E clue was creative, as was ALOHA. Also, it was interesting they used the NN pair in FUNNY so soon after you suggested it, C.C. I know puzzles are done months in advance.

When did you play the Blue Monster? I played it a few times, and always played better because it was so hard. 18 is scary.

Bill said...

OK, I give up. Today must be Sunday!!!!
4 times through the grid, across and down and other combos. 2 answers, one of which was WRONG!
No ideas for the other 300 answers so I trashed it and hooked up my camper and said "Let there be sun! I'm leaving!"
Bottom line.............
Lousy x word!!
CY'all Mon

danabw said...

Happy Friday!
Tough puzzle today, but needed LOTS of outside help.

Luxor - I found this site yesterday on the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and found it very interesting. DISCOVERY

Regarding Tiananmen Square: I was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit 8 years ago. We spent most of the day at the Square flying kites. We were told this symbolized the freedom that the protest allowed the Chinese in the aftermath. I can in no way comprehend what that was like to live through, but I was moved beyond words to be there.

Crockett - thinking of you and Leo today.

Al said...

C.C. A martial "Art" is a discipline.

I've seen senior (graduating class member) as a BMOC (big man on campus). I think it's a stretch to call one a very important person though, unless they're a jock, class president or prom royalty.

Now I can only fill in the trailing "A" whenever I see the "Mauna ___" clue. LOA is no longer a gimme. Thanks, Gareth.

Got chakra right away because of Avatar. Um, my kids watch it. Lets go with that.

kazie said...

The VIP status is usually only in the heads of those HS kids of your example, and unfortunately, also many of their admirers. It made me sick how their egos are fed, and the real brains of the school got ignored.

The puzzle felt like wading through deep water until I switched to online and filled in the few that I'd had on paper. Some were wrong, and that helped see other options quicker. On paper, I'm always cautious about putting things down on spec, the red gives much quicker feedback, and then it seems easier to see what should go in too.

I did figure out the theme early, before even seeing ET TU, but I also did not know what junk DNA was, and really wasn't sure about junket either, even having heard the term on TV, didn't realize its narrow application to official groups. I had hesitated to put OBIES on paper, but I'm much braver online.

I did know PULLET, and that was my first theme entry. Also did not know the Kalohi Channel, but it sounded Hawaiian, so I reasoned it must be one of those islands. My d'oh moment was with NEG. I started with LOA too.

Welcome to Azalel and Alain!

Argyle said...

ooof! ouch! ugh! I got beat up by this puzzle. (I would point out Mel Blanc is no longer with us although his many voices do live on.) All around Blanc was blank but I should have gotten Obies.

BTW, Americade motorcyle rally is in the area this week. It is really something to see a string of over 100 motorcycles of all kinds going by on one of their tours. The total attendance probably exceeds 10,0000.

SandbridgeKaren said...

Lemonade - I bow in awe to the fact you did this puzzle in 26 minutes. If my head hadn't already blown off doing it, the 26 minute part would have done the trick.

It's Friday so I expected a toughie - got about half before I fled to g-help. Completely missed Missy Elliott and she's a local - doh! Liked 'parting of the pacific' 'it's shaken out' and 'cry near the ears' clues - got caw immediately. Theme thru me off completely - very clever but way beyond my brain this a.m.

Dennis - always wonderful words of wisdom - thanks!

I think I'll got to the corner market for a doughnut - maybe the sugar fix will help.

Off to PA for the weekend - hope it's great one for all - may try the puzzle online from there if I can get a wireless connection way out in the sticks where my dad lives. Local paper carries some hack xword.

Al said...

Spell EVIAN backwards, and that's what you are if you buy water in those little plastic throw-away bottles... A few minutes in your hand, and forever in a landfill. Not to mention the problems you might create for yourself if they are made of BPA.

Andrea said...

Morning all -

The NE corner started okay for me. I just co-hosted a bridal shower at a chakra studio, so I knew that one. Aloha, Doral and Der Spiegel also came immediately to me. I knew Junket, but didn't have DNA. And that's about as far as I got... Would have had to google WAY too much, so threw in the towel and came right here. Even with CC's help filling in the theme answers, I was stuck.

So now I'm off to enjoy a beautiful day here in Madison before the rain and cold hits us tomorrow.

Enjoy the day.


Anonymous said...

I’m with you Bill….this puzzle was HARD. You sure can tell it’s Friday. I just couldn’t get a foothold anywhere and completely missed the theme. I hit the g-spot for Jazz great Art (Tatum)…I bet you didn’t Jazzbumpa; columnist Hentoff (Nat) and hip hopper Elliott (Missy). I detest hip hop. I got Ruth’s mother in law Naomi, but have no clue who Ruth even is. My favorite clues were “place to wear a coat” – lab and “parting of the pacific” – aloha. Some day I will get to Hawaii. It’s on my bucket list.

Welcome Azalel and thank you for the clarification on “cry near the ears” – caw. I wrote that in but it didn’t make any sense to me until now.

My favorite donut is an apple fritter, what about you?

Oh, and my favorite chakra points are 4, and 7.

Linda said...

CC: It being Friday and only having a small window of time, I cheated big time and came here before I ever started the puzzle...Even then, some were out of range. When even Argyle has problems...I know I`m in trouble! Excellent interview as always.

Dennis; Brilliant and wise...does the love of your life know how rare that is?

Luxor; Technically...what your high-school friend claimed is possible...but you have to be very close to doing the deed. My sister and I know our Mother is still pure. After all, she is our Mother.

Crockett: We once had two white cats which we raised from six-week old long-haired with copper eyes and her brother, short haired with blue eyes. First, someone stole Tom...then someone stole Susie...(we surmised this because they were such "people" cats and beautiful and they simply dissapeared.)
Whether you loose them to accident, theft or the natural order of`s never easy. You have my empathy.

Lola said...


After reading all the comments, I'm glad I was lazy and did this one online.It took about 30 minutes, and I really enjoyed the theme. Probably because I actually got it.

I have a sister-in-law who is immersed in new age ideology, so chakra was a gimme. I also really liked parting of the Pacific. Cry near the ears made no sense even after I filled in caw. Still seams like a bit of a stretch.

After all of the beautiful weather we've enjoyed lately, it is raining and cool today. I suppose I'll have to catch up on my indoor chores today. Bleh! Hopefully we'll be back to Spring like temps tomorrow. Of course in the NW this is more the norm this time of year than the warmth. Guess we'll just have wait and see what comes our way.


Clear Ayes said...

Good Morning All, Yippee! It's Friday and I finished the puzzle. For some reason I caught Gareth Bain's wavelength and CORNET, JUNKET, BASSET, ROCKET, PULLET and SOCKET came very easily. So I had a good base to go back and forth with the perps to fill in the rest.

I didn't know the month the Civil War started, but since I already had ROW for the end of 2D and NAOMI for 37A, I was pretty sure it had to be APR.

The cross of ENE and ENOL gave me the most trouble. The SW stack of KEA, ENS and RAH was a stopper for a while too.

We're having a rare and wonderful June rain this morning. GAH and I have some "in town" things to do this afternoon, so we hope it will let up enough so that our drive will be pleasant.

danabw, GAH and I visited China in 2005. We were very impressed with the vast expanse of Tiananmen Square. China is a fascinating country and the people we met were so kind and welcoming. I would love to go again if the opportunity presents itself.

Al, I with you on buying bottled water. We have a couple of BPA-free drinking bottles. The mouths are wide, so we can fill them with ice and top them with filtered water. We have one of those doohickey thingy doodads (aka reverse osmosis filter). On World Environment Day, it's a good thing to remind people of the small things we can do to conserve.

Linda, LOL. My two sisters and I have always been sure that our parents "did it" (we can't even think of sex in relation to Mom and Dad) only three times.

Favorite doughnut?...Anything with chocolate frosting.

Crockett1947 said...

Good morning, everyone!

Well, back to the G-spot today. Had no idea the OBIES were done by the Village Voice. Didn't have the slightest idea what the WGC-CA Championship was or where the heck it's held, still have no idea why CAW is a cry near the ears, had no idea on MISSY, etc. etc, etc.

@azalel By George, I think you've got it! Thank you.

@lemonade714 Thanks for the Deci-BEL. Now it makes sense to me.

@bill You and Nancy have a great weekend. Chill out, play some gigs and catch some fish.

@tarrajo Thanks for your kind words yesterday. Ruth is biblical. My favorite "doughnut" is a raspberry fritter.

Thanks for all the good thoughts and wishes for Leo.

@lola I just KNEW it had to rain and get cooler -- after all, it IS Rose Festival time.

Linda said...

CA: Dad? Yes...Mom? NEVER!

Anonymous said...

Got hung up on 6D with 'Mimic' and 66A as 'Eject'.

Never heard of Junk DNA.

Gave up on 8D because I don't know the french word for water and didn't know that I knew it.

Got 'Sockethop' after only a few crosses.

64D is spelled wrong: tee hee

Stumped on 24 down, didn't think of direction, pondering freezing and boiling points and human temperatures, too cold would make one 'ill', for example.

Good puzzle, not great.

treefrog said...

Got my prat kicked today. I don't feel so bad after reading the posts. Sounds like it was challenging for all.

Hope this is the last day of cloudy weather. Getting tired of the humidity. Makes my head hurt.

I heard something interesting today on GMA. There was a segment on thunderstorms. According to the segment when you see lightning you should start counting. If you don't get to 30 before the thunder-get your butt inside!! Works for me. Any thoughts on this?

This blasted puzzle took so long I'm waaaay behind schedule. Will go grab some breakfast and head for the yard. Picking up the house will wait till later.

lois said...

Good morning CC et al., I love the twisted thinking in the clues - can't get the answers, but I love the twisted deeper meanings. I had to laugh at 2D Horn Section? remembering Jazz's horny dilemma the other night,and no surprise,
62A Larry Flynt and porno go together like milk and cookies. Got a few more but nothing to really count. I feel better knowing Argyle struggled and Dennis got a headache. My headache today is caused by too much drinking last night not thinking today. Anyhow, CC, I don't know how you do it. You're amazing!

Crockett; you're in my thoughts today. keep us updated, ok?
Party on! TGIF

melissa bee said...

good morning c.c. and all,

OW! this one hurt, which made the finish (the N in ENOL/ENE) very satisfying. like hitting yourself in the head with a hammer, it feels so good when you stop.

like others, never heard of JUNK DNA. thx azalel for CAW, the ear connection was lost on me. my line of work make CHAKRA a gimme. funny to see PORNO and TABOO in the same grid. funner if they crossed. TATUM also a gimme, my oldest and dearest friend is a jazz musician and met him once.

@al: couldn't agree more about plastic. i try never to bring it in the house .. nearly impossible. most kids worry about their moms finding pot in their rooms, but for my kids it's 'don't let mom see the plastic!'

there are numerous books and web sources for information on the dead sea scrolls. hershel shanks's book is a good one. a bedouin shepherd discovered the scrolls in a cave in 1947. he and his cousin each received about $30 for them. seven years later, after changing hands, this ad appeared in the wall street journal and brought $250,000.

off to align chakras ..

maria said...

Hi c.c., and all, printed out the C/W early am so i wouldn't loose any time this morning, got a few words in there, but too many interruptions, phone calls etc.

If it was a bear for Dennis and Lemonade, wow , you can imagine what is going to be for me.

Bill, don't give up !

Al, i read your last post and it was too late to reply.
But , i appreciate you sharing your knowledge.
I guess it was better the 2nd time around (lol)
I knew Fiat to be a car, and specie, for other than moneys.


Dennis said...

C.C., "I let up what I want let up." -- What's that mean?

Windhover, I'll bet C.C. has a whole repertoire of expletives now, having had to deal with us all this time.

SandbridgeKaren, you should be in luck weather-wise -- it sucks right now, but it's supposed to be low 80s and sunny tomorrow and Sunday.

tarrajo, favorite donut is the plain old Krispy Kreme glazed. And a question for you or MelissaBee: I looked at chakra points and some charts show them going numerically from top to bottom, and others have it reversed. Which is it?

Linda, thanks, but my wife knows how dumb I truly am.

anon@10:38, 'tehee' is correct; it's a variant spelling of teehee. My understanding of junk DNA is that it's the portion of the DNA sequence for which they haven't identified a purpose.

treefrog, the rule of thumb for determining lightning distance is 5 seconds for every mile until you hear thunder.

I've been a little late to the whole BPA discussion - all I've heard is that I shouldn't drink from bottles that've gotten hot, and unfortunately, having a convertible, I tend to do that quite a bit with the water I keep in the car. Should I be expecting a third head anytime soon?

Unknown said...

Organic compound is enol. Otherwise you can't get Split

kazie said...

Thunder: Count to five after lightening and before thunder for every mile the storm is away from you. So 10 seconds = 2 miles, etc.

When you get to HI, don't miss circling Oahu to go to the northside beaches. Watch the sun rise over the Pali, and go to some other islands if you can.

I'm not sure about the weather--it keeps changing here from cloud to bright sun and not much wind, so I'm not sure we'll really get anything.

For APR I knew it had to be a vowel from 29D, there are only 3 months beginning with vowels, either A or O so that narrowed it down.

WM said...

Appolgies in time to read posts for now, have to leave in a bit...but tough, tough puzzle...will try to add more later. Started B4 bed last night and worked over it this morning...finished...AHHH
Dennis...I live by your words of wisdom...and keep moving forward.

Just an FYI for anyone interested in earthquakes(and Yes, you do get them along the Mississippi and in random states) you can Google usgs earthquakes and see up to the minute maps of the US and World...I love to check it out periodically, but I live in earthquake central...also love the Alaska Volcano watch and weather sites...

Have a great day and will catch up later.

melissa bee said...

@dennis: the root chakra (at the base of the spine) is 1. crown chakra (above top of the head) is 7.

maddid said...

56D...I thought that Gaels were the French and Celts were the Scots.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the chakra information MelissaB. In that case my favorite chakra points are 1 and 4.

@Dennis three heads?

Clear Ayes said...

Linda, I remember when I was in my late 40's and my sisters were in their middle to late 30's. Our mother was feeling like she could finally be one of the girls and started to tell us the story of her and Dad's pre-marital romance. It looked like the story was leading to more than the dancing in the dark and kissing on the back porch that we had already heard about. All the daughters stuck our fingers in our ears and starting chanting, "NaNaNaNaNa..." Mom said something like, "Oh, you girls!" But she did change the subject and we never did hear any details of possible pre-marital shenanigans.

Kazie, I went for the solution of 29A from the opposite side. Since I had the R as the third letter, I knew that it had to be either MAR or APR. I also had 37A NAOMI. If it had been MAR, that would have made 29D MN? and 30D AA? (All I had for 42A at the time was ??WI??) Neither MN or AA looked very likely, so I went with APR.

kazie said...

Gaels did originate in Ireland. You may be confusing them with the Gauls and Gallic references, which came from the Latin word, Gallia, for what is now France and parts of Germany. In fact, several languages of the area, including Breton in the north of France are all related to Gaelic.

Jazzbumpa said...

Hey, Gang -

Never had time to post yesterday. Did yard work, then went to Toledo (home town of Art Tatum) and washed windows at my mother-in-law's house, then back to MI for my oldest grandson's middle school band concert, then home in time for the 2nd period of the Wings debacle. Too depressed after that to do anything but drink. A team with no power play and no penalty kill who sends a bunch of impostors out to play the 2nd period is not going to win many games.

Sorry I missed all the revirginization. On 2nd thought, though . . .

Tarrajo - you're right, I got Art in a snap. Always love it when one of my T-town homeboys shows up in the puzzle. This year is his centennial.

Tough puzzle today. I don't know OBIES or MISSY Elliott. (Grey-haired old hermits score poorly on pop culture.) "An I" - poorly clued: 26 possible answers. KEA threw me, so the SW corner was a mess. Never heard of JUNK DNA, so even after I had it, couldn't believe it was right.

Rich Norris should be going, "TEHEE," for allowing that awful answer. I hope he ATONEs some time soon.

Meanwhile, my CHAKRAs are blocked, and I'm breathing throught the wrong eyelid.

If you saw a PORNO TROLL ARMY in an OUTDOORS ARENA, would you shut the GATE or try to EVICT them? Either way, I'm IN WITH THAT. TEHEE.


Oberhasli said...

Whew, spent way too much time staring at this one. I couldn't get long-eared dogs performance. I got the basset part but was stumped with the solo. That whole left-lower corner was a bear for me. I had Loa in for Mauna - and that had me messed up completely. I kept trying to put "many" in for army. Maybe I'll do better tomorrow - HA!

Tomorrow is the start of farmer's market here so I will be selling cheese and won't get to do the puzzle until late. I hope it doesn't rain - we have had a lot of the wet stuff lately!

Have a great weekend all.

tfrank said...

Good afternoon, all-

Got a late start today due to an early AM meeting. Jean and I worked the puzzle jointly using pencil and paper. (There is something in my Calvinist upbringing that tells me using red letter help online is a type of cheating). It was pretty intimidating on the first run through; we both had only a few answers, although mine did include the theme clue ettu. Jean was the first to get the added et theme, which made the theme answers a lot easier.

I think our solve time was well over an hour, partly caused by my wanting tilnow for todate and inmate for inwith. Parting of the Pacific had us stumped for quite a while. As others have noted, we have added another Mauna to our list.

It is immensely satisfying to have a solve under our belt with no help. Solving xwords is excellent therapy for Jean's depression, because her disease tells her she is worthless and without skills. Small successes are very important for her. Thanks to all of you for helping to make that possible

KittyB said...

Good afternoon, all!

I finished the puzzle, but not without red letter help. This was a challenge, and as usual, I didn't get the theme until it was explained to me.

I haven't had the chance to read the blog or the comments, and won't until later. I'm sure you'll have all the explanations I need laid out for me.

Happy Friday, everyone!

Hayrake said...

Hi C.C.

I expect the price of my Suzuki rivals that of your Mickey Mantle baseball card. It just means we both have taste for quality toys. The thrill of acceleration of a good motorbike takes me back to the secure feeling of the high speed departure from the carrier deck I felt so many years ago. It's a wing nut thing but a guy never loses it.

I hope both of our dreams come true some day.

Al said...

@Dennis, "Exposure to BPA, used in the manufacture of polycarbonate and other plastics, has been shown to interfere with reproductive development in animals and has been linked with cardiovascular disease and diabetes in humans."

kazie said...

An I could only have been a vowel--I think that's all that has to be bought on that show, isn't it? I've only watched a couple of times, but that was my assumption. In my 11:49, I outlined my other idea, since it crossed with a month, only A or O could be right. (Apr, Aug or Oct)

Argyle said...

first, congratulations on not have seen Wheel of Fortune; second, the contestants can "buy" vowels only, so there are five options.

Luxor said...

Is there a name for goat cheese? Like feta cheese or something?

Windover & danabw,
Thanks for the scrolls info. Very interesting indeed.

Seiko watches? I couldn't believe the price on some of them.

Does anyone think that items stamped/tagged with 'made in China' will ever become as collectable as items with 'made in Japan' used to be?

May be a good idea to sell flood insurance in Mexico if it continues to sink.

where to in PA ?

As close to the deed as you can get.

embien said...

26:35 today. A royal slog for me, despite getting the theme almost immediately (with JUNKET for the legislative trip.)

My problem is that a couple of the theme entries were pretty weak. I don't think JUNK DNA or BASS SOLO are really all that much "in the language" and seemed a stretch. I did enjoy the other theme entries.

Since I used to raise chickens, PULLET TAB was a gimme, and I immediately saw CAW for the ear cry, having grown corn many years in my garden (and having a large crow rookery only a couple of miles away from me. My wife and I used to sit in our hot tub at dusk and watch the hordes of crows flying overhead returning home for the night.)

I won't bother going through all the places that I had initial mistakes. Let's just say they were plentiful and widely distributed. Favorite was LAB for the place to wear a coat. Brilliant!

@jazzbumpa: "An I" - poorly clued: 26 possible answers.

Jazz, @kazie is right. You can only buy vowels on "Wheel", so only five possible answers. I usually see this kind of clueing with "AN A"--first time I've seen "I" clued this way.

Linda said...

CA; My Dad spent the first and last day of our bi-yearly visits complaining that we didn`t come often enough...I would say, "Don`t worry Dad, when I retire, you`ll see me coming every time you look up!'...I retired from teaching in May of `04...he died July of `04...I vowed never to make that mistake with Mom. We go from three to five times a year...
Each night (he was an early to bed---early to rise" er like me) he would kiss my Mom and ask, "You want to go make a baby?." Even in his 80`s!!! It would embarrass all of us but that was one of his great delights! He was quite the character! Finally, my Mom`s stock answer was, "Not tonight, dear...headache!" :)

Southern Belle said...

Afternoon, all - Guess we all learned some new words or at least new definitions of words we thought we knew - ugh! oh, well. LAT is still my favorite wake-up...along with coffee & chocolates, of course!

Thunder - Lightning kills more people in Florida than any state - therefore, we have been warned that when you hear thunder.... Get In The House! Don't bother counting, it will proably too late. Several people have been out walking on the beach or gardening, etc.....the sun was shining...and they were killed by lightning.

tfrank: sorry to hear about Jean's problem. Didn't get into the conversation in the beginning....but I think my husband is undergoing the same problem....we will find out in July. Best wishes.

Crockett: Did someone on the blog send you the "Rainbow Bridge" story? It really helped when my 19 year old poodle went over the rainbow bridge.

We're happy to have the third day of rain here.....almost an inch and counting....still under the average tho.

Anonymous said...

Mellisa Bee,
You sure look pretty on your pic. Thanks for the info re the scrolls. I like the ad in the journal. Can you imagine all of the objects d'art from antiquity that were sold for a pittance. Those from Egypts pyramids and burial sites. Fascinating, to say the least.

Al, are you guys talking about bisphenols? They are very dangerous chemicals. Having a regulatory agency like the FDA, I can't believe these chemicals are used in food containers. Even baby bottles. As C.C. would say: "YIKES".

treefrog said...

In 1998 when my son was in the Navy part of his nuclear power school was near Orlando. While talking on the phone one night I could hear a siren in the background. T storm warning. If you're in stay there-if you're out get in. BUT not across a parking lot. A sailor was struck the week before because he took a short cut.

Spent an hour and a half in the ER with hubby. His left arm is numb and tingley. Ruled out any heart stuff. He has a bad back,may be the culprit. Could be the result of some brick work he's been doing. Dozing in his chair right now. Glad he's ok.

Jazzbumpa said...

Thanks to many for helping narrow 26 down to 5.

Actually, I'm feeling pretty good about having displayed my wheel of ignorance.


Al said...

@Luxor, Yes bisphenols, yes very bad. And don't get me started on the FDA. More than half the funding for that comes directly from the companies it is supposed to protect us from. Top positions are rotating doors directly to positions either to or from those same companies. Can you say: "conflict of interest?"

Anonymous said...

Jazzbumpa and others: there are only 4 possible answers: an a, an e, an i, and an o. It would be ,"May I buy a u?" No "an" before the you sound.
End of lecture.

Treefrog: so sorry to hear about your husband. It is so tough when you are not sure about the diagnosis.

Got very little of today's puzzle. Thank you, C.C., for the interview and the answers. And thanks all for the explanations.


Jerome said...

Nice, smooth puzzle from Gareth. Such a clever young fellow. It's always a good thing to see people his age getting into constructing. Someone's got to carry on. There's even been a few teenagers that have been published in the New York Times recently. One was only 16!

Ah, the good ol' "Helper Squares." Those are polite words for what used to be called "Cheater Squares." In fact, most constructors still call them that. And all constructors use them at times. They're called cheaters because it makes the process of filling easier, and they don't change the word count. If you eliminate Gareth's "Helpers" the total word count is the same but the words around the helpers are shorter. Thus making the fill process easier. In the NW corner, for example, we have ACCT, ADJ, and DER. Eliminate the helpers and the fill words would have to be 5,5and 4 letters long instead of the 4,3 and 3 that exist now. Clear as a bell? I thought so.

It seems that some folks get a tad grumpy when puzzles have words or phrases that they haven't heard of.JUNK DNA for instance. We need to realize millions of people do know the phrase and it's a legit entry. Especially for a Friday puzzle. Crosswords would be boring to the max if every entry were a gimme.

A great weekend to all!

melissa bee said...

@sallie: you are one sharp cookie.

Jerome said...

Big oops... I meant to say- If you eliminate Gareth's helpers the total word count is the same but the words around the helpers are LONGER, not "shorter."

windhover said...

Linda@ 3:45,
When I was young enough to still be living with my parents, but old enough to know what he was talking about, my Dad would say as a way of leaving someone we were visiting,
"Well, we better get out of here. We've got to get home and work on a tricycle motor.". Embarassed the hell out of my Mother, and she'd fuss at him in the car, but they'd both be in a hurry to get my brother and I in bed after we got home.

Since Oberhasli has farmers' market tomorrow, I'll tell
Whoever asked: goat cheese is called chevre.

Hay cutting day here, tomorrow too.

papajim said...

Hey- got totally stumped on an easy corner. Not thinking too clearly these days. The butcher, the baker, the candlestick maker got me. Why? I had "loa" instead of kea. Screwed me all up.
1st week with my new grandson, I can't provide the level of care he needs, so my wife altered her schedule so that when he's here, so is she. What a good baby!! I mean-- really. Smiles,little baby laughs, he's got it all.

Podiatrist on Monday, a lot of questions and decisions to be made. see ya later bye-

Anonymous said...

Windhover -

Your 'tricycle motor' story made me laugh harder than I've laughed in a long time. I knew a good man who had a similar sense of humor and your story hit a fun nerve. TY!

Linda said...

treefrog: My husband`s arm would go numb at night...when he told the Dr., he said "Show me how you position your head on the pillow..." then he said, "Next time it goes numb, pull your chin down toward your chest." He tried it and it worked...

So you`re probably correct in suspecting it`s back/neck related...if the heart checked out. Our heart attack and triple by-pass was in 2000...a hard time...but we got through it and are even closer...I wouldn`t leave him except to shower...or run to the store for clean clothes...24/7. We were in St. Louis for our granddaughter`s heart valve correction (God Bless Ronald McDonald houses!!!My daughter and husband stayed there and we could eat a volunteer-cooked and served dinner with them each night) and he started the chest pains on the way home...

She`s 12 1/2 now...doing`s her Grandpa.

Dennis said...

MelissaBee, how does one align someone's chakra? How would I know if my chakra was leaning?

tarrajo, a freudian slip, of course. Why are 1 and 4 favorites?

ClearAyes et al, at a very early age I walked in on my parents engaged in a very frenzied activity -- seared that one in my brain for a loooong time.

tfrank, my thoughts are with you - yours is not an enviable position, and you must have immense inner strength. I hope you'll lean on us when you need to. Southern Belle, I hope things go well in July.

Hayrake, I hope you get your bike - I know what you mean about the feeling of acceleration. It's damn close to......ok, forget that one.

Al, thanks for the heads-up about BPA - how would I know which bottles are BPA-free?

embien, 'junk DNA' is actually in fairly common usage. I'm sure all the CSI-related shows are responsible for a lot of it.

treefrog, a friend of mine went through the arm numbness thing a few months ago - went to the ER, after testing they said it was an 'impinged nerve' - went away in two days. Hopefully the same or better with your husband.

Jerome, amen regarding today's puzzle. I thought it was great, and I look forward to more of Gareth's work.

melissa bee said...

@dennis: it would require an assessment. i have some special tools.

Lemonade714 said...

Melissa Bee, we all know you have some special tools, in fact we have a plethora of wonderful women of all ages on this blog. It makes life fun for tools like Dennis and I (the Krispy Kreme, yes, and they were giving free doughnuts away today, all apid for by Roberty Smith, the old Viking running back). This was the perfect puzzle for why you have to try to learn. All of the theme answers were doable, and they opened up so much.

I guess JUNK DNA is real.

Dennis said...

Lemonade, well said re the puzzle.

Melissa Bee, special tools?? Is it painful? How will you know when my chakra's straight?

Clear Ayes said...

Dennis, Hmmmm, it looks like you skipped right past all the Freudian stuff and went directly to the real thing.

Dennis said...

Au contraire, ClearAyes -- I don't even know what the hell my chakra is, much less if it's straight or not.

melissa bee said...

@dennis: i'll feel it. and if it's painful, it'll be the good hurt.

Dennis said...

Melissa, well, I can't wait to find out what a properly-aligned chakra does.

windhover said...

Ease up, kids, there's smoke or steam and some kind of fluid oozing out of my damned Iphone. I may have to throw a bucket of cold water on it.

Dennis said...

Have a great night, everyone -- it's all in fun.

Alain said...

There's a chakra restaurant in Paramus, NJ

Anonymous said...

@Dennis, you never explained your three heads. I am not sure if you sprouted a couple extra or not. We don't even need to cover the chakra 1, and 4. One being the lower level and 4 being chest level.

@Linda...I could do so much with the numb head towards the chest but I respect you too much.