May 4, 2012

Friday, May 4, 2012, David Poole

Theme: Ta Da! Each of the the five theme answers use a sound alike progression from T to D to create a new and thought-provoking witty answer. The long vowel sounds are all different. David has been one of the regular contributors to both LAT and NYT, and his November 5, 2010 work was my first write up as full-time Friday. This is his first of 2012, and continues his interesting use of language. I found the puzzle a challenge both from some Friday words, and the stacking of non-theme answers with the theme. But as a math guy I think it all adds up in the end. Or maybe it is a TouchDown (TD) when we finish.

14A. Weaponry etiquette? : CODE (COAT) OF ARMS. Long O. I got the theme right away, or so I thought...

19A. Corpulent corpuscle? : WIDE (WHITE) BLOOD CELL. Long I. My favorite, as you all should know by now, I loves me some alliteration, and two (2!) great words.

34A. Fanatical bakers? : KNEAD (NEAT) FREAKS. Long E. Also a fun image, in the kitchen, maybe Alton Brown.

53A. Warning sign at a kiddie pool? : WADE (WAIT) UNTIL DARK. Long A. Okay this cute also.

61A. Built the perfect case? : SUED (SUIT) TO A TEE. Long U. Oh goody, a theme answer to remind everyone how much they love lawyers.

No Knead for a unifier, so let's wade in and do the rest.


1. Track posting : ODDS. Yes, I have been known to bet so this was a good start. And also, a mini clecho 46A. Track transaction : BET

5. Iran and Iraq are in it : ASIA. First thought was OPEC but a glance at the downs had me wait.

9. Fernando's hideaway : CASA. Another deferred answer, hmmm.

13. Pickup on a corner, maybe : FARE. By a taxi cab, not from cruising West Hollywood.

17. Fiber-yielding plant : FLAX. So many choices, more waiting.

18. Receiver improvised in WWII foxholes : CRYSTAL SET. Boom, then came this answer with exactly the same number of letters. I knew I was right about this RADIO, but it was not a sound alike and had no T to D, isn't there a rule? Plus if he wanted to be punny he might have tried Comedian Billy's performance.

21. 1990s-2000s TV attorney : MCBEAL. Ally played by Calista Flockhart, Mrs. Indiana Jones. The show had a nice ensemble cast.

23. Acidity nos. : PHS. A clue to balance the grid.

24. Mets' div. : NLE. Ouch, National League East.

25. Cast a spell on : CHARM. Were YOU? (4:29)

26. Some HDTVs : LGS. The brand name, or the size?

28. Floral cluster : POSY. A really nice old fashioned word. Less than a bouquet?

29. [Not a typo] : SIC. This Latin guy is starting to follow me around, thus we should not forget.

30. Self-defense, e.g. : PLEA. The law related clue of the day.

32. "The Soul of a Butterfly" memoirist : ALI. he really did float like a butterfly and sting like a bee and almost killed me at LAX, by accident.

38. Dadaism pioneer : ARP. Now a classic clue.

39. Ramadan ritual : FAST. Every day until sundown.

40. Frat party purchase : KEG. Beer Pong anyone?

43. When Canada Day is : JULY. Hmm, fireworks in July, wonder where they got that idea? Mr. Poole still lives in Canada, I believe. David?

47. Strongroom : VAULT. As opposed to the weakroom where you keep the toilet paper?

49. A Gabor sister : EVA. The Green Acres Merv Griffin sister.

50. Miss Piggy accessory : BOA. She is a snappy dresser. LINK.

52. "Hudson Hawk" actor : AIELLO, great in this weird Bruce Willis film, Willis also has 6 letters, MOVIE.

57. Did wrong by : ILL TREATED. Nice long confusing fill, and mirror for CRYSTAL SET.

58. Comes to the rescue : AIDS.

62. Bolt holder : T-NUT. Right after suit to a TEE.

63. For the missus : HERS.

64. Direction de Marseille à Grenoble : NORD. Our French lesson, guess? Non? North!

65. They often clash : EGOS. Luckily this never happens here at the Corner, speaking of which time to run for home.


1. Not quite right : OFF. Okay, I can hear what you all are thinking....

2. Indian lentil stew : DAL. No idea of this DISH but snappier than Texas airport. Anyone know any good lentil jokes?

3. Downside : DRAWBACK. Another nice and long fill.

4. More glamorous, as a car : SEXIER. Like this LINK?

5. Picking up in tempo, in mus. : ACCELerate.

6. Ending for ab or ad : SORB. Yes, it really goes both ways.

7. Bucolic poem : IDYL. I never have finished Tennyson's Idylls of the King. I have finished most of

8. ___ Fables : AESOP'S.

9. Math subj. : CALCulus. Remember he is a math guy.

10. Prefix for element #33 : ARSENO. Of or relating to Arsenic, I am sure all the mystery readers knew this one; anyone buying Ace Atkins writing Spenser?

11. Gets a whiff of : SMELLS. Wow a literal clue.

12. "Never Gonna Give You Up" singer Rick : ASTLEY. No idea, and missed the whole Rickrolling FAD.(3:36)

15. Texter's "conversely" : OTOH. On The Other Hand I learned this one.

16. They're fleeting : FADS. Oops, anyway; time is fleeting. (4:03).

20. Piano string vibration control : DAMPER.

21. Roast VIPs : MCS. Master of Ceremonies, the host.

22. Psi preceder : CHI. Learn your Greek alphabet.

26. Directed : LED.

27. Faux pas : GAFFE. Another cool word. Like faux pas, French.

28. Suffix with Water, commercially : PIK. A waterpik pic?

31. Overtake on the track, in a way : LAP. I think this is the month Dale junior breaks through.

32. '50s pres. candidate : AES. Adlai E. Stevenson. My earliest political memories, he was an"egghead" and "divorced." Ucky. Since he and Ike were both bald, I thought they were both eggheads.

33. The Western Dvina flows through it : LATVIA. If you knew this, you did not grow up in the US. I have many clients from Riga, but ...

35. Aye offset : NAY.

36. Scoundrel : RAT. An impressionist's DREAM. (1:00).

37. Staying in the shadows : SKULKING. So many nice long words.

41. Bracket shape : ELL. Oh what the 'ell, they can't all be long.

42. '60s-'70s muscle car : GTO. My eldest brother had a 1968. Gran Turismo Omologato, a Pontiac creation of DeLorean among others.

43. Like most seder celebrants : JEWISH. We had many who were not this year out of our 20+.

44. Heat transfer coefficient, in insulation : U-VALUE. The test is Tuesday.

45. Certain kitchen server : LADLER. The one who wields the ladle?

46. WWII Philippine battleground : BATAAN. Als the site of the beginning of the horrible death march.

48. Fizz up : AERATE. Time to offset that mood with a bubbly clue.

50. Composer Bacharach : BURT. Very prolific WRITER.(3:27).

51. Basie's "___ 'Clock Jump" : ONE'O. We have linked this a few times.

52. Went on to say : ADDED. Yes, that is what I am doing.

54. BWI listings : ETDS. Estimated Times of Departure from Baltimore Washingtom International.

55. "Suffice ___ say..." : IT TO.

56. Immodest look : LEER. Now we are talking...

59. Couple : DUO.

60. MA and PA : STateS, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania, the double caps are the recognized form of abbreviation for states now.

Answer grid.

Well good golly Miss Molly, we are done for another Friday. Limonāde714 saying enjoy the spring, play in the pool after you finish this Poole effort.


Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Ah, puns. The lowest form of humor. I love it! Sad to say, I didn't even realize we were dealing with punnage today since CODE OF ARMS seemed like a perfectly reasonable phrase to me for some unknown reason and the next long answer (CRYSTAL SET) wasn't actually a theme answer after all. As a result, I stared at _I_E BLOODCELL for awhile trying to figure out what real thing it was supposed to be. The light finally dawned at KNEAD FREAKS, and then I was off to the races.

The rest of the puzzle was pretty straightforward (I love Willis and AIELLO in "Hudson Hawk", btw). The only total unknown, in fact, was ETDS, which I just couldn't get because I had no idea what BWI was referring to. I got it from the perps, but had to wait until coming here to understand it.

Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Lemonade and friends. I loved these puns. Like Barry, KNEAD FREAKS was my Rosetta Stone.

I never heard of Rick ASTLEY.

pH, which stands for Potential Hydrogen, measures the acidity or basicity of a solution. The lower the number, the greater the acidity.

I learned that a Scoundrel is not a Cad, but a RAT.

My favorite clue was MA and PA, which I immediately knew referred to the States.

QOD: If evolution really works, how come mothers only have two hands? ~ Milton Berle

desper-otto said...

Wow, fun puzzle today with some really interesting fill. I can't recall ever seeing SKULKING, BATAAN, UVALUE or LATVIA in a puzzle before.

ASTLEY was an unknown, but the perps filled it in just fine.

It took about two minutes longer than yesterday -- just right for a Friday.

Avg Joe said...

OOF-DAH! This kicked my butt all over the place.

Had I solved on line, I might have gotten it right, but on paper I had several errors. Had MrBEAn instead of MCBEAL, had HERn instead of HERS.

I got the Rick ASTLEY answer correctly, but even then it was because I was thinking of Jon Astley.

In all, an amusing but humbling solve.

Loved the clue for BOA, and even got it immediately. In case you didn't realize it, Miss Piggy had her own wardrobe malfunction a few years back. See the temporary avatar:-)

Lemonade714 said...


That is creepy.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Lemonade, C.C. et al.

You were your usual witty, pun-ny self today Lemon! Thanks especially for the link to "La Llamo de Tu Amor" (sp.?). Beautiful!

I really enjoyed the theme of this one, and thought it was well-executed, with all different long vowel sounds. But those stacked equal-length non-theme answers really had me going in circles. Hmmm...didn't know that was "allowed".

I also had problems in the SE with that LATVIA / AIELLO / SKULKING area. I finally PIKed and poked at the short fill around them, and ended up with a satisfying finish. Yay!

TGIF - race day tomorrow!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so puny! (Heart) it!

Husker Gary said...

I’m sitting at the back of a class watching a student teacher teach all day because the state says there has to be a certified teacher in the room. So in the words of that great philosopher Steve Miller, I’ll “Take the Money and Run”. I too tried to make some long fills satisfy the theme but soon saw that was not happenin’. WADE UNTIL DARK my fav!

-Juleps yesterday and ODDS/BET today. Paddock tomorrow?
-I put together a CRYSTAL SET that clipped onto the house downspout for an antenna and listened to Husker games and rock and roll.
-Rick NELSON never sang that I guess
-Time is fleeting, so “gather ye rosebuds while ye may!”
-I’ll see the LADLERS in the school lunchroom today
-Oops, somebody let more kids in! Gotta go earn some of my $135

Anonymous said...

While Hahtoolah is right in the def. of pH as Potential Hydrogen, .... (he added ) it really a measure of the potential (availability ) of hydrogen ions H+, in a solution. ( -- actually, the negative of the log, to the base 10, of molar conc. of hydronium ions H3O+ ... TMI )

Gastric Acid, in our own stomachs, is one of the strongest ( lowest pH -) acids commonly known to man. Hopefully, it stays contained in there.

Dal ( or Daal) is the commonest dish in the Indian Subcon. - for vegetarians, it is the only conc. source of protein ( of the plant kind).

A very common phrase is'
'Dal may kala' .... some black (speck) in the dal.
or 'Dal may haddi' .... a (piece of - ) bone in the dal.

Since Dal is generally yellow to brown colored, something 'black' may indicate something odd, unusual, fishy or dangerous - something to be avoided.
Also since Dal is generally strictly vegetarian, a 'bone' in the dal is also something very odd.

Thanks for the enjoyable blog, (as usual ), Lemonade.

Irish Miss said...

Good morning all:

Had some trouble with northeast but patience and perps saved the day. No help and no write-overs = hurray!

Thanks, Bruce, for the challenge and thanks, Lemon, for the commentary.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone.

Anonymous said...

realitivly new to xwords and really appreciate this blog.
for 18A isn't the rule that no ? in the clue meant it wasn't part of the thenme?
a boaless MP freaks me out a bit

Montana said...

Great puzzle and write-up, as usual. It is Friday so I used Across Lite and red letters, but when I knew all of the north clues I felt good. I read clues across and down at the same time and surprised myself as I finished the puzzle quickly. I had NO idea about the theme until coming here.

Husker--certified subs in my school earn $9/period ($63 for 7 periods) and non-certified earn $8/period. I rarely sub anymore.

Nice day on the eastern plains of Montana--snow warnings in the mountains,


Spitzboov said...

Good morning. Good write-up, as usual, Lemonade.

Initially had to drop down to the lower half to get it started. The first theme fills showed the homonym and t to d shifts which allowed the solve at the top to proceed. Wasn't sure about the Dvina river location other than guessing somewhere in the west of the old USSR states. FasT and Vault helped nail down LATVIA. JULY (1st) was a gimme. Don't know how many times I would try to call a Canadian colleague at work on JULY 1, and get no answer because of forgetting they had a holiday. Same thing on 1st Monday in August, which I think was Ontario Day. Favorite fill was SKULKING.

Have a great TGIF day.

Irish Miss said...

Just noticed that I thanked Bruce for the puzzle. Sorry.Thanks go to David! (I have no idea where Bruce came from!)

Husker Gary said...

Montana, OMG, $63/day? There must be a bottomless supply of subs in Big Sky Country!

I spend a lot of time subbing with the 8th graders in Fremont that has 350 kids/class because it is a tough class and they are hard on subs. It takes some effort but nothing I can't handle but last week they had a young woman sub crying and she ran out of the room sobbing!

Anonymous said...

Accelerando, to be more musically accurate.

Virginia said...

I've missed this blog and you guys but I think returning on a Friday wasn't too bright!

Glad to see things haven't changed, entertaining write up and definitely a Friday type puzzle, all in all, good things! I have to sheepishly admit that, low form of humor or not,I love puns! A good groan is as satisfying as a belly laugh.

*David* said...

Nice wide open grid on the top and bottom with a claustrophobic middle. The puzzle flowed quite easily, the only area I was unsure of was PIK/POSEY/ARSENO but I picked correctly.

I liked the way the theme was set up on top and bottom which potentially could have made it more difficult but the crosses and the puns were for the most part easy to get.

Nice shape and decent puzzle for a Friday.

Lemonade714 said...

Something poetic about the the sobbing and the subbing; just sayin.'

So little ms marti how were the practice juleps? I saw you here so they must have worn off....

IM, you probably were thinking of Bruce R. Sutphin one of my Friday regulars; hey Bruce when are you here next? Where are SJ2 and Mark B.?

Lemonade714 said...

Hmm, an anonymous David praising the puzzle created by David Poole , coincidence? I think not!

Yellowrocks said...

Lemonade, you are at your punny best. David, great puzzle.

OMG Gary, 350 kids per class! I'd run out sobbing, too.

I started near the bottom. WADE UNTIL DARK, with the T to D shift and the question mark in the clue gave me the theme. I looked at the other ? and saw they fit a pattern, so the stacking didn't throw me off. (No question marks.)

Fast going for a Friday. I needed to get ASTLEY with all perps. but otherwise no prob.

Sfingi said...


Me also cAd, then RAT.

Kept thinking Hernando's Hideaway, the song.

Before I got the theme, I wondered why one would want to have their kids use the pool after dark, that the theme was something creepy.

@Husker - 350 per class - seriously? There should be a law against that. What sort of room is this in - an auditorium?
Utica pays $85/day.

HeartRx said...

Anon @ 9:15, you are correct that each of the theme entries was clearly indicated by the use of a "?" in the clue. But when solving, that little subtlety escaped me. Sometimes I need to be hit on the head with a sledge hammer before I 'get" it. (^0^)

Lemon @10:30, I think I need lots more practice on those juleps. Maybe I'll start early today to be sure I have it right, before post time tomorrow!!

Husker Gary said...

Yikes, I'd quit too ;-) or be taking a lot of Marti's mint juleps in my little red lunch box. 350 kids/grade level might have been better syntax!

Yeah, Lemon, a sobbing sub might have to look for another vocation! Her tearful exit was the "final straw" for the kids who have interfered with learning for others all year in that class. They have been expelled or sent to alternate venues.

Lemonade714 said...

marti I have always admired the effort you put out for the good of the team, keep on mixing.

Did anyone notice the 5 theme answers each have only one vowel sound in the T to D word and it is O I E A and U, in that order? If you have been around, you might remember Mr. Poole's cockney debut, where A E I O U theme fill appeared in order. It reminds me of many great guitarists who incorporate the musical scale into their solos in so many different ways. It also ramps up the degree of difficulty in the creation.

miss beckley said...

I, too, had cad instead of rat, I ended up trying to create some sort of shelter for WWII foxhole, although I used to grind crystals with my dad for his ham radio set. He used Ajax. And the musical term is accelerando. I didn't get that and I was in high school band. Flute. And no, I didn't go to band camp.

Buddy Valastro said...

I got a part-time job at a bakery since I KNEAD some dough.

Spitzboov said...

@ Sfingi 10:50 am. OMG, Didn't realize we were neighbors. N Hartford to the South, on the hill above MVCC. I'll keep my eyes peeled for a redhead:-)

Lemonade714 said...

Sfingi: Actually the kiddies can only wade "until" dark, meaning they will not be in the water after dark.

As far as "accelerando" while I am not familiar with the full musical term, I was showing how I divined the answer, from its base root.

On an unrelated note, how many knew that Mark Twain was the co-author of President Grant's Memoirs? (Another old joke, who wrote Grant's autobiography?) Or even more to the point, has anyone read them?

Rube said...

I normally don't appreciate puns, but WADE UNTIL DARK brought a smile to my face. Also, didn't notice the vowel thing until coming here.

Didn't know ASTLEY or AIELLO, which is normal for me. That last one sounds like a garlic sauce... no, that's aioli.

Had the usual writeovers: ASIA/OPEC, SMELLS/SniffS and RAT/cAd. Three writeovers and very few unknowns made this an easy and FAST Friday. Interesting about the CRYSTAL SET. Played with one as a kid... amazingly simple, but they work.

Anonymous said...

Kids can size you up the minute a sub walks into a classroom! They even take bets to see which one lasts the longest!

I gave a student some work once,
and the second it hit her desk, she swept in on to the floor and sullenly yelled at me "I ain`t doing that crap!" So I walked to the teacher`s desk, violently swept everything on the floor, stomped to her desk and said, "Now that`s how you throw a proper fit!" Her eyes got big and when I put the work on her desk this time, she started on it. There was not a peep out of anyone else for the rest of that class period. My "whacko sub" reputation stood me well for the rest of the semester...and yes, it was "raging hormones", middle school students!

Misty said...

A bit of a toughie this morning, but a totally enjoyable one--so many thanks, David. And you too, Lemonade, for your always fun write-up!

It took three tries before I got this and even then I got stuck because I never heard of ASTLEY. I also needed perps to get AIELLO. But the theme answers popped right up from the beginning, and delighted me.

Welcome, Buddy Valastro!

Have a great Friday, everybody!

Anonymous said...

18A. Receiver improvised in WWIi foxholes . Answer should correctly be "Foxhole Radio". Soldiers did not have access to crystals but they could use a razor blade, some wire and a safety pin to receive broadcasts. My husband just made one for our grandchildren. Use the Internet and you'll find I'm correct.

Lucina said...

Hello, puzzlers. Thanks, Lemonade714; you are zesty as ever!

I love puns and these certainly made me chuckle! The only DRAWBACK which didn't CHARM me was all the chemistry; it makes me cringe and though I've heard of U-VALUE, I refused to accept SUED TO A TEE so left a blank CELL, something I hate to do.

Hand up for never having heard of Rick ASTLEY.

Thank you, David, anyway for an amusing time today.

Happy Friday, everyone! Enjoy the races

Argyle said...

Could it be nobody commented on the Rickrolling clip because he sounded better that way?

Rick ASTLEY(3:38)

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. Technical DNF for me today. My personal Natick was the crossing of NLE and ASTLEY; not knowing either one for sure, I wagged NLA (A for Atlantic) and of course didn't know I had spelled Mr. Astley's name wrong.

Loved the T to D shift and the puns. Loved the terrific long fill. Loved the clue "Corpulent corpuscle".

I like it when I have to work across and down, across and down, alternately, each little fill helping to get the next fill, with multiple orga ... I mean, Aha moments.

Best wishes to you all.

Argyle said...

Accelerando : Italian word for “accelerate” (often abbreviated accel.)

Bill G. said...

Jayce, aha indeed! Good one!

I enjoyed the puzzle though it wasn't easy for me.

I loved building and listening to crystal sets as a lad. Pulling signals out of the air without the use of plug-in electricity or batteries seemed so cool to me. I had hundreds of feet of antenna wire strung out of my bedroom window and attached to several trees. Luckily it was never hit by lightning.

Have a good weekend everybody.

Bill G. said...

Below are 10 words with a common thread among them. They are spelled out in Morse code but the spaces have been left out. I'm sure you can easily find Morse code with Google. I've left it out because of the extra space it would take up.

1) . _ _ . . _
2) . . . . _ . _ _
3) . _ _ . . _ _ . .
4) . . _ . . . . _ . . .
5) . _ _ . . _ . . . _ _ . .
6) . . . . . _ _ _ _ _ . . _ .
7) _ . . . _ . . . . _ . . . _ . .
8) . _ _ . _ . . _ . _ . _ . . . . .
9) _ . _ . . . . . . . . . . . . _ . .
10) . . . _ . _ . . _ . . . _ _ _ . . . _ . . . . . . _ . . _ .

Montana said...

Husker, I was thinking you may have meant 35 students/class and it was a typo, but grade level makes sense too.

It is very hard for my school to get subs even with an average of 13 students/class period. We have 3 small schools (<50 students total grades 7-12) within 20 miles that pay nearly $100/day for a certified or not, sub.

When I do sub, it is usually in upper math or science where students appreciate a sub who can immediately answer questions and help, rather than having to wait a day or two or more until the regular teacher returns.
If a teacher is going to be gone for a week, I have had them call and 'beg' me to sub--even offering more money for the 4th and 5th days. But only a pittance.


Argyle said...

Spitzboov, you surprize me; I've known you and Sfingi were neighbors for a long time. Bill is close by, too. The Tug Hill area, if my memory serves me.

I have to get out to visit my aunt in Cleveland (NY) soon. perhaps a meeting could be arranged.

Jayce said...

Man oh man, memories memories. I loved building and fooling around with my crystal radio. My antenna was a copper wire strung from our house to the neighbor's house which was about 150 feet away. I also enjoyed fooling around with a so-called super-regenerative receiver, a 1 tube job powered by an "A" battery and a "B" battery. Remember those? Never did master Morse code, though; trying to learn it bored me. All I remember is Morse code for "CQ", and of course "SOS".

Lemonade714 said...

Everything anon wanted you to know about Crystal Sets. Go to 1940's for foxhole receivers.

Bill G. said...

Morse Code

To encourage you to give the Morse code puzzle a try, here it is.

A .-
B -...
C -.-.
D -..
E .
F ..-.
G --.
H ....
I ..
J .---
K -.-
L .-..
M --
N -.
O ---
P .--.
Q --.-
R .-.
S ...
T -
U ..-
V ...-
W .--
X -..-
Y -.--
Z --..

HeartRx said...

Bill G., is the first word "wit"?

Bill G. said...

Good guess but no. The first letter is an A. And remember, there's a common theme among all the answers (which will certainly help once you get the first two or so). I can tell you the theme if you want it.

Anonymous said...

for all you "sports" fans

Jazzbumpa said...

Hi gang -

Quick in and out - I'm playing tonight.

Sussed he theme right away, but it didn't help much. Biggest GAFFE - missed POSY, having the reasonable ARSENE, and no clue about ASTLEY. Oh - he's the Rick-roll guy. D'OH!

Managed to get the rest with a lot of perp help and back-tracking.

Couldn't suss OTOH, until I found myself using it this morning - D'OH! redux.

I read somewhere that nudist camps are where men and women go to air their differences. Is that the SEXIER way to AERATE?

IMBO. See y'all next week.

Cool regards!
JzB T-Nut of a sort

Lucina said...


HeartRx said...

Bill G., "Wait, Wait - Don't tell Me!"

(Is the second word "saw"?)

Lemonade714 said...

JzB, I have never been to a nudist colony, but I have been to the nude beaches and I assure you it is not sexier. The random topless women in South Beach or on the Riviera (my father's 1964 red Buick Riviera) can promote a certain air of excitment, but lots of nude random people seldom are a pretty sight. IMO. OTOH i am comfortable with nudity, just saying it is not synonymous with sexiness.

Tuttle said...

There are the Pontiac GTOs of the 60s-70s (and 2000s) and then there's the car it stole the name from; the much more glamorous and far SEXIER Ferrari GTOs of the 60s, 80s and 2010s.

Bill G. said...

Marti, yes it is! You are on your way!

dodo said...

Hi guys,
I guess Friday is my learning day: I get to look up everything (welll almost)

But thanks, David and Lemonade, for the lesson. There were lots of unknowns and I couldn't get much help from th perps, but good ol' Mr. G. did the job for me.

Last weekend was the Asparagus Festival here in Stockton, even tho the city is on the verge of bankruptcy. It was, as usual a huge success, so no money was lost. I wonder where the profit goes? The biggest news was that they ran out of asparagus ice cream. Must be pretty good, but it sounds yucky to me, though I love asparagus.

Other than the crime report, that's all the Stockton news. LOvely weather we're having,
The DOWNSIDE is the pollen-filled air. But that will end soon, I hope.

Abejo said...

Good afternoon, folks. Thank you, David, for a swell Friday puzzle. Thank you, Lemonade, for the fine write-up.

I am standing on a street corner in South Elgin, IL, selling onions. Got the puzzle this morning but had no time to send my comments until now. I ran out of onions temporarily

Enjoyed the puzzle and theme. My last answer was WIDE BLOOD CELL.

Cannot talk long. Our onions are here.

See you tomorrow.


Yellowrocks said...

After retiring instead of subbing I tutored everything from beginning reading to Pre-algebra for anyone Kdg. through the 6th grade. I mentored the writing of term papers in any grade through high school. (I refuse to say ELHI.) $75 an hour was good pay. I stopped about 3 years ago. The rate is probably higher now. ($100an hour, maybe.) And.... you can choose your clients.

Bill G. said...

Dodo, lovely weather here too. Allergies have been a problem for me also. When I first moved here (1963), I started having allergy problems and got a series of shots. They did the trick for years. But for the last six months, my eyes often start itching in the evening and I take an allergy pill. It usually does the job but leave me a bit sleepy. But I don't mind. Sleepy is OK compared to itchy eyes.

Asparagus ice cream? Garlic ice cream? No thanks.

I enjoy tutoring too. Immature kids who don't want to be here need not apply.

HeartRx said...

Bill G. I am up to #6 ...hammer? I'll have to check in tomorrow for the rest, as I am out of posts for the evening!


JD said...

Hi all,

I seem to be doing more skulking than blogging these days. Where does the time go? Husker, we get $155 @ day for subbing.Montana, $63? That is insane.I like my "old" school and faculty, so I'd probably do a few days here "n there like I do now even if they gave me peanuts.

Enjoyable xwd today. Loved MA +PA = states AND wade until dark. I'm so not punny, but they make me smile.

Hahtoolah, your QOD was great AGAIN!
Lemon, you always do a bang-up job on the write-up. I rely on you for these harder ones, as most Fri and Sat are full of holes.

Great evening ahead: Truman , Grady and I will build a fort out of sheets , blankets, etc and will camp out (in).

CrossEyedDave said...

Busy Friday, i told myself during lunch that i would take time out & just do the NW corner as a "mini puzzle". Well that shot my lunch to hell, & all i got after fixing "taxi" was off & fare & flax. 1A i had OTB's.

I had to wait till tonite to tackle it again, & thought if i did the whole thing the top would reveal itself. Strangely enough, i found the bottom 2 thirds easy, with the exception of misspelling battan. BWI=E?DS gave me

Back to the top,,, the "only thing i got were 3 downs, sorb, aesops & smells. The rest was just white, just hours & hours of white :(
9D i wagged "trig" knowing it might be wrong, & that turned out to be the nail in the coffin, because whenever i tried to think of another math subj. all i could think was "abbr for the Lone Rangers horse."

Lemonade714, Re: test, i will be calling in sick on Tuesday.

How to make a foxhole radio.

CrossEyedDave said...

Anon@ 11:59am Thanks, i made crystal sets as a kid, but never knew you could make a radio without a crystal! (although now that i think of it...) My 1st stereo was home made. I once built a Bass Booster for it using plans from circa 1960's popular electronics magazine. Unfortunately i did not use enough shielding, but it picked up one radio station really well!

Anon @9:15am, re:18A i totally missed the ? mark absence...

Dodo, i cannot eat asparagus! While i love the taste of it raw, once cooked it is ruined for me. But the real reason i abhor it is it makes my "pee" smell terrible!

Now i am off to brush up on my Morse Code.

Spitzboov said...

With apologies to Hahtoolah and Lemonade, these are pretty funny. I realize some of you may have seen them before.

PK said...

spitzboov @8:02: Too funny! Best laugh I've had in days!

Mr. Poole and Lemon: liked the witty puzzle and commentary. Aced the puzzle!

Last two days puzzles made me even grouchier than usual, although I got most of the fills. Then I realized I must really be sick when I was freezing and went to turn up the thermostat. It was 77 degrees inside and 82 outside. So I went back to bed and slept 14 hours. Didn't want anything to eat! Am some better today.