May 8, 2012

Tuesday, May 8, 2012 Janice Luttrell

Theme: Cozy Accommodations - Usually in a private residence.

17A. Comfortable indoor setting : ROOM TEMPERATURE

26A. "Wait, I'm not done ..." : "AND ANOTHER THING ..."

43A. Corporate oversight group : BOARD OF TRUSTEES

57. Guesthouse where one would enjoy the starts of the three longest answers : BED AND BREAKFAST

Argyle here. First, fantastic grid spanners and some interesting fill. "Board", in the past, would indicate all meals, not just breakfast. I think you can find B & Bs that do offer meals now.

Unfortunately, many a young couple have bought an old house that they thought would pay for itself by running a bed and breakfast. It's not that easy.

If you ever come to see me, I have a friend with an excellent B & B. Link.


1. Award sewn on a sash : BADGE. On a Scout sash.

6. Froth in a mug : HEAD

10. Frat party empties : KEGS. These two paired up nicely.

14. Assumed name : ALIAS

15. Italian wine site : ASTI. Map and it isn't the square island, Desper-otto.

16. Hacker's cry of success : "I'M IN!". Computer hacker, unlike the one in 23-Across.

20. Adjust for pitch : TUNE

21. Globetrotting reporter Nellie : BLY. She may have stayed at a bed and breakfast.

22. Struggle : TUSSLE

23. Links "Heads up!" : "FORE!"

25. Out of __: discordant : SYNC

33. Prepare for winter takeoff : DEICE

34. Divisions of history : ERAs

35. Actress Vardalos : NIA. Image. She starred in "My Big Fat Greek Wedding".

36. Serenade accompaniment : LUTE

37. "Need __?": "Hop in!" : A LIFT

39. Pablo Neruda works : ODEs. Chilean poet.

40. Drive up the wall, so to speak : IRK

41. Rental car option : AVIS

42. Flavor enhancer : SPICE

47. Sotto __: softly : VOCE

48. "Ah! Say no more" : "I SEE!"

49. Spiritualist Deepak : CHOPRA. I'm not familiar with him, so I read a little and I will say no more.

52. Agt.'s cut : PCT. (agent/percentage)

53. Forest females : DOEs

60. Persian Gulf prince : EMIR

61. "House" actor Epps : OMAR. Just two episodes left, the series ends on Monday, May 21.

62. Must, informally : GOTTA

63. Ice Follies venue : RINK

64. Virtual people, in a popular game series : SIMS. So far, I've resisted getting sucked into any of the SIMS games. Do we have any players?

65. William Jennings __, three-time presidential candidate : BRYAN. He ran against William McKinley in 1896, Theodore Roosevelt in 1900, and William Howard Taft in 1908.


1. 10-year-old Simpson : BART. His family is on the Fox network.

2. 2000s Giants manager Felipe : ALOU. He and his brothers are from the Dominican Republic.

3. Pop diva Celine : DION. She is from a large family in Charlemagne, Quebec.

4. Competitive demeanor : GAME FACE

5. Approx. figure : EST. (estimate)

6. "Get thee to a nunnery" speaker : HAMLET

7. Catch a glimpse of : ESPY. At the ESPN awards show, you might espy an ESPY.

8. Broke bread : ATE

9. Epithet never actually used by Cagney : "DIRTY RAT!"

10. Lowbrow trinkets : KITSCH

11. Aussie hatchlings : EMUs

12. Young lady : GIRL

13. Dagger of yore : SNEE

18. Iberian river : EBRO. The origin of the River Ebro’s name and map.

19. Family tree members : AUNTS

24. __-eyed jack : ONE

25. Medieval tenant farmer : SERF

26. Wing it, speechwise : AD LIB

27. Surgical opening? : NEURO

28. "Iron Mike" of football : DITKA

29. Crook's caper : HEIST

30. Non-studio flick : INDIE. Indicates it's from an independent producer.

31. Family tree member : NIECE

32. Neon and xenon, for two : GASES

37. Guacamole makings : AVOCADOS

38. Biographical span : LIFE

39. Selected : OPTED FOR

41. Sew sequins on, say : ADORN

42. Chicago-to-Miami dir. : SSE

44. KOA facility : RV PARK. (Kampgrounds of America, Inc.)

45. Kitchen cutters : RICERS. "Where do the blades go?"

46. Netmen's org. : USTA. United States Tennis Association (but it sure looks Spanish)

49. Trucker's "good buddy" : CB'er

50. Half: Pref. : HEMI

51. Norse god of war : ODIN

52. Bristol baby buggy : PRAM

54. Like some high-fiber cereal : OATY. The NYT crosswords use it but few dictionaries do.

55. Señora's "this" : ESTA

56. Jazzman Getz : STAN

58. ASCAP counterpart : BMI. (Broadcast Music, Inc.)

59. Cold War spy org. : KGB. (something)



Barry G. said...

Morning, all!

Blew through this one with little hesitation today. A couple of minor false starts (FOAM instead of HEAD and A RIDE instead of A LIFT), but that was about it. No unknowns and the theme was a pleasant discovery after the fact.

Abejo said...

Good morning, folks. Thank you, Janice Luttrell, for a swell Tuesday puzzle. Thank you, as well, Argyle, for the great review.

Husker Gary: I tried your crossword flashcards, but my IPad would not work with the program. I will try it on a PC sometimes.

Started easily in the NW with BADGE and ALIAS. Then got BART and ALOU.

After a few perps across the board, got ROOM TEMPERATURE.

All the theme answers fell one at a time. Not too difficult.

I just do not get the theme. What am I missing? I looked again. ROOM AND BOARD. It is kind of early. I am not really wide awake yet.

Actually I stayed in rooming houses years ago. Not room and board, just room. Really inexpensive. Some were 7and 8 dollars per week. Lived in a hotel once for $5 per week. West Unity, OH. You don't see that any more. Too many weirdos out there in the world. Too bad.

My tough spot innthis puzzle was East Center. I had SAUCE instead of SPICE for 42A. That goofed me up for INDIE, OPTED FOR, and ODES. Eventually figured it out.

I did this on my IPad. So, when I comment on this blog I cannot see the puzzle. Therefore, having a brainstorm, I logged on with my new cell phone
(Motorola Photon) and pulled up the puzzle on it. I can see the puzzle and type on my IPad. Love this technology.

I am in PA, heading for Buffalo, and then down to Johnsonburg, PA.

See you tomorrow.


Abejo said...

I had not logged on for my first post. Therefore, my prime rib dinner was not inn view.


Hahtoolah said...

Good Morning, Argyle and friends. We stayed in BED AND BREAKFASTs when we traveled through out England a few years ago. Fun puzzle.

Like Barry, I, too, tried Need a RIDE instead of thinking of needing a LIFT.

I have heard of the SIMS, but have never tried the game, or whatever it is.

Sewing on the Sequins made me think of the costumes adorned and worn by the Mardi Gras Indians.

Nelly BLY was a woman ahead of her time.

QOD: Desperation is sometimes as powerful an inspirer as genius. ~ Benjamin Disraeli

Lemonade714 said...

Wow here I am early in the day and between Argyle's great write up and the comments I have nothing new, except I have played and watched the simulated world of the Sims. An interesting teaching tool for young people.

Last year I stayed at a B&B in Connecticut where they raise Labs so it was bed breakfast and bouncing baby puppies.

Fun! Thanks Janice.

Husker Gary said...

I agree Argyle, “fantastic grid spanners and some interesting fill”. Those 15 words/phrases are golden here. We did a B ‘n B tour of New England 30 years ago and found rustic is not our style but the people were great.

-What very funny Bill Murray movie had him staying in a B ‘n B and being awakened every morning by I Got You Babe?
-Matthew Broderick shouted, “I’m in” in War Games but Cagney never said “dirty rat”, Ricky never said, “Lucy, you got some splainin’ to do” and Rick never said, “Play it again, Sam”.
-A greens keeper pulled up to me yesterday and recounted that my friend Harvey had hit a drive that landed 2 feet from his mower and had not yelled FORE. The man on the mower asked Harvey why he had not observed that universal golf convention and my friend launched into a tirade festooned with F bombs. Yikes!
-We saw a hitchhiker (Hop in?) Sunday, but who stops for them in 2012? They ain’t Gable and Colbert.
-Mares eat oats and DOES eat oats and little lambs? Not so much.
-Nebraska’s great commoner William Jennings Bryan ran a lot but never made it to the White House. His Cross of Gold speech is very famous.
-Did Smee have a SNEE?
-I suspect most of Liza’s “rain in the plain” wound up in the Ebro.
-I will yell FORE today! Those mowers are riding in a shooting gallery!

Yellowrocks said...

Good morning, all.
In Scotland we stayed in a charming B&B that provided both breakfast and dinner. The owners were gourmet cooks.

I knew that RICER was the answer called for, but to me a ricer is not technically a cutter. All types of ricers press food through little holes. My mother had a conical one with a pestle like the one in this link. She made applesauce with it. She added a cloth bag inside it to make grape juice.
Link Scroll down to ricer

desper-otto said...

Good morning, all.

Great write-up, Argyle, and thanks for the shout-out. Yes, I finally figured out that it wasn't the square island. The link about the origins of Ebro was fascinating. Somebody should link "Cry me a river" about here.

Actually, I've been stalling to avoid admitting to a Tuesday DNF. My HEMI was SEMI, and I thought that C SOPRA looked just fine. I never heard of CHOPRA, but I'm not much into spiritualists. Sigh...

Big city council meeting tonight. The city has announced it won't be opening the pool this year, because they'd have to install a permanent lift for the disabled, and they don't have the money in the budget for that. There's bound to be a big turnout.

thehondohurricane said...

Good day folks,

Had very little difficulty until the SW corner. Never heard of Deepak and for 50D Half: Pref I entered SEMI. So another failure.

Hand up for RIDE/LIFT. KITSCH was an unknown, but the across fills took care of it. Did enjoy Ms Lutrell's offering though. lots of clever stuff.

HeartRx said...

Good morning Lemonade, C.C. et al.

Thanks for the write-up today, Argyle. You cleared up a mystery for me by explaining "Indie" films. I always thought those were films made by the Bollywood film industry in India!! D'oh. I don't know why I never looked it up before...

Fun puzzle today, with a pretty straightforward theme. No mis-steps with HEAD or LIFT. But I did want "ta-da" instead of I'M IN at 16A. Of course, Kt---- wasn't going to work at 10D, so I left that one for a while. I also didn't know why EMUS would be clued as "Aussie hatchlings". I guess to give the hint that we are looking for birds here, instead of roos?

Other than the NE glitch, everything else was pretty smooth sailing today.

YR @ 7:38, my mother had one of those, but she called it a "chinoise", not a ricer. And yes, she would also line it with cheesecloth to make her famous Concord grape jam!

Have a nice day, everyone!

Mari said...

Good morning everyone, Good Tuesday level puzzle today. Speedy, but not too quick.

Here is the extent of my sports knowledge: 28D - On special occasions DH and I enjoy a meal at Mike Ditka’s Restaurant.

2D: When Moises Alou played for the Chicago Cubs, every time he'd step up to bat the crowd would chant "Alou! Alou!" I never caught on, and always asked DH why the crowd was booing the poor guy.

I've reads some Depak Chopra, but he's a bit metaphysical for me. Never played SIMS.

Anybody see The Avengers this weekend? It broke all kinds of records.

Mari said...

Desper-Otto @ 7:52 am: Very interesting about your pool issue. I'd be interested to hear how it turns out.

Dudley said...

Hello Puzzlers - Pretty much a speed run today.

Husker - I got a bit confused by your golf story (keep in mind I've never played golf). How is a greenskeeper able to hear a golfer yell FORE while riding a noisy mower that is lots of yards from the tee? Also, is it normal to have maintenance going on while players are on the course?

Avg Joe said...

Excellent Tuesday fare. No speed run, but no major hang ups and no write overs. Took a while to agree with ricer and several perps to coax Chopra out of hiding, but it all worked out.

I have one of those rotary ricers that I use for tomato sauce, but never considered it a ricer. Just a food mill. I still think the true press style ricer is one of the most abominable kitchen gadgets ever devised. Second only to the garlic press.

Spitzboov said...

Good morning everyone; good commenting, Argyle.

Most of the puzzle seemed straightforward, but just a little harder than the usual Tuesday fare. The BMI/SIMS cros was a Natick for me but I wagged the 'I' correctly so I got a completion. Also had 'hassle' before TUSSLE. A bit of a faux misdirection at 32d, the clue being 2 'noble' GASES. Fun theme, and when arriving at 57a, a gimme. Favorite fill: "DIRTY RAT". Liked KITSCH, too. Good job, Janice.

Today is V-E day.


kazie said...

g'morning all!
great puzz today, lots of different and interesting clueing and long fills. I got the theme just before the unifier. Several clues went unread since I was zigzagging through it, but missed seeing the DITKA clue and left IRE for IRK.

The only BMI I know is Body-Mass-Index, and I've never heard of USTA, which was a bit of a challenge, since I never know how to abbreviate PCT for sure.It was a WAG.

I have ricers of both the kinds --in Argyle's and YL's links, though the latter doesn't get used for ricing potatoes. Agree both are not technically cutters.

kazie said...

The year I started teaching, I lived in a B&B for a few weeks until I got to know some girls I could share a flat with. It was the only affordable place in the town for young teachers and other professionals beginning careers there. The town is now much bigger and has many more options.

I should be seeing the Ebro soon. DH and I are returning to the country of our initial meeting as an early 40th anniversary celebration.

Tinbeni said...

FUN, easy Tuesday offering.

Husker: Groundhog Day

I like my Avatar 'neat'. So if I get it with rocks, it gets the DE-ICE treatment.


Irish Miss said...

Good morning.all:

What a great puzzle! Thank you, Janice, and thank you, Argyle for your snappy expo.

I sat next to Mike Ditka once and was mesmerized by the size of his hands. Think Virginia country hams!

President Obama is visiting our area today to speak at the College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering at the University of Albany. (This is his third trip in three years to our Tech Valley). Unfortunately, he will be greeted by a gray, rainy day. We're supposed to have almost an inch of rain throughout the day.

As an extreme acrophobic, I am still dizzy from the roof scenes in last night's episode of Castle.

Have a great Tuesday all.

Sfingi said...

The 2 words I started with were wrong: ride before LIFT and tune before SYNC. I like the espression "pitchy" for not singing quite on tune.

Like @Kazie, didn't know USTA or remember BMI. I'll have to remember this new NIA.

I have a neat old photo of Willian Jennings BRYAN I found in an old book.

Deepak CHOPRA recently said that if all the microbes or insects were eliminated life would die out; if humans were eliminated, life would flourish.

desper-otto said...

Kazie, as a former broadcaster I'm very familiar with BMI (Broadcast Music, Inc.) All published music (other than public domain music) is licensed for public performance by some licensing body. Radio stations had to pay both BMI and ASCAP (and usually SESAC) for music licenses. The bigger the audience, the higher the licensing fee.

In the beginning there was ASCAP (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers), and it was good. But its membership was by election only. BMI came about as an anybody-can-join organization.

I don't know if it's still required, but back in the day radio stations were required to periodically complete BMI Logs listing every piece of music played on the air, the composer, and the licensing body. The logging period was usually a couple of weeks. Those logs were used by BMI to determine what music was being played most often, and which composers should be getting royalties. Believe me, it was a royal pain whenever BMI logging time rolled around. Today, in the computer age, it's probably far less of a burden.

Splynter said...

Hi There~!

Hand up for A RIDE, not A LIFT.

Skipped the long answers, went back to fill them in later. I liked the theme.

I am not a SIMS fan, but I loved the Sim City games - here's an image of my farm after an alien invasion ~!

Mayor Splynter's city


Lemonade714 said...

Good morning to you hearti, and Abejo if you are lost in Buffalo, my son and d-i-l and future grandbaby actually are in Amherst. I am sure they will tell you all about the best food in drink as three years experts in the area.

Deepak would be crushed at how few seem to know his work; he is both a doctor of western medicine and the leader of Ayurvedic medicine in the US, as well a very highly paid speaker. Once a student of the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who the Beatles loved, he was a tv staple along with John Bradshaw hawking the Inner Child and all the others who preceded the current Oprah blessed Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz.

Virginia said...

Enjoyed both the puzzle and write-up. Nice clever Tuesday.

Sewing sequins made me think of Dancing With the Stars.

Husked, F Bombs from a golfer?? Never,

Otto, are you in CA? Years ago when my hubby had a roofing company the City of L.A. wanted him to put a handicapped ramp to the door and handicapped bathrooms in the office. Ever seen a physicaly handicapped roofer?

Qli said...

Nice puzzle by Ms Luttrell, and nice writeup by Argyle.
I enjoyed the theme; brought back memories of a vacation spent in a charming B&B in the Black Hills of SD.

Didn't care for cutters as a clue for RICER, but have used one to prepare potatoes for making lefse for our church's Lutefisk and Meatball DInner. Takes muscle to press those boiled potatoes, since the type we use is similar to the one Julia has in Argyle's link.

D-O @7:52 If you want to hear an awesome "Cry Me a RIver", Google Susan Boyle for her rendition.

Mari @ 8:07 I hear you! When Jason Kubel was with the Twins, fans would cheer "Koo" when he came up to bat. Sure sounded like boo to me.

Sfingi @ 9:23 Chopra is probably right about life. We humans can sure mess things up sometimes,
can't we?

Misty said...

Well, I thought I'd nailed this one and scored another trifecta. But when I read Argyle's write-up, I realized I never put in the "I" for BMI and SIM, since I'd never heard of either one. Still, I loved this puzzle and its theme, so many thanks, Janice!

Husker Gary 7:30, your Musings cracked me up this morning. Didn't James Cagney also never say "Judy, Judy, Judy"?

Have a great Tuesday, everybody!

Abejo said...

Lemonade. Thank you for the Buffalo tip. I am not lost yet. Leaving at 2:00 PM. It is raining here.


Qli said...

PS: ADORN reminded me of the dresses I've seen recently on "My BIg Fat Gypsy Wedding" on TLC. They certainly keep the sequin and crystal business booming.

Speaking of weddings, Sfingi, have you seen Nia Vardalos's movie, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding"? I'm pretty sure you'd like it! (John Corbett is the leading man; what's not to like?)

Bill G. said...

Very enjoyable puzzle and writeup. Thanks.

"Judy, Judy, Judy" would have been Cary Grant I think.

I agree with everybody else; a ricer is not a cutter. Would this qualify as a mistake? There aren't many in Rich's puzzles.

I haven't seen people 'hitching' a ride in years. Still, if I saw someone who needed a lift, I would probably offer a ride assuming the circumstances seemed OK.

desper-otto said...

Mari and Virginia: No, I'm not in CA -- Texas. This pool business is becomming a big issue for small cities, hotels and motels -- anywhere there's a public pool. The Americans with Disabilities Act mandated lifts or ramps at public pools. The ADA was OK with portable lifts, but the DOJ has decided that portable lifts don't meet the requirements. Jon Stossel did a piece for Fox News about it. Our little town only has 1500 residents and a small municipal budget. The city fathers are afraid they'll be sued if they were to open the pool. It'll be the first summer in 30 years that the pool will be closed.

Lucina said...

Happy V-Day, all and thanks, Argyle for your sparkling blog.

I was in SYNC with Janice Luttrell through most of this but with a Natick at BMI and SIMS. I opted for SAMS thinking of Association. It was not to be.

A friend and my Sister-in-law both have a birthday today.

I liked today's theme as I have pleasant memories of a bed and breakfast in Alaska.

To start I hesitated between LISA and BART at 1D, but ALIAS, ALOU,and DION set me on the right path.

In my collection I have a book by Deepak Chopra and it's nice to pick it up once in a while and read some of it. It's much too concentrated for long term reading, for me anyway.

I love NIA Vardolos who also wrote as well as acted in My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

That is very interesting about BMI and ASCAP.

Have a super Tuesday, everyone!

Jayce said...

Hello everybody. I liked the puzzle today (I usually do), and had the same experiences with it many of you did. Knew SIMS, though, as a friend of mine used to play Sim City a lot. The only reason I knew of Deepak Chopra is because our PBS station rebroadcasts his programs every time they have pledge week, which seems to be about 20 weeks a year.

I've used ricers, both the press kind and the cone kind, when I used to help Mom prepare dinner when I was a kid. She also made jams and jellies, especially from the so-called choke cherries that we kids would pick in abundance and bring home. It's the only way to consume choke cherries; they are horribly bitter straight from the tree.

When the Chrysler 300 HEMI first came out, I wanted one.

Once stayed in a BED AND BREAKFAST in Milford, NH. Didn't care for it, although the proprietors were nice.

Anonymous said...

I read in Forbes Mag. that Deepak Chopra is worth at least USD 500 mil. Thars money in them spiritual hills.

nit. Corporations don't have 'Trustees' .... they have 'Directors'. It is the non-corporate world, the so-called non-profits, tax funded do-gooders, community groups and NGE's (non-govt-enterprises ) that have 'Trustees'. My 2 bits worth.

Otherwise, a wonderful puzzle, really enjoyed it Janice, and Argyle you were superlative as ever. Your B&B sounds really enchanting, but I would never settle for mere breakfast....


Anonymous said...

Nia Vardalos also acted in 'My life in Ruins', co-prod. also by Tom Hanks, ( who prod.'My Big, fat ..... ').

A fairly funny comedy about an Amer. tourist guide in Athens, Greece, ... but not such a mega-hit as "My Big, fat ...'.

Ron Worden said...

Good afternoon to all and happy Tues. Nice fun puzzle thanks Janice and Argyle for your write-ups. My experience with ASCAP and BMI was a little more intresting than Desparatos. After high school I worked as a D.J. at a club,and every 6 months or so these two guys dressed like the Blues Brothers would come in and measure the dance floor and would try to collect money from the owner for royalties. He never paid them because he said that his purchasing the records covered that.Sometimes it was very interesting when he escorted them out with his 12 gauge. Have a great day to all.RJW.

Lemonade714 said...

Комитет государственной безопасности​

for those of you who need every question answered.

Abejo, you have my emails, enjoy.

John Corbett has had a very interesting career from Northern Exposure to Sex and the City to The United States of Tara , as well as the Greek Wedding movie.

Avg Joe said...

Jayce, I spent my summers as a youth working on a ranch in Nebraska's Sandhills. Wild Chokecherries grow in abundance there, but I was not familiar with them. I was "sniped" into giving them a try one day...straight off the tree. That's not a memory I'll forget soon.

desper-otto said...

Qli, thanks for the tip about Susan Boyle's "Cry Me a River." You're right, it's the best I've heard.

AJ, ever get conned into going on a snipe hunt?

Avg Joe said...

DO, No. But I did lead a few of them:-)

But more to the point, yes, that's the source of the phrase. Good catch.

Lemonade714 said...


How is life treating you, all good?

This issue of responsibility for Royalties is a very complicated one which this Wiki article touches on in some detail. Juke boxes are even another issue, where restaurants which have free jukeboxes have to pay. Fun stuff if you like law crap.

Husker Gary said...

Musings 2 after 22 holes
-I too am interested in the swimming pool meeting.
-When kids mentioned The Avengers, I thought Mrs. Peale was coming back!
-Dudley, the greens keeper had pulled over well off the fairway and shut down his machine. He had glanced away and the golf ball struck near him with no cry of FORE!
-Thanks Misty!
-Yes, Virginia, there are obscenities on the links! Not me but…
-Tin, right as always!
-Ditka has been on record as saying that there are efforts afoot to take too much violence out of pro football. The concussions, bounty offers and recent suicides have lawsuits written all over them. The league is more at risk from lawyers than 260 lb. linebackers that can run a 4.4 and bench press dump trucks!
-Italian guide on a farm just outside Venice told us that olive pickers only eat the raw fruit once! Ugh!
-Joe, we’ll be a few miles north of you this afternoon as grandson plays at YMCA’s Wright Field just off Hwy 77.

Yellowrocks said...

Many corporations have Boards of Trustees. Here is just one example.
Link Board of Trustees

Jayce said...

Okay, now that nits are being picked, I offer the following, copied and pasted from

"The Board of Trustees is responsible for overseeing the activities of a nonprofit organization, ranging from huge foundations to small local charities. A Board of Trustees usually has between five and 20 members. Many members of a Board of Trustees hold other, external positions; but the Board of Trustees may also include senior management of the nonprofit. A Board of Trustees often has similar duties of oversight and management as the Board of Directors has in a for-profit corporation. Indeed, one large mutual funds group has a Board of Directors, while each of its funds has a Board of Trustees. A Board of Trustees that has responsibility for managing funds can have an powerful impact on the investing environment. For example, the California Public Employees Retirement System (CalPERS) is a multibillion-dollar pension fund administered by a 13-member Board of Trustees. The CalPERS Board of Trustees has been notably active in areas such as corporate governance. The Board of Trustees of some other institutions, however, confine themselves to ensuring high returns for their members."

Husker Gary said...

p.s. Dudley, most golf courses are open from sun up to sun down and therefore maintenance must occur while golfers are on the course. I don’t think I have ever played a course where maintenance crews weren’t out doing something. Some courses have tractors with cages that protect the operators.

If they’d just stay in the middle of the fairway, they’d be safe from me!

Dudley said...

That explains it, thanks Husker. I know nothing about golf, but I expect those balls could hurt...

Avg Joe said...

Gary, Too late. I just drove by that field twice in the past hour.

CrossEyedDave said...

I came to report 2 for 2 this week, with a note to myself as to why i did not notice "Chopra" from Argyle's write up. It wasn't until i read Desper-otto's post did i realize my "semi" mistake.

You dirty yellowbelly'd rat!

Judy Judy Judy

I also had "inert" before gases!

Ever go to a Bruce Springstein concert? 50,000 people all yelling "Bruuuuuuuuuuuuce", (i thought why are they booing?)

Argyle said...

Corporate entities may be formed for either profit- or not-for-profit purposes. So "Corporate oversight group" can be either directors or trustees, correct?

Jayce said...

The way I interpret it (loosely,) trustees, who are appointed, manage non-profit organizations, universities, and the like, while directors, who are elected (by the shareholders,) manage for-profit organizations such as corporations. The lines can be blurred when something like a university incorporates itself.

Come to think of it, what the heck do I know.

Lucina said...

OMG! Cary Grant!!!!!! I can still swoon at the sight of him! Thanks for posting, CED.

eddyB said...

College radio station had to maintain accurate logs of which songs we played - when.

It was the guys riding around in the cages collecting golf balls on the driving range who were fair game. Usually waited for the crews
to finish cutting and relocating the cups before hitting up.

Afraid it will be a long four months before Season Five of Castle.

Thought there would be a few comments about Meow.

Another hot one. eddy

eddyB said...

ps. Thanks for asking YR.

Bill G. said...

Lucina, I can just hear Cary Grant now saying...

Lucy, Lucy, Lucy!

Anonymous said...

Guess I'm the only one who never heard of the word KITSCH before. That hung me up

Argyle said...

If you do the Sunday puzzles, you would have seen it last month(Apr 08) Dr. SJ2 puzzle.

Irish Miss said...

CED @ 2:09-Thanks for the clip on Cary Grant, although I had trouble playing it; for some unknown reason, on many occasions when I've gone to the YouTube link, it will play for a few seconds and then stop and this continues to the end of the tape. It doesn't happen all of the time but often enough to be annoying.

In any case, you brought back memories as I attended one of Cary Grant's one-man shows in Stamford, Ct. not too long before he died. In fact, if memory serves me right, he died right before doing a show. He was my favorite actor, although Gregory Peck was a close second. I think I have seen An Affair to Remember over 100 times.

Anonymous said...

sorry about meow eddyb

sasses said...

Actually the lift does not have to be permanent. As a person who could use a lift from time to time, I hope it works out.

Jayce said...

Argyle, that photo of Julia Child wrestling with that ricer is priceless. Thank you for that.

Avg Joe said...

EddyB, I didn't check yesterdays late postings. I'm very sorry to hear about Meow.

Lucina said...

I also failed to check the late night posts. I'm so sorry about MEOW. I know it's hard.

Bill G@4:01
Only in my dreams! But you really made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

I had lyre instead of lute for 36A
Since I didn't know 28d and somehow did not check 27d to see if it made sense, i ended up with those errors.

Hahtoolah, I posted late last night a comment re. Enoch who was Noah's great grandfather.


Anonymous said...

LOL eddyb!

are you talking about the overweight cat seen on tv & the web?!

Anonymous said...

I've seen that cat. Is he dead? I'm so sorry!

Anonymous said...

Omg, I feel so stupid.

xyz said...

Catching up again, fell like a brick wall sans mortar with the theme mkaing it feel almost Monday-ish yet fresh and amazingly free from dross!

CrossEyedDave said...

Irish Miss yesterday@4:19 Re: youtube

Your computer is suffering a buffer overflow error. i cannot help without knowing PC make/model, windows/mac, operating system version, video cards installed etc... (too many variables)(plus i really don't know how to fix it...)
here is a link that may help, or lead to a side bar link, but i guess it won't be much use if you can't watch the dang thing!

ANYONE OUT THERE know how to fix this?

Re: Pool Lift
There aughta be a law against too many stupid laws.

Anyone out there know who the Philosopher was that said something to the effect that the downfall of civilization will be caused by the people rebelling against frivolous laws?

A quote from the Florham Park NJ town meeting by Recreation Committee member and former NFL Football Giants defensive tackle Tony Siragusa. “If you can’t afford it, move out of town”. In response to over 100 people questioning how we are going to pay for new sports fields.